Things you can do with R57,000

The new Mark VIII Ultra E-meter is probably the greatest folly of the church. Most observers were caught by surprise at the pricing. At a whopping R57,000 (or $5000 or about 5 months the average South African salary) it just makes no sense. Not even as a money spinner since there is such a limited number of people who will purchase at that price.

A number of articles have already appeared on this and other blogs blowing the lid off the truth behind these meters. More particularly that they have been sitting in a warehouse for the last 10 years or so, and more importantly that the cost of manufacture is a fraction of what the public are being ripped off paying for them.

We thought it would be fun to give you an idea of what one could do with this kind of money. It gives some food for thought. For R57,000 you could:

5-Star Luxury holiday in Mauritius for the whole familyGO ON A LUXURY 5-STAR HOLIDAY IN MAURITIUS FOR THE FAMILY


Educate 47 children for 5 yearsEDUCATE 47 UNDER-PRIVILEGED CHILDREN FOR 5 YEARS


6 Seater Boat and trailerBUY A 6-SEATER BOAT WITH A TRAILER


Provide 600 blankets to the homelessBUY 600 BLANKETS FOR HOMELESS PEOPLE






Feed 912 Orphans for a yearFEED 912 ORPHANS FOR A YEAR


Support 20 Pensioners for a yearSUPPORT 20 PENSIONERS FOR A YEAR


Ski Holiday in Austria for family of 4TAKE SKI HOLIDAY IN AUSTRIA FOR A FAMILY OF 4


Save 32 Rhinos from ExtinctionSAVE 32 RHINO’S FROM EXTINCTION.

Sort of puts it into perspective – doesn’t it?

What has been very telling is the total LACK of promo or communication from any of our local orgs regarding “wins” from using the new meter. The only promo seen from Joburg org contained a success story of Scientologist in Canada. Either they haven’t sold any yet, or it’s the biggest kept secret since LRH’s Last Will & Testament.

Oh, you could also buy 5 e-meters in the indie field or 8 Quantum meters off e-Bay.

40 thoughts on “Things you can do with R57,000

  1. I could also pay off the people I borrowed money from for my last intensive (and final) at Flag and not have to deal with nagging f**king in-scientologists ‘putting my ethics in’ ever again.

  2. And if you came from Durbs that would be some furious bunny chows for Chatsworth mien! What a waste! Whatkind??

    This twat millieCOB must be drunk on his own staff poisoned scotch to think he can get us Saffers to prostitute our selves to buy a machine that connects us to his hive! No way! You can buy emetres in the freezone which out perform this latest and greatest in every way. They feature large dials, automatic needle return to set , no recording of body movement ( with a light that flashes telling you it is body movement). They dont require remote tone arm attachments etc. Less drills to do with your training as you simply wont need em with these freezone metres! There is even software you can use on your laptop using a set of cans plugged into the USB port! All of the above is at a mere fraction of the cost!

    For 57 G’s I would expect a metre to tell the future, zap engrams automatically, talk to me like Kit (” Michael you missed that f/n”) and whistle god save the queen at me if I forgot to pack her away!

    I wish there would be a complete MASS exodus from INT bases and Orgs accross the planet. A downing of the tools, boycott, mass action type affair! Hell a storming of the Bastille, French revolution method would be ok too, complete with DM being guillotined would get my vote any given Sunday!

      • Thanks Canspeakatlast, I get hot under the collar and tend to ramble on a bit sometimes, especially when confronted with pure lunacy! The deffintion of satire, “laughter with knives” is perhaps the best way to look at the church these days! Wouldnt it be nice to get some brittish black comedy specialists (Black Adder) to do a whole skit of the current church? Would be bloody marvelous I think! On purchase of a ticket would be supplied a pack of squishey tomatoes to be thrown at the screen whenever DM’s actor did a scene! Delightful!

