War & Revolution

war rev

By Mark Shreffler

Our enemy is not the church. It is not DM and the minions he sends to nip at our wheels. These are distractions.

Our enemy was, is and ever shall be the Reactive Mind and the ignorance that allows it seniority in our conversations, groups, countries and the civilization that surrounds us.

I’d like to propose that we keep our eyes on the ball and continue our enhancement activities for ourselves and for the people who deserve a hand based on their own demands for improvement.

There has never been a better time to pull together, to be helpful to each other and re-discover in our help the humanity that so well defines the term “Scientologist.”

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  1. My answer to Mark is “NONSENSE”. We as spiritual beings have the power to control our reactive minds. You are the thetan and you are in control. I have worked with DM’s kind of people while in the SO and I experienced that type of personality on many occasions. It’s like saying “shame Oscer, it was your reactive mind that killed Rheva”.Where does the responsibility lie. Everyone is responsible 100% for their actions. No exceptions.

    • I believe you may have missed the point of the article. I never read it as saying let DM off the hook, or let’s all return to CofS to jointly fight the reactive mind. The message as I understand it is – don’t get so distracted on your first dynamic by the politics of the church that you forget why you originally came into Scientology – to defeat your own reactive mind. That, in fact, is the way to be 100% responsible.

      • DM and company are just distractions in the overall scheme of things. Don’t loose too much time on them. Of course, if your cross-hairs find a tempting target, well, a little target practice is not a bad idea.

    • Fully agree with you !
      In the C.O.S there are 10000ds of people without reactive minds, look at what they do !
      Humanity has evolved a lot in the last thousands of years and it has always been because of the basic goodness, intelligence, empathy, visions of Individuals.
      Neslon Mandela didn’t have any Scientology Tech at his Disposal but what He achieved through reason alone is 10 000X more worth as all those cleared people.
      This is very sad (not what Mandela achieved) but TRUE.
      Greetings from a free Country !

    • I agree Travers! THAT Is nonsense. There are evil people and good people – the Church of Scientology will only have EVIL people at the end and it is about here. The good people have left.
      You don’t get rid of your reactive mind in Scientology – you learn to control it. The people like David Miscavige and his minions can’t! They are evil and need to be destroyed by not contributing to the cult! Just walk out the door and get far away.

      • You don’t get rid of your reactive mind in Scientology – you learn to control it.
        Perhaps that’s your opinion, I.M., but it flies in the face of Dianetic theory, which states that a person can indeed get rid of their reactive mind.

      • @RonnieBell Which flies in the face of Scientology logic that absolutes are unobtainable. Oops.

      • IM, “…the Church of Scientology will only have EVIL people at the end and it is about here. The good people have left.”
        Where / when exactly are you drawing your ‘line in the sand’? A cog takes as long as it takes – you can’t force it. (I would think that there are some good people that will go down with the ship. Too bad, but they may run out of time.)
        I am sure that there are some bad hats that already got out, for their own reasons.
        Don’t be too fast with labels it obscures evaluation.

      • Mwesten, the LRH quote about absolutes being unobtainable isn’t drawn from the axioms, but the datum about erasing the reactive mind is.

        Not everything LRH ever uttered is an inviolable truth. He shared lots of his opinions, musings, and suggestions in his writings. It sometimes takes a bit of savvy to know the difference.

      • @RonnieBell Are you saying the Axioms are inviolable truth but the Logics are just “musings”?
        The Logics, imho, are what the Axioms (and all data) should be measured against. The belief in a finite state of “Clear” fails in this regard.

      • Mwesten, you seem to be using Scientology to invalidate itself. That’s fine if you want to engage in such an exercise, but the life changing wins one can have applying the technology are real. I changed through auditing. I became a better person, and had gains that have stayed with me. It works, and that’s all that really matters to me.

      • @RonnieBell I am not denying anyone’s wins (including my own). Hubbard contradicted himself throughout his work – this being but one example.
        If Scientology is to survive and attract new customers (particularly the well-educated) Scientologists will have to confront this.
        The same goes for all of Hubbard’s absolutes including, but not limited to, PTSness and illness, the “suppressive person”, Third Parties, OWs/blows/criticism, and the key concepts of “Clear”, “OT” and “Total Freedom”. You cannot apply Infinity Valued Logic and believe in the existence of exact states of being. Do you see how this conflicts?

      • You had wins, you say, mwestern? In Scientology? L Ron Hubbard’s type of Scientology? How was that – through reading a book, training, auditing? Was there a win you’d actively recommend others to have? You mean, you’d actually say to someone, Scientology is something I benefitted from because I had wins from it? You’d actually recommend Scientology for the wins?
        Please, no BS. Yes or no?

      • @Poet13c Yes, more often than not, I have had wins from all three – including some major life-changing cognitions. I would definitely recommend auditing as a path to self-empowerment, sure. But I would not bullshit people with fraudulent claims of achieving absolute states, perfect recall and “total freedom”.
        In HCOB 14 Dec 1981 “The State of Clear”, amongst all his hype and desperate backtracking, LRH admits that Clear is indeed an unobtainable absolute. But rather than tackle this intelligently, as Mayo tried to do with his “Harmonics” HCOB – and later at http://bit.ly/1hMouWw) Hub, in his inimitable style, immediately contradicts himself and hopes no one will notice.
        If The Logics are “how to think” and absolutes are indeed unobtainable, then one cannot have an absolute “state” of Clear. It’s really, really quite simple.

    • Travers when one has some auditing lets say few hundred hour to start with will realise just how well controlled the thetan is…every thought every agreement, belief one has or one believes in, is in fact given.

      • Elizabeth I protest at you statement.
        It is a crude evaluation.
        And none of this is about enemies , it is about violations of human rights, spiritual and mental abuse and grand theft.
        Distractions? I think not. Obvious torture and enslavement .
        That each individual wants to continue on with their spiritual path is a god given right and they can do so in any way they want but the problems we are facing with the church is a bit more serious than a distraction.

