Want to help get back in comm? Become a contributor!

we-want-to-hearIt is time for us to allow this community to grow!

From our mission statement:

It is a fundamental of Scientology that communication is the universal solvent.

It is no secret that the Church and the entire subject of Scientology is in trouble.

When there is trouble the wrong thing to do is to shut down channels of communication and try to control the flow of information. Yet this has become standard practice within the Scientology community. We have become afraid to discuss or put forward dissenting opinion or to even mention negative (entheta) occurrences.

If our community is BACK IN COMM we can begin to positively address the very real problems of our group.

We have been and continue to be driven by this ideal of being in communication. We are “back” in comm because this community had been out of comm for a long time.

Regularly we get comm from people who have benefited just from the simple idea of reading differing views, open views, passionate views. This is quite in addition to the robust community of regular commenters.

We recognise that we have as well a growing international audience and their perspective and contribution has only added to the rich discussion we all enjoy so much.

It is therefore time to expand a little, or at least allow for some natural growth. We know that there are many stories to tell that will shed more light on the many facets of Scientology and it’s almost 60 year history in South Africa. And we want to tell as many of them as we can!

There are people who would like to contribute their stories and ideas beyond the comment section. Well, your time is here! We are now open to contributing writers.

Know a story that needs to be told? Itching to research a particular element of Scientology, it’s community or organisations? Write it and send it.

Rather than say “a correspondent sent us something interesting” we would like to have regular contributors writing under their own by lines. Of course these can be a nom de plume or your real name if you are feeling particularly rebellious.

Everyone is free to submit stories. We will take the hat of editors and will publish as many as we possibly can. The only thing we ask is that when submitting an article, you adhere to our moderation policy and that the stories are South African or which are relevant to South Africans such as our recent posting featuring Galactic Patrol or the article on Finding your way as an Independent Scientologist

This will also help grow this community. We want, as much as is humanly possible, for it to be owned (in the Scientological sense) by everyone.

Mail us!



26 thoughts on “Want to help get back in comm? Become a contributor!

  1. Fantastic! You guys (blog admins, South African Scientologists, contributors and everyone reading this blog) are breathing life back into your community again 🙂

  2. I think this is much needed and wanted – and NOT because there is any lack of good articles on this blog. I think this is the best and most insightful blog about. However, the sense I have been getting is that South Africans are commenting less and less and the international readership has been growing. Nothing wrong with that, but the essential South African vibrancy which makes this such a good read is fading. Let’s make some investigative articles exposing the local misdeeds. Let’s name some names, and shame them.

  3. Before
    I have breathed this air before,
    in other bodies and times.
    I have been loved and loathed,
    been abhorred and adored.
    Felt pleasure and pain
    joy and sorrow,
    sometimes, hoping, to never again
    wake on the morrow.

    I assuredly have been here before.
    I now disbelieve I ever took leave
    of this passing present.
    Endlessly advancing.
    there seems no avoiding
    Father time’s relentless marching.
    Although a few times round,
    I, thought, I almost found,
    a way to escape, the strife,
    on this accursed, wheel of life.

    I have felt pride and shame before.
    Tho’ hailed triumphant after war,
    so gloriously victorious,
    my conscience was bleeding,
    I was inwardly weeping,
    for innocents killed and maimed
    in that human sore called war.
    I would rather be dishonoured
    and called a craven coward
    then kill and maim innocents again.
    My conscience, I fear much more,
    than the dread of war.

    This time round, some have found
    an adventure in Cosmology
    which we call Scientology.
    An exact technology and methodology
    of addressing mind and psyche,
    which can eradicate
    inclinations to hate
    and create capability
    for those with a disability.

    We followed a man
    who said that we can
    do anything upfront
    if we could only confront
    that which we feared
    and the ignorant jeered.

    I have been cause and effect before,
    in other identities and climes.
    I have tales to recall and retell
    of adventures that befell
    those wandering abroad
    with only a sword
    betwixt them and the untoward.

    Those I knew before, I now recognize.
    Bold, blithe spirits, free and wise,
    who could return to those timid souls
    stuck in symbolism
    and ruled with despotism
    their self determinism.

    Our friends in the Church
    need to conceive
    they are in a terrible lurch
    and if any should read
    this lament of mine,
    they should take a little time;
    to look at, and not listen
    to those who love to glisten
    and prattle about golden ages
    of tech “Based on the works”
    of L Ron Hubbard.

    He created a flock of obedient stock
    who revered all he ever said.
    “That which is written is sacred
    and may only be read, not spoken.“.
    It may not ever be mouthed
    for fear of committing the heinous sin,
    of “verbal tech”, which is forbidden.
    If you want to hear the spoken word
    You have only one choice.
    “Listen to recordings of Ron’s voice.”

