The ‘straight up and vertical’ lie

In 2003 four orgs around the world were part of an experiment known at the time as “new Central Organisations”. These orgs were: Tampa, San Francisco, Buffalo and Joburg. They all opened in newly renovated buildings personally overseen (and opened) by David Miscavige.

At the March 13 event in 2004 the global campaign to build these “new breed of Central Organisations” was launched. Shortly after this the program became known as the “Ideal Org Strategy” which is still running today.

The problem to be solved was outlined by David Miscavige at this event. He noted that if the church were to clear the planet it had to happen a lot faster. He pointed out that there were over 2.7 million towns and cities around the world that did not yet even have a group, let alone an org.

He announced the WHY for expansion being too slow: Orgs were trying to do too little. This was not the way to clear a planet. He then emphatically announced: “We don’t ‘build on a gradient’, slowly and bit-by-bit. Our new gradient for organizations is straight up – we DO IT ALL, and RIGHT NOW.”

He then spoke in great detail about how the church was in the “public phase” of it’s evolution and how these new organisations would achieve expansion on a right now basis. These new organisations were supposed to make the necessary speed of expansion possible.

He closed the event with this: “And while I could list others [ideal orgs on the runway] in every continent, the point is this: It must be every org. And since we now know what it takes, it only requires Scientologists everywhere to follow in those same footsteps. Which brings us to the inevitable question: ‘Where does it go from there – the end result of this public phase?’ Well, it is obvious. For as orgs advance, so too will come exponential expansion of every other activity.”

“And as all organisations in a single country achieve St. Hill size, we then open a new Advanced Org for that country.”

In effect what this created in every org was an environment of urgency, of panic, of frantic desperation. Everything had to be done NOW. That was the command. Do it ALL and do it NOW. We have covered this environment in an earlier article: Org staff & crises management. This forced the attention of org staff and management onto “right now”. There was simply no time to look back or forward. JUST DO IT ALL, RIGHT NOW!

While this goes on the staff and public are bombarded with successes in other areas which served to introvert staff even more in that they were just not making it happen in their area.

This has created the illusion of success for this program. In truth it took 10 years for the second African Ideal Org to open. And there isn’t another on the horizon any time soon. But the right now, right now, right now viewpoint keeps being pushed.

At the bottom of this post is the script from the African Ideal Org Convention held in January 2011 – 3 years ago. It was hosted by guest speaker and Ideal Org fundraiser Brandy Harrison who had come out from the US to help fire up the local field to raise more money.

What is most revealing in this document is this statement:

“International Management has two vitally important targets for Scientology in South Africa:

o   Complete all the Ideal Orgs in Africa.

o   Open the Advanced Org”

They are “vitally important targets” yet 3 years later only one other org has opened (with 6 more to go). 6 weeks ago another 2 day convention was held all about “making it happen in 2014.” The message from that convention? “We must complete all the Ideal Orgs in Africa and open the AO. And we’re going to get this all done by the end of 2015.”

As much as the mantra is “straight up and vertical” the reality is that it is simply not. Years are passing with no discernible progress is being made. The volume of production coming from Joburg Org is at very similar levels to its previous homes in Main Street and Commissioner Street before that.

Most staff and Sea Org members are convinced that they are doing it ALL and that they are doing it NOW. They aren’t allowed the breathing room to realise they aren’t.

The physical universe reality is that the church in South Africa has been fundraising for 14 years and its community has been shattered with mass expulsions and disconnections. That is the real result of “do it ALL and do it NOW”.

