Join staff, leave the church

Where is everyone?

Where is everyone?

Joburg Day org at the height of it’s success in March 2005 was announced as St. Hill Size. At that time the staff numbered 110. This was the highest number of staff the org has ever had.

Today Joburg Org numbers in the region of 30, possibly 40 staff. We have compiled a list of those who have left staff since those giddy days of St. Hill Size. We have included the full list below. We may have missed a couple but it’s pretty exhaustive.

There are 110 names on that list. Of these 12 have been declared and a further 39 have either publicly or quietly departed the church. In total 51 of these former staff have left Scientology all together, or 46%.

This means if you join staff, at least in Joburg Day, you have almost 1 in 2 chance of leaving the church.

Another amazing stat has to do with OEC Graduates. Very few have ever been trained and certainly none in the last 8 years. However here are most of the OEC Grads:

Gaby Ryan, OEC graduate, on staff
Maria Slender, OEC graduate, on staff
Sophy Thlabadia, OEC graduate, Declared
Calum Hudson, OEC 0-4, Declared
Robert Horn, OEC graduate, Declared
Jonathan Turpin, OEC Volumes 0-6, blown.
Brendon Darrol, OEC graduate, disaffected
Robert Berrington, OEC graduate, Declared

6 out of 8. Gone. Your chances of leaving the church or being thrown out are 75% if you are admin trained.

This does not portray a healthy scene, least not one of an organisation in the throes of its greatest expansion ever.

Here’s the list of staff who have left:

Ahmed Kijho
Alex Salamon
Alishia Habib
Althea Van Mossevelde
Annamaria Barfoot
Ashley Pillay
Attea Berman
Belinda van Pype
Bronwyn Forsyth
Calvin Anderson
Cameo Rutherford
Cara Waterson
Celia Ashley Ngotini
Charmaine Buttrick
Cindi Shabangu
Clifford Chirau
Colleen Wiltshire
Courtney Sadie
Craig Sivell
Csaba Csernoti
Csaba Cutszi
Cullam Hudson
Daryl Berman
Desiree Ryan
Diannah Phillipedes
Didi Singh
Dominique Sundelowitz
Edmund Dladla
Francinah Sibiya
Gene Lyndsay
Ian Hitchcock
Isabella Ryan
Ivan Laktionov
Jane Mabusa
Janet Turner
Jannie Viljoen
Jason Ainsworth
Jean Viljoen
John Gething
Karin Adolf
Kelly Wear
Kiki Etzioni
Kim Coetzee
Kirsty Viljoen
Kyle Bruckmann
Lauren Bruckmann
Lawrence Kabue
Lee-Ann Lyndsay
Letittia Waldbaum
Madren Tongo
Magdi Bunt
Maria Slender
Marie-Louis Eckert
MeeA Parkins
Melissa Berman
Melissa Hogarth
Michael Celender
Michelle Babich
Mike Cardosa
Nadia Oratiwe Dee
Nadine Lopes
Nic Roux
Nico De Beer
Nicola Van der Walt
Niel Dalgety
Nikita Patricio
Nikki Sukkan
Nokuthula Ndlovu
Norman Wridgeway
Nwabisa Sicwebu
Parks Pakkies
Pauleine Overbeek
Queen Lewis
Raoul Petit
Rejoice Matumba
Rhona Smit
Robert Berrington
Rudi (Kirsty?)
Rudi Klopper
Russel Bernstein
Ryan Ashton
Ryan Hogarth
Sabina Laktionova
Sakhike Sabisi
Sanah Mashika
Sarah Ahmed
Shannon Byrnes
Shannon Green
Sharon Jory
Shelley Ashurst
Shelley Downing
Sindisiwe Nkosi
Sonke Kalimashe
Sophy Thlabadira
Sue Du Toit
Tatum de Sousa
Terry Atkinson
Terry Habib
Thembi Sibongana
Tim Norwood
Timi Oti-McQuade
Tolleff Grinstad
Tracey Henley
Tracy Gething
Tyler Hogarth
Vanessa Kroeger
Vanessa Wade (Ryan)
Vernon Van Pype
Veronika Yuhaz
Zoe Campher

46 thoughts on “Join staff, leave the church

  1. Yip I was there, it wasnt all bad and in amoungst the nutty crap were some nice pleasure moments too. It just always ended badly when you tried to leave! Hell hath no fury like a Joburg day org scorned! Leaving was the ultimate sin, one step below being fair gamed I suppose. When staff wisened up to the lies being told by management (universe corps etc.) many were looking for an exit strategy. Church execs resorted to heavy handed ethics and justice to try and prevent mass dessertion. It failed misserably! I think the only person who actually enjoyed all this was Sandra De Beer, at least for a short time. She too went back overseas for some “re-education” when her false declare methods back fired! Years later she was reinstated as LC joburg day and had another crack at being the wip!

