The Fitzroy Street “fundraiser”


So the UK is now flaunting that dreaded Fitzroy Street plaque as the “first ever fund raiser” for a building.   Well let’s shine a bit of light on the damn thing.

In true colonial style (copying Britain) South Africa has flown the Fitzroy plaque flag in Ideal Org mailing after Ideal Org mailing after Ideal Org mailing – ad nauseum.

There is a veteran Fitzroy Street staff member who has this story to tell about the pesky plaque.

“I worked at Fitzroy Street from the end of l956 when the building was acquired and I left England to go abroad half way through 1959.

I never laid eyes on that plaque.

However I since learned from a former fellow staff member from that era, also now living in Europe,  that his name was on it and it did eventually get hoisted on a wall somewhere but that was in the sixties.

He further tells me that he and others (members) in the UK field were ”assessed” for donations after the fact in accordance with their membership status.    Bear in mind that membership in those days varied from five shillings to ten pounds or something thereabout.   The early edition red volumes describe memberships in HASI.

But what is most intriguing about that plaque is the banner inscription at the top before all the little individual plates.  South Africa allowed one mailing to go through with it intact and thereafter it was defaced on all the subsequent e-mails.

This headline (beneath the heading ‘THE CONTRIBUTIONS OF THESE MADE THIS BUILDING OURS’  read:  L.Ron Hubbard, Mary Sue Hubbard, Jack Parkhouse, Jean Thomason, Reg Sharpe.

This raises a bunch of questions and highlights some outpoints.

Ron and Mary Sue were kind of obvious – but did they in fact “donate” part of their non-existent salaries?   Also of interest was that the Hubbard family had left the UK about October 1956.  They were actually living and working in Washington DC (Ron was delivering the 15th Washington ACC) when the UK org moved from Notting Hill to Fitzroy Street.

Jack Parkhouse the Association Secretary of the UK org negotiated the purchase of the building from former owner Reg Sharpe who ran his business from there.

LRH returned to England in April 1957, ran the Radiation Congress;  arranged for the tapes to be transcribed and the book All About Radiation to be prepared for publication, briefly hatted a London staff member on the Upper Indoc TRs and departed back to America.   He did not return to England until he came to deliver the 5th London ACC towards the end of 1958.

Jack Parkhouse and his wife Alison were exiled to South Africa to open the first org there near the end of 1957 after there was some internecine warfare among the staff at Fitzroy Street (no KR-system in existence then; only the SO No 1 line by which staff could rat out each other).

Jean Thomason was personally fired by LRH  within hours of him arriving back in the UK in April 1957.   Immediately after he did that he had a handwritten note posted on the staff notice board  (it later became a PL) that said in effect “The thing that has hurt me most in Dianetics and Scientology is the phenomenon of the rise and sudden fall of executives.”

Later that year Reg Sharpe was declared persona non grata by LRH after he found out that Reg had inveigled himself, a non staff member,  onto an illegal “Congress Committee” that began meeting weekly at the Fitzroy Street org.  This was an entity dreamed up by Reg and allowed by Jack Parkhouse with the stated purpose of ‘telling Ron what to talk about at the next Congress’

No wonder LRH was so pissed off with the English operation that he stayed away so long.  He sent his son Nibs (LRH junior) and a Washington staff member, John Fudge to the UK.   Nibs was allowed to conduct a farcical Congress (what a hash he made of it) and John Fudge turned out to replace Jack Parkhouse when he was booted to Johannesburg (and later to Cape Town).

So please guys, no more about the Fitzroy Street plaque!

23 thoughts on “The Fitzroy Street “fundraiser”

  1. Typical of the lies being perpetrated by the Orgs these days.
    From what I understand buildings like the one on Fitzroy in London and the one on 801 North 3rd in Phoenix Az were purchased by HASI and not by individual contributions or “donations”.
    They didn’t need them.
    These original organizations paid for themselves by selling memberships, books and recorded lectures plus by delivering Congresses, courses and ACCs starting with the original Hubbard Dianetics Research Foundation in Elizabeth NJ.

  2. ***See video**** below
    There is no accounting.
    There is no transparency unlike other Charities and non profits.
    There is no evidence that money even raised for “Ideal orgs” goes to
    Ideal Orgs.
    There is no evidence that Fitzroy Street fundraising was ever used for anything.
    But there is plenty of evidence that huge amounts of money are paid to 150 Lawyers world wide who firewall the Church from criminal acts and lots on the payroll are Private Investigators who hire dirty PIs who will push the envelope giving the “Mother Church” some layers of cutaway protection.
    What is a game changer is that a District Judge ruled in a ruling that Scientology Inc is a BUSINESS. Just about the worst thing a Church can have happen is the Courts ruling it is actually engaging in commercial or business activity ….Why ?
    Because there are very specific laws on business conduct.