Here’s the script from that convention in 2011. Note that it was written by Brandy. Its her notes to herself of what to brief on: It could have been written 6 weeks ago or a year from now and there are plenty of jaw dropping outpoints:


  •        Non-E – Successfully completed over 21 Ideal Org projects, raised over 85 million dollars for Ideal Orgs around the world.
  •        Non-E. I most recently worked on projects in Quebec, Pasadena and Brussels, the Churches of Scientology for Europe.
  •        I’m extremely excited to finally come to Africa! Africa is the closest cont in the world to finishing all of its Ideal Orgs.
  •        One thing that it’s incredible about the South African people is that they are at the awareness characteristic of “need for change”. I personally think that South Africa is a far greater continent than you’ve been given credit for.
  •        The fact that Joburg opened as one of the very first Ideal Orgs on the planet and helped to lead the way as one of the first pilots is quite an accomplishment in itself.
  •        Just to put this into perspective, the UK opened their first Ideal Org two years after Joburg in London, Canada opened its first Ideal Org just last year in Quebec, Latam (Latin America) just opened their first Ideal Org in July last year in Mexico and as of today, ANZO (Australia, New Zealand, Oceania) will open their first Ideal Org in Melbourne.
  •        Now as the CO CMO Africa touched upon, the Ideal Org strategy has been a theta-mest theory for the past 8 years. Explain the theta-mest theory. While you were opening Joburg, I was opening the first Ideal Orgs in Tampa and Buffalo.
  •        When we first started, we didn’t even know the words “Ideal Org”. And I can honestly say that it hasn’t been until this past year that we actually figured out the strategy perfectly.
  •        We’re now engaged on what we call, “the new breed of Ideal Orgs” Our new breed of Ideal Orgs are quite different and actually surpass any of our earlier projects.
  •        Stats. Our 3 most recent Ideal Orgs in Mexico, Pasadena and Seattle get more than 2000 new people to take their first step on The Bridge every week.
  •        Mexico. Mexico alone introduces 1200-1500 new people to Scientology every week for a total of over 30,000 new people FSMed into the org since their grand opening last year. They’ve also succeeded through incredible dissemination of the CCHR program to ban psychiatry from their public school system.
  •        Media Dissemination of Scientology just from our Ideal Orgs this past year:

o   1746 positive newspaper and magazine articles

o   268 positive radio shows for a total of 8040 minutes.

o   914 positive TV shows for a total of 4570 minutes on television.

  •        This past year alone, we’ve had 1240 new staff members join staff at our Ideal Orgs.
  •        Every 90 seconds, a new person starts their first service in Scientology in an Ideal Org.
  •        There are several major changes we’ve implemented in our new breed of Ideal Orgs which have resulted in this expansion.

o   Establishment of the staff. Training, auditing and apprenticeship.

o   Division 6 lines. Anatomy of the Human Mind, Personnel Efficiency, KTL and LOC are restored to Division 6, the Testing Line…

o   Mimeograph Machine.

o   Non-E Dissemination campaign.

  •        International Management has two vitally important targets for Scientology in South Africa:

o   Complete all the Ideal Orgs in Africa.

o   Open the Advanced Org

  •        Africa has a responsibility in leading the way for planetary clearing. I actually want to put this in perspective for you and give you some inside information about where we’re going on an international scale.
  •        Sketch out strategy for planetary clearing.
  •        Now in addition to everything that I just went over with you in terms of our new breed of Ideal Orgs, there was also a massive reorganization of the International Landlord Office and how our Ideal Org buildings are purchased and renovated.
  •        And to give you the data on this, I have a DVD to show you of a special briefing that was delivered on the ship at Maiden Voyage to all the OT Ambassadors by the Senior Designer and Int Construction Supervisor. You are the first people on the planet to see this DVD outside of the OT Ambassadors on the ship.

52 thoughts on “The ‘straight up and vertical’ lie

  1. If this didn’t leave the convention attendees spinning, then I don’t know. Either that and or a false rah, rah, we can do it! which probably dissapated by the Monday morning following the convention.
    Now, the whole business of clearing the planet rests on South Africa’s shoulders fair adn square. Mein got! What crap is this?!
    Has South Africa made even one Clear in the past 10 years? Has South Africa even got a Clear team in even one of its orgs?
    At least at Commissioner Street and Budget House Clears were being made with regularity!

  2. Mimeograph machine? Huh? Why is that on the list in 2011? It shouldn’t be there even to mention that they are getting rid of them! They should have been gone a couple of decades ago, and reduced to an occasional facebook pic with a “who remembers these?” caption. What’s next? New telex machines?

