Caleb’s Choice

Caleb in TentBefore I was born, I was already a Patron of the IAS.

I am indeed grateful that I was named at a Scientology naming ceremony.

The ceremony was that beautiful one written by LRH.

The very best part reads :

Born into an inheritance,

Which when rightfully  bestowed

Shall  bring to him

The knowledge and the right

To do as he would wish



Inviolate, is that which he in

Later years decides

Well my folks have decided to leave the church and I guess I’ll be going with them for now.

But I may come back – Ron said it’s my right to choose.

And I hear he also said the door is always open a crack.

One day when things have reformed and orgs are really an “island of friendliness” the way the great man meant for them to be and orgs are truly carrying out what he said was  “the business of orgs” things will be worth coming back to.

However, In the meantime I wish they would at least get their so-called Ideal Org Addresso system manned and functioning intelligently.

I mean to say, I am three years old – do I really need Impact magazines and Sea Org recruitment postcards?

But I will grow up knowing what it means to be a free Scientologist. If, of course, I choose to go that way.

16 thoughts on “Caleb’s Choice

  1. What an adorable child! It breaks my heart that it has come to this out of arrogance and ignorance of the S.O. and its few dedicated public. And yet here we all are on a public platform with our freedom of speech in tact and all because we were not allowed those rights while in.

  2. Caleb, you are a lucky boy (in retrospect). Growing up in the “big bad world” is the most positive thing for you, young man. You are going to grow up truly free, without the indoctrination and sheltered viewpoints of this movement, which purports to be a religion.
    There is nothing wrong with the people you will eventually call friends (here in the “wog” world). Many of them will show you more understanding, kindness, love and benevolence than you may ever find within the walls of Scientology.
    You have the privilege of embarking on your own and exciting journey through life, where you can explore other viewpoints without being confined to a tunnel-visioned approach to life. There are many philosophies out here and many truths. Being free of the confines of the Scientology movement, and the politics and judgmental opinions that make up the “tech” is worthy of joy and happiness.
    I wish you and your parents all the love and joy that life has to offer. May you live a blessed and happy life.

  3. Very pleased his parents have left the Church.
    Now he will have a chance to do the real Bridge
    he will not have to endure all the harassment, threats
    and false data the Church spews out!
    He will not have to experience the loss of not getting standard Tech.
    I very much doubt he will continue in the Church when
    he is older after all he chose his parents!
    Clever Boy!
    Plus If the revolutionists succeed in their mission we will
    no longer have the Church and DM in South Africa.
    The Free Zone will be the only true route to take to attaining
    full OT!
    Think of the relief his parents will feel when addresso get
    their act together and stop sending the family junk mail!

  4. Best post ever! Power of Choice – supreme and inviolate. Of course one needs to know the facts and the truth before one can say a true choice has been made. Whatever you decide ultimately Caleb, you must LOOK, and then you can decide. Sometimes that warm and fuzzy feeling you get is just the wool being pulled over your eyes. So don’t be afraid to LOOK properly – no matter how uncomfortable and unconfrontable it may seem. Then you can really say you exercised your power of choice. Wishing you well……

  5. Awesome Caleb! Im curious to know why he was made patron before birth? I would love to hear the sales pitch behind that. Is it status that motivates?

    • This is a story that is worthy of it’s own article, It was a Reg cycle from hell involving an entire family because ONE member of that family was on OTVII and getting close to finishing – this is why the Patron status was needed (apparently minimum requirement these days for OTVIII’s).. The real motivation behind the reg cycle (i.e, that the Patron was needed for this family member to get onto OTVIII) was not told to the rest of the family, so the cycle went ahead (Caleb was about to be born when this cycle went down). . And the OTVIII? Well, he was the first one to disconnect from his family when the shit hit the fan – he disconnected BEFORE the comm-ev had even taken place! .

  6. Amazing how Status oriented the church became. All to achieve being more interesting rather than interested. Helluva trap!
    Can you hear the rhetoric? Move up to your next status, the world needs your help blah, blah..rather Davie gollum man needs to pay his Sharks (lawyers) and the real masters behind him take their cut! Those who could not afford to cough up were expected to join staff at the very least. There was status to this too, although that faded like a desert flower pretty quick!
    Anyone remember the marcabians? Worth mentioning again that they too have a triangle of sorts. STATUS, CONFORMITY and maintanence of CONTROL. If the shoe fits, it just fits!

  7. Hay Caleb

    At 3 the most important thing for me was sleeping with my football boots and the reason why the cat could not go to the rugby club for drinks.
    Your parents are first prize the cat a close third , honor and value them all ways

  8. Hey Caleb.
    When you next get hold of a box of smarties, pick through them all and eat the ones you like. If you find green ones or red ones and you don’t like them, throw them out!
    Have fun.

  9. A dream of LRH coming true?
    Goldie (March 6, 2014 at 1:32 pm): “Plus, if the revolutionists succeed in their mission we will no longer have the Church and DM in South Africa. The Free Zone will be the only true route to take to attaining full OT!”
    LRH: “We own a tremendous amount of property. We own a tremendous amount of material and so forth, and it keeps growing. But that’s not important. When buildings get important to us, for God sakes, some of you born revolutionists will you please blow up central headquarters”. From Lecture 31 Dec 1960
    LRH: “If the org slumps during this transition period, don’t engage in ‘fund raising’ or ‘selling postcards’ or borrowing money. Just make more income with Scientology.” From HCOPL Urgent Org Programming
    A dream of gushing sycophants coming true:
    “Date: Tue, 4 Mar 2014
    From: Celebrity Centre International
    Subject: Ideal ASHO and AOLA Grand Openings!
    Hi Xxxxx!
    On Saturday, March 8, a dream of LRH’s is coming true! …”
    Mike Rinder: “I would really like one of these gushing sycophants to explain exactly what ‘LRH dream’ it is that is being fulfilled….”

  10. Here’s a postulate that the inheritance from the many people who created scientology as a free route to truth will be rightfully bestowed on all who choose, to do with it as they wish.
    And that’s scientology with a small ‘s’ – not a trademark, nor anyone’s intellectual property.

  11. Hi Caleb,
    Great parents you have there. Look after them. I am an old timer and if I drop my body any time soon you may have a younger brother to look after. Just a thought about the Org’s. Yes we know enough to close them down but it would seriously damage the name of Scientology and I for one am reluctant to do that.

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