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The church has brought their lawyers to a PR world.

Ryan Hogarth received the letter below, this past Saturday. In as much as it relates to us, we are posting it here on this forum. Have a read of it. Please do not assume anything from what is written in the letter. We do not admit, and we do not deny that Ryan Hogarth is one of the owners/authors of this blog (and we do not make any statement regarding whether there is only one author or more). The Church is guessing, or relying on rumour, and they hope to find out who I am/we are, either by a confession or by elimination.

The reason that I/we wish to remain anonymous is principally because I/we do not want to become the focus of the discussions to hand. This blog has never been about personalities but rather simply a platform for discussion.

It may eventually become necessary to reveal my identity/our identities, but I/we think that detracts from the real issues.

I/we would also ask our readers to refrain from trying to contact the attorney involved. He is doing his job. Let’s not get distracted. More on this later. Stay tuned – the deadline is 16h00 on 20 March 2014.

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  1. I’m a tad suspicious of the signature. It has been signed by a representative of Dr Stuart Gardner, whomever he may be, which is OK. However, it’s usual to state under Mr Gardner’s name a list of his credentials. Who is he?
    Is this letter for real? Or a scare tactic?


    • This is a great idea, Travers. We need this type of publicity in the mainstream media of South Africa. We need some attention in this country, even if to just wake up our koolaider friends. I have a couple who are as brainwashed as hell. They need a big of prodding.

      Attack is the best means of defence!

    • Please – release the story!! Scientology INC. needs to know that Scientology has lost that battle. Everything is available on the internet – EVERYTHING – including OT III and other confidential materials. They can’t do anything about it! Slap an Anti-SLAPP suit on them. LOL

  3. Good Travers. I like that. More broadcasting is needed.
    They crave *GOOD PR* while acting like things.
    The threats from Radical official Scientology are huff and puff. Yawn Yawn.
    But there is a recurring trait of the Church which is all too predictable.
    The Church will not let you go.
    If you choose to move on with your life, open up comm lines and use your freedom
    of speech……they will fixate on your new activity because they are unable to LET GO !
    I explain here ~~

    • Oh yes Bring it ON!

      IF the Church wants to take this route
      attack one of us then they have to be prepaid
      for all the Negative Press we are prepared to
      deliver personally to the Press.

      Such a stupid tactic and of course mistakes will
      be made under suppression!

      The public are not stupid there are rumors in the field
      and we are all connected to non-Scientologists who
      have been told why we are no longer part of the Church.
      In fact I have Christian friends who have told me stories
      I had not heard about – how we are forced to
      disconnect from family and friends ( that well kept secret
      that disconnection does not exist)! – I can assure is out there!

      Who ever moderates the Blog – Thank you for letting us
      know and Un like the Church we will assist in any way
      and stand by you.
      The bullying is over!
      The lack of freedom of speech is over!
      We are no longer in fear of exposing the
      crimes of the Church if forced to do so.

      The blog is making History – a new beginning on
      the road to Freedom of Speech and Freedom
      to go Free – Mandela also wanted
      this for all all his people of South Africa.

      We who are part of this blog are :
      As the Three Musketeer’s used to say ALL FOR
      ONE AND ONE FOR ALL! We value loyalty – Honesty
      – and above all INTEGRITY!

      • I would take this to the press today and let the press cover the entire harassment from the “church” of Scientology. The Co$ can’t stand black pr (the truth) so hit them where it hurts – broadcast this loudly. Call Anderson Cooper with CNN 360. Call all the major media sources – tell the world what this cult is up to!
        Can you imagine if you were a Catholic and had a mass in your home for someone disabled and the Priest was retired but decided to conduct the service and a Catholic SWAT team descends down on the home?
        That is how crazy this cult acts. Speak out! Thanks for posting the letter and not allowing them to suppress you any longer! Suppress back!

    • Hi Karen, bloody marvelous video. If they did take Ryan or anyone else to court and I was asked to witness and I show them this video and the others of the murder of your son, I just wonder what the judge would say.

      • There are many more horror stories…just when you think it can’t get any worse – it does…and it is really, really bad what this “church” has done to people and families!

  4. This is nuts!! I wonder if the Werksmans attorneys had a private giggle, gasped in dissbelief or cringed on behalf of their clients sheer arrogance whilst reading this blog…. Surely they must have read this blog to give all those links.
    One thing is for sure – Werksmans will be collecting all the way to the bank. Always look on the bright side. Look what is happening in Texas…. It might be a good idea if the cult wants to take this sort of thing goes all the way to Court in their efforts to shut Ryan up or exact revenge on his belief that ‘all men have inalienable rights to think freely, to talk freely, to write freely their own opinions and to counter or utter or write upon the opinions of others’.
    I say let them threaten and foam at the mouth and up the anti as this will EXPOSE the cult on a broad scale for what they are and for what they are doing if they choose to take this to court. If Oscar Pistorius can be shamed world wide daily on a televised court trial – so can this cult. Well done Ryan. !

