Let there be Peace


By Mike Moretti

Have been following your blog for a while now and as an old (???!!!) Scientologist, and feel that I too, should have the chance to put in my Penny’s worth  (if you do not mind).

As a matter of background…… I heard of Scientology in 1957 from a dear friend (who passed on many years ago) – Nick Louw.

I was 18 years old. (ok…. Ok …. my body was 18 then)

Had my first PE lecture in 1958, did the HPA in Cape Town.

Went on to do many many courses including the SHSBC at Saint Hill England in 1968 / 1969 . Did Hundreds if not thousands of hours of confronting.

Went clear in my home town in Italy and I firmly believe I was the very first Italian to go clear.

Fought hard with a whole lot of fellow Scientologists not to have Scientology banned.

Started and Audited on OT 7 at Flag for a while in 1981….

Many of you know of me.

WELL…….It is my personal opinion (for what it is worth)  that if we all had the awareness of being able to duplicate 100% the first axiom of Scientology (LIFE IS BASICALLY A STATIC), we would not be at loggerhead with anyone. Let alone with other fellow Scientologists.

And I dare say that we would have made it.

Ok…. SO…..

LRH, like Jesus of Nazareth,  Mohammed, Gandhi ,Socrates, St Thomas of Aquine, etc etc etc ( Blessed be their names) all of these and many many others preached, lived and tried to teach us,  the most important message of all…. LOVE….. in all its different aspects.

And through the absolving of one’s trespasses in a sec-check or confession, and a willingness to take responsibility for one’s overts, the door to total freedom is never shut.

OK………OK……  you might say get to the point… WELL…….. Do you remember LRH’s words…….. went on something like this ‘’ UNTIL THE DAY WE CAN LOOK AT EACH OTHER AS BROTHERS AND SISTERS THERE WILL NOT BE PEACE ON EARTH’’.

WELL…..The following is my personal suggestion and one which I would be happy to contribute towards in order  to see our family of Scientologists getting back into good communication, putting an end  to our differences, re-opening our comm lines, setting a good example to the rest of the world, flourishing and prospering, AND joining the rest of the world’s people of goodwill, so bringing about what LRH, JESUS, MOHAMMED and all the other great leaders wished for, a world were sanity reigns a world where the able prosper a world we envisioned when we got attracted to Scientology.

Through the medium of the internet, let us send an appeal to ALL who have been and are Scientologists throughout the world, affected, disaffected, on lines, under the radar, etc. Let us form a delegation (A PHALANX) of hundred’s  if not thousands of Scientologists who, WITH OR WITHOUT PERMISSION (PREFERABLY WITH) could converge on Flag , with the express intention to iron out the differences in our family, audit out the by-passed charge, and reform our ranks.

This Delegation (phalanx…. I like this word) could follow on joining all other worthwhile groups on our planet.

MAYBE MAYBE this could have been what LRH meant when he said that the new civilization would start from what the SOUTH AFRICANS would do.

Much Love to you ALL

Mike Moretti

25 thoughts on “Let there be Peace

  1. Mike, these things you say are probably the sentiments of any social personality. They do however convey to me the fact that you have not done your homework. The many wonderful people that remain in the C of S are neither the problem nor the resolution. The problem is the self appointed dictatorship who determines the attitudes of the rest and keeps them blind to the actuality of the C of S today. I suggest you read the book by Marc Headly,”Blown for Good” also “Scientology,Corruption at the Top” by Amie Scobie and finally Counterfeit dreams by Jefferson Hawkins.These were productive executives each destroyed personally by the “Dictator” who sets the entire tone for the C of S.
    There is not a personality clash going on here.This is a fight for the purity and continuity of delivery of the tech and the gains that are “supposed to be,”–as we experienced in the ’70s.
    Reasonableness and lack of certainty as to the existing scene will land us in the slave pit watching our “brief chance” swirl down the drain.

