South Africans abroad

A couple of South Africans who left our shores are active on Scientology lines in the US. Here’s Marliese Lochner doing her thing for ideal orgs in Silicon Valley. Marliese is the sister of Elmien Lochner, longtime ideal org warrior in South Africa. Elmien was demoted in the purge of October 2013 but still active on fund raising.

marliesAnd for the old timers among our readers here’s Eric Falkow joining staff at Pasedena. You would have found Eric on our list of trained auditors in our last post. He and his wife Sally left South Africa back in the 80s or 90s.




16 thoughts on “South Africans abroad

  1. Jeez…those themed fund raising events are sooooo embarrassing. I absolutely cringe when I gaze upon their promo. I cringe even more when I see these poor suckers donating their hard earned cash. Sad thing is that we were all there at one stage or another. Luckily I escaped before these corny fund raisers took off…..and avoided parting with my $

    • Me, too, Despicable Me. It’s very embarrassing. What idiots everyone looks but I feel for them. They truly believe in what they’re doing. And as you say, we were there once!
      I must say, I got up to Silver contribution level before I decided that this was for the birds – not TOO much money lost. But I did decided. I looked and saw and shook my head. I’m proud of myself that I caught myself early and stopped myself from contributing further to the lunacy. I wish others would just do the same and that is, Look, don’t listen!

  2. According to the poster, Eric is going to be the SSO. He is yet another auditor laid to waste doing an admin job – he’s a Class VI auditor – oh, wait, sorry Eric, that was cancelled with the advent of GAT – so onto an admin post you go!
    As for the themed fundraisers, to be honest I actually enjoyed the aesthetic create on these events. Of course what I didn’t know at the time was what was REALLY going on behind the green curtain, how the public’s money was being wasted by bad planning and siphoned off for other projects, and how, when I questioned and then reported off policy actions, I would be kicked to curb like a useless dog AND abandoned by every single one of my comrades in arms. They should do a Nazi-themed fundraiser next – it will feel like home to a lot of them.

    • Jawhol mein Fuhrer! 😉 and zoze zat dont cough up wil be sent avaey where ze coughing wil be more dangerous ja!
      Jokes aside, there were one or 2 fund raisers that were fun! Especially how the tone level zig zagged all over the place. It took a real smart host to keep the wallets gushing out the bucks! The comradery at times felt inspiring so long as the money kept flying haha!
      If its true that Albert De Beer came up with the whole fund raising methodology complete with idiot costumes, gleeful parading and wild non-alchohol give-it- all-away spending sprees, well done Albert! I guess those big donours mustve woken up with one mother of a babalas (hangover) the next day, cursing the phrase “IDEAL ORG”! Buying your way out of the kak never really worked. Buying others out also failed, but the church sure had a uncanny way to make the whales feel so responsible for it all. Punks!
      The Lochner sisters..facinating duo those two. Drunk on power? Not sure, but Marianne was nice to me once upon a time. I helped her and she me. Fair exchange.
      I dont think any of us ex scios will ever dress up and attend a fundraiser in this life. Not even for the SPCA, children of the lesser god or the next Hurricane Harolds devatation would we!! Amen.

      • Actually, Albert did not come up with the whole fundraiser theme etc. There is a hat write up on exactly how to do it. It includes setting donors up before the event who will be “moved” to suddenly donate at the event; public to get a game going – “I will donate 1000 if all of you donate 1000″ etc. It includes things to do when you see people start to get pissed off and exactly how to get them all revved up to give money they can’t afford. The camaraderie is false and is especially created to make you feel part of this big enormous thing.
        The fundraisers in scientology are probably the most hatted, trained and drilled of all posts in all orgs anywhere.

      • I see Draco thx for the update. Im sure some blogger a while back mentioned that Albertus was the main culprit behind the whole scam. Anyway, being the good henchman that he was and fearing Ken Krieger no doubt, he performed admirably. His reg skills were honed to a razors edge, an honour badge he wore with much pride. He shouldve stuck to being a registrar methinks. Reminds me, Anyone know how him and his rotten half faired in their respective comm evs? Would love to know?
        Cant help but wonder how Joburg org would have done of it was true to purpose? Despite its many failings, there were many able bodied crewmen bright enough to do some real reactive mind damage! We will never know now will we? Is that not sad, it is for me in a way..

  3. While at Flag I met some real cool people from South Africa.
    I will say that Marliese is one of the most unpleasant people that I have ever met and I know at least a couple of others in the Seattle area that think so. If you don’t do what she thinks is good then you really get to see her ugly side.

