The Scientology History Project


We have received this article from the Scientology history project. It seems a very worthwhile endevour. There are many projects by many people on the go around the world. These include the Scientolopedia wiki, efforts to collate all the materials and make them available using modern technology as well as the growing number of delivery groups.

Just about everything on Scientology is now available on the Internet but when it comes to looking for it all and trying to order it, it becomes a terrible challenge as it’s dispersed and often buried in blogs, forums, wiki sites and other.

Efforts to unify or centralise this information into an easily navigable place serve an important function and can make the journey out of official Scientology a lot easier.

If this project does what they say they are going to do it aligns perfectly with the mission of this blog: To get us all BACK IN COMM.

As they say, it does not yet have much content but we’re very sure there are people who would love to contribute to detailing this history.

The Scientology History Project

There’s a quote from the lecture Org Board And Livingness: “If we
don’t express the function on the org board, it will be worn unknowingly by
everyone.” One of the things left off every org board we know of
is the position of historian. And given that it was always left off the org
boards, we’ve all been wearing the hat. Perhaps it’s time we put that hat
on our collective org board and let someone else wear it.

That was our thought a few months ago, when we decided to inaugurate the
Scientology History Project.

With this project, there were a couple of things we wanted to accomplish.
First, there are a lot of gaps in most people’s knowledge of the history of
Scientology. For example, how many people remember “Tech Correction
Roundup” from 1978? If you came into Scientology some time after that, you
may never have heard of it. And how much do you know about how the
technology progressed from 1950 to 1960? If you never did the Basics, you
might not have a clue.

So one point of the History Project is to fill in gaps like that. To have a
repository of all the little details like that which have gone into the
make-up of the subject of Scientology.

The second point to the Scientology History project is to, as far as is
possible, run out the group engrams of Scientology. There are quite a
number of those. We need to fill in the lost details of those incidents,
and provide a place where people can go and get the truth, so far as we can
discover it.

And so we decided to take on these tasks. Naturally, we realized we
couldn’t do it alone. We knew we’d need the help of the overall Scientology
community. Meantime we could put up a website to hold the information we find,
and get a start on filling in the blanks and fleshing out the whole

And we’ve done that. Our website repository isn’t flashy and it doesn’t
have a lot of content at the moment. But we’ll be adding to it day by day,
and with your help, getting at the little details and finding time, place,
form and event on a lot of points.

You’ll never know most of the people directly involved in this project.
That’s by design. First, it keeps us from being unduly influenced by the
various sub-groups and personalities in the Field. Second, we’re not in
this for the fortune and fame, if there ever is any. We’re here doing this
job because it needs doing, and we happen to be interested in it. Third, it
keeps us elusive when it comes to the long arms of the Church of
Scientology. And sooner or later, they’ll probably get around to targeting
us. That’s what happens when the bad guys realize you’re standing on the
corner telling the truth.

We are not associated with the Church of Scientology in any way. Nor are we
associated with any group in the Field, though some of us may be members of
Field groups. Although we are Field Scientologists, we operate
independently of both the Field and the Church. You wanted an unbiased
history of Scientology? That’s how you get it. At least that’s how you try
to be unbiased.

Will there by bias at the History Project? We hope not, and we’ll be trying
our best to ensure we start and remain that way. If you suspect otherwise,
you’re welcome to let us know.

By the way, it’s worth noting that we are not the “History of L. Ron
Hubbard” project, nor the “History of the Church of Scientology” project.
We are the “History of Scientology” project. Keep that distinction in mind.

Our main site is , where we have our bylaws,
glossary, and other similar material. The history itself is at . We don’t charge for access and we don’t
restrict your use of our content. If you want to quote us in your blog or
elsewhere, feel free. You can also link directly to our articles, if that’s
your preference. And we have a pretty nifty glossary on the main site, free
for your use.

Come visit us, leave a comment if you like, and if you have details about
an event, let us know. Above all, please use us as a


Paul M. Foster
for the Scientology History Project

19 thoughts on “The Scientology History Project

  1. Do you plan a tagged timeline or other form of visualisation at some future date?
    Is “researcher” on the org board?

  2. Fantastic! To make the tech truly ubiquitous this is whats needed. No policing required, those who apply it the best shall reap all the rewards – simple! Cant wait to see the evolution roll out and contribute if possible. This is our tech, our responsibility and creativity in using it! Tally ho!

  3. Wonderful Idea – this way the truth
    will be recorded the whole truth and nothing
    but the truth – our grandchildren will not have
    to be exposed to lies!

