Lest we Forget

Self-improvement-is-about-how-you-feelBy Alan Bowman

In this time where new membership of the corporate cofs is declining, alteration of the Tech is the order of the day, and existing public and staff are walking away from the church, blogs, emails, associates daily informing us of the atrocities that had to be endured (and in many cases still being endured) by Scientologists ……. In this confusing condition many are losing (or are terrified of losing) the stable data they have held for years.

We need to remember why we became Scientologists. Was it seeking a truth about life and livingness, self-improvement, personal immortality, exteriorization, OT phenomena or simply being able to get on better with our fellows? These goals and purposes and other reasons were what drew many of us to Scientology in the first place.

Amid all the current turmoil and the confusing conditions it is important for us to rehab that purpose and to realize that those purposes are still achievable. And to know that the Tech of LRH is still available as he intended it and to be used to help ourselves and others.

I know that many out there are disillusioned and cynical, but as one of those (amongst many) who has personally worked with the Tech for nearly 6 decades and seen miracles occurring when it is correctly applied; don’t give up on your original goals and purposes. GET BACK INTO COMM WITH LRH’s TECH AS IT WAS MEANT TO BE USED.

Alan Bowman


42 thoughts on “Lest we Forget

  1. You are so right, I have just returned after experiencing it. Tone level Enthusiasim. There IS a future, go and get it.

  2. I agree Alan, its all too easy to throw out the tech with the dirty CofS bath water!
    I see a few who had such a rough experience with corporate Scn that
    to them the very name is abhorrent. Walking away, staying away and even giving their beliefs away to other forms of religeons must seem better to them somehow.
    Can it be that bad whereby a person who makes it to OT with all the cognitions (even in the church) only to become a reborn christian? Defies logic, yet it has happened. How does a person get to that decision, one has to wonder? Has the church driven them to this point with all its supression and loss? Is it a case dramatisation, a lowered condition? All of the above?
    No matter how low Ive sunken, no matter how at loss Ive felt, the tech has always been able to solve it. It took hard confront, application and another terminal to handle things but it always solved. My hope is for others to not give up theres. You dont have to belong to any group to get the correct tech. Find an auditor, EO or stable terminal who can assist you. Its all there. Go for it. Or dont. The point being, its your life, your experience and game. The tech in my humble opinion helps with playing a bigger better game! Not using it would be like leaving a 2 million Rand sports car in the garage idling while you set out on your sons toy trycicle! Yes that sports car may kill you. (Freedom seeking is dangerous). But riding around on that trycicle is just pure lunacy!

  3. Cheers, Alan, nicely stated.
    Don’t ever lose sight of that beautiful mountain.
    We are actually way better off doing the bridge out here than we probably ever were at the CO$. Although a training facility with plenty of students hasn’t been created yet whereas the CO$ has one almost right around the corner, moving up the grades through Clear and to OT has never been easier. Had I remained with the CO$, I would’ve been re-doing my Solo Auditor’s Course for the umpteenth time and likely slated for $100,000 in Sec Checks, FPRD and other Regerama before going anywhere inside of any AO. Out here, for a fraction of that cost, I’ve managed to get well into the upper OT levels, something I had settled on having written off with the CO$ five years ago. The Indies/FZ have been the greatest blessings in life. I have achieved here what I would never have imagined I could possibly have attained at CO$.
    People advise to leave the CO$ because it’s all so bad over there, I see it rather as a better avenue to move up the bridge here. Virtually all the tech in it’s original LRH-issued form is available right up through OT VIII. No GAT of any sort required.

    • I experienced the same thing myself. I was dissolusioned about being able to do the upper Bridge, constant alterations of prereqs and stops put in my way by the CoS. I left a number of years ago and have been moving along at a rapid rate since. The things I wanted to do were/are avaialble in the field from professional, experienced auditors. The wins and gains cannot be described, they must be experienced.