  4. Go for it Eric and Sally !!!! I’m amazed you still have the drive and energy to contribute at your age. We left the RSA in June ’91 and settled in Brisbane.I assume Eric that you are still wowing
    the locals with your Spanish expertise in all things musical . Good luck to both of you in your
    new lease on life. Alles van asbestos.

  5. No surprise to find a few South Africans here in California.
    A joke my mom told me after I moved here:
    “What’s left after you get rid of all the fruits and nuts in this State?”
    “Nothing but flakes.”
    Thanks mom.
    Anyway I see you are giving us more flakes.
    Thanx guys!

  6. Do any of you guys remember Michelle Gottlieb. She is a South African who used to be very active around the LA area. She joined staff to be a Flag Super Power auditor and ended up in the lowly position of Staff Chaplain. She was totally duped. I helped when she was getting into the SO by moving her stuff. The recruiters were going to just toss her things in to the trash. No regard for her belongings.

  7. I´ve been to fun raising events in Denmark, where some special people would walk around the crowd, look at you earnestly and tell you: “I will will double any amount you donate.” With all the tricks and lies the “Church” of Scientology excels in, I´m just wondering now if that was even true. I mean, with the complete lack of transparancy and accountability there´s no way to check it now, is there?
    DK Org has been fundraising for years and years for their Idle Org and I believe it has turned into a cash cow just like the SP building. I wouldn´t be surprised if the total cost for the building plus renovations has been gathered two fold already, maybe going on three fold.
    I am sure all the Danes think the building belongs to them. That´s how it´s presented to them anyways. What a surprise when they find out that they have actually donated the completely renovated building to The “Church” of Scientoly´s “Landlord Office” and their org now gets to rent the org they have just paid for in full and pay rent for it forever. – This construction thought out by the “church” is beyond unbelievably smart!!!
    I call it premeditated DECEIT and BETRAYAL!

  8. One of my favourite quotes by LRH is: “Most people get so confused by all the lies around, they come to believe anything they´re told and that´s the reason the suppressive lies.” RJ 37
    One of the greatest shocks I woke up to, upon leaving The Church of Scientology, was how utterly GULLIBLE and NAIVE and STUPID and OTHER DETERMINED I had become during my 16 years as a member. The answer to HOW this could have come about lies in the quote above: I had been lied to and been made to believe all manner of things that weren´t true. Over the years I had completely given up on my own critical thinking skills and relied solely on what the church and LRH told me was true.
    This lack of true data, combined with the church telling you that it´s a suppressive act to LOOK and inform yourself, will inevitably lead to STUPIDITY. You WILL begin to do stupid things that are non-survival to YOU. Doing STUPID non-survival things like donating all your money to the cause and/or dedicating your entire life and all your time to the cause and/or disconnecting from people you love on the church´s determination and not your own is a SURE SIGN that you are under SUPPRESSION, according to LRH himself.
    Here is a little gem from LRH that can shed some light on what many of us have experienced in the church: “Reality is agreement; too much agreement under duress brings about the banishment of one´s entire consciousness.” This is a priceless quote and explains exactly how people feel just before they make a big donation or disconnect from someone they love. And it is a perfect description of how I felt, just before I finally woke up and got the Hell out of Dodge. – Sorry I don´t have the reference for this quote. Maybe somebody can help me?
    Another gem from LRH is: “The ONLY way you can control anybody is to lie to them.” Technique 88. – WOW! So THERE you have it: LRH´s instructions on how to go about creating non-thinking, non-questioning, obedient followers. Pressurizing them beyond belief to bring about the banishment of their entire consciousness and lying to them to make them come to believe anything they´re told and enable YOU to control them.
    This is a WARNING to anyone still in: If you are feeling pressurized into doing something that you really in your heart don´t feel like doing, the source of this pressure is deliberately trying to knock you unconscious. If things you experience within the church don´t quite make sense to you and you are being told you are not allowed to look and inform yourself about the group, you are a member of, you can be sure you are being lied to and the source of these instructions is SUPPRESSIVE! – All according to LRH himself!
    But the story ain´t over yet. According to LRH: “Injustice ALWAYS recoils on those that deal in it.” Yes, KARMA is a bitch! And LRH knew it! And that is why we are all on this site writing about it, making the walls of this crazy cult come tumbling down.

    • Brilliant post. The quote on too much agreement under duress banishing one’s entire consciousness is spot on!

      • Thank you, Truth Seeker! It´s exactly what I experienced myself just before I finally woke up and decided to go FREE and live – instead of remaining in a dying cult and dying with it.

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