Auditors – the real OTs?


By Joe van Staden

Saying that there are “truths” beyond the “truths” of scientology, as I have done on more than one occasion, is what I truly believe – the bridge is not set in concrete and answers to the mysteries of the universe and existence are not all to be found in the works of LRH.   As far as the official organization – the C of S – is concerned, in terms of thetan, mind, body product; the thetan has left, the mind is dysfunctional, the body is diseased and currently the product is; what?   By thetan in this context I don’t only refer to LRH, I mean the soul – the spirit with which the organization was originally endowed by LRH and Scientologists is no longer there.  

To interpret my comment as an attempt to malign Scientology and LRH would be wrong and not even close to what I am getting at.   The point I wish to make – and yes it is only my opinion – is that in some respects “the game” has entered a new phase. It should be self-evident that much has changed in the world of Scientology (particularly in the last 15 years or so) and will continue to change.   If I may dare make a prediction as to where the official Church is headed, this is a possible scenario.   As the cash flow from its elite “donors” begin to dry up the C of S will be forced to transform into more of a populist movement – catering more and more to the “masses” instead of a moneyed elite.   This will become increasingly evident in a growing reliance on programs like “Way to Happiness” and similar socially driven initiatives to sustain survival.    Gradually the traditional idea of taking people “up the bridge to total freedom” will become unsustainable and eventually abandoned.                    

Ironically the latter might have some positives in it for the C of S, particularly when the general state of human affairs is taken into consideration. Quite frankly, the C of S seems to be well “positioned” in a world which will only become more desperate.    The C of S may find ways of appealing to the growing numbers of people disillusioned by governments and society in general around the planet – ways which are likely to be far removed from what is considered to be traditional Scientology.   

Nonetheless, apart from my speculation about these things I recognize one important constant in all this uncertainty, at least for the foreseeable future.   It comes in the shape of that most amazing “individual” bequeathed to humanity by LRH – the auditor.    The basic skills with which a well trained auditor is endowed is beyond compare in any comparable activity.   There just isn’t anything like an auditor; not in the fields of personal coaching, psychology, psychiatry or any other form of inter-personal intervention.

As far as I am concerned auditors are the real OT’s. They are the ones who can truly change conditions.   On average I bet well trained auditors have contributed far more – hugely more – to all that is, or was, positive about Scientology than, for instance, OT 8’s who have never faced a pc other than themselves.    

Here is the thing, a well trained auditor – really good com cycle, TR’s really in, conducting him or herself in the spirit of the auditors code, can bring about changes for the better regardless of the procedure.            

Since I am not familiar with auditors of today I can’t really comment on the quality of their training. Nonetheless, my respect and admiration for auditors go way back.   I have certainly trained a substantial number of them, from the lower levels up to class 12.    Not always easy. At times aggressive overt or devious covert means had to be employed to get auditors trained.    Why am I not concerned about evoking skepticism from many readers re the latter statement?   Because I know many who read this will, in some way or another, have come across the inexplicable tendency to put obstacles in the way of simply getting down to the business of training plenty of auditors.        

At one stage, soon after the establishment of the AO in Denmark, one of my priorities was to train an abundance of auditors.   Even though I needed people for my team to open up Europe, if the one’s I recruited were eligible for auditor training that’s where they were routed before taking on any other duties.   For instance, the day Owen Starkey arrived from SA after I phoned him and told him to come over and have some fun with me opening up Europe, he had hardly unpacked and I stuck him on the class 8 course.   And this I did with anyone who, within my sphere of influence, qualified for the SHSBC or the class 8 course – they got put onto their next level of training.

Now the same wasn’t happening at AOLA or even St Hill at that time.   So when we at AODK realized this we knew we had better hide the fact that we were turning out class 8’s by the “bucket” load.   For awhile we managed to get away with it but inevitably our “hidden treasure” was discovered and we were ordered to transfer several class 8’s to LA.             

And my point is?

I am for auditors. It may not make a great deal of sense right now, but with regard to the bigger picture – socio-political and economic developments worldwide – I would say it won’t be a bad Idea for the independent field to invest in auditors – auditors trained outside the politics of an organization and politically manipulated tech.   



45 thoughts on “Auditors – the real OTs?

