Scientologists at War

scientologists at war

How many of you caught this documentary last night?

It was fascinating and surprisingly emotional. We’d love to hear feedback from those who saw it.

This showed aired in September last year. At the end of the show they give the church’s responses. A few things of interest:

The church says there is no evidence of an international independent movement. Sure. Ok.

Further they deny that the church had any involvement in the squirrel busters operation and they further deny that they have orchestrated a program of surveillance. Yet in court papers in the Monique Rathbun case the church admits they ran both these endeavours.

If you missed it, there is a repeat on tonight at 10pm, BBC Knowledge channel 184 on DSTV.

For those who missed it in yesterday’s comments there is another big show coming this Sunday on 60 Minutes. Here’s the preview.

Fire away with your feedback!

43 thoughts on “Scientologists at War

  1. I think it was well done. The main plus is that the independents have gained a lot of good PR and recognition now, and the C/S has less and less credibility.

  2. I am actively working or have worked with 6 new documentary films on Scientology Inc. that will air in the coming year. The first one is on the History Channel, History Channel 2 of the Discovery Network. This has a tentative date of March 29th ~~ only 10 days away.
    These documentaries will pour a tank of gasoline on what has been a simmering fire of discontent about Radical Official Scientology.
    The moral outrage of against Scientology Inc is global, it is visceral and it is exponentially growing.

    • The storming of the Bastille
      really has begun hasnt it?! Cant wait for the storm to be unleashed upon Toadie and his miserable minions! Down with them all!!

      • Public execution deffinitely! Guillotine sounds prime although not before ALL his crimes are read out first! Tom must pull the cord to make up for his support of Toadie! Thereafter Tom is to do a movie based on Dm’s biographical life of killing all thats good in Scientology. Tom must wear no platform shoes to make him appear as short as possible. The movie title? From Tadpole to Toadie – THE Alter is STORY.

      • On the 6 forthcoming documentaries ~~ sometimes I am a mere facilitator.
        My work is not necessarily in front of the camera (but sometimes yes) but I assist with fact checking, connecting the film-makers to the right sources…hooking up so and so with so and so…..
        The credibility of the “church” is so low that film-makers literally consider them a bunch of LIARS and come to us Suppressive for help !
        That’s what happens when LIES roll out from the “church” for so long~
        “No such thing as disconnection”
        “No such thing as SP Hole”
        “David Miscavige never laid a hand on anyone”
        “David Miscavige does not run the Church ~~ he is ecclesiastical”

    • Holy Moly Karen. You have been busy. Any Idea what time? I’m out of town and would love to record the event to watch later.

    • Karen – you are amazing! Your persistence on this course is so inspiring!
      I can’t believe Scientology let you go – you are one determined woman who gets things done!
      LRH did say something about SP’s getting rid of the best staff members and they lost a huge valuable asset when they messed with you!
      Thank you so much! I am so excited about your videos – they make my day!

  3. Didnt see it!Have already heard from a non-scn that it was a shocker from their perspective.They “didnt realise and were considering finding out more”……!?I imagine the fallout will continue…much quicker now.Will try catch it tonight.It really does seem that everything I ever learnt (pre 2003)in Scn is validated 100% but the CofS is running counter to that now…reverse,upside down,bolamakiesies!Lunatics running the asylum and all that.Oi,what a balls-up from the mecca of tech!Glad I didnt dop the koolaid….it was soooo close…

  4. Pah, the independant movement doesnt exist!! What a joke, all the best and brightest make us independants you twats! Please explain dear churchies why bother trying to sue everyone if you wernt worried about the indies hmm? Church of Notissmm is it? We have become the plague for which you have no cure. Good luck in your pitiful quarantine procedures BTW. Too late the dam burst already! You are going DOWN!! I’m afraid you have wrought too much evil to forsake the urge to kick thee once fallen to ruin you have!

  5. Lines on your face..
    Wider now…black background pushing thru.
    Wider still, they will,
    till all corners of the universe are your host.
    Panic abounds…and millenia of terror beckon.
    You coulda done it clean
    But you changed the scene…
    For a better world,flags were unfurled
    but you…
    And we…
    must wait…
    Til the planets and our minds align
    …and there comes the sign..
    that all.
    is well.
    With Man.
    “Betrayal is for the dark of heart”
    Learn this now once and for all…..and
    be gone small,dark heart.
    Be Gone.

