R for Responsibility


By Galactic Patrol

Note: This article is specifically addressed to those of you who are still actively “on lines” in or around the Scientology orgs. I want everyone to read this and hopefully make use of it in some way, but my message of action is directed to those still in.

Bringing in the New Year is always cause for reflection of things past, and a time when we resolve to do better, to take charge of our lives and make decisions about where we are going into the future. In light of recent events, I felt it important that we take a moment to consider what is happening in Scientology now and your role in that.

There are some who don’t want you to read these words. They are just words and certainly can’t hurt you or anyone else. Yet if you were to ask your org’s Ethics Officer about these words, if you were to call into question why you shouldn’t be allowed to read these particular words, you would soon be sitting with cans in your hands, answering questions about whether or not you mean to bring about the total destruction of the Church. It’s interesting that simple words can have such an effect.

To quote one of my favorite passages, “While the truncheon may be used in lieu of conversation, words will always retain their power. Words offer the means to meaning and, for those who will listen, the enunciation of truth.” And the truth is: there is something terribly wrong with the Church of Scientology, isn’t there?

Where once there was a freedom of thought and expression, there is now fearful conformity. Where once there was the simple idea of taking incremental steps to a place of happiness and spiritual salvation, there is now an endless grind of repetition, being told that you can attain that long-sought for freedom if you will just give that much more of your hard-earned coin. Where once there was Personal Integrity and the Code of Honor, there is now only Command Intention.

How did this happen? Who’s to blame? Certainly there are those who are more responsible than others. And they will be held accountable. But again, truth be told, if you’re looking for the guilty you need only look into a mirror.

I know why you did it. I know you were afraid. Who wouldn’t be? Ethics Officers and Masters-at-Arms, interrogatories, knowledge reports, Courts of Ethics, Committees of Evidence and disconnection from all you hold dear. These are not just words, they are real threats to your dynamics and to your very existence as an eternal being. These all sit just on the sidelines, just out of sight but always present to keep you in line. It was this environment of fear which slowly eroded your reason and your common sense.

Let’s look at this in terms of actual Scientology tech. The ARC triangle is a popular and easily understood fundamental of Scientology. It’s the light, fluffy triangle of understanding, composed of affinity, reality and communication. But what about that other triangle in Scientology, the one LRH refers to as the “Top Triangle”. That triangle is composed of Knowledge, Responsibility and Control.

Like the ARC triangle, this triangle of causation rises in direct proportion to each of its components being raised. In other words, the more knowledge you have of something, the more control you can exert over it. The more responsibility you take for something, the more you are able to know about it and influence it. A simple idea yet how is it actually practiced these days in the Church?

You’ve handed responsibility for your spiritual eternity to an organization which says “Trust us. Look to no one else but us for your truth. Don’t believe what anyone else says. Obey what we tell you to do and your freedom is assured.” Your only source of information about the Church and how it’s doing is the Church itself, through its own event presentations, which are opulent affairs full of fast talk and big words, designed to dazzle and delight but which present very little in the way of actual substance or statistics.

So the question becomes, how are you supposed to achieve the ultimate in responsibility – cause over all your dynamics – if you relinquish your knowledge and control across those same dynamics?

You don’t have to believe anything I tell you. Rumors and entheta are just spread to enturbulate and upset you, right? There isn’t any truth to be found in any person who leaves the Church. They have overts. They went PTS. They are just dramatizing evil intentions. They just want to destroy the church and stop you from making it to full OT, right?

Apply the KRC triangle and find out for yourself. You may recall that ED Int used to stand on stage and preach for people to Think for Themselves. Before he disappeared years ago, that is. It was still good advice straight from the top of the org board. Why not try it?

Ask any of your local org executives, “How many IAS members are there?” or “What are your local org’s actual long-term statistics?” Look at the graphs if they will show them to you. What happened to those broad dissemination campaigns we used to hear about? And I don’t mean a few commercials at the Super Bowl. I mean dissemination campaigns.

