Disconnection Improbable


Disconnection is the number one tool of control used by the church. Without it everything else crumbles. With that in mind one can see why the church clings to its practice so desperately. The theory being that once a person is ejected from the group all the remaining sheeps can be cordoned off and told whatever they need to be told to keep them happy. If your object is control, it makes perfect sense.

The Internet is strewn with stories of the disaster of disconnection. When it comes to immediate family and close friends disconnecting people may be simple enough. However in the broader scheme of things it is, today, virtually impossible to cut all lines of communication.

This is why, despite best security efforts, Mike Rinder just keeps publishing internal mails and documents leaked out of the church.

But that doesn’t stop them trying.

They have become so introverted about it that they have reduced their justice system to a covert practice. Scientologists are ostracised and then declared by rumour.

This ostracising begins with a Facebook unfriending frenzy BEFORE there is any confirmation of a declare. Scientologists are simply told “so and so is not in good standing”. If you find your friend count dropping you’ve probably been unfriended by the Church.

A number of people have reported that the unfriending started even prior to them being informed they were an Interested Party in the comm-ev. This rumour could only have emanated from Church and/or Sea Org staff as only THEY knew who was being comm-ev’d – right?

At the point of the comm-ev being held, the unfriending was relatively mild, but once the comm-ev findings were done and those to be “declared” was known (again, apparently only by the Church or the Comm-Ev Committee), the facebook unfriending hit fever pitch. One person reported being unfriended by 9 or 10 people a day!  Again, the rumours could only have been emanating from the Church as the findings of the Comm-Ev were not posted anywhere in the public domain (contrary to LRH Policy), nor were they sent to any of the 15 Interested Parties (per LRH Policy).

In one case, someone as far afield as Australia contacted “one of the damned” and told them that due to the result of the comm-ev, they had to disconnect. How on earth does someone from Australia know this when the findings have never been publicly displayed for anyone to see? And the person being disconnected from had not been contacted by the Church yet?

Another interesting fact is that the Church is no longer using the term “declared SP or “so and so is hereby declared a Suppressive Person”. Instead, they have taken to sending emails using the term “expelled by the Church”. Here is an example of one such email that was received:

Email from CJC

That’s the game plan. Quietly as possible get the person disconnected. In practice though it aint so simple. It is amusing to observe the futile measures being taken by the Church to get Scientologists to disconnect from all the  “expelled subversives” Its like watching a young child trying to stop water from pouring out of a colander – it’s a losing battle.

ColanderBy way of example, we decided just for kicks to pick a random org staff member, and check their friends list. This is what we found:

The staff member was directly connected to (as in friends with) 6 known “SPs” and 2 other public who are openly commenting on this blog. Among these 6 SP’s, there was a further connection to another 12 SP’s and an extra 45 known disaffected  or “under the radar” public – all  of whom are known to this blog, and many of whom are actively commenting on ours and other “defrocked apostates” blogs.

Extrapolating the original 6 SP’s and 45 disaffected public, we found another 110 names of people who are either openly disaffected, under the radar or are just quietly staying away from the Church. All of these names are known to the moderators of this blog.

To be fair, we did exactly the same exercise by choosing a random public we know to be on lines and in good standing with the Church – and the picture was slightly worse. This person is directly connected to 4 declared SP’s, who in turn are connected to 78 other SP’s (some overseas bad hats). The count of disaffected, under the radar or “quietly departed” public connected to all these people was in excess of 150.

There are some willing foot soldiers doing their best to sever these lines such as Susan Jonker who is messaging Scientologists telling them to clean up their friends lists. Which is rather funny as just over a year ago she posted an angry status update saying no one could tell her who she could be friends with. This after she was told to unfriend someone who had been declared. However she was soon reprogrammed and happily telling others to disconnect.

So our advice to the Church and other onlines Scientologists who are madly trying to get everyone to disconnect from these subversives: Rather try getting back in comm with your community and REALLY listen to what they have to say. By your own admission, you are in Non-E (hence the leather bounds). Thus you should be correctly applying the formula by finding out what is needed and wanted, and then producing it. 