  4. Great start Paul,
    The first thoughts that came to me when reading your post were:
    1. all data has to be organized in a chronological order.
    2. it has to be identified like the bible into chapter and verse style or format.
    Or better still like any government act or statute.
    Every thought, every sentence has to have a logical organized identification number. And an easy means (or structure) to add new found data, just using sub numbers and sub sections.
    Using the actual date (yr, mo, day) as the first identification numbers. Then subject, then ch and verse.
    It does not matter whether if it is good or bad data, right or wrong data.
    3. all the data has to be viewed as it was Hubbards path, his research data, and not as gospel or absolute.
    For best results it has to be seen and used as a resource to build better bridges by those capable of doing so.
    The competent student of any subject, always learns everything possible from all the great minds that came before him and then stands on their shoulders and sees farther. To just be able to parrot someone is not a sign of any useful intelligence.
    Like Hubbard said; to only be able to parrot some so called authority is a slight aberration.
    And he said he was not an authority on anything. He said he just did some research and presented it to mankind for their persual. Learn it and try it and see how it works and keep what is good and chuck the rest up to experience. And then continuously build a better bridge. The biggest room in the world is room for improvement.
    The competent and intelligent student studies and evaluates and gleans all data of all subjects of comparable magnitude in the known universe of his time point, then thinks for himself to see how he can even improve upon all what he has learned from his research, to arrive at the most superior computation of his point in time.
    That is what Hubbard did in his day.
    Today we have exponentially more data and experience.
    There are a good number of others today that ( after doing Hubbard’s scn, have thought for themselves and did their best to build better bridges.
    They are all more great resource material for the competent and intelligent student and bridge builder. I commend them all.
    To just parrot Hubbard or to deify him is just aberration.
    His words, in Dianetics, that he just blazed a trail, and expects those to come after him to build a better bridge, still holds true today, and will always hold true at every new point in time.
    Knowledge is not static. What was true yesterday, is not necessarily true today.
    If you can’t build a better bridge, you did not get the point of scn, or Hubbard’s point, and have therefore flunked scientology.
    4. every one has to realize, know and understand that nothing that DM and the cos said or did, says or does is not without some sort of fraud or deceit or most covert ulterior motives,The most significant motives is to eventually take a person to the money cleaners and then the body and mind trap.
    However far down the road those goals are, or how ever they can be accomplished, or whatever order they can be accomplished.
    I should stress that DM’s first actions, from what I gather, at the very beginning when taking over from Hubbard were not without fraud or deceit and other covert and unsavoury intentions and means. It was conceived in corruption or other unsavory conditions. DMs house is built on a rotten corrupt foundation.
    None of the cos’s copyrights are without fraud or deciet. None of of his authority is without fraud or deceit. The kool aid was always laced.
    And anyone and every one has to know and understand that and be able to stand up and defend the truth. You have to know your stuff. And when the sepent strikes, you have to be able to slay the serpent with the truth.
    You have to know what arrow of truth has to be shot into the heart of the serpent. And you have to be a good shot.
    Knowing what arrow and knowing where to put the arrow and how to shoot and aim the arrow, and being a good shot, will slay the serpent and set you free from his evil and wrath.
    You have to know where the juglar vein or heart of the serpent is.

  5. Dio, as far as I am concerned you have nailed it – your comments are spot on. I take my hat off for those who have initiated this project. Apart from the obvious good it will do it will also serve as a rallying point for creative and inquiring minds not limited by the ceiling placed on creativity and inquiry by the C of S.
    In the spirit of support for this project, I wish to mention two points which, in all probability, is already known to the organizers of the project.
    1. The C of S has over the years been involved in removing information from written material and tapes which was contrary to their “politics”. For instance, any acknowledgement or praise by LRH for subsequently declared SP’s in writing or on tape will have been removed. I would imagine that LRH’s, praise of me as a ships captain as well as him acknowledging my suggestion and outline for establishing the Flag Executive Briefing Course, have been removed from the original class 8 course tapes.
    2. If not already noted, an excellent source of detailed historical information is available in the “orders of the day” – the oods – which was posted daily on SO ships.

    • Joe, Any idea where the “Orders of the Day” can be found?
      (Sounds like an interesting read all by itself. I believe that this became a source of ‘hidden data lines’.)

      • I am currently tracking down a source who has some copies of the OOD’s. Once I have them I will certainly make them available to anyone interested. It is possible that some ex SO member has most of them?

  6. Thoughtful, at the Scientology-Cult site has tons of data there.
    As referenced above, these various and numerous depositories can be corralled into one massive knowledge site.
    That’s a monumental task.

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