Field auditors: All new hoops to jump through

where is LRH

Above is a picture of the GAT II release event from Flag. Pretty impressive. But where’s LRH? That question also works when talking about the church as a whole.

Below is an email forwarded to us. It comes from the CO I HELP INT and was sent to all field auditors their marching orders regarding GAT II. Just imagine how you might feel as a field auditor receiving this email. We love how it assumes each field auditor has already forked out R57000 for the new E-Meter. 

We wonder what Terry Atkinson & Paul Barter must think of all this. Is Terry still as loyal to COB now?

“It has come up that some field auditors are still uncertain regarding what do they have to do to get the Golden Age of Tech Phase II implemented in their field practice.
To rectify this, here are the exact steps that every single field auditor who uses a meter to audit must get done before they are ok to continue delivering auditing using a meter. 

Keep in mind that the Golden Age of Tech Phase II has as its purpose allowing everyone to move up the bridge at the speed that LRH said it should take.
Add to this the known fact that using the tools that formthe Golden Age of Tech Phase II, people actually do go up the Bridge at the speed LRH established.
So while these are the required steps and they are not optional it’s only because it’s already proven that by doing it this way, the public win just as LRH wanted them to.
It really is only about getting people up the Bridge as fast as can be so they achieve total freedom and personal eternity right now!
1. Study your Mark Ultra VIII E-meter Owner’s Manual.
2. Go to your org and go one time through the E-meter drills using your Mark Ultra VIII E-meter, both as a coach and as a student.
3. Study the collection of HCO Admin Letters of newly cancelled and Revised issues. Your org has these.
4. As per HCO PL 19 AUG 79RA HIGH-CRIME CHECKOUTS AND WORD CLEARING,get your High Crime checkouts on the key references that have been revised. The Qual Sec of the org has the references. It was found that some field auditors were doing the High Crime checkouts with other field auditors. The above PL is very specific as to where these checkouts getdone.
5. Study all the new Preclear Indoctrination Manuals. There are 9 intotal in the org for you to study.
6. Study the HGC Delivery Materials Administration Manual which is in the org.Once through the above, you as an auditor that uses the meter are okay to continue auditing.

The above steps take 1-2 weeks at most.

You are then to sign up for and start your full training line-up starting with the Student Hat.

The full training line-up means Student Hat, Pro Trs,Pro Upper Indoc Trs, full Pro Metering Course and Academy Levels 0-IV.As all these are new courses, they are done by all auditors. The full training line-up is done on a standard study schedule which still allows you to deliver 1-2 intensives a week as an auditor.
The above steps are what you need to be doing right now and as quickly as possible. We already know the training is fast and so is the processing.
We need you back in the chair with all the tools of the Golden Age of Tech Phase II at your fingertips right now because we are clearing this planet for real now and you are a key element in all this.You, yes, you, are fully expected to be making dozens of Clears this year and with all field auditors, mission auditors and org auditors routinely making Clears at the speed we already know it takes, we will clear this planet now!I look forward to hearing of your amazing wins which I’m sure will be happening faster than you think!

Until you actually do the above steps and also get onto these courses, the entire Golden Age of Tech Phase II will not be real to you and you will still be thinking of doing things the old (and slow) way.

The past is gone.

This is a whole new world and we need you in it now.

Over to you and enjoy the rocket ride of watching your pcs fly up the Bridge!



45 thoughts on “Field auditors: All new hoops to jump through

  1. Wow, if this doesn’t get people wondering what’s ACTUALLY happening here, then I don’t know.

    I’m sure that GAT2 will be a wake-up call for many. It’s the alarm clock, surely. Actually being awake may still take some time but this could be the start. The new poeple won’t know any better but the veterans must surely be being jolted, even slightly.

    Now is the time to send people, those still in, some true data about the stats, the real numbers and the fact that auditing across the planet is at a standstill, Ideal Org strategy is a failure, the buildings are empty, the staff untrained, no auditors, no auditing happening and the fact that there are NOT 8 million Scientologists on the planet and that Scientology is NOT the fastest growing planet on Earth. Scientology is anything but…

    It’s time to spell iy out that Johannesburg is ‘making’ more SPs than auditors. Time to get the people to LOOK – look and not listen.

    There needs to be a campaign.

  2. To steal a quote from ~~Martin Niemoeller, Pastor, German

    “In the early 1980s, Demonic Miscavige and his henchmen came for the Mission Holders and I did not speak up, because I was not a Mission Holder.

