Copyright Schmopyright

Condescending Wonkawillem4 things about this:  (updated from our comment below)

  1. No acknowledgment to the photographer
  2. They have changed the image
  3. They have then copyrighted an illegal image to themselves.
  4. It’s an invitation to a commercial event where sales, and lots of them, will be demanded (i.e. in the course of trade).

35 thoughts on “Copyright Schmopyright

    • I love it!
      Die Blou Bulle should be informed thus. They may not be charmed to have themselves impersonated with the corrupt cult. If they knew, they would blow a fuse, I’m sure. They probably don’t want to be associated AT ALL with Scientology. This could be huge!
      Who is going to let them know?

      • This is such fun! What a coup!
        Of course, there is the chance that Pretoria did get permission especially if they’ve hinted at celebrities from this entity attending. But it’s worth finding, not so? Let’s make sure the Bulle know about this in case they don’t. An opportunity not to be missed, in fact.

  1. How embarrassing.
    Bunch of hypocrites at every level.
    As they say “never let the facts get in the way of a good story”

  2. That’s hilarious. We are dealing with a bunch of children. Well spotted Mr/Mrs/Ms blogger/s. There are really so many of these things that show that the church and its officials just say absolutely anything to suite their needs. Truth is not an impediment to their deeds. God forbid that a group such as the C of S ever achieved enough power to legally run our lives. In keeping with the “spirit” of the church ,you guys should send that to the Blue Bulls rugby union and have them deal with the church.

  3. Ha ha ha. So the overt speaks out loudly in accusation. God what a foot-bullet. Church of Scientology/Werksmans – let me introduce you to Absa, Vodacom AND Victor Matfield whose face AND name you have stolen and morphed – and then slapped your own copyright onto. Never mind all the other civil infringements, this includes the CRIME of impersonating another without his/her consent.

  4. Brilliant! A picture speaks a thousand words. LOL! I wonder what KSW Lions will have to say on this; especially after its long-winded article on the importance of copyright protection. I am all for copyright protection. It is an absolute must. But to use the law so perversely in an attempt to restrict freedom of speech is obscene.

    • Dan,
      I agree.
      Actually the reason for copyright and patent protection under the US Constitution is to protect the “intellectual property” of a writer or inventor.
      That said.
      There is also the concept of “Fair Use”:
      Which in my opinion is what this and various other Scientology blogs are involved in.
      The problem for the “Church” if it continues with this copyright harassment is that someone may take them all the way to the Supreme Court and ask the Jurists whether copyright laws and patents trump Freedom of Religion?
      An interesting question.
      But who knows?
      The tenuousness on their grasp on copyrights may become evident before then.
      Fact is that according to:
      (Begin Fair Use)
      The most important function of HCO in any organization is that which justifies its existence.
      Being the purveyor of ethics, technology and awards, HCO must then first and foremost of all its duties, be the keeper of every seal, copyright, trademark, registered mark, master tape, master book copy, and master bulletin file in the organization.
      HCO Secretaries should act at once to take unto themselves and keep locked secure and not available to anyone else, the seals of the organization in the area. HCO seals for certificate validation or sealing are HCO’s by right. Organization seals are held by HCO for the “Secretarial of the Executive Director” of HASI. If HCO sees or hears of any new seals being made up for whatever purpose, the order is “seize and ask for instructions later”.
      None are permitted to use such seals or any seals except HCO.
      All this applies now and later. And it will become more important as time goes on. Seals, regulation of, permits only legal certificates, documents and minutes to be sealed.
      Similarly, any book on Dianetics and Scientology must be copyrighted in the name of L. Ron Hubbard and the copyright becomes the property of HCO. No copyright of anything must ever be permitted to escape. In the case of its having been done (a book on the subject copyrighted in the name of someone or something else) HCO Secretary in the area must request an assignment of copyright to L. Ron Hubbard from its present owner and must be tireless and remorseless in getting the copyright, using any available means at whatever cost.
      Similarly any trademark, registered mark, or patent for any sign, symbol, shield, device or design for Dianetics or Scientology or their organizations must be secured fox HCO. All these are registered to L. Ron,Hubbard and by blanket transfer are the property of HCO only. The name in which it is done is L. Ron Hubbard; the owner is then HCO.
      (End Fair Use)
      As you can see an earlier transfer was made originally to HCO. The same HCO that is at the beginning of every Bulletin and Policy Letter.
      As far as I know this Policy has never been canceled meaning in effect that it is recorded in Scientology “scripture” that the actual holder of all copyrights and trademarks is not RTC nor CST but in fact HCO.
      Fact is that CST has created a legal entity known as the “L Ron Hubbard Library” in order to receive the copyrights of L Ron Hubbard under the formerly secret closing agreement between the IRS and the Church.
      Does the above supersede all copyrights under “L Ron Hubbard” and thus transferred to HCO?
      A good question to ask.
      RTC was created to protect the Trade and Service marks based on the understanding that they would “maintain the purity of the Technology” which they have violated continually by they’re constant alteration of the original technology and thus in my opinion have perpetrated a fraud or at the least received these devices in bad faith with no intent of holding to the original legal agreement.
      Not only that but CST has failed to act by acting on the “option” granted to them given in the above circumstances when it became evident and obvious to many Scientologists that the above had in fact occurred.
      Thus if it can be proven that both entities created to preserve the Technology as is are both derelict in their fiduciary responsibility by altering it or allowing it to be altered then I’d say in my opinion we may have a case.
      Though I am no legal expert and don’t pretend to be.

