The Death Ground

death ground

We received this email today. It is fascinating especially since it was written just over a year ago. It’s a summary of a briefing given by Bruce Wiseman of CCHR at the Fraser mission in the US.

It gives some insight into the mind of the church as it stands today. The hemorrhaging of active and onlines Scientologists, the mass ex communicating of long standing members, the massive financial mismanagement is seen not as any kind of internal problem but rather the “enemy” in its dying throes.

Sent: 3/21/2013 9:50:34 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time
Subj: Bruce Wiseman's briefing at the Fraser Mansion.


Bruce Wiseman, IAS Freedom Medal Winner and President of CCHR US, was in town last week making Congressional visits

He then gave a briefing last Friday night at the National Affairs Office. Below is a data summary from the briefing.

Raw data:

number of pro-psych bills being pushed through Congress at this time – highest ever (at least 5) law suits against big pharma has triggered massive shut downs of psych research centers world wide – dozens state level mental health funding chopped by recent financial sequester psych funding terminated from Blue Cross Blue Shield in Florid

Police state detail: a new government program now being implemented – teams of government psychologists will patrol airports, concerts and sports events with police dogs. They are trained to seek out terrorists that are identified by “micro facial expressions”. Funding for thousands of unmanned drones to be used by law enforcement in this country


number of black PR hits against Scientology – rising drastically


The enemy is now on death ground; this is a concept from the book The Art of War by Sun-tzu. It describes soldiers in battle, who when surrounded and facing imminent death become empowered and ferocious as they desperately fight for their lives. And that this is a war that will not have a treaty with concessions exchanged between sides. One party will be left standing in the end. And that the end is not so far off.

So in 2013 we are stepping into a year of unprecedented expansion coupled with powerful new technical releases that will shake the timbers and send the screaming squirrels around the bend. And just for a sprinkle of randomity our arch enemy is on death ground mounting their final charge

Get the picture?

As our VM Tent is particularly visible, accessible and vulnerable, I am sending this out to a select group of VMs, particularly, Clears, OTs and other competent Scientologists so that you may assume responsibility for this situation. But the truly positive and exciting side to all this is that with the new TV and Internet ads bringing 1 million visits a week to the Scientology web site, so the traffic at the tent will be out the roof.

The tent goes out every Sunday starting March 31st. On Sunday the 24th we are having a planning and coordination meeting at the Fraser Mansion at 10 AM.

I look forward to seeing you there.


There is never any looking back and evaluating, only marveling at what is coming in the future. The above mail states that in 2013 they are stepping into a year of unprecedented expansion. In November it was the opening of the flood gates to the bridge, in Feb 2014 it was making all orgs Ideal in 2014. None of which came to pass and none of which will. There will be no looking around to ask “what happened?” only another look to 2015 and how amazing it will all be then.

The only conscience, the only challenge will come from people like us coldly calling to the light of day the empty promises.

There are already a number of people who forward us data and snippets of information. What we are particularly interested in now is every communication that makes a future promise. Please forward these to us at We want to call each to task.

And let’s not forget that we have one month to go until our 6 month review of the effect of the release of GAT II.

And what of the “enemy” referred to? That’s you and we they’re talking about. Those that have left either overtly or quietly and are calling the outpoints. Those that have chosen to practice as Scientologists away from the controlling domination of the church. The church desperately wishes us all to fall under a label – “squirrels” or “the enemy” or some such. Yet the one defining characteristic of those who leave is the refusal to be shaped into a group or a direction. Each takes their own journey.

Are we collectively on “death ground”?

If you are still able to, go to your local org. Look around. The long list of people who are no longer there have packed their things and are over here on death’s ground. The list grows daily. This alleged death ground is remarkably open with sunshine and the absence of threatening shadows.



32 thoughts on “The Death Ground

  1. Great post. Very enlightening.

    Looking back on the past year, I think the Sun Tzu statement precisely describes the Church’s “ferocious” mass declares around the world as they desperately fight for THEIR lives.