    • “I wonder if the Werksmans attorneys had a private giggle, gasped in disbelief or cringed on behalf of their clients sheer arrogance whilst reading this blog….” My exact thoughts, Jane. They probably had the time of their life reading it!
      If it landed up in the court, I wonder if the lawyer and/or magistrate will be able to keep straight faces!

  5. I agree. This should be brought into the public domain. If the church wishes to stop freedom of speech we should all do something about it. The independant press should know what goes on behind these doors of “gold”. The church is not outside of the law of any country. We need to make sure we protect our freedoms.

  6. It’s a scare tactic. The lawyer must produce evidence that it IS Ryan and how will he do that. Ryan is too smart to be suckered in by this.

    I did hear that there is a campaign to sue anyone they can on copyrigh infringement. They’re frightened. More frightened than we are.

    • Been distributed along back channels for well over 30 years. Either don’t host any materials that CO$ could access and object to, or find another server in a jurisdiction beyond their reach.

  7. Once again, another demonstration of the impact this blog is having. Good on you SCNAFRICA. Keep up the good work! If the church had its way, merely speaking the word “Scientology” would be a copyright infringement. Desperate much!?

  8. This is nothing to do with rights and wrongs. It is simply bullying. The CoS has more money to harass BIC than BIC has. Simple (and of course it’s OUR money donated over the years now being used to suppress us).
    BTW BBC Documentaries (channel 121 on DStv I believe) is showing a documentary on Scientology (The War in Scn) at 9pm tonight. Might be good to recommend any waverers watch.

  9. The line in the sand is drawn. Let the forces marshall and the banners fly. Its time for battle, its time to get in the ring! We are behind you Ryan, all the way. Extended to you is our support. Many, many people will suprise you with what they can do. Just ask!

  10. Re point 4 in the letter: they’re claiming the use of copyrighted materials and that the material is not genuine. How can both be true? If the materials are not genuine, then they don’t own them.

    • Tell them that you were told by COB that the materials have been wrong – SP’s altered the stuff so you bought books etc after being told it was 100% pure LRH only to be resold it again in 1996, 2007 and now 2014! So whatever you have in your possession is wrong anyway and you are keeping it and using it. You own it! Try to sue COB/Scientology and everything you do will be broadcasted out of every major news station on the planet!

  11. Ooh, we’re all quaking in our boots, Davy. Now let’s see you go and sue the rest of the Internet for “copyright infringement”, you arrogant pipsqueak. Planning to shut down Google next, maybe? If you seriously believe reverting to tactics that were outdated a decade ago will frighten anyone, you’ve got another think coming.

  12. I went onto the local and International Scientology websites and warned them of my action if they pursue their court case. I pasted what I wrote here on my threat to them. My friend, the managing director of the Star Mr. Bernard Briggs would just love to hear my story.

    • The world at large would love to hear your story Mr. Harris. Countering one threat with another threat is merely playing their game. Please consider doing more than just leveraging a threat. Make them play your game. Shine some light into the darkness and go public with everything you know. That will put a stop this type of intimidation and coercion against the good people running this blog once and for all.

      • Yes – contact the media immediately. Deliver the Blow to the Bully Cult called Scientology!

      • Yes – Travers – they don’t respond to threats – they don’t respond to reason or sanity. This is a criminal Organization that only responds to PR – that is the Church of Scientology’s nemesis! COB can’t stand negative PR – that is why the policies of “no entheta”, “no case on post”, “handle it with auditing”, “Non Enturbulation Orders” and of course, COB’s all time favorite – “DISCONNECTION”. This keeps the truth out of the bubble.
        Report wide and loud!

    • Every city and country where scientology lurks needs to hear your story. That lawyers letter is merely a deflection technique in hopes that people like you will be too frightened and too distracted to tell your story. That’s why I wholeheartedly agree with CofSExistZone’s comment. Don’t play scientology’s game. Play Your game, from your heart and for one reason only: shining a light on the truth.
      If just one person is spared falling into the blackhole of scientology heartbreak, it would be worth it. If just one person gathers up courage to tell Their story because of yours, it would be worth it. If just one person realizes they are not going crazy or not a bad person, just under the thumb of a tyrant and walks out, it would be worth it.
      I’m writing this from Florida, USA. I was around scientology since 1970′s, was in Sea Org for a little while, OT, left, fooled into wading in later, left again, lost everything and everyone I knew, had OSA pounding on my door a few years ago, jumped on the internet to find out what the hell was going on, and been actively speaking out since. Looking forward to hearing your story, but only when you are ready. Make no mistake though, every single person, every single story is important and Does make a difference.

