Another Comm-Ev, another smokescreen?


Editors note: This story is being published as it is of special interest to the South African field. We apologise in advance to our international readers who may not be familiar with this story but it still may be of interest given the church’s involvement. The company at the centre of this story was a property development business set up in 2006 to develop a piece of land. Numerous Scientologists lost money in the venture after it went bankrupt.

A new Comm-Ev has been called on Scientologist-owned business CRB – standing for (Peter) Cooke, (Ciaran) Ryan and (Warren) Bruckman – as its regging tactics for business purposes again comes under the spotlight.

These three well-known Scientologists generate wildly differing emotions in the field – none of them mild.  Sadly, the one thing we can be quite certain of is that the Scientology management involved won’t be taking their share of the blame or inspecting their own complicity, which is massive.

It appears that various people who had lost money through CRB have recently been contacted by LC Hillary Eenkhoorn and told a second Comm-Ev was to be convened. The result of this is awaited and Warren was forced to return from ANZO.

In fact, most likely the Comm-Ev is just a smokescreen by management to divert attention from its own murky involvement. It strikes one immediately as completely out of sync with the rest of the activities of the OSA Mission which is to attack and attack again the good guys.

Of course, Peter, Ciaran and Warren have many friends both in and outside the CoS, and many will therefore argue they ARE good guys. After all, they were all doing quite well until they took on the mission to try and fund all South African Ideal Orgs in 2006. Ken Krieger, Peach Bockelmann and Alex Faust roped them in to be major contributors. Once they began giving they were made into local heros. All three were already big donators to IAS and Ideal Orgs (and probably much more), and between them and their families in the years during which CRB was in business completed 6 Ls, one onto OT7, one OT7 completion and three OT8 completions. No denying they’re upstat!

That was not to last. The strategy of course was for the CoS not to be seen as directly involved in Ideal Orgs, but for OT Committees to be seen as taking centre stage to satisfy the “public demand” for upstat org premises.

Sustained behind-the-scenes pressure from Ken, Peach and Alex compelled CRB to take on more responsibility for Ideal Org fundraising – and ultimately to make stupid business decisions they otherwise would never have done. Their resulting cowboy approach to borrowing money primarily from their fellow Scientologists was consistently validated by senior execs, not for the out-ethics, and possible criminality, that it was, but as a model ‘over the ramparts charge’ towards building new Ideal Orgs in the name of a new civilisation.

The same carelessness of people’s finances, lives and families which saw senior management buy a R16m Durban property only to demolish it (Durban’s Ideal Empty Lot), now saw Peter, Ciaran and Warren driven to the edge and over it into bankruptcy – taking many of the field along for the ride. Now, with their new Comm-Ev it could even result in their expulsion from the church, ironically perhaps to join the Independents?

With sequestrations behind them, all three appear well on the way to financial recovery – but they leave in their wake a field still today devastated financially and many individuals off the MiscavigeCircularBridge to Nowhere. The latest Comm-Ev is clearly an attempt to firmly point the finger of blame at CRB while SO management – which knew exactly how the money was being raised for Ideal Orgs – shoulders no blame.

Many victims of CRB’s financial dealings remain in the church and have been consequently acquiescent (even slavishly docile to Command Intention), ignorant of the full extent of complicity by senior execs of CoS.

Nonetheless, CRB was the spark for more than one person to start questioning the integrity of the CoS given the obvious fact that senior management were running protection for Ciaran and Warren, who emerged relatively unscathed from their initial Comm-Ev. That Ciaran and Warren appeared utterly incredulous and aggrieved that ANY action was contemplated against them points to their belief they were simply carrying out CoS-endorsed senior management policies.

CRB was from the outset well camouflaged in Scientologese – and while borrowing money from all and sundry they expressed the sentiment they were not in business personally to make tons of money but to help clear the planet in line with the Ideal Org strategy. Those lending money were encouraged along this wise – they needed to step up to the plate and be Big Thetans for once.

Peter, the only one of the three with property expertise, cooked up what appeared to be a sound business model: find a plot of land (several actually), draw building plans for a townhouse complex, sell units off-plan and with signed contracts and deposits in hand, then on-sell it all to a bank.

