Will it actually happen in 2014?


This invite started arriving in email inboxes yesterday. Making it happen in 2014!

The goals are ambitious indeed. Every ideal org done by the end of the year – less than 11 months after this convention will conclude.

It’s a full day Saturday and Sunday because people generally have nothing better to do with their weekends.

Attendees will spend 2 days hearing what is expected of them and what the church wants from them yet it is a paid convention. R400 for this privilege. They can’t cover the coss of this from the millions raised thus far?

But now to the important part of this post. We have no doubt that some of our readers have received this invite. We would love someone to attend and give us a rundown of what happens and what the the big plans are. Since you will be giving up your entire weekend we will pay the R400 entrance fee. If there are any takers email us ScnAfrica@hushmail.com


63 thoughts on “Will it actually happen in 2014?

  1. And of course ‘African’ means brown safari parks for tourists. So not only are they spouting alot of baloney but also doing a poor job of it as well.

  2. Lol! I love the wit and sense of humour on this blog! Very funny!

    What brazen lies these people tell but what’s worse is that people will go and listen to the bs. Problem is they don’t know that Durban is an empty stand or that it’s been originated by the PE public to sell the PE building because it’s in the wrong area. They ‘can’t see’ that Joburg is a failure and they probably don’t know Pretoria is (any promo or success stories coming out of Pretoria?).

    I hope we have an attendee. (I don’t know if my TRs are good enough! And I vowed I’d not set foot in that org again. Too early in the new year for me to be breaking my new year resolutions.)

  3. 48 hours of non-stop indoctrination and crush regging.
    Is there anyone left who will willingly submit to this?
    This boggles my mind.

    Does anyone else feel that Alex’s reality is slip, slipping away?

  4. People are amazing! What we put up with for even the slightest wiff of freedom!

    Ladies and gentlemen, step right up, we the Org are custodians of your eternity and will give you that which you desire. In exchange we expect you to give us all your money, integrity, THETA, MEST, ARC, KRC, moral compass, compassion and mostly free and independant thought!

    Kiss it all goodbye because your life burns faster when you obey your Master!

  5. “New command teams” … Oh my!

    Heads are clearly rolling all over the place. A new command team has obviously been created, with executives who will do anything that Miscavige demands and orders, and they are now being sent in to bulldoze an “ideal scene” into place, and declare anyone that gets in the way.

    Oh boy. I feel sorry for the org staff and the parishioners for what is coming. More injustices, more financial criminality, and less auditing and training.

    Wonder if this is just in South Africa — or command teams for all Continents (as Miscavige has done at least 2 times in the past to enforce his orders)??

  6. Those are my nail-cutting days – first weekend of each month: Saturday toenails; Sunday fingernails. Can’t go around ungroomed guys!

    R400 per person – for this you get subjected to deluded people giving you unreal targets and a lousy “banquet” where the food will run out before all are fed!

    Everybody will be shamed into agreeing to sacrifice time, money and the last vestiges of their integrity for no gain in the end.

    Nuh…toe and fingernails for me…

  7. After the fiasco posted awhile back here about all the out-points and shenanigans these people pull, it’s pretty arrogant that they think they can pull off anything with any competence. They might as well say “Come to our butcher the public convention”. At this convention you will learn how we will:
    1.Regg the public into bankruptcy.
    2. Attempt to introvert you and throw your lists out.
    3. Show you how to degrade your friends if they can’t give as much as you did.
    4. Put even more slows on your Bridge.
    5. Learn how to pretend that we are really getting something done in South Africa.
    6. We will teach you how to spit in LRH’s face all the while pretending to be fully on SOURCE!!

    BRING YOUR CHECKBOOK!!!!! Do it for Nelson Mandela!!!!

  8. They are charging for the event to see who the “true group members” are? Anyone that is not willing to pay – Declared SP. They must keep the sheep away from the truth!! Good job posting this!! What a mess!!

    • Absolutely. If nobody went, there would be 17 types of shit flying and the org and management would self-destruct.

    • Absolutely. If nobody went, there would be 17 types of shit flying and the org and management would self-destruct. But the staff would be punished one way or another, leading to more people being disillusioned and leaving. The problem comes when people who do not want to attend actually do, and pay for it too.

      Withdraw your support if you do not actually support.

  9. Half of the briefing is already known: The Command Team is there to declare good productive people. What is an Ideal Org has already been described by LRH in his Policy Ideal Orgs. The GAT II is to collect more money starting with two e meters for 10,000 USD. So what is left, maybe more regging…I guess.

  10. The PR and communication teams of the CoS don’t doubt of anything!! They show big efforts of creativity to “bright up” the public… hahaha… Amazing!!

  11. Sorry guys I just can’t subject myself to that BS!!! Maybe just maybe some more sheeple will come out of the darkness and into the light after this banquet, how can they keep putting up with this out and out BS?