  1. Love it Joe!! Prior to this post I found a bit of what you said a tad esoteric for my tastes to be perfectly honest. But in my mind auditors are everything you and the ole man say they are and then some.
    You could to this day, send in a charasmatic though technically sound Book one auditor who had some TR’s backround into a society and start a social revolution! He would be a messiah of sorts, a legend no less! Thats with mostly 1950′s tech nogal!
    Yup, no other profession comes anything close to this hallowed hat. To be a good auditor is to be a god amoungst men that helps others to become the same! Is it any wonder thay the church works so goddamn hard to stop making them? I think auditors became more targeted than artists for a while haha!
    Who knows, someday movie goers would be watching a film titled, “The Last Auditor” somewhere. We better make as many as we can then! So how bout it Joe, reckon you could turn out a few more?

    • Sheepie Bane, you are probably not the only one who finds some of my stuff a bit too esoteric. I try my best to keep things as “real” as possible, but its not always easy. Some insights are beyond words. If you think some of my earlier posts have been somewhat “out there” wait till you get my description of God – the 8th dynamic – the unifying field or whatever other labels exist to describe that “higher power” – the ultimate source. Here is the thing, as I have found, “IT” can not be approached or described in terms of logic or reason – through analysis or any form of typical human measurement and orientation. The only way to tell whether one is on the right track to “getting in touch” with “IT” is through FEELING. It’s a case of feeling rather than thinking. It’s always easier to put one’s thoughts into words than one’s feelings. .And our relationship with that “higher power” is based on feeling.

      • Thats all good Joe, appreciate you answering me but I have to TR 3 this, would you yet still be intetested in having a crack at making more auditors before they become a dying breed?

      • TONY and JOE.
        Thank you for your comment because that comment of yours made me examine, look for reasons why most of those AUDITORS: tens of thousands of them and that number is more than a bucket full  no longer practise that incredible valuable trade.
        Joe is right of course the trade of auditing that technology is beyond value. But that TECHNOLOGY has no value and totally meaningless mambo jumbo if not used.
        Here is how I see it and of course this is my reality.
        When one starts a new action- activity of any kind a project one is usually goes up-tone into enthusiasm and leans into that activity with passion, heart and soul..
        That passion takes one out of one’s everyday life: in fact that passion changes the course of one’s life : period.
        But that dominating Passion, new reality could not last for a life time for most person simply because even to that high stimulations one can get used to that means the interest in that subject drops too. SO as the person slowly descend from that extraordinary high and back he/she goes to their old life those well-known everyday activities.
        With this I MEAN HERE THE OLD MOTIVATORS KICK IN AGAIN: which gives directions in one’s life and the person returns to the well-worn comfortable place, very simple.
        My sister and I we both done the OT levels at ST Hill in 76.. after her returned back to Canada she went back to her old life, never ever looked into the direction of scientology again, by the way she too has been trained auditor.
        And me here, I never have lost that passion it is still… no: it burns stronger higher than ever, but I walk my Path and she walks hers.. we all are where we need to be.
        To be moved out of the well-worn life cycle and to remain on that new PATH the motivation-stimulation need to be there continually, in fact has to grow because to stimulations one gets used to easily, example same as for drugs, the person have a need for higher dosage.
        Best to you both Elizabeth Hamre

  2. I agree with Joe. During the period that I was blind as to where the C of S was going under Miscavige,I wondered many times why auditors were treated as “brick layers” in the scheme of things….not realising that the destroyers of the tech were
    already in control and doing their best to ensure no-one made meaningful case gain. One of techniques used was to make the “hero’s” the guys who donated money in big quantities as opposed to acknowledging the true hero’s, the auditors who performed daily miracles.
    The finest most caring Scientologists I have met have ,with some exceptions, have been auditors trained early on (in the ’70′s etc.) Remember Peggy Labuschagne….a caring being, fully intent on seeing the tech delivered with appropriate correct results as widely as possible. We are going to have to figure out how to train auditors in numbers and young ones at that to keep the force strong!!

  3. Fabulous post, Joe. I love reading your articles, so sound and with all the background experience you have, having been there from the start.
    With regards to anything esoteric, problem many of us still have is the order we’ve received that other practices are verboten and that Scientology is the ONLY ONE. It is brainwashing and it insulates us from viewing or knowing anything else. Personally, I’ve always been interested in the spiritual power of collective thought; and one of my pet loves has been and still is, Astrology! I still acknowledge myself as having the characteristics of my zodiac sign – because I have!
    Be willing to LOOK, not listen.

