Jillian Schlesinger

The following story appeared on The Underground Bunker yesterday and has received wide coverage. Many of our readers may not be readers of the Underground Bunker so we are reproducing it in full here. It is an important story.

Of particular interest to us is a statement that Jillian Makes in her interview.

“And they’re into signing a lot more things now. You have to sign a document saying that you don’t have Internet, or gmail, and other things. If you did have email, you had to give them your address and then they cancel it for you,” she says. “And all of your mail gets checked. So if someone sends you a letter or a box, they go through it first. And if they find something in there negative about Scientology, they’ll take it away. That made it hard to talk to my dad.”


This is incredible and indicative of the greater efforts the church is making to control. We are aware that there are some former South African Sea Org members reading this blog. We are very interested to know if local Sea Org members are also required to sign such documents and forbidden access to personal emails.

Please get in touch with us: scnafrica@hushmail.com

Jillian Schlesinger: How I got into Scientology, and how I got out

ChurchofScientologyBy Tony Ortega

This is happening in Los Angeles, on Fountain Avenue, in an old hospital building painted blue and topped with huge, lit-up letters that read SCIENTOLOGY.

And this is only weeks ago. In 2014. In the center of one of the largest cities in a country that likes to think of itself as one of the freest on earth.

A woman of 30. Already a veteran of years of working 19-hour days for eight dollars a week. With no access to a telephone. Sleeping in a room with 11 other women on a floor of the old hospital with only a single bathroom. She’s never owned a car. She’s never rented her own apartment. She’s never owned a cell phone. She’s never had a credit card.

Except for helping out her family as a child, she’s only ever had one employer: She’s worked for Scientology since she first joined staff at 15.

She cannot watch television. She cannot read the news. She lives in the movie capital of the world but the only time she gets to watch a film is when Tom Cruise has a new one out and she and all of her coworkers are taken in buses to see it so Tom will get good movie sales.

But she’s had enough.

She’s had some job assignments that weren’t the best. There was that endless scanning of documents in a bare cement basement of a building on Hollywood Boulevard, for example. That was drudgery. But this latest assignment was the worst. In order to save money so more of it could be sent “uplines” to Scientology leader David Miscavige, the “Sea Org” had created a construction crew so it wouldn’t have to pay outside contractors.

The woman has never worked construction before. But now, she finds herself stripping fiberglass insulation without protective clothing at one job site. At another, she’s helping repair a ceiling, backbreaking work, at a former hotel on Hollywood Boulevard that has served as dingy ‘berthing’ for Sea Org workers for years.

And that’s where Jillian Schlesinger begins to plan her escape.


One day, on her way to work, Jillian smuggles an empty duffle bag in a Trader Joe’s grocery sack to her workplace and finds a place to hide it. The next day, she carries a couple of articles of clothing. She does the same the next day. And the next, always being careful to hide what she’s doing as she rides in the Scientology bus with the other Sea Org workers.

After a week, she’s filled the duffel bag with her clothes. She sneaks into the building’s ‘galley’ — where there’s a phone — and calls her father. She asks him to drive over and see her, and she gives him the duffel.

In a week, she tells him, meet me at the same place, at the same time.

And over the next seven days, each time she goes to work, she carries a few more personal items from her room at the old hospital and hides them at her construction site at the old inn.

She sees her father again and gives him her personal items. But she admits to him, she’s not ready to leave yet.

In fact, she hasn’t even made up her mind if she’s really going to do it.

He tells her he understands. She has to make up her own mind, he tells her. He can’t force her to make a decision.

So a few more days go by.

And then, on a Wednesday, as she’s heading home with a roommate, she learns that it’s her last day working at the inn. Tomorrow, her work unit will switch to a construction project somewhere at the old hospital complex, where she lives.

She knows instantly that there’s going to be a unique opportunity to make a run for it in the morning. And if she doesn’t take it, she might not have another opportunity for who knows how long.

The next morning, she heads for the bus stop. She knows that no one at the old hospital realizes yet that her job location has changed. They won’t miss her, thinking that she’s still working at the old Inn. But when she arrives there, she knows no one there is expecting her.

