Panic at Joburg North?

This email has just hit the inboxes of Scientologists.

Joburg North’s building has been a problem from day one, from the time the org was going to be a city office, no an org, no a city office and then finally an org. This was the reason Africa was announced as having purchased all it’s ideal buildings and then just a few months later announced that Joburg North needed a building.

This org is probably best compared with PE org in terms of its historical size. The email is titled “Call to Arms”, a phrase so overused it literally has no meaning any more. As for Ian raising a R2 million bond. No words.


Subject: Call to Arms

Dear Scientologist and Joburg North supporters,
This is a heartfelt note to all our public.  It’s time for us to stand together.
 We are at a turning point with the purchase of our Ideal Org building.  We have reached the halfway mark with our fundraising.  There are other interested parties in our building, putting offers in.  We need to make a move and do it fast!!  We all need to work out something bigger than usual for our Ideal Org.  It is so vital that we get the Ideal Org that I am appealing to all of you to dig deep.  It is necessary for the area serviced by Joburg North (and for Africa for that matter) that we get our fundraising targets met and Joburg North’s Ideal Org building purchased.  This is so very important to me as the ED that I have raised a bond on some property for R2million for the Ideal Org campaign.
All we need to do is look and see how many people we are able to handle at any one time in the existing Joburg North building, extrapolate that out to the entire area we need to service, and we can then see the real need for us to get our Ideal Org as soon as possible.  Not just that, but our AO awaits too.
My valuable final product as the ED is a “viable, expanding org”.  Because we are a team in what we do, it is also the VFP of all our staff and public.  We are all in this together and as the ED I am counting on everyone’s support to get this done.  This is our turn.  We are going to make the difference in our lifetimes to the city of ours!!
Joburg North’s staff and public have caused many affluences before.  And what causes an affluence can do it again.  I am committed to seeing this project through!   I now really need your help to dig deep and help us finish this target.  This is our org, our neighbourhood and our city!   Once we get our building we will all create a movement towards completion that cannot and will not get stopped.  It just needs all of our public’s agreement and alignment, and we will complete the building purchase in the period required.
What do you say?  Let’s just be totally crazy and get this done!
Executive Director, Joburg North


41 thoughts on “Panic at Joburg North?

  1. My heart goes out to him. Such good intentions, such ignorance as to the real why behind the fund raising. As long as Ian’s attention is stuck on fund raising he hasent got the time to look around and see that its all a scam. I really feel for these guys.

    • I don’t feel for him at all. His modus operandi is to make people feel guilty when they don’t play ball, like attend an event or some other. He’s tried it on me and many others. Why do you think the Frankels have pushed off to another org, for instance. And Frik Blaauw, a very supportive field member – gone! And dozen’s of others, including myself. He’s reactive and has ARC-broken so many of the good, contributing field because he doesn’t know how to treat them.
      How long ago was it that he look at the org VFP? Judging from the number of auditors he’s not making or having train up, he hasn’t noted it for a very long time.
      He doesn’t have my sympathy. He’s ED for the wrong reason.

      • I agree. This man has mistreated many in his field and would never be an ED in a standard LRH Org.All of us want to see a better world and standard tech applied. This kind of appeal traps the unwary (including Ian apparently) into funding the COB gravy train, not providing anyone with any case gain.

      • The only emotion that Scientologist’s are allowed to have is GUILT! That is what they pound to get their projects done. They don’t use reason or common sense – it is GO BANKRUPT and be VGI’s about it! PIrates and Bums! It is all so theta….cringe

  2. Too many words with too much hot air behind them…
    Why is having an ideal org a prerequisite to getting people into the org and making a difference. Too much emphasis is being put into significance, and not enough into actually making a difference. The focus seems to have shifted from servicing the public to looking good. As if looking good was ever a requirement to getting people into the orgs. I did my Student Hat, Pro TRs and Upper indoc TRs at JHB North when it was on the top floor of the building just off Jan Smuts Ave in Randburg, many years ago, and the course rooms were FULL. That building looked like cr@p, but there were always people there on course and looking happy to be there. I have no idea what the current org looks like now, but I hesitate to think about it.
    TRs changed my life, and it makes me sad to know that there are so few people getting the tech compared to how things used to be.
    To me it looks like the major stop being put on the lines is the ideal orgs campaign. It seems to be that the c of s is using the fact that all the orgs aren’t “ideal” as a reason as to why they can’t expand and grow. Why can’t they just get off their asses and stop using the ideal orgs as an excuse to not deliver???
    The only times in my life that I have managed to do something that I would normally not be able to do, is when I actually used the correct effort and got off my but and made it happen. The c of s is just motivating here, and we all know what the overt motivator sequence is and how it effects people and groups.
    Just my 2c.