In fact the strategy worked perfectly according to plan until CoS started demanding ever more money (see the latest blog of how building costs escalated out of control). Peter had had enough and left the business within months – emigrating to Clearwater only to fall victim to the sub-prime and property crisis there. Those who had loaned (or invested) money to CRB did so primarily on the basis of Peter’s property expertise and business savvy. Investors and creditors were not consulted or even informed of this switch – even though the venture had now fundamentally altered.

Peter had successfully done his job (it WAS a success until this point) and felt no need to warn any of the people he had personally parted from their capital.

However, Ken, Peach and Alex weren’t about to let the golden goose off the hook. They recognised that CRB could make far more money for Ideal Org fundraising by doing the actual property development. That neither had the least experience in this highly specialist activity wasn’t the slightest obstacle. Nor was the fact that lenders believed their money was only ever a loan or bridging finance – never risk capital. What is risk capital? That’s where you knowingly invest in a deal you have carefully studied as to its viability and the capability of the managers to deliver. You also expect a higher return because there is a high risk of failure. Banks don’t do that – nor do individuals use their Bridge money for it.

The bank did in fact pay out, but now instead of paying out those Scientologists CRB were persuaded to reinvest the capital (that is, Scientologists’ money without their permission) in actual construction.

The ‘learning curve’ for CRB was to prove extraordinarily expensive, and that’s another entire story, involving along the way highly suspect Durban moneylenders (the type who break your kneecaps and ask questions later) and a bailout by the Corbett’s before the inevitable happened and the business went into a bloody sequestration.

The first Comm-Ev revealed untold financial irregularities, and many have read those minutes. Peter had his own Comm-Ev and justice action in Clearwater and some South Africans may have seen his Golden Rod posted there.

For Ciaran and Warren, the justice action imposed (among other things) required them to repay all the money borrowed from Scientologists and they were not permitted to have Bridge progress until this was done.

In fact Warren and Ciaran, instead of repaying those loans, promptly DID visit Flag and the Freewinds respectively. This was all explained away by JBG LC Sandra de Beer as being not for Bridge ‘enhancement’ but for correction so that they could repay debts faster (LOL). Meanwhile, many of the victims were persuaded in their own ethics handlings at the org to “take responsibility” for their foolish decisions (ignoring the what appeared to be fraud that made those decisions look stupid) by simply walking away from the money or accepting a token repayment. Others report not having yet received a cent from one or other party.

SO execs advices to the field have uniformly been to just walk away from their claims (thereby “opening up their flows”) as they would never get their money so great were the losses (anecdotally said to be R20 million).

To this day, the financial fall-out and the CoS’ lies and attempts to introvert those to whom Ciaran and Warren owe money continues unabated. The fact remains these three and their families did incredibly well out of CRB in Bridge progress (money that ended up in the coffers of CoS) while their investors were decimated – in some cases off the Bridge for long duration (until they find the Independent field, of course).


52 thoughts on “Another Comm-Ev, another smokescreen?

  1. The Financial Irregularities of the “Church” of Scientology are monumental.
    Thanks for posting this interesting story which is a repeat scam.
    The greed for more money is insatiable.
    Little do the rank and file know that $1.5 billion sits in the IAS. “The War chest”
    $1 Billion in Sea Org Reserves. (It was $300,000 25 years ago before the Vulture Culture emerged) and No money ever comes OUT of Sea Org reserves,
    $1 billion in Ideal Org/Int Landlord account, $100 million or so was left overs from the $240 million raised for Super Power Building.
    $ a good estimate would be $ 1/2 billion in the General Liability account.
    When the little guy is soaked for everything he has, it feeds into the gigantic accounts he is never told about.

  2. Sounds like a repeat of the dubious Triangle Partners debacle in Clearwater last decade. Led by Scientologists Ben Kugler and Ron Pollack — who also had no experience in property development — the two raised $8,000,000 from other Scientologists to build a luxury condo tower on Fort Harrison Avenue.

    A prime undeveloped five acre parcel of land was acquired. The project failed miserably and the bank called the loan. The project went bankrupt in 2008.

    The Church of Scientology stepped in and purchased the prime parcel of land for $10,000,000 in cash.

    The story is here:

    • This reminds me of the song “Where have all the Soldiers gone”. More particularly the words “when will they ever learn, when will they ever learn?”

