The building of an Ideal Org – Pretoria

PTA Building3

The writer has been integrally involved in the building projects of the Braamfontein Test Centre, the Johannesburg re-fit and the Pretoria Org.

I was the Professional IT Consultant on all 3 projects, involved from the beginning of the first planning stages right up to the completion of each project. My company did all the IT installations, security and data/network cabling for Braamfontein and the Johannesburg refit. We did the IT consulting and planning for the Pretoria Org project, and ended up only supplying the data cabling on this particular project. The reasons for this will be explained later.   

The first plans for Pretoria Org were drafted in January 2008 by Gensler of Atlanta Georgia. They were approved by Int Landlord Office in November 2008.

The Project Manager was Jamie Raubenheimer from CPD (Construction Projects and Developments).

The appointed contractors were Tri-Star Construction (PTY) Ltd (the same company who has worked on all 3 projects – Braamfontein, JBG refit and Pretoria).

The original budget for the construction of the building was was R21 Million.

Despite the public being constantly told that renovations were imminent as far back as 2010, the truth was that owing to fundraising disasters, the project only commenced in the early stages of 2012.

The target date for the opening continued to change throughout the project, largely thanks to the fact that the Church kept changing its mind about what it wanted and continued to default on contractually agreed payment dates to the contractors. Finally, the targeted date for completion of the project was set for October, then November and then December 2012. As we all know, the opening finally took place in February 2013.

Throughout the construction project, constant changes were made to the designs and plans.

Site meetings between the project manager, contractor, engineers, architects, and consultants were very interesting, and quite frankly, as the ONLY officially appointed Scientologist contractor, became an embarrassment for me. A fair amount of joking, degrading and sniggering took place about how disorganized the Church was. A number of times they apologized to me personally for saying these things, but I assured them I was to be considered a contractor on the job and nothing more.

The first few changes to the designs were taken as irritating, but possibly necessary. As time went on, the irritation became an ever-increasing ARC break with the contractors and then the sub-contractors. Comments like “Fuck. More changes! What do they want now?” and “Can these people not decide what building they want?”

It was universally agreed by all at these meetings they had never done a job like this before, where the client just constantly kept changing their minds as to what they wanted. They were used to getting an approved drawing and then just getting on and building it per the plans. Simple.  But not with the Church.

At one stage towards the end, a Tri-Star representative said he was pretty sure they would not consider doing any of the other Ideal Orgs. This was the last one.

In total, from the period of June 2012 through to January 2013, a total of 12 changes to the designs and plans were submitted by the church to the contractors. It became so ludicrous that in late January 2013, last minute changes were being done straight from the space plans as there was simply no time left to alter the construction designs any more. It was a running joke.

Naturally, every change meant an extension to the job, and of course the budget just kept being pushed up and up.  And the QS had to constantly re-calculate all the figures based on the latest changes.

But what was worse than the changes, were the glaring mistakes and omissions being made with each change. As the only Scientologist on the project and having some 40+ years experience of how an org should operate in terms of flow-lines and org-board structure, these became immediately apparent to me. Some examples:

  • First Floor Universe Corps was suddenly removed.  The whole area was revised to fix major Qual Div screw-ups and the UC totally removed from the design of the org. Sorry, staff – but it looks like you can once again kiss your Clear and OT levels goodbye.
  • Qual area for certs and awards, and Interview and invoice, re-designed 4 times, cable positions changed 4 times. Additional costs each time.
  • Div 6A space redone and lost 6A call-in area. 11 power and data points already installed here were wasted as the area was now for child care.
  • The 6A call-in area, later changed to child-care, was then changed once again and became a storage room. A storage room with 11 power and data points? Total waste.
  • Dept Special Affairs tables placed where columns holding up the building are. Impossible to do.
  • Estates office becomes storage – wasted power and data points.
  • Estates workshop becomes Estates office – no more estates workshop. Extra power and data points run to compensate.
  • Coffee shop tables reduced from 8 to 4 as this is now DIV6C space with other staff in it due to child care area created in main building.
  • Div 6B space had 3 x intro auditing rooms. Then later 2 x intro auditing and an extension courses area.  In the last week new space plans (not construction diagrams) show the intro auditing room and extension courses director have swapped positions. But no power and computer network points exist in the space and all construction is complete, including carpets and painting. No way to give extension courses director a computer without very major last-minute changes (after the requisite contractors had completed and left site). Existing power and data points wasted, and new extra ones installed to compensate – more additional costs.
  • Div6C space on ground floor had Success Officer and success write-up space, event call-in and field activation in same space. These were now moved to café building – whole new building. Except now there is no event call-in or field activation space anywhere on the entire estate. If you are in the main building and complete a course or auditing action you will now leave the building and walk over to the coffee shop to the Success Officer. And hope it’s not raining.
  • Dianetics co-audit and DIV6B office swapped position. Co-audit room had no power or data points for the Div6B staff. Points in office are wasted in co-audit, and more points pulled to ex Dianetics co-audit space to cater for office staff.
  • After ground floor area was mostly complete, there was suddenly a new table outside the Seminar Room on final space plans. The area had no power or data to service a computer or phone at the desk. Walls already plastered and painted. Great additional expense to pull this off.
  • There was no examiner space anywhere in the org, even on the first approved drawings. In fact this never appeared on any drawing until last-minute space plans unofficially released in the final days. Repeated comm from me to Int landlords office about this were never responded to or handled.
  • On one of the plans submitted to us, the auditing rooms were numbered non-sequentially –  something like 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,11,11,11 and then 15.
  • Ground Floor Lighting design last official revision was 16.
  • Ground floor Power design last official revision was revision 7.
  • Ground floor Furniture last official revision was 8.
  • Among the changes were the addition of a tremendous number of extra aircon units, which required re-working of the electricals and load-balancing.
  • Major structural changes like remove this wall, move that wall, build a new wall there, move these doors, changes to the Fire Rational design, flooring, ceilings, lighting layouts, DIV6 Displays, the works.
  • Additional costs were incurred in once again re-drawing construction diagrams from the space plans, and re-doing a bunch of work in areas which were already complete.

First Floor Changes – all areas in red had to be re-done

A full 4 years after the first draft for the building, there were still changes being made to this building – right up to days before the opening. How can any team of professionals possibly not decide on one design and build it? This was by no means the first Ideal Org ever built. But the guys on the job were clearly clueless as to what goes into an org.

I am in possession of a full Lever-Arch file containing all the meeting minutes, site diagrams, plans, changes and more changes accompanying screeds of correspondence between myself and various terminals at Int landlord’s office noting the glaring outpoints and changes with each revised plan.

One thing I noticed was that Int Landlord terminals I was in comm with were constantly changing. It occurred to me a possible reason for this was that heads were rolling, people were being booted and God knows how many landed up on the RPF, only to be replaced by others who were clearly clueless as to what was going on.  And despite many repeated comm cycles back and forth, some of the issues I alerted them to were never addressed.

Towards the end of October/early November Dana Barbera arrived in South Africa. He was introduced to us as being the “Senior Project Manager appointed by Int Management of the Church”. He was a non-Scientologist and came from a company called DPM Global Consulting in the USA. It was made clear to us that he had a direct comm line to DM and was under direct instruction from him. His orders were “to get the job done no matter what”. From that point on, Dana micro-managed every aspect of the project. At some point, Dana told me personally that he had been the Project Manager on the Kaohsiung Ideal Org (which he had completed, but interestingly enough was only opened months after the project was completed).