  4. So true, L RON HUBBARDS TECH still exists i am not going to do COB’s version. Hat yourself on data before 1982 and Find what works for you and you will fly.

  5. Having become rather cynical and forgetful of the wins in Scientology – primarily as a result of too much reading Mike Rinder’s blog which, while interesting, does tend to be overly critical for my liking – I recently did a little exercise to rehab my wins honestly and not for PR reasons and decide if my more than 20 years in Scn had been worthwhile. On balance I decided it was.
    What I found was as follows:
    Book One course and brief auditing experience – not just crap but potentially hypnotic. I rebelled from it and subsequently all Dianetic/NED auditing.
    Comm course – excellent, even life changing wins, though frankly it helped that I twinned with a hot chick!
    TRs & Objectives (on the HQS course) – fantastic, possibly the single biggest win I have had in all Scn.
    Pro TRs – fantastic. On my bullbait I ended up with my pants around my ankles.
    Levels – great: primarily I was auditing almost immediately (obviously pre-GAT). I view Student Hat as part of this, not some massive course in its own right.
    KTL/LOC – fantastic. Again literally life changing.
    Purif – waste of time, whatever the ‘new’ EP is. I’ve never been a druggie.
    Objectives – as above in HQS, I finally arrived and got to see what present time looks and feels like.
    Grades – the wins were good, although most grades really dragged. I got very excited when the SA Rundown came out, but felt it was nothing special. Virtually no ser facs run, and nothing that changed my life.
    Sec checks – until I arrived at Flag for that special Flag-only style of sec check (three swing FN and recheck questions ad infinitum if they need to deliver more hours before Thursday) I loved sec checks. It totally opened up my track and gave me reality. That reality has since been dimmed at Flag as sec checks seem only to be about the internet and 2D shit (well, for me anyway).
    CCRD – nothing. I had greater certainty I was clear than before any of my three CCRDs.
    NED – no somatics, no engrams. I don’t believe I’ve ever experienced an engram in my life.
    FPRD co-audit – this is the way Scn is supposed to be. We audited the crap out of each other for no cost! Felt fantastic – I especially felt great telling regges to go to hell, Anzo can wait for me to finish. Only problem – learned the hard way not to say I don’t want a 2D list (as the majority of my auditing had already looked at this dynamic). 2D is exactly what I got – third time, and I’ve never looked at any other dynamic. Still, I enjoyed looking at my track indiscretions.
    OT levels – nothing. All I can say is that for PR and status reasons I assumed an ‘OT’ valence which made me look like a great product when two inches behind my forehead nothing was occurring. I still haven’t made up my mind if OT levels are real or a great fraud. I know non-Scientologists who similarly assume a ‘saintly’ valence and can look as ‘OT’ as me.
    Flag-only RDs – I got great wins from the two I had. These actually and unexpectedly changed my life. But that was in 1992.

    • Awareness is the source of perception. Awareness of being aware occurs in TR’s, during auditing, whilst bungee jumping or with meditation. What occurs is that the person momentarily has an absence of “ego-self” occurring and a recognition of true self. The self then moves in to claim that epiphany which occurred due to it’s absence. lol.
      If you are then required to write a success story, you reinforce the ego-self and recognition of true-self. Then having a status such as OT or clear attached to “ego-self” compounds the confusion.
      If you can see this then you will realize that there is no such entity called Thetan (Noun). We may be “selfing” (verb) or thetaning (verb)
      Self is an activity – not an entity.

    • A most enjoyable read.
      I had wins on everything I ever did on the bridge, didn’t matter what service it was. That being said I found the LX lists the most powerful action I’ve ever done (tranformed me completely), second was NOTs, third OT II & OT III and then KTL’s Clay Table auditing. These RDs/Levels were lifesavers for me. The OT Levels I did out here.

