Which way is up?

Upside Down Church

In today’s age of electronic communication, the Church of Scientology is one of the few organisations that still insist on writing letters to its parishioners. Because policy says so. It’s almost a given that if Ron were around today, this policy of writing letters would have been replaced with one that was more in keeping with currently accepted communication methods.

This, in addition to the deluge of promo being sent out by the Church – 80% of which probably lands up in the garbage or recycle bags and bins. Someone even reported receiving a postcard inviting their 2 year-old  to join the Sea Org. And this kid also receives their own copy of the Impact Magazine!

But this letter was just too good to pass up. The poor writer was probably (a) totally out of PT  (b) exhausted or (c) just didn’t care anymore and was on auto-pilot at the time of writing this letter:


16 thoughts on “Which way is up?

  1. That is a very cool letter , I like it,
    Modern advirtisors like guess put there signs upside down,
    nothing wrong , it has created interest , as we can see it has landed on this blog!

  2. Too funny!! The poor chap has no reality on much of anything. How do you communicate about something effectively when all you have is basic sea org training and the purif completion behind you? Throw in sleep depravation and obscene target attainment and it gets funky. Its like selling off shore bonds that exist only as an idea backed by psuedo “wolf of wall st” confidence! Fresh air sold by those fresh out of sense. The picture and letter illustrates just how the poor staff live in the land of topsy turvy. All for the cause, all for the cause! Ahoohah! I say this because once upon a time I rallied to the church cry and believed.
    Better to use the tech without the heady nonsense, cause it makes no sense otherwise.

  3. This is exhaustion. It is odd that in an organisation that insists you cannot be audited, nor can you study, unless your rudiments are in, continuous efforts are made to put staff and SO out-ruds, and to make it “cool” exhibiting “toughness” and being “cause” over your body! It is sabotage – no-one can function properly when they are constantly sleep-deprived. That is why so many spend years on the RPF. They are too sleep deprived to get in the study and co-audits.Once in a while there may be a reason to work through the night – I do it myself – but not habitually.
    Sleep deprivation is a well-known tool for torture and brain washing in prison and concentration camps. Making it “important” or “cool” adds insult to injury.

  4. It looks like the writer got it right.
    As an analogy of some Devil worshiper anti-Christian religions who use the upside down Christian cross, the upside down Scn cross is a good representation of the Co$ because they are practicing black Scn to a degree.

  5. Thank you for this – I’ve had a few like it from Joburg.
    Your comment on LRH policy refers: I once took such policy letters and ran everything on it through my Oxford Dictionary set, and found that there was nothing which Ron wrote that isn’t likely to hold for the next century or million or billion years with regard to technology’s impact. Look at the definition of ‘letter’. How it is delivered is irrelevant.
    My interaction with Incomm (the CoS’s computer wing – International Network of Computer Organized Management) in 2003 when they started with their second issue Org email system then indicated they didn’t have a clue of what was coming on planet Earth. They took no advise from me or Ron’s first computer I/C who brought me the manual for my input.
    I’m often called a tech junkie – and have been very accurate at predicting future software systems. So, when a system purports to ‘lay down the rules for hereon out’ I examine it with an intensity – a challenge has been laid down. And I’m happy to report that Ron knew what he was doing when he wrote. After all, not much has or will happen here on Earth that hasn’t happened elsewhere in the universe. And if you can access your track – it’s easy!
    The CoS’s data base system which feeds the Addresso system in the divisions is screwed largely because of the paranoia of secrecy of its member data base. System demands were made by non-computer people (Miscavige), to inexperienced staff who were running Incomm – a recipe for a disaster. Now there’s very little maintenance of the system and DB, and inexperienced staff could feed non-sense in, and 2 years-olds will receive mail!
    I remember having to write such letters after course at night to public when on the Freewinds. Ugh.

    • Frik,
      You’re right.
      Ron was pretty hip on computer tech back in the late ’60′s he wrote Targets and Computers then in ’80′s when computers became smaller and more portable developed “Streamlines” (computerized routing forms) and Incom.
      Plus he had plans to set up CIR pronounced “SIR” which would have given Orgs access to all policy and tech stored in a centralized data bank.
      Also he had Merc installed which was a localized email server back in the days when very few outside of DARPA heard of “email”.
      Too bad when the coup took over they took a big leap back into the stone age and used Incom for nothing more than scanning ethics reports.
      CIR was dropped. What little that is left of the project can only be accessed by the Fat Cats at WISE.
      And Merc was replaced by Outlook Distress which is closely monitored by HCO who makes sure that the staff doesn’t receive any “entheta” and when “vetted” is printed off for them.
      I mean how useless is that?
      Oh yeah RTC initiated an e-report line but anyone who’s used it (like yours truly) knows its use was not to garner KRs in order to correct outnesses but used to find who has been “Black PRing” management so they be “Roll Backed” and routed onto the “Truth Rundown”.
      But what do expect from a bunch of primates who get bent out of shape when one of their flock ventures on the internet and doesn’t allow their staff to have access to a cell phone.