  3. This is what happens when you get caught up in the lie machine of the “church” of Scientology.(corporate version) The game is that they regg you hard to become OT BIG beings and some people that are very able play that game well. They then get caught up in their own mock ups and start buying into the scam that ANYTHING that forwards “command intention” (cobs master plan) “is the greatest good.”
    Once they buy into it they start persuading the well intentioned second tier donators to give away their life savings and then the “church” can act like they had nothing to do with this whole scam. I have heard from regges that said ” you can’t pull in a motivator if you are doing good”. To that I say bullshit. I have seen many good people (myself included) who gave lots of money because they wanted to do good and help the Planet. Later to find that their hard earned money was wasted like so much trash. If the public then complains then the “Sea Org” (read Borg) members then attack the one who was duped and betrayed as being “critical” and “low responsibility” or “PTS” or “disaffected” or any other name they can use as some sort of “tech” in order to introvert the person who was betrayed by this disgusting group.
    It is quite an elaborate trap.
    My suggestion is for some of you South Africans to group together and see a lawyer and see if you can get a class action suit going to get back your cash. There is a definite pattern of conduct with this criminal group headed up by the psychopath cob.

    • Brilliant comment. I agree with people getting together and taking this head-on as a group – strength in numbers. Only problem is the class action – very difficult to do in this country due to the prevailing legal system. I however, am all for setting precedents!

  4. Wow! This is fascinating. The A team is going to be comm ev’ing people who have committed actual crimes for a change. Should be interesting as this is new territory for them.

    • The problem is, as the editor points out, that the church will conveniently be leaving itself out of the findings and recommendations. The “Sea Org” likes to pretend that they are subject to loftier justice and since they are “senior” to the local dumb asses (how they see them) they can slip out of any kind of public penalties. This is the trick to throw all the locals off the trail and get them to forget about what happened to them and see that it all was for the good of the planet. It is actually amazing the level of planned conniving that takes place. One could say that it was a huge Ponzi scheme. This looks like an attempt to throw some guilty victims under the bus so as to satisfy the rabble and get them to forgive the cob and get back into bend over mode.

      • Well said Tony, some claps are in order for that! Us “Outies” look down from the stands into Circus Maximus! Its co-ordinated chaos and mayhem! Little emperor stands and presides over it all, both thumbs down, thrilled it seems at all the bloodshed and extravagent waste! And yet here we all are, unable to tear our eyes away – facinating!

  5. There were many innocent people that were harmed and lost their life savings during this time. In fact I know of one person who was a single mother who lost all her savings and was left totally destitute and neither Ciaran or Waren have ever taken responsibility for leaving her destitute.
    I think the only way this will ever be cleaned up and the charge blown is if source on the debacle is found and the right condition is applied. Alex used to tell me that he was being driven directly by David Miscavage. He received daily phone calls directly from Dear leader ” to get it done no matter what the cost” It is the old question… Does the ends justify the means and I am afraid the aberration is so bad that the guys still in the SO think that it does.
    Until they realize that each individual has rights and it is not just command intention that counts we cannot clean up this group and clear the planet. How can we go free with overts like that and in a condition of fear trying to hide all the horrific deeds.

      • Peter Cook’s Type B declare was soon lifted when he returned to Joburg, reason given was that he’d started to apply his Liability. He was required to go to work but instructed he was not allowed to borrow any money in order to do that, that he had to earn his keep honestly.

        He owes American Scientologists $millions which he can never hope to repay. I know an American family who had to declare bankrupcy because of it.

        With all this skulduggery under his belt and his Criminal Hat still on albeit officially removed, he joined the Johannesburg OTC and sat there like an angel! However, he was duly removed, I was pleased to note.

        Also, his wife completed her OTVII while this was all going on. Where did he/they get the money from for her to complete her OTVIII? People had gone bankrupt and he owes millions but his wife completed OTVIII? How did she get through ethics? She wasn’t a breadwinner.

        If one is married by Community of Property, the husband’s debt is the wife’s debt, or at least 50 percent is. If she’s not handling the situation, she’s an accomplice anyway. I’m just saying.