  6. People look on this as being ‘my science’. Yeah, I own all of your postulates. I bought them one day at a raffle. Like the devil I did! About the only thing, as I told you the other day, that I have done is organize and put together, and maybe I can look a little bit better than anybody else has been looking for a long time, and so I can see it. But if you can see it, well, so help me Pete, it’s yours. Got that? From LRH tape lecture titled “Individuation”.

  7. Interesting things on this blog this morning…
    Yes, let’s not depreciate our hopes and wins, because a fool (full?) SP is trying to robotize Scn. Thanks for this inspired reminder Alan!!!
    “Self is an activity, not an entity”… Hmm, opens a new vision… Thanks Martin…

  8. Alan, thank you for this great article. This is exactly where we are at. Thank you for reminding us and for wording this so nicely. To remember why we became Scientologists – is what we need to do. It might not only be one of the steps on the way up the conditions from confusion – with all those stable data shaken one quickly finds oneself in a condition of confusion – confusion (finding out where one is), next up treason (finding out that one is), next up enemy (finding out who one REALLY is) – this is where “I came into Scientology because…” can fit it. It will also help revitalize one’s purpose and help re-align things.
    The picture is very beautiful too and fitting. Thank you again!

  9. I’ve been discovering that LRH may not have been all that he posed to be. I’ve not read the books yet, intend to however. I’ve been discovering about witchcraft, imbibing, plagarism and worse. However, I don’t care how LRH put together what he did or that not all the material is original. He’s says this much on many counts. I’ve studied the OEC and he says it’s a compilation of the natural laws of the physical universe. He compiled the Tone Scale from observation.
    It may not have been all his invention but he doesn’t claim it is. He put a huge amount of effort into finding out things and putting it all down so that it was available for our benefit. What he did was to codify the tech in such a way that we could see it, read it, study it, understand it, be aware of it, apply it, diseminate it – do whatever we liked with it. No one else did this in a practical way so that the data could be effectively used. I searched hard before Scientology, for twenty years, trying to find ways and means to improve my life and understanding of it. I found what I was looking for in Scientology. I was fortunate in that I experienced a standard Bridge and standard training.
    I was never happy in the church except for odd moments. I knew at the back of my mind from the beginning that something was out, something was weird about the people who manage it. I was on my guard. I was on staff, too, lasted only a few months though. Even as a public, although slightly better off from when I was on staff, I knew how to dodge the bullets.
    I have no regrets. I am way better off because LRH’s tech. Today, I’ve regained my happy disposition, I’m more stable than I was before Scientology, I’m confident, certain, stable, sane, doing well in life. In fact, I’m having a ball.
    Hear! Hear! To LRH!

  10. I also became disaffected from the “church” after my auditing was overrun for many
    Intensives; even after having cog’s being vgi’s and huge f/n’s…
    But the next c/s was to grind me to death with the process, as time went on and on with the wrong kind of auditing and the overruns I started to get physically nauseated and BI’s ..
    So i understood that someone “up lines” has changed the tech and meaning of EP probably not understanding that the greads are a release not an erase… that was the end for me..
    I started to investigate what had changed in the tech and why a simple cycle of action became so hard to compleate, was it an evil intention? And MU?? Evil essentially stems form MU’s.
    Going online opened my eyes but as a result i completely invalidated my wins.. Scientology.. LRH… the universe… truth… and became a cynical bitter person. I felt a huge lose for my group, my purpose in life, my reason, my ray of light.
    Through this blog, and this blog alone i had a huge cog:
    The real SP’s are gropes like anonymous and mike bunker and other haters confuse LRH the church and DM… It became a=a=a
    I think the real SP’s ( you know, the ones that where trying to ban scientology for years ) are having a field day from the confusion and inner problems within the church and scientologists
    For them it is futile soil to destroy scientology completely, they make the confused completely disaffected with LRH.
    Reading the words of real good hatred scientologists I could weed the lies form the confusion
    The teach Works! Even if it is not 100% even if it works 40% or 50% that is quite a lot!
    I have yet to find anything that “bites” my case as strongly as dianetics did… Believe me I have looked!
    I think DM is a nut job and needs to be locked up in a mental ward; he is a common thug a bully, a rotten apple. I think the sea org need to wake up and get out of treason!!!
    And see “mutiny on the bounty” ASAP
    We need to get DM off loaded and get some sanely back, why should we disperse? I disagree to give up what we built because of one rotten apple. The fish stinks from the head; lets start a mutiny not only outside but within the “ship”
    When investigating the truth beware of real suppressives like mike bunker that have been haters since 30 years and are now acting as if they “care” for abuses. People like that want to divide and conquer us and our freedom.
    They have a true desire that scientology will not exist. These Ortega’s and bunker’s as well a DM are the true suppressives.
    These are the 2% and the half% is mini me DM!!
    Thank you for this blog, I have been recovered as a scientologist with the words of sanity of all the people on this blog. Keep it up!