  2. Hey Mark, whereas I agree with your statement, there is also a plethora of data written by LRH of what one does at times of attack – and we ARE under attack, make no mistake.
    Unfortunately, we don’t have our own GO/OSA to act as the “heavy hussers” and protect us while we get on with going up the bridge etc – this is a dual hat ALL of us have to wear. Some of us are sitting here in the middle of a WAR – and so it is our hat to respond accordingly – of course not forgetting that we should also be keeping our eye on the ball at the same time.
    I am not likely to sit idly by paging through some basic book or listening to a lecture while me, my friends and family are being ripped apart by the OSA dirty tricks department. It’s like fiddling while Rome burns. I am not a fiddler, but I sure as hell am ready to get in the trench, take up arms and help you fight your battle – I have your back any day buddy!
    Love BP

    • Well said Black Panther. We need to realize that it is NOT OK for them to Black PR and decimate us and rip our families from us based on lies and Black PR! What are we to do? Just sit back and let them do this? No, I say don’t be afraid to use force if you have to.

  3. I would like to add the following message to me from LRH. “If you had a ship on Mars and you had no way of contacting it, I will still hold you 100% responsible for what ever happens on that ship”.

  4. I resent posters that preach what I should think or the way I should go.
    The problem with posters like this is they believe their truthmust be a Universal Truth.
    Actually it is right for some and wrong for others to whom it does not apply.
    I do not like to read a blog where someone is telling me who is and isn’t my enemy.
    If posters on this blog had 1/100th of the Fair Game run on me by the *Church* and David Miscavige, they would see the stupidity of such a post addressed to one and all as a generality,
    Only walking in a person’s own shoes gives them the paradigm and lens with which they view life and act.
    Blaming the Reactive Mind is actually in the Book of E-meter drills as a bogus non-responsible answer.
    The whole of evaluation Data Series technology is designed to find a Who and a Why.
    I have my WHOs with complete clarity, thank you very much.

    • Little cob is the target. He is a wanker of classic proportions. He has screwed an entire movement. He accepts, right this minute, help from people who really believe he is well intentioned. He does this by taking their cash and rolling down policies that smash relationships to pieces. He is violent and lies to his people non stop via events and claimed achievements.
      Marty and his wife and Karen and Mike and many, many others can feel less likely to dash out and pursue our common humanity in huge name of Scientology.
      The name itself it tainted, unfortunately. Right or wrong, agree or not. The PR of that name and the subject and the author has never been this atrocious. To use license, it sucks.
      Mark, if you are simply reminding us to disseminate and get services. Good. If you are saying we waste too much time on these blogs shooting at the “enemy” then you are missing the point. If you are saying that little cob is not someone’s “who” or selected idiot, or prick or ‘enemy’ then you have missed the point.
      In your own version or an organization you, as a dissemination, have promo, delivery and so on. You also have the ability via ‘legal’ to respond to attacks from the cofs. All companies have these functions on their org boards. I can defend myself through whatever means I have available and target little cob and his minions whilst simultaneously taking service, delivering service and disseminating.
      One may select a ‘who’ and do whatever they wish. They too can decide to get others interested in the idea of the reactive mind, or not, or walk away.
      These blogs have all types and interests and as Karen suggested above, what you say could be true for some but certainly not all who visit here.
      People being exported on by local OSA staff to cause them trouble in their companies, those dealing with massive court cases, 20 lawyers in Texas, are also ex members who read blogs and have a real story to tell.they would not be enamored by the call to not target the little cob and to focus on the reactive mind.
      Others will agree with you.
      Our audience here is eclectic and varied and fascinating to boot.
      I love it.
      To choose and label and create spurious enemies is a cult mechanism. I choose to say little cob is a prick. I choose to say he actively creates havoc. I choose to say he has changed the cofs into something that is despised by so many. Do you want to label this? Call him my enemy? Well okay. It is academic.
      If you leave the cofs and do so openly and particularly if you openly support other groups, the c of s will try and make your life unpleasant. They are nuts, to put it mildly. They create enemies as you can see chronicled on all the blogs. So, use a balance of force and intelligence when doing so. Be smart, target the reactive mind if you looked and whoever else you decide is not pro your own survival.
      I rant. My response is longer than your article Mark. Oops.

    • +10
      This OP seems a distraction with no application of the Data Series, no information for arrival as to the why. What situation is it being addressed that DM and Scn Inc has no bearing on?

    • I agree with Karen. Hers is just one of the many stories I have read and they have all served to open my eyes to what is going on.
      I personally am done with all of Scientology, however I am aware that this blog was created to make a safe space available to those who wish to leave CoS (or have been forced to) but want to carry on with the tech. The reason I contribute to this blog is because I believe we all need to keep these forums and blogs going because they contribute valuable data to people who have had so much hidden from them. Each should be able to choose what to read and how to react.
      I no longer believe the reactive mind exists as described, so I don’t believe it is the enemy. I DO believe that monsters like DM and his cohorts who keep him safe and in power, should be exposed in as many ways as possible. He is a nasty little man and what he has done and continues to do people and especially to families needs to be exposed and stopped. Donating and losing your money is one thing; losing family members is unforgivable in my book!
      I also wish to thank each and every person that has taken the time to write their stories or post on blogs or talk to the media or whatever they have done. Without them, so many of us might still be in the dark.

    • Karen, I can’t possibly imagine what you have gone through as a person, wife, SO member, and Mother. You’ve endured a lot…that’s a fact! Moreover, I don’t disagree with your reaction.
      Please let me share another observation I have had. From those former members who have the biggest mouthpiece in the media the world isn’t hearing much about how Scientology works. It’s hearing, overwhelmingly, how much Scientology sucks…even while using it daily to improve their own lives and the lives of others.
      Let me be the first to say that I don’t think this has been a bad thing. I have and will continue to support this to the extent I see fit and that I can. It has for certain made the environment more safe from attacks by DM and the Church. We’ve all needed that…Thank You! Be that as it may it still adds to the stigma associated with the subject which sometimes must be overcome when disseminating. It can take some time to peel the subject away from what Corporate Scientology has become.
      So what is Pan-Determinism at this very point in time? Maybe it’s doing both. Maybe it’s supporting efforts like your’s while at the same time broadly disseminating the merits of Scientology to the rest of the world. Waging war against the Church and DM may keep the beast in a cage, but waging a war on the Reactive Mind makes Clears. Of all the different viewpoints out there, be it about the Church, about Miscavige, about the actual benefits of the OT Levels, or whether or not LRH was a good or bad administrator I have yet to hear anybody make a respectable argument that Clear is bad idea. For those who haven’t had the experience you’ve had, or who have chosen to focus their attention elsewhere because that’s how THEY can help the most…let ‘em have at it! We need both.
      Utmost admiration, Doug