    Then they came for the early ST Hill Staff and old timers, and I did not speak up, because I was not an Old Timer.

    Then they came for the Class XIIs and I did not speak up, because I was not a Class XII

    Then they came for old Veteran Staff including GO, pretending GO were the “Criminals” while the new incarnation “OSA” does all the FAIR GAME and DIRTY TRICKS that the old GO ever did.
    I did not speak up at the demolishing of the Guardian’s Office, because I was not GO.

    Then they came after all Field Auditors, all those who practicised outside their $$$$$ vulture culture and SP declared and attempted to demolish the field. I did not speak up because I was not a field auditor.

    Then they came for the CMO INT Execs, and I did not speak up, because I was not a CMO INT EXEC

    Then they came for just about everybody at INT BASE to lock them down, barricade free flow in and out of the GATES and I did not speak up because I was not at INT Base.

    Then they came for the veteran South Africans, and I did not speak up because I was not a veteran South African.

    Then they came for me… and by that time, there was no one to speak up for anyone.”

      • It came from a poem called, “The Hangman.” I like how you re did it to suit the actions of our church.

    • Karen – that gave me chills up and down my body. That says it all about what is and has happened. Thank you for being there and communicating.

    • Your comments are always interesting and directly to the point. Appreciated.
      The Squirrel Church under the dum dum DM just keeps on adding evidence that it has no firm base of source knowledge. Not knowing basics, and thinking over the top of no firm grounding in actual tech, DM has some really weird hidden standards and strange ideas. Essentially he is a fool who has seized power and is using it without any real understanding of what an OT really is. His cunning and deviousness merely show he does not know basics and his purposes and intent are deep in the gutter.

    • I agree totally with every step on this list. I add then they came for my money once and again with all the new stuff. Books, courses, Ideal Orgs, etc..

  3. There is no need to retrain anyone using a new meter as the only changes would be precision of function. Reading the owner’s manual, OK, but redoing meter drills, reading a whack of HCO Admin Letters & HGC Delivery Materials Administration Manual and getting HIGH-CRIME CHECKOUTS are ridiculous irrelevant additives and utter nonsense. As soon as these auditors come in, the reges will once again pounce down on them. Time to say goodbye to CO$.

    … because we are clearing this planet for real now …

    No Sh*t? I’m disappointed to hear LRH never managed to do that.

    … you will still be thinking of doing things the old (and slow) way.

    Miscavige implemented squirrely GAT I and with that canceled all previously existing auditor certifications, and auditing and training were subsequently slowed down to a near screeching halt. It was never slow prior to that (1996) using standard LRH checksheets.

    This e-mail clearly signifies the time has come to pass up on the Kool-Aid overdose.

    • Formost, it’s even worse than what you posted above. After an auditor buys their new Mk Ultra VIII meter and does all the refresher steps in the org (no doubt, at their expense), they then have to do this:<p?

      “You are then to sign up for and start your full training line-up starting with the Student Hat.

      The full training line-up means Student Hat, Pro Trs, Pro Upper Indoc Trs, full Pro Metering Course and Academy Levels 0-IV. As all these are new courses, they are done by all auditors.”

      That’s practically a full retread of all Academy level training. I think we can predict with fair certainty that this will destroy whatever’s left of the field auditor practices.

      • Hi Ronnie.

        Yeah I saw. Everyone goes back to the beginning of the game board. But the meter nonsense … unf***inbelievable. Just when the over-complications of GAT I were promised to come to an end, they get this RTC-generated squirrel-job under the pretense it’s LRH, and many now in do not know of the pre-’96 era and what LRH tech actually looks like. They can’t compare, and suck up GAT II as the second coming.

      • Well, maybe Indieland should be sending the CO$ FSM commissions, as they’ll end up here sooner or later. They should have stopped monkeying around with the tech after 1991 with only updates here and there where actual alter-is was detected and knocked off all the donation rackets. So here they are, 2014 … Scientology Inc. sinking faster than the Titanic.

      • Yippee, Ronnie! I must say that you have a great sense of humor LOL! (Using reverse flow to actually get me to reach for the Chosen One’s Bridge to Total Freedumb!) …So where does I go to hand over my fleece for my full GAT package to Operating Retard??…. Can’t wait!!….Duh ?? 😉

  4. Wow !! sounds crazy !!!
    I imagine the look of my daughter’s father-in-law (a south african guy: Raymond van Helv…): he is a field auditor in Belgium, on OT VII, like his wife.
    So they have to pay both for their six-months check.
    He has to buy 2 new E-meters,
    go to Brussels for his new!!! training
    it will take some weeks
    and if he wants to be fast on study, he doesn’t audit nor deliver.

