Robert Bokelmann surfaces

We came across this promo piece in an article by Tony Ortega at his site.

There was much conjecture in the comments a few weeks ago about what might have come of Robert.

It seems he is now in California representing the Flag Service Org (FSO). We imagine he’ll be visiting several orgs. From the wordage on the promo it seems his product is still recruitment.



We have only one report that Peach is with him. She was recently reported to be in California herself so at least they are together.

44 thoughts on “Robert Bokelmann surfaces

    • Hey Karen,
      Nope – not this one. A died-in-the-wool kool-aider who has done his fair share of wreaking havoc and splitting up families “in the name of the cause”. He got a married couple to get a divorce so the wife could join the SO as the husband didn’t qual due to his drug history. She was as miserable as anything, crying herself to night every night on the EPF. Don’t know if she lasted. He manages to fly under the radar somehow and missed the “Gulag SS Mission” that arrived here in October last year – he was at Flag……. Rumours abound that he has some direct link to DM himself, but these are unsubstantiated. Just funny how he never hits the decks and keeps popping up every now and then…………

  1. Mr Robert Bucklememann! He was the church pinch hitter. You know the chap who is called in when all the other batsmen were knocked out. Robert was also the guy counted on to get those new starey eyed recruits signed up for Sea Org when Sea org evolutions were a dime a dozen. A real charmer. When he was all smiles it made me nervous. Something would be up. Always got the feel he was operating from way up lines, beyond CLO levels. Seems I was right.
    Interesting to see how they have sent him away from his mother land. Wonder why? Scared of defection perhaps? God and all know S.Africa has become a hotbed of insurrection sure to inspire a revolution elsewhere!
    MiellieCob must despise us skrik vir niks S.African folk. We wont take it lying down and there are lots more PK’s coming your way my “friend”! From southern africa kom kak vir jou! Some things are just best said in Afrikaans!

    • Eish ! Love your straight talk Sheeple B – in Afrikaans nogal. There is only one missing ingredient. When are we going to have a BRAAI? South Africans celebrate, socialise, reunite, strategise, scheme and solve problems sitting together around a fire. When are we going to have a braai?

      • Dankie skat! For a good lag search for the song on youtube, “Ek will braai” sung by Jack Parow en die kalahari orkes. Excuse the spelling! It had me rolling in laughter!! For our international viewership appologies for all the non english words but sometimes it just needs saying in this way 😉

  2. Ahhh Mr. Robert Bokelmann. Last seen working on mission VERY closely with my daughter-in-law. Then they both suddenly disappeared circa November 2012.. She blew and could not be contacted by ANYONE – would not even take calls or respond to messages from her own family. And Robert was suddenly gone at the same time. In an attempt to get hold of him, I got onto Peach’s (his wife) facebook page and every single photo of him or mention of him had been removed from her page.
    I put two and two together and came up with…….. well, I will leave that to your imagination.
    I have been told by many a young girl how he 2d flowed the shit out them while recruiting them. He had that cocked eyebrow and disarming smile that I could just see would have most girls weak at the knees. When I asked Peach where he was she answered “he is at Flag and will be for some time”. No further data than that……… one of those statements meant for the recipient to fill in the blanks. RPF? Training? On Mission? What????
    The next thing I hear is he has come back to South Africa to fetch Peach because she is “too weak to fly on her own” (I had known for some time Peach was very ill).
    And here he has popped up again. I read somewhere (on this blog I think) he has been running black-ops for DM for some time – not sure of the source nor the validity of this statement, but here he is, in the flesh, staff member of Flag.

    • Greetings BP, after reading your comment it suddenly struck me.. who was LC JGBD Sandra De Beers senior? Yup thats right, yours truly Robert B, LC AF! My question is, how on Gods green earth did he not observe what this lady was actually doing?? Or even worse to contemplate, he somehow endorsed her actions as it served him and his Masters?? Chills me bones! Many victims we could mention here.
      A huge function of LRH communicators is ORG building. They are supposed to help create ORGs. If you saw your junior doing the precise opposite CLEARLY its up to you as her senior to do SOMETHING?

