A letter from a friend

A Scientologist of many years emailed us this letter for a friend. He wrote it to a friend and fellow Scientologist after he noticed a growing distance between them. This situation exists between many friends and families where one observes the tragedy that is Scientology today and is not sure how to take it up with the other.

We thought it would be interesting to publish the letter to give at least one perspective on handling such a situation. Names have been removed. 

Dear Friend-in-Scientology

We have been great friends since way back when. I think our friendship started, first in our mutual postulated affinity for one another, then later based on a reality we both shared – getting drunk, playing games and generally having fun: some of it wholesome and some not so wholesome! But back of those very social acceptable reasons there was more…

Your introducing me to the (real) spiritual side of life was very well timed! I had, at that time, consciously with definite decision and with much thought and questioning rejected the religion into which I was born (for the reasons we have probably discussed at length).

I knew there WAS a spiritual side to life and went about quite definitely learning and discovering about it. I had a concern back then and that was, if I could be hoodwinked about my-born-into-religion, how would I be able to navigate all the falsehoods and false trails I would be walking to find the truth? The answer lay in the way and method of my leaving that religion.  I used my intellect to perceive things I saw as wrong to formulate questions whose answers would provide light upon the truth. BUT behind that way and method was a confidence in my ability to perceive the way things were. This is summed up nicely by LRH in that old maxim: “Look, don’t think”. First I had to be able to see without prejudice, question the written and unwritten assumptions, and not have a fear of punishment (spiritual, mental or physical) to cloud my ability to think and see clearly. I had to be able to reject what I saw as untrue and accept what I saw as truth equally and with ease and confidence.

You introduced me to a popular book on global conspiracy theory. What an eye opener! I absorbed it readily.  I have since read other books like it and perceived much truth in them. I see them now as an exposé on the biggest and most aberrated games being played on this planet: which is global control and domination.

There were many more books and authors I read after that which I needn’t go into but this all lead to my discovery of Dianetics, which was sitting on a friend’s bookshelf. You were there during my reading of it, as I recall!

This book was so full of truth that my truth bell was ringing all through it’s reading! It was THE reason why people were aberrated and why the planet was messed up. This lead me to the Org and my rapid and wholehearted acceptance of Scientology and the way to spiritual freedom and enlightenment.

Through my happy and knowing acceptance of Scientology, I didn’t forget what I had gone through to find the truth. It was never an identification. I was still me and Scientology was a way, a technology, which used the religious philosophy of LRH for the purposes of attaining sanity, happiness, power, ability and stability on all dynamics. Which meant I was still me and I was still actually on my path of discovering the truth. Scientology was the way I would use to discover that truth. I didn’t loose myself in Scientology like many religions would have you do, which is probably the result of implants and such back on the track. In a classics lecture (I think) Ron stresses the difference between religious philosophy and religious practice and how religions have gone wrong in the past by the abuse of the philosophy by its wrongful practice.

I am a Scientologist because of the philosophy of LRH. I admire him greatly. Scientology was the game he played to help others and the planet from succumbing to the dwindling spiral of aberration.… and there is the larger game of freeing everyone from the MEST trap.

I appreciate the scope of the game and it’s various players including the players who are forwarding the global domination purpose.

Now that Ron has left us to forward his purpose and make it our own purpose, he has given us the tools to achieve what we all most want!  He won’t be here to guide us except through his tech. We have to keep thinking for ourselves. We can’t run on other determinism. We have the Code of Honor to guide us, not because we are Scientologists and Ron said so but because we use our own determinism, intelligence and integrity to know that the Code of Honor will guide us through.

For a few years now I have not been much in contact with the Org. This was partly because of my particular situation in life, mostly because I didn’t have a lot of money and couldn’t afford auditing, training and the petrol to drive through to the org. I started my basics and, although difficult, I made slow progress despite my demanding life and job.