So she walks right past it.

She walks to the metro stop, which is nearby. She goes down and buys a ticket — she’s been saving up some money, even on her meager earnings — and takes the subway to Union Station. Then she buys a ticket for an Amtrak train to Orange County. No one stops her.

When she arrives at the station in Santa Ana, she asks to borrow a telephone from the employees there. She doesn’t have one of her own. She calls her father, and he doesn’t answer.

She doesn’t panic. She knows he works nearby. So she takes a cab.

When he sees her, he’s taken by surprise. And he beams. She’s made her own decision. She has left Scientology’s Sea Org. And now both of them, they know, will have to leave the church itself.

They’ve had only a few weeks since then to get used to the idea.

—— Jillian Schlesinger tells me she began taking Scientology courses at only about 12 years of age. Her parents, John and Paula, had both been Sea Org workers before she was born, but had left the Sea Org and were still “public” Scientologists — meaning they were still members in good standing, but they didn’t work for the church.

Jillian had been born in Los Angeles, but by the time she started classes she was living in Orange County and went to the “org” in Tustin. Even then, at 12, she began to feel the pressure of joining staff or making the ultimate commitment — joining the Sea Org. After helping out as a volunteer with youth groups, at 15, she decided to join the OC org staff.

She was assigned to work for the org’s “Department of Special Affairs.” The DSA was the local version of the Office of Special Affairs, Scientology’s notorious intelligence operation and spy wing. Like OSA, the DSA at the org was also responsible for public relations, which is where Jillian worked. She wasn’t allowed to enter the room where the other part of the DSA — the local intelligence hub — did its work.

While she was on staff, she continued to attend school, and she had some thought about becoming a teacher. But like any second-generation Scientologist in her teens, she was under increasing pressure by recruiters to join the Sea Organization.

“They start recruiting you when you’re pretty young. I was asked to be in the Sea Org when I was 13, and throughout the time I was on staff,” she says. “They come to you every day. They write you letters. They come to your house and stay for hours, trying to talk to you into it. It’s very intense.”
Eventually, she caved. She was 18 when she signed the Sea Org’s billion-year contract and then was recruited to one of the Sea Org’s most exclusive divisions, the Commodore’s Messenger Organization. At that time, she says, one of the CMO’s divisions handled the financial network of the orgs. So for a few years, she was sent to Scientology churches around the state of California, checking on their financial health.

She went to the San Diego org, for example, where the local staff was being paid $20 a week. So while she was there, she made the same.

Her parents, she says, were divorced by then, and they told her they just wanted her to be happy. But her father was concerned about Jillian being recruited to the CMO. It suggested that she was being groomed for some of the most sensitive postings in the organization.

“He didn’t want me to go to Int,” she says — he still had bad memories of Scientology’s International Base near Hemet, where only a few hundred of the most trusted Sea Org members worked. Jillian says her father had “blown from Int” — escaped — and he didn’t want her to go there.

But for now, she was still shuttling between orgs in California, inspecting their finances.

It was 2003, and already, Jillian was beginning to realize that something was wrong.

“We were supposed to do all these campaigns that would bring in all the public,” she says. “Every event was a big new thing we were supposed to do. But it never really did that much.”

Then, after a few more years, Jillian was summoned to Flag.

Scientology’s spiritual headquarters are in Clearwater, Florida and are known as the “Flag Land Base,” or Flag. Jillian spent the next six years there, and, just as her father feared, she was being groomed to end up at Int Base, back in California, and work directly with David Miscavige himself.

But she never got there. Instead, in 2012, she got a completely different, and somewhat baffling, new assignment.

She was sent back to Los Angeles, but to Scientology’s major publishing arm, Bridge Publications.

While at Flag, Jillian had trained to be an auditor — qualified to give Scientology’s particular brand of counseling — and she was told that the workers at Bridge Publications needed the guidance of someone like her. If Bridge was going to raise its stats, its workers needed an auditor who could whip them into shape.

But there was one major problem. When she got there, she was told that Bridge was not technically part of the church but was its own, independent corporate organization. And no auditing could occur there.

“It was very weird,” she says.