Later in November 2012 the Architect, Quantity surveyor, SA Project Manager (Jamie), and Structural Engineer traveled to the USA to inspect the new Orange County Org. They were to meet with people from Int Landlord’s office and to inspect the Ideal Org in OC, “to see how a real Scientology Ideal Org is built” and to be shown “the level of perfection demanded” on the job. They returned to a site meeting and were extremely upset. The bulk of the meeting was taken up with them venting about what a lousy job they had seen done in the OC org, and how they were insulted. They would never dream of doing such a low-quality job. We were already doing far better In Joburg, and had done so previously in the Braamfontein Test Centre as well as the Joburg major DIV6 refit. They were highly pissed off with the Church and felt insulted.

The architect on our project said that if he signed off on the OC job in this country, he would have been fired. He was absolutely scathing of the quality of the OC building.

As an aside, while on the tour in OC a number of the contractors were approached by various SO staff to make large donations ($10,000) towards the USA Ideal Orgs. None of these contractors were Scientologists and they were livid that they were being pressurized into making these donations.

Also, while the team was in the USA, they were told that yet another set of Space Plans was being issued.

At the next site meeting – 27th November 2012, (after the team’s return from OC), new space plans were issued, to show the latest bunch of revisions required by the Church. We are talking MAJOR changes. And no relaxation on the target opening date.

To quote from the minutes of the meeting: “TS (Tri-Star) advised that changing the scope of works as a result of the instructions issued by CSI on 24 November 2012 rendered them unable to program the works until such time as additional detailing had been received and the works were clearly defined. It was advised that the accelerated completion date as offered previously of 31 January 2013 was not achievable as a result of the revised information”.

The whole meeting just went into apathy. Everyone knew there was no way in hell this was going to be done, especially with the contractors and sub-contractors heading into Christmas holidays. The Church was expecting us to just cancel holidays and push through Christmas and get it done. Rumours of “acceleration fees” were spread to make it more attractive, despite the Church already being in default of the ORIGINAL payments due to Tri-Star. Some contractors agreed to work through, but the the lack of payment scuppered that. The Church had not paid the bill, and Tri-Star were unable to pay the subbies. They decided to shut-down the site over Christmas, and all workers went on leave.


Some last minute changes on space plans. Ground floor. Never converted to construction diagrams.

Some Scientologists arranged to supply goods or services for the new building instead of making cash donations. An example is Kevin Gast.  This upset the contractors plenty, as because there was no money payment going through their hands, they could not wield a financial stick over their heads, and they had no control over the person’s actions. Gast (the company) became the regular laughing stock of the site meetings, as he would repeatedly not attend site meetings, was behind schedule, or the job was not right, materials were wrong, whatever. Every single meeting at one stage had a little Gast-bashing portion to it. The project manager would pointedly ask Thomas Pagenkopf if he didn’t know of a good waterproofing company to recommend. Thomas stood up for Gast as best he could, but it was a losing battle. It seemed if they could find a way to pick on a Scientologist, they would.

With an original budget of R21 Million, the project was finally sitting on R38Million. And most of this increase came about as a result of total waste and work having to be undone and re-done because no-one up-lines seemed to be able to make up their minds as to what they wanted.

A fine example of the waste occurring with this project is demonstrated by the following minuted note from the 27th November 2012 site meeting:  “Concern was expressed over the quantity of money being wasted by the number of changes”. 

Another issue that kept coming up throughout the project was the constant defaulting of contractual payment dates from the Church. This was discussed in many site meetings, and the contractors were gravely concerned about payment issues.

What a lot of public probably don’t know is that as of November 2013, the Church was still in default on final payments for the Pretoria Org project. A number of the sub-contractors and the Project manager of the job were threatening to sue. Elmien Lochner was caught red-handed lying openly to one of the sub-contractors that the job had been paid in full, and there was no reason they had not been paid yet, implying that Tri-Star was sitting on the money. When Jamie Raubenheimer heard about this, he referred to Elmien as an “f”ing lying B………….”.

Rumour has it that ALL the funds raised so far (up until November 2013) for JBG North have been diverted to pay the balance outstanding on Pretoria. This is not verified, but would not be surprising owing to the fact that the Church has previously been caught deceiving it’s parishioners about needing an “extra R3 Million” to complete Braamfontein when in actual fact this money was siphoned off and used to purchase the Durban building.

With a building now costing virtually double the original budget, MAJOR fundraising flaps were occurring all over the place. We have data on one of the solutions the Church came up with to overcome this, but this story is in itself the subject of another post entirely and will be published in due course.

The end result of all of this is that we are now have an Ideal Morgue, a vast empty building worth R32 Million, which sits and chews up a vast amount of electricity. No-one can work in the basement without all the lights and aircon running. There is no natural light or ventilation in there. This building would be consuming 10 times the power of the old building.

The amount of service they would have to deliver to meet the new increased overheads is frightening if you consider the academy has between 1 and 3 students at any given time. I recall a recent promo email from PTA org showing one student and one Sup in the course room. This is never going to pay the bills.


According to this, you are actually in the next-door neighbour’s property!

Having worked in the IT industry for more than 3 decades and having consulted and contracted on projects the likes of OR Tambo Airport, Old Mutual Group and other large organizations, I can unequivocally state that never before have I experienced a more un-professional, disorganized, and incompetent working relationship than that which I experienced in my relationship with 3 projects I worked on for the RCS. This was a statement echoed by virtually every other supplier that worked on these projects with me.

To get back to my original involvement in all of this, my company was appointed to handle the entire IT infrastructure including security and data cabling for all the Ideal Orgs currently existent in Africa. I was repeatedly told by Alex Faust, Elmien Lochner and other SO hierarchy that they were so impressed with the quality of the work I had done on Braamfontein and the Joburg org refit, they would not have anyone else but me working on Ideal Orgs. At a later stage (around 2010) I was also appointed to handle all the security systems as well.

While working with Dana Barbera on the Pretoria project, he repeatedly deferred to me for my expertise in assessing the validity and correctness of space plans. He was not a Scientologist, and needed my knowledge in terms of org flow-lines, functionality and the like. In fact, at one stage, he told me he didn’t know what he would have done without me, and even offered me a consulting position to accompany him on other Ideal Org projects around the globe.

Based on the assurance that I was going to be doing all the Ideal Orgs IT and security work, I was heavily regged for donations towards Ideal Orgs. I duly became a New Civilization Building (NCB) contributor, paid a substantial amount for services at JBG Org, supported my family on staff, and somehow, in-amongst it all, managed to become an IAS Patron as well.

At a a later date (after having already made the donations) I was then informed that I would have to “tender” like any other contractor to get the work, with no guarantee that I would be awarded the contracts. I was also informed that because of budget constraints, I would not be doing any IT work and this would be handled in-house by SO staff which basically cut my profits down to almost zero as we had grossly under-quoted on the cabling work, knowing that we would be doing all the security and IT work.

On another cycle in 2011, the Church accepted a quote I submitted for the security work of the Joburg refit and we received a deposit from the Church for the work to be done.  A month later, Elmien demanded a refund explaining that they had found “another SCN” to do the work (and who I suspect was willing to donate more to Ideal Orgs than I already had). 

In effect, I virtually bankrupted my company donating money to Ideal Orgs and the IAS based on projected future profits from work I was promised and which I never got. And as if this was not enough of an insult, when I mentioned in session that I was now confronting a dire situation with resultant tax implications, the Joburg C/S promptly out A-J’d me and stopped my auditing in the HGC. There are no words to describe the betrayal I felt.