How come the org’s courserooms are so empty most of the time? Weren’t all the LRH materials reviewed and released as 100% standard in 1991? In 1996? In 2004? It’s like deja vu all over again. When are they going to really be “on-Source”? And why do you have to keep paying for it each time they find errors and alterations?

I’m sure you have many other questions of your own. Ask them. What’s the worst that could happen?

It’s not easy to stand up and take responsibility. Who said doing the right thing was easy? It’s still the right thing to do.

In the end, responsibility is the only thing that is going to set you free.

Galactic Patrol

19 thoughts on “R for Responsibility

  1. Wow, great article, GP. You’re right. Ron said in RJ 68 or Hymn of Asia. that he doesn’t guarantee that we’ll all make it. He said our salvation is up to us, so work hard at it and don’t accept shoddy substitutes. Can someone help me with the actual reference to quote here? But you get the idea. You are so right, GP, “In the end, responsibility is the only thing that is going to set you free.”

    • RON’S JOURNAL 36
      31 December 1982
      “It is you who chose your future, it is you who holds firmly to your goals or lets them.
      It is you who insists upon receiving standard tech or shoddy substitutes.
      When it is all said and done it is you who will be with yourself in the end.
      And it is you who will ask yourself, did I do right or did I do wrong?
      And the state you find yourself in will be the answer.
      Will you become a brighter person or a cinder?
      I cannot tell you to arrive at some high state.
      I cannot order you to be well or happy or affluent.
      I can only point out to you the route to what your inner most self desires.
      I have through a half century of work, found the road out.
      I’ve done all I could to point the way.”…
      “It is no longer a question whether standard ethics or policy work.
      It is only a question of whether or not you apply them.”

  2. Aplause given, well said GP!

    There is nothing like fear and terror to push those anchor points in, in and in! Once achieved, a being fixates onto whatever stable datum is fed to them. In a battle soldiers might latch on the maxim kill or be killed which may keep them going at it longer. In the church its “command intention” that is above all other considerations. This point is knocked in so hard continually that soon free thought and self determinism become abomnable! When people are suitably shell shocked, thinking for oneself and obnosis are a past glory of a bygone age. We then have what we now have. Excrement!

    My question to all is this. How on earth are those still in under the present thrall of the COB(mielie) supposed to cognite when they are too busy dodging artillary barages, suppressing fire and landmines? Its all pure survival of the lowest kind, knife and dagger existence nothing more! Philosophy of the highest kind is a priveledge soon lost when you are too busy diving for cover on hearing the dreadful sound of a mortar shell screetching your way!

  3. Wow! I really like what you are saying here. I sincerely hope that those still on lines who read this have the courage to really look. Otherwise all those hours that they’ve spent in the course room studying LRH are really wasted. The tech works and the irony is for me is that I’ve never seen it more clearly than now that I’ve left the Church. While on staff I would apply conditions and it would sort of have an effect but it never really got to it’s full potential. Applying conditions now when I’m not connected to a very enturbulated scene, is absolute magic!

  4. I hope with you that many of those still in will read your beautiful and senseful write up. I send it to my daugher and family.
    Thanks for expressing so calmly and clearly.

  5. This is, in my opinion, a very good comment….one of the best I have read. Well done Galactic Patrol! It would be nice to see further comment by you.

  6. So well written. Thank you. I hope those still embedded into the church will read and take note of what you have said. But having the courage to think for yourself after years of penalty is not easy. Good luck to you, the strong and self determined, keep asking those questions and keep seeking the truth. That’s what LRH would have wanted.

  7. Yes, one of the best posts here I think. Could not have said it better myself. Copied it for future reference (Which by the way is a good practice on anything one encounters that one likes. There is no guarantee anything will stay on the internet forever).

