Another game, another lie

Here we go again with the Church making misleading statements and claiming false stats.

The following email is being sent out far and wide by The Way to Happiness Foundation: Our apologies for the formatting – we have done our best to replicate it – the data relevant to this article is highlighted in bold italics below (reference to South Africa).


From: The Way to Happiness Foundation International [] On Behalf Of The Way to Happiness Foundation International

Sent: 26 April 2014 07:17 PM
Subject: The secret to a safe World Cup In Brazil

The Way to Happiness®

was at the
World CupWorld Cup 2014
in Germany 2006
in South Africa 2010
And now
in Brazil 2014

Below is the incredible Custom Cover The Way to Happiness book that will be distributed at The World Cup. The Way to Happiness Foundation International will be printing these special custom books in Brazil.

Soccer Cover

$9.00 gets one bundle of 12 books.
$81.00 gets 9 bundles or 108 books!
Your donations produce 2-3 times the usual amount of books!

Do you want a happy World Cup?

Growing concerns about violence at the World Cup in Brazil

In the Brazilian league this year, police and fans clashed in and outside stadiums at least once a month. In most Brazilian games, anyone with a ticket can sit anywhere in the stadium. Rival fans take up separate sections, and taunting and physical confrontations often erupt where the two groups meet. On Sunday, hundreds of supporters from first-division clubs Atletico Paranaense and Vasco da Gama charged against each other in the southern city of Joinville on Sunday, exchanging punches, kicks and using homemade weapons in the fight that stopped the match for more than an hour. A police helicopter had to land on the field to airlift a man with a serious head injury.

We need your help!

We want to make the 2014 World Cup in Brazil the safest EVER! We did this at the 2010 Winter Olympics.The Way to Happiness distributed 100,000 books in Vancouver Canada. Officials in Vancouver were stunned as to why the crime rate took a huge plummet during the 2010 Winter Games. The figures showed huge drops in vehicle theft, violent crime, assaults, and property crime compared to February 2009.

We did this at the World Cup in South Africa in 2010. The Way to Happiness distributed 50,000 books in Cape Town. Crime was down 90 percent in central Cape Town during and after the World Cup. Only 172 cases were heard by the specially created World Cup courts, most of them trivial. Many of them involved petty crimes committed by foreign visitors, not South Africans.

With your help we can do the
same at the World Cup in Brazil!


Our Comments:

Firstly, if someone did distribute 50,0000 TWTH Booklets in Cape Town in 2010 resulting in a 90% crime reduction, someone would know about this as it would have been quite an achievement and worthy of some mention – somewhere.

A 90% reduction in crime is a substantial claim, and certainly, someone would have noticed or said something about it – if not in the press, then certainly among the SCN field . There was no mention of this in Johannesburg  – it did not appear in any event, and wasn’t announced in any IAS event (local or otherwise). It was never mentioned at graduation. There were no Cape Town org or local emails sent out by ABLE or anyone else for that matter. It seems this was one of the best kept secrets of all time.

Knowing the propensity of the Church for letting all and sundry know about their good deeds, one would think they would have sent out some kind of press release or statement about this amazing achievement. And yet there is not a single email, press release, statement or any other evidence that this occurred. Not even the website archives mentions this “amazing win” – and we scoured all their archive articles dating back to 2009. We also scoured the internet using every permeation of Way to Happiness linked to South Africa and/or Cape Town World Cup Soccer and found …… you guessed it, nothing. Nadda. Zip.

Secondly, it is almost a guarantee that South African Scientologists would have been pressed upon pretty heavily to donate towards this “worthy cause”. We know of no such requests, and highly doubt that the very small Cape Town field or org (who couldn’t even afford to pay rent in the premises they were occupying) funded this activity.

As for the claim that “Crime was down 90 percent in central Cape Town during and after the World Cup. Only 172 cases were heard by the specially created World Cup courts, most of them trivial. Many of them involved petty crimes committed by foreign visitors, not South Africans.

We have done some homework, and this is what we came up with:

The “specially created World Cup Courts” dealt specifically and ONLY with cases relating to the World Cup event.

A 2010 FIFA World Cup case is defined as follows:
Any offence-:

  1. committed by a non-resident *Supporter of the 2010 FWC and/or
  2. committed against a non-resident *Supporter of the 2010 FWC and/or
  3. to which a non resident is a witness and/or
  4. committed at a tourist attraction area or any other place in the country and in the opinion of the Senior Public Prosecutor given the time, place, nature and/ or publicity of the offence, should be classified as a 2010 FWC,

In the Western Cape (where Cape Town city is situated), there were 62 cases heard. Country-wide, a total of 205 cases heard. So where did the Church get their arbitrary figure of 172 cases?  Included in these statistics were 2 murders, 71 cases of theft, 13 cases of fraud, 12 cases of common robbery and 11 cases of possession of stolen goods  – hardly  “petty crimes” as claimed by the Church.

