In case you thought they might not come for you.

Corbett commmend

This is a commendation written on Ernest & Gaye in March 2009. We are posting it as a reminder that no matter who you are and what you have done for Miscavige’s church, when the time comes that you dissent or disagree, you will be discarded without so much as a phone call.

NO ONE has ethics protection.

Any person who toes the line and contributes will be lionized, loved, fawned, caressed, given priority parking & front-row seating. But only so long as you continue and no further.

An environment like this breeds corruption, as we have seen. It breeds an environment where those in power know they can do as they please, as they have.  It creates a place where people and relationships are cheap and disposable, as it has.

The Church is currently running a major marketing campaign in the USA – billboards and Public Service Announcements running the tag line “Think for Yourself”. For those already inside the Church, thinking for oneself is a dangerous thing to do.

Walk the bridge to freedom and self determinism! Just don’t display any.


36 thoughts on “In case you thought they might not come for you.

  1. Corporate Scientology is corrupt. It is the place where the producers are attacked and the scavengers are validated. It’s end product will be death.
    I salute the Corbett’s for their integrity and their caring. They are survivors and the true kind of people that make Earth a lot better than it otherwise would be.

  2. I cut all my lines with CO$ as well as every Scientologist in it years ago. If they discarded me, I wouldn’t know, I wouldn’t care.

  3. One hardly knows what to say. The Corbetts are exemplary Scientologists.

    I can vouch for this treatment. I was pulverised (not physically, mind) many times despite high stats, sometimes highest ever stats! Mention that you’re upstat and it falls on deaf ears. As you say, no one has ethics protection. Another gross violation of LRH policy to add to the pile.

    What about sending this doc out to theKoolaiders, ScnAfrica?

  4. “Think for yourself” is a very good claim or advertising phrase for the CoS.
    But the hierarchy is always into the direction of the senior. Noone can ask more than up to a certain point. One can only ask a senior if one has certain questions. The senior will answer them. If there are more questions he either has to stop the person from asking or routing the person the next senior. This game happens theoretically again and again but always ends up in the same: either you stop asking or you have to go. The senior has to stop you. – Of course public is below staff. Its nearly like a perpetual motion machine: A self controlling system in which noone can decide anything at all until he believes in his own personally made perceptions.

  5. This is characteristic of an abusive relationship. It was going on in the GO, and possibly the Sea Org, before David Miscavige had ever heard of Scientology. It is not a new problem.

  6. A very cleaver STRATEGY!.
    They make you feel safe – they gain your
    TRUST – They smile!
    They take your MONEY!
    They tell you it is OK to THINK for yourself!


    They NAIL you – they THREATEN you – they ABUSE you –
    they INVALIDATE you – they BLACK PR you AND then
    they DECLARE you!

    We all know who THEY are!

    Great project for us rebels to put the TRUTH on their Billboards
    with Paint which is totally waterproof!
    Any Volunteers?
    Only experience needed is if you can use a Paintbrush!

  7. In 2003, just before I was offloaded from the Int base, I was a dedicated Sea Org member, of 17 years, and I was convinced I was not in danger of being offloaded. I had 3 years of upstats, a thin ethics file, recently received a golden rod commendation from COB Assistant and also received a phone call from COB Assistant personally that was nothing but validation. A short while later, when a head was needed on a pike, I was offloaded.

    It is very easy to think you are safe. You do you best. You put in the hours. You get great products. You comply to ever order and demand. But at this time there is no justice within the C of S. It is a corrupt organization and anyone is a possible target.

    I was put under heavy duress in 2010 by my ex-husband, threatening that if I did not cooperate and withdraw anything I had said online about the C of S, then he would divorce me. I did cooperate as I could not figure out how to handle a vast mortgage, a 4 year old and a 1 year old, as a single parent. A Comm Ev was held that found my offload from the Int base, 7 years earlier, to be off policy, and my SP declare when I routed out (standardly) from the Sea Org, 5 years earlier, to be an injustice.

    Three months later, I realized that allowing the corrupt church to coerce and blackmail me to be silent, was a violation of my own integrity and I got very ill. And at that point, I pulled the plug on my marriage and the efforts to muzzle me. I was subsequently re-declared a Suppressive Person.

    I found it interesting that when the C of S wanted to punish me, they declared me, and when they wanted to muzzle me and get me back under control, they were quick to find the earlier actions to have been wrong. Then when I refused to cooperate, I was re-declared.

    Justice and injustice is a heavily charged subject on the track. We have all been through many an injustice. Luckily we have the Ethics Repair List in the field, which handles bypassed charge on injustices and the incorrect use of ethics to harm.

    If anyone needs that correction list — please contact me.