    I predict GAT II will go down in history as not only unsuccessful, but it will mark the beginning of the final demise of the Church of Scientology. Starting OT VIIIs at the bottom of the Bridge not only demoralizes the OT, it also educates the new PC at the Org of what lies in store for him: a circular Bridge to nowhere. This is not a better Bridge, it’s a dynamited Bridge.

  2. Does ANYONE actually believe this crap any more? My credulity went out the window as far back as 12-13 years ago when I heard Albert de Beer say for the umpteenth time that by 24 May 199footsack Joburg Org would be Old St Hill size. Nobody believed it but it seemed to make absolutely no difference to anyone or anything – because it was always a postulate. All we had to do was every one of us put our shoulder to the wheel. That’s why facts don’t penetrate the minds of KA drinkers – they understand better than we do its just a postulate and never pause to consider is there any point in time or significance at which a postulate that never happens becomes a lie?
    To look at the opposite side of this argument: if by some incredible miracle the vision spelled out by Miscavige actually came about (because if every one of us stopped what we’re doing and put our collective shoulder to the wheel, if actually still could) – would that make all of us idiots?

    • It’s a great point. Everyone is supposed to be Tone 40, right? Well the definition of Tone 40 includes the data (paraphrased) that not only does someone who is at Tone 40 believe there is no counter-postulate, but that in fact no counter-postulate is even possible. Now if that ain’t the recipe for systemic thought-stopping I don’t know what is!

  3. I was herd minded for 28 years and took a lot of researching to disconnect my mind from Scio-think. One person who Hubbard was disparaging of was Carl Jung, See what Jung had to say!
    He said, “The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe.If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.”

  4. Truly nuts.

    I used to buy into this kind of pep talk but can now see it’s all a crock of pr.
    It was interesting that apparently even he Bruce Wiseman thinks that they are in the “end game”. This is another example of leading through fear and manipulation at worse and at best, Bruce needs to start taking some long walks and sipping some decaff.

    • Wow, Martin. “Search” and you shall find. Fabulous ‘seeking’ all round! And then we find that it is a suppressed ‘what’ that is ‘missed’, further compounding the ‘missed felony’ and leading to the wrongful identification of a ‘who’! Amazing too, that this un-addressed all round restimulation, could be conveniently pushed aside, for the expedience of having a ‘who’, whose head could be cut off and mounted on a pike, with the triumphant; “Aha, there’s the culprit, everybody, (the SP)-so now just disconnect from him/her (after first disconnecting his/her head, from the body, of course!) so we can all go back to playing marbles!”

  5. “This alleged death ground is remarkably open with sunshine and the absence of threatening shadows.” Beautifully put, scnafrica. Thank you!

  6. We have been on the cusp of big things and major expansion since the 1970’s at least. Dianetic auditing using R3R was replaced by NED. Man was this gonna sort things out! And STOP PRESS! Turns out we have been making clears all along! So, enter the Dianetic Clear Special Intensive. Suddenly we had lots of clears! But unless you were rich, you would have to sell your house and first born child to afford it. And lose your job. The why for South Africa was found and everyone had to do the SA Rundown. This was going to open the floodgates. Then stop everything! Everybody gets re-C/S-ed for the happiness rundown. Urgent right now. This is gonna sort everything out! And the same for False Purpose Rundown. And the Key to Life. And the LOC. and of course the Purif. in-between. And Ethics Specialist. And PTS/SP Course, and clay table de-ptsing. Each of these was touted at the time as THE thing to do. Right now to save the planet and crack your case. Also the first revision of the books. And GAT. Then the basics. And now GAT2. And let’s not forget everybody especially OT’s needs to do purification and objectives again. Naturally the e-meter LRH USED for his own auditing is a piece of crap (despite costing a fortune) and is banned from use. None of these things has ever in my experience resulted in any major boom situation. We were making auditors by the shit load in the seventies. We should have just continued to do that without the Sea Org missions destroying everything that was successful anywhere. And i do mean everything anywhere. Orgs, missions, you name it. And man could those class 8’s audit!