    • Obi1, your post contains one of the most accurate assessments of the Scientology blogosphere that I’ve seen in some time, and mirrors my own observations exactly.
      In the spirit of free speech and open communication, some of the most popular blogs by ex church members have given Scientology haters and critics a massively popular public venue to systematically invalidate the tech of Scientology, LRH, and the wins of those who’ve benefited from their usage of that tech.
      Why these opinion leaders of the Independent movement continue to allow the trashing of the subject on their blogs is something of a mystery to me. I can only surmise that they do so, because they’re in a blood feud with Miscavige, and that it’s blinded them to the fact that their new ‘friends’ are not just enemies of the cult, but enemies of the religion as well. I’m being generous there, because I still want to think the best of the site owners.
      Even if they’ve reached a point in their growth as beings where they personally see no value in the religion any longer, that doesn’t excuse the fact that they’re allowing their blogs to be used as platforms for the expression of religious bigotry. They’d never allow their sites to be used to disseminate hateful diatribes against any other religion. They do an awful disservice to Independent Scientologists who frequent their sites, by allowing those people’s most deeply held religious convictions to be openly attacked in their pages.
      I, for one, haven’t allowed the haters to get inside my brain. I’ve challenged them on lots of occasions, and have strongly objected to their outrageous statements. Unfortunately, that’s done little to tone down the assaults. The thing that has happened, is that I’ve pulled back from participating in the conversations at those places.

      • Exactly!
        I just hope there can be more understanding with ex members, that the critics (especially the ones who where never scientologists) are far far far from being friends of LRH and our tech. I have no problem with free communication. lots of things in the curch must change, starting with DM being declered a real supressive. I believe in freedom of speech but not in incitement against freedom of religion or beliefs
        And yes, the 1.5 bigots have now become 1.1 “freedom fighters” using the ex’s like a Trojan horse to infiltrate and destroy scientology and our wins, dispersing us instead of making us fight for keeping scientology working.