  8. We continue to be fascinated by revelations such as this and yet it is so clear that the Valuable Final Product of this church has nothing to do with that set by LRH.Its like being surprised that water is wet! The only thing that still surprises me is the extent and duration of the “other stuff” that the C of S now practises. It is well orchestrated. All that remains to be done for the church is to find and expel every tech terminal that is opposing “command intention” by trying to practise standard tech.New Age Scientology will have arrived, fully.
    I comfort myself a little with an idea of what Miscavige’s future must surely hold in store for him. He seems to have little idea of consequence!!

  9. Their latest ad campaign is a major failure. They’ve given up on my city and the surrounding areas. Not even the bus-ass ads anymore. Perhaps they’ve learned the suburbs aren’t full of middle-class, English-speakers. What’s a REAL relief is the failure of their Inglewood Oeg.

  10. What a pity you don’t have a copy of their declare – sending the two docs out to all who are still dithering about in empty orgs would have been marvelous!! 😉

  11. Here’s a thought…can one of the declared (not the Corbetts) paste the commendation onto Jhb Org’s Facebook page? 🙂 See how quickly they take it down…

  12. Great idea to publish the commendation of the “SPs”!
    Please continue to do so, possibly next to the SP-declare of the “SP“ who is practicing “think for yourself”(or when theses are hidden and locked up next to other sentencing).
    This group, which gets rid of its very best just so that its leader dictatorship can go on with the scam, is damaged. And yes, they will come for you when you are not in lock-step or don’t think the “right thoughts”.
    Quote from Orwell’s “1984”: “The Party’s view of loyalty is that for totalitarianism to thrive, there must not be private loyalties at all. Rather, insofar as Inner Party members are concerned with the perpetuation of the Party’s rule, the only allowable loyalty is the loyalty to power itself.”

  13. THINK FOR YOURSELF! (Disclaimer: Do not read any thing negative about Scientology, Do not express any doubts you may have concerning rapacious regging, off-policy actions, and glowing, yet false reports you see at events. Do NOT read blogs by anyone who has left the church, especially Marty or Mike or those disaffected bums in SA. For every thought you have against Scientology donate $10,000 to your nearest Ideal Org program and $5,000 to the IAS. If you have any negative thoughts about David Miscavige, these amends are double)

  14. As late as 2012 Albert and other Org execs were still fawning (read propitiating) all over the Corbetts. On one occasion, Gaye, Ernest and Tracey especially came to the org to receive a HUGE framed commendation and bouquet of flowers. Of course this was a MAJOR Gold Photo- op, and staff were gathered to stand around applauding the Corbetts as they posed with Albert for the cameras. It was painfully obvious that Gaye felt very uncomfortable with this over-the-top adulation, but she was gracious and polite throughout the “ordeal”.

    Also early 2012 Gaye and Ernest brought a couple of their staff to do the PE course at the org. One of the Div6 staff was instructed to ensure a “banquet fit for the queen” was laid out for the tea break. Of course there was no money in the FP for this, so this staff member personally went to Fourno’s in Bedfordview and spent about R300 of their own money to put on a spread for them.

    In another incident (late 2012) Mark Corbett came to the org to give a talk on Marketing. The staff were all briefed before-hand and told that under no circumstances were we to approach or speak to Mark directly – he was strictly “hands off” and considered to be a celebrity. Fortunately they fell just short of telling us to bow or curtsy when he entered the room. 🙂

    And of course, let’s not forget that Albert, the Norwood Mission and others continued to use Tracey as a troubleshooting C/S, including giving her “difficult cases” to handle right up until late 2013 – just before her declare.

    Bad people these Corbetts – off with their heads!!

  15. I notice that Al here committed a high crime by issuing the commend Green on White.

    Not that it matters these days in the Brave New World of the Golden Age.

    I mean policy and tech?

    That’s something some guy wrote way back when he had too much time on his hands.

    Doncha know we now only follow the edicts of a mentally challenged moron who never made it through high school and couldn’t string two intelligible words together without the help of a so called “speech writer” who missed his calling writing Harlequin romance novels and has managed to take purple prose “straight up and vertical” much like the loins of that beef cake model who’s posing on the front with some hot babe.


    No surprise that the new Church of Scientology chews you up and spits ya out.

    They did that to Mary Sue, Diana, Suzette, Arthur and eventually the Ol’man himself plus others who’s names would take too many pages to list.

    Seems the ’80’s after the coup to the current scene has been nothing but strewn human wreckage.

    • Well, RV, Diana is still in and active as far as we can tell, covertly, albeit behind the scenes in a private, non-executive role, with disposable front people taking the hits (“It’s in a good cause, now FO”). Such a pretty girl she was, and so talented at the piano, visibly absent when her dad needed help and her mom got shredded, when the materials were adulterated, while the orgs and missions and top staff were annihilated and the SO was brutalised, while world-wide stats crashed, while there was an epidemic of cancer, early deaths, sordid criminal activity, catastrophic world-wide PR… Did you mean that Diana?