    Glad its all over, all part of the lurning curve. I forgive but shant forget. There will always be a part of me that would enjoy throwing a good few rotten tomatoes at choice execs running a gauntlet! Oh, the comedy of it makes me chortle no end haha! After that they would be forced to wear a sign that says ” I deserve an Ideally placed, ripe kick up the arse, do it now please!” The execs would have to wear this for as long as needed for public venting to run its course! I wonder which exec would have a problem sitting the most?

  2. Very interesting about the OEC trained, sounds right. You know how it should be done and then to see the flagrant violation of policy, not to mention the out-ARC towards staff and public alike. The meaness.

    Also, OEC Vol 1 has a large section pertaining to ethics and justice matters and including the SP tech. LRH gave the indicators there would be if there were an SP or SPs in the org or field. I studied this volume and sat in the academy while doing so saying to myself all the time, Oh my god, oh my god! The org was full of SPs, there were indicators all over the place. My eyes went big and I even got the shakes. What to do about it was the dilemna. Who to trust?

    I didn’t stay on staff long. I was no sooner put on post when my seniors began pounding me with unreal targets, screamed demands and nastiness. Nastiness? This is a church and being on staff is a crusade. You’re actually a volunteer (staff pay is ad hoc and a bonus if you get it) with a contract. You joined to help with the greatest project on Earth but are treated like dirt. Strange.

  3. I remember my staff experience, it lasted about 3 month. I started as TTC in Pretoria org. I went on course every evening and Saturdays but with the understanding from the beginning that I can not attend every second Saturday as I am divorced and having my son over every second weekend.

    Supervisor came up with all kinds of ways I can leave my child at home to be on course to get the stats up. Hi missed the whole freaking point, I wanted my son over and I wanted to spend the time with him, he was not a burden. Does 2nd dynamic mean nothing to these people.

    One day I came in and found a knowledge report against me regarding this. I look it and made a little paper ball out of it and through it through the class room and walk out. Yes I then left staff.

    • .The truth is both Albert and Sandra did their time on the RPF. The RPF after LRH is just a perversion of enforcement. I am sure a discussion with one of the Class XII s outside would give some technical highlights. It is not the incident it is when the person is certain that an overwhelming has occurred. Then the winning valence is what … the twit DM. For the hardliners the work is not done, there are those amongst us who will always continue to go forward with source. One does not need to be in a “church” to go forward. One just needs to know and apply the tech 100 % and work with like minded individuals.
      The horror of the weirdoe’s running the Church show is that they demonstrate how a little power corrupts them so absolutely. They of course have unflat case and the tech training in admin, tech and ethics didn’t bite. It would be hard for it to do so, over the top of so many unethical actions. Perhaps they commit the action and then have a sec check to run it out and believe that that keeps them free. But the rainy day comes because of a little thing called responsibility, which does roll in, despite all

    • The second dynamic , particularly in the SO is a minefield of must have and cant have. Senior execs ( unnamed) often work to knock out their own fellow staff or SO members 2Ds with no holds barred in unscrupulous methods and tactics. False purposes, evil purposes and just plain old Rockslams are the background fabric. If you join the SO and are married, you would be smart to get divorced first. The mores that abound vary from unit to unit , and when someone signs up those mores are undefined, but you have just accepted them. It is the covert perversion of purposes and intentions to make them shoddy and disgusting which curves the whole scene.

    • Sad to say you did the right thing. It is standard practice. You join with specific agreements like I have my kid every second weekend. Next thing you know you are an ethics particle because you stick to your side of the agreement. Happened to us too. But no more, thank you.

      • You’re right, it is standard practice. I’ve had 44 years of experience with the church. An org will almost never stick to its side of any agreement.

  4. The statistics say it all. This org is shrinking, and the scene being run on staff is so off-policy and such a vast departure from what LRH policy details and what LRH envisioned for a Scientology organisation, that these orgs are not islands of sanity, but instead, crazy places that deal in restimulation, criminality and injustice.

    It used to be that you could go to the org for help and succor. No more.