      • Obi1 and Ronnie,
        Interesting observation.
        In fact I made a similar observation myself before being 86ed from Marty’s blog
        Another observation I have made over the years is that many of the so called “critics” (as they call themselves. A misnomer in my opinion since an actual “critic” would also be constructive but anyhoo…) are more obsessed with Scientology than the most dedicated “Churchie” ( I know a derogatory term similar to “wog” but mainly used in jest) and even many Sea Org members.
        This of course leads to all kinds of hyperbole on how much of a “threat” the Church of Scientology actually is. For instance their is one such “critic” who claims that “Operation Snow White” was the biggest domestic spying operation ever carried out.
        (Oh please the Church Committee’s Report and the Rockefeller Commission and the current revelations about the NSA put an end to such malarky yet these people seem to live in the same Scieno-centric bubble that they accuse many Scientologists of living in.)
        Really I’d ignore these people if it wasn’t for their patronizing ,self righteous, arrogant and hypocritical efforts to safe us from ourselves.
        Then of course there are the ex-Scientologists who in many ways are even worse.
        In many ways they remind me of “reformed” smokers (what I affectionately call “smoke free nazis” ) and “former” ( since according to AA’s 12 step program once you’re an alcoholic you’re always an alcoholic) or “recovering” alcoholics ( maybe they think of themselves “recovering Scientologists”. Who knows? Who cares. But anyhoo…) and feel compelled with their “friends” the “critics” to form kinda of a Scientology Temperance League like the WCTU working on prohibition.
        Well as anyone who isn’t historically challenged like the so called “different kind of leader” who probably still thinks that “suicide bombers” attacked Pearl Harbor that such a “solution” isn’t workable.
        I’ve always felt that one should not ignore the occasional pearls of wisdom sometimes offered in the “wog” world and one of them comes from the “Pogo” comic strip:
        “We have met the enemy and he is us.”
        Yes unfortunately the Church is doing more damage to itself and we do more damage to ourselves than all the “Black Propaganda” generated by the various suborned and compliant “news services”, the “critics” and ex-Scientologists who seem to latch onto like leeches trying for their 15 minutes of fame by not staying true to our “faith” though it is more empirical than just a “belief” system, since Scientology actually works when applied correctly.
        ‘Nuff said.

      • “The thing that has happened, is that I’ve pulled back from participating in the conversations at those places.” I find them kind of tiresome too Ronnie!
        One thing I dont like to do is make an enemy out of someone who neednt be. For the Ortegas a question like “would you allow me to exist as a practicing Scientologist without criticism if the current abuses were stopped and atoned for?” might come in handy. Maybe they will just pack up their bags and find someone else to hate when the church is reformed.
        But there are people around who have arcxs with the organization and have a=a to the point where LRH is now the cause of all Scns problems. People are all over the place on the gradient scale after coming out of the church and a little understanding, patience and just getting the message of the tech across, and the application of the tech that some wonderful Independents are doing, and once the bpc has died down some, a percentage of exes will come back. But I think its a mistake to create an us and them scenario.
        History shows that other religions have been through tumultuous times and recovered. Once our church is reformed for real, and can stand on an actual, rather than a hypocritically stated, ethical standpoint, we will be much more effective in making this planet a better place to live.

      • I agree with these comments. There is a maxim: “Never attribute to animosity that which can be reasonably explained by stupidity.” Perhaps there is a bit of both?
        Decompression explains part of it, but not all. I find this blog and MS-2 to be refreshing, and a safe place to be.

      • Astute point Ronnie! If we as the group who still use and apply the tech allow those mayhem rousers to piggy back off the nonsense DM creates, it serves no one! Even this blog has to walk a tight rope of even balance. Who needs Marty’s “special” exit auditing – hellooo?? Someone fell out of the cuckoos nest..
        It can get all too distracting at times. Half truths cocktailed with some juicy lies make for more confusion. When I hear of ex-Scios getting baptised or seeing priests for confessions I know somethings afoot. No person decides to unknow every cognition and give up their dreams in scientology unless something truly wonky happened!

    • Great post.

      These Ortega’s and Bunker’s as well a DM are the true suppressives.

      Oddity … many who supposedly want to save & reform the church also applaud and support such ilk are not exactly what they seem to be either. The not-quite-so-bright bite. I never joined Scientology for anyone’s Jihad for any reason whatsoever, I came to move up the bridge, and that’s all I do here including assisting others in doing so as well.

      Obi1, your post contains one of the most accurate assessments of the Scientology blogosphere that I’ve seen in some time, and mirrors my own observations exactly.

      Hear, hear …

      Why these opinion leaders of the Independent movement continue to allow the trashing of the subject on their blogs is something of a mystery to me.

      They often wind up no longer being Scientologists some time later. Witness the Rathbun total KSW slaughter. That’s the path they are on and where they are really going. Look, don’t listen.

      They do an awful disservice to Independent Scientologists who frequent their sites, by allowing those people’s most deeply held religious convictions to be openly attacked in their pages.