    • Hi Travis I approached the editor of our local newspapers to ask them to run a story on how COS is making it difficult for people to get repayments (not refunds) and all the stalling tactics it uses. Guess what! it was not interested. They did not want to enter into a legal battle with COS (editors words ) So my hope of getting some help in the matter was stopped right there. So if there is anyone willing to do an expose I will gladly contribute
      ARC Dorothy
      (using Calvins acccount)

  13. What I am about to say may be very naive of me and perhaps someone with some legal expertise will put me right. Here is the thing; isn’t the C of S’s stance on copyright, trademark and other related issues in some way an admission that the C of S is a business. Hello IRS. I picked up some reference to this point in the Monique and Marty Ruthbun harassment case. If there is any substance to this it means the C of S will be well advised to tread carefully

  14. This is an interesting development and may prove to be the rallying point needed to expose the C of S for what it really is. Whoever the person is behind this blog you have our support. There appear to be so many skeletons in the churches cupboard that it is unbelievable that they would risk a fight like this. They are busy awakening their own opposition and we think they may find South Africans to be somewhat different proposition to the usual.”Let the truth be exposed!”

  15. IOW, “Whaa-wha-wha-whaaaaaa, you used our dumbass software nickname and our bullsh*t symbols!! You are making fun of us. We are so butt hurt we can’t see straight. So must pay $$ to lawyers.” Gawd, this organization (made up of criminal loonies) is a-f*cking-astoundingingly ludicrous! Grrrrr.

  16. I am not a lawyer, and I don’t know the legal system in South Africa. This comment doesn’t constitute legal advice.

    1) Most jurisdictions allow the right of commentary. Trademarks can be used in commentary, as can selections from Copyrighted works. There are limits as the size of selection, in some cases the entire work may be quoted. Partly this depends upon the size of the work, partly it depends upon the requirements of the commentary.

    2) The same applies to reporting.

    Sending action letters is a curious business. The letter could be sent with the aim of scaring the respondent into taking action, or it could be sent as an actual warning of an impending legal action.

    Ryan Hogarth should immediately contact a lawyer, whether or not he is involved with this blog, as even if he isn’t involved, if legal action against him is contemplated not having legal representation could be costly.

    He should also make sure that the lawyer is aware of the church’s previous legal actions, as well as the actions the church took against Paulette Cooper, and the United States government (Operation Snow White).

    Then there’s the issue that this site is not hosted in South Africa, but on an American server. A South African court has no direct jurisdiction over

    • “Then there’s the issue that this site is not hosted in South Africa, but on an American server. A South African court has no direct jurisdiction over” – This could be problematic, couldn’t it, as then an American bunch of lawyers would come on board. Not so?

      At the end of the day, Ryan has to be proven guilty. Ryan doesn’t have to prove his innocence. What hard evidence could Werkman’s have?

      • Interesting point – “Hosted on an American server”.
        Perhaps it’s time to get the site mirrored all over the place. I am sure that there are many Annons that can probably help with info to this effect.

      • Actually, under the U.S. Digital Millenium Copyright Act, Co$ lawyers need only send a DMCA Takedown notice to WordPress (the owners and operates of the servers this blog is hosted on) and if the blog account holder fails to respond promptly and properly WordPress must enforce the removal of whatever content was complained about.
        Michael A. Hobson
        Web Developer
        Independent Scientologist
        *I am NOT a lawyer*

    • As I understand copyright law, copyright does not prevent the use of a word in common conversation – as Bob says above.
      Lets assume that the COS rightfully owns the copyrights to DN and SCN.
      Then someone could not put an ad in the paper saying “Come and listen to a Scientology Lecture…..” if that person was not a scientologist with permission from the Church.
      But someone could advertise “Free lecture about how the Church of Scientology breaks up families.” without violating any copyright. He does not claim to be or represent the subject.
      Copyright cannot prevent the word being communicated. It prevents it’s misuse by false claims or misrepresentation as to ownership.
      If I build a car from scratch and call it a Mercedes, I will violate copyright. If I claim “My car is better than a Mercedes” I don’t.
      This blog uses “scientologists” in the title. If OSA is dumb enough to try to claim that is a copyright violation, I would love to argue that in a Court of any jurisdiction. I could kill that one, just using their own definitions – those definitions does not contain any qualification about having to be approved by the COS..
      Besides, how many millions of scientologists does the Church claim there is in the world? Surely I must be one of them. At least I know something about the subject as opposed to someone who bought a book because he felt sorry for the bookseller and then never read it – which is probably most of these millions so called scientologists..

