Debbie du Toit sends a message

A long standing Scientologist, from a long standing Scientology family recently sent out a message to Scientologists in South Africa.

It is her heartfelt plea for Scientologists to honestly look at what is going on in order to help salvage a subject important to so many. We thought it appropriate to post her message here.

It has had response. In her message she links to Debbie Cooke’s letter posted on this site. Yesterday it received its highest daily views. So it’s having an effect.

Well done Debbie. It was courageous and honourable.


Subject: Protecting LRH Tech

Hi there!

I am writing this because I care about Scientologists and the future of Scientology.  LRH spent his life on this cause and we owe him a great deal.  If you knew something was happening that was destroying all the technology LRH worked so hard to create for us all, would you like to know about it?

Think for a moment about Int Management.  Remember the events in the past where we had Heber Jentzsch (President), Guillaume Lesevre (ED Int), Mark Yaeger, Ray Mithoff, etc?  Have you ever wondered what happened to them?  The only person left in charge is David Miscavige.

Recently there have been many declares of really great, upstat people (in SA) (note all the OT VIIIs!) –

  • Gaye Corbett – 42 years in Scn, OT VIII, Cl IV, 3Ls, Data Series Evaluator, Triple Cornerstone Member, Silver Meritorius
  • Ernest Corbett – 42 years in Scn, OT VIII, 3Ls, Data Series Evaluator, Triple Cornerstone Member, Silver Meritorius
  • Tracey Henley (nee Corbett) – 40 years in Scn (all her life), OT V, Flag trained CL VI, Patron
  • Guy Henley – 12 years in Scn, Patron
  • Lisa Goosen (nee Corbett) – 35 years in Scn (all her life), Patron, Ls
  • Warwick Goosen – 20 years in Scn, Patron, Ls
  • Rodney Corbett – 40 years in Scn, OT V, OEC
  • Karl Kroeger – 35 years in Scn, OT VIII, Ls
  • Sandy Kroeger – 35 years in Scn, OT VIII, Cl IV
  • Molly Jelly – 46 years in Scn, Cl VI, OT VIII
  • Dave Jelly – 46 years in Scn, Cl VI, OT VIII
  • Craig Howarth – 20 years in Scn, 8 years on Durban Staff
  • Shirley Wartski – 20 years in Scn, Flag trained CL VI, OT V
  • Cameron Wannenberg – 15 years in Scn.
  • Kim Downing – 42 years in Scn, OT VII, Cl IV
  • Ueli Gostelli – 35+ years in Scn, OT V.
  • Carol Krieger – +- 20 years in Scn, CL IV, OT V
  • Wendy Bowman – 45 years in Scn, CL VI, 12 years on staff
  • Ryan Hogarth (President of Church in SA) –  +- 40 yrs in Scn
  • Lawrence Retief
  • Jenny Retief
  • Sophy Thlabadira
  • Candice Mitton (nee Corbett)
  • I think there may be a few more I have forgotten (and more to come!).

Please honestly look at the situation.  The problem is David Miscavige: he has changed LRH’s tech and done irreparable harm to the Church of Scientology.  He is destroying Scientology.  Most of what you hear from him are lies.  If you have any uncertainties about the way things are going you must investigate.  Do not allow one person to destroy everything that LRH built.  Remember Debbie Cook (Captain FSO)?  Read what she had to say here: You should also see the rest of the blog: where Scientologists can freely talk about what is on their mind.  The blog supports LRH and his technology.  Also have a look at and the rest of the website.

The great thing is that the real tech (the way LRH intended it) is readily available and you CAN still go up the Bridge outside the Church.

If you are concerned about getting into trouble for having read this or anything else you may read, you are only doing it because you support Scientology and want to ensure Scientology survives.  You could also investigate to disprove what I am telling you.  If you feel you need to report me for giving you this information please feel free to do so; I really won’t hold it against you.