      • Oh yes please! Rowan Atkinson – one man show, playing the whale, various staff members including Sea Org and DeMon! I would pay money to see that. 🙂

      • Here is an approximate breakdown of what many FLAG-trained Class IXs would charge: (Standard LRH done by the book)

        Solo Auditor’s Course: $ 600 – $ 900

        OT I through III: (Average) $ 1,500 – $ 3,000

        OT IV/NOTs DRD: (1 Intens.) $ 1,500 to $ 2,100

        Audited NOTs (Done properly, 5 intens.) $ 9,000

        OT VI Course: (3 Part, incl. Solo NOTs C/Ses)

        OT VII: (C/Sing Fees)

    • For $5000, my clients get their lives repaired, get auditing and training to solo audit spiritual entities for the rest of their lives and have $2000 left over to spend on necessities. Or, they can learn to do it themselves for free.

      Life is good, once you throw off the shackles of church insanity.

  3. Very nice comparisons of what $5000 can produce.
    In the 70s on the Flagship Apollo, the Ls were $2500 a piece.
    All 3 Ls for $7500.
    And no one returned for repairs and reviews.
    Now at Flag it is $100,000 and counting for 3 Ls.
    A rich man’s “Church.”
    Will that be cash ? Credit card ? Visa ? Mastercard ? American Express ?

    • or …liquidate your IRA w/o spouse’s permission or agreement, drain all stocks, borrow from a Scientologist on their “levels” or getting onto OT levels (enforced donations) family, refinance your mortgage…just get the money even if you destroy yourself!!

  4. The church of scientology has lost the plot or have they?

    If you really want to stop auditing, this is how you do it:

    1) Increase the time to train an auditor.
    2) Increase the cost of becoming an auditor.
    3) Increase the price of the tools that an auditor needs.
    4) Demand total obedience from your auditors.
    5) When qualified, pay them shit.
    6) Put cameras in auditing rooms to spy on their performance.
    7) Increase the cost of receiving auditing.
    8) Use information obtained from auditing to discredit disaffected pc’s.

    OSA. Please prove me wrong!

    • You are spot on. It is the work of a real SP. If he wanted to get young people auditing they needed a meter that cost no more than $5oo, not this rubbish. you guys still in there WAKE UP you have a true SP running the church.

  5. It’s been a while since I commented but I’ve kept up-to-date. There must be a ratio between how much of yourself you’ve invested into something or sacrificed and the degree to which you can laugh about it. Thankfully I like to laugh.

    My non-Scientology friends and family who read this blog continue to be floored at the sheer ignorance of those who continue to abide by the ordered behaviour of the circus masters within the church. They grapple with the idea that intelligent adults consent to this control and the more I attempt to explain why the louder the insanity of it all speaks to me. Just how intricately woven are the lies veiled by a few (half) truths that turn otherwise intelligent people into puppets!

    Grateful to be out and living my life and enjoying all that it has to offer has been a bittersweet journey. And while also done in jest this article puts into a lighter perspective the ridiculous blind follower I once was and the thinking person I have become.

    I like that this blog keeps us thinking, comparing and evaluating the data we’ve been force fed. And to the OSA trolls that I know frequent this blog – I understand you perhaps more than most, I hope that one day soon you will listen to that small voice that you so consistently beat down in fear. Just because you’ve had a counter thought to your orders does not mean you’re wrong or have CI. Your personal integrity is important and your personal observations are valid.

    • “I like that this blog keeps us thinking, comparing and evaluating the data we’ve been force fed. And to the OSA trolls that I know frequent this blog – I understand you perhaps more than most, I hope that one day soon you will listen to that small voice that you so consistently beat down in fear. Just because you’ve had a counter thought to your orders does not mean you’re wrong or have CI.”

      I totally agree !!! Bravo.

      • Florence it seems we have personal reality on this point. It has taken quite a long time for me to strip away the false concepts that crept into my way of thinking that I only noticed once I’d emotionally and mentally withdrew. I have a lot of affinity for those staff who truly just want to help and do good. Life outside has proven to me that there are mostly good people trying to do good too. My fondest affinity to you.

    • Savanna, you so right, i myself experienced violence in the Church, i am now out for good, the violence woke up my inner and most deep thoughts, hopeful there will be many people like Ryan and myself in the future, waking up to reality, what a bad reputation the current management has given the Church.
      Savanna, Ryan Hogarth, Kim Baker have given us a new fresh hope for the New Church that is coming. May God help us achieve a new era for mankind or a nuclear Holocaust is certain if we don´t……

  6. Money is the item for Captain David Miscavige. I have witnessed MONEY being the only thing that is protected in the Church of Scientology. The Organization does not care about the overall welfare of its members. The real condition 99% of the members are bankrupt and broke.