  6. Well how about this for incompetence most
    of the declares have not actually been contacted
    to say they are declared thus allowing them to be
    on the comm lines of Scientologists who also do
    not know they are declared only the favored few
    are told to disconnect!
    Then there is the comm lag of the MAA’s receiving the
    Golden Rods so during that time which can be months
    the declared person can communicate to any one
    he or she wants to freely because they have not been
    told they have been declared!
    up until that time they can carry on communicating
    then wham they become Suppressive!
    Then the declared person still receives mail from
    Flag – Sainthill – The Freewinds and even local
    Orgs by the bucket load – The Church is still connected to them by
    this comm line and have not disconnected!
    Comm to take them off the mailing list has not
    arrived to addresso and believe me it can take months
    for a change of address or a spelling of a name to be
    corrected or to be removed from the mailing list.
    Modern Technology – I say humbug!
    I have had to pay to redirect mail for six months
    because I knew any new occupant would get
    my mail and I would be very embarrassed because
    the basic courses in division six promote communication
    and Duplication something the Church is absolutely
    incapable of doing!
    Then to top it all – it is always a computer error.
    COMPUTER – Yep another ROBOT!
    Please OSA get your act together and inform
    the powers to be to take off ALL mailing lists of
    anyone on the Declared Suppressive Person
    List which the BLOG has kindly submitted
    so you can alter your records and pass the data
    on accordingly. Declared persons do not want to
    receive JUNK MAIL thank you!

  7. This would be unintentionally hilarious if it wasn’t so pitiful – poor deluded, exhausted, exploited Pieter and his blunt pencil. I hope there is a special pen-pushing Kafkaesque bureaucratic hell reserved for Miscavige.

  8. Here we have the classic example of one LRH policy being used and enforced, while another is ignored. Yes — there is the GROSS INCOME SENIOR DATUM (from HCO PL 30 July 68) that “THE SIZE NOT THE QUALITY OF AN ORG’S MAILING LIST AND THE NUMBER OF MAILINGS AND LETTERS TO IT DETERMINES THE GROSS INCOME OF AN ORG”.
    There is also however explicit Letter Reg policy, which lays out the purpose of the Letter Registrar and the duties (HCO PL 6 April 1965). This clearly states that “The duties of the Letter Registrar do NOT consist of writing floods of generalized promotion letters.THIS is the job of the magazine and special mailings. The magazine faces the GENERAL public. The Letter Registrar faces individuals only.” It goes on to explain how when a person REACHES to the org for a service, based on good marketing and promotion (magazine, bulk mailings, etc.) then the Letter Registrar writes to them to help them get what they are wanting.
    The whole cycle goes wrong when there is NO reach from the public, due to a) crappy marketing, b) out-tech delivery, c) in-justices, d) horrendous mis-application of public relations, d) continued increase of prices and e) did I mention out-tech? and f) more out-tech and arbitraries, and g) a circular Bridge that makes sure that no one actually gets anywhere, and h) etc.
    The above letter should never have been written — per LRH policy.
    The Call-in lines are just as bad. I received 3 phone calls recently for GAT2, and I have been Declared since 2005!
    I agree with Frik Blaauw above — LRH, if he were here, would have had the digital age communication lines being used effectively to reduce cost and to make the org comm lines fast and efficient, and services easier and more accessible. There is no way in hell he would have tolerated them spending millions to set up “ideal orgs” to continue this off-the-rails situation.

  9. I think he’s got it exactly right. Rush out here so you can have all your gains cancelled and go from wherever you were near the top of the Bridge right back to the bottom now that GAT II has been released. How totally fitting to be written upside down. The man is telling the truth. Poor guy.

