Lots of letter. Not so much news.

Below is the Joburg North OT Committee Newsletter sent out to the field at large last week. Now, it is not the intent or purpose of this blog to nit pick every little thing emanating from the church. But this is coming out of an org that is pushing hard to raise the last million or so buy a massive building so it can “go ideal”. The following makes it clear that it is barely keeping its existing scene going and is wholly unprepared for the idealness that is supposed to follow, straight up and vertical notwithstanding.

This a 3-4 page newsletter that says almost nothing. The only real details given are 4 people who have returned from higher orgs and can be seen in the org. Interesting to note the return of Eric and Eugene Rabe. They surely sailed through their eligibility for their role in giving up most of the Joburg 18 for declare. It was a report from Eugene that formed the backbone of those declares.

We hope it was worth it.

Joburg North OT Committee Newsletter




We are pleased to announce two new members to the Joburg North OTC: Sujatha Bhagwandin and Josh Knodl!


They immediately got into action with two recent events and both have proved how OT they are.


To be on the OT Committee you need to be causitive. And this they certainly are.



Lion King

An entertaining show, dinner and fundraiser.

A great opportunity to socialise.

R200 per ticket.



As part of preparing for our Ideal Org, Central Files is a key action to be done. John Abbott is the leading the way on this project and regularly on Saturdays you can see members of the OTC dedicatedly filing. Come and join us, all you need to bring is your alphabet.



With the release of the Golden Age of Tech Phase II we are enrolling many people onto services in our org! We are also currently creating events for new people to be introduced to LRH. If you would like to help with these events contact us and let us know; it’s a big job but very worthwhile.




Eric Rabie recently completed OT V at Saint Hill and is regularly seen at the Org doing his Gold Age of Tech II Student Hat!


Eugene Rabie spent two weeks at Flag getting some enhancement!


Ines Park spent a sun-splashed ten days on the Freewinds also getting some enhancement!


Padraic Doyle is at Saint Hill and recently finished the Solo Auditor Course Part II.



19h00 Friday 25th April


Eric will be giving his wins after completing OT V.

Ines will make us envious of her trip to the Freewinds.

We would love to hear your wins on applying the tech in life.


If you need any help at all, please send me an email and we will find someone to assist.


The Editor

Sujatha Bhagwandin





18 thoughts on “Lots of letter. Not so much news.

  1. As someone said – ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’.
    The ‘Ideal Lion King’ – a MEST dead toy Disney puppet wearing dark glasses ….. calling upon the faithful of a religious Enterprise to continue the PUPPET-show of make believe …..
    Is this not the epitome of the tragedy of what Scientology has been boiled down to?
    One can never un-see that what one has seen. What a tragedy.

    • Good stuff Jane! With one little proviso. If one is a ‘bitter & twisted apostate squirrel’, to the extent that you would even, (horror of horrors), actually DARE to watch an entertaining hypnotist, demonstrating the operation of the stimulus-response, ‘reactive mind’ at work, one would realize, that to ‘un-see’, requires that one remain ‘un-seeing’ (of reality!) In other words, remain under the somnambulant influence of the erstwhile ‘hypnotist’!
      As you say, that is a tragedy.

  2. Dorothy and I knew both Eric and Eugene well from our early days in Durban Org. We had a good few fun times together. I had (still have) the utmost respect for Eric, and recall his early sojourn into the Antarctic, as a research scientist.
    As the tired old cliche goes; –”unable to see the forest for the trees.” — indeed applies in this case. What is even more tragic though, is that what has happened to these great people, is even MORE insidious; — “the boiling frog syndrome!” –that imperceptible, gradual increase of temperature, of a pot of cold water, in which sits a frog, which is quite unaware, that it is slowly being boiled alive. aka broadly known as “sheeple farming” – miscavige style.

  3. Eugen Rabe is someone not too trust, she has broken up a marriage after getting OSA to handle the husband and disconnect from his wife who she has known for 30years and was her best friend.
    She claims to be an upstat scientologiest, when she had NOT been on course, NOT been on an OT committee, NOT attended events for may years and had NOT donated a cent to the ideal org strategy and didn’t believe in it, till the “18 Declares”.
    Eugene is now some sort of a “Church of Scientology evangelist” fighting for the CO$. She should NOW act like a true “Church of Scientology evangelist”. She must be on course full time, attend every event, join the OT Committee and staff. Sell everything and donate to the IDEAL ORG’s, max all credit cards and take out loans to pay the IAS!
    Her mission was to find out who was not in happy and in agreement with the CO$ and expose them to OSA, digging into peoples lives and causing allot of pain for people some who she had nothing to do with.
    Her family still works with some of the declared 18 so how is she getting away with it????

    • Okay, okay, THWC. Maybe a timely ack, and an indication to LOOK for the primary 3pty, to this entirely fragmented/confused/ scenario, is acceptable?
      Clue: –it isn’t at the rubble ‘site’, of ‘ground zero”, but maybe you can check the video footage, leading up to to that ‘disaster’? The hard evidence, is there,— IF you will just ‘look’…….

    • I’m sure OSA ops are very similar to the “abolished” GO’s since most of their Network Orders or NWO’s (how apropos) were originally GODs for Guardian Office Directives.
      Only instead of mainly targeting Governments. They now mainly go after Scientologists and critics.
      What they do is infiltrate someone who plays the part of someone who is “disaffected” or they “turn” someone who may actually be disaffected with threats of disconnection or exposing the contents of their PC folders or some other form of coercion.
      In short the type of actions that any espiocracy has been involved in long before Sun Tzu wrote the “Art of War”.

