To be or not to be critical?

critical-thinkingby Tony DePhillips

One of the greatest abilities a person can have is the ability to spot out-points.

To be able to imagine the ideal scene and to then “see” departures from that ideal is a very valuable ability. This is a paraphrase of some ideas from L. Ron Hubbard and I agree with them.

Couldn’t you also say that spotting out-points was also “critical“? Such as “I don’t like all the regging going on in the church”.

The Church of Scientology likes to discourage it’s members from being critical. While on Solo Nots I was greatly discouraged from communicating out-points I saw within the church. I do believe that I had bypassed charge (painful emotion) connected to the out-points that I was observing. I was not able to communicate this painful emotion in my auditing at Flag (Mecca of technical imperfection) because any origination of mine that pointed out an out-point was turned against me and became a fact that I must have some sins (“overts” they call them) and missed withholds (someone almost found out about a   sin). So instead of getting my own therapy (called auditing) I got wrong “indications” that further irritated me and drove me down the tone scale.

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Run Forest, run!


By Lisa Goosen

While some may know me by my maiden name and family reputation let me enlighten you as to whom I am. I am one of the first 18 declared in the South African purge and am the daughter of Ernest and Gaye Corbett. My name is Lisa Goosen married to Warwick Goosen, also one of the 18 declared.

The subject I wanted to talk to you all about is that of “Disconnection” although the church vehemently says that it does not enforce this on any members of the church it is without a doubt being enforced. It’s quiet cleverly done actually; it is completely your own decision – “Either you disconnect from “A, B & C” or you lose your eternity, your choice!” wow – Thank you C of S for giving me my freedom of choice.

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The Scientology History Project


We have received this article from the Scientology history project. It seems a very worthwhile endevour. There are many projects by many people on the go around the world. These include the Scientolopedia wiki, efforts to collate all the materials and make them available using modern technology as well as the growing number of delivery groups.

Just about everything on Scientology is now available on the Internet but when it comes to looking for it all and trying to order it, it becomes a terrible challenge as it’s dispersed and often buried in blogs, forums, wiki sites and other.

Efforts to unify or centralise this information into an easily navigable place serve an important function and can make the journey out of official Scientology a lot easier.

If this project does what they say they are going to do it aligns perfectly with the mission of this blog: To get us all BACK IN COMM.

As they say, it does not yet have much content but we’re very sure there are people who would love to contribute to detailing this history.

The Scientology History Project

There’s a quote from the lecture Org Board And Livingness: “If we
don’t express the function on the org board, it will be worn unknowingly by
everyone.” One of the things left off every org board we know of
is the position of historian. And given that it was always left off the org
boards, we’ve all been wearing the hat. Perhaps it’s time we put that hat
on our collective org board and let someone else wear it.

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Jillian Schlesinger

The following story appeared on The Underground Bunker yesterday and has received wide coverage. Many of our readers may not be readers of the Underground Bunker so we are reproducing it in full here. It is an important story.

Of particular interest to us is a statement that Jillian Makes in her interview.

“And they’re into signing a lot more things now. You have to sign a document saying that you don’t have Internet, or gmail, and other things. If you did have email, you had to give them your address and then they cancel it for you,” she says. “And all of your mail gets checked. So if someone sends you a letter or a box, they go through it first. And if they find something in there negative about Scientology, they’ll take it away. That made it hard to talk to my dad.”


This is incredible and indicative of the greater efforts the church is making to control. We are aware that there are some former South African Sea Org members reading this blog. We are very interested to know if local Sea Org members are also required to sign such documents and forbidden access to personal emails.

Please get in touch with us:

Jillian Schlesinger: How I got into Scientology, and how I got out

ChurchofScientologyBy Tony Ortega

This is happening in Los Angeles, on Fountain Avenue, in an old hospital building painted blue and topped with huge, lit-up letters that read SCIENTOLOGY.

And this is only weeks ago. In 2014. In the center of one of the largest cities in a country that likes to think of itself as one of the freest on earth.

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The ‘straight up and vertical’ lie

In 2003 four orgs around the world were part of an experiment known at the time as “new Central Organisations”. These orgs were: Tampa, San Francisco, Buffalo and Joburg. They all opened in newly renovated buildings personally overseen (and opened) by David Miscavige.

At the March 13 event in 2004 the global campaign to build these “new breed of Central Organisations” was launched. Shortly after this the program became known as the “Ideal Org Strategy” which is still running today.

The problem to be solved was outlined by David Miscavige at this event. He noted that if the church were to clear the planet it had to happen a lot faster. He pointed out that there were over 2.7 million towns and cities around the world that did not yet even have a group, let alone an org.

He announced the WHY for expansion being too slow: Orgs were trying to do too little. This was not the way to clear a planet. He then emphatically announced: “We don’t ‘build on a gradient’, slowly and bit-by-bit. Our new gradient for organizations is straight up – we DO IT ALL, and RIGHT NOW.”

He then spoke in great detail about how the church was in the “public phase” of it’s evolution and how these new organisations would achieve expansion on a right now basis. These new organisations were supposed to make the necessary speed of expansion possible.

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South Africans abroad

A couple of South Africans who left our shores are active on Scientology lines in the US. Here’s Marliese Lochner doing her thing for ideal orgs in Silicon Valley. Marliese is the sister of Elmien Lochner, longtime ideal org warrior in South Africa. Elmien was demoted in the purge of October 2013 but still active on fund raising.

marliesAnd for the old timers among our readers here’s Eric Falkow joining staff at Pasedena. You would have found Eric on our list of trained auditors in our last post. He and his wife Sally left South Africa back in the 80s or 90s.



These are the auditors

“Scientology in Africa has experienced its greatest expansion over the last 10 years, since the creation of our two Ideal Orgs in South Africa. More auditors have been trained, more services have been delivered, more Clears and OTs have been produced in the last 10 years than in the prior 30 years combined. These are statistical facts.” 

This statement was made in an email from the CLO selling leather bound books. It repeated by various people on various platforms during last year: At fundraisers (of course), in emails asking for money, at graduations. It was the mantra of 2013.

Well, it’s a statement that deserves challenging. Particularly as it is so boldly stated as “statistical fact”. Auditors. Really? More have been trained in 10 years than the previous 30 years combined? This is the stat we chose to inspect closely.

“The last 10 years” would cover 2003-2013. The previous 30 would be 1973-2002. Those are our time references for that statement.

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