    Captain Miscavige does not have to show any accountability and gets to play with money but does not have to earn it. There are no consequences for his actions or non-actions. No transparency! Just like the US Politicians – they don’t have to do what is promised…they get to blame and blame they do! Very similar these type of opinion leaders of groups!

    Scientology is Captain David Miscavige’s game – he has total control.

    He will keep doing things that bring him free labor and cold, hard cash! The new E-Meter will get rid of some old timers (all cleverly designed) as well as make money for Miscavige’s 20 attorney’s that are fighting in Comal County Texas Court room trying to keeping Captain Miscavige from getting deposed in Judge Waldrips courtroom. $1,300 per hour x 20 x 10 hours (just yesterday’s hearing costs) = $260,000! People went bankrupt and lost their homes to give to the IAS – and this is what it is really all about.
    If Captain Miscavige gets caught being the only one that has access to all of the money – well, let’s just say – Captain Miscavige will have a hard time “having” the consequences! No “havingness rundown” will help him!

    • Captain Miscavige

      I don’t understand the recent affection for the term, “Captain” Miscavige. I’ve noticed a lot of people using it lately. I think it’s an insult to real Captains everywhere. If anything, he should be titled with something more befitting his actual role in Scientology. The terms, ‘Fuhrer’, and ‘Pharaoh’ come to mind.

      • You have to read up on the depositions taken by Tommy Davis, Alan Cartwright and Warren McShane (high ranking officials and the ex-spokesperson for Scientology/Miscavige). They all lied in their depositions about David MIscavige, Leader of Scientology, in charge of everything and ordering the Private Investigator’s to harass the Rathbun’s…this is regarding the Monique Rathbun lawsuit against the Church of Scientology. Miscavige allegedly had Monique (never a member of Scientology) harassed for a long time because she was married to an ex scientologist practicing Scientology outside of the Cult. “It interfered with business” (once again money) and the Cult admitted they did it but Miscavige had nothing to do with it.

        After the Depositions, evidence that Captain Miscavige does micromanage the Church via “Text messages” from Mike Rinder back when BBC was doing a documentary…these were then released to the Courts to reveal that Miscavige / hiding as “Lou” does run everything in the Church.

        Captain Miscavige has a potty-mouth so be prepared for some foul mouth thuggery towards the Sea Org staff that don’t get paid, don’t live in luxury flying in private jets, have personal chefs, tanning beds and John Lobb shoes and fine Italian suits so his “Liege” can live in luxury!

        The attorney defending Monique Rathbun was making a point in the depositions that Miscavige signs papers as: “Captain” and is the Captain of Scientology Sea Org and runs the Church.

        The attorney’s kept objecting to calling him that, the three Scientologist’s kept objecting to Miscavige being called “Captain” to the point of ridiculous. Ray Jeffrey does not let that point slide – he drives it home and we need to too. Any post on the internet about Captain Miscavige – must be addressed as such. He is the leader and he runs the show!

        Read the depositions and the whole story to see where the IAS donations really go. Be prepared to be upset…it is worse than you can imagine!

      • The attorney defending Monique Rathbun was making a point in the depositions that Miscavige signs papers as: “Captain” and is the Captain of Scientology Sea Org and runs the Church.

        Thanks, I.M. I’m aware of everything in your post except the latest depositions in Monique’s case. I’ve only occasionally been checking Tony Ortega’s blog for updates, and there’s been little discussion about the case on the FB groups I’m part of.

        I agree that it’s important for the outside world to understand Miscavige’s true position in the church. Not only is he in charge of every single part of the church, there isn’t even a functioning org board between him and the various orgs any longer.

  7. Good perspective, but above all is the lies involved with the super whatever VIII meter and the total control you will be subjected to if you decide to waste your money getting one. I vote for feeding orphans, that is more helpful than filling the dirty pockets of Black Heart (DM).

