Joburg Org: It is what it is

entrance johannesburg org

There is a constant contradiction between what some say is going in Joburg and what we see in actuality.

Joburg is the brightest of what the Ideal Org program has to offer. Joburg has always been the biggest org in South Africa. Even when the org struggles it is in better shape than all the others.

There are several reports that indicate a scene that is anything but flourishing.

Albert & Sandra de Beer are currently under comm-ev themselves. Sandra is not currently on post and is reportedly clearing out storerooms.

This coming Tuesday evening at Joburg Org the OT Committee is hosting an evening titled “Why re-do?”. It’s being promoted by text message and email. It’s an effort to make people feel okay about redoing their objectives.Their message reads “Jhb OTC is holding another famous event. Topic? SRD – “Why Re-do?” etc. Success stories, & C/S briefing. Sound interesting? You want tea + cake and chatting with friends? Come Tues nite. Chapel. 6.30.”

Lastly they are losing staff. This was predicted as the last big push for staff in Joburg was precisely 2.5 years ago – the length of a staff contract. Belinda van Pype, Cleo Pendl & Camerine Pendl have left staff and Aline Jones & Judit Kis would appear to be following suit. These are (or were) all key staff.

An org that is booming as a result of being inundated with public on GAT II services would not have this going on.

But we won’t talk yet about GAT II results. We’re only half way through the observation period we allowed for this in our post on Evaluating the Success of GAT II


Making enemies

making enemies[The following was written by Shelley Birnie whose sister, Jenny Retief, was declared in December last year. Their mother, Sylvia Coward, has been a Crimanon volunteer for 13 years and the below came in response to the way Sylvia was treated following the secret declare. We are publishing this as an example of how the church continues to make its own enemies.]

Sylvia Coward was ex-communicated by members of the Church without notice, despite the fact that she was still holding her volunteer post as a Criminon supervisor; the same post she had held for 13 years with great success and many commendations. The email exchange which took place between Sylvia and Criminon management when Sylvia subsequently resigned her post, riled me enormously, and prompted me to write an email of my own to the four Criminon terminals. As my brother, Russell, and I have both supported our mom in her Criminon work financially and in kind, she forwarded the email trail to us to let us know what was happening.

My email to Criminon management read:

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Galactic Patrol Steps out

ChrisThis article was posted on Mike Rinder’s site yesterday. Since we have published a few of Chris Shelton’s articles (aka Galactic Patrol) we thought it was worth you knowing who he is. 

Chris Shelton, who has posted here as Galactic Patrol for some time, sent me this article for publication.  

It provides an interesting perspective on being a staff member and being in the SO. It may not be everyone’s view, but it certainly aligns with much of what I experienced.  

And I think it is a helpful addition to multiple viewpoints that are expressed here in an effort to make all data available to those who are interested.

I spent my entire adult life as a professional Scientology staff member. I started taking classes when I was 15 and joined staff at the age of 17. I joined the Sea Organization when I was 25 and stayed in until I was 43.

I trained as a Pro Course Supervisor and Word Clearer, Class 0 Auditor and Purification Rundown In-Charge. I also trained as a Data Series Evaluator and Org Manager, amongst many other things. I completed all of The Basics books and lectures after they were released in 2006, as well as the LRH Congresses and a panoply of other lectures and materials (including many issues that public may never see as they were “confidential Sea Org references” concerning management and administration). When it comes to Scientology and Sea Organization policy and tech, I can unequivocally state that I am an expert.

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Robert Bokelmann surfaces

We came across this promo piece in an article by Tony Ortega at his site.

There was much conjecture in the comments a few weeks ago about what might have come of Robert.

It seems he is now in California representing the Flag Service Org (FSO). We imagine he’ll be visiting several orgs. From the wordage on the promo it seems his product is still recruitment.



We have only one report that Peach is with him. She was recently reported to be in California herself so at least they are together.

Debbie du Toit sends a message

A long standing Scientologist, from a long standing Scientology family recently sent out a message to Scientologists in South Africa.

It is her heartfelt plea for Scientologists to honestly look at what is going on in order to help salvage a subject important to so many. We thought it appropriate to post her message here.

It has had response. In her message she links to Debbie Cooke’s letter posted on this site. Yesterday it received its highest daily views. So it’s having an effect.

Well done Debbie. It was courageous and honourable.


Subject: Protecting LRH Tech

Hi there!

I am writing this because I care about Scientologists and the future of Scientology.  LRH spent his life on this cause and we owe him a great deal.  If you knew something was happening that was destroying all the technology LRH worked so hard to create for us all, would you like to know about it?

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Birth of the Sea Org

[Moderator Note: The following story was written some years ago (around 2009) and has appeared on several sites. We are publishing the story here as it has relevance in that it is written by a South African who is also one of the early SPs of Scientology. It is a story told from Joe’s point of view. We have mentioned before that he is a controversial figure among old time Scientologists but his contribution is important]

By Joe van Staden          

                                      Welcome aboard!

image001 (1)Undoubtedly the story of how it all began has been told more than once – each time from a different perspective no doubt.  In the following account of my personal involvement in the birth of the SO I hope to provide a perspective which may shed some light on later developments within and around that organization.

My first contact with Scientology was in Johannesburg (1960).   There I met L Ron Hubbard for the first time when he came out to South Africa to run the first South African ACC.   Toward the end of 1962 I went over to St Hill UK to do my SHSBC.    In 1965 I did my class 7 course after which my wife Jill and I joined staff at St Hill.    At some point LRH mysteriously disappeared from St Hill. As we found out later he had left for Las Palmas.

Most people on staff and on course at St Hill in the early and mid 60’s would agree; it was idyllic.    It was a meeting place for likeminded people – people who could not find what they were looking for in life through conventional institutions and teachings.    St Hill prospered.   I believe that period has even been referred to as the golden age or something like that.

It was very easy to just BE and not be concerned as to how you were being. For instance, there was no ethics officer ready to pounce on my friend for doing his yoga exercises out on the lawn at St Hill.    Nor was there any reason to think that that might happen.   The typical molded org persona, with all its heaviness, which became so prominent in later years, just wasn’t there.

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Panic at Joburg North?

This email has just hit the inboxes of Scientologists.

Joburg North’s building has been a problem from day one, from the time the org was going to be a city office, no an org, no a city office and then finally an org. This was the reason Africa was announced as having purchased all it’s ideal buildings and then just a few months later announced that Joburg North needed a building.

This org is probably best compared with PE org in terms of its historical size. The email is titled “Call to Arms”, a phrase so overused it literally has no meaning any more. As for Ian raising a R2 million bond. No words.


Subject: Call to Arms

Dear Scientologist and Joburg North supporters,
This is a heartfelt note to all our public.  It’s time for us to stand together.
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