      • To be honest Sheeple, I think he held that post in name only. He was always off all over the country scouting for his next victim (read recruit). Then Hillary Eenkhoorn was posted as LC AF and same thing – she was more interested in recruiting unsuspecting victims than wearing her hat. Never mind that she has and Sandra were BFFs anyway and Sandra probably could have literally been holding the bloody knife she just took out her last victim’s back without Hillary so much as batting an eyelid. It was Hillary who told me some years ago that if they found any report in the RTC box they didn’t like, they would just pull the report and not send it……….As happened to one of my reports when an insane off-policy comm-ev occurred. She warned me that if any more “noise” (i.e., reports to RTC) were forthcoming, she would just “declare” the lot of them………. and these were young kids being comm-ev’d at the time.

    • Hi BP
      Good comments you have made here today! One that interests me very much is when you wrote this: “and these were young kids being comm-ev’d at the time” – this looks like a story that needs to be told, considering that kids are often treated like cannon fodder in Co$. Perhaps you would consider submitting the details to the blog? The children’s names needn’t be mentioned if you want to protect them.

      • Hi Draco,
        Oh don’t worry – THAT story is going to come out – amongst a host of others. Stories I have about the goings on at Joburg Org will make Auschwitz look like a holiday camp.

  3. I have noticed that there is plenty of by-passed charge on the subject of Mr Robert Bokelmann. All one needs to do is read the comments on previous posts, there are plenty of upset people, or entheta in his wake.
    I have read here on this blog that his wife is/was ill? Apparently not just a case of the “flu” but no specifics.Can anyone fill in the __________________(blank)?
    Robert became a specialist in recruitment. Not too many years ago he was responsibly for recruiting 80 plus people for the SO, the soon to be opened AO and Jo’burg Org.Apparently all in one week!! The rumour I heard was that he was awarded 0TV for this action and that was his reason for his absence from SA.

    • Peach is ill – she was trying to get a body handling and went to stay with her sister in the UK for some months to handle this. On her return she looked like a ghost of her former self. I don’t know what she is/was suffering from. She was so ill in December that Robert had to come out here and escort her back to Flag as word was that she was too ill to fly alone.
      Robert, together with the AOAF recruit mission did recruit a number of people for the AOAF trainee pool in 2010/2011. Many of these people blew, and many were pulled off and posted elsewhere at Flag. Most of them were put onto other projects such as getting Tampa Org ready for its opening. And you can guarantee they were all used to sup and help on the GATII evolution, Each time something like this happens, their training comes to a halt. These guys have now been at Flag for 3 years and there is NO news forthcoming about their progress – probably because none of them are anywhere near completed. Of course all the training they have done over the last 3 years is now cancelled and they have to start again from the bottom GATII style. Last year we got news that one of our interned, permanent class Grade IV Auditors is now back down to Level 0. I assume this has happened to all the trainees.
      Shaun Lynford, who went over to Flag to do his Class VI C/S training in 2006 is having to redo everything again. He has been at Flag now for about 7 years – longer than it takes a doctor to qualify. And the poor guy is on work-study as the org cannot afford to pay for his board and lodging. This was a huge flap while I was on staff, and I am sure is still the status quo. He was supposed to be Gillian Andersson’s replacement – she in the meantime has been forced to re-sign contracts to stay on staff while she waits for his return – otherwise the org will be left with NO C/S in place.

      • Well I know for a fact that when Peach was so very ill she asked for one of the declared 18 to pay for her ticket to the UK because the Sea Org could not afford to help her! What a group!!!! Not only that but one of the special declared 18 paid for her flight to the US so she could say goodbye to her dying mother. What an SP!!! Glad the church is rid of them!!!

      • BP thank you for the data on Shaun, he was a good friend and I can only wonder how much he knows about the upset in Joburg. Poor guy what a waste of 7 years only to have to redo everything!

      • This breaks my heart with ole Shauney.. Back when I was still in. I recovered him many years ago after he blew to George. This
        was prior to him going to Flag. Looking at it now it wouldve been MUCH better to leave him there with his dad and brother!! In fact thats twice now I recovered him back to corporate scientology! I could kick myself now!! The indoc, the forced DM belief and brainwashing in all this time I find hard to contemplate!!
        Shaun I hope you make it out buddy! The door is always open!