Mention should also be made of the hours and hours of free work I have contributed over the last 10 years to the SO and the org working on their IT problems and related issues. Many can testify to this fact. If a problem happened in the org, I was always there to help. There were many times I forfeited my own course time and business profits in order to help various SO and org staff with their computer problems. The value of this work sits in excess of R100,000.00 for which I never received any exchange save for the odd commendation and the gift of a JBG Edition leather-bound DMSMH.

The end result? My family is in the throes of being disconnected from, my wife has just been comm-ev’d and is being unfriended daily on facebook, and my son at Flag has disconnected from me.

This is the thanks I get from a group I have done nothing other than support my entire life.

We live and learn!

One of the first LRH appointed Commodore’s Messenger. Flag Ship Apollo, 1967.


126 thoughts on “The building of an Ideal Org – Pretoria

  1. Hi.

    I am sorry to have read your story and the added stress you are now enduring. Particularly because you were helping!?

    Betrayal is a terrible thing, as is insincerity. I think you have experienced both, humbly tendered to you by your ‘church ‘

    I would like to assure you that when you walk away from the confusion of corporate scientology, life will improve for you, your family and business.

    I know this will happen to you, as I experienced relief and greater prosperity when I quietly left.

    All the best for 2014 .

    • Thanks so much for your response. This whole ride out of the church has been an eye-opener of note and I have to say I have been all up and down the tone scale on it. But we WILL survive despite the church’s best efforts.

    • I can support that, Old Timer. I walked away quietly and, and it was immediate, my life improved in all directions. My business expanded over night, my income doubled and my tone level shot up as well. I reiterate, it was immediate.

      Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I know you and know your wife and wish you and your famility well.

      • My 2D and I had the same experience. The roller-coastering of our personal life, relationship together, finances, emotions, abilities, went to a screeching halt when we disconnected from the church. I can literally graph our dynamics and they are in affluence date coincident from the day we literally drove away for the last time. And it’s been nothing but up ever since.

      • My wife and I had the exact same experience. Almost to the minute that my resignation letter was posted to the internet, my family’s fortunes in life turned straight around. It was literally like magic.

  2. To the person who wrote this article: Thank you so much for writing this article and sharing your experiences. I hope my comments here can help in some way.

    I understand the betrayal and anger you feel towards the group of suppressives who routinely take advantage of their parishioners and then kick them under the train the second they dare start to think for themselves. The highest crime you can commit in Scientology these days is to question the rights of your suppressor to suppress you. I too have lost loved ones and been “defriended” and it is a painful and slow process getting used to a new life.

    It’s a cold hard truth to find out that you have been wasting so much of your life forwarding the goals of an organization which never had your best interests at heart and which was never doing what it said it was doing. It took more confront for me to deal with that then it ever did to deal with an outraged preclear in session or handling some upset student in a course room.

    I know what the loss of a son feels like. I hope there is something you can do to get yours back. As long as he is alive, there is always hope for that.

    I know what the loss of family and friends feels like. For me, it has helped to remember that there were many good times, many instances of honest help given and received, many people whose lives I touched for the better. Reams of goldenrod can’t take any of that away, nor can it make any of them forget you and how you helped them honestly and selflessly.

    You were there. You communicated. You helped. These are the things that help me get by and have helped me to move forward. I have hit the reset button on my new life. I wish you the very best in yours.

    • Thanks GP. you echo my sentiments. The “cold hard truth” you refer to is SO true as is the betrayal you speak of. I welcome a goldenrod to add ro my enormous pile of commendations and “highly commendeds” Had I been someone like the Corbetts my contribution would have been petty cash. But I have given and helped and contributed to the max, thinking I was doing my bit to salvage the planet and mankind etc… because I was still refusing to see what I suspected I had seen.

      • Dear LMR,

        What you’re experiencing, coupled with the fact that it hurts like hell, simply means that you are a theta being, driven by responsibility and integrity. I urge you not to dwell on things missed and evils not perceived, they are ultimately irrelevant. SPs are very adept at appearing normal, because they all once were. That they changed and began to do harm, reflects solely on them and their latent evil intentions and not on you at all.

        Do well and succeed — that’s the best remedy :o)

        Odd Thomas

  3. Thank you for sharing this with us.

    For me, it just reaffirms why it was the correct decision to disconnect from the co$.

    I am saddened to hear about the disconnection of your son and the betrayals that you and your family have endured.

    Wishing you much happiness and success as you embark upon a new journey.

    • DM thanks for the response and the good wishes. We will persevere. It is invaluable to have this blog and the comaraderie to be found here. I am thankful for a forum which allows one to give the data that HAS TO be shared. The truth is a bitch. Maybe if we can’t stop this shit we can at least give people food for thought.

  4. This is a reflection of the mind condition of managment , apply confusion formula , building buildings being a lie in the first place betral after trust, on down to confusion. All so the saying. No good deed goes unpunished, stands. Many thanks for this data, I painted a single wall once for a org and after doing the best I could was then told no the colour is wrong , I did not paint it again, I helped clear frozen ice water from the UC space as it was flooding, a week went past and nothing was done to clear drain or create water run offs , it flooded again and all hands were wanted to help clear the water, I did not help , my thoughts on that if the guys in charge are to stupid to not do something about it, in the week after the first flood then I am not going to be part of that stupidity, maybe the boss man ken k was suffering from frozen brain as he walked and disapeared into six feet of ice water that night, bounced up in shock and we all some how managed to not laugh. I guess there are cold feelings about the buildings , hot projects gone cold, very sorry to hear your family and busyness are being so affected , rock en roll florish and prosper

    • Neptune, well done on not continuing with the insanity. I take my hat off to you. There comes a point where if you have any integrity left, you cannot continue with this game.

      • Thanks for the reply , just saying how I see it . Lucky for me in 21 years of my involvement in Scientology , I have no children or other to be ripped out of my life, It is odd but I guess you would have played a major part in getting your lad to the SO, maybe a pretty vamp lass will play a tune on him and it RPF or even better she becomes with child , then you will get son plus a grand child and a classic doughter in law!

        Go well brother all the best

  5. Holy crap, what an absolute mess!

    I’m sorry you had to go through all of this 😦

    Well done for speaking out and letting us know what was happening behind the scenes. I’m sure those who still support the “church” would be interested to know how their donations were being wasted.

    • RB Ja. I really hope it helps to get this data out. I believe there are enough well meaning people out here who can operate with this data and perhaps use it to prevent recurrence of this type of thing.

      • Hear, hear, LosingMyReligion. I’m all for a campaign to get data like this out to the unsuspecting or to the too-afraid-to-ack-what-they-are-seeing.

        There was a time the thing I feared most was being declared an SP. Now, it’s an honour!

        I’m very sorry about your son. I’m postulating that something occurs so he’ll see the light and come to his senses. As for friends, when you speak the truth you may lose “friends” but those who stay are your true friends.

        My postulate is for you and your family and that you’ll all stick together.

        Thanks for this data and we look forward to the next one about the fundraising.

  6. I love the cats on the bird table keeping the feet out of the snow,

    The man who lived and wrote the above , you are one he’ll of a cool Cat ,

      • Maybe one two fly by s but very few stop overs, and the two cool cats just waiting to be moved some place warm and dry , with so love.

  7. As someone who was a hired construction pro on the church renovations projects for almost a decade, I have a great deal of reality on this. The sort of waste, confusion, and arbitrary changes I saw on every project, would never be tolerated in the real world. About the only contractors we ever got to work on multiple projects, were Scientologists. Non Scientologist contractors would usually say, “Thanks, but no thanks”, after just one experience with the church. I understood completely, and never tried to twist their arms to sign up again.