      • I fully agree with Karen. Enuff of people telling me or a group of people – ‘who’ the enemy should be! According to Mark Shreffler – ‘Our enemy is not the church, not DM and the minions… Our enemy was, is and ever shall be the Reactive Mind’.
        We are adults here. Responsible for our own actions – and to hell with the lame excuse of the ‘reactive mind’! Those who commit crimes, extortion, violate human rights, deceive, mislead, and those who are lead by the nose to follow insane instructions and orders from DM, (or whomever else) – are responsible for what they do. End of story. The reactive mind is no excuse. Acting on orders’ – no excuse. My ‘religion’ – no excuse. Ignorance – no excuse. Propitiation – no excuse.
        IT IS HIGH TIME – that real flesh and blood perpetrators be held accountable. ‘The church’ is just an idea, a Corporation – but there are real flesh and blood people running this entity, and who are committing all sorts of hideous and unacceptable practices in the name of ‘the church.’ Done so – because they are TRAINED or slowly bullied into doing so. And NOT because ‘the devil made me do it’ / ‘the reactive mind made me do it’. This sort of faulty logic makes victims and cowards of fellow men and women.
        However, it provides a platform for fuzzy feelings, for the ‘teetie weetie’ and Sweetness & Light Brigade.’ Those panty waist dilitante who will tell you to ‘see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil – to look the other way to some or other nebulous something over there…. but for God’s sake – just don’t look at that ELEPHANT in the room!
        We are not robots. We are not all cut with the same cookie cutter.
        The church has gone into wholesale production of SP’s. Declared people of good will ENEMIES! And some of us don’t take kindly to this sort of thing. Or do things in half measures or half heartedly. There are the Revolutionary types, who have figured out who the enemy is. Revolutionaries who will say – lets go and ‘blow Headquarters to smithereens’!

      • Ps. I would just like to clarify my earlier post about Revolutionaries not to be taken literally as to imply causing mayhem at Headquarters. I was referring to what L Ron Hubbard himself had to say about fundraising and buying buildings and concentrating on ‘donations’ instead of delivering ‘service’.
        I referenced from taped lecture delivered on 31 DECEMBER 1960 – ‘The Genus of Scientology.’ To quote L Ron Hubbard:
        ‘We own a tremendous amount of property. We own a tremendous amount of material, and so forth. And it keeps growing. But that’s not important.
        When buildings get important to us, for God’s sake, some of you born revolutionists, will you please blow up central headquarters. If someone had put some H.E. [high explosives] under the Vatican long ago, Catholicism might still be going.
        Don’t get interested in real estate. Don’t get interested in the masses of buildings, because that’s not important. — L. Ron Hubbard.

    • But you still have ” resentment” and that is a good indicator where that belongs. As I said, Mark has the right to express how he sees the universe and you can resent that but you cant change that universe..
      Your reality is only valid in your universe.

    • K….”I do not like to read a blog where someone is telling me who is and isn’t my enemy””
      Elizabeth: I have not seen your name to be mentioned by Mark.. so why protesting? Simply to make wrong?
      Persons who can not think freely outside of the BOX in this case the ”Data Series” these persons believe that that is all to the universe… there is no more.. so it is the only truth….. Well, to them that is, in their own reality.
      K…””Only walking in a person’s own shoes gives them the paradigm and lens with which they view life and act.”
      Elizabeth: no one can walk in the other persons shoes.. No matter how one try’s, and they believe that they know that other person… NO.. they just assume that they do, and their assumption is their very own reality what they believe in how the others person is.. but that is only a assumption.

    • I am sorry Karen, but for s/o who is an LRH-trained class XII , you completely missed the point. You, as an expert on the Ls RDs and the Tech behind it , know very well the real source of psychosis and the ways to handle it. With thousands of auditing hrs delivered on the Ls alone , you should understand the mechanics of the suppressive person. With your baggage , understanding Shreffler’s comments should’ve been quite easy.
      I don’t pretend to know what you have gone through. I’ve never walked in your shoes. But your level of training presupposes that you know the ONLY possible reason a being ever gets into trouble in any area or dynamic. And those reasons are very well documented and explained in detail in the Ls materials themselves.
      “That” or “whom” you have elected as “Cause” , will control one’s life and existence, always. That what one resist will persist in many ways and forms and that which one fights against , too strongly and insistently, one will become.

    Theta in assuming particular viewpoints as in a specific self – thetan – gives expression through that specific self. Such expression invariably manifests as a “game”. Games have freedoms barriers and opponents as well as elements such as self-determinism, rewards and so on. Without these there can be no game. And as it happens, at no time is a “thetan” not involved in a “game” of some kind or disconnected from the omnipresence of Theta.
    To say that an individual participating in a particular game can’t be held responsible for his actions, due to him having a reactive mind, is like saying a particular rugby player cant be penalized for violating any of the rules of the game because he is actually playing according to the rules of chess. In simple terms there can be no freedom, no winning and no expanding awareness in the absence of the boundaries in accordance with which the game is defined.
    The circumstances surrounding current developments around the Church of Scientology (DM) and ex Scientologists and independents have all the elements of a typical games condition. In this game D M can most certainly be held 100% accountable.

    • Some of us have been hoodwinked, and for decades, because we were good people, trusting. We wanted to help, give the best, have the best. It certainly wasn’t my Reactive Mind that found out about the betrayal or about the calibre of DM; or decided for me that I must get the hell out! It wasn’t my Reactive Mind that kept me in in the hopes that all would be fine in the end. It was the fact that I am a Social Personality.
      There is some anger and indignation. Is it inappropriate anger or justified anger? Each individual can answer that question for himself.
      DM and his minions have ruined our church! I don’t believe having bad feelings about that is wrong. As long as we’re not consumed with it. And even if we are initially, we’ll feel better as we go along.
      Church involvement has been all encompassing. It’s only natural that we have strong feelings when finding out we’d been duped!

      • It is good that you have reality since that is your universe and no other persons and Mark too has his reality and just because you do not like his that do not make him wrong. That only shows that His thinking-belief is just different from yours. That is all.
        On the Path of Self-discovery we are all equal no one walks ahead of the other person, and no one walks behind any one.
        Importance being important regardless if in a belief or in self is a consideration same as beauty that too is only exist in the eyes of the beholder.. same is importance.