        Warren Bruckmann was recruited on staff as part of his Liability! He was the Reg for Joburg Foundation, allowed on money lines. I was told this by a reliable source in the SO. He didn’t qual for staff as a criminal and/or because he had huge debt.

        In my opinion, people like this should be working in a day job and in a night job and have weekend jobs in order to pay back the people they ripped off and not pretending to be a good guy.

        Bob Petrie was the ED of Joburg Fdn. How did Bob manage to stay on OTVII, have twice yearly Sec Check’s, get through OTVII, knowing he’d violated HCO policy by recruiting a criminal? How did he get through Flag ethics? And what happened on the Freewinds when he was doing OTVIII and completing – was he stopped by ethics? He came home OTVIII with Warren Bruckmann still on his staff.

        Now, I hear Warren was recently at ANZO – how can that be when he owes innocent people huge somes of money. He’s basically spending money that he should be paying back to these people.

        I’m glad to hear about this Comm Ev and hope they get their just desserts. It will finally be SOME justice being delivered if this happens. This, of course, would depend on whether or not it was a standard Comm Ev and what the intended EP was, what they were actually having the Comm Ev for.

        I’m so glad that I’m out and away from the criminality and not a party to any of this. I thank my lucky stars every day.

  6. What a tragic comedy, a shakespearian farce of the highest order! How many Etu Brute’s could be said by any and all? Brother turned against brother for a piece pie in the sky, or another brick in the ideal wall! With this whole mockery of organisation can anyone doubt our slavemasters gnarly finger held deep into the couldron of chaos?

    Before anyone charges into counter attack mode, vengeance for those harmed, think of this. How many clears and OT’s will be made with everyone in an all out war? When did war solve anything anyway? This posts data is EXTREMELY vital, we need to know the current data for sure. I just cant help thinking of the original purpose of scientology. Going in session, training and helping others is whats going to make the real diffrence! Let the church implode, keep supporting the blog but dont forget to play the bigger game, true spiritual freedom! The only way the real SP’s can get to you is through the power of restimulation. You need to have a bank for that. What did you do today to get rid of yours?

    • SB. You do make a good point.

      However, if everyttime the chirch acts in a irresponsible or criminal manner and people do nothing, that strengthens the chirch.

      I am not advocating ‘war ‘ here but the public at large need to be made aware.

      • I agree Old timer, one should do something to put justice in. I feel for those who were wronged. Blood boiling stuff! My point was merely placed as a reminder not to forget why we came into Scientology in the first place. Never forget this lest we get too distracted by playing the enemies games. Attack or defend and so on has all been done before. All too easy to get locked into this. What hasnt been achieved yet is spiritual freedom. Eye on the mountain despite them yapping RCS scoundrels!

  7. At one point Ciaran and Warren wrote a cheque out to me of around R99 000.00 as a bridge for money that was actually owed to me by JJ Botha.

    This cheque later bounced. When I approached Ciaran and Warren on this they said that they did not owe me any money and that JJ owed me the money.

    Upon speaking to JJ he refused to pay me, saying he had no money. Shortly after this he paid for his 2D’s Clear package and/or some or her OT levels at St Hill. I later again approached JJ when he was in ANZO and he once again said he had no money. Even the Chaplain at ANZO said he had no money. Shortly after this he paid for more of his own OT levels at ANZO.

    During this time the ED JBGD had me put into an ethics interview on the e-meter to find my “2D and financial crimes” as I was seen as stopping a major contributor to Ideal Orgs.

    I then again approached Ciaran, demanding my money. His response was “You seem nuts to me.” Greater way to take responsibility there, Ciaran.

    After JJ came back from ANZO, being “OTV” with gout and all, I was told that the only way to handle this was to have a WISE dispute resolution, for which I had to pay! So I duly went to this farce, only to be told by Lesley Holm that I should not try to stop the progress of an OT up the Bridge.

    I never did receive my money

  8. I would like to hear from the three company owners.
    I would like them to have to confront all the investors and make amends. I would love to see their emotions!

    You mention that they are all OT7 or OT8, that some have completed the L’s?
    If that is the case, they are a product of Flag and AOs.

    If you are affected financially by this company, start an interest group. Gather and record all your data and information. Get an accountant on board as he will be able to spot the irregularities.