“I didn’t have a very good experience there,” she adds. “People have long hours. The staff will go for months without study time. They work very late hours, and it is dangerous when you have the heavy equipment that they run.”

She looked for opportunities to talk with the workers — she couldn’t audit them in the building, but some of them would come to her berthing for the service. At other times she helped out in the making of books, particularly when there was an “all hands” call and a job was being pushed through at fast speed.

When the Golden Age of Technology Phase II was being prepared by Miscavige last year, work at the plant became frantic. There were months of people staying up really late. “It was all people were doing for months and months.”

Then, suddenly, in September last year, she was moved again. This time to the Hollywood Guaranty Building on Hollywood Boulevard at Ivar Ave. The HGB is one of the most important buildings in the Scientology world. On the ground floor is the entrance to the L. Ron Hubbard Life Exhibition, where the Scientology founder is celebrated. But on the upper floors, what tourists don’t see are the offices of some of Scientology’s most powerful executives. It was also the HGB where Jenna Miscavige Hill, niece of leader David Miscavige, contemplated throwing herself from a window, one of the more gripping scenes from her recent memoir,Beyond Belief.

But Jillian didn’t get to work in the offices on the upper floors, or in the Life Exhibition. She worked in the basement, scanning documents from files piled in hundreds of milk crates. They were files on thousands of people — “Everyone who had ever done a course. The essays they wrote, for example,” she says.

“It was really boring. We were in this huge basement that had nothing — it was just cement. But sometimes it was better than doing the construction jobs. Some of the girls would rather do the scanning,” she says.

I asked Jillian why she hadn’t married by this point. Sea Org members are known for marrying very young, in part because as singles they get no privacy, sharing same-sex dormitory rooms and sharing bathrooms. A married couple might get their own bedroom in an apartment with several other couples. Because of that, many Sea Org members marry by 17 or 18.

“I had different reasons,” she says. “If you’re going up lines, it was important that you had no relationships. After that, I think because there was a lot of stuff I saw, and I was already having doubts. There wasn’t anyone I could find who was similarly minded.”

By the time she was back in Los Angeles and in her late 20s, she was having serious doubts.

“It was about the conditions. It’s so controlling. It’s frantic. It’s urgent. The stats are never good enough. There’s a feeling that we haven’t worked hard enough or done enough. After a while, you feel like nothing you do is good enough. It’s not a good feeling.

“And they’re into signing a lot more things now. You have to sign a document saying that you don’t have Internet, or gmail, and other things. If you did have email, you had to give them your address and then they cancel it for you,” she says. “And all of your mail gets checked. So if someone sends you a letter or a box, they go through it first. And if they find something in there negative about Scientology, they’ll take it away. That made it hard to talk to my dad.”

But she found a way.


After her escape, it took a few days before anyone at PAC base — the Big Blue headquarters that was the old hospital — figured out that she was missing.

“They called me at my dad’s house, but I missed the call. So I called them. I told them I was willing to come back and sign papers or do some auditing, but I was not willing to stay there. That seemed to throw them off,” she says.

“So a week went by. Then they called and said, read this and that from the ethics book. OK. So I did it. But during that time, I had started to talk to Karen.”

Karen de la Carriere is a former top auditor with the church and a frequent contributor to the Underground Bunker with her videos. She proposed to Jillian that she tell her story on video. Jillian didn’t hesitate.

“The night before the video came out, around midnight, I got an e-mail from the church,” Jillian says. Suddenly, the church sounded more accommodating. It wanted to ship her some things, for example.

I wondered if the church knew she was talking to Karen and filming with her.

“I think it’s possible,” Jillian says.

And since the first video appeared on Sunday, she’s heard nothing further from the church. Not about a “freeloader debt” or a declare order (an excommunication). She assumes all the public attention she’s getting for talking about her defection has spared her the pressuring phone calls and visits from church operatives that often convince other defectors to “route out properly”

If Scientology is leaving her alone, Jililan still has a daunting task in rejoining the modern world.

She’s 30 but she’s never had a driver’s license. She has a bank account, but she rarely had access to it. She has no health insurance. She needs to learn about renting apartments or checking her credit score.