    We had a long staff member here at my place recently, who recently left staff. She had worked at an Ideal Org, for years. Never progressed up the Bridge, got virtually no training or auditing, and her family went through extensive stress, financially and emotionally, supporting her so she could be on staff. It is no surprise staff leave and depart Scn, or disagree with that is occurring, and get declared. That, plus the arbitraries, false data and misapplication of ethics tech has made being on staff intolerable.

    This is what orgs SHOULD be doing:

    • Thanks Lana, for at long, long last dropping in here, from your bastion of pure LRH application at Milestone Two. The attacks you went through, to establish that bastion, were absolutely shameful, and people here in South Africa need to understand just HOW vicious those attacks were, and the mindset which prevailed, in their orchestration.

      Having said that, it is not my place to drag up that past chapter in your life, and you have my utmost respect, for the way you conducted yourself throughout, AND kept your cool, and focus, when any other may have been tempted to go for full on retaliation. I would therefore completely understand, your reluctance to get involved, and we should just leave it at that!

      I need to state that I am not one to be bullied or silenced by threats from anyone! I believe in standing up for those who are bullied, and DO! You found out that I was by your side, simply because I cannot stand cowardice! I’m thrilled to say, that you had the strength of resolve to carry you through, to where you are today!

      You certainly have set a stellar example, to all, of what can be accomplished, by dedication, love, compassion and a refreshing willingness to learn from others, in bringing forth the very BEST, that Scientology has to offer.

      LRH would certainly be supremely proud of your efforts, and dedication.

      ML, Calvin.

  5. I think the list is much longer. I can immediately think of several names not on the list: Lin Horn, Rudolph von Pype. Dane Ryan and Gaby Ryan both left and stupidly returned. That’s giving it about a minute’s thought. Another way to really put this in perspective is to look at the years of service. I think you will find many of the remaining staff have few years under the belt and less training (which is, of course, symptomatic of the entire field today – that’s why they’re still in) while those that have left have experience and training (as your opening comments of course focus on).

  6. I was told yesterday Mathilda Murray has just left staff. Can anyone shed light on whether this is true?

    When Joburg Org had its Div6 refit done around July/Aug 2011, a lot of staff joined around that period. A number of staff left or blew, but a few stayed and their contracts will be expiring soon. Going to be interesting to see what happens over the next month or so. I suspect another exodus.

  7. Just some thoughts…

    What I think is fascinating about the scene in South Africa is its like a microcosm of what is happening with orgs around the planet. And all the details are being laid bare on this blog. Keep up the good work.

    A while back I had an interesting conversation with my org’s MAA. We went over various points of disagreement (e.g. fundraising, Ideal Orgs, etc). I was shown the LRH references which were being used to justify these off-policy actions. I responded with explicitly prohibited such activity. The only response from the MAA was “Well, this is what we’re doing now.”

    I pointed out that LRH policy formed the foundation for the group by laying out the agreements commonly held by all group members, effectively the “R” leg of the ARC triangle. And if a faction within the group decides to a different set of agreements, they do so at the risk of ARC-breaking the rest of the group. And factually, by definition, they are doing “something” else and calling it Scientology.

    Unfortunately my attempts at reasoning with the MAA were fruitless. She simply shrugged her shoulders, like “Whatever..” This was significant to me and demonstrated that these off-policy changes ARE known about and are willingly done by staff. This is NOT accidental or the product of ignorance. This is strategic.

    Since that time I have endured years of harassment and threats from my church. Just yesterday it occurred to me that the church’s Way to Happiness is OUT. Have a look at the precepts anew and note which ones are in or out at your local org.

    I would go one step further and say their Scientology is OUT, since many of the basic principles of Scn are rarely applied or used. I do not think ordinary org staff are malicious. I do think they understand and can apply basic Scn. However, they are trying to survive in a hostile environment that DOESN’T apply Scn. And in that effort, simple workable tools of Scn are quickly abandoned.

  8. I have been on staff a few times. In the 70s and early 80s, we still had a lot of people around who actually liked other people and this made being on staff fun at times. Money has always been a problem and unless you have someone else supporting you, it is unsustainable over a long period of time. Many left for this reason.

    Around ’82/83 life just became horrible as “severe reality adjustments” (screaming at staff) became the order of the day. Unreal targets were set, dozens of programmes were sent down and pushed by various management staff uplines. Many left for this reason.