      • goodchoice ….”Some of us have been hoodwinked, and for decades, because we were good people, trusting.”” don’t blame others for the condition you are in or what you had agreed to as you said :: YOU HAVE A CHOISCE” Ignorance and closing your eyes not seeing the fact for that don’t blame others.

      • DM and his minions have ruined our church! I don’t believe having bad feelings about that is wrong. As long as we’re not consumed with it. And even if we are initially, we’ll feel better as we go along.
        I think that’s a very sane and healthy way of looking at the current situation with the church, GC. I think we Scientologists have every right to be angry about the destruction of OUR church, and I don’t fault anyone who harbors the worst of intentions against those who perpetrated that crime.
        At the same time, we can comfort ourselves with the knowledge that they couldn’t destroy us, or the philosophy we embrace. Ironically, the destroyers have freed us, and the tech.
        Still, I think putting our attention on the unfolding death spiral of the church is just a matter of confronting the is-ness of what’s transpiring in our former group. It merits our attention because that group (degraded as it is) is still the public face of Scientology, and still holds the power to do harm to the religion, and to those we left behind.

    • Joe v.s…In this game D M can most certainly be held 100% accountable”
      No ONE CAN PLAY THE GAME ALONE! Those who agree to those condition even if on the opposite side hold that game suspended in time–the agreements keep the game solid! Both side needs to confront the reasons they are in it before that game will stop existing.

    • I like that viewpoint! Thank you, Mr Joe van Staden
      I think it’s a fallacy to use or grant the excuse of “it’s just because of the reactive mind.” Boy, how often in my life have I let this be an excuse for someone! The result: nothing but trouble. I think this think is just a wrong datum, a wrong think, that we have gotten used to in the CoS. Probably it was born from the practice and the wish to help people with auditing, the resulting “Oh, he just needs to get up the Bridge”, adopted more broadly into the excuse “Oh, it’s just his bank.”
      It’s good to drop this false datum.
      And I agree with Ronnie too.

  6. Absolutely – it is vital we know who the enemy
    is and together we all pull together and get
    on the real road to freedom.
    Reading this blog enables us to point others
    in the right direction!
    Well said Mark.

  7. Hey Mark, I couldn’t agree more. And yes, I do understand your words the way Debbie Jones does: Let’s not get so distracted by the mad politics of the church that we forgot what we came in for. And yes, I do agree with Black Panther in that it is our hat too to respond to the situation in the appropriate manner. But let’s not go out of perspective. Too much attention on evil begets evil. And yes, “there has never been a better time to pull together, to be helpful to each other and re-discover in our help the humanity that so well defines the term ‘Scientologist’.”

  8. I like your ideas Mark. To me it lightens things up a bit. Getting too serious about our motivators can lead us down into a tit for tat mechanism that goes nowhere. I dont feel there is too much fruit in that. Again thats just me. But games wise there are many who feel the need to attack back and destroy the church and its viper. Thats ok too. The main thing is to remember in our various roles in life to allow others to play there game as they see fit. I dont see Mark telling us how to view life. I see him saying take a look or a re-look is all. Nice.

  9. Hey Mark, I agree that we have to address the reactive mind as the main problem for mankind. This was laid out by LRH already 1950 in the Dianetics book, and it still holds true!

  10. Mark,
    You pride yourself on being one of the great disseminators in Scientology.
    Do you believe you have any responsibility for the people you got into the church who are now being circled by vultures every day while they go around the circular bridge to nowhere?
    It’s all well and good to claim the enemy is the Reactive Mind as if that is a motto for “don’t do anything about what you see, pretend it doesnt exist and just watch out for yourself.” I think there is a large reactive mind that needs to be cleared called the church of scientology. It’s file clerk goes by the name David Miscavige. That Reactive Mind is actively generating non-survival “solutions” that are harming many people. Including people you sent in to become its victims.
    I am sure you are familiar with the concept of Group Dianetics and the clearing of third dynamic engrams.
    Confront reality and don’t avoid responsibility for the reactive mind you helped create.

    • I agree with Mike. DM may be the source of the evil but there are very many people in agreement with him who are doing his dirty work for him – the entire SO here in Johannesburg, for one! Because of them, I cannot bring my friends or families into the church! For over two decades, I’ve lived, slept, breathed Scientology and the church. It’s supposed to be home, a safe place to be. The SO is supposed to keep the ethics in on the planet. Don’t tell me they don’t know what they’re doing!
      I’m not for being told how I should think about it or how I should be behaving. I’m pissed off, big time! Yet my life is going well, I pull in great stuff, great people, etc. I’m Clear, too. Realise the enormity of the shock suffered when finding out what we do after we’ve believe in these people, trusted them, supported them – with our whole hearts and lives!
      Please don’t tell me what I should and should not be doing; or feeling. And don’t ask me to be theatie-wheatie about the powers that be because they’ve got Reactive MInds, poor souls.
      No thanks.

    • Thank you Mike Rinder! Very well said and I totally AGREE. I, personally, helped get out a whole slew of people. We need to focus on getting people out of this evil and destructive cult! It IS the thing to do! It is too far gone and will utterly destroy anyone in its path including staff and sea org members!

    • Hi Mike!! You have been in Int management for donkeys years . You have mess up thousand of willing Scientologist with your interpretation of HCO PL. I am one of those. Since you are out from your power position in the Church the only thing you are doing is attacking DM and absolutely nothing else. And your pal Rathbun is attacking Scientology,DM and LRH. Mark Shreffler for what I know never was at Int Management, and never was in a power position to mess up thousand of Scientologist. Mike you may do whatever you like, but remember your freedom ends when somebody else freedom start. You are not in any power position to kick asses any more. We are awake now. We can read and post in the Web! We can study and apply LRH Technology and most important we are keeping our wins!!!! Magically we are not going up and downs any more. Go up the Bridge yourself and stop all this make wrong.