    • Hi Gorilla – that was a wtf moment for me too… They were already old hat when we were still using them in the orgs to make those illegible HCOBs and PLs! From Wiki: In the late 1960s, mimeographs, spirit duplicators, and hectographs began to be gradually displaced by photocopying and offset printing. Would love to know from someone who attended that conference what was said about them.

      • Haha — that one popped out for me too. It actually might be cool in a retro way if some enterprising staffer could find a working mimeograph machine and the supplies to run it, and started handing out mimeographed flyers.
        Those glossy mailers and email attachments are so tacky and off-putting, but this might give the Church some hipster cred. Artisanal photocopying! And the body routers should be issued Ray-Bans to wear on the street while handing them out.

    • I always thought that Scientology was living back in the stone ages and refused to come to PT. It was strange and creepy to me – even using the word “mimeo” and “telex”.
      Don’t even get me started on their “computer” system!
      Step One: Find their RUIN and promise them Scientology can fix it.
      Push them into their ruin and IMPINGE!
      Immediately, collect a HUGE chunk of money!
      If possible – get them into debt – this will cause spinning and it is easier to manipulate them. This is the 1st step in the mind control tactic.
      Use lots of ARC – agree with whatever comes out of their mouth and pretend like you really care about them. Love Bomb them! (another tactic used in religious cults).
      They won’t suspect a thing – no one does because people are good and they trust! They are in a Church! People tend to trust Churches.
      Step Two: Give a receipt showing the large amount of money and put the word “DONATION” on it. Many won’t even notice it.
      Don’t make a big deal about any of this. If they have not balked or questioned this tactic of calling all money on account “Donation” , the money is yours forever. Many don’t even read the contract and make sure you never let them take a copy of it home! Don’t give them a copy. Make sure they initial each paragraph…we have been sued and we know how to keep all “donations”!!
      When they are ready for their service – they will be upset and want to get out of the pain…so you put them on the Routing Form.
      1st step: Debit account for service. Once again – make sure “Donation” is on the receipt!
      2nd step: They must sign our lawyer-ed up contracts but lessen suspicion by calling it “Application for Enrollment Form”.
      It is actually a legal document that will allow the “Church” to keep all of your money or keep you trapped in Scientology forever.
      Little did they know that David Miscavige has been working around the clock tirelessly for 30 years hiring the best attorneys that money can buy in order to figure out a form to keep all of your money or keep you in Scientology. NO other choice.
      This is what your IAS donations buy!
      Staff are told to tell the innocent, trusting souls that want help – that the PSYCHS have sent people into Scientology who were on Psych Drugs and they got worse and sued Scientology. After a few “indoctrination videos” on THE EVIL PSYCHS – they will believe this.
      Next read – The CVB Routing Form for those that want to leave and remain in “good standing” – talk about a TRAP!

    • Yes, awesome. I did student teaching in Kansas in 1968 and I remember having to learn how to run a mimeograph machine to print a test for my students. It turned out that I did not go on to sign a contract to teach after those 7 weeks of student teaching, but that is another story. The point is that I used the mimeograph machine 46 years ago!

  3. When I said to Robert Bokkelman that the various stats and trends described by LRH (affluence, power etc) did not involve a stat that was ‘straight up and vertical” which implies that you are completing cycles in almost no time, and that the start-change-stop cycle cannot happen instantaneously, he told me I misunderstood what “straight up and vertical” meant. He could not explain it to me, and I don’t think anyone, including Miscavige, knows what it means. If he meant steep trend of affluence, then he could not mean do it ALL, NOW. So he has set himself up, and everyone else, to fail.
    I don’t think anyone can do any cycle without start-change-stop, because of the influence of everyone’s freedom of choice on all things, which makes things unpredictable, and requires a constant evaluation. This is the “change” part. If this is left out of a cycle, then it is doomed. One cannot say that prevailing conditions will continue unchanged and so no new decision needs to be made – just keep doing it without change and do it now and to hell with the freedom of choice that any member has, economics, public perception etc. This is Stalinistic purge mentality, except that even Stalin allowed for time.
    I was at that conference that Brandy presented. The DVD showing the Int Construction Supervisor, left one with the impression that there was cost cutting because the furniture and fittings were being made by one entity at a budget. (They failed to mention that that is only for the US). I forget the name of the Int Construction Supervisor, but I believe he has since blown. (Bye bye DVD.) The stats mentioned appear to me to have been false. This is a trick. Inform the public of what is happening elsewhere (so you cannot independently verify it), and then tell them to do the same. Cookie Cutter Crap.
    Any other corporation would have fired the CEO by now.