    This poem is dedicated to all
    who disagree
    and are now free
    of that tyranny,
    The Church of Scientology.

    Martin Foster, Mon Jan 15 2007 to Ivy

  4. The natural evolution of Scientology is being forwarded by the independent field worldwide and it is to those marvellous scientologists that I write this. You require no permission from anyone nor any group to pursue your love of Scientology tech. All the glossy buildings be damned. After forty years in Scientology I have never seen architecture make a single auditor.
    I am a trained academy sup and a trained auditor and I have longed to see this evolution
    Taking place. It is my deepest conviction that no scientologist anywhere has ever deserved to be declared a suppressive person and that only the wantonly stupid would ever resort to something so dread full when a cursory review of history might better demonstrate my point.
    Permit me to reiterate another point…All scientologists should from this day forth consider themselves in the. Non-interference zone from the current church of Scientology and all its
    Corporate corrupt ions. Much love to all of you.

      • And I thank you my beautiful friend for the long road of adventure we have both
        Travelled to find pure Scientology again. Here’s to scnafrica and the voices of reason coming out of africa. Madness is ice and theta is the SUN. You are laughter and love when the day is done

  5. Contribution of words and viewpoints is the best form of communication. South Africa will welcome a new dawn for Standard LRH Technology.

  6. Dear scnafrica
    ”What revenue sweet vagabond had myth so rich with pain
    That beckons me to comfort thee and seek you once again
    It was not you that wisdom lost but more the heart of me
    Had I been wisdom more than this
    I would have set you free”. Much love to you Mike

  7. Real good idea, it feels good to create a safe terminal to communicate with. It has been missing. I want to tell a story. Back to the seventies, I had an upset with an AO. Got an ethics handling full of eval, inval and threat. I went home, terribly upset, out list in fact. Introverted, it was terrible. This MAA acted on an SP valence and to some degree the CS didn’t want to hear anything. I was out of auditing line to handle a non existing condition. I was opposed to a bank agreement. I was back in my org. I communicated, they were my friends they heard me. The CS telexed to the AO. But they accepted the data about me, and the wrong indication was there too.
    No terminal. My origination was becoming a “service fac” or an “entheta”. it was not Miscavige time so I was not threatened with ethics action but couldn’t get the needed RFactor and handling to get ride of the BPC.
    I wrote to LRH. The first answer dissappointed me. He adviced me to do the handling proposed by the AO. I answered that I was not agree. He then asked me to write down my side of the story. Which I did, a long out list letter! He answered kind of “cheer up man, looks like they have flubbed but everything will come out allright.”
    On another letter he told me he would chase my folder and have a look at it. Two weeks later my folders were sent from the AO to the org. I got an RFactor that the AO MAA indication were incorrect and the whole cycle was cancelled. Life was back.
    Someone in qual couldnot resist to tell me : “you know there is copy of a cramming order from LRH on your folder on the MAA of the AO. Gosh, he wasnot tender with him!”
    There was a terminal ultimately : LRH.
    From that time I used to perceive him so well. We were friends in the theta universe. On the beginning of the eighties. I couldn’t spot him. For some reason, he was no longer a terminal. I felt lonely but stayed with the church.
    But it started to be unsafe to originate freely about anything.
    This is what we need and that I feel on your blog. A way to communicate and to be listened. To restore the “in sessionness”. Listen and understand with full comm cycle and auditor code in. This is Scientology forever.

    • Bonjour !!
      I like your story!! Yes, there was always a terminal.
      What you are all doing in South-Africa is really great, and even if you’ll talk mostly about your country, I will continue to read.

    • Thank you for all the above my very theta friend you deserve a.very well done for your persistence and handling of such an interference with your life and happiness. Be comforted by the fact that only theta is qualified to assist thetans in this and every other universe. Be joyfully independent!

  8. WOW ! Some amazing Poetry.
    This blog has really brought out some amazing
    Richard your communication that you wrote last year
    was so well written and should be posted on this blog
    for all the New rebels to read or I encourage them to
    click on the Web site you have included on your post.
    Very true data which I can relate too!

  9. OH MY GOD!
    Just read on Mike Rinders Blog – Cindy Temps
    being Declared and I had real tears!
    What a well written account of her story.
    She even gave her blog name Jane Doe.
    I have such respect for this lady and she has
    been soooo brave in coming out from under the
    Please read this and for the new rebels this is a true
    and factual account of what really does go on in
    the Vulture Culture Church!
    I would really like to thank her from all the South Africans
    as she does contribute to our blog.
    We really postulate her son and daughter in the future
    wake up!

  10. I have an interesting story about Michele Gottlieb that may be of interest to you South Africans. Do any of you remember her?

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