    Then start looking for a lawyer who will represent your cause. If their is evidence that this scheme was promoted by the church and if they benefited, include them as a defendant.

    If you are affected and are still connected to the church, it’s time to re evaluate your connections.

  9. It is no wonder the good guys are being attacked , look at all the overts and withholds that the church of squirrels and their hangers on have. This is not rocket science, but this is a rocket ride to oblivion.

  10. As Gaye’s comment suggests – this otherwise very interesting expose is something of a whitewash of the characters of these three individuals. As someone who lost money to CRB, I have spent years listening to their lies about repayment. I kidded myself for at least two years that I would be repaid and as a result failed to apply the correct condition that I should have. These people were role models to me – and I believed them. However, my own condition was considerably worsened by them simply not being truthful.
    A second point that is also alluded to but not delved into with any focus, is the level of out exchange by almost everyone connected with these three – and I cannot believe this is anything other than aberration by contagion. I’m talking Bridge progress. What I would like to know is to what extent did the following people pay for their own Bridge over the past six years, directly from their own efforts (as opposed to the new acronym of Scn OPM [Other People’s Money]): Peter Cooke’s three Ls, Sally-Anne Cooke’s OT4 to 7, Diane Cooke’s entire Bridge to OT7, Nirvana’s entire Bridge to OT7, Warren’s three Ls, Ciaran’s OT8 and Gaby Ryan’s OT8.
    From my own knowledge, Sally-Anne and Diane contributed virtually nothing personally – I hear rumour the Corbetts loaned to Sally-Anne but can’t believe the Corbetts helped EVERYONE. I’ve heard that Sally-Anne has herself said it was all borrowed but had agreed not to divulge from whom. We all know Diane’s story, and sad as it is the principle remains the same. I’m led to believe Nirvana paid for it all (and high five’s to her because if that’s true she’s the only one). Peter, Warren and Ciaran probably believe they paid for it from their labour – but I believe one would have to stretch the definition of labour to include dodging Russian moneylenders and brown-nosing the Corbetts before turning on them, as well as perfecting the art of lying with a straight face.
    This out-exchange-ness is symptomatic and endemic of what is happening among this echelon of Scientologists – concepts of ‘postulate’ and ‘high havingness’ replace exchange. These are the real people that the sheeples and whales fall victim to and are not our friends. They have totally gone into the valence of Slappy (I know someone else has copyrighted that name but I like it too much!)

  11. Canspeakatlast- I have heard from a reliable source that Warren’s largest source of income has been from his mother, to whom he owes well over R1000000.00. I also recently heard that he borrowed another R80000.00 from her whilst at ANZO.
    He apparently is in business with Sally-Anne promoting a product which handles damp. Not sure how successful the business is, but I reckon with Warren’s history of no production it will be a while before he makes enough money to repay anyone.

  12. Scientology Justice Rule #1

    Scientology Justice Rule #2

    Scientology Justice Rule #3

    Scientology Justice Rule #4

    • #2 is an apparent truth, but underlying it you may find “DAVID MISCAVIGE IS ALL, THE GROUP IS NOTHING”. Witness CSI suddenly admitting to organising the harrassment of Monique Rathbun when David Miscavige was named a defendant in her suit.


  13. I find this data very interesting. Scientologists have fallen for a number of scams over the years. There have been some of the really big Ponzi schemes in the states for which people went to prison. I think this should happen here too. If these guys are not willing to honour their debt, they should go to jail! Instead they are encouraged to use what money they have to go up the bridge and not pay the people who are/were basically their friends. Shame on them.

    Those of you who are out and reading this – take the criminals to court. They had no right to do this and if the church encouraged or ordered them to continue taking money from these people, then they MUST be named and shamed.

    “THE INDIVIDUAL IS EXPENDABLE” – no he is not, without individuals, you have nothing!

  14. I am sure people in other countries have same stories (this is not to comfort you, but sadly it reflects the manipulations the CoS to deceive well-intentioned people via robotic staff).
    I feel disgusted as if I was one of yours. It’s sordid to realise that such things happen in “our” group as if it was mafia…
    “Fighting back” helps for freedom, prevents apathy…
    but keeping an eye on the final goal firstly intended helps to maintain “altitude” and put things “in perspective”.

