[UPDATE] It’s here! The Golden Age of Rod, Phase II


UPDATE: We can now publish the names of those declared. They are:

Sophy Thlabadira, Candice Mitton (nee Corbett), Lawrence Retief and Jenny Retief. All 4 were named interested parties of the recent committee of evidence. We await the fate of the remaining 11. But be sure that this purge is not over.

We can confirm that a second wave of suppressive person declares is underway. More details and names will be released later today or over the weekend.

But as it stands now we can confirm that 4 more South African Scientologists have been declared and we expect a lot more. One rumour has the count at 21 but this is probably way too crazy even for the church.

The four we know of so far account for a combined 130 years of Scientology experience.

This constitutes a purge like no other in the history of Scientology in South Africa. This brings the SP count in less than 3 months to 25 and climbing rapidly. This will only serve to create further frustration and anger within the field. Hell, Scientologists are being declared faster than they can be made.

The point should be made that If GAT II were such an overwhelming success they wouldn’t even be bothering with all this. If there were Scientologists rushing into the orgs in great numbers they wouldn’t care about all the mad squirrels running around. It is the very lack of response to GAT II and the uproar among its community that is forcing them to act wildly and desperately.

We will bring you more details as we get them.

77 thoughts on “[UPDATE] It’s here! The Golden Age of Rod, Phase II

  1. The declare of “Suppressive Person” has been nothing but a “TOOL” ~~ a political tool to label a disaffected person or a whistle blower so as to separate connection between 2 people so that the wizened up person is unable to reveal to the dupe what is really going on.
    It is meaningless as a label, but it does keep a certain amount of Kool-aid drinkers toeing the line.
    When deeply involved in Scientology, drinking the Koolaid and being a good toeing-the-line Scientologist, there are 3 major FEARS

    1 A fear of being connected to SPs,
    2 A fear of becoming an SP
    3 A fear of being declared an SP.

    Incredulously, many believers in the flock are whipped into obedience with these fears hanging over them in a meaningful way !
    I am reading what is happening to the South Africans. Dedicated Scientologists and significant donors for decades.
    Another coup.
    Yet another Purge.
    Yet another bloodbath in the mentality of power and paranoid cosmic
    psycho-politics in the “Church” of Scientology. Always at war. The “Church of warfare !”

    • That is correct. Anything that will forward DM’s goals is fair game. He actually force his attorneys to quote from Psychiatry’s Bible:
      “DSM-IV-TR describes “projective identification” defense mechanism as one where the individual deals with emotional conflict or internal or external stressors by falsely attributing to another his or her own unacceptable feelings, impulses, or thoughts.” —- I say *force because that kind of accusation is not permitted into the record unless uttered by a professional in the field *after examining the subject. If I said that during trial, opposing counsel would object and it would be sustained. — This guy will go into *bed with the enemy if it will help him. This coward sent 15 lawyers against a young lady who objects to being sent dildos to her place of work and the church defends this act as a right protected by the Constitution as Free Speech. This is on the record as evidence and it now serves as precedent.

  2. These are the actions of a desperate drowning rat called cob.
    Get rid of anyone who can recall the good old days and who won’t shut up and bow down. The cob is a true nut and a real 2 1/2% psycho. He will never give up , he would rather burn the house down which he is now in the process of doing. My advice is don’t be a punching bag for him. Punch back. That’s an analogy by the way….

  3. This declare is in my opinion, a lack of taking responsibility. If the Church delivered, serviced and had only VVGI PC’s, Pre-OT’s and OT’s in their flock, no one would be discontent, therefore no one would be questioning the Church, its management and COB. Really, lets take a look. If you received the services and tech that honestly set you free, and the road to total freedom was the EP of the Tech as delivered by the church, then who would want to leave? If our donations honestly went toward our bridge and we were able to progress unhindered, without constant sec checks, and reach the EP of each step, would we be discontent? If the Church conducted itself in a manner that embraced ARC, acceptance and a true desire to help, would you want to leave it? If the Church parted ways with people who’s choice was to leave for whatever reason with understanding, empathy and tolerance, and did not give them a label, how many people would actually leave for good? If sea Org and Staff acknowledged their position of power and used it honestly to better the conditions of humankind, treated people with respect and delivered the help they needed, would we be more encouraged to join such a group? If the tech was free as LRH said, would we be emptying out our bank accounts and then resenting the overt end product of this monetary purge resulted in?
    This declaring of people is once again a clear signal to us all that the church does not take responsibility, will justify their actions and will put heads on the pike to convince their sheep that the only way to reach total freedom is to follow DM’s dictatorship without reservation. The church as we know now practices moneyology” and not Scientology. The declares takes the attention off this and places it firmly on the very people who want Scientology and reject Moneyology.
    I am so pleased to be on the outside looking in. This way I can see the mechanism at work and feel complete empathy for the many people who are unable to get out of the cave, and into the sunlight.

