Who are the auditors?

The Backincomm team is working on a project 

And we need your valuable input!

Ron with meter

First up: We must mention that today is the 103rd birthday of the man who, for all his rightnesses and wrongnesses, lived a life that among many other things brought you to point of reading this blog here and now.

Then: We are looking for the names of everyone that trained as Auditors in South Africa. Specifically those that were trained from 1973 to the present.

We’re looking for anyone that has completed Level 0 and above. Whether they went on to be auditors or not, staff, Sea Org or otherwise. This will also include South Africans living (or lived) in South Africa who trained at higher orgs such as Flag. Of course whether alive or passed on.

In short ANYONE who completed some form of auditor training from Level 0 to CL XII. For now it is specifically South Africans but depending on where this goes perhaps it can be an expanded project.  

[Update: This list will include the Zimbabwe orgs and anyone not living in South Africa but who was trained here]

All we need is their name, where they trained and approximately when. The year would be great or simply “sometime in the 70s” or “early 2000s” would be just fine!

We already have quite a list of names, but we know we’ve just scratched the surface many of you out there will have more, and that’s why we need your help!

We’ll publish the results and what ignited this project in a few days.

You can either give us the data by leaving a comment or you can send the data to scnafrica@hushmail.com.

When we started the list we were immediately transported down memory lane. We’re sure you will be too! 

Fire away guys and thanks for the input (in advance)!


15 thoughts on “Who are the auditors?

  1. Rosemary Ashton circa late 60′s early 70′s. Recall someone saying that for her time she was the youngest classed female auditor in SA.
    Zane Cronje. Declared mid 90′s. Was a grad V then. Not sure when he trained, guessing the 80′s.
    I think the above 2 are the most obscure that I know.

  2. …”the results and what ignited this project in a few days.”
    I’ve got a good feeling about this and I’m really looking forward to hearing about where you’re going with it!

  3. Derek Colley was a South African living in London in the early 80s. He was an old timer then. A very helpful and likeable man who granted beingness. I’ve no idea of what training he’d done but he certainly was trained. He was declared around 82 for what seemed like very spurious reasons to me at the time.

  4. I have in excess of 40 or so names, so will rather email them to you. Also cant wait to see what this is going to result in. Love a mystery sandwich now and then – with mustard!!!

  5. My new definition of a cult is ; a group where you are told or directed how to think. It also has to have a strong structure where it is lead by one figure who does the decision making and that opposing that leader will start a process of punishment of one form or another.

  6. scnafrica,
    Don’t know any SA auditors out here in the US.
    But if I come across any I’ll have ‘em get in touch with you.
    What email addy do I give ‘em?
    (My advice is you should set up a separate one for this one because the number of highly trained auditors in the field dwarfs any number the org has if any.)

  7. Joan and Quintin Schnehage trained on Rons first Class VIII course at St. Hill. I think Joan McNocher was with them too. They were sent on mission to Denmark by Ron. Quintin died here and Joan returned to SA. I worked with Joan in as mission in Denmark for some years. Looking forward to seeing the complete list.
    Class IX

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