Kind regards

Debbie du Toit


29 thoughts on “Debbie du Toit sends a message

  1. A much beloved school teacher ~~ I was probably no more than 8 years old ~~ strayed away from Academics and tried to teach us little practical ways of handling LIFE.
    I recall this little story told of how there were just 3 ways to handle a situation that was either smoldering, or about to flare up.
    1) Throw a gallon of water and put out the fire quickly.
    2) Throw gasoline on the fire and burn the entire village down.
    3) Walk away and do absolutely nothing.
    One can view S. Africa as a location where gasoline is being thrown on the little blaze….
    It appears from afar that S. African Scientologists have known each other a long time. Decades. They have a community uniquely their own. The trust is there, the camaraderie is there, and *suddenly* a piece of paper says Ernest and Gaye and Ryan Hogarth and so on are Suppressive Persons ! ! ! !
    Does anyone believe these actions are anything but Political ?
    Does anyone believe wholesale declares are nothing more than pouring more gasoline on the very fabric and backbone of the structure ?
    One of the reasons the public in the US is so cynical about the Church’s religious image is the constant WARFARE acted out. Military type discipline fighting fire with more fire. With more domination, with more thuggery and power.
    “Religion” and “Military” are incongruous. In a religion one is not defending one’s boarders
    and locking people out of parameters (Churches, Sear Org Bases.)
    But the Church is at war. The regging is for IAS “war chests”, “to do” lists are called “Battle Plans”, “Fight for freedom” is the battle cry, it is THEM again US, the WOG world vs the Scientology world, the “good, obedient Scientologists” vs the BAD SP Scientologists.
    Supposedly “What is true for you, is true for you…”
    But let a politically declared “Suppressive Person” try telling that to the International Justice Chief or an OSA staff member and see how far that will get you…
    Scientology Inc is at war with the world.
    It is also, internally at war with its own.
    I am told, never before have knowledge reports been written in such quantity as in recent years. Boatloads of knowledge reports where everyone snitches and rats out on every one else to the “mother” Church, causing more and more internal war. Literally, 100s if not 1000s of Knowledge reports are written daily. Husbands snitching on wives, and vice versa. Children snitching on their own parents and vice versa. Siblings frantically reporting each other to RTC !
    Boy oh Boy, I am so happy to be OUT of that culture !
    Welcome out of that warfare mode of purges and declares and heavy *ETHICS*
    Life is good.
    You can, say, think, feel whatever you damned well please, whenever you want and to whom you want. And while RTC and OSA hungrily may file and cross file and document every word, they are powerless donkeys that have not one iota of your spiritual freedom in THEIR hands.

  2. Well said Debbie! You and I and countless others were attracted by Scientology’s promise of a technology that would transform our lives. Many of us went on to dedicate our lives to making that promise a reality and it was a bitter awakening to find that our hopes were being betrayed.
    Once we woke up, it was vital that we used our years of training to establish delivery of the spiritual technology that originally built Scientology and we are now doing that every day in a growing number of places around the globe.
    As you so eloquently put it, “The great thing is that the real tech (the way LRH intended it) is readily available and you CAN still go up the Bridge outside the Church.”

  3. Well done Debbie! It takes courage to do this, so now you need to also take the time to look after yourself. It is wonderful to be in that place where everything does not have to happen before Thursday 2pm. Look around, have some fun and see what this world has to offer – there is a lot of good in it. For decades it has been a burden to be part of Co$ – so relish your freedom and relax!!! I wish you only the best and many blessings

  4. I should be out surfing , those r the points on the button Debbie .
    What is amazing is that it is so wrong and stupid,
    Stupid DM has expossed him self with this , what is also amazing is how stupid the rest of the field can be to just sit and follow.
    It is so stupid I think DM must be sick and needs a full medical , in the new years mag DM is not looking well under stress and kinda I’ll with a classic 60 tees hair do,
    (seriuosly guys you got to f..k them off until the situation is righted ) this brackets for any still in

  5. I share this view point.Well said Debbie…..I was contacted this morning by an ex SO person that got out very recently….she was responding to a call that she had had,also this morning..informing her that she had better attend the next fund raiser,pay her free-loader bil(a small one) and start immediately contributing to the re-location of the new org…..Failing this,she would be declared!Smells like shit,sounds like shit,feels like shit= SHIT!!!Enough already!It is very clear to me now what is happening……I expect to get a call myself shortly.I know what my response will be…precisely and without any doubt.I look forward to the future now,more than ever before….

  6. Thank you for your write up Debbie. Yes we as South Africans are a different breed and we don’t take suppression lightly. The Thetans in this area are pioneering and we cherish our freedom and ability to think for ourselves. It is encouraging to know that LRHs tech is available outside the church and that the Church does not have a monopoly on the tech or your freedom as a spiritual being. This is the data that the Church tries desperately to hide by stopping members from looking on the net.

  7. Well done Debbie! Stepping out and stepping up – loud and proud – is the first major step out from under the suppression that is the Church of Scientology in its current form. You are RIGHT for what you are doing and very well done for taking it upon yourself to get the message out to your friends and others in the SA field. I hope that those words have a huge effect and that even more see what is really happening and take a similar step out and up. You can only go up from here. Flourish and prosper!