“It’s completely different,” she says. “But the food — it’s way better.”

She’s already getting emotional support not only from her father but other ex-Scientologists, who have been offering their help.

“I think I can hold it together. But I have to say, when I made the videos with Karen I was really nervous,” she says with a laugh.

“There are days when I cry. All of the people you’ve known, your friends you left behind, it’s a big change.”

But she wants to get the word out about what Scientology is going through. That it’s dying, for example.

“I’ve been to orgs all over California, and they’re empty. There are maybe five people there. And some of the fancy course rooms at the Ideal Orgs? They’re being used for storage,” she says.

I asked her what it was like to work in the Sea Org that would surprise people.

“The amount of internal fighting — the yelling. Between seniors and juniors. To me that was just too much. It’s a lot of screaming, a lot of fighting. People aren’t making enough money, they aren’t making enough calls. They’ll pour water on you as punishment,” she says.

“If you go to AOLA [the Advanced Organization of Los Angeles, where wealthy, high-level Scientologists receive special procedures] almost every other week, that org will be in lower conditions — Treason or Liability. People are on shortened meal breaks. Longer schedules.”

I asked about her own case. After being in Scientology so long, how far up “the bridge” was she?

“Not much higher than when I first started,” she says. She did train to be an auditor at Flag, but there was little time for coursework in the Sea Org.

I asked about what had shocked us so much Sunday, her statement in Karen’s video that she had been told that an analysis had been done, and that 2,000 Sea Org workers at Flag were sending $1.5 million a week up lines to David Miscavige. (He was upset that the 2,000 Sea Org workers in the LA area weren’t able to do the same, which motivated the construction unit being created.)

Was this something she was told? Did she get it secondhand, I asked. But she told me that wasn’t the case. She had seen a written order that spelled out the $1.5 million in cash being shipped up to Miscavige.

[Note to the IRS: That was a document in writing spelling out the inurement of Scientology’s leader. No need to thank us for that tip.]

I pointed out to Jillian that it’s really rare for someone to be speaking about their experiences in Scientology so soon. It can take years before a former member has decompressed enough to talk about what they went through.

But here it is, only a few weeks since she took that train to Orange County.

Jillian said kind things about Karen and the other people who have talked to her in recent days. She says the Scientologist in her is shocked to find out that “wogs” (non-Scientologists) are actually so friendly and supportive.

And I had to ask her about L. Ron Hubbard. Many ex-members have quit the church because they’re fed up with Miscavige. But they are still adherents of Hubbard and wish for an earlier time in the church, when they had joined.

“I’m in between,” Jillian says. “I think there are some things I gained in Scientology. I don’t hate it. But I’m just starting all over now,” she said.

“I tell people, I’m between religions.”



41 thoughts on “Jillian Schlesinger

  1. Wow! If I said this was another incredible story it would be a another gross understatement! I see how there were actual levels of brain washing.
    1′st tier lies the newbies high on their first win in Scientology wondering why oh why do people say such nasty things about the subject.
    2nd tier is the long time Scientologist who may or may not be doing the adv levels. Plenty class V staff fall into this level too. He still there digging the ditch, soldered in the group, still a believer!
    3rd tier are the diehard zealots. Generally the SO but a few public too. Scientologies Ss gestapo wing! Die for the cause types, swept away by the promise of enlightenment, scientology style! Crush all those who disagree mentality.
    Personally I slotted into the 2nd Tier. If not for my LSD excursion (thank the GODS!!) I wouldve been drafted into the 3rd tier madness!
    There are plenty sub tiers. I mention these to allow for basic brain wash segments!
    Her story highlighted one other profound point for me. Scientology is dying.. COB is one BLOATED and fat Lobster, cannibalising any and all. Granted he has lots of fat to eat before he starves but the final outcome is certain! DEATH. All parasites go by the boards..some of them just linger far too long for our liking!!

    • “All parasites go by the boards.” So true SheepleB. Parasites will usually kill their host or infect them with some nasty disease! When a parasite sticks with one host for too long – he will kill it. And this is exactly what this particularly vicious Paranoid Parasite is doing. When his host dies – so does he. And his host is ailing and becoming more frail by the minute!