    • How sad – but little does anyone know that RPFer’s in the Sea Org make the furniture that is then sold to Ideal Org’s for a profit. The Leader, David Miscavige – is a capitalist! He knows how to use people to make money so he can hire the best attorney’s to hide his crimes! The “RELIGIOUS CLOAK” explains this in Lawerence Brennan’s affidavit. Please make sure you are not driving when you read this. It is a bit hard to confront! But the truth is the truth and it will make more sense once it is confronted!
      These Sea Org Slaves are treated inhumanely and not paid! This is abuse and human trafficking!
      Who would have thought that you joined a Religion to go spiritually free and help others go spiritually free only to find out you are trapped in Slave Labor Camps being treated like “raw meat” with no love, compassion or care – forced to make custom motorcycles for the Leader and his BFF – Tom Cruise.
      It does not seem too spiritual now when you step out and really look at the entire scene w/o anyone telling you what to think!

      • So true IM. Now it seems the slave labour goes beyond the RPF’ers if you hear what Jillian Schlessinger says on Tony Ortega’s blog today. In addition there are all those foreign nationals who are brought into the USA and used to run hotels and be cleaners etc at Flag. The Sea Org has become a sweat shop!

      • I’m not sure if anything would shock me now about this religion, Idle Morgue. I’ve been in shock for a number weeks as I discover more and more about L Ron Hubbard, his intentions and what he was doing while telling us to do something else.
        I’m reading Messiah or Madman but last night I read what Ron Jnr had published in Penthouse because it was the only magazine with the guts to print it. A month or two ago I would have told you Ron Jnr was evil, vindictive, out for revenge, but I’m realising that he spoke the truth.
        I’ve also read some of the interviews from the book, Barefaced Messiah. It’s the next book on my list.
        I’ve been uncovering stuff on a gradient because it’s the only way that one can grasp the magnitude of the truth behind, L. Ron Hubbard, his real persona, his real purpose, Scientology, the SO, the church and the whole shabang!
        Truth is indeed much, much stranger than fiction. However, not ‘nice’ it is to discover or how shattering it is to have ALL one’s stable datums rocked and unmocked, it’s much better to have it (the truth) than not! For sure.
        No wonder Pat Broeker is not speaking. I believe he was involved in and/or witness to things that, if revealed, would land him in jail.

  4. I forgot to mention that we know that the Ideal Org strategy came about as a result of COB’s BFF, TC, who said the orgs were crappy places that he would not bring his friends to. And the Freewinds became a priority to renovate so that TC’s birthday party could be hosted (never mind that the Super Power building had been dragging on for about 15 or 20 years by then, and was, according to Miscavige, going to release the greatest-ever-planet-saving Super Power!)
    Priority assessment : “Tom Cruise’s birthday party” versus “Save the World”.
    Who are we kidding? Tom Cruise’s birthday party, hands down, is the number 1 priority. Its “2 Big Beings” over “7 Billion” every time.

    • Read ‘Inside Scientology” by Janet Reitman and find out how Tom Cruise was manipulated by David Miscavige. The violations of policy are too many to mention. Remember LRH says – no special treatment to celebrities or Miss Gottbucks? This book will blow your mind! I feel bad for Tom Cruise – his ego got the best of him but still – the “dog and pony” show Miscavige put on for him, the spys Miscavige sent in to report to him – will just freak you out!
      This is America – we are supposed to be protected by this type of shenanigan’s from religious organizations!