    • The Church of Scientology has become a crime syndicate, it is like the mafia. Extortion and protection money is the order of the day. “Clear the planet” has been misappropriated (an impossible goal anyway, as most of the planet actually couldn’t care less). Good people are harnessed under this mantra, shown illusions at int events and made to feel bad about not giving enough.

      That gives us CSI Finance Rule #1: IT IS NEVER ENOUGH

  15. These Yo-Yos that ran a business on org lines are just criminals. The Org staff and SO execs involved that actively went along and utilized their greed for their purposes are just as guilty. It is amazing how far their ideas of personal ethics and values are deep in the gutter.
    Pursuit of the flesh is death and the spirit life. Remember the network of relatives of these individuals. Uninvolved. Never. A Comm Ev … well thats just a Government Commission of Inquiry… just another piece of bullshit used to coverup and whitewash allies.
    Under LRH truth and honesty were real and actual in the most part. Under this corrupt regime and its minions and hangers-on people truth and honest is no where to be found.. DISGUSTING.
    To cause families to go into bankruptcy and then to just ignore and carry on pretending, life goes on, and they do nothing. What kind of people are these. I spit on them.

    Make no mistake I too have made my own mistakes and have made efforts to resolve such. But this kind of stuff is heartless. Words fail.

    • Worse, they pose as upstats, they’re OTs, 3Ls completions, and, and. They’ve done it with money that they have stolen from others. They prance around the org with no shame whatsoever. I’ve seen Peter Cook do this. Warren, too. The only one who seems to have had the good grace to stay away from church events is Ciaran.

  16. This data is incredible!
    I was introduced to Peter once and I met him through
    IAS registrars who pitched up at my apartment and I
    declined to loan him a large amount.
    What really peeves me off is Scientologists who borrow money
    from several public and never pay back. Yet they get onto
    Service lines at Sainthill or Flag and borrow again and again
    and the people who lend them money do not know earlier loans
    have never been paid back.

    Then to add insult to injury the money owed to those who have
    been declared never ever gets paid back = debt cleared!

    We should SHAME these people on this blog as they get through
    the Sec Checks – how convenient! They are con- artists!

    Weird shit!

    Then there are the OSA Freelance Agents who under the false
    mask of friendship try to get information – would love to SHAME
    them too as they operate in a very covert fashion!

    Then there are the number of declares being held back because
    they fucked up on announcing too many all together -Causing such
    overload on the HCO lines because of the volume of public who can
    only see them with an Ethics Officier or MAA now there is new policy
    where the Golden Rods are no longer posted.

    Then Comm=Ev’s have to be set up to handle those who will not
    disconnect from family friends.

    So now they will let us know – if at all in dribs and drabs so not
    to overwhelm the public and overload the Ethics Officers who
    have to explain the declares so they are believable!

    What is not known is the number of public who have resigned.
    That is a well kept secret – I wonder if these letters of resignation
    are kept in a safe!
    I know key members of families have been threatened if they
    do not disconnect from the Corbetts and others only later be told
    they will now not be declared!

    There is some weird shit going on.
    Seems to be different policy for different people.

    This is segregation!

    You hear of a husband or wife being declared but only one has
    received the Golden Rod yet the other partner has not been told
    or received any comm to disconnect – yet they are married to an SP!

    more weird shit!

    It’s like falling down the rabbit hole and every one is on cocaine
    denying they have ever snorted the stuff and the
    eyes are red and the white stuff is all over their faces
    and they are stoned out of their tiny minds!

    The Shit heap is just gets bigger and bigger.

    • This scam of getting Scns to borrow from other Scns to pay for their Bridge, and then not paying back and when the victim who loaned the money starts making noise to collect, he gets Declared and then Fair Game takes over, which means they justify why it is now good and right to NOT pay their obligations…. “because he is a declared SP.” So good people get slaughtered and the criminals flourish. I hope you sue the pants off him and them. And do it singly or in a class action lawsuit — whichever way will work best.

