GATII Trainees – 35 weeks and counting

By Is that clear enough?

The picture below shows 2 Pretoria staff. One is Simone Licht and the other Thinus Jacobsz (son of Willem and Marianna Jacobz – both also  Pretoria staff)

Thinus & Simone

Left to Right: Celeste Viljoen, Simone Licht, Thinus Jacobsz, Kristina Toth

Both these staff are part of the delivery team of the revolutionary GATII “lightening quick” delivery team.

Simone and Thinus have been at Flag for months. Simone arrived there in May last year. Last reports we received is that she is STILL on her basics, and is not happy – she wants to come home. She is supposed to be the Survival Rundown (SRD) Supervisor – and there is no data coming forth from Pretoria as to where she is on her training TIP.

Thinus left for Flag at the end of November 2013, but managed a small break in January, coming back to South Africa to spend a week or so with his parents. He returned to Flag in mid January. He finished his metering course in the week of 15th February. No news on his progress since then.

Barring the week or two Thinus spent with his parents in January, he has been at Flag for 35 weeks. This despite the broad promotion that GAT II training is so much faster. Granted, Thinus is not English first-language – but 35 weeks still seems far too long.

Simone has been at Flag for 8 months. She IS English fist language – so what’s the deal with her?

Of course we have no comment on Celeste Viljoen who has been at flag for 3 years or so – apparently training to be an AOAF staff member – wonder if everything she trained on  until GATII was cancelled and she had to start again? Just like one of the other AOAF trainee now back on Level 0 after proudly receiving his CLIV permanent auditor cert last last year?

The first outpoint here is that this is being allowed to happen at all. The second outpoint is that no-one is even querying this – to do so will result in the whoever questions this landing in hot water or being fobbed off with some PR answer.

7 thoughts on “GATII Trainees – 35 weeks and counting

  1. Shame – the smile on Thinus’ face looks almost forced – a sort of “get me the hell out of here” look. And I don’t believe Kristin Toth – how the hell does she manage to appear in virtually EVERY photo at Flag – what the hell does she even have to with South African Outer Org trainess??
    I will guarantee one of the reasons these guys are taking so long is because they are on work/study – unless Thinus’ folks are managing to pay for his board and lodging. You can be bloody sure no-one is paying for Simone’s.
    As I said – shame.

    • I agree BP.
      Work/study is a factor as in outer org slave labor. Then of course there is the endless “Hubbard” Pro Metering Course and the even more endless EMeter drill 25.
      (Can’t imagine any Course Supervisor needing that drill lessen they’re gonna D/L a mis-u or something.)
      Aside from taxi down that runway to infinity AKA “the Basics” chocked fulla all kindsa data that no ones ever going to need to audit on lower levels.
      Don’t get me wrong the data is useful but shouldn’t be a prerequisite to auditor training. I mean if your intention is to really make auditors in quote lightning quick unquote time. Unless one’s concept of “lightning quick” is watching paint dry or grass grow.

    • Because Kristin is female, young and pretty. Notice that about CoS promo?
      How does it feel to be used, Kristin?
      Richard Kaminski
      UK Indie Scientologist

  2. Yip. If one has any kind of study problem. Flag would be the last place you want to find yourself. That is absolute torture. I once heard Simone saying that whenever she’s at Flag, she feels like she’s fallen into a big black hole. Thinus seems to have a very severe study bug. Not a good indicator for someone who’s father has been the ED of an org for decades.

  3. Hopefully, Thinus comes back to South Africa and tells his parents that they are branching up the wrong tree. Marianna and Willem have been in for so long, it would be a huge thing for them to confront that the decades they’ve been in they have been batting for the enemy of LRH.

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