      Ronnie, this is also one of the very best posts I have come across yet. Ain’t it the truth.

      The thing that has happened, is that I’ve pulled back from participating in the conversations at those places.

      Same here. The blogs I support are those that focus on Scientology as a philospohy and practice.

      • Exactly! This is the best comment and post I’ve read in a long time. The Scn bashers going after the ex-Scns like being in a Trojan Horse is soooo true. We need to hold true to our beliefs and not let truly suppressive people, no matter how “nice” sounding, bash our truths to smithereens.

    • People are all over the place on the gradient scale after coming out of the church and a little understanding, patience and just getting the message of the tech across, and the application of the tech that some wonderful Independents are doing, and once the bpc has died down some, a percentage of exes will come back.
      Excellent comment, Cotch. You’ve definitely got the long view of things. I very much appreciate your viewpoint, and agree with it.

  11. True, one is responsible for the creation of his own life; so, rehab those original goals and purposes you yourself had when joined Scientology and be true to them and thus, true to yourself. That is all that counts.

  12. Does anyone know Judy Hackett? She was in the Sea Org and based at Flag. She was from South Africa. I think she was a registrar for the Flag World Tour. I had met her at an East Coast Org once. Nice lady, I heard she was RPF’ed recently. Anyone know her and how she is doing?

  13. Great post here!! I got into Scientology to IMPROVE MY CONDITIONS…and it slowly became giving up everything for this Organization that clearly does not care for human beings….just pretends to. The atmosphere in the Org’s for new people is really cold, hard and uncaring! I left because it became clear that Scientology’s “love bombing” for new members stops as soon as they debit your credit card. One is expected to give everything to the Organization and if one doesn’t – one is ignored and “not is-ed”!!
    It is quite an ugly scene in the Wacky World of (Miscavology) Scientology today. I am so glad to be far away from the insanity!!

  14. Alan that was beautifully written.
    I am an old timer and I have never never
    lost sight of the mountain,
    My purpose this life time was to forward the
    teachings of LRH and the independent field
    forward that purpose and Not the Vulture
    Culture of the Church and the OUT TECH

    • TMy purpose this life time was to forward the teachings of LRH and the independent field forward that purpose and Not the Vulture Culture of the Church and the OUT TECH

      Great viewpoint, I share that completely.

  15. Thanks Alan! You are spot on!
    I had to go through a real review in my life, in 2008, where I needed to decide, for myself, as a declared “SP” if I was a Scientologist or not.
    I made a list of all the various subjects within the body of work, from Dianetics, Study Tech, Science of Survival, basics on ARC/KRC, TRs, Clay table processing, Management technology, CCRD, FPRD and much more. And there was not a single one that I could not see clearly that I had huge life-changing wins, gains, or changes in ability and attitude. It was that point, where I knew I had personally experienced the value of the tech, that I saw it was current management that has twisted the situation into what we see today. I am a Scientologist and always will be. It is the Church that has disconnected from me — not the other way around, and I find disseminating to new people easy by simply communicating the truth of the situation.
    There is the significant datum that what you resist, you become.
    I reckon Miscavige has been fighting SPs and “evil” for so long, he has become one.He is convinced everyone is agin him, and trying to stop him from saving Scientology — when he is in fact the one that is bringing it down. And the Church (Sea Org, staff and parishioners) — focused on fighting and controlling anyone that disagrees with actions taken, or anyone trying to blow the whistle or protesting injustice, has become the very reactive mind and group bank it was supposed to be handling in the first place.
    Tom Martiniano posted an interesting article looking in, from outside. You can see it here http://milestonetwo.wordpress.com/2014/02/05/the-outside-world/. I think even those still within the Church miss the old and real Scientology too. They try to stay chipper and keep their chin up, but everyone knows, even the SO members, that not all is well and good.
    LRH tech, correctly applied, can handle this situation. That is one of the incredible things about Scientology. It has the tech to correct itself — if applied.