But it was also partly because there were outnessess I perceived and needed addressing. One glaring one was that it wasn’t a friendly and warm place to just meet. Too much regging not enough honest ARC, stat pushing for the sake of stats and not the product. Continuously low Org stats. Too many fundraisers…we could never give anything anyway which was always a source of pain and invalidation for us. It just wasn’t an island of succor and friendliness…couldn’t feel Ron anywhere!

I always made excuses for it being this way:

  • Management were busy taking care of important international programs for those bigger problems
  • We were on the frontier of Scientology so it was expected that things would be tougher
  • Africa had heavy suppression on its lines, whether internal or external and it filtered it’s way into the local orgs

Whether you give credit to these points or not or if you consider that the list is because I am PTS to someone or something or am a suppressive itself is not important to me. What is important is knowing that you have your wits about you, that you keep your eyes open and think your own thoughts and take your own counsel and generally follow all of the Code of Honor. I am your friend and will continue to be so despite what you may believe.

Hypothetical situation: Consider for a moment that there was an SP high up in Scientology (It would be folly to believe for a second that Scientology was/is impervious to infiltration). How would you know? What would be the outside signs? How could those signs be hidden and prevented from being seen?  As a Scientologist you have the right and responsibility to guard your religion and ask the difficult questions of your superiors and hierarchy for the sake of, at least, knowing you are doing your part to keep Scientology the way Ron intended.

These are questions you have to be able to answer! LRH called it the price of freedom. Constant alertness, constant willingness to fight back. Alertness to what? The answer to that question will lead you.

So back to that question: If there was an SP High up what would you look for? Stats surely? What Stats? The 2 stats Ron emphasizes are contained in this quote:

“Orgs have only 2 major final valuable products. One is well-trained auditors. The other is satisfied pcs.
…Tech and Admin policy exist only to assist making these two products IN VOLUME.”

Life Repair Block
8 December 1970
(OEC Vol. 4, p. 145)

Take an honest look at the stats of the Org you’re associated with and ask yourself if those stats are up and what is the chronic condition since The Basics where released or since before that with the GAT? Where are all the auditors?

What kind of stop would it be for field auditors to buy those 2 ridiculously expensive emeters? Answer: A Massive one.  Ron would never put that there.  It IS suppressive.

I cannot think of a more blatant violation of the Ethics Conditions perpetrated by COB that his “Straight up and vertical” BS regarding Ideal Orgs.  The proof is in eating…Jo’burg is a flop.  Why?  Not SP’s.  The Ideal Org program is suppressive.

Consider the massive bout of SP declares in the South African field.  Just do the math…SP’s are supposed to constitute 2%.  If the field is being decimated by SP declares then you know there is a REAL SP further up lines.

My hope for this letter is that you keep your eyes open, notice and remember the outpoints, report what you see as being out-tech, although don’t be surprised if nothing happens or the laser get’s aimed at your forehead!

I remember when I was still confident in the COS and feeling the unspoken rule that it was wrong to go onto the internet and search for the dissenters of Scientology because of it’s enturbulating force and the potential 3rd party scenarios that could result.  I recently started looking and it was VERY easy for me to tell the difference between the PTS types, SP’s and those who had real concerns and had really bad things happen to them.  It NEVER shook my certainty of the tech or in LRH and his intentions.  It just opened my eyes a little.  Then later came the corroborating evidence to support what I had read about regarding the misuse of the tech by the COS and David Miscavige.

Take a look.  Do you think your certainty could be shaken if it was false?  If you cannot even look then you aren’t a product of LRH’s tech.  How could you be if you couldn’t decide for yourself, exercise your own judgement, instead of using some other determinism to decide for you.

But if you CAN look start here: www.friendsoflrh.org (There are no confidential materials)

One of the major barriers, I think, to people seeing the truth is the carrot that is held by the church.  That carrot is YOUR ETERNITY.  I would, on principle alone, reject something just because someone claimed they were the only gate keepers to my happiness and eternity. I am here to tell you that the bridge as Ron intended does exist outside of the COS and is vibrant, healthy, on-source and very real!