    I am currently involved in an ethics cycle and am not compromising my own reality. I realized long ago that doing stuff I cannot agree with, only leads to trouble down the line and costs a lot more in terms of integrity, power and self respect, in the long term, than any immediate gain at the moment is worth.

  8. Excellent post GP!! Another question to ask your Org and all Staff… Where does the money go? In the Wog World – all Churches and Non-Profits show their financial statements upon request by any members. Many post them publicly! Scientologist’s do not know this so they except NO TRANSPARENCY from Scientology.

    Think about this – in 1993 – the “Church of Scientology” received tax exempt status….yet they charge outrageous fees and the services are delivered by volunteers that do not get paid enough to even survive after working ungodly hours day after day!

    The Organizatsion took advantage of this and did not pass the savings to the members….in fact, they recently raised their prices to really, really, really out of reach – except the very wealthy. So the Scientology SLAVES are serving only the elite, the wealthy and famous!! The “volunteers” do not get anything back from the Organization. It is so out of exchange and criminal!

    Hubbard talked about the fees include paying for buildings, dissemination and the various front groups humanitarian efforts. Yet everything Scientology does requires public donations. They won’t even buy toilet paper in the Orgs! They won’t fix a roof or pave a parking lot at their Idle Morgues – they have to get new money out of some poor public fool that does not know!

    The members accept whatever they are told.

    Hubbard said “don’t mix money with religion”

    Then why is Scientology mixing money with religion?

    There is no other “religion” that bankrupts its members like Scientology! They have clever ways of hiding this – lawyer-ed up contracts which protect the Organization at all costs.

    I was told that THE PSYCHS sent people into the Orgs that were crazy – then they would receive services and claim Scientology drove them crazy and then would sue Scientology ! That is the reason for the legal contracts!! The SP’s are out to get us!!

    This really is PTS Type III behavior cleverly disguised and hidden from unsuspecting victims soon to be totally exploited.

    For any members reading this who have not left – be responsible!! Ask to see Financials prepared by Third Party Accountant’s. Stop contributing to this group that is not transparent!! Demand to see the books or you don’t give them any more money.

    Look up the references about where the money goes. You should not have to pay these huge fees for “services delievered by volunteers” and then have to give more money. Read up on the history of the IAS and ask to see those books!!

    What is Scientology hiding?

    In PT – Scientology hired 20 lawyers to keep Captain David Miscavige from getting deposed in a harassment lawsuit where the Church admits to harassing a woman who was never a member of Scientology. $1,000 per hour!

    David Miscavige hired Private Investigator’s to follow Pat Broeker around for 25 years to the tune of $2 plus million!! He stopped paying them and they sued. The lawsuit was quietly settled last year to keep it out of the spot light!

    These are just a few areas Scientology spends YOUR hard earned money and they hide these facts from Scientologist’s!

    Demand to see where all the money goes!! Stop contributing to the motion of donating your hard earned money to an Organization that is hiding everything from view!! Force them to follow their own TECH!

    • Idle Morgue. I agree totally with your comment. The financial statements are a must to see. We will never see them!

      I’m still staggered that astute businessmen, eg, Piet Botha, Victor Lidchi, Philip Park, Walter Hex, the Peens’ and many, many more, don’t ask this very question, Where are the financial statements?

      Aks, How do you expect Scientology to expand merely because of a ornate building? It’s illogical. I’ve got bright friends in. Where are the questions?!

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  10. Really good post!! Unfortunately, GP – the Scientologist’s still in think they are being responsible…the definition has reversed itself in the cult … “responsibility” is bankrupting yourself, then your friends and family! The “true group members” help shatter families and destroy lives! They may die to be right!! IRC has replaced KRC – Ignore (facts), Reject (the truth) and Collapse (your own cult)!

  11. I loved this so much that I cut as pasted it and sent it to a friend of mine who JUST WON’T LOOK. Maybe something will change, maybe not. But this was an excellent write-up and gentle enough I think to send to ANY Scientologist still in. So thanks for this, GP.

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