  7. Never was impressed with Bruce Wiseman.
    Seems he’s taken the place of the late Dr. Thomas Szasz as an “opinion leader” and as far as I’m concerned is totally incompetent since unlike Szasz he has no understanding of Psychiatry and thus like most Chuchies fails to make the distinction between Institutional Psychiatry and Independent Psychiatrists many who are members of the Anti-Psychiatrist movement.
    Seems to be a parallel here.
    This thing about using facial recognition software to detect PK Dick’s Minority Report like pre crimes was rejected by the Law Enforcement community in general as unworkable legally (just imagine the DA explaining to the Judge and Jury that the Defendant looked like he was going to commit a crime. Yeah that’ll fly) and of questionable Constitutionally.
    Like the FEMA camp scare. It has no basis in reality.
    Not that there aren’t dark deeds that the Government isn’t committing as far as efforts at total surveillance (look at “Air Strip 1″ AKA Great Britain or the Pac Base for that matter with a CCTV on every corner) and information using Data Mining software but they are aware that the technology does have limits.
    Unlike Bruce obviously who like many in the Church exist in some kind of bubble. So much so that I wonder some times if the Church of Scientology is being used as a control group by the same people who brought us Mk Ultra and other efforts at mind control.
    If you look at it the Church these days is completely involved in perception management.
    For example the laity is continually being told that the Church’s expansion has been greater in the last five years than in the previous fifty which by comparing actual stats of that period to the actual stats now can be proven to be a complete and utter lie.
    Yet since Scientology has become a “faith based religion” these days led by someone claiming to be its leader based on what?
    That he happens to be the Chairman of the Board RTC which isn’t even on the Org Board.
    Talk about a leap of faith.
    ‘Nuff said.

  8. Cold, manipulated messages delivered to con and fool Scientologists. Honesty, integrity and personal values completely missing. The Sea Org in the early days did fantastic work and obtained huge beneficial results under LRH. The new crowd, infiltrated and entered CROSS PURPOSES. There are certain Flag Orders where the purpose of the Sea Org was altered to become creating command teams to take over…. A very far cry from KSW and holding the line on KSW. The techniques used fall into the category of un-convential warfare, low intensity warfare, mis-education , cultural warfare and psycho-politics. The enemy is within.
    This blog and the contributors stand for truth and freedom. The enemy within, is the infiltrators within the official C of S, in today’s world they stand for pseudo-ethics, enslavement and degradation. They need these things to hide their crimes and escape the penalties LIFE will implement upon them and their EVIL masters.

  9. Does anyone know someone in Big Pharma or the World Federation of Mental Health that I can hook up with so I can start getting some of this loot they apparently are handing out like candy to us “enemies of the Church”? I haven’t seen one thin dime for all the work I’ve been doing so far and I feel like I’m somehow missing out on the bonanza of wealth and fame and power that they want to shower down upon me for attacking the RCS. Just drop me a line at Once I get my super-secret Swiss bank account number and my untold millions, I’ll be sure to spread some of my wealth around. Thanks!

    • Chris,

      Let me recommend an account in the Cayman Islands which are now less regulated than Swiss Banks and far more secure.

      Then get in touch with Eli Lilly……

      Oh wait!

      Dave’s other BFF Matt Flashback got there first.


      Try Merck or any of the other big ones and tell ’em you want to destroy Scientology.

      Maybe after they’re finished laughing their asses off security might escort you out nicely.

    • Chris, as you know, we in Global Capitalism HQ control all of the big pharma companies. In your role as a leading SP, you should be getting some serious bucks every month. Perhaps the last time you moved you forgot to update your address? I will have one of the interns investigate and we’ll get a check for a few months worth of loot out to you shortly so you can buy that Porsche you’ve had your eye on.