      • Sad, isn’t it, Rich?

        From what I’ve read, Diana is the sole member of the original Hubbard clan remaining on staff. The rest are dead, or have escaped into the private sector. With no inheritance, or claims to their father’s legacy, I might add.

        Like the Kings of old, Miscavige maneuvered all of his predecessor’s heirs away from the seat of money and power, and cemented all control of the kingdom firmly within his own grasp.

        Diana might as well be locked in the Tower of London.

      • A good analogy, Ronnie. If this was the Middle Ages we could take a small raiding party and free her. Ah, it was fun in the old days…

      • Yes I meant Diana.

        And I do remember the album Lifetimes.

        Which may mean she might be taking the whole track view of this and looking at Miscavige as a minor ephemeral glitch.

        Probably the reason she couldn’t help MS or Ron or anyone else for that matter is that she had been assigned to the RPF around the time of the coup for a security breech that she was ultimately framed for:

        (Supposedly she was insecure with confidential data but the fact was it was supposed to be a closed briefing that was probably infiltrated by FOD that friends of Dave or Degenerate.)

  16. Working ang staying together no ripping this family apart it is a beautiful thing . Well done and thanks for all the peoples lives u touched.

  17. I have so much to say, but leave it at this – you cannot waste such wonderful people as the Corbett’s and expect good things to come out of it (just as many of us out here who are good people, not rich, but good people of good heart). It’s being led by insanity and that origin is David Miscavige.

  18. “Although a lot truths are exposed, it’s also way too full of twisted and false information”

    Formost: Could you please be specific about what was twisted and/or false?

    I just watched the first 25 minutes of the video and could not pick out any falsehoods. Certainly the young man who is speaking has his own opinions. Is that what you considered to be “twisted”?

    (I was able to access the video through

  19. If someone gave $1,000,000 and still had money to house, feed and clothe themselves verses someone who gave everything they had and lost their home and had to file bankruptcy, what is the difference? Someone going into the Sea Org has sacrificed their lives….Staff members sacrifice any decent living and struggle to survive…Public are extorted and exploited!

    Everyone gives way to much to the Church of Scum – and they throw everyone under the bus. NO one is immune to the abuse – not even Captain MIscavige – because it is all coming back at him in the form of total failure and no where to run and hide!

  20. Reading these stories – is like making a study of psychopaths – which reveals the actions of individuals who are incapable of feeling guilt, remorse for their actions or empathy for their fellow man.

    Consider this.

    Characteristics of a psychopath, as defined by Hervery M. Cleckley (1941) ‘Mask of Sanity’

    Psychopaths are generally cunning, manipulative and know the difference between right and wrong – but dismiss it as not applying to them.

    Because of their inability to gauge when their actions are being perceived as dishonest, deceitful or dangerous, they also fail to accept that there are consequences for their actions. They always maintain a belief that they can outwit those who pursue them and that they will never be caught.

    They are incapable of normal emotions such as genuine love for their fellow man, generally act without considering the consequences of their actions and show extreme egocentric and narcissistic behaviour.

    Since the psychopath has no real emotions, they develop a synthetic personality throughout their life by mimicking those around them.

    Their inability to control inappropriate outburst of hostility often results in disassociation with friends and family and divorce. This in itself is filtered by the psychopath into a justification process for more aggressive behaviour.’

    Thus we get – SP declares, disconnection, fantastic regg cycles, Ideal Morgues, waste of other peoples hard earned money, superficial friendships used to manipulate money and favours from others, unreliability, non-delivery of services, untruthfulness and insincerity, lack of insight, poor judgement and failure to learn from experience, uninviting behaviour, and good weather friends.

    It has always been unfathomable to me, how it could be that Scientologists, who have read or studied ‘SCIENCE OF SURVIVAL’ – could put up, and shut up, and do nothing about the psychopaths running the show.

    Thank you for keeping this blog going.

    • I wouldn’t be too harsh on anyone who’s read SOS.
      Usually what happens is many of them cognite that they are being led by a bunch of psychotic sociopaths and try to handle them and end up being disconnected.
      Another thing.
      Like the false and verbal data that an “F/N” has to rhythmically swing back and forth at least 3 times. Is the one that things like SOS and the PTS tech in general doesn’t apply internally.
      I mean ya know like there’s no SPs here because we declared all 97 1/2 % of ‘em.
      Ya know ’cause Dave’s BFF Tom happens to be dyslexic and is the one of the two who happens to read policy or tech.
      Who knows maybe he’ll figure that his bud got it ack baswards.
      Maybe not.
      Just another day or night or whatever in the Magic Kingdom.

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