      • Yeah all this makes me wonder about the nature of COB. Who was he really? When did he turn? Was he a normal guy who went bad once a wiff of power came by?
        Or did he do a bunk thetan wise and perhaps an old foe of a evil persuasion take over? Sound over the top? Hmm..well you know what they say about the truth being stranger than fiction. One has to cover ALL possibilties while eliminating the apparencies. Lets not hide it because it seems utterly esoteric. Rather confront it head on and be prepared to be wrong I say!
        COB just happened to be in the right place and time to single handedly take over the mightyest technology known to man and try to drive it off the face of the planet? I think not.. my feeling is there are bigger forces at play.

    • LSD has saved many in Scientology from the 3rd Tier! There are some positive benefits from the drug – it actually saved you from getting all the way sucked into a cult that enslaves! Actually, it is easier to detox from LSD than the soul shattering deceit of Scientology!
      Scientology stores in the fatty tissue of the Thetan and it is a buggar to de-toxify from! Your BLOG helps get rid of the toxins by displacing the truth and that is healing. Thank you!! I love all of you for doing something about it! LOL

      • Sheeple Bane, any anyone else who wants to know where it all started for Miscavige, read Messiah or Madman.
        Prepare yourself for having your stable datums unmocked in a savage way but by the isness of things. Don’t hesitate. It can be gotten from the Internet. My version is electronic. Don’t hesitate. I believe everyone owes it to themselves to be more fully and better informed.
        There is a lot more to know than we’ve originally thought about the subject, the church, senior management and Mr Miscavige.

      • I wouldn’t trust Miller’s book all that much and suggest doing one’s own original research on the subject based on other sources as well like say Omar Garrison.
        Here’s what Hayden B. Peake of CIA’s Center for Studies in Intelligence has to say about another of Miller’s efforts:
        Codename TRICYCLE adds much new material about Popov’s personal life before World War II and in the European business world after the war, but it neglects to mention the prison term he served for financial irregularities. And although Popv was unquestionably a valuable double agent for four years, nothing in the book or his file supports the author’s contention that TRICYCLE was the “most extraordinary double agent” in the Second World War. Most experts would give that accolade to Juan Pujo, codenamed GARBO. Finally, the careless errors and many undocumented comments place the book in the easy-to-read-but-of-limited-scholarly-value category.
        You can read the full review here:
        (Just search key word “Russell Miller” or “Code Name Tricycle” in the document)
        Also Fletcher Prouty doesn’t have a lot of kind words for Miller’s hit piece:
        Then of course there is some research done by Margaret Lake of all the areas in Ron’s career that Miller and others didn’t bother to pursue probably because they already had a preconceived narrative:
        Aside from Miller’s above omissions is the fact that he never bother to find out why CIA violated their own charter and the law to investigate Ron.
        An interesting point that I speculate on in one of the blogs I waste my time on:
        Anyway you can promote that book if you wish and have every right to do so but I personally think it is bad taste to promote it on this blog.
        Like promoting Anton LeVay’s Satan’s Bible at a Revival Meeting
        Regarding Miscavige and how he got to where is. Personally I don’t think Ron had anything to do with it. No matter what a “trusted friend” Miscavige is claimed to be according to the following document:
        According to Marty who was there it had to be written that way though he didn’t say why.
        But I’ll speculate that it was probably because there were questions about certain improprieties regarding Miscavige’s handling of certain aspects of Ron’s estate as COB ASI.
        I’ll also speculate that Sgt Furry got to where he is because he had some outside backing. One possible source is suggested by a document posted on cyptome sometime back.
        If you look under “M” you’ll find our bushy tailed friend.
        Even without that the lil’ squirrel got a lot of juice by convincing Mary Sue the Controller to resign who at that time was the most senior Exec in Scientology.
        You can read lies he admits to in taking her down:
        In my opinion probably a limited hang out.

  2. The most stunning aspect of this story is that a Flag-trained auditor ends up doing manual work. In a neat nutshell, that really says all one needs to know about today’s organisation.