    • TooChicken – I too was around in those days. That place was very busy when Jeremy and Graeme were the course sups and Gaelen was the ED. Then the Sea Org came (David Lipsitz) to put in ethics on the public. Pink sheets galore for nonsense reasons. I always thought that David lacked judgment / insight – why put in ethics on an upstat org? I think we winning or getting close to winning the Birthday Game or something sinful like that, when Joburg “Ideal” Org should have been scoring the points. I wonder if it isn’t all part of a greater plan to destroy anything that works, or internal politics. We just see that so very often. It really looks deliberate.
      And yes that place was not beautiful but it was functional and no-one had a back-off from the org itself. The next place the org moved to was two houses in adjoining properties – the paving was done ( I think by the Corbetts) and the gardens were done by everyone pitching up on a given Saturday with plants and planting. It was really very pretty – and again things were humming when Ryan was the ED. I actually think that the one house which was struck by lightning and burnt to the ground should just be re-built – at a fraction of the cost of a new building. That was what I suggested – and sent in a written proposal – leading to me being “handled”. That was the beginning of the end for me.
      And now they are steadily shrinking.

      • There’s hardly anyone on course in PT. The place is like a morgue already and now they want a big, expensive, fancy one.
        Someone said that Ian Hammond has the observation powers of a gnat. Dead right.
        So much for GAT 2. What’s happened to all the people who were in the Purif? Didn’t they sign up for anything?

      • Oh how right you are, Wendy! But then, this pathetic ‘call to arms’ is actually even closer to the horrid truth, than one can imagine……
        Add in…. legs, hands, feet, teeth, shoes, clothing, hair, oh yes, and of course, GOLD, of any placement (teeth, arms, neck, etc, etc), … and I’m not talking about Auschwitz, or any of the other Nazi ‘concentration’ or death camps, where the holocaust stripped anything and everything from the victims, while still alive, or dead.
        This stripping of anything of value, continues in this sophisticated modern day ‘concentration camp’, –( the ‘church’ of Scientology ),– replete with it’s own version of psychopathic dictator!
        The difference being mainly the ‘concentration’, focuses heavily on the stripping of MINDS, of removing self determinism, to render its inmates helpless, powerless, and compelled to submit to control from ‘on high’
        Instead of the ‘holocaust’, we have ‘sheeple farming’, courtesy of the stealth and insanity of the leader of a “CHURCH”??????
        Severe ‘reality adjustment’ for the above ‘leader’ required urgently!…. Preferably while incarcerated, in facing crimes against humanity!

  3. Here we go again plead for help!
    I would suggest he puts in a CSW to the IAS
    and request the release of the money which is
    set aside for DM.

    The money is there and the millions could actually be
    used in Africa.
    BUT – I do not really mean this because I do
    not want a New Building for the Church in Joburg North
    I do not want a Church there at all!
    I do not want any one routed to this out tech, out ethics

    It will be interesting who in the field actually has any money
    left to contribute.

    I have completely run out of any good old sympathy.
    I no longer have to take on the burden of feeling
    guilty for not contributing!
    I never have to be forced in to going in to debt again!
    No more dodging Reg cycles!
    No more phone calls!
    No more having my loyalty and help buttons pushed!
    No more make wrong – invalidation- no more threats!

    BEWARE – those who do not CONTRIBUTE to this Call to
    Arms will be DEALT with – reports written – Ethics –
    Your counter-intention to Command Intention etc. etc.

    Freedom out of the Church is BLISS.
    AND I get to go full OT! xxx

  4. Out of interest who would own the org building once all the Scientologists have put their hard earned money in? what entity? and then what entity owns that entity? I know if I was ” investing” I would want to know all this and not just pay blindly? Wouldn’t you?