Just look!

With Real ARC

Your friend


28 thoughts on “A letter from a friend

  1. Brilliant response to the conforming control of Cool-“Aid”. This is a model example of high ARC handling, that anyone on the ‘wrong’ side of ‘disconnection’ , would do well to emulate!

    Thank you, ScnAfrica, for sharing this VFP from a REAL Squirrelbuster!

  2. I know a handful of poor souls still in the church Matrix who I would love to read this! Problem is I suspect that Ive been blocked on facebook, email etc.

    I say a written prayer that this blog becomes their refuge somehow!

  3. This letter communicates well — and it hits home. What always fascinates me is how we (parishioners, staff and Sea Org) have justified away outnesses and oddities, trying to explain how they are OK .

    When people come to visit us for the first time, they spend at least a day or more just talking about the things that have made no sense to them – things that they have not been able to reconcile with policy, with tech, with basic business principles, or with common sense.


    “There are people who suppress. They are a few. They often rise up to being in charge and then all things decay. They are essentially psychopathic personalities. Such want position in order to kill. such as Genghis Khan, Hitler, psychiatrists, psychopathic criminals, want power only to destroy. Covertly or overtly they pay only with death. They arrived where they arrived, in charge of things, because nobody when they were on their way up said “No.” They are monuments to the cowards, the reasonable people who didn’t put period to them while they were still only small bullies and still vulnerable.”

    • Im sure the Marty Rathburns and Mike Rinders must have felt horrid on cogniting with this gem of a policy!

      Locally, with our very own execs dramatising DM’s valence and no one standing up to them explicitly did the very same thing! Allowing evil to creep in like a veneral disease, corrupting and turning good intentioned people into carriers and implementers of that destruction!

      We all had something to do with allowing this evil to persist, we all can inturn do something meaningfull to make it right. Many, many have and continue to handle the outnesses. Well done to those! I salute you.

      • By the way, I did a quiz online to find out what would be the best city for me and when it was done the quiz said that it would be Cape Town. I went and watched a youtube on the city and it looks fabulous. What is your opinion about Cape Town. It looked gorgeous on the video I saw.

      • So happens I live in Cape Town! Best city in S.Africa and Ive lived in the 2 other major cities to be able to compare. Everything you need is available. Generally people are of liberal mind and open to the new green eco aspect of living. The gorgeous scenery helps too. Walking on any of the multitude of mountain paths is a real key out! Even the churchies here are less militant and domineering haha!

        There is also a thriving indy movement too. So this could be a great motivator if thats your want.

  5. The spottable out points are legion. But the game changers, the points that truly determine whether things have been, and are, going as they should be with the timeless wisdom and the workable tech LRH left us, are the points of expansion and results. I know we were expanding and the results were consistently numerous and so often fantastic. But those stats have diminished. The ARC has diminished and those stats have diminished. That phenomenal and sound potential wasn’t realised, but has been squandered and suppressed.
    These are the pertinent and pivotal facts. And they are reiterated with each honest and personal story, such as the one above. And each honest reiteration can only help us to salvage and nourish the theta that respects and celebrates our individuality as it aligns our survival across the dynamics.
    I acknowledge and applaud the communications on this site.
    Well done and thank you.

  6. This is a brilliant letter!! Excellent… Should hit home.
    Thanks to share it with us. I hope your correspondant will have good news from his friend.
    And thanks to Tony for the citation… “Monument to the cowards…” HmmHmm….

  7. VWD. This a clear communication with affinity and reality. We would all be lucky to have a friend like you… Thanks

  8. What a great letter. It contains the essence of a knowledge report, but communicates the observed outpoints with very high affinity and reality. I hope the intended recipient receives it in the same spirit it was delivered.

  9. So sad, that after a life of finding spirituality in Scientology, he does not even have enough gas to drive to the Org. Wow, Scientology works. Not.

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