  17. This is OUR discussion platform. A place where we can openly air our views in the hope of finding answers and resolution. The CoS refused to properly answer our valid questions and we were intimidated and shunned for asking or even thinking it. THIS SUNDAY ON 60 MINUTES see the preview here. WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED!

  18. The thing that has to be kept in mind about anything to do with the cos is that anything they do or say is not bona fide. That means not free of fraud or deceit or duress, undue force, or manipulation of facts or sinister and diabolical intentions or other covert intentions . Everything they say or do, contains some sort of fraud or deceit, usurption or duress, etc., past or present. Everything they say or do, contains well hidden evils. everything they say and do was or is conceived in fraud and deceit (ill conceived). That includes their claims to copyright.
    Non of their claims to copyrights are bonafide.
    Those who are a lot more knowledgeable than I am should be able to easily idenitify those evils. And blow their cover.
    For one example,which is of relatively mild significance compared to many others a lot more significant:
    One instance is the right to copyright the term or words phrase: “life improvement”? It cannot be lawful to copyright common words or terms or phrases. ‘Life improvement” is a common every day term or phrase.
    Just plain and simple, nothing the cos says or does is free of fraud or deceit. Those who “know” just have to idenitify those evils.
    And when all those frauds, deceits, usurptions, manipulations, etc. are exposed to the light of day, the truth, it will be realized that the emperor (DM and his lackies ) has no clothes.
    Seek the truth in all things and the truth will set you free.

  19. They seem to be saying that the purportedly ‘leaked’ materials are:
    – copyright Scientology,
    and at the same time
    – not genuinely created by Scientology,
    which strikes me as an interesting argument.
    They can’t have it both ways – if it’s their work then they have copyright over it, if it’s not their work then they don’t.

  20. 6.3 Deliver up to us, for destruction … any plates used … for infringing copies.

    I hate to break anyone’s bubble, but Gutenberg & friends have long been superseded by the digital age … lol.

    6.4 Pay to our client as damages any cash amount as you have derived …

    Man, are these guys ever clued out. They think any digital Scientology materials are being distributed for profit. In 5 years, I have never heard of digital materials having been sold to anyone.

    Identify any and all individuals associated with the blog …

    Demands which are beyond the scope of “ridiculous”.
    These type of legal threats can be safely ignored. They rarely amount to anything.

  21. Once upon a time the use of Trademark and Copyright laws was used to prevent some unscrupulous individual or group from publishing some squirrel altered version of the tech and calling it “Scientology” or “Dianetics” or conversely publishing Scientology data under another name like the Process, Dianology, Amprinistics, the Remote Viewing Manual, Golden Age of Tech or whatever.
    This is pretty much covered in OEC Vol I in an HCOPL on the Substance and Duty of HCO and various other PLs in that section.
    Now it seems these laws are being *misapplied* which is typical of the current Government Approved and Tax Exempt organization calling itself the Church of “Scientology” which promotes and sells a bastardized version of Scientology known legally as the “Scientology Religion” toward an effort to prevent discussion of the Organization and the various crimes and high crimes committed by its corrupt executives.
    In other words to infringe upon the First Amendment of the US Constitution and other charters and constitutions written world wide allowing or promoting free speech and is contrary to Scientology’s own Creed and the Code of a Scientologist.
    Not that codes and creeds matter these days in what is called the Church of Scientology.
    For instance the Ethics and Justice Codes which label any alteration of the technology a High Crime or “Suppressive Act” is being continually violated by RTC which ironically was established to “maintain the purity of the Tech” and the management of the Church.
    But I digress…..
    This is nothing but an effort by an organization which has moved down the scale to complete and utter paranoia to prevent anyone from revealing its revealing its crimes and high crimes.
    Some time back they tried to prevent this factor internally by going after any one who had the temerity to write an ethics report on their out tech and off policy activities.
    Of course this activity failed miserably because those who tried to correct the organization from within became the whistle blowers you now see posting on the internet now and their efforts to stop it have become as comical as the game of wack a mole.
    One site goes down replaced by several others
    Thus my advice is just keep doing what you are doing because it looks like you are getting Tone Arm Action

  22. Part of how I’m handling my disconnection: my account in the JHB org for materials is in a credit. I hand delivered a letter of demand a week ago to the org for that to be repaid to my bank account. (I received a letter of such acknowledgement a few days earlier!)
    It is unlikely that they will reimburse me. But it is completely predictable that I will then take them to the small claims court, and obtain a court judgement against the Co$. And I’ll go in with the sheriff and guide him as to what marketable valuables to take.
    Now, if enough of us do this – claim our money back, the resultant fall-out could be very interesting indeed.
    Oh, and the gold lion in the picture, is my lion, who posed for me, and I recoloured the photo myself. And as such, I claim copyright over the photograph, and all it’s derivatives.