You might find this to be a far more successful action than the desperate and futile attempts at trying to STOP people from communicating with each other. 

Or keep going and we will, one by one, welcome them here.


47 thoughts on “Disconnection Improbable

  1. Great post, Scn Africa. I’ve being doing my own disconnecting. I’ve been disconnecting ‘friends’ from Facebook who are faithful to the cult, the sheeple. I suspect that some could even be spies for the church! There are only one or two now left which I haven’t disconnected from as it would be too obvious and bring unwanted attention to myself.
    Many so called friends are not, in fact, friends at all. The church has been the only connection so it’s no loss for me or for them. They may not even notice!

    • Great post. I don’t know who to thank cuz no one signed the article. I don’t even know who runs this blog, but I have to high five you on this posting on disconnection and whispering campaigns. Excellent article. The church has dropped all LRH Justice policy and anything overt they have replaced with covert OSA dirty tricks ops.
      When I was in good standing, they had my best friend (who is drunk on Koolaide), contact me and tell me to go report in to the MAA’s to handle the reading of stuff on the internet. I hadn’t at that time spoken out about anything and was keeping my opinions to myself. So it was no skin off their nose if I was reading anything at all. When I refused to “report in” to ethics, my friend of 30 years disconnected from me and was told to by the MAA. And mind you I was in good standing and they had nothing on me. That is how easily they talk people into shunning you. And when I still wouldn’t be handled, they upped the gradient and took my kids. Maybe they’ll all come back as a cockroach next lifetime from the bad karma they racked up this lifetime.

  2. I don’t know what’s more shocking – that relatively intelligent people (Christ they found Scn didn’t they?) can fall for this BS and unfriend people not because they’re SPs, but because they’re just expelled for disagreeing – or, the size of the numbers you’re quoting. I have long believed the number of public in Jhb has never been more than about 300 (that figure excludes cretins, DBs, CICSs etc). Barring deeper analysis of your figures (some of them could be based elsewhere in the country or the world, I guess) – that seems to indicate half the field is disaffected. I begin to see your fascination with stats (like yesterday) could reveal some painful realities if anyone still in cares to read on…

    • I don’t think “finding” Scientology is evidence of any particular intelligence, or lack there of. People who join new religious groups, or passionately research and change from the religion they were born into, are usually termed “seekers.” scientific research has shown a genetic link/ predisposition to being a seeker. Seekers were ideal candidates for Scientology and other new religious movements (NRMs).

      Also, there have been more ex-scientologist than in-good standing scientologists since the late 1970’s and probably well before that. There was a mass purge due to the mission holders conference/ massacre in the early 80’s and David Mayo’s AAC – in fact the events of the early 1980s are almost replaying themselves today. only thankfully today we have the Internet, which has allowed the communication about the evils and problems in the cult to be publicized widely, making it widely available to any one researching, allowing others in the cult to get info, share their experiences and have support of a large community if they decide to leave. It has allowed the truth to be found by those who look or question, which was very difficult undertaking 20 years ago d/t the millions the cult spent surpressing the truth, by suing any media doing a story on it and harassing and threatening former members/ critics trying to speak out about abuses and wrong doing.

      The Internet is the CoS’s Waterloo. Fitting since the head sycopath I/C has a Napoleon complex.

  3. Disconnection and ethics as applied by the “church” are acts of violence and is the antithesis of spirituality. The “church” is out of touch with humanity and if they carry on with these acts of violence they will eventually cease to exist. The group is probably PTS to their leader and forced to carry out his evil intentions. It cannot continue forever.

  4. I got the same letter, and all my friends unfriended me without even asking me what is happening, no comm just disconnect. I am disgusted in these people they are so scared, they think the only way to go free is with the church and they are held ransom by DM. Just like the Christens if you don’t believe in God and Christ you go to hell. But at least the Christians don’t unfriend you and treat you like a nobody.