  12. Based on Paretos Law (the 80/20 rule) we can surmise that 80% of the attendees are floating somewhere under the radar which means if they actually get 200 sheeple to show up, 160 of them will be much less than enthusiastic.

    The other 40 (more like 10 or so) will have been pre-regged within an inch of their lives and sprinkled around the room to create the illusion that there is widespread agreement on giving the last dollar they don’t have to the group that cannot do.

    There is no way the stated target is even close to reality ……… especially with the major opinion leaders such as the Corbetts shining the light of truth on the culties. The Sea Org is done. The organization has turned up the heat once too many times and they are all that is left in the pan. Look for 2014 to produce one small cinder ………. and that will be COB by the end of this year.

  13. You WILL PAY and you WILL help Clear the planet or we will declare you SP and have all of your loved ones disconnect and ruin your finances (if they aren’t already ruined) and you will NEVER get your eternity, EVER!!!!
    Much Love,
    The South African Command Team

  14. For all the spiritual freedom the church promises, there is a lot of emphasis on erecting buildings with shiny things on them.

  15. Here’s a suggestion:

    Why don’t a couple of dozen of you guys go along to where they are staging this event and go up to the ‘new Sea Org Command Team for Africa’ and REALLY ask them ‘why they are here’? I’m sure some of the recently declared would want the chance to ask some questions and put the record straight.

    You could point out to them they are wrecking Scientology and ask them why they would want to do this. A no-holds barred, honest 2-way comm cycle of this type would be compulsive viewing on YouTube.

    Jus’ sayin’. . .

    • Axiom 142 — you bring up a good point. And it is well worth a try. The only issue is that, as detailed in the Level 0 course, it is through the communication cycle that case gain is achievable. That change is possible. That charge can be blown.

      BUT — it requires that the person is willing or able to be in a two-way communication cycle.

      Routinely the indoctrination and threats and stress connected to existing Sea Org members (and staff), and the constant use of the term “SP” to describe anyone that can be shunned and ignored, makes it difficult for most still “in” to actually get into two-way communication. They are unwilling to communicate to an ‘SP” (witness the many people who have been declared without even so much as an issue or a comm cycle), and they are unable to engage in a two way communication with an SP (witness the many people who have knocked on the door of Flag, or PAC, or Int, or SH, and been turned away without the grace of a comm cycle).

      A classic example is Jim Logan travelling to the Int base in 2012, to present flowers for the passing of Annie Logan/Tidman/Broeker. Security guards not only refused to accept the bouquet of flowers, but also just kept repeating the same line over and over, “you are trespassing, please leave”, even when Jim was standing on a public road, not on private land. In the end, he laid the flowers at a public bus stop outside the Int base. The inability and refusal of the Security guards to simply accept a bunch of flowers was unbelievable.

      I agree with you — communication is the key to resolving most of the situation we are presented with. But working out how to get that communication cycle in, with unwilling receipt-points, is an interesting challenge. They specialize in cut comm lines.

      And that is their ONLY power.

  16. Dear Alex:

    I’m delighted to inform you that I’ll be able to attend the Making It Happen 2014 Con vention.

    I’ll be washing my hair, and cutting my toenails and fingernails, a day before the con vention. I’m cancelling my bowling for that weekend. And, I start reorganizing my partner’s sock drawer right now.

    Enclose find my blank check.

    Much love,

    P.S.: http://www.ownimg.com/i/Post-Script-AF.jpg

    • Or Dear Alex,
      I would prefer to be Rodgered by an Omnibus than attend this event. Yes, yes, yes I know that sounds mighty painful but did you know that it is FAR less hurtful than going to your wallet rape, mind torture expo! Im sending Jacob Zuma and Juliaaz Malema as my two proxies. Both need lessons in stealing in plain sight manoeuvres! Who knows some lasting friendships may blossom as kindred spirits unite.

      Bless you!

  17. “You are one of 200 invited……” ..you are special, the other lowlifes are not. I remember coming out of an IAS event way back. I was going to join some of my buddies in another room after. I was told, sorry, that room is for invited guests only, upstats. I had way less money than those invited, therefore I was not upstat.

    I suppose mere auditors are not part of the 200? This “new” elitist crap very much part of the new regime. Sucks, IMO.

    What is not on the list of agenda items, is finding out what the field or the attendees think. They have all the answers. We do not need you there for your input. We need you there to tell you what going to happen.

    Back in the days the world kicked off its adventure into marketing by being production or product oriented. You built something and told folks they need it. As time went by, the marketing approach become market oriented. What the client needs is what rules. Now it is closer to client relationship building with the bias still supplying what the client needs.

    The cob and his anachronistic band of ragamuffins is still doing the product oriented number. “Sell them what we know you must buy.” Like never receiving registered letters. And for heavens sake, don’t send things out on email.