  5. Isn’t it true that Management funded Tampa org. I heard it from the dwarf at an event a while ago. I remember sitting behind the Kroegers and Corbetts and they all looked at one another knowingly. I looked at the back of their heads knowingly! Lol!

    • I’ve read that, too — and also that Int Management is reportedly planning to fund a new Org in New Zealand, since the local field can’t begin to pull off such a project on its own. The idea is that the “loan” will be repaid out of the proceeds from the new booming Org.
      At this point, this is probably the only way David is going to open any new Ideal Orgs anywhere in the world, I would guess. Which makes it an interesting test of whether he truly believes his own rhetoric about Ideal Orgs leading automatically to expansion and affluence. If he really believes this, he should invest the money.

      • I have friends who live next door to the empty Ideal Org building in New Zealand. Apparently the only activity is when they’re shooting promo vids in there.

      • Hey maybe that’s why Dave bought KCET studios.
        Instead of going off to those way off locations they can just film the latest “Ideal Org” epic get a few ethnic props and film it in the back lot then of course declare and expel anyone who may notice that Moscow doesn’t have palm trees 😉

      • I know that Christchurch has no org or any active scientologists that I could find. I spoke to many of them who were not pleased to receive a call from a scientologist until my first introduction was “I am not trying to sell you anything or ask for money I purely am calling you to see if you are ok and need any help from a fellow scientologist”. It was more unwelcoming than Australia! Well done new Zealand! 🙂

      • So true, they could pay him back with interest once all the money started rolling into their new orgs. with happy preclears.

  6. It would be an interesting exercise to email the execs of those orgs with the 2000 new public starting every week and ask them for their successful actions 😉
    I mean seriously, isn’t that what you would do if you were managing an international business and one or 2 areas just take off? Find out what they are doing and tell everyone to do the same….but no, rather use it to rub the EDs’ noses in it because it ain’t happening here!
    As we say down here: Ja well no fine
    They are so full of crap.

    • Heidi, I think it’s the same universe where there were “914 positive TV shows for a total of 4570 minutes on television.”
      But maybe I’ve MU-ed “positive”. Maybe it means “in which nobody makes a joke about Scientology.”
      Mike Rinder has made interesting comments lately about Miscavige’s use of statistics. The numbers are always implausibly large, but they are also very EXACT. Not 900 shows, but 914. Not 8,000 people at the event in LA, but 8,376. “1746 positive newspaper and magazine articles.” I guess there’s a kind of logic to this. If it LOOKS like a real stat, not just a crazy big number like 3 million Scientologists worldwide, then maybe people will accept it without stopping to question whether it makes any sense.

  7. There were many “whispering campaigns” floating around when I was in about IAS buying Ideal Orgs – so who knows how they set this up? Scientology refuses transparency but the Courts may make them show the books when Miscavige is indited on fraud and other sordid crimes!

  8. There is enough out-points in her list to choke a horse.
    With all of this laid out it is obvious that dm is a total failure.
    This is an excellent article you wrote ScnAfrica.
    Begin fair use:
    “Hypnotism is an address to the reactive mind. Bluntly, it reduces self-determinism by interposing the commands of another below the analytical level of an individual’s mind. It enturbulates a case, markedly and materially aberrates human beings by keying-in engrams which would otherwise lie dormant and is the sort of control mechanism in which an authoritarian individual, cult or ideology delights.” ~ LRH from Science of Survival, chapter Hypnotic Level

    • ” Stats. Our 3 most recent Ideal Orgs in Mexico, Pasadena and Seattle get more than 2000 new people to take their first step on The Bridge every week.
      Mexico. Mexico alone introduces 1200-1500 new people to Scientology every week for a total of over 30,000 new people FSMed into the org since their grand opening last year. They’ve also succeeded through incredible dissemination of the CCHR program to ban psychiatry from their public school system.
      Media Dissemination of Scientology just from our Ideal Orgs this past year:
      o 1746 positive newspaper and magazine articles
      o 268 positive radio shows for a total of 8040 minutes.
      o 914 positive TV shows for a total of 4570 minutes on television.
      This past year alone, we’ve had 1240 new staff members join staff at our Ideal orgs…”
      Did she honestly say this shit out loud?
      Tony! You ever see 2,000 people a week coming in to Seattle?????
      This is nothing but a huge lie intended to cave in the audience.
      Sick. Unimaginably sick.

