Pretoria – idling along



At the time of Johannesburg achieving Ideal Org status in 2003, it was literally humming. At event after event, with graduations packed to the rafters, public were informed of “unprecedented expansion” across the boards. And so it continued to expand until they won the Int Birthday Game in 2004 – just a mere 4 months after it’s Grand Opening. The crowning glory of course, was in 2005, when not only did Joburg Org win the Birthday game for a second year in a row, they had also achieved Saint Hill Size.

Another expansion burst occurred again in 2011 when Joburg celebrated it’s ribbon re-cutting, although this one was somewhat short-lived and pretty pithy in comparison to the 2003 opening. None-the-less, the staff compliment built up again to over 60 (and subsequently diminished almost as fast).

It was at this time (2011) that the Ideal Org DMSMH Leatherbounds were introduced. Public were told that ALL the money raised from the sales of these book would be used for a Marketing Campaign to “get our org out of Non-Existence” . Promises were made about billboard, street pole, bus shelter, newspaper and radio ads and the like. Visions of Scientology advertisements being splashed across the city were promised.  About 25 of these books were handed out as “gifts” to a few who had contributed above and beyond towards getting the Joburg refit done. This left 475 to sell. Every now and then, an email would be sent out about “we only have xxxxxx leatherbounds left and then our non-e marketing campaign can commence”. And so this went on. And on. And on. A trickle of sales……….

On the 7th November 2013 Joburg org sent out an email stating they still had 276 books left.

Then the GATII event happened. Since then, not a word has been heard from Joburg Org about leatherbounds or any marketing campaign.

Likewise, in February 2013, when Pretoria Org had it’s grand opening, they too were allotted 500 leatherbound for their non-E campaign. They seemed to take this a lot more seriously than Joburg, because a within 9 months of their Grand Opening, they proudly announced they had sold all their leatherbound books! This was posted on their facebook page on the 11th November 2013, as pictured below:



Assuming Pretoria also ended up “gifting” about 25 of their books, this means they sold around 475 books @ R5,0000 a piece – netting them a cool R2,375,000.00 for their marketing campaign. That equates to a LOT of bus shelters, street poles, newspaper and similar ads.

And yet, driving around the streets of Pretoria, 4 months AFTER the announcement that they had sold all their books,  there is not a single advert of any description anywhere within a 5 mile radius of the new org. Not even one of those wavy banner-things like the used car-lots put up outside their business. Nothing. Nadda. Zip.

So where is the money? And what is happening with this promised campaign? Surely the Pretoria public (who probably coughed up plenty moola for these books) are entitled to know what is happening? Especially seeing as they managed to achieve this goal in 9 months as opposed to Joburg who is still sitting with the majority of their books unsold almost 3 years later……….

Reports we have received are that Pretoria Org is idling along – emphasis on idle. The org came 2nd on the continent this year for the LRH Birthday game, and Willem was invited alongside Bob and Albert to attend the Int event. This is another first and we cant help wondering how many other orgs ED’s who came 2nd attended the LRH Birthday event – efforts to fill up the auditorium?  Consolation prize? Or making up for the fact that David Miscavige utterly snubbed Pretoria by not pitching up for the Grand Opening (which everyone expected him to do).

Considering Joburg only achieved 900 points for the entire year (average of 17 points per week), one can only wonder what points Pretoria slid into 2nd place with. This is a pretty poor show when one considers that in 2006, the winning MISSION achieved 1835 points, and the 2nd place Class V org achieved 2514 points. Looks like both Joburg and Pretoria could REALLY do with those non-existent (oops existence) marketing campaigns!

Pretoria is a brand-new Ideal Org  – barely been open for a year, and yet it would seem they are no better off than before they moved to the HUGE but Idle Org they now occupy. Their facebook page is ominously quiet with only the odd post here and there, and the “weekly” calendar of events they are emailing out are further proof that not much is happening.





23 thoughts on “Pretoria – idling along

  1. Personally I never thought the money would go to ads or any other type of promotion.

    Probably 20% to the person selling the books and the rest was used for the Org’s operating expenses.

    Like you wrote the non-existence campaign is nonexistent 😉

    • R2,375 million for operating expenses? Naah…! It’s gone to Miscavige, sitting in the ever growing South African reserve account banking account for the day Miscavige can get his hands on it.

  2. If a Marketing campaign is promised, it should have some planning, and it should then be carried out as promised. It should not just depend on the sale of some leatherbound books.

    Looks like that promise of a marketing campaign was hollow.

  3. When I lived in South Africa years ago Johannesburg org in the mid 70s had about 60 staff which means it hasn’t grown at all in 40 years!
    Or are my numbers off?

    • No, Leonard you’re not wrong. Joburg org today is a shadow of what it was like in the 70’s – despite constant claims to contrary about how “we’ve expanded more in the last 10 years than in the last 30 combined”. Utter baloney. And public are more and more starting to wake up and smell the coffee.

