Scientology in the media

The article we published yesterday looks at the futility of trying to get the Scientology field to disconnect completely from the undesireables.

However the impact of disconnection on direct family members must not be ignored. The Tampa Bay Times yesterday published a harrowing story of Sara & Sheldon Goldberg being forced to disconnect and the impact on their family. You can read the story here: Scientology clergy force mother to choose: son or daughter

In September last year a documentary was aired by the BBC called “Scientologists at War” which details the schism that we have observed over the last 5 years or so. This documentary will be airing locally on BBC Knowledge, DSTV channel 184. It airs this Tuesday 18 March at 7pm. It repeats on Wednesday 19 March at 10pm.

It is well worth watching.

On Thursday we published a request for the names of auditors trained in South Africa. If you missed it you can read it here: Who are the auditors? So far our list is well over 300 names. Please drop us an email at if you can add the names of auditors you remember who trained in South Africa.


10 thoughts on “Scientology in the media

  1. I am constantly reminded of the soundness of mind, and the creative vision that the administrators of this blog have,
    From what I have seen with the right choices being taken always , it looks like the spirit of LRH is sitting behind them guiding there thought and actions, I am not trying to take any cause part away from you , just to let you know I see him there with you, and as the ones that have been using and applying the LRH legends data fully in all area s of your lives , it probable he would make choice to be closer to YOU!
    Please use your tec as you have to make sure you do not let any real sp from org or other on your lines , spot them take clear action and remain at cause,
    Thanks Ta

  2. Big win in the Monique Rathbun harassment lawsuit!
    The Judge has denied Scientology’s Anti-SLAPP motion and has called Scientology a business! The days are over of harassment, abuse and lies! Scientology will finally be held accountable for their crimes.
    Details on Tony Ortega’s blog.
    Thank you – everyone who is speaking out! The Goldberg’s have not been suppressed and their story will help expose the truth about Scientology, INC. May their family be reunited! The Goldberg’s value the family – the most important group one has! Thank you!

  3. Wow Gonesurfing that description almost brought tears te me eyes son! If you were a cynic prior to contributing on this blog I do believe by jove, you are most certainly not anymore! Well bleedin done! I agree hole heartedly! The makers here have used social media to an extent the church cannot fathom. The revolution took place, the church lost hearts minds and souls not just because of their own idiocy but because they refused to use the power of the internet correctly. They suppressed it instead, or tried to!
    We could liken the scn africa team to heralds of truth. Personally I see them as 3rd dynamic dragon slayers, true collective auditors FOR us all. All of our lives have been enriched, improved and enhanced by the blogs presentation of key stories and events in the scientology world.
    This brings me to mention something else. The team behind scn africa must contain people who are skilled in tech, admin and masterclass PR skills to boot! The execution has been sheer brilliance! Perhaps one day soon we could welcome them all under a spotlight as the shadow beats a hasty retreat! One day soon I’m sure haha! For now do not stop, please continue and maybe one day you will evolve into the worlds first free scn press incorporated? Just think on this, a non affiliated group that truly does do its job on reporting the real deal ever known to us freemen? Bloody marvelous! Amandla awethu!

    • Cheers black panther , glad to add somthing good, many blogers are hitting the nail on the head in a most beautifull clear way!
      Administrasion with a auditors hat on is do aagic job a bringing the real issues and trueths out , and not throughing anyone away truelly noted

    • The revolution took place, the church lost hearts minds and souls not just because of their own idiocy but because they refused to use the power of the internet correctly. They suppressed it instead, or tried to!
      The absolute biggest mistake the church has made, is in not squarely confronting the fact that they have a massively ARC-broken field. Church management has chosen to not-is the reality that the vast majority of those who once counted themselves as active members, have now renounced the organization, and are now external, vocal critics.
      Instead of recognizing their failures to stay true to their own policies and spiritual technology, and correcting themselves from within (as provided for in LRH’s writings), they ser-fac’d on any and all who objected, or called attention to their egregious violations of tech and policy, by making them targets for personal destruction.
      Of course, that has opened the door to the larger world putting ethics in on them from without, which is what we see developing in the Rathbun lawsuit in Texas.
      It is just so sad to the see the organization willfully taking the path they’re on. By ejecting or forcing out the bulk of their brightest, most dedicated, and highly trained members, they’ve also weakened themselves to a point where only the feeble remain, which even further increases the odds of complete collapse.
      From my exterior view, the church appears to be in an unrecoverable death spin. Even if Miscavige were to leave tomorrow, I don’t see how they can reverse course in time to avoid a catastrophic crash.

  4. Great news about Monique Rathbun winning her harassment case! And about Scientology being called a business! I look forward to reading about it on Tony Otega’s blog!
    How do you mean: The Goldberg’s have not been suppressed? You mean they have not or can’t be suppressed from going viral/public so that they can tell their full story? Is this on Tony Otega’s blog, too?

    • Monique has not yet won her case. What she has won is her right to proceed with it, which the COS was trying to stop by bringing suit against HER. They were arguing it was just a frivolous suit on her part, but the judge rebutted that idea and dismissed their suit against her. So now she can proceed with her original harassment suit against them. But it was a big victory for her nonetheless.

  5. Hey Goodchoices. The Goldberg’s story appeared on Tampa bay Times. It’s a gut-wrenching story of a family ripped apart by disconnection – it’s worth reading and watching. And then of course the whole Mosey Rathbun case is on Tony’s blog – with the Judge’s full ruling – also worth the time to read.
    And then another 2 cases against Narconon in Oklahoma have just been lodged as well. Some Shit Storm Brewing (as is depicted on Mike’s blog today).

    The day of reckoning beckons………..

  6. Oh yes Bring on the Shit storm!
    The exposure is great!
    This Church needs to be brought down with explosives
    and DM and his rats exterminated!

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