  2. Mike, nice thought but it ain’t going to happen unless someone steps forward to fund and organise this?
    But seriously, the root of the evil we’re dealing with is not at Flag.
    What about a group letter, signed by hundreds of South Africans posted to DM and/or published on the Internet and/or sent out to every email address we could lay our hands on, local and otherwise? An effort such as this could stir things up in a positive manner. Even if just to prod the koolaiders to wake up.
    I hate to say it sould be a petition because it would be useless. DM is not running the show on his own. He and his puppet masters would laugh it off.

    • Mike, you may not know that Ernest and Gaye Corbettt went to Flag with questions trying to get answers. So did Mark Shreffler. Look what happened to them. I’m sure there’ve been many other who’ve attempted this.
      Ernest and Gaye visited the Freewinds with similar intentions but were given short thrift.
      There will be no answers. One is trying to rationalise an irrationality. It’s not possible.

  3. Hmm..I wonder if a ghandi like processession on a mass scale to the doors of Int base LA or Flag for that matter, would have the desired effect? For certain it would need good organization, iron will and plenty of forgiveness permeating the winds of change..
    Im more inclined to see the merits of an internal coup de tat! What else can depose a genuine dictator off his throne called deceit? Flowing good intentions, peace and goodwill wont solve this problem methinks. He is way too entrenched to go easily and willingly. He also knows there are many out there who would see him hang for all his crimes.
    One can always hope DM wakes up one day in a moment of power drunk sobriety and cognites! Upon realisation of his true self he then orders a latrine of epic construction to be made. After many sleepless nights by int staff toiling away, the latrine would be unveiled for all to behold! DM now perched atop a tall crane would after much fanfare proceed to dive head first into the magnificent latrine- sploosh! All RPFed staff would be on hand, ready to cut the cord to flush away the abomnable dwarf man to his watery grave!
    Hooray! Celebrations ran into the days and nights, many came from afar to see the once mighty DM’s throne. Each person made their own personal contribution to that throne. Afterall they had been on the receiving end for many a year and deserved the small satisfaction of returning DM’s flow!
    Peace returned to the land of scientology as the distraction of DM and his church was no more. People once again got what they expected and loved to be called a scientologist. The stygma had gone, we were all proud to help our fellow man using the tech.
    We reached the stars and beyond.

    • “You assist an evil system most effectively by obeying its orders and decrees.
      “An evil system never deserves such allegiance. Allegiance to it means
      partaking of the evil. A good person will resist an evil system with his or her whole soul.” – Mahatma Gandhi

  4. I like your intent, Mike. but do not consider it workable. When there is an impostor reigning in the castle, he needs to be ousted.
    However, I believe more communication is the solution, not less. That would mean: not to agree with the considerations held by others on stopping communication (through disconnection, declare, or whatever), but instead to communicate more.