    Creation of a real problem. He will surely think that he can find solutions, but it will be more pressure!!!
    On the other side, such situations allow to develop creative and imaginative abilities!!! hihihi hahaha…
    Wow, I wouldn’t like to be in his place, as so many others.

    If he doesn’t question the system at this stage… damned, he’s really blind and I wonder then what the OT levels are for.
    Pffff!! so much goodwill spoiled. It really is a trap… consuming energy, time, money, hope… Pfff!!!!!

    Have a nice day, you all who are “la tête en bas” (downwards ? regarding South-Africa position below equator).
    Much love.

  5. Wow. This “edict” reminds me of something from the Nazi era – that airline ad about “ve only vant to hear one click!”. The comm is totally out-ARC and demeaning. Addressing auditors like they’re scum because they’ve clearly been doing it wrong all this time (i.e. “the old and slow way”). “Once you have done this, then you are to do bla blah, then you are to do that, and You, yes You are expected……What a disgusting way to communicate to these people?

    I really hope more wake up from this. How many sheep are going to walk blindly and willingly to the slaughterhouse, and how many are going to bound over the fence. It going to be interesting to see.

    • Yes BP – the attitude and condescension is gross. No apology for f**king it up in the first place. My favourite is this little line at the end: “The past is gone.” Wow! So they expect people to just forget the crap dished out with GAT1? Get over it – move on – we don’t want to hear it – is what they are actually saying with that line.

      What I am finding VERY interesting when I read the latest lot of emails etc being sent out regarding GAT2, is that the staff themselves seem almost apathetic in their tone; almost like they are thinking “here we go again” and actually are unable to muster up any enthusiasm for the subject. We need to remember that a lot of the staff are under even more pressure than the public and they must be SICK of it. Come out guys!! Much more fun out here without demonic dave’s insane orders. You will never be thanked for carrying them out!

      • We need to remember that a lot of the staff are under even more pressure than the public and they must be SICK of it.

        Literally. I saw a report from an insider the other day, that 90% of the staff at the Dallas org are physically ill.

  6. Sounds like a bunch of double talk gibberish to me. Anyone ever read the book called Atlas Shrugged? This list of things for the Field auditor to do reminds me of that. A bunch of double talk gibberish that acts as a stop to the auditors but is couched as “good for the pc” and it’s to “help Clear the planet”. “Our intentions are pure” We are not doing this for “money” but to “help” “save the planet”. The cob could care less about the planet. What he wants to do is stop auditing and obtain a lot of money to keep his little dog and pony show going. As a chaos merchant I think he also wants to keep people all confused and discombobulated. He is a real pro at that.

      • As concluded by Yale professor Stanley Milgram after many iterations & variations of the experiment known by his name: “A substantial proportion of people do what they are told to do, irrespective of the content of the act and without limitations of conscience, so long as they perceive that the command comes from a legitimate authority.”

        While reading about the Milgram Experiment in “The Sociopath Next Door”, I was gobsmacked to learn how susceptible humankind is to authority. For more than half the population, critical thinking and conscience can be shut down by anyone considered to be a legitimate authority.

        In The Sociopath Next Door, one of thirteen rules for dealing with sociopaths is “Question authority.” If you cannot question authority, you are prey for sociopaths.

        In order to wreak their destruction, sociopaths (e.g., David Miscavige) rely on humankind’s vulnerability to authority. Those remaining in the Church of Scientology bubble are the ones incapable of questioning authority, so will likely stick with it to the bitter end.

      • also like the “sheeple”

        “Sheeple (a portmanteau of “sheep” and “people”) is a term that highlights the herd behavior of people by likening them to sheep, a herd animal. The term is used to describe those who voluntarily acquiesce to a suggestion without critical analysis or research.”

    • Tony, you must be as convinced as the rest of us “escapees,” that ‘the COB’s game’, consists of pure, intentional mind control, for the express purpose of maximum financial exploitation, in exchange for maximum CO$ dependency!