    • I’ve been hearing this bs about obliterating psychiatry since 1990. Look how the koolaiders applaude this bs in this video. It’s nauseating. What is it about Scientologists that they gush and carry on hysterically for the slightest reason without any inspecting of the validity of what’s been said. They’ll scream, squeal and gush – at the drop of a hat. I find it hard to handle.

      Great and thought provoking video, Karen. Thanks for sharing.

      You know what you say about people with a mental issue having nowhere to go – I thought of this as soon as I came into Scientology but I was under the spell of ‘this is the greatest movement on the planet’ and it’s going ‘to lift you to places you haven’t even thought of’, I’m now ashamed to say. I just took it that LRH was the demi-god, he knew everything and what he says must be right. Oh, dear! Oh, dear. Have I found out differently!

      Anyway, it’s good to be out and amongst the free and aware on this blog provided for us by Scn Africa (thanks so much) and people like Karen and Chris Sheldon. And Mike Rinder (he’s blog is an absolute hoot. If you’re needing a smile in your day, hook into it! It exposes the idiosy of the church every day, seeing is believing) and Mary Rathbun for his great efforts and blog; and all sorts of other enlightened and responsible people out here!

    • Hey Karen, first up, thanks for doing an absolutely incomparable job, in exposing the little monster brat, in at least some of his heinous activities.
      Its just incomprehensible that anyone, consumed with so much hatred, could still be heading a ‘church’ and for a period of some 30 years.
      But then again, that’s what ‘mind control’, and its tools of choice – instill fear, subjugate, dominate, isolate, crush into obedient slavery, – can accomplish!
      More power to you, Karen. Keeping the humor in your approach, as does Mike Rinder (by the bucket loads), must be driving the DM-i-god’s pressure cooker to breaking point, but boy-o-boy, does it sure bring a lot of deserved mirth to those heavily betrayed souls, who are now fortunate enough, to have escaped the CO$ mind prison!
      Calvin, Durban.

  10. Yawn ……… same old same old …….. the forces of darkness are making their last desperate stand against we, the righteous …. they wouldn’t even be making all this noise except for the fact that planetary clearing IS now starting …… oh, and did I mention that we need more money for the ads … credit card please ….

  11. Scientology is doing nothing about anything….especially the Psychs drugging.

    I was terrified of counselor’s and “the Psychs” right after leaving Scientology. I would not read anything they wrote nor even consider talking to a counselor.

    Now that I have been out of Scientology for a while – I have disabused myself of this nonsense Scientology $ells – the evil Psychs! The real evil party is the corporation of scientology disguising itself as a religion while hurting members and controlling them to hurt each other.

    I have gone to the Pyschs websites and read about cult recovery, narcissism and trauma. Thank GOD someone out there understands what happens to people sucked into a bad, evil cult and can educate one thoroughly so as to heal from the betrayal and spiritual abuse.

  12. The need to have an enemy to rally the troops is not a new control mechanism. The same buttons being pushed here are supported and fortified by the bank which consists of, among other things, terminals (identities) and Op-terminals (identities opposing) in a games condition. This is how GPM’s are created. So Bruce is forwarding the mechanism of creation of more GPM case or more likely adding it to the GPM his is currently living. This is not Scientology it is black Scientology. Bruce is being the adverse effect of his own GPM case and running it down on anyone who will listen by pushing the Op-term button.

    Insanity in full display. No wonder he is so happy. It’s the glee of insanity.

  13. Not sure if I’ve posted here before or not. I’m a never in that feels outraged by the abuse of the COS towards some incredibly committed members. This email is an astounding truth of what really is. Terribly sad.

    • Wow – 5 years ago I would have said a ‘never in’ could not possibly understand the sad reality of that e-mail. It relives me to know that I have lost that ‘me & others’ ‘we are the only ones that know’ attitude. Thank you Need to know for caring.

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