    • Frik, you and Elma are in credit at Joburg North org, too. One day we’ll speak and I’ll tell you how I know.

      The small claims court works. I’ve used it, not for the church but for a client. I got my money and it’s a quick cycle, surprisingly enough.

      Frik’s made a good point. On any other account you would get your money back without hesitation. It’s YOUR money. Get it back. There is money on the koffers for this. You just have to apply the pressure to getting it.

    • Do you remember putting money on account FIRST? Did you notice on your receipt that it stated “DONATION”? If you queried this – the Staff member may have told you “The Computer is set up this way” or “It states DONATION because it is a Church”. Or perhaps you did not even notice it because you TRUSTED – you are in A CHURCH. That is what people do – they trust!
      Then, when you went in to do your service, you started a Routing Form?
      The first step is to debit your account, right?
      The second step is to sign the legal documents. Did you read them? Did you get legal advice? Did you suspect any reason not to sign them?
      Did you notice the legal dox was called an “Application for Enrollment” form? Kind of takes the attention off of what you are about to sign – no?
      If you questioned the forms – were you told by Staff that THE PSYCHS have sent in messed up people on Psych Drugs who then blamed Scientology for their condition and sued Scientology? That is what I was told when I questioned it. Keep in mind – LRH says “TRUST” is 4.0 and at the top of the Tone Scale – so one does not want to be a thetan who does not trust, right?
      I bet you were not given a copy of your CONTRACT, right?
      What is Scientology’s policies on getting legal advice to review staff contracts and “application for enrollment forms” – it is a NO-NO!!
      You can download these forms online. I suggest you do that and read them. Unbeknownst to you – you actually gave all of your money to Scientology. The contract states all money everywhere is a “Donation” and is property of the Church. They have the right to refund it only if you do a CVB Routing Form.
      You can down load the Routing form from the Internet too. This form is an attempt to get you under their thumb again. It will force you to do more auditing at your expense. It is designed to get you back in. If you don’t go back in – they won’t refund your money.
      You will have to threaten them to go to the media if they don’t refund your money on account.
      This is deception and fraud. Scientology has never had 100% pure LRH as they promised and SOLD! This is fraud. There has never been a Bridge – and just because Miscavige says is NOW with GAT II – does not mean it is true.
      Scientology has a policy of KSW – “KNOWING YOU HAVE THE CORRECT TECHNOLOGY”!
      They have claimed in the past – THIS IS DONE!
      They $old $ervices claiming you were getting 100% pure LRH Tech – but it changed in 1996, 2007, 2014! Put that in your letter! They have committed FRAUD – announce that fact to the media!
      We have all been bamboozled by this scam!

  23. I will not always be here on guard.
    The stars twinkle in the Milky Way
    And the wind sighs for songs
    Across the empty fields of a planet
    A Galaxy away.
    You won’t always be here.
    But before you go,
    Whisper this to your sons
    And their sons —
    “The work was free.
    Keep it so.”