  7. Yes, Black Panther, the comm is totally out-ARC and demeaning. Very disrespectful. Auditors are the most valuable beings… Nowadays addressed as inferiors. “Please” and other such Dev-T unnecessary. Expected to comply. No ifs, buts and especially no whys allowed. Not to mention “show me in writing (by Ron)” – that’s disaffected. A charwoman is treated with more respect in today’s world out there (who have never studied a word about ARC, but have heard of a thing called manners).

    Formost and Ronnie Bell, this program looks like a retrain to me, not retread.

    • Already certified auditors had to do the “Certainty” retreads back in the 90’s, then do GAT I, and now have to do GAT II.

      I know one ’74 Class VIII re-did her SHSBC & Cl VIII in 1992, and by 1997 she was no longer allowed to audit due to GAT I reqs., although she was trained to the teeth, and had better than 5,000 hours under her belt. She recently completed the APIS Class IX course and audits the locals in her city unbeknownst to the org or anyone else out here, and the reges still keep coming to her house looking for $$$ … this is the scene that has developed. Oh yeah, Ideal Org’s PCs are getting lots of auditing, but not in any Ideal Org. CO$ has been bypassed and they are practically in Non-E.

    • Any anyone left who would do this would be in COMPLETE SUBMISSION and not even respect his own skill. I guess that’s the point …. trying to stop those auditors from becoming independents.

  8. oh thanks for this! Oh to be a fly on the wall at Terry’s home, just to hear now how LOYAL (GAG!) she and Dave are STILL to COB! They will be amongst the last to wake up if this doesn’t get them. They’ve been given enough reasons not to be ‘loyal’ to COB –

  9. Oh here we go again!
    I wonder how Bruce Gibson is taking all this!
    I am sure Hero Dresser is absolutely thrilled!
    Then there is the Jory Mission and the Woodley’s Mission.
    All loyal to their leader – So they too must pay!
    Sad but Poetic Justice for auditors who are asleep and
    not woken up yet!

    • Your comment is the perfect placement of the exact issues that hold ones attention.
      Class VIII means STANDARD TECH – it always has.
      Each person is faced with the incredibleness of the insanity and chaos, which is Miscavige and his squirrel church. Originally under LRH one had to achieve understanding and knowledge and then application fully. Today, one wonders how each person compromises with the changes to LRH tech, and how GAT 1 and GAT are focused on speed not quality, plus all the “small” changes and the absence of LRH.
      Clearly, each person, must be compromising with their own reality … they were trained and they did know the materials 100 %, and now seeing the altered tech they must be being reasonable. It is true that it is not something one wishes to confront, but the evidence keeps mounting.

    • There is a Class VI auditor at the Jory Mission as well as Cl Vs. Does this mean business is at a standstill, can’t produce? My god! If this doesn’t shake the cages then I don’t know what will.

      It’s time to send out a letter to South Africans across the board spelling it out on one page. I believe this time such a letter will get attention. People are now having their own real life dramas in life (not being able to produce, needing to pay up for much more training, not being able to earn their income in the meantime…) to draw from.

      I’ve said it before and remain convinced that GAT2 is a nail in the coffin for DM as far as many of his loyal servants go, publc and staff. We should help it along, hammer it in.

  10. Real professional training in any field offers or requires CONTINUING EDUCATION, not come re-do it at your expense because we couldn’t get it right and that’s your fault.

    I hope the Keller family of the ARC Team wake up now.

  11. Like a good, blinkered soldier Terry will have been in and out of qual within a week having done all her high crimes, and in the org, signed up for training and getting through it (with or without a twin). She’s too far up COB’s bum to do anything butt listen to that arsehole and be, do and have whatever shit she’s asked to be, do and have. If I’m wrong in my estimations, then she will have a lot of crow to eat instead, due to the cruel way she’s handled the “disaffecteds”. Paul Barter, on the other hand, seems to be far more sensible, can see the bigger picture and not nearly as smug and self-righteous. Paul, my message to you: it’s time to make a move – loud and clear.

    • It’s been my experience with quite a few others, merely CO$ offliners, that FZ/Indieland does not pose an acceptable alternative to the CO$ for 3 main reasons:

      1. Overrun with nutcases and psychos they do not wish associate with, or be among.

      2. CO$ Jihadhists who dramatize and operate in the same RTC fashion diverting attention at other targets instead of promoting auditing & training.

      3. Those who seek to alter, de-construct, de-fundamentalize, blah, blah, blah LRH Tech usually accompanied by denouncing KSW as well.