  4. I would like to know what the CoS explanation is for:
    a. If the PTS/SP altered tech they use is so good why does it take them in some cases 20 -30 years to detect a SP?
    b. If their altered OT levels are so great how come are OT 8’s leaving the CoS and how can OT 8’s be SP’s?
    c. What is some of the SP’s motivation and agenda to be suppressive towards the CoS by donating millions, giving premises at no charge to executives and staff, contributing to staff training, introducing hundreds of public to Scientology. This one I really struggle with, it is like saying “I hate you so much I decided that I am now really going to f*ck you up, I am going to give you 10 million bucks!!!!!”.



    • There crime was to observe the outnesses and then do something about it. Their crime was to seek the OT EP elsewhere and get it, because they didnt get it on the Churches OT levels. There crime was for being there and communicating! And as the church cannot let anyone question its actions for fear of being found out, it declares these magnificent beings SP so that the attention is put on them and not on COB in all his madness!

      • Well, 4 more people who can now continue to move up the bridge out here without all the BS. I was never declared, I just walked away, no regrets. I moved into the upper OT realms of the bridge out here … there … I’d still be evading reges going absolutely nowhere and knowing that fact with full certainty. I feel sorry for those still in who live the pipedream of a golden bridge they’ll never see which only exists here in Indieland. Shed no tear for them, but rejoice, for they’ll be way better off out here.

    • This really made me laugh!!! Exactly!!! Surely after doing all my L’s at FLAG they would have spotted I was so “evil” oh no wait. I am an SP. So so special!!!

    • Very good point, Freedom Seeker. It’s what I’ve been thinking but hadn’t worded it.

      I’m going to challenge someone with this fact the first opportunity I get that it took ‘them’ 20 – 30 years to detect these SPs! Lol!

  5. This is yet another example of dear leader applying LRH policy.
    What we have today is complete reverse Scientology.

      • II have NEVER seen a reference as to where that quote comes from – from Southern Africa will spring the next great civilisation – and personally believe someone just made it up. It sounds like one of these supportive comments LRH frequently makes and was not meant to be taken literally. I also believe it is quite important: this comment has been made the focal point of the local fundraising activities and underscores why we have so badly bought into the ultra fund raising locally.
        I have heard anecdotally, that the quote came about from someone who thought he overheard LRH saying something like that. Who knows where the quote comes from, because it appears the LRH PPRO doesn’t (at least as at a couple of years ago)?

      • Hence me using it, the irony of it all! The new saying should be ” From Southern Africa shall spring the new breed of militant millieCOB devourers!

        More people every day rub that dried DM koolaid out of their eyes! We should be celebrating not commiserating! We have all lost something in this epic saga of scam! Time to polish those crystal champagne glasses, fire up a Cuban or two and possibly throw in a few belly dancers for good measure! Why? Cause it will be remembered planet wide that the true demise of the church began right here in the R.S. of A!

    • Lol! Not impossible at this rate. The new Southern African civilisation will be occur through the efforts of the Independents in the Free Zone. I bet LRH didn’t think it would happen quite in this way.

  6. I have finally received my ticket to freedom, hooray!

    Now anyone who considers themselves as my friends and not disconnecting will be declared. If it is 25 this time, the next lot will be about 50 then!

  7. Love the T-Shirt! Can I place an order? Maybe the Corbetts would be interested in taking orders (I believe they have done this before?) Ha ha 🙂

  8. The next set of declares are the result of the recent
    HCO MISSION and once posted will start a chain reaction.

    There will be more family and friends who will
    REFUSE TO DISCONNECT and that will create another tidal wave.of
    more being declared.
    This is not going to just go away.