      • Shaun Lynford is a great guy, I know his family are very concerned for his welfare as they have not been able to contact him for a very long time. If anyone can update on his welfare I am sure his family would appreciate it.

      • Another case of an outer org, Flag does this a lot, stealing our South African staff to recruit for them, when we desperately need staff in South Africa and for the AO.
        Not that I want him back, don’t misunderstand me. Or her.

      • Hi goodchoices. Firstly, there were never anywhere near 80 recruits. From South Africa, there were probably about 30 or so. I estimate there are less than 10 South Africans left on the team. A number of CLO staff went over to join the AOAF team, and barring two that I can think of, ALL of them were recalled back to the CLO to come handle their posts. Peach Boklemann was one of them (she got very ill shortly after she was recalled to post – fundraising for Ideal Orgs).

        I know about 7 South Africans who blew the AOAF training group. One of them was Dylan Oblowitz – he scuttled back to Cape Town in 2010 and was later recovered back into the Sea Org. A promo piece went out on him in 2013 stating how he was now posted in HCO as Establishment. Lord alone knows how you go from blowing the SO to being posted in HCO. He also happened be the Secretary on the latest comm-ev in December 2013. He is an LLB Graduate.

        Robert Bokelmann then hit on the bright idea of going on a road trip locally and overseas to recruit existing org staff around the world for the AOAF team – with the agreement that he would personally replace these staff. That’s how come pictures of the AOAF team have a number of unfamiliar (and dwindling) faces in them.

        We have not had an update on the AOAF team for more than a year now – probably due to the fact that it has dwindled down to very low numbers, none of them are anywhere near completed on their training and ALL of them have probably had to start re-training thanks to GATII.

        I know a number of the people on that team – they were all promised that within 3 years they would be Class IX and OT5 by now…….maybe when pigs fly……

        Love BP

  4. Well well well – At least we know where he is and
    the blog at least can warn others of his covert
    BEWARE he is not a safe terminal and you can
    be sure any resistance from you will be noted
    and reported!

  5. Robert Bokkelmann has always given me the creeps. He and I go back to the early ’90s when he targetted me relentlessly as an upstat. He tried to get me removed from the org several times. I was studying the OEC at the time and, fortunately, had reached the policy which said that no one could be removed off post without a Comm Ev or something to that effect. I fought tooth and nail to stay put, it was that hard to do so.
    If only I could tell more but I’m still under the radar but this I can say, he has the same tendency to wipe out upstanding, producing Scientologists as our dear dwarf – anyone who is outspoken and not afraid and who poses a threat.

    • Goodchoices – that is my observation as well. Whenever something was going right someone would come in and break it down. I don’t know who you are and which org you were in, but if you were NOT at Joburg Org, then that supports a theory I have that anyone outside of Joburg Org who was doing well was going to get brought down….

      • Wendy M, I know you. I was in two orgs. He worked to undermine me in both. These are insane people and to think at one stage that we held them in high esteem. Yissee!
        The Sea Org is supposed to put the ethics in on the planet. That is written and promoted somewhere. What a joke! It’s a shocking unfunny joke.

      • Goodchoices – now you have piqued my curiosity! But I am patient – all in good time
        And you are right – it is a shocking unfunny joke!

  6. Very important article today. Both Robert and Peach have been very high profile in SA as the top recruiter and fundraiser for various ideal orgs.
    And yet they leave behind them nothing of any value. Where are all the recruits that Robert has gotten over the years? The orgs are HUGELY understaffed, and from what BP says – the Continental Ideal Org (Jhb) has ONE senior CS. Recruiting brand new people for staff and sending them straight to Flag for full time training is just nuts! No good has ever come of this and it never will – as is evidenced by the total lack of staff in ALL the orgs.
    And dear Miss Peach… fundraiser extraordinaire… leaves in her wake broken people who have given everything to fund this dream of big, busy, bustling ideal orgs. And what do they have? Jhb and Pta – both in debt and unable to cover their operating expences; hardly any staff and VERY few public. A few die-hards showing their faces once a week or so just to keep on the safe side. And all JhbN’s ideal org fund raised money used to pay off Pta’s back bills.
    NOT a great legacy… Knowingly lying in order to get people to donate their money and their lives – not good Karma either.

