Killing the Goose that Lays the Golden Eggs

golden egg

by Karen de la Carriere

I would like to tell a story to illustrate what happened with me and many other long term Scientologists who served for decades, who served with their lives in terms of long hard hours on staff or in the Sea org. (This “slave labor” was for almost no pay and next to no employee benefits) Others, not on staff gave mega donations and other contributions.   These people built the juggernaut that put Scientology on the map.

We were the Geese that laid Golden Eggs for the Church.

I find a lot can be said of that old Aesop Fable about the goose that laid the golden eggs.

The hen was a mystical creature that laid a golden egg every day. Now an effective boss or manager sees that he has a real asset. When he has a continuity of golden eggs being laid for him, he’s getting what he wants ~ not one time, but day after day after day. A clever manager would see the goose was cared for, rewarded, given good nurturing, given every care to make the asset (the goose) continue to produce.
A clever boss or manager would hardly beat up and abuse and slaughter that which was producing golden eggs.

When Miscavige took over after LRH’s death, he had many gooses that could lay golden eggs. . There were hardworking, dedicated SO members and staff willing to work for pennies all hours of the day and night for LRH. There was a wealth of technology, tapes, books and Public willingness.

DM killed these golden geese:

  • The former Mission Networks, the Field Auditors which now amount to a tiny handful…
  • Long term senior Managers with great and hard-won experience — all declared.
           • All former Commanding Officers of CMO Int were declared.
           • Senior Tech Terminals, Senior CS INT office decimated.
    • Much of CMO GOLD and then GOLD staff decimated — on and on and on…

    • All of Scientology Marketing
    • Translations Unit as per recent article by Misha

  • More recently Suppressive person declares on the very backbone of South Africa
But DM sought out more instant golden eggs. So these “STATUSES” were invented for tens of thousands of dollars, sometimes even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

I remember a restaurant that used to serve the BEST clam chowder. From 11am onwards there was a line to get in to get a lunch table. Clients would not only eat it there, but take buckets to go. Business was out the roof. One day the restaurant sold, new management came in and kept the same menu. Except they cut corners by really watering down the clam chowder. The Shrimp fried rice has barely any shrimp — all rice. For the first month the revenues were good, because it cost them so little to make, they were using HALF the ingredients. They were altering the formulas that worked by short cuts and short changing the public. The client base dwindled away and lost faith in the new management giving them a good soup. The trust was broken. It was no longer a place to eat. Less and less public appeared at the restaurant til it was on the verge of folding. They had killed the Goose. The Goose that laid the Golden Eggs for the business.

I will explain more with this story ~there was a beloved lawyer, nicknamed “Scoop,” in a suburb of Denver, Colorado that a relative of mine greatly admired. The whole town admired him. He was OL (Opinion Leader)#1. The town of Breckenridge is wealthy. There isn’t a house under $1million in the town. Endless charity dinners, fund raising for worthy causes, is the chief social activity. “Scoop,” the wealthy lawyer, generously contributed to every call for money. The town thought he was the greatest. You could count on him to donate generously to any worthy cause.

One day Scoop vanished into thin air. The consensus was that it was foul play. For the first 3 days, law enforcement of several jurisdictions, tracking dogs, helicopters, Colorado Bureau of Investigation hunted high and low, and the town mourned deeply.

As the investigation deepened, it was found out that $1.5 million of client’s money had vanished. Scoop also had eight kids and a wife back east that no one knew about. One story after another about the inner secrets of Scoop emerged.

Overnight the Town’s attitude changed. They had a paradigm (reality) shift. Were they disloyal flip-floppers in Treason to this bond of friendship ? No! More data had come to light on who Scoop REALLY was. The 3rd dynamic of the town no longer subscribed to Scoop as a friend. More and more came forward to reveal that which had been so well covered up.

And so it is with Church and Miscavige. I joined a group. I thought I had joined an ethical group. But as C of S morphed into something else and more and more revelations came to light and I withdrew my allegiance on a paradigm shift, of no longer supporting what I THOUGHT was our group. Do I consider this treasonous? Absolutely not. I am like the town of Breckenridge finding out more by the day on lawyer Scoop…

The Golden Geese are no longer there…

More and more data about Lawyer Scoop gets revealed daily…

The Church was not what we thought it was.