    by L. Ron Hubbard

  24. Scientology attorney states – “Deliver up money” …WOW! They don’t hold back!
    I can see how that will fly in court.
    Your honor, the Church of Scientology is demanding that we pay them for services we conducted outside of Scientology because even though I paid for services inside of Scientology – I could never get them. I got tired of waiting – 24 years and the Bridge kept changing. I was promised is was pure and David Miscavige’s job is to keep it pure.
    No, your honor, I don’t know how David Miscavige lives. It is a secret. We were told he lives like other Sea Org Slaves….very humble. No, I don’t know who John Lobb is and am not familiar with fine Italian Suits – my wardrobe in the Sea Org consisted of 2 pair of polyester pants from Wal Mart and a couple of blue shirts from J C Penny. I wore them for 15 years and never made enough money to replace them.
    You honor – I really wanted to go free and Scientology promised that to me. After 20 years and spending ungodly amounts of cash – I was told I had to redo the Bridge that I already spent $500,000 on.
    They told me I had to pay again…and again and again. Yes, your Honor – it is a Church and a non-profit. No – they don’t pay any taxes. What is the cost of the Bridge? Oh – it can run $400,000 to $600,000. People have done the Bridge and paid for it but then were told it was wrong and have to start all over again. No, your honor, Fraud is not in the Scientology dictionaries – that word is not familiar to me.
    Yes, your honor, the services are delivered by “volunteers” that don’t get paid.
    No, your honor, the Church of Scientology does not tell us where they spend their money – no financial statements and we are punished if we ask for them. We were told that the cost of services is so expensive because Scientology buys buildings for expansion and advertises. No, they did not buy our Ideal Org – we did. Some of us went broke and had to file bankruptcy. After we bought it, Scientology took ownership to it.
    We got kicked out of the Church but never got our money back.
    Why won’t the Church give us our money back for services paid for but never rendered? Well, asking for a refund is a Suppressive Act and we lose our family! They keep the money and do nothing in exchange.
    No, your honor, I am not familiar with “personal chef”, “personal trainer”, “Range Rover, BMW, Excursion” – are they American Dishes?
    Why did we sign the legal dox?
    We were forced to sign legal dox and not allowed to have legal representation.
    COB told us that THE PSYCHS send messed up people – put them on drugs and sent them into the Orgs and then when they went bonkers – they turned around sued Scientology, hence, the need for legal dox. It sorta made sense at the time. Scientology says THE PSYCHS are out to get us – they are everywhere…they are Annonymous!
    We believed them, well, your honor, because it is a Church and LRH says Trust is at the top of the tone scale. We had hope in humanity.
    Yes, your honor, the Church of Scientology is a NON PROFIT and does not pay taxes. They are a “religious Organization”.
    No, there is no God in Scientology and the Sunday Service is really just part of the show for “religious cloaking”. COB says we could lose our religious status and he would lose his “Eccleasitical Leadership” Position and the only place he could find work if that would happen is in a Carnival as a midget and he does not want to do that.

    • The sarcasm drips from the jaws like that alien creature from the James Cameron movie “Aliens”! Hell yeah, sometimes things need to be said this way to penetrate some block headed numbskulls. People need to confront the whole scale abuse the church is responsible for. Justice is our right, I’m clapping my hands knowing the day of judgement is coming for them! The truth when it comes out and even the die hards have no choice but to look an see what they have helped keep in place is gonna be a real jagged pill to swallow – many rude awakenings are in store! Have this strong urge to flick some ears and tell some of these cool aiders to wakey wakey now.

    • This is the funniest post I’ve read in a long time. It’s hilarious but paints the true picture of Scientology!
      Don’t lose these pointers, Idle Morgue. They could well be needed in such a court case.
      The church IS 1.1. You’ve matched the tone level perfectly!

      • Thanks Canspeakatlast!! I love to use sarcasm to get my point across. J&D is fun after years of suppressing it! LOL I am glad you enjoy my rants!

  25. I get that this could be potentially serious for the Scn africa team. In the past scientology lawyers managed to win some big cases. But one has to stand back here a bit for a sec.. TIA (This is africa) people! Our judicial procedure is no where as complex or sue happy
    like the states where deformation of character suits are a dime a dozen! There is too much corruption and other real crimes to worry about for chrissakes! So do I for one minute think that this kak has the legs to go the church intended distance? Not on yer life!!

    The only thing we are seeing is the one last desparate lunge from a dying snake to stop the mongoose from eating serpant steaks! This just tells us close we are to the final blow. Can you smell the rank fear of RCS? I can, these boys are just dying to shut BIC down and get rid of our newly formed rebellion at all costs. Its gonna back fire in their faces once again. Remember these times well, this is the end of days for David Miscarriage and his abortive gouls!

  26. Does this letter have a copyright note? Are you allowed to publish it here? Maybe the signs on the letter are copyright infringements.
    Hey, I see it very relaxed. The cult does not attack you for what you say, just on something else. It shows that there is nothing against the content. It would be so easy to say that it is libel. But they don’t say that, do they?

      • How someone may get around it:
        Use their trademark signs in ridiculous caricatures or other photoshop pictures. First of all that is another way of expression, which not necessarily is a copyright infringement. I think that you are allowed to express criticism in art.
        And nobody could attack you anyway, because the picture would be in the media as soon as it becomes part and parcel of a court case. There is too much truth in these pictures. The cult would harm itself by trying to fight any of these photoshops.
        In short: The media is on your side. Use it! Make your court case big! Everybody should be aware of it.