      The above pretty much ensures that the trickle the CO$ is loosing, the Indies are gaining. But most stay away from Scientology period, done with the subject. I’m sure it’s an evolving type of deal, and hopefully this will not always be so.

  12. I wouldn’t throw away the Mark 7 E-Meter just yet, because the new Mark 8 stock has been sitting in a warehouse for 10 years before DM released it. Warehouse dampness, heat and other non-optimum storing conditions over 10 years can easily corrode and damage the delicate electronics inside. Would you buy an iphone 6 that was manufactured in 2004 and has been sitting in a warehouse for 10 years? So keep your old Mark VII just in case. They don’t make them today like they used to.

  13. Miscavige tech is not LRH Tech, he just doesn’t have the guts to stand up and be honest about purloining LRH tech. His vested interest shows through. …… the interest in money and the flesh. Not knowing OT, despite having everything in his hands he simply spins a con and the gullible public buy it.
    I am sure he is anti OT because with his high crimes he knows one day he will have to face and answer up for what has done and is doing. He has to bring OT and the state of OT to nothing, so that the magnitude of his overts are reduced.

    The tech and original materials must be “edited” and altered so that no new OT’s are made, so that no new competent auditors are produced. All PCs and pre OTs must be brought through the brainwashing machine that the squirrel church has become so that they make no real gains on the real bridge but are instead given a runaround and diversion into weird standards that have their own confusions.
    GAT I and GAT II are simply part of the brainwashing exercise, just like Outcomes based education ( A Russian and Chinese perversion designed to dumb down populations for the purpose of weakening and degrading populations to make one world domination easier).

    In the early days, the Sea Org held the line to keep the tech applied and command intention was LRH intention and that brought freedom to many. It was the standard actions of the Sea Org in the early days which carried the day when quickie tech was vogue.
    Today under Miscavige we have altered and endless tech at escalating costs to reduce and make nothing of OT and the bridge, because by pursuing this agenda Scientology can be reduced in the eyes of DM.
    The sun never sets on true source.
    All DMs action has done is to get the matrerials and knowledge out from under the thumb of yo-yos like DM and his minions.

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  15. Can you imagine a medical doctor being told that they’ve streamline med school and you just need to go back and do everything again and go ahead and reschedule all your patients.

  16. “You are then to sign up for and start your full training line-up starting with the Student Hat.”

    Auditors busted all the way back down the bridge and ordered to retrain. GAOT ll is a JUSTICE ACTION!

  17. Well, you gotta hand it to L’il Davey – he constantly excels. Excels at the level of insanity heaped upon his victims with each new step in his megalomaniacal master-plan!

    Surely even the most brain-dead of his followers can see that this is all about stopping anyone getting up the Bridge?

    Notice the way the field auditors are hit with a sucker-punch. First they are given a list of things to study (in the orgs, thus bringing them within reach of the army of reges) and lulled into a false sense of security with:

    “The above steps take 1-2 weeks at most.”

    And, just as they breathe a huge sigh of relief, they are smacked upside their heads with:

    “You are then to sign up for and start your full training line-up starting with the Student Hat.”

    Do all your auditor training starting with the Student Hat – FFS!

    No doubt this all has to be paid for again, despite the implied admission that it was all wrong before (i.e. they delivered a defective product) with, “Until you actually do the above steps and also get onto these courses, the entire Golden Age of Tech Phase II will not be real to you and you will still be thinking of doing things the old (and slow) way.”

    And remember, this replaces the original GAT which Miscavige told us was all 100% standard and guaranteed to get PCS rocketing up the Bridge and all that other boll**ks.

    This has got to be the last straw for anyone still in the CoS who has the slightest idea of what Scientology is meant to be about. Surely?

  18. So, in essence, every field auditor (and every staff auditor, and every Sea Org auditor) is sent back to the beginning, like a sick game of Monopoly – return to GO, do not collect $200.

    Per LRH policy you cannot just cancel an auditor’s certificates and qualifications to audit, unless the auditor is declared a suppressive, and then, as part of A-E steps, they have to retrain from the bottom up. Effectively this is the second time (first with GAT and now with GAT II) Miscavige has cancelled everyone’s auditing certificates. And this is after he purged the Church of a vast number of Class VIs and Class VIIIs in the early 80’s.

    The end result of his “straight up and vertical” expansion is no auditors. And every single person newly through the auditor training lineup is going to be counted as a new statistic and reported as “booming expansion” – when it is actually just existing auditors desperately trying to get back into the chair.

    God — what a mess!

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