    The insanity of the work environment on those projects also burned out a lot of decent Scientologists. I saw a lot of people literally snap or cave in from the stress. Heck, I cracked a few times myself. Like most of the non Scientologist contractors, a lot of Scientologist professionals left after one project, and could not be recruited for a second.

    To this day, those of us who survived the long haul, feel like a ‘band of brothers’ who’ve lived through some horrific incident that outsiders have little reality on.

    • Ronnie: You have obviously been there and done that. I thank you for your agreement as to how this craziness goes down. And the ” band of brothers” feeling exists here too. This is the kind of behind-the -lines data that the public would not otherwise get to know.

  8. This is insane! This story needs to be emailed to as many donors as possible, so that they can see how their money is wasted. I really hope that someone has the email addresses and passes this story on.

    I always felt that these buildings and renos were costing a lot more than the final product warranted. Now I know why.

    I am so sad that your son has disconnected from you. This is the “reward” that so many scientologists get when they can no longer close their eyes to the prevailing insanity of miscavige and his management team. It is so obvious from this that he simply issues orders and sits back and watches with great satisfaction as the minions scramble to obey. When they don’t or can’t obey – what happened to you will happen to them.

    My prayer for this year is simply that ALL the people in CoS wake up and stop supporting this madness. I am really hard-pressed to think of any other group where people are treated so badly and still put up with it.

    I wish you and your family well for the future as you rebuild your lives. You can only go up from here; you have climbed out of the dwindling spiral.

    • Draco: yeah baby. If this data can help the next guy and prevent him getting duped, then I will have achieved something here. I sat down and started writing this piece, and it was wierd. Constant referral to original source documents to verify accuracy etc. And in so doing I was reminded more and more of how insane it all was. And I cognited that the confusion is part of the strategy. When people on this job start thinking how insane it is, the next panic or flap comes along, now you are in danger of being behind schedule… and you forget the old gripe because you have a new one. And so the project goes. And of course you wont get paid if you do not finish. And penalties if you are behind schedule. With hindsight taking a more exterior view of it, it seems more crazy now then it did then.

  9. This amazingly patient piece of writing and inclusion of just a fraction of what actually took place, had absolutely NOTHING to do the building of an Ideal Org.

    If Hades had a MO for the management of it’s incumbents, this would be it. The tragedy here, is that no single individual, had sufficient a broad view, of WHY all this unfolded, predictably, as it it was intended to be! The fact is, at the top of the plot, it was all absolutely NECESSARY!

    Welcome to “Sheeple Farming,” — COB style!

    The only “tangible’ EP, to come out of the exercise, in every case, to be a huge monolith of empty, cold, lifeless symbols, which turn out to be a sick joke on all those who sacrificed their lives, and fortunes, to: “Put An Ideal Org There.”The “sickness” of it, is in the hidden fact that said ‘Ideal Org’, was never intended, to be any thing other than just one of many “fleecing machines”, to fill the bottomless pockets, of ‘crooked smiling’ mealie, ‘COB’ himself.

    The “Farmer” of course, knows his ‘craft’, probably better than any other capital venturist.
    Point out one other, that could, for example, have pulled off the greatest Ponzi scheme, ever, with the signed approval and blessing, of the IRS in The USA.

    The rest of “His success story”, consists of the most unimaginable attention to detail, in exploiting every possible scrap of “fleece’, flesh, bone, and spirit, that can be found on each of HIS flock, and, where possible, repeat of same, until totally exhausted of substance in financial terms. The only ‘thing’ allowed to escape ‘The Farm”, is the ‘totally broken’ spirit, which has absolutely no exchange value whatsoever!

    The rest of the story, as we know, voluminously covered by other blogs, and media , exposing the “scorched earth” madness of The Farmer.

    Tragic, in the extreme, and the spirit of LRH, would by now, have no tears left to weep,
    save for perhaps some of joy, to see his legacy being kept alive and once resurgent in the strong hands of the bold and truly able and appreciative, of the priceless gift he offered all :

    “All I’m trying to teach you– is how to look!”

    Calvin, Durban.

    • Awesome text!!!
      Especially the last paragraph
      “Tragic, in the extreme, and the spirit of LRH, would by now, have no tears left to weep, save for perhaps some of joy, to see his legacy being kept alive and once resurgent in the strong hands of the bold and truly able and appreciative, of the priceless gift he offered all :
      ‘All I’m trying to teach you– is how to look!’ ”
      May I ask where to find that last line?

      • Meja, thank you for your Kind ack. The honest truth is, I have just now gone and rummaged through my early collection, in trying to locate it for you. As my memory serves me, the only time i had actually seen this phrase, was way back in the early 70’s where it was the punch line on the back of one of the Scn book jackets.Needless to say, the phrase “stuck.”

        Over the years, as with most of my heavily referenced Scn book collection, the paper jackets, eventually tore into tatters, and I just discarded them, and kept the originals in their hard covers. It just MAY have been “Scientology 0-8 The book of Basics.”– but I’m not absolutely certain. Perhaps another can help ?

        Thanks for the interest.

        ARC, Calvin.

      • I remember this line so well too. Something flashed through my mind in memory but also cannot for the life of me right now think where he says it.

        One of the lectures that comes with the Basics but what… ? I’ll keep my eyes open for it too.

      • Aha, ask and thee shall have! Courtesy of my wife Dorothy, (Class V)
        (from the lecture — Scientology & Effective Knowledge– LRH)

        — “The simplicity of observation, the simplicity of communication itself, and only itself, is functional, and will take Man from the bottom to the top.”
        ..”And the only thing I am trying to teach you, — is look!” –LRH

    • Calvin, you’re right. Bugger-all to do with an Ideal Org. Big, fancy, expensive. And of course unaffordable. How to demoralise masses of people all in one go. And of course one is taught these days NOT to look and especially NOT to question. Cannot have anyone around with Counter Intention to His Highness of Short Stature. It was sad for me. Now it’s on with a truer Scientology divorced from this squirrel.

  10. From what you have written here it is obvious that the church is now in a Condition of Confusion, having failed to accept and handle its Condition of Treason. If this remains unhandled, the next step will be a Condition of Collapse followed by a Condition of Total Oblivion.

    • Very well put, Birgit. We need to speed up the process. Too many good people left whom we can help save from this sort of disaster.

      LosingMyReligion has lost nearly everything that he’s built up. He’s not actually lost his religion, although it does seem like that at first.

      LosingMyReligion, you may know by now that there is standard delivery of the tech outside of the church. You can avail yourself of it should you wish.

      • Canspeak: Yes it’s not true ive lost my religion. Or certainly have not lost my scientology tech. But the”religion” purveyed by the church is worth losing. I am aware the tech is alive and well and working outside of the church. I feel nothing short of planetary disaster can kill this tech. My son is smart. But indoctrination is insidious. Like all koolaid drinkers you are not in a position to see because of the fear of losing your bridge and eternity. And that fear is rhe first obstacle. In time he will experience enough to get him thinking for himself. I pray for that day.

      • Being patient, is your only practical option with this situation , LMR.
        All your son lacks here, is that necessary WILLINGNESS — to look!

  11. Thank you for documenting your experiences with the chaos of the building projects and the resultant havoc wreaked on your life.