    • And yet Robert seems to have got out smiling, and Peach, except that she’s ill. Does anyone know what’s ailing her?

      Seems as though he’s out-2D blew and Robert’s forced to take care of his wife. I wonder how that make Peach feel?

    • Quick correction – Joburg org has NO Senior C/S. Gillian is a Cl IV C/S. A Senior C/S is needed for the CCRD – and that is why Joburg org has not been able to produce a Clear since Tracey left staff. The public have had to go to ANZO to do the CCRD and attest as Gillian is not qualled to handle these actions. If any Senior C/S actions were needed by Joburg Org, they were taking folders to Tracey Corbett for handling.

  7. This guy caved me in so hard in the late 90, s that I ended up in hospital (long story short) could never figure it out as it was a time when I was really rocketing up the bridge, traing and processing and I got hammered so hard ?
    Now that I have seen the light, so to speak, it all makes sense.

  8. In the early 90′s I was recruited into the SO and shared a room with Peach until she got married to Robert a month later. I found that time sharing with her to be pretty awful and I never really had much ARC for her after that – until I heard sometime later that she had previously tried to blow, was recovered and then RPF’ed. Makes me wonder what sort of chance these people have at all.
    I also saw on a list on the internet somewhere that her sister Petal Biggs was on the RPF at PAC. Gaelen Southworth and Kashanka Southworth too. Its just too depressing.
    Its hard to know how much of what Peach did was done under duress, or her own misguided impressions, or her own lack of responsibility. Maybe a combination of all – but truly – despite my own bad experiences with her, I feel inclined to cut her some slack.
    When Henry Brandle died I was still under the radar and I was asking SO members whether Henry had worked out who was the SP on his lines to make him so ill that he died within weeks of his diagnosis. I could see frightened looks, but I sure hope they were thinking. Ken Krieger was also ill. Who was the SP on his lines? Now Peach. I am pretty sure they don’t want her to be seen to be so ill (hence her departure overseas with Robert), because the question will be asked – who is the SP on her lines? I do feel for her. I think the ones who get ill are the one’s who are conflicted internally and not happy at all.
    I have a theory that the recruitment drive is yet another way to get and keep members, and to keep their family members in tow as well. There are apparently something like 5 or 6 thousand SO members, and something like 30 or 40 thousand members in the field. I wonder how many of those in the field are actually parents and siblings of SO members, and who have no wiggle room for fear of being disconnected – or worse – getting their SO family members in trouble. I watched a video clip of one woman harassing Marty Rathbun and when Marty mentioned that he knew her daughter was on the RPF and she ( the mother) was harassing Marty so her daughter could get out of the RPF. You could see from the look on her face that Marty had hit the nail on the head. What a thing to do to a mother – sending her out on an harassment spree to save her child !
    This recruitment drive that Robert is on seems to me to be a desperate bid to gain power over more members – that along with the new agreements that staff have to sign. It really is a prison of the minds, hearts and freedom of people. It is DESPICABLE. I wonder how many “under the radars” are captives of the emotional prison that Miscavige has created – aided by Robert Bokkelmann – whether he knows it or not.
    Incidentally, I see Tony Ortega posted the New Years event on his blog (Jan 13) and Miscavige himself is looking somewhat thin and worn. Karma is relentless. His time is a-coming.

    • Wendy, I am so glad that someone other than myself brought up the PTS/SP scene which surrounds Mr B.
      To add to what you are hinting at: When Robert joined the SO, his father who was an ex scientologist and vehemently opposed died from an apparent heart attack whilst cycling in the Argus Cycle Tour.
      A few years later,the younest sister, Lisa apparently had “gender issues” and committed suicide on Table Mountain.His oldest sister Kim, second husband contracted cancer and died.Mrs B smoked herself into lung disease and passed away in Clearwater, far away from her children.
      Now Roberts wife is seriously ill???
      The “tech” has taught me that it appears there is an SP at work close to or within this “family”.

