My Scientology Family

Thanks to Muted for sending in this picture. It was intended to be posted in a comment but we are not yet able to have pictures in comments.

It so perfect and makes such a powerful point that we felt compelled to post it. How many families internationally are dealing with this ridiculous situation right now.

Message to organised Scientology: End the practice of disconnection. It is destroying the church as much as it is destroying the families affected.

My scientology Family


20 thoughts on “My Scientology Family

  1. I guess one’s family is not considered the greater good.

    The real problem is not the declares, LRH even addressed that issue, but the suppressive & corrupt out-tech and off-policy actions where one’s hand is forced to do something about it to bring the church back into line with standard tech. And easiest way for them to “make go away” and sweep their dirty deeds under the carpet is to disconnect and break up families and friends.

    • The problem IS the declares. Period.

      There is ZERO justification for the entire concept of a declare order AT ALL. The mere fact that such a thing exists at all will cause it to be abused somehow. Especially since the subject of Scientology provides no workable checks and balances to reign in abuses. Compare how the legal system in most Western democracies works to Scn ethics.

      Huggard has a long history of using declares himself in exactly the same oppressive manner that RTC today takes to an extreme – check your history, check the real biographies out there.

      The problem is not what RTC does with declares. The problem is declares.


      • splog, I think declaring someone itself is not a problem. The problem is suppression of communication to the declared. If you think about, there does need to be a mechanism by which to inform group members of someone who may be posing a threat to the group. The problem is declaring people and then not allowing anyone to communicate to them. If there was no “no communication” rule then declares could not be used in the way they have been used.

  2. There are 3 issues that overwhelm Church management in terms of Bad PR and Internet exposures 24/7/365

    1) Disconnection and the fall out thereof.
    2) Abuse, internal abuse and punishments off the charts
    3) Money extortion and scams to donate MORE !

    The *Church* is actually being comm ev’d in the media. Every single blog post like this is yet another “Knowledge Report” for the Court of Public Opinion to read about and adjudicate.
    Today, the Daily Mail, ready by 4 million people daily, published this (including Miscavige TEXTS)

  3. Very sad.

    Don’t forget to label the wife as PTS. Seeing that she appears pregnant, she needs to M9 HCOB Pain and Sex.

    The kids need to go to ethics as that handbag is not authorised by RTC.
    CMO would like to interview all three of them on a very important issue which will effect every man, woman and child on the planet.

    As for the dogs, they will receive non-enturbulation orders or face doing time in “The Hole”.

    As for the father, that CSMF, you all need to thank the SO for providing the sec-checking which uncovered his true identity.

    Just think how terrible you life would be without your “church”.

  4. Muted – this sketch says it all – a very powerful concept!

    Oh Karen so TRUE – the media and this blog and others
    like it are the Comm Ev – disclosing the Church and its
    real crimes
    Thank you for sharing other sites of information with us.

    Old timer I salute you – love your sense of humor and off
    to work with a smile on my face xx

  5. LRH, whether you like it or not, implemented the policy of declare and disconnection. He also used it as a political tool to get rid of assumed enemies. One of the first declares by LRH was one of the biggest contributors to Scientology which was Reg Sharp at St Hill who even wrote a book about the benefits of Scientology. He beached (threw off the ship) 2 well known South Africans in a hostile Arab country at that time. DM is doing the same today to those he considers are his enemies. Its about politics

    • Too bad !! that with all the tech at the disposal and all the philosophy included in Scn, disconnection is the first and last tool in the families for “non compliance”…
      Concerning DM… he just needs to be recognised for what he is by his close environment. They won’t be able to keep blind much longer if the medias relay the “Com-Ev” done by the public !!! Great image, Karen.

      Old Timer has forgotten the fleas that the dogs could have…

  6. Heartbreaking!
    +1 Karen
    I would have said Human rights violations first. In my case I lost a daughter and more for taking a stand .And I am just one story.
    Inside the bubble it all seems like a natural course , but the bubble is small. The fact that they don’t know how small it is will be their demise .

  7. Muted, that is a very powerful picture. Thank you.

    It may sound silly, but might I suggest you draw a new one showing the scene as you would like to have it?

  8. Yes DollarMorgue – that would be great for Muted to draw a new one
    I am sure he will pick up exactly our concept!
    it’s not silly it’s fun.
    May I remind everyone one THE WAY OUT IS THE WAY OUT

  9. OMG I think I’ll have one of those made at my nearest swap-meet/flee market!! I love that picture, it just may do more for our cause that you think. People will be curious to know what it means and then I can explain.

  10. At the end of the day it all comes down to how much do you love someone if you are willing to give them up for you owen “freedoom”

    I never gave up people i love even if thay are declered! I would always put the ones i love before myself, even when i was a “hardcore” member, disconnecting is all about egotismo
    and how much you care about you and not others that makes people disconnect…
    Thay love themselvs more then thair mother, father, wife and so on and that is sad! Not to mention idiotic to think one can be free by throwing people under the bus and as such giving up thair self determinisem… That is the the way in not out of any trap!

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  12. The destruction of family is right there in line with the globalists’ agenda, and “no children” policy in the Sea Org right along beside it. One would have to wonder who the Sea Organization is truly working for these days.

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