Karen de la Carriere
(Karen #1)


17 thoughts on “Killing the Goose that Lays the Golden Eggs

  1. There is something very bizarre about how the brightest and best get slaughtered or clobbered sooner or later in the “Church of Scientology.” Just wait, all those still in, just bide your time, no one escapes the internal destruction. Everyone has threshold before departure.
    Lets take Mike Rinder and Marty Rathbun as examples.
    Firewalling the survival of the Church they worked decades 60 to 80 weeks, winning in the legal arena and fixing the messes and created flaps Miscavige made.
    So they were demolished and mistreated til they fled.
    Mike Rinder was struck violently and repeatedly battered or mauled by Miscavige and sentenced to SP Hole.
    Let’s take Debbie Cook. Running the Flag service org stably for some 20 years til she was summoned to INT base and psychologically abused so that she developed a physical condition and left.
    Jefferson Hawkins stellar Marketing guy who ran Central Marketing Unit took DMSMH into New York Times best seller liists for 22 weeks in a row in the 1980s……yes….another punching bag of Miscavige, and after repeated abuse, he was gone. There is no Marketing Unit anymore, there is only the IAS for money extortion.
    Marc Yager, WDC Chairman probably one the finest administrative managers ever, reduced to “Provisional SP” and in and out of SP hole.
    Marc Yager paid dearly for trying to uprise against Miscavige. He was sent to North Korean Mind indoctrination. 3 years in isolation in a tent on the property with only a garden hose to shower. It was inhumane.
    Guillame Lesevre ED INT reduced to a frightened yelping puppy dog, following Miscavige with palitable fear in his eyes per reports.
    Ray Mithoff, Senior CS INT, a brilliant Tech person, reduced to a kicking football for Miscavige, in and out of SP hole.
    Heber Jentzsch my ex husband, President of the Church of Scientology International. years in “SP Hole” and the victim of other Miscavige tortures such as being made to hurl himself in icy cold water (along with Mike Rinder) in the Lake at St Hill in British November weather.
    All 6 Class XIIs (myself included) that kept the Flagship Apollo afloat in the 1970s by auditing the Ls to bring in cash to keep the ship afloat ~~ all declared Suppressive person.
    You already know the story of South African mega donors and mega producers for decades.
    What happened to the stellar bright shining producers?
    Same old story. they are gone.

  2. Karen, you and others are so much helping to wake up. Your job is so well done, so important to reveal the truth despite the deep indoctrination which could prevent from believing the stories.
    When I read your site, it was a shock, but your way of writing (I like it!!!), the details, your experience, your humanity… were superior to my suspicion.
    CoS is killing the geese, for itself, but part of these wonderful beings (“geese”) are still alive and ready to lay golden eggs (if not already done: your site, the trial of Monique Rathburn, this south-american site, independant groups…).
    Do well, dear Karen!!! You’re not alone as more and more find out about the carnage.

  3. The exact truth. Your words and actions are appreciated. The time to handle a tyranny is while one still can.
    The official church is like a healthy tree – the worms and rot have moved in. There are many true seedlings, but these are truely out in the field and not under the control of the corrupt church. This blog and the many many people who contribute to bring the truth of Miscavige and his regime into the open are the little chips and cuts that irrevocably will bring down the frot and rot that is Miscavige’s squirrel closed faith, a far cry from the true tech and its wonder under LRH and his family. A chip and a cut a day is the recipe that kills the tree – Miscavige’s tree, which is full of nuts.

  4. Something those “still-in” need to realize…many of my former friends would rattle off LRH quotes about protecting Scn and its organizations. They would do this to condemn the actions of former members who speak out.

    But, what they have never asked themselves – What is it that you are protecting? Is it Scn (as LRH intended) or is it something else?

    LRH policy does not allow for the protection of something other than standard LRH.
    So, if the MAA orders you to do something that seems odd and does not have an LRH reference to back it up – What is it? It’s not LRH, so it must be some “invention” or worse…an off-beat practice.

    Those who cower and do whatever an authority figure orders them to do, are: either True Believers and don’t really know Scn, and/or are PTS. LRH policy was supposed to grant you rights as a group member. But, if you don’t fight for your rights and insist on LRH policy being applied (no matter how unpleasant), you will lose those rights.

    When I left the CoS, I didn’t leave Scn. I left some weird para-military religious dictatorship run by fanatical non-thinking zealots. That is what I left, because that is what it was.