  5. I think its even worse than copyright theft. I received an earlier version of this ad from Pta Org and it implied quite explicitly that there would be some celebrity from the Blue Bulls in attendance at the event. As with any extremely low toned group, they can no longer even recognise misrepresentation, crimes and fraud committed by themselves. There was a famous saying about the Apaches (US) in response to old women back East claiming they were like children that didn’t know right from wrong. Some old frontiersman responded “wrong ‘em and see what happens!”

  6. While this proves that someone is not following copyright laws, it has nothing to do with the demand letter sent to Ryan. Two wrongs do not make a right.
    Still, it is amusing.

  7. Oh boy! Somebody needs to explain to these guys that “spirit of play” doesn’t necessarily mean a complete abandonment of class and professionalism. Classic C of S!!

  8. The cult thinks that it is above the law.
    What they do is the greatest GOOD across the dynamics.
    What you do is EVIL and must be stopped at all costs.
    The cult (read dm) thinks in 2 valued logic. It is good or bad. Anything done to him is bad and has to be destroyed. Must be no fun being him.

  9. This is only one example of this – How about Pirates of the Caribbean? Remember Bob Petrie and some dude from Durbs shooped in as Cap’n Jack Sparrow? How about all the super heroes etc etc. Not sure any of them would like to have their names linked to fraudulent fundraisers 😉 …I have dox…

  10. Additional Restrictions on Use of the Disney Services (Pirates of the Caribbean):
    We do not allow uses of the Disney Services that are commercial or business-related, or that advertise or offer to sell products or services (whether or not for profit), or that solicit others (including solicitations for contributions or donations)
    Hmmmm….feel like a touch of retribution scnAfrica?

  11. So what does the latest fiasco prove? Its all hot air blowing up bullshit balloons for everyone to see. The world is watching, make no mistake Toadie! You look every bit a fool that ye are!

    Now do us a favour would ya? [MODERATOR: SB, we have edited this last paragraph] Save yourself the agony of slow roasting under the spotlight of truth. Trust me you dont want that now do you?

    • Oops apologies moderators.. I seethe knowing DM still in power. Sometimes my thoughts get ahead of my reason. I ask for nothing but moderation should I overstep my boundries. At least now I can laugh at myself and the funny images my words conjure. You got to admit it would be a most satisfying end would it not?

  12. Anything LRH ever wrote did NOT apply to himself nor to The Church of Scientology. It just applied to everybody else.

  13. There have been many events like this with, pirates of caribeen, thur,many others with promo and mostly fund raising

  14. You are simply the best!
    Oh NO!
    I have just quoted the first line from a Tina Turner Song!
    ScnAfrica you really put a smile on my face keep digging
    really want OSA to squirm and squirm!
    the Lions are ready for Battle!

  15. Thanks Jane!
    That´s exactly what I meant in my comment above. The “church” preaches one thing but practices the exact opposite. If you do the same thing you´re sent to ethics or told to go write down your O/W´s. If you refuse to comply (God forbid) you are threatened. But if you´re a big donator or have a high rank, you can get away with anything. And many within the “church” do get away with anything! This hypocricy is part of the reason why I left. It´s not spiritually enlightening in any way – rather it is dishonest and confusing and unethical.