    Staff got briefly excited when the “St Hill size Programme” was pushed and we were told how staff at St Hill (when LRH ran it) were paid salaries comparable to the corporate world. From what I have read from people who were there, this was true. When I got to Flag which was many times larger and busier than old St Hill at that time, I couldn’t figure out why staff were still paid a pittance. It was about $50 a week back then. Yet they were pulling in at least $1 million per week! Berthing was crap, the nursery was shameful, the Cadet’s Org was dangerous with only one person in charge of 28 kids, the food was awful.

    Only since I have been out and looking with clear eyes, did I realize why staff will NEVER earn good money or even minimum wage: When LRH was at St Hill, all the money stayed there. There was no top heavy management to send money to. So of course, there was enough to pay staff well with plenty left over. No Int management, no networks, no WISE, no Sea Org to support. Now we have a top heavy management who are all supported by the orgs around the world, and that money gets taken first. Before rent, running overheads etc etc, and staff pay is ALWAYS the last thing on the list. Shows exactly how management values staff.

    Org staff will never be stable as long as this situation exists, and I don’t see anyone changing it anytime! There are HUGE sums of money sitting in SO reserves and org building funds which never get used for anything.

    Money is more important than your life – this is a fundamental truth of the Church of Scientology. They are not nice people.

    • That’s a great point!

      Scientology will only be a viable career for staff members when the entire Sea Org is abolished and management is removed. Each org should be left to manage itself.

      The grossly faulty 2:1 admin:tech recommendation is the other main reason for the slave labour pay.

    • Some great observations Draco. I was on staff in the mid-80s, in a struggling org. But we had a great group and we did some incredible things. How I managed to survive on staff pay I’ll never know.

      I think you nailed it on the top-heavy management. I mean really, what the hell do they DO, other than tell other people what to do? So many layers. Giant Food Chain. Granted some of them produce a real tangible product or service. But the vast majority are just part of some bloated bureaucracy, shuffling papers around, chasing this up, chasing that up, writing compliance reports, on and on and on.

      Too many chiefs, not enough Indians.

      After 30 years of observation I have concluded that Sea Org “Management” is a complete and utter failure. It is like some strange 1950s Orwellian/Kafkaesque Communistic oppressive borg.

      No, if orgs have a future they should be free-range. Just disband the SO, liquidate all the assets of “upper management”, relocate the staff and open up about 200 more orgs.

      • Yes this is precisely how I see it. As a comparison look at the field practice formerly run by Tracy Corbett. Supposedly the same Bridge and Scientology were being practised. But money was made. Public were winning and re-signing for more service. And STAFF WERE PAID A LIVABLE WAGE. No kidding. It was viable and a great place to be. Their advantage was no heavy top management to support. (Or needed).

    • Draco, from the letters on your computer keyboard to our eyes that see your meaning, well said!

      The only question is for how much longer can this C of $ swindle continue? Whats it gonna take for this little empire of evil to fall down
      like it should? Surely by now it should have gone belly up, legs stiffening like a dying pig? Who keeps propping it up? The zealots who drink the propaganda or does DM’s covert “friends” do the job, maybe both!

      • Thanks for the replies everyone! Sheeple Bain: As I said in my post – there is a ton of money in the SO Reserves and Int Landlord accounts etc. But what really keeps the doors open is the continued support from the field. All it will take to shut down local orgs, missions etc is for people to stay away and not pay any more money for anything! Nothing more dramatic than that is required.

        The public really need to understand that they are SUPPORTING and ENABLING the abuse of staff everywhere. We have all been guilty of this as public. Even knowing how staff were treated, we got out and came back as public and supported the exploitation of fellow Scientologists. It’s a grass roots thing … the public are the foundation that funds and supports the entire structure. Take that away and it will all fall. Yes, HUGE amounts of money will simply “disappear” as the top few (very few; DM does not share well) scramble to move the money into private accounts.

        So if you can’t come out and add your real name to the mix, at the very least, stop supporting the Co$ and say “NO” to disconnection. When people can talk freely, more will be truly free.

      • If it’s any consolation, I haven’t paid a cent to scn in four years. Don’t intend to ever again. I reckon if I average out what I did pay before that, it’ll come down to a reasonable figure by the time I retire and I’ll be a happy man – then.

      • Draco, I agree fully with what you say in your first paragraph. Just boycott – pure and simple.