  5. We have lost the reason for orgs — to deliver service.
    It is so sad that they don’t see that delivery does not require flashy expensive buildings. It just requires application of LRH tech — not fundraising.

  6. Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! I hope he realizes that R2mill is gone! He will have to service that bond and who knows what the money will be spent on. Unless he is lying, which is firmly within the realm of possibility.
    I am sorry, but this man is a conman. He talks to the EDs of jhb and pta; he knows their orgs are empty and not viable, yet he is still willing to send out an email like this. Either that or he has the observation skills of a gnat. Something we all appreciate in a leader…
    His email reads: “All we need to do is look and see how many people we are able to handle at any one time in the existing Joburg North building, extrapolate that out to the entire area we need to service, and we can then see the real need for us to get our Ideal Org as soon as possible.” He omits the fact that his org is NOT even handling enough public to FIT its current size. Go there at any time and see how many people are on course, or on staff for that matter. Any given Saturday there might be one person on course for a couple of hours.
    And once they have bought the enormous building – what then? Aah – more money needed to get it up to Idle Morgue standards.
    Sorry, folks…you have already declared all those who have the ability and or willingness to give continuously. There are just no more really rich cos members left to milk. As I said – observation skills of a gnat. (Apologies to gnats everywhere )

    • My impression from what Ian wrote is that he took a bond out for R2mill on some other property which means he gave the cash to the org and will be responsible for the bond on his property until it is paid. He is well and truly invested in seeing this through now! I think that this was put in the email to put pressure on the big donors (Philip Park is the only one left now) to give more. Its like watching lemmings go off a cliff! They drive each other to it.

  7. Ian states, “My valuable final product as the ED is a “viable, expanding org”. Because we are a team in what we do, it is also the VFP of all our staff and public. We are all in this together and as the ED I am counting on everyone’s support to get this done.”
    This type of statement is used simply for making others responsible for what he is unable to accomplish by standardly running an org. I always dreaded it when our ED would make all the staff responsible for the GI of the org and pull tech people off post to reg or do various cycles, unrelated to their post, “because we are all responsible for the GI”. The thing they are missing is that if everyone was doing their own jobs, for real, the income would be coming in and the org would be expanding. You don’t put everyone onto doing reg cycles in order to make income. You make them do their own job better.

  8. Dear Ian,

    I have a couple of suggestions for you:

    How about you come clean with the public that have already donated to the bone and tell them that most of the money raised for Joburg North went to handle the flap of paying off the final balances owed by Pretoria Org to the Project manager and Sub-Contracters who were threatening to sue the Church and who only finally got paid in October last year?

    How about you produce and show us some REAL STATS – in fact, we only want to see two of your graphs over the last 5 years – Auditors made, and well and happy PC’s.

    And talking of stats, how about you produce your CASH/BILLS stat proving that you will be able to sustain a large, lavish building, able to pay your bills and staff comfortably and supply enough toilet paper for the public?

    How about you produce some photographic evidence (not Gold photo-shopped staged pictures) of your academy and HGC bursting at the seams, and the 100 staff you have ready and waiting (which is what you are going to need to sustain such a building). As BFM correctly states above, it’s BE, DO, HAVE – in that order – or are you blatantly ignoring LRH???

    How about you LOOK at the fact that both Joburg Org and Pretoria Org are appear bankrupt? Joburg Org has a water and lights bill in excess of R750,000 and a telephone back-bill which resulted in them having to switch over another service provider – hence the change of telephone number in 2010 (and not because they “got better service” which was the PR bullshit put out to the public). Pretoria Org’s amenities bill is having to be paid by CSI – because they cannot pay. They don’t even switch on half of the lights and aircon anymore because of the huge bill being racked up – GO AND TAKE AN HONEST LOOK.

    Telling people that you have already personally raised a R2 Million bond is not indicative of being a hero – it indicates bad business practice and you should be ashamed of placing yourself and your family at risk in this manner. It further indicates that you should not be running an org.