  5. Hello Mike,
    If you have participated in Scientology from 1957 – 1981 then you are an ‘Old Timer’ not ‘old’ You said you ‘did Hundreds if not thousands of hours of confronting’ – perhaps you meant auditing?
    I got the gist of what you said – which is that we must love each other, and get to grips with the first axiom of ‘life is basically a static’ – there will be peace on earth. That is what I understood you meant to say with your post.
    However, I find it preposterous that you lump LRH in with the likes of Jesus, Mohammed, Gandhi, Socrates, St Thomas etc., and state ‘all of these and many others preached, lived and tried to teach us, the most important message of all…. LOVE….. In all its different aspects.’
    Out of the lot you mentioned above, Jesus was the only one, who repeatedly tried to teach us ‘the most important message of all …. LOVE’. I quote John 13:34 – Jesus said: “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another’.
    He also repeatedly gave an example of ‘how’ to love. I quote Matthew 5:38 ‘ You have heard that is was said, AN EYE FOR AN EYE, AND A TOOTH FOR A TOOTH, but I say to you, do not resist an evil person; but whoever slaps you on your right cheek, turn the other to him also. If anyone wants to sue you and take your shirt, let him have your coat also…..’
    On the other hand, ‘LOVE one another’ – is not part of the teachings or philosophic writings of LRH – but rather – “And my philosophy is why not kick a dog when it’s down?” (April 1955) – which ‘kick them when they are down’ kind of practice is REPEATEDLY reflected by declaring people ‘Suppressive Persons’ and its ramifications.
    Public statements such as “We are not a turn the other cheek religion” –( quoted from statements made by cult Lawyer, Earle Cooley on CNN to a worldwide audience after the copyright raids on so called ‘SP’ homes in 1995) – so many things clearly demonstrate that LRH and Jesus Christ had very few, if anything in common.
    You ask: ‘Do you remember LRH’s words went on something like this ‘’ UNTIL THE DAY WE CAN LOOK AT EACH OTHER AS BROTHERS AND SISTERS THERE WILL NOT BE PEACE ON EARTH’’.
    What he in fact said was: ‘On the day that we can TRUST each other there will be peace on Earth’.
    To get back to the axiom of a static – using the LRH statement about TRUST – peace on earth and the essence of a static – which I believe is LOVE in its purest form – a selfless kind of love that involves all of life in whichever form, and giving without expectation of anything in return.
    Realising that a static is subjected to interference, dispersals, ridges, flows – confusing because of origin, and variables in its function as a lifetime outside of the function, yet private to self, albeit standing in the mid of a magnitude of variables – a static is essentially privately and individualistic to its own source – which never changes. This thing called LOVE not taught or demonstrated by LRH – nor practiced in the church of $cientology?
    How ELSE do we get to TRUST and achieve PEACE on Earth?

  6. Hi Mike, They were wonderful years.We knew you were in the Org because your laughter used to resonate up to the Academy on the 3rd floor. You are part of of the fond memories I have of a time that I had no doubt would last forever. Ray and Linda Bruwer, Richard and Jackie,
    the Davis Clan so many great people it would take me an hour or two to list them all. That time Robbie Mein went for the record number of WDAH in a week, I think it was well past a hundred.
    The Academy packed to the rafters with mainly HQS course students who went up the Bridge
    to greater things in such a whoosh such as Sandy Kroeger and her Hubby. They were a powerhouse then and from what I hear now are still in the front line making things matter.
    Ernie and Gay Corbett, how could they be treated so shabbily for what they have always contributed to the Church.
    Thank you for being there and thank you for being part of very important time in my life.
    Roland Gautier

    • So wonderful to see you here Roland. Yes….. those were the times. I so hope some of those names you mentioned wake up and smell the coffee. It takes some doing to up your confront of evil……
      Wonderful to see your name here Mike.

  7. Hi Mike interesting view point.
    However we are actually at WAR to get rid
    of an Evil Dictator and to Salvage public who have
    been deceived by altered Tech!
    Manipulated in thinking the Church is honest and straight-
    all crimes done in the name for the Greatest Good for the
    Greatest number – yeh fraud and the Vulture Culture of
    raping us of our hard earned money.
    Threats of every kind imaginable and the SP policy which
    does not exist to destroy the dynamics of any rebel who
    dares to Challenge DM and the running of his Church!
    Most of us who read this blog have decided to never ever
    fall into the trap of trusting a group who owns you spiritually
    Lock stock and barrel in the name of Freedom and
    threatening us if we do not comply.
    Suggest you gain more knowledge on what we are actually
    communicating to each other for. The references above
    will help.
    We want to practice the teachings of LRH and gain the state
    of full OT To make others aware and wake up fully to what
    has actually been going on for years right under our noses
    NEVER Will I forgive or forget those who have in the name
    of the church made our bridge progress hell and our
    personal lives hell especially towards those who have had
    to endure being labeled SP around the planet because they
    have disagreed and communicated.
    This is the start of the revolution – we will not turn back to
    Slavery we are free beings and we have rights!
    No matter how tough it may get we have to expose
    There is no way an olive branch can handle the core of the
    cancer which sits in the Church – best thing to do is find the
    real bridge which is out there and move on.
    You Create your own future so best thing to do is LOOK!