    • In the United States – (Sean’s post is SOP in the Class 5 Orgs).
      Many are trained to audit (Scientology makes a lot of money off of that) but each Class 5 Org only has about 1 good full time auditor. There may be 2 max. I am talking ones that are good and people like. Some Class 5 Orgs have 1 auditor that is part time because they need to pay rent somewhere and they are not very good.
      I did my own independent research on the various Class 5 Orgs in the US. They are all virtually empty with no new members coming in and auditor’s never make it at Flag. They typically blow and then are straddled with a DB image and a Freeloader Debt.
      The “Freeloader Debt” is a nice source of income for the Church!
      Think about it! The sources of income for this Organization are slave labor while the leader makes tons of money and has the best perks that beats Senator’s, Congressmen and the Pres. What a game Miscavige gets to play! Dictator with a Billion Dollars!
      I hope it all gets shut down soon and David Miscavige goes to jail!

      • Unless he’s so well protected by his puppet masters, I agree with you, Idle Morgue.
        However, surely it’s known by the IRS that he’s coining it. One can’t hide that sort of money. Mind you, LRH kept his in shoe boxes and suitcases, not trusting the banks. Miscavige is probably shipping his out to off shore accounts.
        LRH made a lot of money from Scientology, contrary to what he told us and contrary to what is generally been told us. Miscavige is not any different. He had a good teacher.

  3. Thanks for posting Jillian’s story. It will help others through the confusion of what Scientology has been reporting and the actual scene.
    Mike Rinder has reported some statistics on his Blog that will also validate the straight down and horizontal stats occurring in Scientology in Present Time. It is dead – really dead!
    The truth will help those that have been in Doubt for a very long time. The Church of Scientology has been lying and feeding false stats and false reports. It is time to find out what is really going on behind the curtain!
    Thank you – all of you who are doing something about it! The truth is needed and wanted and nothing but the truth!! It is time to get out of the hazy and confused world of lies and propaganda so you can be finally free!

  4. I had met Jillian and she was a very caring Staff member
    with one of those radiant smiles.
    I am sooo pleased she has managed to ESCAPE
    She will have a bright future ahead of her.

  5. I spoke to someone under the radar who knew Jillian from Flag. He said that she has a track of being very dishonest by debiting off public’s accounts without their approval. She was posted as cleaner for years due to the financial irregularities she had committed and she would not be trusted in anything else than mopping a floor. So if I were you, ScnAfrica I would not use her as an example of virtue even though she may have something valid to say but I got enough data to show that this woman is unreliable. Just my two cents.

    • It’s not a matter of virtue but rather a description of a destructive culture. The debiting of accounts was sanctioned. When the lid was blown she may well have been an easy scape goat. Also labelling someone as financially dishonest in an environment of brutal pressure to perform skews the picture. We’re willing to bet she will be a fine upstanding citizen in an environment in which she can honestly win.

      • Hear, hear vulture culture is no place for niceties, piousness and good samaritons!

        I think reges and book officers had it the worst. If any made it out of the church with even a particle of sanity left I would be amazed. Those that could still see the good in the tech would be considered Saints,so heavy was the soul corruption endured! Maybe the Jews in Egypt had it better?

        Crikey! Do we need another Moses to lead us out of the kak? Or can we just get rid of this oke already? Does DM swap notes with the Zimbabwean president on how to linger on and on – sheesh!

      • Mary, whatever Jillian MIGHT have done (I’m not sure since you start with hearsay and end claiming you have info) – whatever Jillian did, she did not do it for herself. As ScnAfrica says – she was likely scapegoated.

    • Rumormongering a suppressive’s characteristic.
      Now if you want to talk about financial irregularities, how about the millions spent on lawyers to “protect” Miscavige from his imagined enemies.

    • Oh please! The first thing that is done when someone is not fully in agreement with miscavige’s immoral and illegal dealings, is to spread nasty rumours about them. SOP. I have heard the most ridiculous things said about anyone who is “not in good standing”. They go from hero (big donor) to zero before the goldenrod is dry!