    How about you tell us what policy you are applying by sending out broad-public emails begging and pleading the public to “dig deep” and just give their money to you? Have you ever heard of the CSW Policy – do you even apply any policy in your org anymore? What “situation” are you trying to handle besides the insane “Command Intention” order that YOU WILL BE AN IDEAL ORG OR ELSE! Where is the evidence that you (a) need such a large building (b) have a strategic plan in place to sustain such a building (c) that you have a large enough field to warrant such a building? Where are your income projections? What are your overheads going to be? Have you even thought this through or are you “blindly following orders”?

    Please read HCOPL Business of Orgs and HCOPL Promotional Actions of an Organization – if this is not IN at your Org already, you have absolutely no business even thinking of trying to become an “Ideal Org”.

    If you cannot understand the two policies mentioned above, we have plenty word clearers out here in the Indie field that would be willing to help.

    Regards, BP

    • To Black Panther,
      *STANDING OVATION* CLAPPING*WHISTLING* and other grand voicing of aggreement!
      Pity this ED and others would rather listen to DM and chase PARKED cars despite the bloody face that results! Yet on they sprint!! Gleeeeee BAM!! Gleeeeee Bam!! It never seems to get tired with theses okes!

    • Great comment BP!
      “How about you come clean with the public that have already donated to the bone and tell them that most of the money raised for Joburg North went to handle the flap of paying off the final balances owed by Pretoria Org to the Project manager and Sub-Contracters who were threatening to sue the Church and who only finally got paid in October last year?”
      And this is why the attention has been switched to Cape Town. The “Command Team” running the show currently in SA are hoping that by the time they get back to Jhb N the public will have forgotten about the money previously raised that is now gone.
      Yes Ian, be honest and tell your public that their donated money has been used elsewhere. (I think that is called fraud?) See how they feel about that and then send out your “Call to Arms”. God, THAT is one phrase I am SO sick of. Been done to death.

    • Very well said. Hoping something will happen by having a fancy building is NOT the way it works. It takes hard work and the application of standard LRH policy and bulletins and the production of vast amounts of TA and well trained students who can apply what they have learned. I know because I did just that for Durban Foundation in 1978.
      ARC Rodney.

  9. We are at a turning point with the purchase of our Ideal Org building.

    What do you say?

    Hype and Lies until proven otherwise.

  10. Corporate Scientology has become no better than a brighter than light Las Vegas casino!
    People walk in all bushy tailed with excitement thinking this is it man, today I’magettinit tenight!! Free booze, beauties in high heels ooing and ahhing all over me AND I gets the 2 million $ jackpot just before home time!
    Instead, he wakes up the next morning with a hangover from hell, stolen wallet and a veneral disease he now needs to explain to his wife!
    I will compare it this way because most of us came into the org to get back that wich was lost. Only then to loose more than we had in the first place! A cruel trick especially when we all know scientology can indeed deliver on its promises when done correctly!
    So this call to arms is just another ruse to get the punters back in the casino once more. Someone needs to call ideal org annonmous or something before they get the urge to throw all their money away at the russian roulete table of milk your comrades to death!

  11. Here is some solution Ian might consider rather than the outdated and off-policy practice
    Of fundraising…Forty new classed auditors a month…no less than 100 students training at any given time great word clearers…a hatted qual section and…whee!!! Who wants to fund-raise when the boat is sailing at true-north. Care to review what VFP is more workable than that
    Dinosaur called Fundraising?

  12. My recommendation to scientologists everywhere is to simply NOT participate in fundraising
    Of any kind whatsoever. The IAS. And the IDEAL ORG fundraising campaigns are utterly self
    Serving and are.of zero benefit to staff and public. Why permit your well-earned money to
    Vanish into the mystic of some vacuous agency that wants your money but not you!

  13. “Let’s just be totally crazy and get this done!”

    There’s probably a lot of public in SA saying to themselves that they may be crazy but they ain’t that crazy.

    I mean the whole message reads like the captain of the Titanic asking everyone to grab a deck chair instead of a life boat.


  14. First they take your money, then they spend it all unwisely and selfishly, then they kick you out because you are too honest, then they plead poverty and ask OTHER people for money, and so it goes.
    This is lose lose. Eventually all that’s left at Mi$cientology will be empty buildings and hallways.
    Maybe the ideal morgues can be converted into condos with health clubs for low economic families. Something good can come out of this catastrophe.

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