  8. I tried to have a reasonable discussion with my FSM Mike Frankel about the problems I had with the church, but he reported me to OSA and I have not heard from him since. I tried to have a reasonable discussion with CO OSA (Anne Hogarth), which was reduced at one point to a shouting match and her asking me “What are your crimes?” Huh??!! A person can’t note an outpoint without being labelled a criminal?
    The problems that I was aware of at that time pale into insignificance when compared with what I know now. I truly believe that it is futile to expect any reasoned approach from the church. The best that can be done is to keep as many people informed as possible and to let each individual adopt his/her own position.
    It seems to me that the tech/subject is being kept alive by a number of people in the independent field, and they are even more effective at this than the church itself.
    I don’t fear for the demise of the tech/subject. I believe it will be available to people for a long time coming, aided by the power of the internet.
    I do fear that there will be alteration of the subject – but the worst perpetrators of this are in the church.
    There are a number of people who love the way the church is. That is their choice. That is their right. That is their karma !
    There are a number of people who – if properly informed – would choose to be out, but they just don’t know the truth. They (and everyone suffering the effects of disconnection) are the only ones I care about. The dissemination of true information is necessary for no other reason than enabling a person to exercise his/her own power of choice.
    That is the beauty of these blogs, the internet, the press, the litigation which pulls out key evidence, and word of mouth. As this pressure weighs against the church, the people still in will eventually hear of it, and work it out for themselves.
    Having said all that Mike – I applaud your intent, your good nature, your hopes for the future. The time may come when that may work – I am just not optimistic about it at the moment.

    • Beautifully stated Wendy.

      Mike. Joshua’s list of books above is perfect. It is pretty much the sequence I started with. Add Jenna’s book as well.

      I like your sentiments Mike, but we are way down the road to an alternative route out here. The cofs does definitely not listen. They meet dissention with force. No intelligence.

  9. Dear Mike “”WELL…….It is my personal opinion (for what it is worth) that if we all had the awareness of being able to duplicate 100% the first axiom of Scientology (LIFE IS BASICALLY A STATIC), we would not be at loggerhead with anyone. Let alone with other fellow Scientologists.”””
    Very well said… and not likely will be duplicated.. Few realises that we operate in the second of NOW and in that fraction of creation we experience and there is no more..
    There is no time, past or future. Just NOW, and when one fights the past is like fighting the windmill. or fighting ones own creations, ones own reality which was and is illusions, conjured up be the spirit in order to have on experience-game.
    Best to you. Elizabeth Hamre.

  10. If you created a huge delegation of all types and varieties of Scientologists who assembled together to oust David Miscavige and save Scientology from itself? That would be very cool.

  11. I have a simple opinion : DM is an SP. He should be so declared. This is standard tech. An SP declare with all his overts written on the golden rod. And then will love be possible again in scientology.

  12. Hello Mike,
    I don’t know you, but I believe (from someone whose opinion I trust implicitly) that you were one hell of a mover and shaker in the early days, and that your contribution to Durban org was invaluable.

    I thank you for all that you did to put Scientology there for others.

    I also thank you for being here now and communicating.
    I loved the intention of your message.

    Love BP

  13. Mike, you’re completely right that if everyone duplicated and understood Axiom 1 there would be no more conflict. In a static there is no difference between subject and object, between self and other. Fighting becomes ridiculous when you can view through the eyes of the so-called ‘enemy’, perceive his feelings and think his thoughts.
    Axiom 23 says a static is capable of total knowingness and total ARC. Total ARC is like a universal solvent that can vanish all mechanics of existence (Axiom 24).
    War, fighting, controversy etc are just games that have gone downscale and become serious. We are, or should be, in a position to give up compulsive game-playing and unmock games that have gone serious.
    The only difficulty is that conceiving a static is a very rough process for people who are still compulsively playing games. They really need their havingness, like Gollum needed his precious ring, like Miscavige needs his houses/cars/airplane/motorbikes/servants/booze/suits/gymnasium etc. It’s very hard to explain a static or a thetan to the general public, almost inevitably they think it’s something like an atom or an invisible marble that can be physically handled. That’s the way I thought before I started up the bridge.

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