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  1. Well done Ryan and well done Moderator on making this all public. Personally, I have no doubt that Ciaran Ryan is behind all this – after all, I hear through the grapevine he manages his own legal blog Acts Online. His own massive financial overts relating to CRB have made him an expert on dodging and manipulating the law. I get an itch in my finger just wanting to write them up.

  2. Great response.
    Interesting that by declaring you they have told you clearly that your only point of contact with the church is their International Justice Chief, or local Continental equivalent too I assume.
    They now violate their own decree and policy by now communicating with you via a lawyer.
    They do do what suits them on the day.
    They fundraise with barbecues when LRH says not to.
    They charge R10,000 for a student hat when LRH gave it for free.
    They build buildings first before expansion, when LRH says balance service volume with overhead, like all CEO’s in the world.
    They declare people without committees of evidence when LRH says not to.
    They ONLY use ethics and justice tech, or some version of LRH policy on this, and do not use PR tech to handle their members, when LRH says not to.
    They routinely alter the truth in their events. In other words blatantly lie (UTRs check this out…)
    Current members, playing with cob, are actually helping the destruction of the c of s.
    The above, UTRs, is not about bloggers being squirrel or being SPs, it is simply what you are doing to destroy your own religion.
    By playing the current game at the c of s, as defined by cob, you are, I am afraid, helping in the destruction of your church.
    Please just have a good look.
    Just look. Don’t read the articles and comments on this and other internet sites with a predetermined viewpoint. Just observe and gather data.
    I am hugely trained and have a long varied experience in the game. When I did as I suggest here, the data I observed was fascinating, to say the least. But just do it yourself.
    Just look.
    If LRH had to pop down and look around, he would at least say “HolyCrap! What a Mess!”
    If he then had a conversation with you, personally, would he ask you “What did you do about this?”
    “Did you evaluate the scene?” Did you have the courage to say what it is you observed?”
    Just look.
    (UTR is ‘under the radar’. I guess we could coin a new word for this and call UTRs “Undars”.)

  3. Tis a bogs bolloaks reply, i have a very large two handed sword of truth i would like you to have for the war, i am in hope that all the out points can be addressed now as this is going legal!,

  4. Brilliant response Ryan. No HE&R.
    And they’re absolutely dreaming, I can’t believe they even tried that tactic. So anyone who ever uses any copyrighted terms in general conversation is now in violation of copyright law?? Honestly. That means even positive word of mouth is not permitted. So illogical. And desperate.

  5. Ryan, great response! I found it interesting they finger you as the blogger. I have heard over the past few months that the blog is run by the Corbett (Ernest and Gaye). Also that is someone in Cape Town. Also that it looks like someone from overseas who runs it as a local blog for SA. Perhaps if they had the faintest clue what was actually going on… And then they waste money to fight a BS charge of copyright infringement. Sadly, there go some more IAS donations. I think the IAS exists to make lawyers rich. Their stat must be ” Amount spent on legal cases” which of course is in affluence…

  6. The “aberration” — met with the perfect response! Kudos Ryan ๐Ÿ™‚ Btw, the Copyright Act of 1978 (as amended) is squarely on your your side., fraud being the precarious standing of this so called “church” of $cientology. One might be tempted to tell them to “bring it on!!”

  7. Ryan excellent letter.
    My comment goes to The Church of $cientology International & The Church of $cientology in South Africa.
    Well done! Cringe under the weight of the continuous $tupidity you produce. You employ a lawyer, to provide you with the perfect opportunity to be publicly derided and humiliated.
    Today is Human Rights day in South Africa. It commemorates victims of Apartheid. You donโ€™t seem to know what โ€˜apartheidโ€™ meant. For brief edification – it was a system of oppression maintained on a par with your โ€˜religiousโ€™ oppression practices. A belief in superiority, practices which violated not only the spiritual laws of this universe, but the sanctity of man, his liberties, rights, and dignity. A system of seeing things in black and white โ€“ us vs. them / wogs, SPees, degraded beings, exclusion / exploitation / – making people suffer in all kinds of unimaginable ways โ€“ right down to the physical IMPRISONMENT of men and women who were born free.
    Even the Nationalist Government were brought to cringe under the weight of their stupidity. But unlike you – they knew when to let people go, how to avoid a blood-bath and had the good sense to convene a Truth and Reconciliation Commission. We now have a Constitution โ€“ with guaranteed freedoms such as mentioned by Ryan Hogarth in his letter.
    We need an International Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Scientologists in South Africa. This is the cradle of humanity after all, and I remember something said to the effect that from Southern Africa the next great Civilisation will spring forthโ€ฆ..
    If not โ€“ the only thing predictable to spring from Southern Africa will be the greatest Shit-storm to hit $cientology in due course.

