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Chris Shelton

We are posting some videos here as a first introduction to Chris Shelton who recently left the Sea Org.

In his own words, (published on Mike Rinder’s blog in February this year) he says:

“I spent my entire adult life as a professional Scientology staff member. I started taking classes when I was 15 and joined staff at the age of 17. I joined the Sea Organization when I was 25 and stayed in until I was 43.

I trained as a Pro Course Supervisor and Word Clearer, Class 0 Auditor and Purification Rundown In-Charge. I also trained as a Data Series Evaluator and Org Manager, amongst many other things. I completed all of The Basics books and lectures after they were released in 2006, as well as the LRH Congresses and a panoply of other lectures and materials (including many issues that public may never see as they were “confidential Sea Org references” concerning management and administration). When it comes to Scientology and Sea Organization policy and tech, I can unequivocally state that I am an expert.”

The full article can be seen here http://www.mikerindersblog.org/chris-shelton-speaks/

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Another game, another lie

Here we go again with the Church making misleading statements and claiming false stats.

The following email is being sent out far and wide by The Way to Happiness Foundation: Our apologies for the formatting – we have done our best to replicate it – the data relevant to this article is highlighted in bold italics below (reference to South Africa).


From: The Way to Happiness Foundation International [mailto:newsletter=twth.org@robly.com] On Behalf Of The Way to Happiness Foundation International

Sent: 26 April 2014 07:17 PM
Subject: The secret to a safe World Cup In Brazil

The Way to Happiness®

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Lots of letter. Not so much news.

Below is the Joburg North OT Committee Newsletter sent out to the field at large last week. Now, it is not the intent or purpose of this blog to nit pick every little thing emanating from the church. But this is coming out of an org that is pushing hard to raise the last million or so buy a massive building so it can “go ideal”. The following makes it clear that it is barely keeping its existing scene going and is wholly unprepared for the idealness that is supposed to follow, straight up and vertical notwithstanding.

This a 3-4 page newsletter that says almost nothing. The only real details given are 4 people who have returned from higher orgs and can be seen in the org. Interesting to note the return of Eric and Eugene Rabe. They surely sailed through their eligibility for their role in giving up most of the Joburg 18 for declare. It was a report from Eugene that formed the backbone of those declares.

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Andrew & Shelley Jackson – Part two

Having left off on the high note of Joburg Org’s Grand opening in 2003, we continue with our story.001 (8)

Concurrent with the org moving to Kensington, a massive recruit drive was taking place., mainly headed up by the CLO. With the additional staff on post, CLO assistance and ongoing public participation, stats were rising. 4 months after the unveiling of the new org, Joburg won the 2004 Int LRH Birthday Game. Another huge win.

But it didn’t stop there – the next target was Saint Hill Size, and the frantic activity was upped another notch. Yet again, public got behind this new target, working in tandem with the org. Our entire family also played their part in the push – involved in virtually every committee or activity going. Bookselling, Clear Africa Committee, Anti-Drug marches, WTH Campaigns and of course, the Arts Festival. My son Jean was on the team sent to India to assist with the Dec 2004 Tsunami disaster.

The OT Committee at this time consisted of a large contingent of very able and hard-working people who contributed greatly towards Joburg going St Hill Size and winning the 2005 Birthday Game (sadly, most of these people were later nailed in the now-famous “Joburg 18” SP declares).

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Your new e-meter and why you should get one

By Frik Blaauw

Meter001I received this promo from my favorite clubbed seal at Joburg Day, telling about wins by
auditors who are using the new e‐meter.

Miracles with the new meter success –

“I had my first session on my e-meter! there was no need for setup of my body to the meter. Nothing! The cans warmed up by themselves! No false TA! Doing six sessions a day will be a piece of cake! There is zero bypassed charge. The meter reads on what I know it should read on in every session! It tells me what’s going on when I feel, think and cognite. now when I finish one session, I count the minutes until I can do another one! I will be completing this level in the appropriate time span. The miracles are enormous.” – CD


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Google stats – South Africa

Yesterday Mike Rinder ran an interesting article which used Google trends to plot the interest in Scientology through Google searches over time. You can read this article here.

Here is the picture for global interest:


This shows a declining interest over time (years) despite occasional spikes.

We thought it was worth doing the same thing for South Africa. The following graph shows interest in Scientology through Google searches in South Africa over the last 8 or 9 years.

Scntrend001There was a spike in interest at the end of 2012 which corresponds with the international graph. The rest of the graph is also pretty similar and shows a declining interest in the subject. This despite the opening of the new Pretoria ideal org in Feb 2013.

This is vital information. Google is the world’s go to source for access to information. If something is popular, Google will know. It is not insignificant.

This is evidence of what everyone outside the church knows: The impact of Scientology in the world is small and declining. This despite an accumulated wealth of approximately R150 million locally and $3-5 billion internationally.

What exactly are your donations buying?

Andrew & Shelley Jackson – Part one

[Note: Andrew & Shelley’s story is compelling and we feel it should be told in full. We will be serialising this story over the next week or so.  Here is part one]

Andrew & Shelley

Andrew (aka losingmyreligion) and Shelley (aka Black Panther)

It’s difficult to know where to begin when one has spent their entire lives connected to and living within a belief system like Scientology. Possibly one of the worst things about this is trying to “separate” the subject of Scientology from who the being really is – in other words, what part is Scientology, and what part is the person? Both Andrew and I have grappled with this quite a bit as we continue to find our way out of the Church’s convoluted labyrinths and traps which have been cleverly set-up to hold one under control. Not that we think this was ever LRH’s intention, but it is certainly has become the operating procedure of the Church today.

Both our stories in SCN are complex and multi-faceted. We couldn’t possibly cover everything in just one article, so we have decided to break our story up into “chapters”. This way, the readers don’t go into overwhelm, and our story can be told in bite size pieces, making it easier to digest. Certain stories or incidents deserve to stand on their own as entirely separate articles, and we will also post these from time to time.

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