    HOLY MOLY – Such STUPIDITY but then again very predictable
    Dishonest people have withholds, and withholds stack up mass and
    bring about STUPIDITY!
    Honesty and Case Gain page 67 Ethics and Justice Book
    Page 172 Mistakes, Anatomy of:
    In the presence of suppression, one makes mistakes.
    People making mistakes or doing stupid things is evidence
    that a Suppressive Person exists in that vicinity.

  9. These soon to be announced SPs will look back on this affair in a few weeks/months and laugh, if history is any example.

    The declare cycles are actually an admission of failure by the church.

    All of their bullying and invalidation has failed to keep you guys in line so they have to unleash the ultimate threat! You are now a non-person and they will shun the hell out of you until you repent and come crawling back! 🙂

    As of the moment that the super secret declares are released, YOU ARE FREE!

    Consider this: No midnight calls. No more crush reg cycles! No more compulsory attendance at boring events. No petty KRs to handle. You can go bowling with your family or have a weekend trip or just kick back and laugh when the phone rings.

    You can eat at any restaurant you wish and have a coffee at the coffee shop and watch the faithful scatter in the wind before you. If they don’t scatter, you ask them how things are going and if morale has improved now that you are out of there. Then they will scatter.

    Yes, you may get a few dirty looks at first, but you can always offer to help them get oriented when they finally leave the church. They will leave, you know, and they will finally reconnect if you aren’t too cruel with your parting words.

    Enjoy your freedom and them get any auditing you need to get on with life. There are too many interesting things to do to keep your attention stuck on a dying cult.

  10. I found an interesting quote on “Friends of LRH”:

    “Now any time you find thirty people on staff being removed because they were suppressive, you know they had the wrong Why, because the percentages are wrong. It´s just as mathematical as that.
    If they´ve done that then I can also assure you they´ve left the suppressive on the staff and I can also assure you the guy that did it was suppressive.”
    HCOPL 15 March 1977 RA

    • So true, Birgit. But who’s looking at policy right now? I’ve realised that most the people now being left behind, still in, that is, don’t know policy and never will. We oldies have studied green on white but it’s not fashionable in the 21st century to study the OEC. I doubt if there is a single person in South Africa studying green on white. In the ’90s, there were many of us.

      I believe it’s up to us to educate some of these people. How, will have to be worked out. I, for one, would be willing to participate in such an action and have an idea or two.

  11. RCS is drawing a very clear line in the sand. You are either with us 100% or you are 100% against us. There used to be the idea (from the Axioms) of gradient scales. There used to be the idea of tolerance. There used to be a Creed. Now there is only “our way or the highway.”

    This is David Miscavige’s “Golden Age.” There is no room in this golden spotlight for any who would question his supreme authority or dare to think for themselves. Those still in need to take a good hard look at what is happening in South Africa. It is a precursor of what is to come everywhere.

    • Didn’t you hear the cob announce at a few different events that “gradients are cancelled!”? It would always bug me when I would hear him say that. I thought “maybe he’s joking..”. It appears that he isn’t.

  12. They are “clearing” the church of scientologists at an unprecedented rate. And it´s all very SERIOUS! Once we´re clear of the church maybe we can finally get around to doing some actual Scientology and have a lot of fun again. – Greetings and congratulations to you all from Denmark.

  13. One thing is abundantly clear: In my opinion Miscavige has issued an instruction such as “Declare the whole f@*%ing Field if you have to…but get rid of anyone who can in any way notice what I am up to… and damage my cash flow ! Hicc… pass the f@*%ing Scotch ”

    Congrats to you new SP,s and welcome to a group that is de- PTSed and in comm.

  14. Golden Age of Rod Phase II – hereinafter called GARP2 – should cause a lovely chain reaction. I reckon by the time GARP3 rolls around, CoS SA will cease to exist. Then the cob can sell all the real estate and invest in a nice little game farm in Mpumalanga. When he does, let’s all have a convention there!