    This is essentially my response to each and every viewpoint expressed here in response to Mark’s post.
    Regardless of the facts we are exposed to the only truth and reality we live by and respond to is based on how our mindset interprets what we are looking at.
    Mindset determines how we look at our world and consequently how we see it. How we see our world determines how we experience it which in turn determines our responses and behavior.
    Whatever it is we are looking at it is possible to change our perspective and see it differently, opening the door to a different reality – different experiences and consequently different responses.
    The most empowering life skill anyone can acquire is the ability to change one’s mind at will.
    Joe van Staden.
    Quotes to ponder
    • “There is no independent evidence by which to decide between two different paradigms. All evidence is interpreted in the light of either one or the other”. (Thomas Kuhn)
    • “What we observe is not nature itself, but nature exposed to our method of questioning”. (Werner Heisenberg)
    • “We don’t see things as they are we see them as we are”. (Anais Nin)
    • “Science reflects the content of our consciousness”. (Ernst Mach)
    • “Physical concepts are free creations of the human mind, and are not, however it may seem, uniquely determined by the external world”. (Albert Einstein)
    • “What we see depends on the theories we use to interpret our observations”. (Amit Goswami)
    • “Man has closed himself up, till he sees all things through the narrow chinks of his cavern”. (William Blake)
    • “It is in the nature of human beings to bend information in the direction of desired conclusions”. (John Naisbitt)
    • “It all depends on how we look at things, and not on how they are themselves”. (Carl Jung)
    • “Every man takes his own limits of his own field of vision for the limits of the world”. (Arthur Schopenhauer)
    • “Reality is what we take to be true. What we take to be true is what we believe. What we believe is based upon our perceptions”. (Gary Zukav)
    • “Nothing is either good or bad, but thinking makes it so”. (William Shakespeare)
    • “Reality is merely an illusion albeit a very persistent one”. (Albert Einstein)
    • Reality is funny. Yours will always be different than mine. This turns the truth into an illusion. (J.S. Riley)

  12. Mark,
    I do see your point and I think that you are right. But having only very recently discovered what the actual source of suppression in my life has been for the last ten years and experiencing the difference after disconnecting and stats going up in all areas of my life, I do feel a bit like I want to treat DM and Co as I would my reactive mind. Which is to find him, take a big Isuzu bakkie (truck) and keep running over him until he has been erased!

    • Lol, Curious!
      Talk about one’s perception of the good of people, the belief in a highly ethical Int Manangement and RTC, revered, admired and respected. Then to find out it was all a lie and people are punching one another around, that RTC holds a bunch of hooligans and thugs; that RTC, who is supposed to be guarding and protecting the purity of the tech, is, in actual fact, screwing it up so that it is harming people; and lying to us, event after event after event; and we believed every word. I’d come away overwhelmed that my church and Scientology were so professional, so upstat, so amazing! Give us some leeway after finding out it’s all been a sham and our stable datum has been good and properly shaken up.
      My life, since ‘leaving’, I’m still under the radar, has been amazing, too. My tone level is up to the extent that I’m constantly in a good mood and laughing freely most the day. Insouciance has become the name of the game.
      But I reserved the right to be angry for the reasons mentioned above, and to revel in it until such time as I want to or until I’m flat on it.

  13. Mark I have great respect for you however while I believe it is correct to do everything possible to get your auditing and training all the way up the Bridge,that journey cannot be accomplished without a level of freedom.DM,OSA and other units are actively trying to remove that freedom. To then not contribute to the mechanisms available to stop and expose DM and the team he is part of is a mistake. Having said that you are better equipped to deal with the suppression the more training you have. This is a double area of responsibility:defend,attack as appropriate and enhance self and others. To believe that the pure evil that is perpetrated in the name of Scientology can be ignored or excused as just the stuff of the reactive mind, is extremely naïve and could lead to our demise if adopted broadly. Having served in the military however your poster has some real merit !!

  14. Wow Mark! A really controversial post! Excellent in as much as it has elicited so many points of view, so eloquently expressed by so many. I have read all the replies and find there is truth in just about all of them. I feel briefly as follows: there is a reactive mind until you are clear. You have no license to use it as an excuse for your actions. But how many OT’s are there on lines and on staff and in the SO who are committing major overts all the time? Can’t rightly blame the reactive mind for their actions so I fall on other reasons. Among these are being lied to, being constantly fed false data and false stats, and the typical cult type scenario where once you accept Scientology is the ONLY way out and the ONLY workable tech and the ONLY LAST CHANCE mankind has, then a few small overts along the way may seem justified, given the gravity if the situation and what is at stake. Add to that the fact that most of what Co $ does is aimed at getting you and keeping you in FEAR. This is the exact aim of the church now. You are scared of being denied your bridge, your future, your eternity. I know a few recent OT8 completions who demonstrate this constantly. Too scared to comm with a family member who has been unjustly declared without a real comm ev. Too scared to not go to a boring bullshit event because you will have to pay to handle it in your next sec check. Too scared to say you think that having your auditor certs cancelled because of GAT 222 is bullshit especially after your original certs were cancelled by GAT1. Scared to not donate at a fund raiser because you would seem to be CI to something you actually do have CI on. Public and staff alike are constantly being given things to fear. And at that tone level you will do some bad shit. Its what it is. The IAS will have you believe we are fighting wars all over. And the only thing that’s going to ensure your child’s future is ALL of your money. Or else. When last did anyone see a really happy scientologist on lines, winning and free? Free ro think? Free to speak his mind? Free to say that SP (who happens to be wearing a Sea Org uniform) is a fucking SP???

  15. Thanks BACK IN COMM SA for allowing FREEDOM of Speech. The “reactive mind”, according to Mark, of Scientology has new staff contracts that actually state the staff member agrees to give up their constitutional rights. According to me and my analytical mind – this is the work for evil intended people entrapping slaves for money, money, money!

  16. Mark taking responsibility is half the battle, when one admits that what ever happens to me what I experienced exist only because I have agreed to that therefore I caused by agreeing. When that happens to the person immense amount of charge blows… Of course the blaming of others for the condition is one of the items and with that self- determinism returns. Well done.
    Best to you, Elizabeth

  17. This article … yet another home run, Mark. I see anything other than doing the bridge as a distraction too, that ultimately … when all is added up, results in no valuable product to the benefit of anyone. I’ve often wondered if these aren’t OSA stooges after all scuttling the bridge the way the Red Army hyjacks free elections by means of invasions.

