Google stats – South Africa

Yesterday Mike Rinder ran an interesting article which used Google trends to plot the interest in Scientology through Google searches over time. You can read this article here.

Here is the picture for global interest:


This shows a declining interest over time (years) despite occasional spikes.

We thought it was worth doing the same thing for South Africa. The following graph shows interest in Scientology through Google searches in South Africa over the last 8 or 9 years.

Scntrend001There was a spike in interest at the end of 2012 which corresponds with the international graph. The rest of the graph is also pretty similar and shows a declining interest in the subject. This despite the opening of the new Pretoria ideal org in Feb 2013.

This is vital information. Google is the world’s go to source for access to information. If something is popular, Google will know. It is not insignificant.

This is evidence of what everyone outside the church knows: The impact of Scientology in the world is small and declining. This despite an accumulated wealth of approximately R150 million locally and $3-5 billion internationally.

What exactly are your donations buying?


18 thoughts on “Google stats – South Africa

  1. I hope that should read: declining interest in the “scientology” as offered by the COS, not the fz or both.
    The public has to be educated on what the right kind of scientology will do for a person, when applied correctly. And I don’t necessarily mean “standard tech”.
    When you apply “standard tech” you are only parroting Hubbard, and he called that a slight aberration.
    If you can’t think for youself and do your own research and build a better bridge, then you flunked “scientology”.
    To do so, use the same formula Hubbard used. But do it from a perspective of today, not in his day. Today we have an exponential amount of more data and experience to worth with and from.
    On the back of our local “ideal org” brochure that they hand out in their church service: it says:
    Scientology has accomplished the goal of religion expressed in all man’s written history, the freeing of the soul by wisdom. LRH.
    I have been full circle in this subject and know for certain that is true. I spent 27 yrs doing my own version of scientology before I came across Hubbard’s scientology. I am an expert on what does not work, as well as what does work.
    (Although the phrase quoted could be a bit better worded. A more succinct and explanatory word or words, is needed to replace “wisdom”. The way it exists does not get through to the point of “understanding” and “cognition” in a person’s mind, to create more interest and follow though with inquiry. )
    But in any event, when the COS uses the phrase, it is used as bait.
    Because the truth is the best bait in the world.
    And everything the COS says and does contains fraud and deceit to entrap and enslave and take a person to the cleaners.
    So people have to be made to understand that.
    There is a right way and a wrong way to do almost everthing.
    The good thing happening is that there is an increasing number of fz orgs popping up around the world.
    This idea should be promoted.
    But we need orgs that offer new and better bridges, not more standard bridges.
    If the standard bridge was as good as it is hyped up to be, there would not be such a mess now.

    • Come on now. The world doesn’t care about Scientology. Do really expect them to care about the difference between C of S Scientology and Indie Scientology or FZ Scientology?
      I’m an avid reader and commenter for all the blogs. I can therefore say that while the “public” might find these blogs interesting, they don’t exist for the general public. They exist so that C of S Scientologists have a way of learning that they aren’t the only ones thinking things are seriously wrong in the C of S.
      The only real PC dissemination is through word of mouth anyway. Don’t expect these blogs to be a platform for advertising independent Scientology and keeping the message “on point”.
      The message of this blog post is “Hey everyone, there is no ‘straight up and vertical’. Interest in SCN is declining.
      You really want it to go on to say that interest in Free Zone Scientology is increasing? Why?
      Do you think that’s even true?

  2. When very bad conduct occurs within, assault and batteries unreported to Law enforcement, heavy sleep deprivation and confinement in spaces with no free will to come and go, draconian over the top punishments, Fair Game to whistleblowers, increasing enemy count by disconnecting own family and loved ones…the PR becomes TOXIC.
    Here in popular culture is a site where “Church of Scientology” is positioned as one of 10 most sinister organizations on earth, along with Al Quedda, Hezbolah and North Korea

    • Karen’s right. Scientology PR out in the rest of the world is toxic, freezone included. The world just has too much well documented evidence about harmful scientology practices such as the ones you’re experiencing to ever go back to a blind acceptance of its claims. If you’re serious about rehabilitating the public perception of scientology you have a lot of work to do. You’re going to need to take the scientology creed at the head of this blog very seriously. Toss out the policies that contradict the creed – the ones which justify scientology’s perpetration of harm against other people, disconnection, fair gaming and ‘make money, make more money, make other people make money’ most particularly. Ditching these malignant practices will remove much of the fuel that fires anti scientology activism. I know what I’m saying is controversial, but only keep what actually works from your own experience. Toss everything else, source or no source, out the window. Take what works and start afresh.

  3. But how can you trust Google’s stats on this? They weren’t approved by INT Management. Maybe the SP’s are hiding the REAL expansion. Or not…

  4. Wow. It looks like a cardio-gram printout just before someone calls “code blue” and brings out the paddles to shock the dying patient back to life.

  5. I went to Google Stats. The funniest thing about the whole graph is if you put Scientology in then compare it to Tom Cruise, the graphs run parallel to each other with Tom’s running just above Scientology’s all the way across the board. Made me laugh.

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