    • About Eugene’s family – her daughter, Vanessa Kroeger, is married to Sandy Kroeger’s son, Kim. My information is that Vanessa and Kim have disconnected from Sandy and Karl. Vanessa used to work with Sandy.
      I’m surprised that Kim Kroeger would do that, disconnect from his parents because they are/were a closeknit family. What a terrible shame.

      • canspeakatlast, thanks for the update. re the disconnection: I’m sorry to be so blunt, but that is just (ho-hum) standard DM enforced ‘Mind-Control tech’
        routinely applied to (once) people, now converted to ‘sheeple’. It really is no different to hypnosis, but arrived at through far greater subtlety.

        Having now heard the following so many times, almost to a person, nearly everyone finally breaking out of the CO$ mind prison, will say this one thing:

        “How could I have been SO stupid??” (a bit harsh on oneself, seeing that one was just following orders, from the hidden ‘hypnotic’ instructions!) 🙂

      • Canspeakatlast, My information and sources indicate something quiet different. Both Vanessa and Kim are still in business (have a business together) with Sandy and Karl! Tammy Kruger also works with Sandy and Karl, and stay on the same property as them. She is in comm and works with both Vanessa and Kim.
        Vanessa and Kim may “say” that they have “disconnected” but “technically” they are connected! There is no grey area in my view, you either connected or disconnected!
        To me which ever way you look at it, there are SP’s (declared) mixing with non-SP’s (CO$ Sheeple).
        As confusing as this seems, in my view this puts Eugene and Eric directly or indirectly in comm and connected to SP’s and so would be the same to anyone in comm and connected to Eugene and Eric.
        This should “have” put them in hot water at the MAA at the AO’s? or they must have “disguised” it somehow.
        May be worthwhile a “look-in” OSA.

  4. “all you need to bring is your alphabet.”

    I guess it doesn’t matter these days. Greek, Cyrillic, Cuneiform, Lingua Spaca whatever. They’re probably gonna be deadfiled anyway.

    Catchy promo though with the Lion King theme.

    The name I had for Int Base because it was so out of touch with reality was the “Magic Kingdom”.

    Always felt that Anaheim would have been a more appropriate choice instead of Hemet.

    Now it seems they are totally going Disney.

    Maybe in the next few years they’ll put Walt on the Org board as Founder.

    Who knows?

  5. If it is the usual young man in the lion costume he also has a suppressive, banished uncle just like Simba! Wow talk about life imitating art!!
    Seriously though the saggy lion costume as a ‘cute’ distraction for the incessant begging is getting real old.

  6. My short stint on this OTC was an eye-opener indeed. Dys-functional, rudderless and egotistical – and that was the OTV, VI and VIIs on the committee. Frankly and in short – not a clue!
    They had no org board, so I started creating one. And making it so that it was an electronic version – easy upgrade-able, with hyperlinks to the posts’ descriptive function documents. And then placing this all on a CD for starters, with a web/cloud system to follow, so that the system would always be ‘live’.
    And what happened at the first meeting where I handed these CDs out to discuss and obtain feedback? HRH Jean Goncalves ripped all the CDs off the table in front of us all – and that was it! No further hatting, or clarifying who did what. Off course hatting wasn’t necessary, as with her 2 i/c General Sir Lord Frankel, they rewrote LRH’s Essay on Authoritarianism. You see also, RON was wrong about group engram creation. The two of them could decide matters outside the group with no effect to the group that supposedly formed the OTC. So they re-wrote that essay as well.
    And so out of the window went Ron’s Essay on Management too.
    No compassion, and control, control, was the order of the day. And when HRH Jean said to me that something had to be done a certain way and I queried the why of it, and she responded “because I’m OT VII”, I lost my respect for OTs. And OTCs.
    Needless to say, I left within days.
    Before Scientology, I had developed and used my own management tech to management small groups of some 27,000 employees with cash turnover figures equal to that of small countries. And I achieved some success there in applying the tech I had developed. Then I meet this Ron Hubbard, and find he writes exactly what my tech was! It certainly was good to find a kindred spirit. It was a validation for me.
    So I join this group of LRH – the OTC, thinking they would be following Ron’s guidelines of successful management. But no. And it appeared that the higher up the Bridge you were, the more perverted you were. Ugh.
    So, dear flock, know that this OTC will not be creating anything soon. What they do produce are disenchanted church members who come and go through the revolving doors.

    • I was there with Frik. It was just how he said it was. I left shortly afterwards, too.
      Frik did more than just the org board. However, I perceived jealousy from Sir Frankel who needs to be The Oke! Nobody dare cross him or he will annihilate you.
      That particular OTC dwindled very quickly from over 20 members down to 6 members and down some more to 3 only members. Needless to say, Sir Frankel is long gone with a string of ARC-breaks behind him.
      No, this OTC won’t be creating anything…. I feel for them, actually. They’re trapped.

  7. Dear The Hamster Wheel. I can check with my sources about Vanessa and Kim. I know I was very surprised and disappointed to hear that they’d disconnected.
    Vanessa recently left for an AO and the Rabe’s are recently back. I doubt that they were/are able to fool an emeter about the situation.

    • Well, then the “string” has not been pulled properly! Anyway, what ever the “real” story is does not matter. The church is going to suck them dry anyway. Pity!

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