    • I believe Joe’s point was that auditors help others which is not quite the same as what a solo auditor is doing. A solo auditor is helping himself/herself – very different category of auditor.
      PLEASE read the post I have put up… what auditors do and what happens in auditing and what cognitions are and how those cognitions affect the UNIVERSE, including you… You have a misconception about what happens in sessions and that comes from lack of experience.

  4. Yes but auditors and auditing also changed. It will take some time indeed for me to as-is the engram installed by my auditor during my first elig at Flag (because I sure as hell won’t arrive for auditing to as-is it!). This Japanese auditor looked like a concentration camp guard and the auditing was about as edifying. His eyes did not waver from the needle for a moment the entire RD. There was zero ARC. He scarcely spoke English other than to read out the question. I sat there shaking in my shoes – NOT because of missed with-holds but because I was paying about R6,000 an HOUR for this abortion called auditing. I’m sure he was no happier delivering it than I was to receive it. That crap ain’t auditing, and I told him so to his face. Fat help that was.

    • EEISH! What a kak one boet!! I’d rather take ecstacy tablets and go clubbing despite getting all my implants restimmed! Thats one experience I wont envy. Cant figure on why he wasted his time on becoming an auditor?? The cheek of making you pay top dollar for that makes me cringe!

  5. Loving it, Joe. AUDITORS IS WHERE IT’S AT. And, if auditors can be trained in the field, trained outside the politics of an organization and politically manipulated tech, the heart and core of what it is and was all about in the first place will stay alive.

  6. Brilliant thoughts!!!!
    Yes, a real auditor can change the face of our society… hem… many are needed, of course !!!
    And any of us, you, me… are able to have a positive effect about our environment, only with true ARC, good comm cycle and solid TRs. This only can help us not to sink into being effect.
    Your post Joe is revitalising my aim. Thanks.

    • Florence … yes auditors are needed but without PC the future auditors will be doing the same as those who had their training already and these auditors if not giving sessions.. living their lifes as it should be, but definitely not what they are meant to do. trained to do..
      There are tens of thousands of trained auditors are on this planet and you are one of them because you were trained as a solo auditor.. just a reminder: OT’s who made those levels are trained auditors too. Even if JOE don’t think so.. but that is his reality, not a very helpful one since his evaluation was misleading..

      • Joe… I wanted you to see, how the planet and the Universe is affected by auditing and its fruit: the cognitions… any take on that? I would like to have your reality. Thank You! Elizabeth.

      • I believe Joe’s point was that auditors help others which is not quite the same as what a solo auditor is doing. A solo auditor is helping himself/herself – very different category of auditor.

  7. I have great respect and admiration for Auditors who
    only and only deliver LRH’ s standard tech they are the most
    caring beings on this planet and have the sole purpose and
    only purpose of setting us free!
    Unfortunately the auditors in the current church are not standard
    and they are not awake but robots!
    If you want freedom and full OT the real auditors are out in the
    independent field and they are truly on Purpose, x

    • Elizabeth that is a fine question for sure! I know of one who is an absolute gem of an auditor. Bonefide class 8 made in the 70′s! A real honour to have been audited by the likes of this individual. 10 of these unleashed on a city would have pools of theta gushing fountains! would paint a big red target too. What a shame! The powers that be wont stand for it now would they. Imagine turning out new class 8′s by the ship container load? Joe my friend, I’m afraid you may have unwhittingly ignited something here. How much of this would interest you? Are there any other old Sups out there who can make top class auditors?? Your time may be now!
      Time to stop our bitchin and get STITCHIN!

      • Sheeple Bane… red target for what? Please don’t answer that, by now I read enough to understand what you imply.
        I wonder if you realise that in reality how the PLANET AND THE UNIVERSE IS CLEARED??

        While the cognition is in process. the cogniter as-is a huge amount of mass. and that mass is replaced by unaltered different reality which is without mass the :TRUTH.
        That cognition not only brings release for that persons universe but at the same time releases those persons who were connected to this cogniter in that incident and that incident could have been any place while one is in the Universe.