    • Many courts have accepted that legal letters cannot be copyrighted, since to do so would make court rulings impossible.

  27. Mmmmm, interesting. Threats being implied by the “church” attorney to pursue copyright infringement under Section 27 of the Copyright Act (This is on statute as criminal offenses committed and actionable by trial in the Commercial Crimes Court in South Africa.)
    I have been pursuing just such action myself, for piracy of my copyright works, for a substantial amount of money. The period involved, runs into an excess of twenty years of unauthorized reproduction of my Copyright protected works.(I am a commercial artist)
    The Criminal prosecution of offences committed under certain provisions of the Act, effectively do not hold water, in cases where it can be shown that the “original” act or acts, for which protection is being claimed, involve fraud or other criminal misrepresentation.
    (evidence of which there is ample, involving many cases past and present, on a global scale some of which are presently on trial. ( Luis Garcia vs CSI. (fraud))
    The Copyright Act, which, through sheer necessity, I have been forced to become familiar, has been promulgated essentially for the protection of fellow artists, musicians and writers, who make their living through their skill and / or talent. They would be / are, merely “fair game” to rip-off pirates, and copyright thieves, were it not for the powers conferred by the Copyright Act. Indeed, it is most fortunate that this protection IS in force, and available, as a punitive recourse against criminal exploitation.
    An attorney well versed in the Section 27 prosecutions (Commercial Crime) would be an ideal consultant in taking up this demand sent by the “church” representing attorney.

  28. Man the canons!!! Clean off your boots!!! Report to Base!!! It is time to bring the bully down.
    Star Magazine is entering the fray. Together can do this. David Miscavige is going to pay for his crimes.

  29. Dear Ryan,
    You have our support. If there is anything we can help with please let us know…
    Scnafrica, whoever and wherever you are, thanks for your efforts. Definitely having an impact….well done…

  30. I thought the COS is tax exempt because it is not run like a business, but the claims they are making are for a business. They better watch out we are not stupid. Go independant’s may the force be with us!

  31. You know Marty Rathbun’s recent take, published on his blog around the start of the year, is that Dave Miscavige has CHOSEN to force a Scientology Armageddon.
    Marty says (and please blame me, not him, for this paraphrase from memory) that he came to this conclusion after David spurned the tacit truce offer Marty extended by giving up his home on the coast and moving to a remote spot inland, following years of incessant harassment. Instead of claiming victory and letting Marty and Mosey get on with their lives, Dave pressed on with the attack. So apparently he is determined to wage a life-or-death, winner-take-all battle with his “enemies” whether they want it or not. In effect, he is DEMANDING that people outside his circle of domination either fight back or consent to be crushed. Any guesses as to how this will end?