    I am shocked – but not too surprised. It was this same insane operating basis – replete with continual Dev-T in the fullest sense, Q&A, and downright unprofessionalism at every turn – that made me decide NEVER to contribute as a staff member again after completing a contract at Joburg Org… You see, this kind of thing is the norm in the running of the orgs too. The worst part of it is the insane orders/decisions come from the most senior SO members on the continent… And above. It’s as though they’ve never even heard of any of the Staff Statuses – let alone studied them. Recent experiences with a CMO Int Mission sent to establish the new Pretoria Org confirmed the administrative insanity we experience in the RCS isn’t just an isolated illness in deep dark Africa, it’s actually an epidemic coming from the top.

    I’m really sorry to hear about your son disconnecting from you. I sincerely hope he sees things for what they are sooner rather than later and doesn’t let the third party/Black PR/lies that he’s no doubt being fed about you at Flag get to him for too much longer.

    • Damn straight. Senior SO execs cannot apply policy from staff statuses. And when you point it out you are CI. The ED cannot get these basics in because of pressure from above. ED’S do not run their orgs. They relay instructions from above.

  12. “In the presence of suppression, one makes mistakes. People making mistakes or doing stupid things is evidence that a Suppressive Person exists in that vicinity.” Ethics Book p. 172. – I think every scientologist needs to consider this fact very thoroughly, NOW!

  13. Wow!!! Thanks for writing your terrific experience with Scn buildings. It’s so important that you let it know at large around.
    I worked for an architect some years ago, and I do completely understand the craziness you had to confront and manage… and you were still generous with your church… BRAVO !!!
    It takes some time to recover from the shock when you confront the truth, but as you say “we live and learn”, and life is still there to be created superb and funny.
    Courage!! to go through the situation with your family. Things will have an happy end.
    You seem to be a good and powerful person, soon you’ll feel free again and enjoy. I wish you all the best.
    Kind regards.

  14. My God!! That is truly disgusting!!!!
    What do you expect from the dirty cob?? We have all had to learn the depths of depravity that the dirty cob exists in on a daily basis. Your story is one of the sickest that I have heard.

    I truly feel for you. I really do. You sound like a very competent person. You will get it all back and more. You are free now. Fly away and have fun now. This too will pass.

  15. What I find incredulous is that this particular org, which has cost it’s public such an excessive amount of money in real estate terms, is located in possibly one of the worst suburbs in Pretoria. It is within walking distance from the Nigerian drug hub.
    Clearly stupidity prevailed when this property was purchased.

    • DM, the sad thing is that the calling-card for the location seems to have been its proximity to the Union Buildings, and the concentration of foreign embassies in the area. Like the diplomats are gonna walk into the org and want Scientology. But look out in the street and there really is no-one walking by who is a real prospect. Or who could afford anything on the GAT2 price list.

      • Yes, like labelling Pretoria org as the National Org is going to have the diplomats, deans, professors and MPs queuing up and streaming in for services. Much ado about nothing.

        Has everyone forgotten about the Awareness Levels and the steps that need to be taken to raise a persons level of awareness before he can reach? It’s a whole process to be used before a person cognites that he needs help with something. It is a lost tech now? Does the Div 6 staff know that nothing can be gained before the public cognites or acknowledges that he’s in need of change?

        I doubt if local or management uplines is designing the promo going out accordingly. Is promo going out? Or have the public not been regged enough to pay for this, the biggest marketing campaign ever? Whatever happened to that marketing campaign?

  16. Thank you for this enlightening Essay.
    The back and forth and constant change was such a roller coaster that I almost felt dizzy reading it, but I came to some conclusions “cognitions” which I will share..
    I have, for years and years of my life in the Church through to Class XII CS been trained to “parallel the mind” of the subject (pc) in front of me.
    I am going to parallel the mind of Miscavige from your essay above.
    His postulate is “See how how far you can push it” “See how far you can go with it” ~ the idea is to push the envelope over and above and BEYOND.
    You see, no Sea Org staff can stop him.
    There are no checks and balances in place.
    He is out of control but there are no controls in place.
    No own responsibility
    Egotism unlimited.
    He takes a game to the limits. Change_Change_Change, redo Redo Redo Redo.
    There is no consideration for workers. Humiliation is always part of the modus operandi “Go see Orange County Org and learn what an Ideal org is, you bunch of incompetent dorks.”
    One of Miscavige’s characteristics is that he has no qualms about changing every decision he ever made no matter what work and expense has been incurred.
    See how far you can push it
    See how far you can go with it.
    Another example ~~
    Right now much is playing out in the Law court in Texas.
    Miscavige spied, hounded, surveilled, harassed, intimidated, fair Gamed Marty Rathbun for 199 days in a siege outside his home with spy cameras and a posse of lunatic OT VIIIs.
    Marty moved to near San Antonio to be rid of them.
    But Miscagive pushes the envelope to see how far he can push,
    So Mosey (Marty’s wife) filed a $1 million dollar law suit and Miscavige and his team of 16 lawyers had to read the vulgar pornographic texts Miscavige sent, which even the Daily Mail (4 milion reads a day) headlined.
    Dauntless, Defiant and Resolute

  17. Co$’s Idle Orgs management 🙂

    “We own a tremendous amount of property. We own a tremendous amount of material and so forth, and it keeps growing. But that’s not important. When buildings get important to us, for God sakes, some of you born revolutionists will you please blow up central headquarters”. L. Ron Hubbard from Lecture 31 Dec 1960

    “If the org slumps during this transition period, don’t engage in ‘fund raising’ or ‘selling postcards’ or borrowing money. Just make more income with Scientology.” L. Ron Hubbard from HCOPL Urgent Org Programming

  18. Fantastic write up and yes it should be Broad Public Issue!
    The Betrayal is enormous.
    I do believe that as the public who build the Org and renovate
    the Ideal Org they do own the Org it belongs to them!
    The field should have representatives and should know
    where the money goes.
    We also get the quote rammed down our throats we are the
    IAS yet the books are also not available to the public,

    Sorry to hear about your son and I truly understand
    as most of us on this blog have experienced the heart-ache
    of having loved ones disconnect!

    Look forward to hearing more data from you in the future xx

      • “Neptune, it is Mahogany Rose. Next challenge to prove who owns that. But bank accounts etc controlled by CLO”

        “Mahogany Rose” owns the Pretoria org? WTF is Mahogany Rose? And does anyone know how to find out who or what is owning that?

        Great writeup LMR, thanks for the inside info. Unfortunately, not a great surprise! Your son will come around!

  19. Thank you so much for publishing this detailed summary of your ideal org construction insider knowledge. It confirms what I suspected. By all accounts the pattern is the same in every country and city: costs climbing to double and triple the original budget. Egregious planning. Outrageous waste. The intention can only be to bankrupt us all. Your account gives very valuable insight.

    As to your personal sad story, I can only wish you strength. And thank you for being there.

  20. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us…this is good insight into what happens behind the scenes…judging from your feedback you sound like a highly competent, caring and responsible individual. You will surely get back on your feet in no time at all…without he constant suppression, confusion, invalidation, evaluation etc, etc…one can only benefit greatly from being out…may you and your family flourish and prosper and may you be reunited with your son…I am sure that with all that is happening at the moment and more people realizing what had been going on, this is inevitable…and it’s only a matter of time…

    • SK: thanks for the response. I know we are going to be fine. It has been quite a whirlwind ride so far and I believe more fun still to come. We will get through it and are already the better for having left. I want to do more than just complain and reminisce about how bad it all is. I feel I can help by informing on this blog. It rapidly gains in popularity and has an international audience. Let the truth be told no matter how hard it may be to swallow.