    This convention is a summons to a sit-there-and-listen. Command teams talking to customers. Command teams telling you what command intention is. Sea Org interfacing with public. This is a clash of realities on so many levels.

    The blessed command teams lost their customers’ interest when the command team said command team.

    “The Ford Motor Company command team arrived in Joburg and got their clients to pay for a convention so the Ford Command Team could tell the clients what is going to go down.”

    Guess what Mr Command Team? Your clients went down the road and bought a similar product from someone else.

    Enjoy your weekend command team, whilst listening to the soulful sound of your cash bills creaking down the graph.

    • Part of the new strategy is to suck up to the wealthier Scientologists by making them feel “special”, “upstat”, “high confront”, “opinion leader” etc. After they are sufficiently pumped up then they are squeezed dry. When they can no longer give, what are they?? “down stat”, “PTS”, “disaffected” eventually thrown out as “SP’s” if they bitch loud enough. My wife and I donated over 100k US to become “Humanitarians” to later be decried as “Suppressive Persons”. Their labels start to contradict themselves.
      I recall they used to have “closed door briefings” as if you were one of the elite special people who had the confront to understand their insane plans. Yes, I fell for it a few times. But I eventually had to eat crow and move on. Boy that was a big crow and it had lots of feathers.

      • Wow, Tony! $100,000! Impressive! That just goes to show how naive and gullible you were. And they probably had you feeling real good about yourself, helping mankind like that while bestowing you the title of “Humanitarian”. Later, when you insisted on practicing freedom of speech they labelled you an “SP”. – And kept the money.
        Now the rest of us are here to read about it and make up our own minds about the Church of Scientology.

      • Yes Birgit I suppose that I was naïve and gullible. It’s an interesting trap. I actually got a lot out of some of my auditing and training. So that was the basis of my wanting to help. I DID want others to have gains similar to mine. What I was naïve about was the evil that was lurking and building within the organization. I tried to push the “bad” thoughts out of my mind and keep my attention on my purpose. It had to get bad enough to wake me up. Like a cold bucket of ice water thrown in my face. Then I saw the truth and here I am.

    • My spouse and I were part of the “special people” group. We were “invited” to special briefings, private briefings, closed-door briefings. (It has to be said that in the church, j”briefing” actually means regging, recruiting, hard core sales push). Usually when signing in you would be given a sticker on your clothes of a certain colour to indicate you were one of the hot prospects or needed guiding into the killing field after the event. I recall once at the Linder Auditorium we were fund-raised until 1 or 1:30 am. The food was better than what the riff-raff outside were enjoying. (Doesnt mean it was good though.)

  18. I found this from the book Atlas Shrugged and thought that it was applicable to some degree with the RCS:

    “But, Mr. Rearden, the law provides specifically that you are to be given an opportunity to present your side of the case and to defend yourself.”
    “A prisoner brought to trial can defend himself only if there is an objective principle of justice recognised by his judges, a principle upholding his rights, which they may not violate and which he can invoke. The law, by which you are trying me, holds that there are no principles, that I have no rights and that you may do with me whatever you please. Very well. Do it.” “Mr. Rearden, the law which you are denouncing is based on the highest principle – the principle of the public good.”
    “Who is the public? What does it hold as its good? There was a time when men believed that ‘the good’ was a concept to be defined by a code of moral values and that no man had the right to seek his good through the violation of the rights of another. If it is now believed that my fellow men may sacrifice me in any manner they please for the sake of whatever they deem to be their own good, if they believe that they may seize my property simply because they need it – well, so does any burglar. There is only this difference: the burglar does not ask me to sanction his act.”

    • I recall a time back in the 90s when Des Khourie (a S.African Snr C/S from days gone by who passed away a few years ago) would rally the Scns to go to the Random House Top 100 non-fiction site to vote for Dianetics as the the “readers choice” for best non-fiction book. Ayn Rand’s books would sometimes be #1 and Dianetics #2 and they would change places every so often. A quick look again at that list and I see the game goes on: Ayn Rand’s Virtue of Selfishness is #1 and Dianetics #2.

  19. Scnafrica maybe call and get the time table, 9 breakfast 10 to 11 intro 11 to 12 briefing . 12 to 1 lunch . All with reging inbetween

  20. What if the disconnected and declared showed up on the sidewalk out front, each holding just a single sheet of goldenrod-colored paper? No signs, no slogans, not a protest, just a silent display of your faces and how many of you there are. They’re certainly lying about your numbers – would seeing how many there really are get through to people going in?

    • +1

      Even if half of them showed up it would make an impression.

      I would suggest they get them laminated in case of wet weather.

  21. Did LRH outline a difference between a positive postulate and a delusion? Because these SO’s seem to think wildly departing from reality is the right way to go somehow… in line with their “boss” I’m guessing…

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