    OK, seriously now, I think all the folk who have been declared need to ask for all their donations to the Ideal Orgs back, as well as whatever they can claim from services not delivered or badly delivered. Oh wait, those all got converted to book sales to handle the “no auditors and no supervisors” sit.

    The ideal orgs were supposedly being built so that all the field would have somewhere impressive and upstat to take friends, family, business contacts, members of government etc. That is now denied to quite a few very big donors. So I think they should be entitled to a refund – don’t you think?

    • From this viewpoint it seems quite interesting and justified…!! Would be a good joke!!!

      Hello from France to the new special persons in SouthAfrica. A new life is starting!!! a new game, even broader…

      • Refunds!!! That’s a joke. We can’t even get a repayment of owed funds on our account, unused. I would caution anyone to pay for services unless they are very sure as you just don’t ever get it back!!!!! Even if you don’t use it. Would be interesting to do a blog on this point!!! Their latest excuse is that every org is a separate organization so careful who you pay for what and where!!!! I am sure the tax man should look into this too!!!

      • Ha refunds, I agree with Lisa, the Joburg org has our unused money on account we have been trying to get back for the past 18 months but they still refuse. Sandra told us because we asked for a repayment on unused money we would be declared and now will not respond to us at all. Once your money goes into that black hole say goodbye to it forever!

        We have written to the national consumers commission who have opened an investigation so if you have a complaint I please encourage you to do the same, the more complaints the more chance we may have of receiving what is rightfully ours.

      • So as to clarify, if in any week that you paid to CoS johannesbug it goes to their FNB account which at the end of their week the total income is split up per allocation form and then paid to their other bank accounts. Whatever you paid for is reflected as a “credit” on your treasury file (paper & computer)… if you want a refund then that comes from current weeks income (other peoples money).

      • Thank you Goodchoices880! 🙂 I like GARP2 too!

        I like what Mocking Jay says here: “We have written to the national consumers commission who have opened an investigation so if you have a complaint I please encourage you to do the same, the more complaints the more chance we may have of receiving what is rightfully ours.”

        Scn Africa – is there a chance to do a thread on this? I don’t have any money on account but a LOT of people do. There are also exes out there who have obtained refunds succesfully, so some idea swapping can occur. At this point even the nuisance factor would be great to put on CoS’s lines. 🙂

        Getting something going here in SA on this could also be beneficial to the rest of the world. And please don’t let them tell you the church has no money – I have heard that it has tens of millions in SO reserves right here in SA. It can’t be moved over to the Int black hole of finances because of exchange control laws. Money has been going into that account for decades – every week!

      • Thanks Draco. This has been in the works for a while. There is certainly planning happening in this direction. Hopefully not too much longer.

      • Anyone else who wishes to get hold of me please do so. We can launch a national class action to get our repayments. They can not get away with this. It is illegal and against the laws of our revenue services.

  15. Well done to Sophy, Candice, Jenny and Lawrence!
    Whom I personally know to be extremely social personalities…
    We all know there are more to come, the stats are up…the best people are leaving…
    And yes there is an actual bridge out there, separate from the farce of the Corporate Scientology circular Bridge!
    South Africa is set to makes lots of real OTs who will handle this planet…
    Out of Southern Africa will come a New Civilization :)))

  16. This constitutes a purge like no other in the history of Scientology in South Africa. This brings the SP count in less than 3 months to 25 and climbing rapidly. This will only serve to create further frustration and anger within the field.

    Not unthinkable they’ll deliberately crash SCN SA, then pull the pegs, pack up, sell off the real estate holdings and be gone from SA before anyone catches any wind of it. In this wise Declares can also be used to disown and steal from via these LRH-illegal donation rackets.

    • You hit the nail on the head Foremost. One day we’ll wake up to the fact there’s only three people left in the CoS SA and hey own all our donations!

  17. Just to finish my comm:

    We need a new ‘Debbie’ letter but one that’s from a South African.

    I’ve been reading Dave Fagen’s blog and he’s got things beautifully set out, has been very thorough in his research and conclusions. Time to either refer people to his blog but our sheeple will be too scared to look or time to copy and paste, with his permission but I don’t see him protesting it, and send these stats to our address books. His What, No Auditors is excellent and he provides all the references; his calculations about Scientology and it’s numbers is logical and I’m just about to read about his investigation of the Ideal Org Strat and his conclusions.