  21. Thank you very much for detailing this. I am often labelled as “anti-Management” or worse “anti-Scientology”, I have to correct them and say that I am “anti-Mismanagement”. Your story illustrates exactly the type of inexcusable, inefficient style that is Scientology Management.

    How could this happen?

    High school dropouts playing Navy is the first thing that comes to mind.

    If that wasn’t enough, they are told “You used to run entire planets! Make it go right.” Now, this may or may not be true. If it were true, the only value this would have is if you could actually recall usable information from your Planet-Ruling days and apply that to the PT scene. If you are unable to do this you are simply delusional.

    Combine this with chronic musical chairs, sleep deprivation, unhealthy diets, unreal, undoable targets and you have extremely desperate staff members who make mistakes, lie to avoid punishment, and who will do almost anything to make it “appear” they are doing their jobs. Considering those factors its amazing ANYTHING gets accomplished!

    Yet this is a group which claims to possess the most advanced, most effective management technology on the planet!

    • My sentiments exactly. I was so shocked when I realised that Management was anything BUT trained or processed. The shock stayed with me for a long, long time. It rocked a stable datum only buffed because I had already began looking really hard and realising things about the time of this discovery of mine.

      Phew! Unbelieveable.

    • Too right. How anything gets done, is by accident more than design. Sadly, all came in because of a desire to change things for the better, or to help. That is what hooks one into the trap. And it’s all koolaid from there. You may wake up after 20, 30, 40 years and realise you have a failed purpose and your efforts have been in vain. Opening eyes is our next most important job – if anything is to be salvaged from this, let it be the people who sacrifice so much for a cause they believe in, only to discover later it was (mostly) lies.

      • “How anything gets done…”
        I think things get done because of people like you, who will endure and do whatever it takes to get a product.

        It is morally offensive to take good hearted, willing individuals and betray them, abuse them or seek to harm them or their families.

        Regarding your son, I do not doubt he is a fine man (judging from your written words I am sure you did a good job raising him). There will come a time when he will fully understand and appreciate the work you have done. I include your whistleblowing actions in your work; these may be your most important contribution. When that time comes he WILL be intensely proud.

      • Statpush, I am new at pushing back. But I am getting the hang of it. I got my son into what I thought at the time was the Scientology I had grown up with. That Scientology no longer exists with the Church, but I begin to see it is alive and well and surviving all over planet Earth. But he is a bright young lad and could be so valuable elsewhere. We await his awakening.

      • In the 1970s Jim Jones formed a cult called “The Peoples Temple”. They set up shop on the island of Guyana. In 1978 during an intense investigation into their activities which included forcing people to stay against their will they performed a mass murder/suicide by drinking koolaid poisoned with cyanide. 909 people died. Ever since people who follow blindly are referred to as koolaid drinkers or some variant thereof. Full story here

  22. I am very grateful to you for sharing some of your experiences. Please shed more light on what goes down on these projects. Ideal Morgues are being planned and built in other countries, and the people working on them may get frustrated enough to go on the Internet in search for answers. It would be great if they learned in detail that it isn’t just them.

    I am sorry about your son disconnecting. I can imagine it is hard for him, too. This church has never had an ounce of compassion. It uses you until you are all used up.

    • DollarMorgue, I remember compassion. It existed in LRH’s time for a while. But eventually, the idea got around that sympathy is low-toned. Couple that with “ARC breaks = missed witholds” and you have a new policy and operating basis of “It happened to you. You agreed to it. It is a motivator and you must get your overts off” So now you are not someone needing help, you are an ethics particle. Pretty compassionate, hey?

      • Yes, compassion did not last, and taken as a whole, the structure has no place for it. I think much of the compassion that was available was brought by the people themselves as they joined. Some lost it along the way, others found it again after leaving. It is good to know that compassion is okay, very liberating.

  23. Brilliantly written, the portrayal of the departure from a simple cycle of action, to a constantly changing nightmare shows what is happening to the Bridge and the tech under the Squirrel Church of David Miscavige.
    The comment by Karen#1 particularly stands out.
    Simple things, squirreled become complex and expensive, just like the church is today.
    The organizational structure seems to have deteriorated to a sort of “Hey you” style of org board, most suited to dictators.

    In terms of VIOLENCE, consider that harm has been done to many individuals and their families. The same to many businesses. The RCS or Squirrel Church of Scientology has become like a contagious virus.
    Doing the bridge is now best done on the outside.

    If it was not so tragic, it would be funny to see.
    What we are all looking at is DM (Miscavige) _ he has a tiger by the tail, he thinks ( being an object) that he has the “POWER” but not really having moved on the bridge he has to keep changing things and hopes no one will notice his incompetence and squirreling.

  24. Please forward as many details as possible to the Garcias. This story is full of deception. On the other hand the church could argue nothing was done on purpose. Also the blablabla from DM that he was not involved as usual. I guess the convincing parts are in the details. The Garcias need our help and we need the Garcias.

    • Thanks, Barefacedmessiah. Have sent a message to him.
      Per RTC’s own website, DM has nothing to do with the day -to-day running of the church. Right. And every thing being done in an org today is “Command Intention”. So if DM is not “Command”, then who is? Another whopping lie. Currently being contested in a court case in the US, by the way.

      • I think this might be one of the reasons all the new promo is crammed full of “what LRH wanted for you” and “just as LRH intended”.

  25. Squirrels collect nuts !
    Squirrel Tech makes a confusion
    Squirrel Admin Tech makes a confusion.
    Squirrel Ethics Tech makes a confusion.
    The results are simple and available for all to see… the church under David Miscavige has become a Squirrel Church, a confusion, a church which is becoming a closed faith, which entails becoming a slave to its God, namely David Miscavige.

    Those unfortunate people within the Church and those in the field who have not looked and who fear to look are most easily kept in slavery.

    Some people do not know that real actual tech is there and they are most likely to continue supporting the Squirrel in charge.
    Others I am sure find it all very incredible and difficult to face along with a sense of being trapped.

    Slavery requires agreement. One cannot be a slave if one does not agree.
    In other words some people choose to be a nut belonging to a Squirrel and perhaps some live in the blissful ignorance of utopian slavery even while enmeshed within it.
    Those who look and can see will all sooner or later rise to a need to make a decision. Man is not naturally a slave.

    • Quench not the spirit, LRH defines “squirrel” very clearly in the tech dictionary. (Anyone notice you cannot buy this anymore?) By LRH definition, the Church of Scientology as it currently operates, is the largest (though shrinking) squirrel group on the planet.

  26. Someone get Tom Cruise and internet connection so he can find out how his beloved, most compassionate, most competent leader operates.

    • Madora, I wonder where Tom stands on all of this. I have seen him appear emotional, passionate, excited, but never struck me as stupid. I think he must be considering the ramifications of his leaving. What impact this would have on his career, etc. He was a very outspoken ambassador of the Church. Perhaps he will quietly go under the radar like so many others?

      • If he believes in the tech and does his doubt, leaving would be an incredibly effective blow. Speaking about life with DM would also help, but just by leaving he would start an earthquake in people’s minds. I hope this is one of the surprises 2014 has in store for us.

  27. LMR, thanks for all this information which I agree should be broadly disseminated. I can only echo what other commenters here say and wish you all the best in your new life outside. What you said to BP: “… because I was still refusing to see what I suspected I had seen”. Oh my, me too, and sooo many others. But we all eventually will have to face it. Much ARC to you.

    • Thanks Roxy! We have a bright future ahead of us. I believe it is the same for all of us. Once you see it you have to rethink your life and probably find some new stable data. Then you get on with it.