  16. Off topic, but I believe of interest to members of this community.

    Bulawayo24 News: Church of Scientology premises turned into a brothel

    Excerpt: “South Africa-based Church of Scientology is facing a crisis as their building in Bulawayo has been illegally invaded by sex workers, drunkards and street kids who are refusing to vacate the premises despite city council efforts to evict them.”

  17. Faith based or empirical. Personnaly I prefer empirical. I don’t much care for faith based doctrin. Can I see it touch it and experience it for myself? If I can then I can formulate my own opinions on it. Some High Priest telling me what to beleive without providing any empirical evidence is just another High Priest looking to subjugate another follower. This is one of the prime aspects of Scientology I am attracted to. It is empirically based, for each individual. Did you experience it? Was it good for you? Enough said. Some things were good experiences, others, so so or possibly bad. The bad is the direct result of enforced dogma of one type or another and can’t really be classified as Scientology despite who or what provided it. Scientology works best when applied to the individual as that individual. If another tears it down that doesn’t then mean that you didn’t experience what you experienced. Of course, one may not wish to hear the drivel of those inclined to carp. I tire of it too.
    I find certainty in the application of the Tech. The more I apply the more certainty I attain. I have read of others who say they were ruined by Scientology. At this point in my journey, I find this statement not only discreditable but downright hilarious. No one and that means no one can ruin you with the exception of yourself. No horrible implant, torture, sleep deprivation, drugs etc can ruin you. It may mess you up presently but as far as long term damage to your psyche, it isn’t even a whisper or a whimper. This may be difficult to see depending where one is in his progress but eventually the empirical data will be coming forth in the form of one own cognitions. Certainty lies there.
    Personally I enjoy keeping up with the current goings on with the CoS. Their legal troubles, their dwindling membership roles and the abandonment of the organizations by scores of individuals. I see the Current CoS as a trap for the hearts and minds of too many. Taking an historical look at other movements the patterns are the same. The fracturing of other religous sects into many is what is occuring with and in Scientology. I do not wish to see the current CoS as a motive force into the future because it is a trap and needs to be dismantled from its current form, if only for the sake of our futures and those we know and love.
    These last statements are not meant as a challenge to the opinions and views of others, they are simply mine.
    The materials of Scientology are all over the net. They are there to study and apply. The more I study and audit, the more I find of value and the greater my understanding of the value of Scientology materials. They are not a zero sum game of study. One doesn’t run out of discoveries of self. Learning is not reduced but expanded. Understanding doesn’t level off but expands. To maximize this one must study and audit. By this I don’t mean to reread the same book repeatidly, although after significant auditng a book, lecture or bulliten previously read seems to magically say much more than prior readings.
    One way to go about this is to study what you find interesting and study it in depth. Another is to study what you audited or are auditing and study it in depth. Or any way you please, but get the materials and study them. The deepening and expansion of understanding will come, likely in a flood.
    One doesn’t need a courseroom to do this. Do it at home. The Cos has gone to great lengths to instill the idea that the only way to study is in a courseroom under their special guidance and supervison or you are a squirrel. Nice control point. What hogwash. What courseroom was LRH in? If he can do it so can you. I listen to lectures while I drive. When I get to a point that gives me pause (cogs) I stop the tape and ponder the point, this can be a few minutes or a few days. This is digesting the material. Insights and gains in understanding are there to be had at any level. The more you do this the greater the gains.
    Scientology is about our existance through eternity. The anchors that hold us are our past considerations acumulated into what we call case. Is it any wonder when correctly applied and studied a flood of new realities roil over us. We all have this pasts and these anchors. Scientology exposes the anchors and blows them. The more you know the greater your gain. Study and auditing is the road out. Both are required. Get the materials, study them. Yes, its work, but the gains outweigh it.
    I’m off my soapbox now. For the monent anyway :>)

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