      • Hey Less.
        Never saw close to that. I have a friend who lives around the corner from the Idle Org and he says he can see the course room from his apartment. He says there is from 0-5 people in the course room. Straight up and vertical!!! Dm cancelled gradients so I guess everything now is straight up and vertical.

  9. Definition of Group Engram: “each time instantaneous action is demanded of the group by compressed time situation, and commands are given by the selected individual or individuals to cope with those moments of emergency, it can be observed that an engram has been implanted in the group. The instantaneous orders and commands are indicators of an engram. The engram actually was received during a moment of shock when the ideals, ethics, rationale and general thought and energy of the group collided forcefully with mest.”
    The organization has been in one long state of engramic unconsciousness, incident after incident, for the last MANY years…GAOT, Basics, Ideal Org strategy, GAOT2 etc., all characterized by the “urgent”, wrong orders of what must be done, now now now.
    No wonder those in can’t see…they are stuck in the middle of the pain and unconsciousness of the incident.

  10. “When we first started, we didn’t even know the words “Ideal Org”.”
    Hmmm, apparently she has never read LRH policy.
    “We’re now engaged on what we call, “the new breed of Ideal Orgs”…”
    yes, let’s alter, once again, what is supposed to be Hubbard’s words and just give it all a new name.
    I wonder when they are going to change the name of Scientology to something else?

    • Astute observation Hazel.
      I noticed that line too.
      Let’s see the The Ideal Org was issued as RED 102 Int on 20 May 70 then reissued as HCOPL 12 March 75 Issue II as DS 40 yet she’s saying she didn’t know what the word meant till just recently.
      Obviously like most “management” in the Church of Scientology these days they don’t even bother to read policy anymore and like some over the hill hooker are totally infected with VD.
      I’ve been told that the Church religiously follows policy and tech but by my observation this is not true.
      What they actually do is cite some policy like the above knowing that the average “Scientologist” is not going to bother to read it and do something else entirely.
      Same with tech. They say they are going to give the person such and such a grade or rundown and in reality give them an altered version of it from the Golden Age of Tech drills pack.
      “Deliver what you promise.”
      Guess they figure it’s not profitable enough. Especially when you can convince the ones left to buy some pie in the sky delusion of “Ideal Orgs” that magically spring up like mushrooms and somehow by the fact they exist clear the planet.

  11. OMG…those stats for Mexico! And this was in 2011? So, by now they should have an active field of 100′s of thousands!! Where are they? I would LOVE to know the number of active public they have on lines right now.

  12. I’m saying this as someone who worked those nasty, noisy mimeograph machines, first in the early 70′s in a musty basement helping Virgil Wilhite crank out newsletters and little pamphlets as a volunteer helper not even on lines but as friend of a family of public and later in the 80′s as a Sea Ogre during my sleep time and later seeing one dismantled in reno’s, but must admit, haven’t seen any this century.
    I’m here to tell you that whatever was being rolled out in any decade, pick a decade, was Always urgent, always Must All be done Now. And like most unassembled packages that arrives from distance worlds these days, there are no Decipherable instructions that come with it other than a Very Important Slogan. It was always going to be The magic bullet that would flood the orgs. There are still some familiar names to me on staff that have been preparing the ark for the imminent flood. They are still waiting for going on a half century now.
    I wouldn’t call that Non Existence. I’d assign scientology the Condition of Mimeograph.

    • “Condition of Mimeograph” LOL! You are so on the mark with that one, they keep repeating the same stuff over and over.