  8. Lotta good comments on the thread about the ridiculous over-pricing of the Super Dooper Mk Ultra VIII Easy Bake e-meter.

    I don’t have much to add, except for the observation that the U.S. is practically in a state of economic depression (despite the lying hype of the mainstream media). Ninety million able-bodied Americans are out of the workforce, but because of the fraudulent methods the U.S. Dept of Labor counts our unemployed, most of them don’t show up in the unemployment rate. The hype our government and media lay on us, is as bad or worse than what comes out of the cult.

    In an economy as bad as this, the church ought to be slashing prices on everything, if their true intent is to get people up the Bridge and ‘clear the planet’. Even if management’s aim is solely to continue filling the church coffers, then they’ve made an error of extreme magnitude in forcing this new and expensive piece of hardware on every Scientologist, most of whom are already broken and fatigued by years of endless Idle Org fundraising, forced donations to the IAS, and expensive re-dos of lower Bridge steps.

    As if that weren’t bad enough, the new training regimen completely invalidates all prior training – forcing every Scientologist who wishes to stay compliant and in ‘good standing’ to once again re-do all of their basic training.

    It’s a recipe for revolt or disaster. It’s a blanket order that can not, and will not be complied with.

    • Judging from your observations, the conclusion as to their intent is obvious.
      They are trying to kill the whole subject. (Just look at all the actions done since the 80’s – there is a method to their madness.)

      • They are trying to kill the whole subject. (Just look at all the actions done since the 80′s – there is a method to their madness.)

        As horrendous a thought as that is, it’s becoming harder and harder to come to any other conclusion. If Miscavige had simply gone golfing these last thirty years, Scientology would probably have grown ten times the size it was at LRH’s death, and the church coffers would be ten times as large. All of this ‘straight up and vertical’ jazz would likely be close to the mark, if Miscavige hadn’t INTENTIONALLY scuttled the organization and the subject.

        Now, did he realize he was sinking the ship all these years – or does he honestly believe he’s been improving things? Hard to tell with that guy. He’s a psycho of the first order, so who the hell knows? I do know that he suppresses the hell out of every living thing in his immediate vicinity, which has had the long-term effect of killing the group and the subject by default.

  9. This article puts many related facts into perspective.

    South Africa, with a population of 50 million, has 50% of the people in HOUSEHOLDS that earn around R5000 per month collectively.

    Juxtapose this with the stated objective, repeated constantly in 2014, to clear the planet.

    An emeter is R57,000. Just one.

    Therefore,according to Plato, Aristotle, Socrates and LRH, this is not possible. Clearing the planet is not possible according to the economic realities of how the church rolls out its services. Not possible.

    This is besides the fact of the demand for their services. Demand is spiked by the historically pathetic PR of the subject.

    So, if you are looking in here, consider this and know when you hear the SO saying how GAG 2 is going to making planetary clearing a reality, it is just horse-radish. Pure twaddle.

    Some believe this dream is alive outside the church but that is another debate. For now, we know, clearly, that the current church is spinning us a yarn.

  10. A smart parasite does not kill it’s host, as that will eventually kill the parasite too.

    Could it be someone knows he is out ethics, but cannot stop himself committing overts, so instead he is being more and more blatant, in the conscious or unconscious hope that some external force will stop him from committing these overts? Like the thief or murderer who leaves clues for the police.

  11. This is one of the most despicable things about the mess David Mismanaged brought to $cientology.

    All that money, all that effin’ money is used for no one but Himself. This is no religion. This is one man’s psychotic dream.

  12. FYI – OT Committee stats have been leaked on Mike Rinder’s Blog – STATS are plummeting!!

    It is shocking to see the Ideal Orgs that have been up and running for years now with the less people this year than last year.

    I can’t imagine how hard it is for the staff to deal with huge electric and heating bills and maintenance on the buildings not to mention RENT paid to the Landlord’s Office for the huge Ideal Org. What a disaster and the poor souls still trapped..thinking that Ideal Org’s are going to save the planet. So sad for these poor people!!

    They are so gung-ho and they have no idea what is really going on because it is all very cleverly hidden and kept out of sight!!

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