  17. This is shocking…this is the complete opposite of scientology…Scientology in reverse…I don’t understand how these individuals would have managed to reach such high levels of processing given the magnitude of overts and complete out ethics…how is this possible…the goal is where one takes responsibility, is at cause, is ethical, honest etc etc…their actions from all the points above demonstrate sinking down the tonescale to the opposite of what is desired…more towards mest…hard to reconcile these anomalies…

    To the three individuals who owe huge sums of money to others (i am quite sure that you are indeed reading this blog) my wish for you is that you find the strength to do the right and honourabe thing…repay your debts, redeem yourselves…rehabilite your self respect…perhaps you will get back to that innocent place when you first joined Scientology with all pure intentions, perhaps to help others or to elevate yourself spiritually…whatever your intention initially…perhaps this is still possible for you…once you make right on your wrongs…apologies for my response sounding like a sermon but I am in complete and utter shock re what I have just read…the concrete jungle is nothing compared to this…never could I imagined progression up the bridge through dishonest and perhaps criminal means…all the name of spirituality…REALLY…

  18. I recall being told by Albert (JBGday ED) that if I wanted to earn extra cash I could fund raise money for the Ideal Orgs as 10% commission was given on any amount regged.

    Ciaran, Warren and Peter lined their pockets under the guise of donating to a “good cause”.

    I over heard a conversation that Ciaran and Warren had with a public who had come to them for advice as he was struggling with his business. I recall Ciaran saying to this person that the best way to get more income is to donate to the Ideal Orgs as it was a pro survival action. This is a very clear example of how Ciaran, Warren and Peter misused their influence that they had and misused the public’s trust for their own personal gain.

    I also saw the amount of pressure they were under from Albert, Ken Krieger and Sandra and can vouch for the amount of calls Ciaran would get a day from a staff member asking him for money or to get money from someone.

    Of course the Church will allow them to continue on the bridge even though they owe money, they are doing the churches bidding and are therefore upstat.

    But perhaps now the field see through their pretense and CRB are no longer useful to the Church, perhaps only once they have been cast aside will they see the Church for what it is and begin to make up the damage they have created. One can hope at least!

  19. Years ago I told Peter to not pursue running a business on Church comm lines as it is a diversion from the Bridge.( References shown) Ciaron, well my experience was he couldnt keep his word on a simple thing. What is amazing is the manner in which the individuals involved have agreed to be slaves and cannot hold their own positions in space and require approval for actions. Compromised integrity and honesty. Worst of all the really guilty parties are the Continental CO, The CO CMO , The topp Network COs and those who know of but have not done anything.

    • Quench not the Spirit, it may be CO CLO, CO CMO, the cob, whomever’s fault for putting such pressure on these people but the person who accepts and executes an illegal order, is the guilty one and takes the flack accordingly. Peter, Warren and Ciaran are criminals, out-exchange (which is what makes a criminal, of course, the taking of something for nothing), liars and, apparently, shameless. They knew what they were doing, is my point. They could have stopped, any time. They basked in the limelight which somehow must have made it seem all so worthwhile.

      I’ve seen the big donors at events get a rush after it’s announced that they’ve made yet another donation. There’s resultant admiration, the adoration and limelight. The time will come when they’ll find out the terrible truth and I hope someone’s around to catch them when they fall. These people are good people. They’ve been built up to believe they can change the destiny of their people and the world. Oh, goodness. Didn’t we all believe that one?

  20. I’d say birds of a feather flock together. The church will cover their asses as long as there’s money to be had. The one with the least money and/or connections may end up with their head on a pike. The other two will keep dutifully paying.

    These kind of issues need to get more airtime. I happen to know someone (not in SA) who owes over $1.5 million to banks, businesses and Scientologists. Said person filed for bankruptcy, vanished, showed up again claiming to have worked things out with the E/O, made promises to “pay every Scientologist” (never mind damaged banks or businesses), and is now on staff (!!!). As one of the people owed money to, I can confirm that I, at least, have not seen one single cent. I have been waiting for over 5 years.

    Another issue that bugs me? High-echelon Scientologists seem to have a worrying tendency to change agreements at the drop of a hat and then make it your fault.

    One last thing: I would personally have preferred it if the article had refrained from using Scientology euphemisms. Ruining yourself and/or other people financially is anything but “taking more responsibility”.

    • Hear hear!

      “Change agreements at the drop of a hat.” That’s Albert and Sandra and Ken and Alex Faust and regges and … Oh to hell with it. It’s the C of S.