  13. When we first started, we didn’t even know the words “Ideal Org”. And I can honestly say that it hasn’t been until this past year that we actually figured out the strategy perfectly.

    Same strategy it’s always been: Git all yer mony.

    We’re now engaged on what we call, “the new breed of Ideal Orgs”.

    Is that … as in “New Breed 1.0″ in respect to “Ideal Org 2.0″?

    Stats. Our 3 most recent Ideal Orgs in Mexico, Pasadena and Seattle get more than 2000 new people to take their first step on The Bridge every week.

    Absolutely no limit to this pathological Lie Factory.

  14. I was the OT Committee Chairman in Canberra Australia…this was well prior to 2009 and before we’d decided we’d enough.
    Jenna Hill ( nee Miscavige ) and her husband,Dallas, had been sent to Canberra to assist us on getting our ‘Ideal Org’ done. Hell as an org we could barely pay the rent let alone raise the money to buy a swanky new building and renovate it to ‘ideal’. After being briefed on what was expected we felt a degree of terror settle upon us however none spoke of this terror. We all knew that we would be the ones having to find the bucks to fund it. None of us had deep pockets lined with gold.
    The expectation to help was huge and impacting, everything else was to be cast side, including, but certainly not limited to your own financial well being. Furthermore, if you didn’t wax enthusiastically about this strategy then you were an enemy and treated as such even if you had been an avid supporter of the org up to this point.
    This was command intention and you didn’t counter it.
    I could write a book on the events during this period. It was traumatic to say the least.
    Eventually the feeling of failure was palpable. Not made any less palpable by being told these other continents are doing it, why aren’t we? These thoughts were constantly there, reinforced often by glowing accounts of successes…over there…always over there and for the most part out of view. The truth is that no one was really doing it, despite the BS stating they were.
    In short it didn’t come off…no where near it and a lot of god people got burnt financially and emotionally along the way. Including but not limited to Jenna and Dallas. To date there is no ‘Ideal Org’ in Canberra and there will never be one. They operate out of a tiny hole in the wall above a take-away food place in the city. They have no presence in the community to speak of whereas at least before we would go out and do Stress Tests and sell books and so on.
    It has taken me along time to fully realize the extent to which we were being manipulated with this strategy.
    I do not now trust the words of a staff member. Nor would I trust now the words of those public still supporting the Cof S. Some lie, blatantly. Others are lying too but are not aware of it because they will not truly look for themselves and trust their own observations. Even if they do they don’t dare say or do anything contrary to command intention. Cowards!

    • James Anderson, your post here is so beautifully written and describes the situation to a T. It applies here in South Africa exactly and all over the world.
      With your permission, I would like to copy and paste it and send it (albeit anonymously) to some good koolaider friends of mine who can’t see to looking, described by you, “they will not truly look for themselves and trust their own observations.”

      • Thank you.
        By all means copy away…there’s much more I could say in relation to the whole scene, it might though I fear offend those here whom may still hold, rightly or not, LRH in high regard. I now see no point in beating a drum in that direction.
        When I left, it was with a profound sadness at how and for whatever reason not all of our aspirations were realized. Those high expectations held of so long ago for what we thought to be real answers to things either at a personal or global level.
        One cannot dedicate most of one’s adult life to something to find a dead end and not feel betrayed. Who of us would go near the CofS in it’s current form again? None with any sense! And even if were to be reformed would you ever again have confidence in the materials? How would you ascertain if you were getting the tech purely and unadulterated?

    • I am sorry to hear of your loss. I am sure it was devastating.
      All connections within the church are on a conditional basis. One of the conditions being is to not question those in authority. Certainly not DM, one cannot even imply a question in his direction without ramifications.
      However even when LRH was at the helm connections were conditional. It is after all laid out within the Ethics Tech and as you would know within the PTS/SP Tech.
      There is no such thing as unconditional love in the C of S, never was never will be.

  15. James Anderson.
    The current *Church* of Scientology is a runaway money extortion racket dramatizing Evil Intentions and vindictive maliciousness on those who depart and speak up.

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