      • I recently heard from the horse’s mouth about a year ago the Joburg extension course supervisor received an international commendation for having 25 students submit lessons in one week. The commendation was apparently because it was by far the highest on the planet. 25?? This figure was about the average for Joburg just a year earlier. The signs of rapid decline are everywhere.
        I have also just learned that another family in my area is officially disaffected – this means there is not a single family left that is onlines (though there is one individual living on charity with one of those disaffected families). And this is an area that the CoS was once considering to locate the new org!

  4. With the low employment rate in this country, there is no lack of potential staff members, and I know Jo’burg Org reels them in fast and furious. Weeks later, the new staff member realises they don’t earn enough to pay for the transportation to get them to work everyday, and it’s not long before their families start to ask why they have to give the newbie money to get to work – after all, “you’ve got a job now”.

    So Jo’burg runs a conveyor belt of staff falling off faster than they can pull them in. It’s discouraging to realise that the beautiful premises hide a failing enterprise, that you can’t do your job because there’s no ‘phone money, no paper, and no way to escape being blamed for your failure – your problems are just “excuses”, and you get no back-up from your seniors.

    They push you to sign your contract, go as far as telling you that per LRH you will earn more than the average wog in a similar job, and conveniently forget to tell you that they’ve never once got that right. You stay because you are now obligated to do so until, finally, you simply can’t find a way to get to work, so you don’t show.

    I have watched this happen to so many beautiful, generous and caring beings, that truly want to make a difference – the Church takes that, grinds it under heel and spits on it, and now there are hundreds of beings out there who believe there is no reward for helping.

    For that reason alone it is time to see the dragon lose his head.

    • Nice comment Michelle. So sad, this messed up scene.

      This idea of selling books to pay for a marketing campaign is just as off-policy as raising funds for buildings directly from the field.

      Set aside 14 % of your income to pay for promo. If I remember right, that is the policy.

      From INCOME, from the sales of auditing or training services.

      To those looking in, take note. This is verifiable fact. Nowhere in the green volumes does it suggest, anywhere, that you raise funds from the field other than for the sale of services.

      Book sales income STAYS in the book account.

      Welcome to the new weird world of the current management.

      • True data GW.

        Problem is that if the so called “Church of Scientology” applies any Policy or Tech these days it is purely by accident.

        Why do you think they have the public doing the long and arduous “Basics” instead of something practical like the “old” HQS course which also covers policies relating to Org structure?


        Because it is obvious that they don’t want their mushroom (meaning kept in the dark and fed bull shit) public to get anywhere near Policy (like for instance Vital Data on Promotion) which proves their convictions about *subsidizing* their activities by “Fund Raising” to be *Off Policy*.

      • RV


        When I looked through literally 100’s of policies to try and understand the current management programs, none of it made sense. As you say, the Basics is just one of the crazy programs.

        The only way I was able to get what management was doing, I had to step completely outside of the green volumes. Then you can make sense of it. It is all new invented “policy” that makes what they are doing okay, in their mind. They cut and paste LRH quotes, to complete a leap of logic, to justify their new programs.

        The current scene has no similarity whatsoever with what LRH describes in hundreds of pages of writing.


  5. What’s even more disturbing is the fact (perhaps it’s not a fact?) that none of the Pretoria donors to this ‘project’ are or have queried the event, or lack thereof. I’m speaking here without facts though and perhaps there have been queries. Somehow, though, I doubt it. Querying could land you into hot soup.

  6. Hi Scn Africa. Re the birthday game – for the first time this year, 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners were invited (read forced) to attend the event to receive their awards. Maybe their photo shopper left and they were desperate to get any bodies in at all.So how many trips have some EDs made to flag or LA this year? It’s not like they are rolling in the money…oh wait…there is all that money in SO reserves that can’t leave the country. Think they were allowed to use some of that for air tickets, accomos, tuxedos etc? 😉

  7. A quick view!I had a beautiful Tuxedo….I lent it willingly to an American SO member some years ago who was most demanding about needing it…I was also driving him around Jhb before I even knew I had the hat!.I didnt get a thank you…and I didnt get the tux back…nothing,nada.That was a cog then ,that I swept under the carpet..I mean,the guy was SO right…he musta just overlooked it and he was a busy saving the world kinda guy so I let it go….makes sense now….maybe he thought I was also screwing his wife!Maybe I shoulda?He shoulda just asked!He was wrong on all counts.Have a grand weekend y`all.

    • Disgusting, Koola. Disgusting. Talk about getting ripped off. Right there and then. Can you imagine what this guy is now doing to other helpful, generous, unsuspecting people? He’s perfect as a Miscavige thug.

    • I once organised the loan of a photocopier for the SO from Nashua. The machine was so abused Nashua came back and lodged a complaint with me – the machine was used to make far more copies that it was meant for and based on the specs they’d been given.
      I once loaned the SO my digital camera. Came back buggered.
      I once loaned the SO my frigging car – same story.
      Does this reflect a consistent pattern of out-exchange by the “most ethical group on the planet”??

  8. The mistake is : You are looking for Marketing Campaign to resolve the problem of expansion. Wrong target. You have to concentrate on Standard Tech. What is missing is just results. Wins. Clears and OTs acting as Clear and OTs . Just KSW series 1

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