    • Whatever happened to UNDERSTANDING? COMPASSION? What about MANNERS!? Hellooo? Did you just crawl out from under a rock? Many people did stupid things in the insane asylum that is the Co$. Should we write them all off because of it? Mike? Marty? You want financial irregularities, I give you L. Ron f**king Hubbard. Sheesh! Did you ever read http://bit.ly/1hz7pMt Do you not see you are DAing a person in true Hubbard/DM style? A person you have DISMISSED and JUDGED as completely “unreliable” and “dishonest” as a being based solely on alleged transgressions made as a heavily conditioned CULT MEMBER. Based on hearsay forwarded by someone in HIDING?
      Shame on you!! Donate your “2 cents” back into Miscavige’s coffers, where it clearly belongs.

    • Anonymous Mary spreading hearsay from someone “Under the radar”.
      Sounds like par for the course from OSA
      A recent mailing to Indies, critics, Ex-es etc claimed I slept with 49 men when I was 19 years old and in later life was a hooker !
      Nothwithstanding that LRH personally recruited me for the Sea Org, trained me to Class XII, passed my TRs on daily submitted tapes, and my journey was 35 years active within the Church, and married to the International President of the Church….
      The mailing was an OSA op 24 hours after I aired Jillian’s 1st video.

      • You slept with 49 men when you were 19 years old and in later life were a hooker!? Wow! Your husband is a lucky guy. You sure know how to entertain him! 🙂
        I’ve read that people in the Co$ are very lucky: they don’t get blind because of masturbation; instead they just pay some $$ for handling it with sec-checks, etc. 🙂

      • Right Karen.
        The above by “anonymous Mary” looks like a typical OSA Op. One they probably adapted from CIA’s play book which is basically that if you can’t discredit the message then defame the messenger.
        The fact that she committed financial irregularities really has no bearing, since financial irregularities are pretty much SOP in the Orgs these days. So much so that Herbie Parkhouse looks like a virtual saint.
        This doesn’t justify the fact that she committed them (as I don’t believe in the poor victim tact of the devil made me do it or whatever) but as I wrote totally irrelevant because these actions are practiced from the top down in what has become a totally corrupt organization.
        She was probably more likely just a convenient scapegoat.

    • Mary, the entire Flag Land Base went criminal in the greedy grab for Basics money. Flag was even taking money from people who had died and still had money on account. Flag had to rent a building in Clearwater to store all of the Basics libraries that were returned by angry parishioners or by parishioners who refused to accept delivery of libraries they did not order.

      There are more details to come….

      Mary, if you OSA POS goons wish to DA Jillian, why then I recommend she go to the Florida Attorney General and report the massive Basics fraud. I recommend she go to the media.

      The Cult of Scientology has long been rife with credit card fraud, theft of parishioner funds, lies, filling false loan applications, etc.

      The Cult of Scientology is awash in professional liars and thieves (regges) who are led by David Miscavige, the biggest liar, crook, and scam artist in the entire landscape of deranged cults.

      Judge Waldrip in Rathbun v. Miscavige et al called the Church of Scientology a business because the Cult is a business. It is a scam business hiding behind fraudulently obtained religious status.

      The Cult of Scientology is essentially a 419 scam, a con job that promises Eternity while actually delivering nothing except future promises that never materialize. The Cult does, however, deliver the bloviating, delusional, and grandiose nonsense of David Miscavige several times a year.

      David Miscavige is the cult version of a 419’er. He might as well be working out of a coffee shop in Lagos because that is where he belongs. .

      • Hey J,
        Miscavige actually belongs in Club Fed but in my opinion he’s been given a free pass.
        Anyway it doesn’t take a Federal Investigation to convince anyone how crooked and corrupt the Church of Scientology has become.
        My opinion is that Jillian was decked or RPFed because she at some point questioned what was going on.

    • Mary – I have been told terrible stories about declared SP’s from Scientologist’s. I have read their declares. They are ALWAYS twisted into sounding like the person was a horrible person while they were in.

      It was okay when they were in and they use these “whispering campaigns” to make others not believe them. Why didn’t the Organization get rid of her if she was a criminal. They use this information to twist the truth to suit their intentions – make everyone hate them and think they are scum and DB’s.