  6. I am sure the Paranoid Prick has his private escape plans in place…not long now. Oh, and Davy, considering the multitude of leaks in your little canoe – those plans might not be as private as you think. Dictators don’t inspire true friendship or real loyalty.
    Don’t you just love fucking with his paranoia?

  7. Fascinating documentary. Even though I am utterly disconnected from the Church, I still cringed at that cackling woman under the umbrella who came across as a deranged bag-lady, taunting Marty. And I believe she is an OT. THIS is the example Scientologists set to the world? No wonder the Church is ridiculed and seen as nothing more than a crazy cult patronised by a bunch of whack-jobs. And those bloody cameras and t-shirts – OH MY GOD. How embarrassing.
    The sad thing is that this whole mess holds the entire SUBJECT of Scientology to ridicule. Who the hell is going to go near an org after seeing behaviour like that? Unfortunately, I have had very real and personal experience that this is EXACTLY how some Scientologists behave. Under these circumstances, is it any wonder that I sometimes find myself questioning the credibility of the entire subject?

    • Yes Black Panther. Joanne Wheaton the cackling lunatic is an “OT VIII”and an OSA Operative of long duration. Living in the United states illegally from Canada, she was used by OSA INT. lunacy and all.
      Her daughter runs a business to vanish the debris of a fire, flood, even remnant blood stains, homicidal debris etc. The slogan is “It never even happened “. How ironic.
      Wheaton and the other “OT VIII” lunatics Ed Bryan and John Allender were the trio sent in for vigilante justice to “protect the trademarks”. The judge noted that no law suit was filed, no Cease and Desist was written.
      It is possible the Cease and Desist written to this blog was *Judge compliance*

      • Thanks for shedding more light on “the three stooges” Karen. It’s just so sad that these are the “poster boys” of nutty Scientologists in action. I think LRH would have died a thousand deaths if he had seen this. It just shows how DM has taken everything good about Scientology and morphed it into a subject to be ridiculed.

      • That is the first thought I had Karen. The cult was suppressed and can no longer harass people – I think Fair Game has been suppressed!! They will have to play by the rules of the game and that will bankrupt Slappy as well as the cult! Plus, he gets pleasure out of causing pain so where will he derive his pleasure from now? Stay tuned – things could go crazy now that Miscavige cannot dramatize his bank! Remember – he still has his entire reactive mind and based on the O/W’s he is responsible for over the past 30 years – it is a ticking time bomb ready to explode!!
        No more tech to repackage and sell, no more dirty tricks to pull, possible tax exemption being yanked. The money is dried up – the Whales are done donating and no new public coming into his vacant buildings – what is he going to do?
        The game is over! What game can he play now?

      • And on a lesser scale for smaller prey, there is OT VII Dan Murnan in LA. He is nutty.

  8. I am ashamed to have ever been associated with this organisation.
    And if that type of behaviour is based upon the tech of its founder, I want nothing to do with it ever again.

    • DM,
      Couldn’t resist
      Yeah well you could say the Process Church (Charley Manson’s religion of choice) , EST, the Golden Age of Tech phases I and II and various Mk Ultra sub projects and other “Black Dianetic” actions are “based on” or upon or are a derivative of the tech of its founder.
      The problem is that like any other technology like say Nuclear Physics and Rocket Science which can either take us to the stars or level cities it is a double edged sword.

    • RemoteViewed: “The problem is that like any other technology like say Nuclear Physics and Rocket Science which can either take us to the stars or level cities it is a double edged sword.”
      The more powerful a technology, the fewer components (as a percentage) need to be break down to make it go wrong with heavy consequences.
      “Just before I left the organization for good in 2004, I had listened to a 1950s lecture by Hubbard in which he described a concept called ‘Black Dianetics.’ Hubbard said that charting the route to freeing people carried a liability. If one figures out and publishes how people are awakened from their usual hypnotic state by freeing them of the entrapment mechanisms of the human mind, a responsibility arises. If one finds the way out and makes it known, he also makes known to put a person into the morass. That is, for anyone twisted enough to care to reverse its processes for that purpose.” From What Is Wrong With Scientology, by Mark “Marty” Rathburn.

      • Scientology today is Black! Very dark and dangerous! I never knew it when it was good and people loved and cared for each other. I only experienced the “love bombing” phase, which wore of after money was on account! Then I saw the vampire teeth come out come Thursday before 2pm!