  28. I really appreciate you taking the time to detail the time, place, form and event. It is important.

    The church tries to handle the escape of this sort of information with generalities “it’s just a bitter defrocked apostate” or “we are expanding like never before.” That is very difficult to do when there is such attention to detail and specifics that ANYONE who reads this knows it is the unvarnished truth.

    You and your wife have done a lot to help expose the travesty that has unfolded in South Africa — which is in fact a microcosm of so many other places around the world. You are appreciated (as you can tell by the comments above).

    You have given much to a cause you strongly believed in. You continue to do so here.

    Tony DePhillips offered some sage words. This is the start of a new life of freedom. I think you will find you enjoy it greatly. And you are certainly going to find a lot of new friends who will not turn their back on you the minute someone tells them “believe us, they are bad people, stop associating with them.”

    Again, thank you what you have done here (and unsung things done previously) and more to come.


    • Mike, Thank you so much for the ack.
      It is indeed a new beginning and we look forward to a steady improvement as we get more and more of the awakened behind us. My wife continues to have Scientologists unfriend her on Facebook. It’s like an interesting daily stat to look at.
      As to the truth, well one can only write so much in a blog article before you have written War and Peace again. Ideal Orgs across the planet, on actual personal inspection show that all are empty, failing, massive, expensive buildings. Which involved a tremendous amount of sacrifice by many individuals, many of whom have endangered their own personal survival in the process. When you discover you have shat bricks for no good reason, it leaves a bad taste in the mouth. What we need is for more people to get that bad taste before they contribute more to the next empty building.
      The crowning glory was the cob never arriving for the opening. It had never been done before as far as I can tell, and that action alone spoke volumes in terms of his disdain and invalidation of his “faithful flock”.
      There is so much more, but really I did not want to bore the readers with screeds of stuff. Suffice it to say there is documentation and evidence in abundance, much of which is as yet unpublished. But I think the point is made, and I hope it will have some influence on the future of this and other scams.
      Yes, things are looking up. As a final note, thank you for all that you are doing too. Your blog and the support you have given to the South African independent SCN community is invaluable.

      • I for one would like to hear all the details. These details add up to the true disgusting picture that must be told and confronted by people to see what they are dealing with here. Thanks again for your level of dedication and detail in both helping people and now helping others by telling the truth so things can “as-is”.

  29. Really well done on this exposé!! It is one of the most detailed I have read. We suspected that this was the state of affairs. I read a policy many years ago (cant seem to find it now though) where LRH says that if the org relies on donations then the public individual will cease to be of importance to the org.Isn’t this just a superb example of that LRH advice in action. No-one has any importance when you are working with un-earned funds.

    • What a good point, Joshua. Of course! It will be in the green vols somewhere, probably Vol O. I may have a look for it.

      It’s so out-exchange, isn’t it? While everyone’s Bridge has disappeared into the mist. And people merely discarded after being wrung dry.

    • Joshua, I dimly recall the reference. Of course one is very important during fund-raisers and then crap when not donating heavily. Out exchange – it’s like paying a speeding fine. All you get in exchange is a receipt.

  30. Thank you for exposing the real estate ponzi scheme that is DM’s “Ideal Org” program. The question is, ideal for who? One thing I have been wondering about all of these “upgrades”: what are the specs for wiring the auditing rooms for surveillance? What is the data capacity and server infrastructure like? (ie: Cat 6, fiber in the server rooms, etc?) And is there internet brought into demarc for these buildings? Apart from completely undermining the Auditors Code (” I promise never to use the secrets of a preclear divulged in session for punishment or personal gain.”), it might bolster the resale value as a pre-wired upscale “cat house”. Sorry to be so blunt.

    • GeorgeW, The data on specs etc. is all documented by CSI and Incomm. Nothing too unusual in terms of network layout except lots of “in case” points pulled. Initial config of system done by Incomm, and shipped pre-configured. All Ideal Orgs now are built with the piping in place for the look-in system cables to be run at a later stage. Look-in system itself is (still) not fully developed and ratified. Links to Super Mega Whoopie-Doopie Ultra Extreme Mark VIII meters probably needed clarification. Because they were designed in 2002-2004 and the past 10-12 years were not enough to finish the specs. Hang on while I puke…

  31. Just when I think “things cannot possibly get more ridiculous”, I read the next paragraph!

    It’s downright embarrassing and NO bloody WONDER the Orgs are empty!
    Generalised statement here: “If you do a good job, 10 people will hear about it. But if you do a bad job, 100 people will hear about it!”. Such shocking PR.

    Thank you for letting us share this burden you’ve been forced to carry. I sincerely hope that you will feel relief and truly flourish and prosper this brand new clean slate called 2014!!

  32. Hi Jon.

    Your comment has been moderated due to violation of our Moderation Policy.

    Specifically, ◾This is not an “anti-SCN” or “anti-LRH” blog and as such we reserve the right to moderate any comment intended purely to offend those users who still consider themselves Scientologists. There are many “hate” blogs and websites extolling disdain for all things SCN and LRH – this is not one of them.

  33. LMR. This kind of report does wonders for all of us and especially those looking and trying to figure out what to do. Excellent and thank you very sincerely for the work you put into producing this.

    From a broad perspective, this is indicative of how things run in all aspects of church management. Short-term think, limited vision, focused on NOW and no future predicted, action to action, plan to plan. Neurotic.

    This is how GAT 1 was released, how orgs are run, how the CLO runs orgs.

    Its fascinating to read your account of how this rolls out.

    The added SPEND is criminal. Take Durban Ideal Org. R6m building bought by a speculator, sold to church for R16m, later, oops, wrong design, knock it down, make it a plot of empty land.

    Jenny Retief gets declared, Rodney Corbett, Kim, for what? And these two actions, Pretoria over-spend and the Durban debacle go through unscathed?? No Comm Ev?

    Criminal. Ad hoc justice. Ad hoc management actions, Stumbling from one ice berg to another (Mike Rinder quote).

    Any salvation of this organization is going to need major surgery to even stand a chance of surviving.

    • You know, I find myself oscillating between “maybe it will come right” and Humpty-Dumpty. Broken, and “all the cob’s horses and all the cob’s men, couldn’t put C of S back together again.”

    • This is the second time Jenny Retief has been ripped apart. I suspect it is also the last time. I guess wasting R16M on a plot of land is not really comm-evable as it wasn’t money the church earned in the first place?

  34. LosingMyReligion, In your answer to Dan351 you said: This person is asking “If DM is such a bad-hat then how can we trust the new books and services he is producing?”

    Maybe this is the best site in such a situation:

    Thank you for speaking up and for your excellent article/knowledge report. You left the madness behind, and you are free now. Wish you all the best!

    • Thanks, Ka.
      I will pass this on. So much to read, so much to learn. It is staggering how much there is to learn about this. I don’t think there is another religion in the world with such a vast active following by ex-members (bitter defrocked apostates). I see more going on about Scientology outside of the Church than in it. Because they are not allowed to think or talk. This blog has helped more people in its 10 weeks (or so) than the Church in many years.

  35. This post and some of the comments made me think of this reference called OUT-ETHICS SYMPTOMS , HCOPL 5 Feb. 1982. It’s in OEC volume 1.
    “There are three things which, when observed, can be very revealing.
    1. Overspending, waste and extravagance.
    2. Overt products.
    3. Nonproduction.
    One or the other of these three will lead frequently to discovering the rest being present as well.”
    Later in the issue it says:
    “Below these symptoms, as in some disease, it will commonly found that there is an out-ethics situation of magnitude, often amounting to very despicable crime.” LRH

    It’s a good reference and I think LRH hit the nail on the head as far as the cob is concerned. You see him and his organization involved on all three of the above. Big time!!
    The cob is not qualified to be an executive. Based on this reference it shows he has crimes which most people out of the “church” already realize.