    What do you say, ScnAfrica? Time to send out a new letter?

  18. With regards to the comm about refunds, the church uses fear as its lever to get compliance. If several lawyers letters arrived in the same month it would cause a huge reaction, a scuttle.

    Of course, and you probably all know this, there is money here in South Africa in an account, millions of Rands, money that has not been allowed out of the country due to exchange control.

    Letters or threats to go to the press would raise the tone levels to Action, I’m sure. It’s good to return the motion – this is LRH. You’ve been declared. Good, so pay up. The reference for this, ‘use the motion’ is in AP and A.

  19. Congratulations to the New Joburg Four – Sophy, Lawrence, Jenny and Candice. I’m so pleased to be in such good company. I’m under the radar but will speak to you soon without the non de plume. Love it.

    I do know another name on the list of people called into the Comm Ev. I’m watching to see what happens about him. He’s another major producer and upstat.

    It’s a church gone crazy and it’s getting crazier. Far better to be out of it! One of the aims of Scientology is to have no insanity on the planet.

    This blog is talking about 25 Special Persons. I count 22 (the Joburg 18 and the Joburg 4). Who are the others?

  20. The church of squirrels needs to pay up. It will definately be interesting to see what the consumer counsel and some tv shows will have to say about this. Not to mention the newspapers. We donated to the church with the intention of keeping scientology available for our children and for our religion to be well thought of. Now, if I cannot use the building that I paid for, I should be paid back.

    • How many times was each and every one of us sat down and bullied into buying our next service. We all obediently and trustingly “played the game” to get the org highest ever stats. Simple question ….. Where is this money we so trustingly paid for future services. If it has been spent without our consent and not held in trust surely it is tantamount to theft or at the very least fraud. Not to mention a violation of the tax exemption applicable to church payments. A class action would see justice served.

      As Francious so rightly put it we are a part of the New South Africa, not subject to any pre apartheid type thinking that would determine who you spoke to, who you associated with and who your friends could and couldn’t be.

      Viva free zone viva.

  21. Sooo Well done to Sophy, Candice, Jenny and Lawrence.
    Who I also know as Social Personalities!

    Yes there are some real big contributors due for their
    badge of honor!

    Oh it’s like waiting to see who gets the OSCAR!

    For speaking out, not conforming , refusing to bow down and
    Being very disrespectful by spreading the Truth!
    Refusing to be ROBOTS thus thinking for themselves!
    Being Self-determined!
    Protesting Publicly!
    REVOLTING publicly!

    THE ENVELOPES JUST KEEP COMING and the winners are?

    To be announced !

  22. Well Candice, Sophy, Jenny and Lawrence CONGRATULATIONS!

    Finally you have joined the SP elites! Now if they would just hurry the F#*K up and give me mine!!! I also wanna be apart of this upstat, social personalities group of thetan’s!!!.

    Jokes aside, if the SA field don’t notice a trend of these declares, declaring upstat scientologists, then I don’t know. Its then there own fault I suppose that they are blind. Keep following blindly and wast all your time and hard earned money!!!

  23. You need a ‘declare-o meter’ on your blog, something like those charts they have for fund-raising, showing how close SA is getting to a ‘Totally Cleared Country’, i.e. cleared of any active, contributing and on-source Scientologists.

    I’ve heard some pretty insane things during my time in Scientology, but this dwarfs (see what I did there? 😉 ) anything I’ve heard before. Throwing out your best customers is suicide for any business. Not just because you lose their income, but the negative effects from those customers talking to the others (and clearly they will not be saying positive things) is out of all proportion to the numbers involved.

    Just as a matter of interest, what is the total number of confirmed / likely declares now, and what proportion does this represent of the active (i.e. actually doing something vaguely Scientology-like as oppose to just turning up for the odd event or only ‘liking’ Scientology on facebook) Scientology field in SA?

    I guessing that the UK field is much larger than over there, but 20+ declares amongst the OT public here would be a very significant proportion and cause widespread consternation, if not panic. Any ideas as to why SA has been singled out for this treatment?

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