A couple notices

This post is a few house keeping type notices.

Firstly a reminder that if you want to be notified of new articles by email you can subscribe by putting  your email in the subscribe box to the right on the home page.

Secondly, We’ve added a new menu item up on the top right titled “Who’s Declared?”. This is a running list of South African Scientologists that have been declared. Initially it was going to be those declared since October 2013 but we’ve now taken it back to 2010. Please let us know of any amendments that should be made.

And lastly, we feel it important to make this point. When individuals are named in articles on this blog, Albert, Robert, etc. it is not out of any sense of vindictiveness or pleasure that they may not be doing well. Rather we wish to call out the human foibles of the members of a group that have deemed themselves a higher moral authority and fit to pass judgement on the foibles of others not aligned with their purposes.

We felt it important that this be kept in mind.

End of notices. Regular programming will commence shortly.


16 thoughts on “A couple notices

  1. Agreed scn africa there is plenty BPC on certain prominent terminals.
    Sometimes we get caught up in the rant against those who we were wronged by. What is good however, is that people can freely express those sometimes powder keg of suppressed emotions. For far too long many felt powerless against the powers that be. You knew things were wrong! But the clique had you castrated in a manner of dramatic incarceration the likes of which, is hard to explain unless you lived through it!
    Now we the people of the South have a newfound voice. We are speaking and healing. It may not always be filled with love and light.At times it’s darn right dirty!
    But it is free. People out there are listening, the winds of change are filling up once cavernous holes of dispair. The monster is but a retreating shadow. All because we are talking, sharing, commiserating
    and helping.
    This community of bloggers, friends, co-conspirators, enemies of the church, lurkers, concerned citizens etc have infused life into quite literally a phenomenon of considerable preportions. The church is visibly shaken. Shows what the C in ARC can do doesnt it? This is a win for those of us that endeavor to see scientology used correctly. For some, just seeing the churches demise would be enough. Personally, in a perfect world, propper reformation and DM termination would be nice

    • As usual, Sheeple Bane, you have put it so well. You have certainly voiced my sentiments. We are speaking and healing and it’s not all pretty and certain people have been outright and purposely mean us! Lol!
      Let the meanies be exposed. Somewhere along the line I hope for their redemption but right now, let them be known for their actions against the tech and against good people.
      People executing illegals orders are just as guilty of those (in this case, DM) ordering them. People who know of a crime and do not do anything about it are accomplices. References: “Orders, Illegal and Cross – How to Keep Out of Trouble” and “Knowledge Reports.”

  2. Moderator, you make very good points here. If anyone has had the stomach recently to read KSW Lions, you will notice it has become extremely vicious. My own observation is that very few people on this blog (BIC) actually wish ill to any fellow Scientologists. I noticed a comment on the last article about the lack of comments about Sandra and Albert’s CommEv – I think because despite everything nobody really wishes them harm.
    In contrast, whoever has taken over the posting on KSW Lions clearly wishes we would all die painfully so as to finally PROVE CofS RIGHT!!!! He/she is doing the exact thing he/she accuses this blog of – when the Moderator in fact is extremely careful not to get personal.
    In almost every respect the current management of CofS displays the LRH-defined characteristics of an SP (as opposed to the current political definition).

    • Debbie Jones you make some very good points here and I must admit I was pondering the same. The KSW site is filled with vitriolic ad hominem attack the likes of which had I still been in the Church, I would be cringing with embarrassment.
      Its obvious the policy “never defend always attack” is being used to the fullest, but this person obviously forgot the other policy (I think PR Series 16 or so) which says “spitting venom stains one with venom”. And by God, are they busy drenching themselves in the stuff.
      There was a definite “shift” at some point when someone else more cogent, vicious and obviously adept at writing these types of articles took over. I have an idea who it may be, and if I am right, then I am truly appalled. Certainly Susan Jonker doesn’t have the ability, intelligence nor vocabulary to be spewing out the stuff that is emanating from KSW of late – this is someone who is an old-hand at this game. Not many left of those at the CLO………….
      Love BP

      • Yes, I also have a strong suspicion as to who it is, which makes it all the more laughable talking of “going to the police” with evidence, because if I’m right in my guess on-one has more fraud and financial crimes to answer for.
        Remind me again what LRH says about SPs accusing others of their own crimes?