    • Thank you for this Karen. And I never realised that Michael Bennitt had his own blog. He has done so much to assist Mike Rinder get actual facts to blow out the b.s. PR put out by this “church”. Very much appreciated!

      • Sunshine Disinfects
        Thank you,
        Mike Bennitt is going to release ALL his videos of the Court Room Scenes and all his Flickr account images of the Court scenes to Wikipedia and Wikimedia They have been asking him for a while. Due to recent events, Mike Bennitt will even go further than that. He is assigning a Creative Commons Attribution License like I do with my videos, It means anyone can copy, distribute, propagate, mirror, ad infinitum. All media can take as much as they want of these very public with no worries of any sort.

  3. I am not an auditor but have been around. So forgive me if I get this not so technically prefect.

    “Pick up the cans. I am not auditing you. The MAA is just outside the door.”

    “On the overt of asking public for money to buy buildings, and the use of this plaque, how else did you justify it?”

    Hah! It read!

    Folks, if I were to donate to the IAS or Ideal Orgs, it would read as an overt on my meter. With future sec checks in mind, it’s cheaper for me to not donate.

    • I’ve just completed Messiah or Madman. I recommend it as getting more truth out about ‘our’ cult. I’m about to start reading Barefaced Messiah. I’m not one to not confront things, I’m willing to experience anything, per the two steps to being happy. I believe we should all know the truth behind Scientology.
      One can make informed decisions and have valid opinions only when all the facts are at hand.

      • Reading it myself actually. Very interesting indeed! Have to keep reminding myself though, no one person can be as saintly or godlike as the church blags infernally about LRH. Likewise, no book no matter how insistent regading LRH’s egotistical and pure evil intent to enslave us all, falls short of convincing me so either. Who is really that good or bad?? To me it looks like the 5% of LRH’s chatacter that was truly negative was written in the book messiah ot madman. The only positive I could glean from all this was a nod to the tech being workable at times or that LRH was a real charmer
        . The rest painted him as Lucifers bad boy brother!! Get real! Dont get me wrong, there was probly plenty truth in the book. I was shocked, yes Sir! I do believe that it was presented out of context without weighing the full story though. LRH made some frightful mistakes, but to show him in this light without highlighting LRH’s VAST achievements as well, shouts only this. I am an enemy of L Ron and cannot permit or see any good thst he was or did. Simple.

      • Good for you gc880! That’s what I say too. The Antology website is also very interesting and has lots of info about the very early London days. Keep researching 🙂

    • Yeah, will read it. I believe in getting a balanced view of things, good or bad.
      I will say what irks me though. Ex koolaiders (like myself once upon a time) who after leaving corporate Scientology discover all the BAD stuff about LRH, scientology and the organisation he created. Perhaps they dipped into the forbidden fruit of the advanced level data just because they were curious or simply because they finally felt free enough to scout through? Anyways soon after, LRH is bad, the tech is all fabricated, its all BS and I was duped by church blah blah! Whats totally forgotten is that these same people had MASSIVE LIFE CHANGING wins in Scientology! Shall I list some of them? Nah, too many to speak of, even the watered down church tech still got results! So what gives? All of a sudden you are a victim of corporate scientology and everything attached to scientology is evil personified?? How bout them wins then? All hocus pocus too? Pah, whatever matee, time to wake up! LRH flaws and all, created some incredible tech. Your disagreements are a part of your rights to your own self determinsm. But when I see people swing from one extreme to another (koolaider to LRH basher) I know someone is not looking!
      The above statements are null and void if you never benefitted in any way from the tech- bash away!

      • “But when I see people swing from one extreme to another (koolaider to LRH basher).” I tend to see this effect as just the pendulum swinging the other way. They just got out and need more time to decompress. Takes a while for the charge to drop below a certain level, then they can think more clearly, and decide where they want to go from there.
        True also, that some people are just dramatizing evil purps. (Watch out for these.)

      • No intention to judge others, just needed to state openly how I felt about the recent LRH bashing is all. You see Ive just had such good experiences with the tech and I find it hard to understand how such a villian as portrayed in the book messiah or madman could produce such a wonderful technology? That was my singular gripe I spose.