    • George Orwell’s ‘double think’ (‘cognitive dissonance’ in psychology) – is exactly what you described above Birgit.
      As you pointed out, with ‘double think’ comes ‘double speak’ – which is standard ‘church of $$’ mind-control techniques – to put people under duress, excessive mental stress and discomfort, as well as emotional turmoil – to condition (prime) them to hold two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values at the same time – and to perform contradictory actions – or display contradictory reactions. (Ever been told to ‘behave yourself above 2 on the tone scale’ – when your heart has been ripped out in reality?)
      This is how an individual loses his / her sense of what freedom really means – by constantly being subjected to mind control and continuous ‘re-education’ to unquestioningly accept glaring out-points and contradictions as ‘normal.
      The dark side of $cientology never sleeps. This unholy trinity is manipulation, mind control, and priming… all held together by group agreement. It only takes a tiny light to shine on the dark side to disperse it, and to break the spell of group agreement.

  16. In England they were using hero Winston Churchill with a wondrous quote in promo for sales, positioning Churchill with Churchactivities.
    It was reported to the Churchill family and after an angrey demand from the Church family, the ad came down.
    Then they started using Albert Einstein’s image in many ads especially recruitment for the Sea Org ! Angry Germans had that taken care of and the ad came down.
    David Miscavige can never enforce copyrights because he has unclean hands.
    He will be drawn into deposition.
    He knows he cannot face hard hitting deposition questions.
    He has acted like the mobster AL Capone.
    How does an the Al Capone of religions get through a deposition ?
    He has the responsibility of enforcing copyrights, along with CST Church of Spiritual Technology who is supposed to police RTC Religious Technology Center.
    David Miscavige has let usage of the technology be used without raising copyright/trademark issues for some 25 years as in the Freezone. *Suddenly* Marty was their target after they let the auditing occur in the Freezone 25+ years.
    Great post.

    • Karen.
      Unlike Bill Robertson or Werner Erhard, or Jack Horner or Robert DeGrimston they didn’t miss enough withholds on you know who to bring out the wild animal reaction.
      Remember Marty was the right hand of Miscavige at one time. In other words his eminence gris so he’ll work ceaselessly at trying to discredit him.
      Because he knows what a low life sleaze ball the so called low life “leader” of the “Church” really is and where all the bodies are buried and what skeletons are cluttering up the closet.
      Under the current virtual dictatorship of the “Scientology Religion”. Marty is his biggest threat.
      Never mind the original intent of copyrights and trademark protection which was to the protect the public from alterations of the subject.
      Now it’s personal.

  17. When Scientology produces lies for their propaganda events and get caught – they call it a “reenactment”. The rest of the World calls it a LIE!
    You have to read about this major flap regarding Scientology getting caught! Google Scientology, Ireland, Ocean FM!
    This may be why you got the threat letter from the $cientology attorney.
    Miscavige’s withhold has been majorly restimulated and he can’t harass you due to the Monique Rathbun lawsuit. I am sure his team of 100 attorneys (that we paid for – that is what our IAS donations are spent on) have advised him that he cannot harass people ever again – he has to threaten litigation and/or sue! The days of fair game are coming to a stop!
    This is a HUGE withhold from the Church of Scientology
    Ideal Lies by David Miscavige
    Announced at a New Year’s Eve event – lies were straight up and vertical:
    Here is what Captain Black Heart Miscavige said:
    ” With Truth About Drugs spokesmen hitting national airwaves, from Ocean FM to BBC Radio, and thereby impacting nearly 270,000 listeners […], that’s how the Mission of Dublin accomplished an 85 per cent drop in drug related crime. ”
    Speaking on Ocean FM this morning, a representative of Scientology Ireland said the footage – first highlighted in Ireland on – had been a “re-enactment” of an interview on the station.
    Sabrina Shortt said her brother Kristian Shortt – a well-known anti-drugs activist in Donegal, and a member of the Truth Against Drugs campaign – had been interviewed by the station last summer about his own experiences with drugs, and the footage was a recreation of this. She said:
    We’re not in the habit of recording every interview that we do, so we decided to do a little promotional video. The video was a re-enactment.
    She added:
    What I would definitely like to apologise for is, we definitely should have gotten permission that we were doing a re-enactment.
    Oh – imagine that – “should have gotten permission” – why would they do that – when you believe you are above the law – you just do whatever you want!

  18. Reenactments have been the standard for the church for the longest time. When did anybody ever see Gold shooting something real and live. It is always staged and put on. Fake course rooms full of fake students and a fake course sup. Joburg’s magazine ran an advertisement for the purification rundown. Complete with photos of the purification area. Except it was some other org. Definitely not Joburg. If they shoot graduation they arrange the seating so that it looks fuller than it is. When they shot a scene of how busy Joburg Org is, they had all the day staff and all the foundation staff and a bunch of public streaming in and out of the front door on a loop. The only thing real about any of it is that it is fiction.

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