  10. FYI – Here is an e-mail that got posted all over other Blogs from a poor staff member hypnotized by the GAT II / Super Power event – CRINGE ALERT! (We all have been there at some point or another – so thank your lucky stars you are not buying this propaganda any longer)!!
    “From: Matt Hanses
    Subject: The Second Live GAT II Event From Flag: A Vignette
    Dear Scientologist,
    I am at a loss. I feel like it’s probably hopeless to even try to explain.
    I’m so blown away that I struggle to find the right words. I’ve nearly given up even trying to convey the emotion of the event. It was too powerful…too personal.
    I may let you down on this one. It will sound like a hollow sales pitch or strained hyperbole. How do you explain the emotion of triumph? How do you explain the nuances of hope? How do you convey the intimate details of your own personal sense of love, honor or inspiration?
    Can you explain your feelings when you got married? Or when your first child was born? Can you honestly describe the thrill of personal victory when you graduated?
    I can no more describe a summer sunset or the smile of your baby than I could the emotion of today. These can’t be conveyed. They can only be experienced. When you can look in the eyes of someone who has gone through it, you know: THEY understand. They’re the only ones who can.
    Yet, I will try. In an attempt to ensure that every last soul who I can possibly reach does see these events, I will try. And so…I write.
    As we filed into our seats in the huge white tent, I looked up at the rows and rows of lights and scaffolding across the top that seemed to go on forever. The magnitude alone made me realize how many of us there really are.
    They just kept streaming in wearing tuxedos and formal gowns. You could hardly believe that people would keep arriving, but they did. And once again the 6,000-seat tent filled to capacity. I don’t know if there were other viewing areas to accommodate more people; I just know that this tent was PACKED.
    The lights dimmed three times signifying the event was about to start and a cheer went up amongst the crowd. You could tell people were excited. After last night’s event, how could they be anything but? They had just seen a watershed moment in history—something they never expected to see. Yet here there was another entire event tonight! Talk about anticipation…. And then COB RTC took the stage and the event picked up right where it left off from the previous night.
    Within the first 15 minutes I was crying.
    Literally crying this time, I hate to say it—not just moist eyes. It’s funny that I worked so hard to hide it at the time, as I stood there cheering myself hoarse, yet I freely confess it now. I’m not a crying person. I’m not a softie. Yet, there I was…crying.
    But the truth was, I was actually blowing charge. I was NOT. STUPID. Goddammit! I was NOT just dumb. It wasn’t ME! Oh my GOD, I can make it. Oh my GOD!
    One of the first videos had just unveiled a new release that was very personal to me: Something I had struggled with; something that had given me a very hard time. And yet here it was—mystery dispelled, totally solved, totally beautiful.
    I turned to look at my wife. Her mascara was running. Tears were streaming down her face. It is hard to describe the truly spiritual moment when you look over at your partner in life and get that she is having the exact same experience you are…and that all our plans are about to change forever.
    We were going to make it—us.
    Yet, that was the beginning, not the end. One after another, groundbreaking Earth-shattering revelations washed over us like waves. This wasn’t an “event”—it was an auditing session! We were blowing charge. The string of correct indications just kept blowing away false data and introversion that had accumulated over several decades.
    Calm knowingness and understanding set in. No wonder these trainees could get through so fast! I probably could too! We all could. It wasn’t a stretch. It made total sense. How could it be any other way? Totally logical. A peaceful happiness settled in.
    Forty-five minutes later I was out of my mind.
    This time I was literally screaming. Not “cheering,” but totally-shocked-lost-my- composure-blown-away SCREAMING in awe. I couldn’t imagine anything this lifetime that would ever make me react like that. But then again, I couldn’t imagine what I was seeing.
    The event had gone in a totally different direction than I had ever expected it would. I had been happily following along, elated that I was now going to be able to make it, happy that my org was going to fulfill its mission and excited about how fun my job was going to be…and then I really got the true whole track nature of Scientology.
    Guys, we are in the right religion. For a moment I caught a glimpse at how big this whole thing really is and I realized that this really is the most important thing on my whole track.
    The crowd went nuts. I mean crazy. I mean psycho. It was off the chain! People were screaming. They were cheering. The floor started to rumble from thousands of people stomping their feet.
    None of us expected to see what was being released, not even my Senior C/S—and he had been in all the closed-door briefings beforehand. This one thing made everything else possible. It was thrilling. Beyond surreal, it was one of those few times in my life where you really couldn’t believe your eyes. If you had told me it existed I wouldn’t have believed you, but now that it was here in front of me…well, I scarcely believed it still. And yet there it was.
    You won’t believe it. I still hardly can fathom it. Soon, however, it will be real enough.
    It’s a new Scientology, guys. Ron’s Scientology. The Scientology you always hoped for and wanted. It’s here. And it’s ours. The finale of the event was really what drove this home to me. The final video was almost like watching a dream. It was everything I’d ever hoped we could be—better than that, actually. And that’s where I lose my words.
    I just can’t explain it. I would have to describe each part of it and it’s too much, too powerful and too huge. I can just tell you this: the crowd gave a standing ovation for 10 minutes.
    I’m not kidding. For 10 full minutes we cheered. People stood on their chairs. They were stomping the floor. We clapped and screamed and whistled until our hands hurt.
    COB graciously acknowledged the crowd and they would start to wind down. And then it would start going again. Just as people were finally seated, the cheer would start up—and then, once again they were on their feet. Over and over.
    It. Was. Epic.
    I just want to say one thing before I go. I have been hearing about “the release of Super Power” since I was a little boy. There had been decades of talk about this day that would arrive at some point in the future. It had been built up into this monumental victory where we would solve everything, where the future would be blindingly bright and where planetary clearing would finally be within our reach.
    I wasn’t disappointed.
    With Love,
    Matt Hanses
    ED St. Louis Foundation”

    • Wow! That is some email. I have to say, the events make me weep too. I also experience a calm knowingness and understanding when I watch them now. But I do not ever have the phenomena described above such as
      “Forty-five minutes later I was out of ,my mind. This time I was literally screaming. Not “cheering” but totally-shocked-lost-my-composure-blown-away-SCREAMING in awe. I couldn’t imagine that anything this lifetime would make me react like that……..”…….” The crowd went nuts. I mean crazy. I mean psycho. It was off the chain!”…. “I still can hardly fathom it.”
      Matt – get thee to a decent auditor!

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