    • Sheeplebane – I haven’t read it all, but I take to heart what people who actually knew and worked with LRH say – such as Mike Rinder, Sinar Parman, Steve Pfauth, Joe van Staden and others (and sometimes even that differs – you have to pull the threads together)
      I was watching a documentary the other night about Nixon : Hated, reviled and finally impeached – and yet still there some who say he was wrongly persecuted. I am not comparing LRH with Nixon, just saying…the nature of humans is complex enough for there to be a number of differing opinions about the same person. Shakespeare’s Macbeth is the opposite of the real historic Macbeth.
      One thing that really struck me was reading LRH’s “affirmations” (private notes) found and published on the i/net I think by Gerry Armstrong, where LRH says he can hear his guardian angel “Ruan” clearly. He also mentioned (perhaps somewhere else) a guardian “Diana”. Later he had a daughter and she was named Diana and even later a grand-daughter named Roanne. LRH might be wrong about stuff, but I seriously doubt he intended to pull a con. I think he believed it for real. And a lot of it works, and yes, I have seen people change for the better too! And then others get stuck….
      The thing I like about many of my scientology friends and family is that they have looked at more stuff in life than most. Not everyone, but many. Even in the assessment of the truth of it all, many scientologists will apply scientology in their analysis of the facts – ironic.
      I am sitting in the same camp as you on this I think.

      • I find myself going through these pendulum swings as much as anyone. At a point in time I decided to simply stop doing the Basics (even at home, certainly not at the Org) but often think to myself – LRH is the ONLY place I know to get this sort of data on life itself and I’m only hurting myself. During one of these pendulum swings a few months ago I decided to rehab the wins I’d had in Scn by writing them all down warts and all. I came to the conclusion the wins were not just real but spectacular. I mean, coming into real present time and noticing the difference through half a lifetime?? Getting to the point of really taking responsibility for my dynamics, sufficiently so to walk away from an Org I’d spent half a lifetime thoroughly immersed in?
        The decision I’m still battling with is whether to pick up on the Basics and learn to ignore the BS in favour of the real tech that is clearly there.

      • Sean, I get your point! Seems to me you took responsiblity for your life and made good on it. Maybe its a case of unfurling the master sail and letting the winds of fortune blow you to wherever there is some interest or challenge left. Exciting possibilities, all of it!

  4. What is most interesting to me about the use of the Fitzroy St plaque to justify idle org fundraising is two things:
    1. There is no evidence that the building was purchased through “fundraising” — this may also be a list of people who were on course at the time, and by reason of their participation it made the building possible.
    2. A plaque from the 50′s is apparently senior to subsequent POLICY forbidding this exact practice. They don’t mention this at all. I actually wonder what these “fundraisers” say when shown the LRH Policy Letters that forbids what they are doing?
    I found your history here enlightening. I had no idea the building was where Reg Sharpe had his business.

    • Mike,
      I totally agree with you on both counts.
      “Contributed” could mean anything other than contributing to the actual purchase of the building.
      From what I understand Reg who was a good friend of Ron’s owned the building and there could have been an agreement between them to use Fitzroy as quarters.
      As I wrote earlier 46 Aberdeen Rd (I believe) in Elizabeth which Ron originally owned was turned over to the HDRF after the place became so busy with PCs and students.
      Same with the house that J Burton Faber owned on Hoover (I think) in LA for the original Church of Scientology of California which became the “Mother Church”.
      In other words they evolved into viable organizations based on public demand.
      Unlike these so called “Ideal Orgs”.
      As far as I’m concerned the idiots behind this whole “Ideal Org” operation have put the horse before the cart.
      Whether this is just stupidity or because of some malicious intent on their part I do not know but I do know that as you say there no *policy* that supports this action including the *policy* they claim to be applying which of course is *The Ideal Org*.

  5. Please go to Tony Ortega’s Blog today!
    This Organization is sitting on BILLIONS of dollars! They play the “we are broke” card with everyone. Poor staff and Sea Org work for nothing. The leader lives a lavish lifestyle he carefully hides from view. Huge fees are charged for services delivered by “volunteers”.
    Scientology collects tons of money for real estate and most of them sit vacant. The ones that are opened as Ideal Orgs are sitting vacant! This is a real estate scam called “How to get rich buying Real Estate with NO MONEY down and no loans”!
    Many have lost homes to foreclosure and filed bankruptcy to do Scientology and contribute to the motion of amassing great wealth for a big business disguising itself as a Church.
    It is time this information goes global! Send these tax returns to everyone you know still in Scientology! It is hard to deny the facts! Members have a right to know this Organization is sitting on billions! Perhaps members will think twice about allowing the crush regges to financially ruin them!

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