  18. Mark
    No one is better than you, no one knows more than you do…. what they have is JUST DIFFERENT from your believes you reality, but never ever BETTER!

  19. Personally I’ve always thought Miscavige was too much of a moron to pull off this op to bring the Church all on his lonesome.

    Never accepted the “lone Miscavige theory” as I call it or labeling him as the “who and why”.

    This is just lazy “data evaluation” according to DS 19.

    Yes I know there are quite a few SO members here who have an axe to grind with the lil’ somabitch who personally made their lives miserable. Yet aberration always contains a hidden factor per Dianetics the Modern Science of Mental Health and according to the axioms of Scientology if the truth were fully known it wouldn’t be aberative.

    Also according to the definition of “blame” which you can find in the Tech Dictionary blaming someone only assigns them cause.

    And I’ll be damned if I’m ever going give that lil’ rat bastard that kinda satisfaction.

    That said.

    I believe Mark makes a damn good point here and that is we should be more compassionate toward one another. The fact is that we are all in this together.

    There was someone earlier in the comments who suggested we should resurrect 1 March 66 and go all GO and get into “heavy hussar” actions.

    I suggest the person suggesting this course of action *read* the policy The Guardian.

    News flash.

    We don’t have any Scientology Orgs to protect.

    All we have is a bunch of independent individuals calling themselves the “independent field”.

    Actually we are the “field” no qualifier or adjective required as the majority of the field is not with the Org these days.

    Look at the numbers. For every person “on lines” there is probably 100 who are not because they are not into playing the game the Church is currently playing which has nothing to do with what its supposed to be doing which is training auditors as its primary action.

    So what are we going to do?

    Pack up and quit and go off doing something “constructive” like sell real estate which is basically what they’re doing at the Orgs these days?

    Or do we apply the tech we have and carry out the original mission of Scientology while the Church which as far as I’m concerned is in *treason* or lower?

    Or wait for the FBI to slap Davy in cuffs and frog march him off in a orange jumpsuit?

    In my opinion that’s never going to happen.

    Aside from the fact that the Government is rather gun shy of going up against the 1st after their disastrous debacle with the Branch Davidians is the fact that certain individuals (you can call them Smersh which is what the Ol’man called them) want the subject thoroughly discredited and invalidated and Miscavige whether witting or unwitting is their man.

    For me the choice is obvious.

    There are a lot of Scientologists out there who have been screwed over by out tech. Unnecessary Sec Checking god awful overruns and subsequent invalidation due to 3 swing “F/Ns”, and being forced to rerun their purif and objectives who just want to move up the Grade Chart and gain those abilities Ron talks about in the earliest materials.

    Things we can actually give them by applying Standard Tech.

    Then there are all kinds of people who wanted to get trained and found themselves on this endless runway called “the basics”.

    I don’t believe in this age of the “information super highway” that we can’t give them the information that they need to help others and themselves by coauditing.

    From the way I see it we’re back to where we were in the ’50’s with just a bunch of independent practitioners and book auditors.

    But at least its a start.

  20. R.B ”’You don’t get rid of your reactive mind in Scientology – you learn to control it.
    Perhaps that’s your opinion, I.M., but it flies in the face of Dianetic theory, which states that a person can indeed get rid of their reactive mind.”””
    Good for you to point that out… only those who had very little or no auditing what so ever do not realise, understand the reactive mind and how the being is influenced by it.

    • Does anyone know if David Miscavige went clear and got rid of his reactive mind?
      I don’t think that is true that Scientology gets rid of reactive minds. If so – can I meet one person who has done this and do my own “research”.
      The truth stands on its own. It does not have to be justified, protected, hidden, excused away…it JUST IS!
      I have not met one person in Scientology – clear and above – who got rid of their reactive minds. I saw quite the opposite. That is what I observed! That is why I left – based on results of auditing to clear and beyond.

      • ROFL, Robin. That gets my vote for the best joke around. He had an MU and erased his analytical mind instead. YES! That’s the ticket!

      • Oh BTW, IM

        You can erase the reactive mind yet the being can still act aberated.

        This is covered in the Advance Course materials.

        Aside from that are other factors like for example service facs which are basically fixed ideas generated by the thetan not the bank.

        Also if you read Science of Survival there is such a thing as a cleared cannibal.

        Also a clear tends to operate on their *own* concept of what is the greatest good.

        Then of course there is the factor of lack of training in the subject.

        Someone who is a trained auditor is less likely to…abreact.

        I suggest you eliminate these factors first before you declare unilaterally that the state of clear doesn’t exist.

      • @remoteviewed In HCOB 14 Dec 1981, The State of Clear, Hubbard himself admits that Clear is an unobtainable absolute. (He stupidly contradicts himself moments later, but the point has still been made).
        I know of various “Clears” who are self-confident and empowered, but certainly no more rational or “sane” than the average joe. The same can be said for “OTs”.
        Show me anyone who has the abilities claimed for this finite “state” in DMSMH.
        ‘LRH correctly stated that absolutes are unattainable. And the notion of “clear” is an absolute. It’s like the notion of “clean” or “pure”. When is water pure? When it has only one part per million of arsenic and rat poop? Nowhere in the universe is there water which is 100% pure. To obtain complete Clarity would require a complete as-isness of any universe the thetan was in and a return to complete native state. Everyone does have a reactive mind – his own reac tive mind. That’s why one flies ruds and goes E/S and gets off BPC on anyone regardless of their point on the grade chart. The mechanics of the reactive mind continue to exist all the way up.
        ‘”Clears” have always had trouble explaining why they still act reactively at times, or a lot of the time, and why they still have problems in life and in getting along with people. The amount of mileage you can get from the notion of a “cleared Cannibal” is very limited. Even a cleared cannibal, if he were really clear, would get along wonderfully in life, never manifest misemotion, and love all his fellow beings, even as he was having their bodies for dinner!
        ‘The idea of “harmonics of clear” is quite accurate. The main reason why LRH blew up at the idea of “harmonics of clear”, as expressed in the HCOB I wrote, was, as he told me, that this idea tended to leave him open to the charge that the claims he had made in DMSMH and elsewhere concerning the “state of clear” were fraudulent.’ — David Mayo http://bit.ly/1hMouWw