  9. A thought on ‘Scientologists at War’. CREEPY.
    With reference to yesterday’s post about Ryan Hogarth – I do hope Werksmans also watched. Seriously, they might want to reconsider to protect their reputation.
    This was an opportunity for the public at large to see with their own eyes, that this is clearly a very odd ‘church’ – which seemingly turns out demonstratively stark raving mad people. What a stunning display by the hysterical woman-OT (nogal) – of what the church of Scientology can do for you as a ‘workable technology’ and ‘Modern science of the mind’…
    Yet so deluded are they, that they describe themselves as ‘the most ethical people on the planet’ / ‘the only hope for mankind’ – the only ones with all the answers to life, the universe and everything. But they forget to tell you – that once you check in, you may never leave again – as ‘we will hunt you down, harass you, lie about you, deny your prior existence in the church, and persecute you until the day you die’. And under the radar Scientologists – this is what your ‘donations’ pay for? Shame on you for supporting this suppression of mankind in fact!
    Mosey is such a lovely lady. It was quite obvious she had no prior Scientology indoctrination, natural and Clear of the ‘Scientologist-valence’. It is a pity DM did not know when to let go of this harassment. For those following the court case in Texas – 22 lawyers later DM will have nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.
    Judge Dib Waldrip has DENIED Scientology’s anti-SLAPP motion in Monique Rathbun’s harassment lawsuit. And he’s done it in a remarkable 25-page order. A big legal defeat for the church. Interestingly the Judge did not think that the church can have it ‘both ways’ per par. ’21. ‘As Defendant CSI asserts and argues, Mark Rathbun’s activity of offering Scientology services is a business. If so, the Churches own activity of offering scientology services is also a business” A BUSINESS – not a religion service then?
    The church denies that disconnection exists. Well, we all know they lie. Yesterday my grandson received a letter from Flag on one of their letterheads. It was from his grandmother. She is a Flag auditor. It was a disconnection letter. She said she can no longer be connected to him ‘due to Jane’s status’? (I don’t know what my ‘status’ is was not notified.) So rumours were spread about me – all the way to the USA. I would love to know what they are – COWARDS – can only say and do things behind your back.
    WHY HURT MY GRANDSON? This is the kind of tragedy that the church of Scientology just cannot resist creating. The boy’s father disconnected from him when he was an infant. He grew up without any paternal support, financial or otherwise. This Flag-based grandmother phoned him from time to time, was his only connection to his paternal side of the family.
    I would like to leave a message here for the cult – seeing that they read this blog. ‘Don’t you dare F*ck with my family! You have caused enough harm to my children and grandchildren. You will REGRET this.’ You never know when to stop and let people go.

  10. “…like any other technology like Nuclear Physics and Rocket Science, which can either take us to the stars or level cities, it is a double-edged sword.” It is a double-edged sword and DM has turned the blade to Black Dianetics, Black Scn, Black justice actions. maybe when he is cornered with no way out, he will impale himself on his own black sword.

  11. Jane, take comfort in the fact that your grandson’s father has never featured in his life. In the long run it will do no harm to the child. I guarantee you that your grandson is better off without his father and Flag auditor grandmother in his life… loss. In reality they are minions like the rest of the miniature man’s fractured empire.
    I was in the SO with the young man….and I shall say no more.

  12. This idea is somewhat premature, but certainly a future possibility. The “Scientology wars” probably need to unfold some more so as to maximize the impact of telling the story in a proper movie. How about a movie on the lines of “Erin Brockovich – the central characters being Karen, Mike and Marty, for instance, and the Big Bully being the C of S. I would imagine that there are a couple of guys around in the independent field capable of writing the script for such a project.
    As I said, probably a bit early in the game for such a project, but all the ingredients on which Hollywood thrive are present in what is termed “Scientology wars” – big names, big money, human tragedy and court drama. Nonetheless, can there be any doubt that we will, sooner or later, be seeing a related story or two on the big screen.

    • Brilliant idea Joe! Would love to see a movie about the take over, Toadies rise and fall and everything else in between. How bout a star actor to play LRH? Its about time I reckon! Tom cruise gets to play Toadie, dibs on him for that har har!

  13. Thank you for the ack Cindy.Not my best work haha but it communicates how it feels to read and watch this whole shebang going down.And down it is going….sad.

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