Where is everybody?

A very short post. We’ll hopefully post a longer one later today.

A flag, FSM Krisztina Toth, sent out a promo email about Superpower. In it she included photos of herself in the Superpower building.

image001 image002 image003Where is everybody? The emptiness shouts out. Granted these may have been taken at 2 in the morning, who knows?



17 thoughts on “Where is everybody?

  1. Frightening. I remember being “in” when MANY people shelled out thousands if not hundreds of thousands or Millions by some…all for “Super Power”. To see it EMPTY here….what a farce. Shame on David Miscavige for ripping off SO many people! Tick Tock, Tick Tock: Time IS on *our* side!

  2. Eerie! I get the impression of caretakers in a mausoleum!
    All that empty glory and as usual, no people, no joy, and no toilet paper.

    • I feel I have to correct you on one point here, David. I believe an international eval was done on the toilet paper situation and, voila! What we are looking at right here and, as we keep on seeing in Ideal Orgs across the globe, is the perfect solution – empty buildings. I believe a dearth of public equals a plethora of toilet paper. Problem sorted! Finally. That’s a DONE sir!

  3. Unless they have some really clever noise dampeners built in, that building must be filled with echos – all that marble and tile and no curtains or anything soft to absorb noise – not even people.
    Reminds me of The Shining….REDRUM…

  4. Q: Where are they?
    A: They are all running around a pole … since midnight
    Hey, I have another question as well. I hope that South Africa will go “Indie” this year. Is anybody actively working on it? There might be some postulating Thetans out there, but this requires some operating Thetans instead.
    Hope, you guys are not just waiting for something to happen inside the cult. You need to push it a few yards so that it can start rolling down the hill (in case there is anything left to roll).
    Greeting from Northern London

  5. After reading this post I went to the super power building and watched people arrive between 8:40 AM and 9:05 AM from about 1 block away. At 8:57 the public started running down the street, so probably 9:00 AM is when they start.

    There is only one exit and entrance on the south side of the building so I could see fairly well.

    There were 24 cars that parked in the near by parking garage and the occupants walked to the super power building in street clothes. Obviously there would be other public that would have walked from the FH, so these cars were probably the local CW public.

    The south door is also a Scientology bus stop, so there was always a group of 20 to 30 staff waiting for the next bus.

    There was something very odd about the staff… it took me awhile to figure it out. It wasn’t their many different uniforms, some were slick some were boiler suits. It wasn’t their age or nationailty, which varied. it was they didn’t talk to each other. They didn’t chat as they waited for the bus. And, no one was animated or laughing…

    • Seems to me as I have observed, the same number of staff and public as went to the Coachman building (including Oak Cove) and now are relatively lost in this large building. Plus the staff stay there to eat so less people on the street during lunch and dinner breaks.
      Yes, while at the bus stops, it’s like they are under guard and just aren’t friendly or talk to each other. Sad.

      • Yes, quite sad.
        As a public getting services at Flag from 1978 to 2005, I noticed that the ratio of public with cars and those without cars (re the 24 cars that parked in the garage) was maybe 50-50… so with 24 cars, it looks like about 50 public? Maybe 100?
        There are 350,000 sq ft in that building. With 50 public, everyone gets their own 7,000 sq ft,,,, about the size of 3 large single family homes. With 100 public they have got 3,500 sq ft each.
        Like a very small tour group visiting Tutankhamun’s tomb…

  6. That second pic looks like a shot of the Board I/C’s station. Note the large numbered panels with the words, “Hubbard Guidance Center” above them. Note also that there isn’t a single name to be seen on any of them.

  7. Similar looks if you take photos in any other Idle Orgs, they are literally empty…
    And no, these photos were not taken at 2am… even if is dark outside the activities normally end at around 10pm; nevertheless, if there were tons of people by 10.30 – 11.00pm you would be able to see some late lingering ones.

  8. Anyone had the notion of the Super Power building being built as just another shiny implant station? The screens, NASA equipment and other weird stuff could all just be the final solution towards entrapment sold as “freedom”?
    Afterall LRH delivered Super power without any of this Mesty over the top nonsense! What if the intent was to take those rundowns and reverse them? Instead of self determined OT’s you would have mindless zombies, shuffling along to DM’s dictates. I cannot see the true aims of Super Power designed by LRH ever seeing the light of day in the crumbling super structure of radical corporate scientology – ever!
    This building is the apex of ruin and will go the same way as any of our pyramids built ages ago. The only thing that will last is the enigma of why the bloody hell was it built in the first place!!

    • Sheeple, the first time I saw the plans that showed the floor for the “Resurgence Rundown” aka the Running Program, it sent a chill through me. Darkened room with a glowing pole in the center that people run around endlessly with no reference points? If that’s not implanting I don’t know what is.
      The entire evolution of DM branded GAT Tech has the sole purpose of making obedient “OTs” and nothing more. Judging by those OTs that are still in that mission has been accomplished – mindless zombies toeing the line of Command Intention, terrified to have free thoughts or responses that don’t align. Why else would you have an OT VIII who is “cause over life” and has had “Truth Revealed” have them now do objectives?

  9. so sad. all of these empty buildings. built under pressure and loss of so much money, time, blood, sweat and tears.
    now they are unused, empty shells. Just like Mi$cientology.

  10. LRH once wrote’ that Greatness was the ability to go on loving ones fellows despite all
    Reasons why one should not. Being LRH. He would never advocate loving any agency
    Nor persons hell-bent on the overthrow. Of self-determinism.
    Even Jesus said ….,,”turn the other cheek but never to the malice of wolves turn it only to those who you love who have misunderstood you for those whom.you have loved shall
    Come home to your kindness while the wolves seek only to devour you”
    In the independent field we love one another and this alone was ever the destiny of who we
    Are as scientologists.

  11. I remember the words of my beloved father on leaving for america as a teenager…”Remember
    That what some do to others they will do to you. If you neglect the harmed then that will harm you” ”people have such a desire to be helped so help them if you can. Dont do it for god or the angels, mick. Hell they get blamed for all the things never done by them.”. Do it because your heart is free and never from a prison you made yourself by neglect. ”
    And come home to me and help me chop the rest of this firewood.”

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