    • Also, St Hill did not abide by the “proportionate pay plan”, they paid actual fixed wages. In the old blue “LRH ED” packs there was some sort of issue that stated that. It also stated that when Hubbard left and proportionate pay plan was instituted, the pay crashed. I believe it was from 1968. I don’t recall what type of issue it was. You are very correct in your analysis though in that the top of the money pyramid was at St Hill at that time because that’s where Hubbard was. There has always been lots of wealth at the top of the pyramid it is only the “downlines” that suffer, just as in a pyramid scheme or MLM.

      • If the church paid a fixed salary to its staff, a committment like this would force the church to produce, surely. It would have to do what it could to bring in the busines, be a profitable, viable organisation. This could work better. However, LRH talks about being on staff as a crusade. This is taken very literally and I believe behind the feeling that staff do it for love and not pay. Big mistake.

        It’s surprising that the church has not been taken to the CCMA for abuse including long, long hours which are supposed to compensated for, and pay that’s below the minimum wage in this country.

        The Employers Equity Act is violated by the church by the minute. It’s law. A copy of this Act is supposed to be place somewhere in the organisation for easy access to staff.

        Human Rights are so badly violated and it’s even more amazing that people don’t see it.

        It will take those of us outside and this blog to create awareness, even on a gradient, prod them to see further than their noses. This blog with go a long way towards assisting those who then have the guts to start withdrawing.

  9. Great write up on who is OUT and your situation is duplicated World Wide. The difference is – South Africa Scientologist’s are the only to date that have posted a separate BLOG about what happened to your people.

    Due to your Blog – more will follow. IT IS HELPING put order into the minds of the confused Scientologist’s that are not allowed to think or speak freely!! You are doing it for them – so thank you!!

    Here’s my postulate: A world wide list of Blogs that go viral on the internet:
    Back in Comm; FLAG
    Back in Comm; ASHO
    Back in Comm: AOLA
    Back in Comm: New York,
    Back in Comm: Los Angeles
    and so on until every Org has their own separate Blog so as they leave – they connect and find out the truth and get support!!

    Good job SA!! Thank you for coming out and going viral!

    • Great idea Idle Morgue! I have read a lot of your posts elsewhere on the net and you strike me as the type with the drive to get this going. Throw it out there at ESMB and maybe some folks will bite. 🙂

    • Idle Morgue: Great ack and validation. Thank you. I feel the key is the purpose of this blog. It is not anti-Scn or anti-LRH. its purpose is not harmful. (Unless you are a cob). If other blogs were to follow the same successful actions no doubt they would have similar results. There is something nice about your “own” local blog.

  10. Wonderful write up.
    I was on staff for 6 years and when my contract expired
    HCO did absolutely nothing to help me find a replacement
    After all the long hours, low pay and some times no pay at all,
    giving up leave time which was due to me and having to leave
    my kids with the nanny when they were sick, missing important
    School events etc. etc.
    The working conditions and verbal abuse I witnessed is worthy of
    a Human Resources tribunal!
    Slave labour comes to mind. for what the pleasure of lining the
    pockets of upper management.
    Ken Krieger actually threatened me, that if I left he would declare me!
    Needless to say I have never signed another contract – nothing on
    this earth will ever make me join staff again the exchange is RIP OFF!

    • There’s no policy that says you have to replace yourself when your contract is up. It’s an arbitary. Just check the Staff Leaving Routing Form, there is no little block for you to tick off as a done that you’ve replaced yourself because you don’t have to!

      Same when you leave any job. The company you’ve left replaces you.

      • Yes, Happy.
        But the company can pay the next guy. And there IS a next guy who wants the job and is eager to begin. Who wasnt recruited until 2:00 AM. funnily enough he is already trained and hatted for the job too.

  11. I think Pierre Ethier did a list of Staff who were at Old Saint Hill who had been declared since the coup took over and it came out to something like 97 1/2%.

    Food for thought.


    A similar thing happened at AOLA back in the early ’90’s. They went SH size. Got their nice certificate suitable for framing and a cool scaled to size replica of Old Saint Hill and then got rid of most of the staff after the photo op was over.

    • Remoteviewed, why would they get rid of the staff after they reached SH size and photo op? Didn’t they need the staff since there was none to replace them? And now the million dollar question: Did the Universe Corps come and audit the staff as they promised?

      • Jane,

        CeCe pretty much covers the fact that UC never showed up based on the bald faced lie that AO never made it to SH size and their stats were “false”.

        Even if it were true which it wasn’t. How could they tell?

        By then they had pretty much dismantled INCOM and quick silvered the FCB’s evaluators off post.