  21. Well I might as well add my two cents worth — as this is clearly a hot topic.
    Mark — you are right. The reactive mind is what Dianetics and Scientology addresses and cannot be forgotten or left aside. These are the tools to help a person in life — particularly when there are suppressives that are working to restimulate, nullify and destroy any that oppose them.
    Mike – you got it 100% right too. The reactive mind is seen, every day, in the corrupt church. It is group bank, and it is highly aberrative and restimulative to any who are touched by it or influenced by it. We both saw it at the Int base — complete insanity dramatized. And yep, much of the work done by yourself and Marty and Karen has resulted in light being poured onto festering black spots within the C of S — allowing healing to take place. That is, absolutely, the engrams on the 3rd dynamic, being sorted out and being cleared. It is a technology in itself, and unquestionably has to be done.
    Factually the only power that an SP has, is the power to restimulate others. They specialize in generalities and invalidation — and use this to stir up the reactive mind in others (or composite case, when dealing with OTs). So from my view, there are factually two actions that have to be continued:
    1. We need to continue shedding light on group bank currently running unchecked within the corrupt church, harming people of good will. This blog is doing a great job of this.
    Each of us have our own reality on what is occurring within the C of S, and our own experiences and time tracks relating to it, and each have our own ideas about what can be done to try and counter it. This requires steeling ourselves and pointing out the truth of the matter — as that is what gets as-isness and results in the eyes of others being opened.
    2. Each person involved currently, or in the past, with the corrupt church needs to make sure they are not being negatively impacted upon by the situation — in other words restimulated, upset, etc. The amount of enturbulation, noise, injustice and upset it at an all time high. Some people leave the church altogether. Many take a very long service leave and don’t touch back until they have had 5 or more years to decompress (I know it took me 4 years). Many just take the bull by the horns and confront it dead on. Regardless of which method a person chooses, the body of work does provide the tools (in training and auditing) to deal with that restimulation. I know for me, a simple correction list, the right items actually indicated, and the BPC discharged brought the sunshine out, and great clarity on the situation.
    Trying to tackle a charging bull is best handled with your TRs in, and a good strategy on how to not get skewered in the process.
    We have the materials out here, and continuing to train and audit and help others do the same, is the recipe for a good day and a great future, on the 1st dynamic and on the 3rd.
    That’s my view, and one of the reasons why Milestone Two was established.

      • I concur, well said! If you were on a soap box I’d be clapping and urging others to do so too. Good sense made easy to see!
        There is no need to have Mike and Mark set up as opp terminals as in some some GPM! Both viewpoints have their respective merits.
        In my humble opinion it is ignorance of all workable truths that is our true enemy! How else would we be here playing this MEST universe game? Blame not thee and he or she.

  22. Mark, I appreciate your post, as I feel you’re merely reminding people to keep their eyes on the mountain top. LRH said as much, many times.
    However, we must also face the cold fact that our religion is in the midst of an historic upheaval not unlike what the Catholic church went through during the Reformation. DM and his thugs have left a trail of bodies and destruction in the wake of their reign of terror for over three decades. They’ve almost completely destroyed something that was of immense value and potential for countless millions of people.
    Nearly everyone commenting here has experienced awful personal loss, gross spiritual invalidation, and real hurt at the hands of these monsters. If we care anything about the philosophy, or for those who still remain connected to the cult, then we have to stay in the fight.
    In my view, the church is in an unrecoverable death spiral. It’s going to collapse no matter what any of us do, or do not do. How long that takes, may have a lot to do with blogs like this, where Scientologists openly tell the truth of what’s going on inside the church.
    Yes, let’s keep our eye on the mountain top, while recognizing that we’ve got unfinished business with the cultists who stole our church.

    • Ronnie,
      Personally I hope the Church reforms before it collapses under the weight of its stupidity.
      I’d be quite happy if the Organization reverted back to Standard Tech and actually applied policy and comm eved Dave and his enablers sorry asses for the Suppresive Acts they’ve committed so far.
      It would be nice to see an actual Bill Of Particulars written up according to the policy on How to Write an Ethics Order with exact Time ,Place , Form and Event.

      • Personally I hope the Church reforms before it collapses under the weight of its stupidity.
        I want to have the same hope, RV, but I see no evidence that can support it. What evidence I do see, supports the idea that the church is headed for collapse of some sort.
        Who knows? Maybe it’ll be a slow motion, quiet collapse, where the noise and lights dim to near imperceptibility. Perhaps the cult will go out with a whimper instead of a bang.
        From where I sit now, I don’t care whether they survive or not, because I feel the model of organization is wrong for Scientology anyway. That pyramidal, hierarchical construct, is what made it possible for one man and a small band of co-conspirators to hijack my religion in the first place.
        No, I want to see the Scientology religion freed from the iron grip of a mother church. I want to see it freely and openly practiced by any who choose to form their own groups. Not unlike what Christians do today. The independent model is also the best way to ensure that standard tech survives. Look at what happened when it was left in the hands of a small, but all-powerful cabal. No thank you. Never again.

      • Ronnie,
        The Church never had a pyramidal structure until the coup took over in the ’80′s.
        The problem was giving the SO so much power.
        Before that it was shared with Ad Council WW and the GO which checked the fascist tendencies of the SO toward a military junta of some kind.
        Personally I always objected to the SO taking over total control with no civilian oversight. In fact I consider this one of the biggest mistakes Ron ever made. Turning the whole organization over to a “clean team” who turned out to be as clean as mud.
        That said.
        I don’t see throwing the baby out with the bathwater as totally virtuous.
        Fact is that you need an organizational structure of some kind in order to train auditors and to guide the field toward Standard Application which was the original purpose of the HGC.
        Otherwise in a few years you’ll have nothing but chaos and squirreling.
        Some people may think this is a good thing.
        I personally don’t.
        Anyone interested in the way a Scientology Organization should function without being a virtual dictatorship should listen to the lecture What Scientology is Doing which is part of the Anatomy of the Spirit of Man Congress.
        That’s all I’m gonna say on this point.

    • DM and his thugs have left a trail of bodies and destruction in the wake of their reign of terror for over three decades. They’ve almost completely destroyed something that was of immense value and potential for countless millions of people.