    • YOu’re so right, Stat Push. Group Members have rights too. LRH says it in the early ethics book. But you have to fight for those rights and insist on LRH policy being applied, no matter now brow beaten you are. The price of freedom is not cheap. The ones left in the church are so PTS to DM and the church that they have turned into all-obeying Robots. Ron warned of that too in the reference called “Robotism” on the PTS/SP Course. LRH also said that not everyone would make it out. He was right. We will try to help all who leave the church, but some will not leave and will follow their fellow robotic lemmings over the edge of the cliff to death and become a spiritual cinder.

  5. Well written Karen.
    That is exactly what happened and is still happening.
    Brutal Vulture Culture!
    I would like to point out the following:
    This is for those readers who read this blog and who
    have not left the Church.
    These stories are TRUE.
    Some of you who I know and I cannot mention names because
    they are under the radar so I will have to use the term they have
    not really cognited!
    They seem to be ok about family or friends continuing with their
    services because they have unused money on account.
    They have not duplicated that they will receive OUT TECH.
    Why ask yourselves would you want friends or family not to
    be real products.
    At the end of the day it is not the money!
    Why would you want your friends or family to be F………
    Where is the Integrity?
    Where is the responsibility Level!
    Because they are not on lines or they cannot a ford to donate
    or pay for their next service they stay under the radar.
    Why do they think it is ok for their family or friends be bled dry of
    their hard earned money, getting in to debt.
    I strongly suggest that they do a real Doubt Formula as there is now
    enough True Data for them to do the Doubt Formula correctly.
    If they feel they are not in Doubt then Do Something about it!
    Perhaps doing the Doubt Formula for real they will not be glib
    and actually Wake UP for real and LOOK at what is happening
    in the Church on a weekly basis.
    We are a small group but part of a growing international group and also would
    like your support – the least you can
    do is join the blog and contribute true stories so others
    can relate and actually DISCONNECT from the Church and
    not support any activity that is not on Policy and I mean LRH policy
    do this for LRH.
    Look do not Listen!
    Think for yourself!
    Be true to yourself!.

  6. There might be some other good fables out there too, like the one about “the little boy who cried psychs- sps- squirrels” and now nobody believes anything he says, or maybe “King Midas’s IAS gold”.
    A series called Karen’s fairy tales/fables might be fitting.

  7. Dear Karen et all….
    It is like you said, in many 3D’s actually. But our ‘group’ split up as it had reached the point where the atrocities outweighed the struggles to make it go right by many. But NOW, all those who left, who are carrying on the work in the field (you and I included) are laying those golden eggs in plenty and in fact more golden eggs are being laid daily than before. This I feel is important to remember not to forget !!
    Pe-er, DK

  8. Great post Karen. It is an apt analogy.

    The betrayal and treason is on the part of the Church not the parishioners or staff that recognize it and leave. You didn’t leave the Church; the Church left you. I heard a Mission Holder I knew well from the eighties say much the same thing during that purge of producers. ” This is not what I signed up for” He closed his mission instead of submitting to DM’s dictates and was immediately declared. He was a good guy contributing to the movement.

    DM is bent on the destruction of Scientology as a topic and motive force of good to change society. One only has to look at his products (results) to establish this. 30 years of reign, decimating everything that produces good results, expands Scientology and makes it viable.

    The long look at DM demonstrates his purpose and intent; the destruction of that which makes free and able beings, reducing the subject of Scientology to scorn in the eyes of the public and unworkability inside the organization. Classic SP characteristics for all to see except those unwilling to look.

  9. It all makes sense now….I got in in `85…I was blown away…this was it!!I had been looking for a very long time.I was among others who also got it!I am very grateful that I DID get a lot of the original Tech….I somehow could not advance to Clear and beyond.I know myself well now and can see that…I did not trust the line offered…I knew something was wrong with it.I believe now that CofS was infiltrated shortly after I got in…or before,but the rot had not reached throughout.I know that the original Tech of LRH will carry the day ultimately and I look forward to the day that we begin to correct the outpoints….the day that the correct terminals are hung from the rafters (although it may be difficult attaching a rope to an eel)…after all,there is a special place reserved in hell for those who can knowingly and repeatedly betray others ,with the same ease as taking a breath….
    Thank you all for your comments on this site.
    I look forward.

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