      It is part of the mind control tactics. Do a little research on that subject and you will see many mind controlling tactics used so that the Organization is always right and the person that left had sordid crimes.

      Debiting accounts was standard SOP when so much pressure was put on staff to perform and make money for Miscavige.

      They turn honest people into criminals.

      Even if that were true – I forgive her and love her for speaking out. I don’t believe anything coming out of a mouth of a Scientologist still in protecting the cult.

      The Cult abuses people beyond belief.

      Everyone coming out needs forgiveness and understanding.

    • She was posted as cleaner for years due to the financial irregularities she had committed and she would not be trusted in anything else than mopping a floor.

      Mary … specifics please. Your post is typical of the generalities found in Ethics Orders and SP declares.
      Were these “financial irregularities” only in respect to illegal debiting of “The Basics”?
      Others also pulled the same book scam charges and did not end up on mopping details.
      Data is missing, which leaves little in your post as more than a mere rumour line.

    • And why were they doing that is the real question to ask? What kind of pressure was applied so they had to resort to this type of behavior. Scientology did not put the money back either – unless you caught them. People are so confused about their accounts that many that are gone and don’t have the energy to fight do not even know their accounts have been drained!
      The Criminal Organization is the target – not the people treated like slaves!

  6. fyi 5 years ago…Mottle…Bernt’s son from the freewinds comes to house to arrange a debit off my freewinds AP account toward…. the future (really… just reducing AP’s to the masses) whether that was redirected to some basics package… who knows (I don’t)

  7. What a story reminds me of the great escape, slow planning and bit by bit the tunnel was dug to freedom, good points scnafrica about the becoming a good member of society , with pressures removed and far exchange

    • Thank you, Karen. I’m tough but this is upsetting, isn’t. to know how little value is put on human life and the quality thereof. Surely, surely, there is something that can be done, some organisation who would be very interested to know about the slave labour.
      In my country, there are minimum wages and conditions to be adhered to and employee’s rights and so on. Is there not anything like that in the US of A?

  8. Flag Class IX auditor Silvia Lloréns, 22+ years in the Sea Org and also in RTC Qual for awhile, did an incredible write up on conditions at Flag Land Base. Marty posted it on his blog on 1 Nov 2012: https://markrathbun.wordpress.com/tag/flag-land-base/

    An excerpt:

    “…. The public was totally jumped on after each event literally by the thousand SO members that composed the FLB plus all the Outer Org Trainees. Before events,and about twice a week, all the FLB staff was gathered at the auditorium to drill, 1) NOT to communicate with the public as that was fraternizing and that was out of the question 2) to ONLY ask each public “Cash or Credit?” while handing them a bag with whatever New Releases there were.

    “Later on was added the order to tell every pc you audited to buy, donate or whatever; yes, before exams or right after. Unacceptable to return for the next pc without having sold something or at least having asked about it.

    “Eternal late nights for drilling, calling, letter writing, selling and re-selling and selling again and again the “New Releases”.

    Sessionable? Nobody was…”

  9. First.. Let me say clearly.. YOU ARE NOT responsible for Freeloader Debt! NOPE..
    and 2nd.. Mary Puhhllllllllllllease.. OSA Give us a break. This is 2014. We are educated people. The Internet is Winning. We know exactly what Dead Agenting is! Go peddle it somewhere else. We Ain’t buying.
    You go Jillian..and Karen and J ..Thank you from all of us. We all will continue to stop this Abusive Cult from destroying more lives and families. United We Stand.

  10. Someone asked if DM was always the way he was, or if Scientology/Hubbard changed him for the worse. That’s a tough question. Jesse Prince claims that DM was told by Hubbard to go spit in another SEA ORG leader’s face, did so gleefully and started to assault SO members after that. In contrast, Marty Rathbun describes having a conversation with DM’s brother Ronnie which went something like this.
    Marty: My adult life is cleaning up after David when he starts a fight.
    Ronnie: Now you know what my childhood was like.
    Then there was the story, in my opinion never specifically sourced that DM had attacked a PC during an auditing session at ST Hill when he was a teenager.
    The guy has a predisposition towards violence.

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