      • Wow, that’s so sad to think that AOLA did make the stats to have Universe Corps audit their staff and then DM and his minions said that they lied and falsified stats and so would not get UC. How suppressive is that?! I would have walked out the door on that one. But I bet the staff just bought it and believed every word that they hadn’t made it after all…. they are trained to introvert and look for their overts when it is someone else who is doing the lying. So sad.

      • Jane,

        I don’t know if all the staff bought that BS.

        However I do know that AO never recovered from that debacle and that the place looks like a morgue these days.

      • Oh and to answer your other question.

        They probably got rid of the Non SO because they couldn’t siphon as much money out of the Pac based orgs as they could with us gone.

        It was about the time that Int was looking more and more like the Mafia.

    • Apparently there is or has been a witchhunt in LA too.

      It’s always claimed that Los Angeles boasts 40 000 Scientologists, the largest field on the planet. Could be the largest but 40 000, mmm….?

    • Remoteviewed, I was AOLA staff 77-96. AOLA did not “…got rid of most of the staff after photo op was over.” Not sure where you get this idea. From what I recall there were dismissals which were done by upper management. Some staff did blow but that was usual. Some sent to RPF.
      No UC – we got told the stats were false so really we were not Saint Hill size. We did have 200+ crew. Then came the get rid of Non-SO and more and more mess as management ordered off policy actions.
      AOLA pretty much did a pretty good job of trying to keep the org their despite management off policy orders most of the time. Now looking back, I can imagine how hard that must have been for the Captains.

      • CeCe,

        Remember I was there too and all us Non SO got our pink slips around the same time.

        Also I don’t know about the Captains but I do know that the Chief Off was starting to call us all “consultant” auditors even though all of us had signed contracts with AO.


        Even if we were the policy on “Selling and Delivering Auditing” trumped any honorable mention about “consulting auditors” (those hired specifically to handle the flow of PCs and Pre OTs on a temporary basis) in a Div II policy which was an absurd assertion anyway since many of the SO auditors and C/Ses they fired had been there for decades.

        Who knows?

        Maybe it was Droz trying to make himself look good and maybe he wasn’t working for AO but was working for the coup.

        But you gotta to admit that relations between the SO and the Non SO staff were getting kinda of strained near the end with some kind of whispering campaign going on about how we were a bunch of “mercenaries” or money motivated cretins because we were being payed for our services as if the FO on Non SO was never written and none of us had to pay for food, clothing (since we never got any uniform other than a lousy T-shirt), rent and transport.

        True AO was one of the last hold outs of the get rid of the Non SO mania that was hitting the PAC but it still eventually relented.

        Regarding SH. I don’t know that much about the other Divs but the Tech Divs were producing more WDAHs then SH did back in the day. I mean there was even a couple of times we even beat out Flag.

        Another thing Div IV under Rich Cohen should have been declared in Power long since because we were consistently producing over 600 WDAH yet that never happened. In fact the first time we had a stalled stat after months of affluences and high normals we were placed in a state of emergency.

        Instead of setting up a second HGC which is what C/S series 25 tells ya to do.

        I know CeCe because I was there when they assigned it because one week our stat dipped by a few hours.

        Ridiculous. Does not begin to describe that stupidity.

        After that they figured it was totally ok to run rough shod and “Heavy Hussar” the auditors with low conditions.

        If they weren’t trying to get rid of the SO intentionally they were sure making a valiant unintentional effort.

        Regarding no UC well that was typical of the Magic Kingdom AKA Int.

        They stiffed OC as well. Who had made SH size around the same time.

        The excuse given to them by our Galactic Overlords AKA Int was that they needed to rip ’em because they had to use them to deliver to the public in PAC to handle the overwhelming flow which was a lie.

        Actually it was to cover the loss of all the highly trained Non SO who were ejected from the PAC.

        That is after they wiped out NWC.

        Yes I agree that it was probably AO acting under orders from those lunatics from Int.

        But even so.

        Did anyone bother to query their insanity?

  12. Some points from HCOPL ADMINISTERING JUSTICE. OEC 1.

    “5. All reactive minds can exert pain and discomfort on a being. They demand the suppression of the good and the production of the bad. Therefore, in administering justice, restrain just a trifle more than a bank can compel a bad action. The external threat need be just enough to make the internal pressure to do wrong the lesser of two discomforts. Judgment lies in how much restraint to apply.” ~LRH

    ( In my opinion there has not been enough pressure on the cob yet because he still refuses to stop his bad actions. I know it is because he is a psycho and I think the E.P. of this justice action will be his removal in one form or another.)

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