        But something else happens and no one realises its GREAT IMPORTANCE!!!!.. The same time while one person has a session since that person is operating in the SPIRITUAL UNIVERSE WHERE THE COMMUNICATION HAPPENS TELEPATHICLY while this person who is having a session at the same time on the same subject many other beings [without the body] are having the same session and HAVING THE SAME COGNITIONS TOO![ can be millions in number]

        Also while the person is taking a course at the same time these FREE BEINGS [ who don’t have the body] are taking the same courses!!!!! and if it is the course how to become a auditor or a C/S. these beings to become on auditor and C/S’s the same time.
        Difficult to comprehend such a reality? NO, not if one becomes a SOLO AUDITOR and continue auditing not only the self created universe but audits every concept what ever exist in ones reality and also give sessions to countless other beings with or without the body through these sessions-confrontations one learns a great deal becomes aware of different reality and different Universes too.
        The PLANET DO NOT GET CLEARED BY AUDITING people one by one : CLEARING THE PLANET [ as in wholesale] happens at the same times because the FREE BEINGS[ don’t have the body] getting the auditing too.
        WE, THOSE OF US WHO HAVE DONE THE OT LEVELS and NOT’s have audited trillions of beings and these beings were called by LRH as BT’s, and when group called Clusters.
        LTH feared these BEING but that was his problem his ARC-B. which he should have handled in session, but that is beside the point here.
        OT’s and any one who have had session, even just ONE COGNITION was and is helping not only clearing the SELF…. the PLANET.. but the same time the UNIVERSE IT SELF.
        JOE… he is off the target thinking that only AUDITORS ARE OT’s.. obviously Joe did not have enough auditing and have not confronted the subject “WHAT IS THE SPIRITUAL UNIVERSE, and WHAT IS SPIRITUALITY MEANS, WHAT IS TELEPATHIC COMMUNICATION AND HOW THAT WORKS.
        Knowing the words do not give the experience.
        I do not know JOE but he should not have put down the OT LEVELS, the auditing and its results. Not my intention to put Joe down any ways, it might sound like it but.. if one has not audited much as I have could not possibly have information as I have gained through cognitions. So apologise in advance if my remark has offended.

        COGNITIONS ARE VITALY IMPORTANT because they as-is the mass and because they don’t contain energy =PURE THETA =truth and that pure theta=truth can penetrate any mass, any object since it is pure undiluted-unaltered is superior to any other existing considerations-thoughts therefore over rides those.
        COGNITIONS do SPREAD, boundaries can not hold them back, they go outside of this planet and interestingly one the recall is confronted in other time –other place those cognitions clear those places in the Universe.
        How do I know this? I have audited 10 of thousands of hours and in my reality nothing is impossible to achieve since barriers only exist if the considerations=thoughts=agreements are in existence, those are the postulates, the very walls of prison to the person who put them.
        I have erased my barriers.. Thank you. Elizabeth Hamre

      • OK.. I got that..and that is your reality and was not mine when I asked that question.. but that do not answer the question.. I take it you don’t have one either.

      • You guys Joe and You cant even produce a itsy-bitsy acknowledgement when communicated to but want to clear the planet?
        Now I am NOT ANTAGONISTIC but my comment here is born out of plain simple observation.. Maybe by the time you guys taken the communication course it was altered so badly that the ”’acknowledgement”’ part was left out? just guessing!

    • It looks like an R factor is in order here. The class 8’s I am referring to was trained in the early days of AODK as mentioned – sometime around 1969 – 1970. Many amongst them carried the torch for many years in various orgs around the planet. Where most of them are today I can’t say.
      My last involvement in training auditors was on the Apollo as Qual Sec in the early 1970’s. When the class 12 course was first launched it was a very “loose” affair – hardly any structure – no supervisor. As part of an LRH project to compile all the internships, I also inherited looking after class 12 training. I saw as my first task introducing some structure into the course. The following should give some idea of how unorganized the class 12 course was to begin with. At a meeting with LRH, several org execs and myself, as to how to get the class 12 course going, I mentioned that the would be class 12’s seem to be lost, having no direction. As it turned out they had no check sheets; this was immediately remedied.
      Just a little bit of history.