    • Here is a quote from the IRS website:
      “To be tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, an organization must be organized and operated exclusively for exempt purposes set forth in section 501(c)(3), and none of its earnings may inure to any private shareholder or individual. In addition, it may not be an action organization, i.e., it may not attempt to influence legislation as a substantial part of its activities and it may not participate in any campaign activity for or against political candidates.”
      Miscavige has violated this Code because of his lavish lifestyle that he hides from the members. He also covertly donates money to political candidates. He buys off opinion leaders – he has Scientologist’s (and it is in the Hatting Pack) do things for opinion leaders – like donate to the Opinion Leaders favorite charity – then they ask the Opinion Leader to speak at an event. I watched them read the teleprompters (speech was written by Scientology) and my heart broke!
      I have been asked to donate money for Scientology to do some lobbying. I had no idea this was illicit behavior from a CHURCH.
      Of course, the books are never shown to members – but they reg for donations and this is illegal activity.
      Miscavige is fighting a war of long duration – he is in an incident that no one else sees. He has taken on the valence of an enemy. He plays on THE PSYCHS as the enemy but LOOK – Scientology has done nothing of any value about it. Not all Pyschs are bad either! This is black and white thinking.
      He loves to abuse those under him and open buildings – he feeds off the energy this produces.
      Between sucking out admiration from his grand openings of vacant buildings – forcing the clubbed seals to stand up and clap incessantly for his majesty – he claims to be fighting SP’s that are everywhere – THE PSYCHS! But he does nothing to THE PSYCHS. His battle is all in his mind.
      Miscavige is a full blown Narcissist. He is addicted to the drama of these two acts – Grand Openings and harassing defector’s. Read up on the “NARCISSIST” and their characteristics. It will blow you away.
      There is more information on this subject than the policy of the ANTI SOCIAL. And it describes him to the TEE~!
      One of the reason’s the trauma is so deep after one leaves Scientology is the “discarding” without any sorrow or concern for the human being.
      Scientology INC uses people and then discards them.
      While we were in – we experienced this “social intercourse of invalidation and nullification” – we could never do enough or give enough.
      NO ONE in the Organization really gets any admiration!! Sure they put plaques up on the walls and give out pins and jackets and framed certs – but think about it- no one gets any admiration from above.
      It is “so what, now what” after you drained your bank account to give to the IAS…move up in Status…do your next Bridge step – on and on and on. This is what STAT driven organizations turn into. The stat is more important than the person. The staff member is driven to criminality – hence the debiting of accounts during the BASICS PUSH. Lying to get members to join staff, promising impossible levels of awareness if they would buy more services or put more money on account.
      I want you to think about this – “The Social intercourse of the SP is covert invalidation and nullification” – THIS IS SCIENTOLOGY! It traumatizes human beings!
      He uses IAS donations to play his sick game. He lives a lavish lifestyle while the Sea Org Slaves work for nothing and have nothing. He hides how he lives from the members. If he knew it was okay to spend $5,000 on a pair of John Lobb shoes – he would not hide how he lives. WHY DOES HE KEEP IT A SECRET? Why does he need armoured cars and body guards? The psychs could care less about Scientology – he has hurt so many people – he knows some day someone may just take him out! So he protects himself with his body guards and bullet proof cars!
      Think of all the Sea Org Staffer’s that served this Organization, were paid a mere pittance and then were discarded – left to die – alone, no insurance or health care, no pension or retirement account! Some taken out of the base and dropped off – no money, no friends or family – nothing! It is called OFF LOADING and there are horror stories all over the net about it.
      Check out the INT BASE photos on the internet – Miscavige lives very a very luxurious life. He built a mansion on the INT BASE and spent $10,000.000. He has a personal gym, personal chef preparing 10 meals a day (2 choices for his 5 meals). He has the finest meats and seafoods flown in daily to the INT BASE – nothing but the best foods from around the Globe.
      He has a tanning bed (just watch the videos and see his tan), he has custom designer suits (read this link on Claudia Luglio’s declaration of leaving Scientology:
      Claudia made his suits – fine Italian designer suits.
      The only person that has used his private gym (that we paid for) was Tom Cruise!
      Miscavige has luxury automobiles, a private jet, lots of toys. He goes scubba diving and skiing with Celebrities like Tom Cruise – while Sea Org Slave get no time off.
      Miscavige sees people as objects – not human. They are used for his sick pleasure of sucking admiration like a vampire. Hob-nobbing with Celebrities is another part of his agenda – he sucks admiration off of them too!
      This all needs to be reported far and wide in the media. THEN the governments will be forced to shut this sham down!

      • GRRRRRRR!!!!!
        I get so mad just being reminded of that scum of the earth. Yes some of us allowed him to get there, some of us kept him there too. Most of us are gonna knock him off that lofty perch very soon!! The day that happens will be called Dictatorship day. All their destruction will be on display for 24hrs every year to remind all of us what happens when good people do nothing!

  32. That is probably an April fool joke, ist it?
    You know, if someone is looking for a fight, you should just give it to them. Ryan, we are with you all the way! it is just enough!

  33. I have written and submitted some documents to the the Executive Editor of the Star and she will probably take some time to view it and also have meetings with the Exec structure to decide whether they will publish the story.

  34. I wonder if Werksmens attorneys is aware that there is a quietly circulated list of attorneys that have represented the Church of Scientology in its harassment and defense, a list circulated among many of the largest companies in the world … essentially a do not hire list. What is even more interesting about this list is that it was not set up by any ex or critic I know of, just the business world observation of such law firms, and that it wasn’t worth dealing with them, plus the potential of security leaks from Scilon infiltration.
    I have no idea who is or isn’t involved in this blog, but that they are even trying in SA, when they have stopped in the US for years, and have set precedents of non enforcement in the US is quite interesting. Children … who did you piss off??!!??!!

  35. From what I recall from reading an issue on IA and copyright. It has to be used as a modifier to be trademark usage
    If you say: He walked down the corridor to HCO.. that is not using the trademark in context and it has to be used as a modifier.. like He was under HCO supervision as he walked down the corridor.
    or he applies Scientology to his life – noun, but he applies Scientology technology to his life… a modifier
    my 2 cents.. fwiw

  36. We should ALL UNITE and do something about it. Enough with those terrorists. We have been imprisoned, abused and expelled for holding up to Standard Tech. This is outrageous. There are hundreds of such victims by the church. So, let’s start thinking seriously about this.

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