      • You’re mixing up all sorts of symbology, my son. No they don’t. At various times and at various places (before, during and after Christianity) some of these may have happened. Look at the church today and its a church of compassion. It displays a degree of transparency Scn cannot hope to emulate at present.

  5. I think LRHs most famous quote is ” when in doubt, communicate”. Such a pity the Church no longer follows the teachings of it’s founder and tries to stop communication. The truth will come out in the end and communication will be restored, it is only a matter of time; and this blog is the mainstay of that communication line so, well done to all who keep communicating, reading and commenting.
    This blog has had the amazingly opposite effect as now we have so many new friends worldwide that we never ever knew existed and I think OSA would faint if they knew the extent of the network out there all communicating as LRH told us to do.
    The church is like an ostrich, it has it’s head buried in the sand and the minion keep running around shouting ” disconnect”. The latest trick is that they realize there are too many people being declared, so they are now declaring people PTS type A. A lot of people got declared for not disconnecting, now you just get a PTS type A for not disconnecting, oops someone made a mistake as the number of SPs went way over the 2 1/2 percent.

    • Yes, that’s a good point Gaye, that athey declare you PTS Type A instead of a real SP cuz they know the numbers are too high. Even though they declared me, they didn’t issue goldenrod and some of my friends said they were told verbally “about me” but yet there was no written goldenrod for the friends to read. So it’s like a verbal declare but not really a “real” declare. If that isn’t the wackiest off policy out tech thing, I don’t know what is.

  6. It is so sad that this is going on. I am so lucky that the people who are still connected to the church that I care about know me and have decided to follow their own judgement. The people who disconnected from me, in the long run, really did not deserve my friendship so no loss to me regardless of how much they have lost. I will be there for them, a shoulder to lean on when they come up to breath the fresh air out there.

  7. Great essay ScnAfrica.
    Church enforced DISCONNECTION through their MAAs, OSA INT Operatives, “Justice Chiefs” is one of Scientology’s most toxic policies.
    It is radio active and pollutes the environment tearing families apart.
    It is a Public Relations disaster.
    It comes down to heart wrenching stories like this ~~Lori Hodgson 30 journey in Scientology is now shunned by her manipulated children who even returned (sent back) their Christmas gifts to her.

  8. The attached video did not make it…. and a typo above Lori Hodgson was InScientology 30 years… 30 year journey. Trying to post video one more time:

    • Thank you Karen for sharing one of my disconnection video’s here! This is a great blog on disconnection…thank you!!! I have been disconnected from my two adult children since Feb 2011! The Church of Scientology broke my family up and took my children from me by strongly manipulating my son and daughter to disconnect from me and my family! I resigned from the COS because of the abuses they committed to my children and I! Disconnection is cruel and wrong! Tearing up families is evil and destructive and needs to be stopped. This is why I speak out so that disconnection is ended and all broken families can be reunited. I’m from the United States and there are many broken families from around the world that are torn apart due to Disconnection. Here is a recent disconnection segment of my story on “Inside Edition”: http://youtu.be/9HpbeI3Q4ag

  9. Those who disconnect inside the church do so on a knee-jerk stimulus-response basis grounded in fear (or terror). They no longer dare ask if a standard justice approach was taken, they just react, and then rationalise afterwards that yes, so and so must have been SP because of bla.
    It is funny – or would be, if it weren’t so tragic: the Church of Scientology / RCS is no longer the Radical Church of Scientology. It is the Reactive Church of Scientology. It has become what it set out to handle.

      • I think CRB is one of the best examples of this. I wonder how many people became disillusioned and ultimately disaffected by their involvement with people supposedly at the top of the Bridge. I also have no doubt that Messrs C, R and B ultimately say – “See, we were right not to repay these SPs! Probably our involvement with them is what caused CRB to go bankrupt.” No application of cause and effect here. I have noticed a hardening in their attitude towards life – and to an outsider it is obviously the missed withhold in full play.

