Joburg Org: It is what it is

entrance johannesburg org

There is a constant contradiction between what some say is going in Joburg and what we see in actuality.

Joburg is the brightest of what the Ideal Org program has to offer. Joburg has always been the biggest org in South Africa. Even when the org struggles it is in better shape than all the others.

There are several reports that indicate a scene that is anything but flourishing.

Albert & Sandra de Beer are currently under comm-ev themselves. Sandra is not currently on post and is reportedly clearing out storerooms.

This coming Tuesday evening at Joburg Org the OT Committee is hosting an evening titled “Why re-do?”. It’s being promoted by text message and email. It’s an effort to make people feel okay about redoing their objectives.Their message reads “Jhb OTC is holding another famous event. Topic? SRD – “Why Re-do?” etc. Success stories, & C/S briefing. Sound interesting? You want tea + cake and chatting with friends? Come Tues nite. Chapel. 6.30.”

Lastly they are losing staff. This was predicted as the last big push for staff in Joburg was precisely 2.5 years ago – the length of a staff contract. Belinda van Pype, Cleo Pendl & Camerine Pendl have left staff and Aline Jones & Judit Kis would appear to be following suit. These are (or were) all key staff.

An org that is booming as a result of being inundated with public on GAT II services would not have this going on.

But we won’t talk yet about GAT II results. We’re only half way through the observation period we allowed for this in our post on Evaluating the Success of GAT II

19 thoughts on “Joburg Org: It is what it is

  1. Well, well, well. This is news indeed. I hope all the reports Sandra removed from her ethics file before she went to ANZO last year are back in her ethics folder. Also, of course everyone who would have reports to contribute to her comm-ev have been declared – so who is going to put reports in on her now??? I could think of a few choice ones I would like to submit….

    The cleaning out of storerooms worries me a bit. I have it under good advice that the storeroom housing all the PC folders is in an unholy mess – PC data, reports and files lying all over the place….. hope to God she’s not sorting THAT storeroom out, going through all our PC folders et al.

    If indeed Cleo has left (I see her facebook page says she now works for herself as a photographer and makes no mention of C of S as being a former employer). Camarene’s facebook page says she is now working at “Kingclip casting agency” so she’s obviously out – I believe she stayed a year longer than her contract.

    That makes 5 walk-outs in less than 2 months. Ouch. That has GOT to hurt. The Purif I/C, the HES, The Tech Sec, The PES, AND a Class V Auditor – all leaving or left????

    And all the OT’s are about to get onto the hamster wheel and start running again – circular bridge here we come – YeeeeHaaaaa!!!

  2. Yeah this whole “Why we re-do” is not just a hard sell but a tough sell probably more an impossible sell.
    Like say selling ice cream to Eskimos sorta of sell.
    But it seems so typical of the Church these days.
    Just ignore all the BIs and plow ahead asserting their self righteous rightness while making the public wrong and “damn the torpedoes” which comes from Science of Survival and is probably the only “tech” they apply these days.

  3. Well as much as Sandra may be to blame for many ARC breaks and so forth, I suspect that the people up-lines need to find a scapegoat for the staff exodus / stat crash / unhandled public who have been declared. Now that they know who is unpopular, and have some “intel”, they will cave Sandra right in, and satisfy many people who will think the SP has been handled and all is hunky dory. For Sandra justice may be coming – but she is at least partly, a product of management. Comm-ev’ing her and Albert might be necessary, but it is still not the solution.
    What needs to be handled just as much, if not more is the “re-do whatever you have done, buy two “new” e-meters (actually nearly a decade old), support the IAS (which is paying for all the flaps caused by management – 18 lawyers on the clock – to deal with one suit from Marty Rathbun’s wife, and not for any 4D programmes), and pay for buildings ( and all the re-do’s / re-fits there caused by mismanagement) and pay for six monthly illegal sec checks on OT7 – (where the EP is bankruptcy / obsequious fawning – take your pick!)”.

  4. The Hamster Wheel is in full swing!
    The OT Committee are now promoting the circular Bridge!
    Who is really there to deliver?
    Oh this puts a big smile on my face to see the blind leading
    the blind with no guide dog!
    Do not be fooled by the Church putting Ethics in – it is just
    a front as they will be replaced by staff who are better hatted
    with covert smiles!
    The top of management is still the head of the rotten fish!

  5. However, Goldie, it is somewhat satisfying to see those two on the receiving end of some of what they’ve been metering out. They’re both old hands at being on the RPF. They know that treachery is the name of their game but they got blaze and too full of themselves. That’ll learn ‘em.
    Albert was due to be removed off that post Y….EARS ago but there was no one else to put in his place as an ED. He had his neck saved for that reason alone. The devil you know…

  6. The once mighty Sandra now under a comm ev!! There is a god after all.
    The proverbial wheel has turned. Lets see how she fares under the spotlight of accusation and distrust with the threat loosing all thats dear. Yes Im afraid the shoe fits dear Sandra. You and your Husband are reaping what you have sown Im afraid. The organisation for whom you did so much, has now turned on you just as you did to others. You must be thinking now that none of it makes any sense. To that I say, too right. We can agree on this at least.
    Good luck!