      • I’m with you Jane and Calvin. I don’t think that ScnAfrica has breached any copyright laws, and even if the church could cobble together a case, they would be crazy to institute an action or motion in court. This would mean all the issues of which we all complain would be ventilated in court – with reference to what is going on locally and around the world.. And oh yes – I do think the issue of money is relevant. If the church wants to complain that is is prejudiced by way of finances or reputation ( and therefore finances) – then discovery of their financials would be essential. I would love to see the books. And as another poster “Sean” said – they take our money and then use it to try to squash us. And as the Honourable Judge Waldrip said in Texas – on the church’s own version it is a business selling a religion. That would be a good reason to bring SARS (the taxman, for foreigners info) in on the scene.
        “Show me the money” said someone in some movie!
        Bring it – I say.

      • Sigh…… at last!…… wondered when (?) you would weigh in on this Circu$ of $cientology, Wendy? I’m watching with keen interest. Unfortunately though, I don’t think we’re going to catch a glimpse of the 30 year veteran “ringmaster” anytime soon. I’ve ‘heard’ he’s pretty taken up with some new ‘escape’ artist tricks he’s been ‘perfecting’ just recently!

    • Jane, your take on this whole scene is spot on! I love what you say.
      What we’re going to do here in Southern Africa with its new Idle Morgues springing up in the major cities will be to provide the rest of the world with the evidence that the whole thing is a farce and fraud and how it’s a land grabbing exercise of magnitude. And the church’s members have been robbed to pay for the buildings yet don’t own them but must pay rent to an unknown landlord in LA every month! A landlord who didn’t pay a penny towards the purchases or renovations of the buildings! It’s the fraud of the century.
      Perhaps, the South African government would like to know about it, too. The government, if I remember correctly, has or wanted to curg foreign buyers of property in this country. Mmm….!
      Let’s get the all the buildings bought, renovated and show that they are empty of people and that it’s a scam; and then the government should be informed thus of this covert way to own property here.
      From Southern Africa will spring the truth about the corrupt, the swindling, fraudulent church – and all it’s other crimes. If Scientology does spring up here, it won’t be through the church. I personally doubt that Scientology will spring up anywhere.

  8. Oh man those words have been repeated ad nauseum at every possible opportunity since 2003 in Joburg.

    Graduation, ideal or fundripping, IAS fundripping, recruitment,…

    In recent times I have wondered if LRH figured out this shitstorm would come and that South Africans would stand up and say “fokof jou moer!” To the perpetrators… Just a thought I have repeatedly had. It’s like our reaction to e-tolls and Nkandla .. There is a certain spirit of Africa involved here, although we get comments from literally every corner of the globe on this blog. Maybe the truth is infectious?

  9. Perfect. Well done on taking the moral high ground on this. As I said in an earlier comment, the overt speaks out loudly in accusation. I have noticed a number of new visitors to this blog of late – and judging by the avatars being used, these are South Africans. Message to OSA: Keep it up! The more dirty tricks, subversive justice and threats you undertake, the more people you force to start looking – and landing up on ours and other blogs. All we will do our end is just keep shining the light on the truth.

  10. Obviously they haven’t been able to “shudder you into silence”.
    That’s 1 for You and Getting Back in Comm and 0 for Scientology’s team of legal beagles ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. Messrs Werkmans and Partners might be well advised to read Marty’s fair use excerpt of the Manual on Dissemination of Material that states that the purpose of the lawsuit is to harrass, rather than win.
    For sure, the lawyers may be making good money and may themselves have no qualms about the type of client retaining them. It is only fair that RTC and CSI, and the South African branches should have legal representation, just like any other entity. Yet it is a slippery slope, particularly as the tendency these days (at least in Monique Rathbun vs Miscavige et al.) is to provide counsel with only half truths and a quarter of the facts watered down or embellished, reversed and contradicted, letting 22 top-tier lawyers look like an embarrassing pack of fools.
    Yes, they should keep their client but closely read how the above case has gone so far. Perhaps when they have Miscavige micromaniging them directly or through some local subordinate, they will begin to understand.

    • Oh it is inevitable!…. as always, being a ‘justifiable’ comm lag ๐Ÿ˜‰
      Btw, good to ‘see you’ over here, DollarMorgue!
      Calvin. (formerly aka Li’ll bit of stuff, on MOUALH)

  12. Point being its sooo gud being out than in while watching those that deserve it squirm. Ryan you are a LEGE! If it is you behind the back in comm blog take a bow, thine voice has punched through 10 inch armour plate faw shaw!
    I bet Shaleen misses her old mentor, that is if she is still up to her own tricks. On the the bright side, if they picked you to nail, you must know far too much. In that case, by all means spill it all! The world is ready to see the once great RCS crack under the strain of truth revealed. Yes we can handle it. They cannot of course. After action satisfaction doesnt come from smoking a camel cigarette, it come s from seeing history being made right here, right now speaking together in one voice! No lawyer or copyright shall silence us. A fart in a thunder storm smells but a short while, the rest is mute!

  13. Brilliant and simple.
    It is just a matter of time before the squirrel and unethical activities of the Squirrel Church of Scn result in CLASS ACTION law suits.

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