  3. It is a good idea to list the declared SPs.
    When in the “Church” internet exploration is forbidden, but when once a person is done, all too often they GOOGLE their name.
    Hence they discover long duration comm lines etc.
    So very many folk have found each other by Googling their own name.
    So naming people on a blog serves a good purpose.

  4. Curious as to why you want to list the people Declared only recently? (2010)? Why this lack of interest in the people in South Africa who were Declared before that, the courageous people who stood alone, and without the support that the current wave of newly outs are receiving through this blog? Listing people only Declared 2010 onwards also skews the picture considerably.
    What, are those of us who saw the Light long ago not welcome here?

    • Yoh! Not at all. The list began to track what had happened since the big purge in 2013 since new declares are not published. We then realised that declares have not been published since about 2010 so included those.

      We are not a platform of exclusion as we have made clear so perhaps we will have everyone with date of declare (as close as it is known). Fire away!

      • OK. That makes sense. Eish! Sorry, there was some BPC (bypassed charge) there from a certain other blog where people from the past were “vetted”, and only a few were “approved” while the rest were excluded, which alienated a LOT of potential allies and led to a lot of unnecessary angst. It was divisive, segregational and disappointing. Glad you see you are not following that pattern here. I’ll p/m you mine and I am sure there are some more to be found in here:
        – and those are only the ones who have spoken out.
        Would also be good to get a database of actual Goldenrods too, from those of us who were lucky enough to get their own copy pre-2010. They always make for amusing reading.

      • Phoenix,
        The only problem I have with the WWP list is that I never gave that much money to the IAS.
        Fact is I only paid for yearly memberships when extorted into to doing so so I could complete the VI (un) Certainty course I was on.
        In both cases a waste of money.
        Though I did tell OSA to go f—k themselves when I was posting under my old handle of RJ on Marty’s Blog.
        I think they have me conflated with another Robin Adair who reigns from around here (SA) and now lives in the Lone Star State (that’s the other Lone Star Phoenix just east of you and New Mexico ) where Marty lives.
        No matter.
        They caught my sentiments regarding OSA.
        Can’t complain though.
        The anon posting this list did a lot of research and despite the occasional error has done an excellent job and has captured the general zeitgeist which is that we love the religion but currently hate the Church.
        In jest I suggested we should call ourselves the “Scientology Militia” because according to the press this is how Militia groups here in the US supposedly feel about the Government.
        However, to be more accurate they are upset with the Government’s inability to adhere to the Constitution much like many of us on the “fringes” as they say are upset with the Church’s current inability to apply Standard Tech and stick to Policy.

      • Remoteviewed,
        There is a function on the wiki to edit your entry if you want to, to correct it.
        Good for you for telling OSA to go f__k themselves.
        And, yes, I am very familiar with the Militia in the US – have even encountered some of them when visiting over there. It is not an association I would want to make myself, as they tend to be fanatical and extremist. I would rather liken us to the Freemen, or Libertarians, although there are also some not so good associations with those as well.
        My view is that we do not need to identify ourselves in US terms. We are *South African*, and have our own unique context, landscapes and identity. I mean, we have already come up with the Mielie cob, so we should develop our own brand of freedom that matches our diverse culture and people in our context.
        I like the idea of being UBUNTU Scientologists. After all, an entire open source software operating system was developed overseas, called UBUNTU, taking the name from our cultural narrative. So we should become leaders, not just followers or copiers of the US, or other cultures. We should set the trends for ourselves.
        Will get off my soapbox now. Thanks for your reply, much appreciated.

    • I think currently the 2 1/2 % who are left have no idea they could possibly be according to the policy.
      Miscavige for example probably never considers the possibility along with his little circle of advisors (read plants) and sycophants he likely believes he’s on a mission from God or something.
      Fact is Team Dave has made it impossible to correct the scene by shutting down the reports line that is supposed to point out errors in Management’s application of policy and tech (which is now considered “Black PR”) and turning it into some kind of rat line where it is used to inform on staff or public in true police state fashion.

  5. Good points moderator. I did not read any vindictiveness in the post. Many have been hurt and it is good to vent. Whilst some who have been the cause of a great deal of misery will get their due, I do feel that they will be welcomed with open arms if they do see the light and put themselves on the road of sanity. There was a very revealing post on Mike’s blog yesterday by someone who goes by the handle of “Basketballjane”. I think we have all be in a place at one time or another when we were so immersed in the cause that we could not see the wood for the trees. Anyone who cognites, and whose intentions are more good than bad will be welcomed and helped by me.

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