  7. To echo Sheeple Bane – sow what you reap. And to continue a biblical vein – as ye have judged so shall ye be judged and with what measure ye meet shall be measured to you again! Hallelujah! and Praise the Lord! Sorry – getting a bit carried away there. I have a reservation though: who is doing the comm ev’ing and are they in fact any better or is the mask just being handed from one face to another. In other words are the incompetent, ignorant and callous leading the imcompetent, ignorant and callous? Who knows. Time will tell I guess. Hope so. Heathcliff

    • Food for thought indeed! Will it be a case of tacit consent between the com evers and com evees? Both sharing similiar overts themselves!
      I guess DM has succeeded to a point. With all the destruction done in the name of “command intention” could there ever be a real fact finding comm ev designed to find truth and right wrongs? Doubtful. Because if obnosis be used the one true source of mayhem should be discovered – DM. No comm ev from inside has ever come to that plain obvious of all obviousness! It is only after the multicoloured church bubble bursts and those awefull penny drops clink and clink and CLINK some more, do we go ahahhh.

  8. Great post , I have made choice not to talk about other staff or people other DM ,

    I had only one problem with Sandra and that was a KR she wrote on me as I was trying to sell off classic old LRH books and I stated in muster that they were doggy, she KR Ed me for it , but I believe Albert instructed her to do it,

    This left me a little confussed as I was thinking are the old books ok or are they off ,

    Albert would sit and chat with me,
    he would make sure I had all the help I needed to have taxi fare,
    lifts to book sites, NNCF he made sure I had a computer to invoice all my sales , he never let me wait until after 8 pm in my study time to get my invoices imputted on a computer,
    he all ways asked how I was and if I needed any thing,

    if only the above was faintly true !!!

    But yet I still like the guy

  9. Interesting scarcity of comments here – Considering how many have had a lot to say about Albert and Sandra on the Blog. Maybe everybody was out enjoying Friday?
    Anyway, here are my thoughts about the Gauteng Eds in general: It has amazed me that all the Gauteng EDs have been left on post for YEARS even though all the orgs are failing / stayed small / lost staff and public. Surely they should have been hauled over the coals long ago for not producing auditors in their masses over the years? This is after all the ONLY reason orgs exist at all?
    Or maybe not. More money has been made in the last decade during fund raising than ever was made regging people for services. So maybe that is the real VFP nowadays. And Albert has been very successful in this area up till now. But now that so many of the rich donors have been declared (out-ethics sods that they are), donations have trickled to virtually nothing. I am sure Phillipe Park and Walter Hex are tiring of being the only whales left and might be balking?
    Regarding the staff that are leaving: I say good for them! Go out and live life and stop spending it serving that miserable little fuckwit who only has greed and avarice in that evil excuse for a heart he has.
    Judit – Class V? Not anymore she ain’t. She has to go back to the beginning and train all over again on something she already knows how to do. She has to somehow come up with over R100,000 for her 2 Warehouse 8s before she even starts training. Maybe she is just plain pissed off and is slowly waking up. Maybe they all are and have found they have better ways to spend their time than stand around in empty orgs being screamed at because they have not hit their money targets for each and every day! After all, how can they reg people when they only have a handful of public in the org on any given day. And the public that don’t come in are not answering their phones.
    Go and get a life, all of you who are lurking here and don’t know which way to jump! It is good out here and nobody is going to crap on you for wanting to enjoy the fruits of your labours. There is no “Thursday at 2″ where the achievements of last week are instantly history and Groundhog Day starts all over again!

  10. Totally agree with Draco.
    The truth is Sandra and Albert will be subject to a
    comm Ev which will not be true.
    Reports will be altered and their real crimes covered up!
    If they get replaced which at the end of the day I doubt very
    much will happen after all who is going to replace them.
    The Comm Ev committee have the same overts.
    It is impossible to have real justice in the Church.
    Now if a field court of Ethics was put in place WOW
    we could dismiss the staff – sell the building plus
    land and pay back some part of all the donations
    stolen from all of us who were robbed!
    Silly me I must have fallen down the rabbit hole again!

    • Lol! Very loud, Goldie. What a wonderful thought, dismiss all the staff, sell all the buildings, reimbursing people with the proceedss.
      The wit of some of the bloggers gets me going. We’re a bunch of comedians, perhaps not even realising it! Well, we can laugh like we weren’t able to when it was all so very serious. My god! It was so serious. How wonderful it is now.

  11. Talking about ex-SA Staff – any news about Ken Krieger? I am willing to bet that he will not languish in some rpf somewhere, but will be used to reg. He is far too good at that to waste his money grabbing talents.

  12. Wow, good opportunities if you join staff, become a staff member at Joburg org! And you can make a good living!!! If you don’t know, talk to Corvin, Angelo, Cleo, Albert at Joburg Org! Go up the bridge and make a great living! Call them now and don’t be sorry, you didn’t find out!

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