      Personally I find it far more constructive by Me/Us putting that “something” back into action out here in the Indie Zone than trying to correct/remove those at CO$ who have other motives and are for all intents and practical purposes beyond your scope of effective handling.
      Media attention harms both the CO$ and the subject, and CO$ers won’t come out here associating with those who tear up KSW, etc., and the Scn natter blogs are a yawn and a half … no product, all just drama. Trying to convince people to leave the CO$ is also just another incomplete cycle of action and is retributive at best. CO$ers don’t leave because someone has their best interests at heart, a specious point at best. Great PR drivel among each other though — but yet another one that misses the mark.
      Both CO$ers and new public would be much easier to disseminate to if we focused on the delivery of Scientology and the benefits to be had from it. Ultimately I want the subject de-monopolized and that’s not going to happen by fixing the CO$. Time has moved forward, and the possibilities are far better nowadays out here for anyone who wants to move up the bridge.
      I prefer to create the “here”, than to unmock the “over there”. Whatever was over there has long been history. It’ll go down, but it won’t go back, a dead end, the lawyers made sure of that.

  23. “Which is to find him, take a big Isuzu bakkie (truck) and keep running over him until he has been erased!” Thanks Curious on I had a good laugh enjoyed the imagery.

  24. I really feel the pain of all of us. Reading through these posts, the many expressions of anger, pain and loss is echoed over and over. It is heart breaking to know that each of us has been touched by Scientology in one way or the other, and each of us carry upon us the betrayal of trust.
    Scientology has touched every person who has ever come into contact with it in one way or the other. Our lives have been altered by a win, a release or mastering an assist given with great results, and each of us have taken from it truths, whether only one, or an entire subject matter.
    The frustrating part is that “Miscavology” continues as before, changing the tech, policy and runways as if they are untouchable. Abuse is possibly still rife although no new stories have come out for a while, and disconnection is held like “the Sword of Damocles” of the heads of every person who dares to read a book, a website post or even just have an opinion.
    It is not only the A=A of the reactive mind, but the ramification of it in full restim as we have seen and experienced within the Church. It is this madness that deserves attention so that it cannot continued unabated and without close scrutiny.
    It is blogs like “backincomm” that not only allow us to freely vent our anger and disgust, but also serves to put in ethics by its willingness to expose the truth. The “Miscovologists” still in the church, although not openly stating any disagreement, must be aware of this blog and therefore is also aware of the analytical criticism being voiced. Outpoints will show up as Outpoints as long as the awareness persists and the crimes continue to be exposed. The more someone observes an outpoint they cannot agree with, the more they are awakened from the trance state they are in.
    I do believe that it is more than necessary to continue rebelling against the Church of Miscovology but that it is done without reaction and with full awareness. No A=Aing and not granting of power to the collective bank which is the Church.
    As for DM, his might be the control centre, but he is not the puppet Masters pulling the strings. Why else has no enquiry been done on the Church considering the amount of evidence of Child Labour, Abuse, kidnapping and holding of prisoners. I am working on getting evidence of a connection between the IRS (agency for the Federal Reserve who is owned by the international banking elite.) and David Miscavige. It begs a question as to how DM is amassing such a huge fortune without paying taxes.
    So at the end of the day, I recon good analytical observational reported in a sane way will get us working toward the elimination of the reactive mind while still giving the C of M on-going attention that is sane, indicative of a true Scientologist and that will awaken the Miscavologists out of their trance.
    That’s my 2 bits worth!

  25. “The answer is to remain organized, mutual assistance and integrity and not lose touch with our responsibility for all levels of life forms and societies.” HCO Policy Letter of 25 June AD13, An International Objective


    Clearly we have a game going here between a well defined Church of Scientology and a loosely defined independent and ex Scientology community. Not all in the loosely defined camp are on the same page. In some cases the difference in perspective and motivation is huge. If asked to state what I think is a “common purpose” amongst this loosely defined group, I can’t say. Nonetheless, there seems to be a great deal of attention directed at “getting DM”.

    In this regard my sentiments are reflected in this quote by Niccolo Machiavelli:

    “He who neglects what is done for what ought to be done, sooner effects ruin than his preservation”.

    As I see it, in terms of the game mentioned, this scenario favors the loosely defined independent and ex Scientology community. For a full explanation of what I am getting at will require reading several pages from Niccolo Machiavelli’s book “The Prince” – 1513. (It is often claimed that it is the first work of modern philosophy).

    Anyway, long story short. In the book Machiavelli makes the point that a country like Turkey is extremely difficult to conquer due to it being a united force held together under one all powerful sultan and common religion. But, once conquered, it is very easy to manage and keep the country under control. Once the top of the “power pyramid” – the sultan – had been removed and replaced by another potentate it can be business as usual.

    On the other hand, France was relatively easy to conquer due to its fractured and divided political setup – too many independent barons, dukes and others claiming sovereignty over sections of France. But, once conquered, France was almost impossible to hold. No sooner had a rebellious baron in the east of the country been subdued when a duke in the south refuses to toe the line, and so on and so on.

    The C of S has been like Turkey from day one. The sultan – LRH – has been replaced by the pope – DM – classic autocrats. The thing is; the Scientology system is shaped by “autocratic DNA” so to speak. The three cornerstones of this system – management the philosophy and technology – are inseparable. All three elements share the same “DNA”.

    Self-evident is that the more the individual gets involved in the system of Scientology the less he or she thinks for themselves – organizationally as well as in terms of the philosophy and its technical application.

    Scientology, as a system, can never be democratized or changed in ways not dictated by its managerial, philosophical and tech “DNA”. This presents a dilemma for those in the game who whish to preserve the basic structures of Scientology as per LRH, but, get rid of the current pope and any possibility of him being replaced by another sultan, pope, tsar or tsarina.

    Scientology is an integrated system of management, philosophy and related technology; it was designed that way by LRH. Each of the three elements depends on the other for meaning relevance and value. Attempts to separate any part from any other part will result in something beyond recognition – it won’t be Scientology.

    On the other hand the system of Scientology can not be sustained in a set up comparable to the France described by Machiavelli – a set up in which dozens of independents are each doing their own thing. This also will eventually result in the subject becoming unrecognizable.

    Having said that, one thing I know for sure, people can be remarkably resourceful and creative when they become motivated enough. Where there is enough passion anything is possible.

    Joe van Staden.

  27. Mark, you have expressed what I was thinking by myself lately.
    Thanks for opening the game, as LRH presented it to us.
    A bientôt!!!

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