    • Tony, this is one MASSIVE understatement, my bro!! 🙂
      It also happens to be a perfect tool (the reference), to just nonchalantly slip under the nose, of someone ‘still in’, which may just result in a sneak peak, by ‘the heavily sedated’ one!! You never quite know, which item will finally ‘do the trick’, for them. Whatever it takes, Tiger! 🙂

      ps. BTW, do you still have any active comm with Sam Domingo??
      That was an ‘eye-opening’ chapter that ultimately allowed me to grasp the despicable depths, to which the ‘sheeple farmer’ had descended.
      Turning up on Marty’s blog, as I did, (after being off-lines for some 20years,)
      had ill-prepared me for what had happened in / to the field, in the interim.
      The depravity of miscavige had taken an enormous toll, and it took quite a while, for me to process the substance of this, as with most, people

      Thankfully, that is now all in the past. Many of us have moved on, and are now actively helping others to do the same .More strength to you, bro. 🙂

      – Calvin.

    • Tony, I recall this reference so well. And it is so true. How the hell can so many staff and SO staff have read this and still not see it? For that matter why did I Not see it myself for so many years? I guess the gradual change sneaks up on you over time and you compromise with your own reality bit by bit until You are blind. Actually I believe I knew it but did not want ro see it. Partly because I thought where the hell else can I get Scientology? Little did I know it is alive and well outside the church. Since I decided to acknowledge what I saw was what I saw, it has been a rocket ride. These past few months have been filled with realisation and eye-opening and agreement. I am loving it.

  36. You know, after reading this write up/KR I felt proud to be a disaffected Scientologist. It’s not that I ever doubted that I was wrong moving away, I didn’t. Your write up just sealed things, made the madness all the more tangible. I can’t find the words I need because the madness has been tangible to me for a long time… It seemed to take the lid off something and I feel freer than ever.

    I now feel the need to enlighten the Koolaiders with some information that they cannot refute, do it on a gradient, get them to look bit by bit until they have the confidence to take on the whole shambles that is the church and be able to look at the cob and see him for what he is – criminal, violent bully, psycho, con man, liar, cheat, thief, etc, etc.

    Thanks for this LMR. I feel ready for war! Lol!

    • Canspeak: it is so great that this data is so widely appreciated and useful. When I wrote it up I really had no idea what effect it would create. It was just data I absolutely has to share. I totally get that pride feeling. I basically feel smarter than those still in. Share the data. Sharing is caring!

      • Ahhh, having spent many years as a co-owner in a family-owned contracting business, I got shivers reading your excellently written description of this “project from hell”, so to speak.

        I was particularly interested in a couple of particular points. From a personal perspective, I sure did relate to your descriptions of your decision making thought processes when it came to putting together a “tender” – we call it a “bid” here in the U.S. All the factors that go into it – such as pricing the various phases of a project and how slim the margin between profit and loss gets to be at times. And then when you don’t get paid on time and you still have that payroll staring you in the face each week! (I am retired now, but I well remember some sleepless nights.)

        The other point that interested me a lot in your narrative is the history of slow and non-payment in several of these Ideal Org projects. That, combined with the “rob Peter to pay Paul” activities is something I took to indicate the general contractor was on quite shaky grounds financially. In fact, I saw it in several cases where bankruptcy followed. (Yes, very very bad for our company, 2 in one year! We survived.)

        Does anyone think Cof$ does not in fact any longer have the millions and billions of dollars they are said to have? And if not, where did all the money go? I ask because I have read several times that more than twice the actual costs of the Florida FLAG building was raised. And this, of course, is what the Garcia case is about.

        Thank you so much for your story. I hope it gets widely distributed. Best of luck in the future for you and yours.

  37. Deeana: The thing is the money is there. There is enough money in reserves in South Africa right now to pay for the building of all the ideal orgs in one go. But the reserves are never spent. They would rather just suck more money out of you and me and the next guy than spend any. At last report Joburg Org still owed about R 900 000.00 on unpaid water and lights bills. I believe the FBO managed to negotiate it down to about R 750 000.00 . However the bill goes unpaid despite there being on the order of R8M in reserves.

    Dunno why you have reserves if you cannot use them.

  38. Losing: Once in a while we’d encounter a customer like that. Had the money but would not give it up. I hated that. It made me madder than a “little guy” who genuinely was experiencing tough times. It is nasty to find yourself doing business with that kind, for sure.

    Regarding the unpaid utility bills, I somehow cannot imagine any account getting that high here in the U.S. because the companies are not slow to cut off service when utility bills go unpaid!

  39. Thank you so much for detailing both your journey, and the disgusting criminality that the Church of Scientology now engages in daily. I was sickened as I read the detail, and then horrified that at the end of it all, they declared you ineligible for service based on A-J.


    When I was at the Int base, at the beginning of the Ideal Org program, it was micro-managed by DM with daily visits to the Int Landlord Office, pouring over space plans, and making continual changes to everything from planning, functions and design. It still is.

    You are right, it is a revolving door of Int Landlord staff, as few are able to keep up with his continual stream of orders that contradict themselves. And if DM (and those that follow his orders dutifully), had ANY idea on viability and economics in running any business or operation, they would know that not only are these continual changes destructive in terms of cost (donated by desperately blackmailed parishioners), but also in terms of PR for the Church.

    It is such a gross waste of resources — and all for a wrong target of a massive building for the tiny Pretoria Org.

    When I first was promoted to RTC in the early 90’s I briefly had the job of General Standards Officer, and had a direct line to orgs and missions to assist them to get their most basic fundamentals in (such as having proper signage, and a course supervisor, and an auditor, and a C/S). I was stunned when I started finding out how small orgs like Pretoria (and ACT, and Kitchener, and Bulawayo, and Adelaide, and so many others) actually were. It broke my heart. I wrote daily to staff who were desperately trying to put an org there, while constantly cross ordered by management (CLO and Middle and Int Management) and RTC. The idea that building a massive “ideal” building now creates an organisation is such a lie. An organisation is created with people, and with service, and with exchange. It is not created by how many chairs are in Qual, or the size of a childcare space, or the number of AV screens in Div 6.

    It broke my heart then — and still breaks my heart now to hear of how the whole subject of building orgs is being perverted into a money making (and wasting) exercise, that has only one product — good, honest people like you, destroyed financially and then thrown out.

    There are many others like yourself, and you are welcome to hook up with them at (our blog) and at (our website).

    Any way we can assist, do let us know.

      • I have been watching and reading for some time, and horrified by the detail being communicated by your authors. We are running into similar stories here in Australia, and from people in Europe and of course in the USA — with similarities of people being drained of vast sums of money, being denied auditing, or being given the circular Bridge now delivered by Miscavige.
        I have the Back In Comm blog link on the Milestone Two website, and a vast number of people on Milestone Two lines are regular readers and contributors here. You have our support and if there is anything we can do to assist, let us know.

    • Lana: Thanks for your data and good wishes! For so long in South Africa we have been considered to be on the outer rim of the universe. We see we are small compared to the large orgs portrayed in the event videos and so think that we are messing up. It sort of feels like some inval. Now we find that it’s all bullshit and orgs everywhere are having the same problems as us. It would be great to have more detailed news of what is going on in Australia.

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