  21. The three muppets and there new com ev , until these guys leave the church they will never pay there obligations, any money they make willbe reged for the next shadow universe saving.!

  22. I thought I knew a lot about this cycle, but boy. What a quagmire of insanity.

    One must not forget that one of the reasons it became necessary to comm-ev Warren and Ciaran in the first place was because the liquidators came after the Church to return the donations made to them using investors money. This embroiled the Church in a major PR flap, not to mention placing them at serious financial risk.

    Shaleen Wohrnitz (sister of Nirvana Cooke) was DSA at the time and hell-bent on seeing Warren and Ciaran taken out for what they had done. Sandra de Beer, Albert AND the Int CMO Missionaires were hell-bent on protecting Warren and recruiting him onto staff. The resultant war that broke out amongst the field of who supported one or the other “camp” (Cooke vs Bruckmann and Ryan) was a soap opera deserving of an Emmy.

    Warren personally told me that he was not OBLIGED to pay anyone back as he had been sequestrated, and that if he ever did decide to honour any debt, it would be because of his own sense of personal ethics. I wanted to puke on his shoes as I stood and listened to this BS.

    What I could never fathom was how Shaleen, after being embroiled in this and many similar cycles, returned to Joburg staff last year. This after she had spent 3 hours in my company in January 2013 spewing her vehement hatred of Sandra and Albert. Maybe Ryan Hogarth’s vacated title of “President of the Church” was too much of a carrot?

  23. Looking at this situation makes me cringe. Never could understand how educated, intelligent, and experienced people be involved in mass insanity. I will not be made to believe that none of these people, who are well on the bridge and SCN trained never had that good old gut feeling that something is not right!! Just because COB tells you to.. I know Ciaran and he was the first person I was introduced to in SCN, he had a help flow back then. However the last time I saw him, he looked sick and dare I say in apathy.

    What I’ve noticed now is that the ‘clicks’ are turning on each other. The ‘groupies / clicks’ exist in all 3 orgs I have been to (JHB / JHB N / PTA) and if you are not part the click you are screwed. Help flows are very limited, business always goes to the buddy and if one part of the click dislikes you well then….

    The way I see it is that when DM realized way back that if the public and staff at JHB was willing to take the responsibility of buying and building their own org, what else could he squeeze out of them. And boy did he squeeze them into criminal acts and power hungry stat pushers. Long forgotten is the actual purpose of Dianetics and SCN!

  24. If—

    By Rudyard Kipling

    (‘Brother Square-Toes’—Rewards and Fairies)

    If you can keep your head when all about you

    Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,

    If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,

    But make allowance for their doubting too;

    If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,

    Or being lied about, don’t deal in lies,

    Or being hated, don’t give way to hating,

    And yet don’t look too good, nor talk too wise:

    If you can dream—and not make dreams your master;

    If you can think—and not make thoughts your aim;

    If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster

    And treat those two impostors just the same;

    If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken

    Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,

    Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,

    And stoop and build ’em up with worn-out tools:

    If you can make one heap of all your winnings

    And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,

    And lose, and start again at your beginnings

    And never breathe a word about your loss;

    If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew

    To serve your turn long after they are gone,

    And so hold on when there is nothing in you

    Except the Will which says to them: ‘Hold on!’

    If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,

    Or walk with Kings—nor lose the common touch,

    If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,

    If all men count with you, but none too much;

    If you can fill the unforgiving minute

    With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run,

    Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,

    And—which is more—you’ll be a Man, my son!

    Share this text …?

    Twitter Twitter
    Pinterest Pinterest

    Source: A Choice of Kipling’s Verse (1943)

  25. Just to add a little perspective here.

    This type of thing, the pushing for the money and encouraging loans backed by ‘postulated future income’ to be earned or otherwise acquired because ‘going up the bridge’ or supporting the goal of ‘a cleared planet’ was ‘ethical’ and ‘inevitable’ has been going on in Canada and the USA since as early as 1973 if not earlier. This is a world wide phenomena seeded and precipitated by the Church of Scientology. The scale of it and the ubiguity may have increased in recent years, but it started a long, long time ago.

    I will leave the reader to ascertain the merit of such historical data.

    Seek your own counsel and be led not astray.

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