      • Yes indeed, the church set out to “handle” the reactive mind, failed miserably and became it completely, properly and finally!! As always that which you fight against (reactive mind), loose against, you will ultimately become. The church
        in now one big collective bank think stimulous response monster! The only thing it knows to do is eat its own and blame all the SP’s! Its does so while the blood of its own parishoners stains its teeth.
        It lost the war..

      • RV cheers for that, will check it out. Dont have the vols but will google it and see if I get lucky.
        Secondly in relooking at this whole mechanism of people becoming that which they fought against and lost thingey..man oh man! We need to be very careful about which battles we choose dont we? In a way any true blue SP ends up spreading the contageon of his aberration by all those who resisted him then lost! The ramifications explain how one rotten egg has such an impact makes alotta sense suddenly! I guess the warning to all those hell bent on COB’s demise better win at all costs..the consequences may be nasty! I can see how forgiveness or “what is greatness” is a tool that releases one from such outcomes, very, very interesting

  10. Scnafrica, do you know who the person is holding the post of Cont Justice Chief? Maybe one of the crowd who arrived from the US to shake things up? I don’t remember anyone ever holding that post in CLOAF when I was in, or am I wrong? Seems to me to be another “sign of the times”. As the auditors leave, Sea Org staff gets posted to a policeman’s job. At this rate it won’t be long before they are all ethics and justice terminals with no delivery terminals left.

      • Her husband (Bastista) was one of the members on the now famous 15 comm-ev which happened in December. He was calling up the commevee’s facebook profile and showing the rest of the Committee who the commevee was connected to, recent posts being made and commented on etc. I took it up with the Committee and told them that I considered it a gross violation of privacy – the Chairman just shrugged her shoulders and said “its what we do”.

        NOTHING anyone does in their private lives is off-limits with the Church anymore – I’m surprised they haven’t started insisting that each Scientology household be fitted with it’s own look-in system. Big Brother is Watching YOU!

      • I agree BP,
        To me it’s frightening of how the Church has become an Orwellian surveillance state.
        I remember way back how the effort was to buck this trend with HCOPLs like “Organization the Flaw” and “Fast Flow Management”.
        Now it looks like the effort is to embrace the post 9/11 police state mentality and some cases lead the way.

      • “Batista” isnt that some WWE wrestling clown? Fits in with this whole commando team I guess. They act all tough like. The church then has to wrestle more and more with justice actions as oposed to sane ethics applications done self determinedly. Its one bad stage act where the audience has to believe its all real when it just aint! But then again you will always get those who really believe WWE is actually true as life! Church kool aiders to me are about the same, they just drink less beer!

  11. Some of my first disconnections came from the obvious: Sea Org, Org Staff, OT Committee and other people who are just in so much fear of the Church they lock-stepped smartly. Then as the Storm Troupers did their National Tour, the ED’s and other “important” Org people disconnected from me(I could tell where the tour was by the geographical location of the disconnections happening).

    What is VERY suspicious to me though is the number of staff that have NOT disconnected – and I have NOT been one of the “ok I will go quietly ones” – so something smells big time. I have NO DOUBT I am being spied on via facebook. Well, go ahead – whatever turns you on!

    What’s been really cool though, is that I have managed to get 14 people to really LOOK and they are now OUT – for good – with their families and 2d’s in tow. Maybe still under the radar for now due to family and business implications and what-not, but OUT none-the less. I think my FOD stats are in affluence!!! I am no longer an FSM for the org, I am now an FOD – Field Org Disconnector!!!!

  12. Very interesting this my thoughts, thanks for the heads up on the letter from CjC, i know what to expect now .she has a cool man kinda rock en roll, reminds me of!

    I can see her sitting there and say to her self ” do you know what the deffinition of nemesis is? Its a righteous infliction of retribution personified in this case by, a horrible C..nt ME!