      • We welcome any and all data from that time period. Your insights are always profound, especially from those days Joe. Now with the risk of badgering you I cant
        help but wonder if more could be done using your vast experience to make things better? Perhaps I over reach, maybe Joe would prefer to write his memoires, sit on the stoep and bounce his grand children by the fire? Or.. at the very least we could some of us meet and talk about some futures and make some plans. Hell why not? All of us and growing day by day are becoming a truly formidable power with all the points in KRC locked tighter than the church will ever achieve. Why not pool these recources and make something out of it? Would be a god awfull waste if we all just sat on our laurels! There is plenty game still to be played yet! Just my POV..

  8. All the above is magic , yet one point missed , I would say from my limited expeiriance that being a auditor and helping other handle things is the only way to free the self !! , how to explain what happens , I am just saying how it feels for me ,

  9. I forgot to add if you are auditing other with no money gain , u step closer to god each time , if u are buying into exchange what whats , that’s great as if you don’t eat you will die,
    what is your take on it,

  10. I think you have to keep in mind that the purpose of this blog is to raise arc amongst Scientologists – not arc break them. You could achieve a similar effect of writing to a gardening blog and telling them that gardeners are the salt of the earth and wonderful people. But there are a lot better things to do in life, gardening will become unsustainable in the future and the accepted procedures they are using are old hat.
    I am an auditor and I do it because people feel freer and happier when they get auditing. I am planning to do more of it. Not abandon it.

  11. Joe, you are so right about auditors. Anyway, the subject of scientology is auditing. In the seventies, it was more than obvious. And it’s so strange that there was such a departure of the ideal scene, gradiently, without we really noticed… The subject at this time was to handle cases. What all that has become is so strange when you really look at it!

  12. I would say it won’t be a bad Idea for the independent field to invest in auditors.

    The existing trend of the Independent Scientology movement will continue to expand while the CO$ continues to gradually decline. People are fed up with this parasitic money cult, and every year we see hundreds of new faces blown from CO$ arriving out here for auditing and training. Many new Scientologists are also created within the Indies that never saw the inside of any cherch before. I doubt any drastic changes to the above will occur. In due time the CO$ will either have to change or go out business, as grassroots Scientology can no longer be stamped out by them.

  13. In lecture 6101C01 THE WHOLE ANSWER TO THE PROBLEMS OF THE MIND (from the Anatomy of the Human Mind Course), LRH said
    “Auditors are almost going Clear these days auditing people. They developed a profound contempt for the aberrations of mankind. They have become much less important and those things which become less important tend to fade away.”
    And I agree that 50% of the gains are from training and auditing others.

  14. Sheepie Bane. No you are not badgering me. Here is the thing; training auditors is definitely a 3rd dynamic activity. I haven’t been part of a 3rd dynamic capable of training auditors since I walked away from my Scientology 3rd dynamic many, many years ago and settled back in South Africa. My direct contact with ex Scientologists has been restricted to two individuals. Indirectly via the internet I have been in touch with others. It is only very recently that the ranks of ex’s or independents have increased locally.
    I have no problem with your statement that there is plenty of game still to be played, in fact, I totally support you on that. And that is not only in words but in actions. For many years now I have set myself a project in which I have been involved full time – doing research, writing and at times running workshops constantly honing application of the material.
    At no stage have I considered sitting on a stoep to watch the world go by. I am all for getting involved in worthwhile games, which amounts to reaching for the next rung or two up that metaphorical ladder to a wider perspective of existence – new horizons – new experiences. I need no convincing that some awesome adventures are within our reach.

    • I know, antagonistic and pithy at the same time. I’m sick and tired of “you’re standard, you’re not”…um, excuse me…are you auditing? I think that’s called armchair quarterbacking.
      Are you in the chair using any kind of tech to change the person in front of you for the better? I happen to be well versed in a tech that makes major changes in the life of any being in front of me. My number one goal is to arrange my life and that of my kids and 2D to do this again. I have the utmost respect for ANY person achieving this today.
      Yes, this is a hot topic with me. Flaming!

    • Tara..
      without LRH there would not have been any auditors without PC’s the auditors would be useless, I would say we all needed to be interested and to partake in order to make it happen. So who cares about LRH? I don’t know, beside those of us who are grateful for the Auditing Technology he and his mate left behind…

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