  8. And more souls rub their eyes to get rid of the DM sleep therein! Lovely letter. Short and to the impact point. I like it.
    Soon by sheer numbers alone our ranks will intimidate. Spare a thought for our opp terminal KSW lions blog, their oddly entertaining comments, abysmal following and off beat propaganda honks with fear. Fear of this blog, fear of the truth and mostly fear of loosing the battle for church minds. Read their articles and few comments. It is plain as white A4 sized paper. I sense a small group of snot nosed die hard brainwashees, clicking heels to DM’s tune – JAWHOL mein fuhrer! Methinks the last of the self thinkers within the church are hastily weighing up which exit sign points to escape route thats best!
    For those that choose to stay behind. Good riddance I bellow. Fundementalism can eat itself as they turn on each other trying to please a master who can never be satisfied!
    The dam has broken, all that was good and held back is now in the open flooding good will, creativity and prosperity for all of us! Lets just enjoy it all while we build a better bridge I say.

  9. Well done Debbie! Your efforts will make a difference to the lives of many. I, for one, am VERY interested in knowing more about the effects your email makes in the S. African community, so please keep us posted. Isn’t it just fantastic how lasting Debbie Cook’s email is. It just goes on and on waking people up. Thanks to both Debbies!

  10. So great hearing from you, Debbie.
    Debbie and I have known each other from the early Criminon days in the ’90s. We’re so pleased to be reaquainted and on the same page again, this time in the Free Zone.
    Fabulous letter. I’m hoping that some of my friends read it to the end.

  11. I applaud your courage and your clarity, Debbie, I’m a never-in who had several very good friends gobbled up by COS and spat out decades later with not a penny to their name and thirty years of their lives stolen. This reeking, corrupt, soulless in$titution cannot be allowed to stand.

  12. With so many fine people of SA, who have been a part of the Scientology movement for SO long, and who helped to raise consciousness and awareness for so many others, to be declared the “enemy” of “Scientology” is in itself, a true act of evil. It does not get any worse than what David Miscavige has done, which is the complete ruination of the subject called Scientology within the *Church* of Scientology and he has declared WAR on the reputation of each and every Scientologist who would dare expose him. It’s just simply matter of adjusting ones confront of evil and there he is, the only one left standing, a totally stark staring mad raving and criminal sociopath SP. David Miscavige, we know who you are and we know what you are and we know what you have done. We see you.

  13. Well written comm Debbie. Thank you and I really hope that whoever reads this letter and still supporting DM are opening their eyes to look.

  14. Nicely stated Debbie. Thanks for sending it out and making this know.
    I like how you point directly at the cob. It’s clear. Don’t fundraise, have the org set aside for buildings. Give the student hat for free for those who train. Have IAS at low levels and inexpensive and have the funds go to the local org……..huh? Yep LRH’s orgs.
    Your comm adds to the tide and the swell. Thanks.

  15. Wonderful letter, Debbie! I hope those still in read it and start looking, and I think they will. Good on you for publishing this well done letter.

  16. Wow Debbie.
    You exemplify courage – knowing what you know and not being afraid to say what you know.
    .And putting yourself “on the chopping block” like that – kudos to you!
    I cant wait until the day my own story is published and I can finally, truly, be overt about who I am and what I have observed.
    Love BP

  17. Well done Debbie. Knew your parents well back in the sixties. They both contributed to making our country a better place. We worked on staff together in Durban. As much as I would like to have seen the church reform and get it’s focus back onto getting people up the bridge I do not believe it will happen under current management. Today the only hope of freeing beings and
    gettiing them up to clear and OT lies in the independent field and those who are willing to keep the basic tech standard.. Ron’s tech works but be careful as after 1982 arbitaries were entered into

  18. Great letter Debbie – I also knew your parents.
    I do hope Debbie Cooks letter is read by all the new
    contributors to the blog and they could forward
    it to their friends and family members
    so they could also wake up!

  19. Well done Debbie D! I am one of those who got Debbie C’s email in 2012, and have been declared since September 2012 (I have heard !) I am ex-Jo’burg North.
    I surely hope that your email will save more souls. You did a good thing – thank you!

  20. I salute all you guys, my real Scientology family, not the Church Scientologists, who are not facing up to the facts. What i think should be started up is an Independent Scientology war chest, we all Free Scientologists could contribute freely through pay pal or other confidential payment sites, to create a war chest to protect any Independent Scientologists that might need legal protection.
    I don´t go public because my story is really nasty and shocking………………i would not like anyone to go through my experience on staff.
    I have used the tech on my kids, my daughter´s life was saved by Scientology procedures done by me, and may i add God.
    I use it often, it´s powerful.
    Although my human hero is LRH, my god continues to be Jesus Christ.
    LRH set a new mindset, the mind has been opened up, he will be remembered forever as a great man who left a wonderful legacy.
    Why do some ex-scientologists remain anonymous!! Well there are many reasons, i will go into depth soon on this subject.
    See this mind blowing video, watch for news about the event that is going to change many things in Church.–3#home
    Totsiens to you guys whom i know some quite well.
    Vasbyt – we will change and make a new civilization in Africa.
    Joe Van Staten i never met you, but i have always admired you and have mutual friends.
    I salute you Joe and Ryan for your bravery.

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