    • I agree ScnAfrica.
      Disconnection is basically being used as a psychological weapon what is called PsyWar or PsyOp in the Intel and Military community.
      Not that this is new.
      The Roman Catholic Church used it way back and we can see how “effective” it was with the Reformation which turned most of Europe into a “Free Fire Zone” just prior to the Enlightenment.
      However before the practice exploded into open warfare in Western Europe. It was quite effective in keeping the Laity in line.
      That and the practice of burning Heretics which is basically what they are doing on a thought level.
      Instead of actually burning them. They hand them a “Burn Notice” instead and much like the character Michael Weston in the popular TV series of the same name they are left in mystery of who burned them and why.

  13. Tory Magoo tells a funny story in one of her YouTube videos about going to a social gathering in the Los Angeles area that she jokingly describes as an SP party, because so many people there had left the church, often without realizing the others had left as well.

    All night long, she says, people were exclaiming to each other, “I didn’t know you were out!” “I didn’t know YOU were out!”

    Obviously, they didn’t have the advantage of a forum like this to help them get back and stay in comm with each other — had it not been for this party, many of them would have gone feeling needlessly isolated. So it’s a really fine thing you’re doing here.

    • people were exclaiming to each other, “I didn’t know you were out!” “I didn’t know YOU were out!”
      No surprise there. By my count, only about 10% of emancipated Scientologists are willing to use their real names online. How is anyone supposed to know who anyone else is, when nearly everyone in the room is wearing a mask?

  14. I have around about 5 mark 5 Emeters , I been working onaking it rain in jhb , been some what a success but only little flash floods 3 to 4 feet of water , nothing to major, but more important is the work with the bush telagraph, the cats really need facts to agree to take a sheet on a sulectees table, I could do with a couple more mark v s? I can give clean money, no no no , yes yes yes what !!

  15. Good reporting ScnAfrica! This ongoing “dramatizing of failure’ may as well be termed the CIRCUS of Scientology! Replete with clowns, goons and goofballs, that totally sucks of a lack of anything really worthwhile going on … like a stale vaudeville show that no-one of any intelligence could possibly sustain much interest in! ….okay maybe just a couple of sheeple, at most….. tut tut… but HEY!!… The “SHOW” must go on….. right??

      • Sure! The ‘accomplished’ one in our ‘Scn outfit’, is my wife, Dorothy, who became the first trained NED auditor in Durbs in 1978, just after David Mayo completed his tour of this org to introduce and give his lectures on the new level. We have both effectively been off lines for over twenty years, though she went on to give a dedicated stint of some six years as a Criminon counselor. (sponsored by fellow ‘bitter, twisted apostate’ Harold Van den Berg., our partner in “SPness”
        Her stats had her way up in stellar range as one of the planet’s top producing counselors, but alas, this ultimately took a toll on her already compromised health, and she has packed it all up, pending upcoming surgery.
        Calvin B. Duffield

  16. You get what you concentrate on. From where I am looking and from what I know, the witchhunt is still going strong. If you concentrate on crime, you will get crime. If you concentrate on finding people who disagree with the church, you’re going to be very busy for a very long time finding more and more and more people disagreeing with the church. If they didn’t disagree before you interviewed them, they may well do so after the interview.
    And will all the disconnections and their ripple effect, it’s never ending.
    Of course, the attention should be on flooding new people into the org, getting auditors made and making pcs happy. However, before they can do that they have to rake in more money for expensive books that nobody wants to get the marketing programme launched – must have before they can do.
    Also, ‘they’ have been so far off the mark for so long with regards the VFP of the church, that they’ve forgotten what it is. They’ve forgotten to look at LRH policies, forgotten what the church was set up to deliver.
    I could be accused of generalising but, honestly, do you know of any new or salvaged public in the academy there to expressly do their auditor training? Or additional staff on the TTC? I stand to be corrected on this if I’m wrong and if the academies have filled up with such people.
    Disconnection? It’s the church from which more and more people are disconnecting. That’s the other side disconnection.

  17. Disconnection? It’s the church from which more and more people are disconnecting. That’s the other side disconnection.
    True dat. The church is actually practicing something more akin to enforced separation, than disconnection. I publicly (and self-determinedly) disconnected from the cult. They, in turn, forced my friends and family to separate from me.

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