    • Wendy M, at the GATII event Miscavige was very thin. He didn’t look happy either, at all. He looked nervous. His smiles looked strained and forced, performed for effect, not because he felt like it.
      I wonder if he didn’t hold the Maiden Voyage events last year because he would have been under too close a scrutiny on the Ship with the public so close and it being a more intimate affair?

  9. Look at that happy smiley face on the promo. I mean this dude could double as an emoticon.
    From what I’ve read so far this kinda person who smiles like that while he eviscerates a persons life which makes him perfect SO material these days.

  10. I’m sorry, but that does not look like the person I encountered as Robert Bokelmann in 2008. This looks like a completely different person.

    • Hi everyone.. I dont want to disclose my name, just to protect myself, but I also want you to tell you all the truth about AOAF and the going ons from last year… I was really green when i was recruited into the SO nearly 2 years ago. I was pushed and bullied into leaving my job, life and everything else inbetween to go to CLO in Joburg. I then started recruiting for the SO (I sent more people to flag then Rob did, and recruited more , they all are doing well!)
      Only 4 months into AOAF Rob came out that he had gone out 2D in Cape Town with a coulored girl he was recruiting…. He was then on the next plane out, and I was left in a town i didnt know, trying to figure out my next move… I was then sent to Flag (AGAINST MY OWN WILL.) I spent 3 months on full time study, which i hated, as we were punished everytime we didnt hit an unrealistic target on course, Be it on break during course, cleaning at 11pm and not having a day off at all…
      I was sent back to SA as my visa ran out and the only thing I could do was go out 2D and break the rules so I wouldnt have to go back there!!! I got an email from Rob stating that everyone was right and that i was too green for the SO and im a big dissappointment (Even though he did the exact same thing not 6 months earlier!) I was left alone for a year, no one bothered to contact me, it was the most alone i felt in a long time! I lost my friends, job and was left with huge debt that was promised to be paid off when i joined the SO (Not including my freeloaders bill) so that i could arrive and get Rob upstat. Rob then suddenly arrived in December and I just become another recruit cycle for him! I have never wanted to punch someone in the face that much before in my life!
      DO NOT LET YOUR KIDS JOIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      I am 24 now and it was a nightmare trying to get back into the wog world. I love the tech, I love LRH, but i hate the people who represent Scientology!

      • Hello young So member: You have just confirmed my suspicions about Robert going out 2D. And I don’t think that was the only instance either. What I could not understand, was how he was whisked off to Flag and apparently never landed up on the RPF, but instead carried on recruiting and seemed to “get away with it”. Sorts of gives credence to the story about him being very closely connected to DM. I do know who you are, and I am glad you are out. As I am about Kerryn. I wish you girls nothing than the best in your future lives.
        Love BP.

      • He was running black ops for DM. Had a direct line to him. Heard him talking to DM. One of the ops was an attempt to recruit me to infiltrate and spy on Anonymous (overseas).

      • I know how you feel young ex SO member, the tech is great, it´s very powerful, really miraculous.
        But unfortunately some people who run it are in a bad shape, just look at the PST/SP Tech and you will have a big cognition.
        I also felt like that, really lonely, but it was really deeply aggravated by the fact that i was a victim of violence, were were a victim as well?

  11. I am commenting long after this post was put up but as its here for posterity I thought I should ad my two cents worth. I first met Bokelman probably fifteen years ago. He raised the hair on the back of my neck. My first thought was “what a nasty little shit” and now that I think about it this was probably my first inkling that all was not well. Not that I really spotted it quite that succinctly at the time. My policy became to avoid any dealing with him and Krieger at all costs. In my opinion they were dangerous and I stated that, certainly to my closest associates.It was so true for me that it never read on any sec check.
    While I prefer to deal in cold hard facts one must have some perceptions that one trusts and the fact that Bokelman has a direct link to miscavige really indicates as a truth.There is a type of Scientologist that appears black to me.They lack empathy.They are not one of us.As an interesting aside Bokelman was at an elite school.I was told that he was thought of as a “twenty past three joller” by the upstat kids. This means someone who has little to contribute but a lot to say.Knowing the school and its culture that for me says it all.Perfect DM puppet.

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