The Church further goes on to state that these crimes were  “committed by foreign visitors, not South Africans.”  Yet another false statement, as in fact 137 crimes were committed by residents as opposed to 102 by non-residents.


When looking at the TOTAL crime statistics for the Western Cape in 2010 –  we see a completely different picture which is plainly evident in the following pictograph:

Crime Stats Western Cape 2009 – 2011


Not only did the crime rate not go down in 2010, but it INCREASED to over 15,000 cases in comparison to the previous year.

So how can the Church be claiming that handing out 50,000 copies of WTH booklets (a highly suspect claim in the first place) resulted in a 90% reduction in crime? What frame of reference are they using? They cannot claim that crime “during and after the World Cup” declined, as there is no comparison against which to make this claim as South Africa has never hosted an event of this proportion before.

Of course, the other question that should be asked is: Why is the IAS not sponsoring these booklets? Once again, the public are being asked to fork out for a 4D campaign that should be sponsored by our hard-earned donations to the IAS.

We call foul play. The person who dreamed up these false stats and claims should be red-carded and sent off the field.

Red Card


49 thoughts on “Another game, another lie

  1. Good article Scn Africa! And good job on getting the actual stats as opposed to the nonsense that CoS constantly spouts.
    First point I would like to make – FIFA are very particular as to who advertises what using the World Cup brand; so, unless IAS is an official sponsor, I am sure this sort of promo is illegal. Maybe the email should be forwarded to FIFA?
    Second point: if TWTH booklet causes such a drastic drop in crime everywhere it is distributed, why does IAS not undertake to distribute the booklet worldwide using the billions it already has in the bank? Surely this would create a much safer environment internationally to get on with the job of clearing the planet? And if this safer environment could be created by TWTH, why that would cause people to flock into the orgs in their millions. Yet the IAS does not undertake to do this one simple thing to make the job easier all round. Mmmm…
    Third point: They claim that crime is drastically reduced during the month or so of the world cup, Olympics or what ever – surely the effects of TWTH should last much longer than that. I mean if it makes criminals change their ways, why should this only last for the duration of the event?
    Load of bollocks!

  2. As far as I know, using ‘The Way to Happiness’ booklet to make money was not part of its original purpose.

    The original purpose was public relations, and the rehabilitation of Scientology’s and LRH’s image, in the aftermath of the bad publicity resulting from the late 1979 court ordered release of thousands of previously secret Scientology spying and “dirty tricks” documents.

    Unlike the Church, which uses its identification as a church to gain access to perks and privileges it would not otherwise have (especially in the United States), ‘The Way to Happiness’ was originally presented as a secular booklet. In small print at the back of the booklet was explained: “This may be the first non-religious moral code based wholly on common sense. It was written by L. Ron Hubbard as an individual work and is not part of any religious doctrine… it is therefore admissible for government departments and employees to distribute it.”

    From that came “The Way to Happiness Foundation’, which seems to have a dual function as a front group (where its connection to Scientology is kept behind the scenes), and as a public relations group (where its connection to Scientology is advertised). The use for PR purposes is particularly noticeable when the booklet is used by another PR group, the ‘Volunteer Ministers’.

    The effectiveness of this booklet is exaggerated wildly, so as to suck even more money from the hapless corporate $cientologists.

    It’s a shame.

    • Actually the release of Way to Happiness was more than just “PR” since it included the release of the Happiness Rundown which I’ve found to be quite effective.

      Having audited and received auditing on it myself.

      So can say what you want. But the fact is it works.

      Actually if you read the actual *HCOBs* and *LRHEDs* regarding the booklet. It was supposed to be handed out individually by Scientologists to family, friends, acquaintances, etc.

      Whether Ron’s research was based on the blowback from the blown “Operation” Snow White which was actually GO 1361 according to the “Stipulation of Evidence” which in fact was a *rogue* operation loosely based on Snow White.

      Also there are still questions by some researchers of whether the whole “operation” wasn’t a set up provocated by an Agent Provocateur working for the FBI.

      Not that J Edgar’s G-men would ever be involved in provoking such an action to entrap Scientologists:

      I mean perish the thought.

      Yeah right.


      It is possible, more than likely an effort to get “ethics in” internally as well as externally.

      You see many of the people I audited on the rundown were in fact GO Staff.

      That is before they were replaced by OSA who obviously haven’t been audited on the rundown.

      But I digress…

      To conclude.

      It seemed like a practical solution to me.

      Unless anyone sees anything wrong with recommending that people avoid committing illegal acts, doing illegal drugs and drinking themselves stupid, for example.


      The only problem I see is this mass distribution doesn’t really do anything and is basically a waste of time and pulp.

      What’s the first thing many people do when they receive a booklet or promo from a stranger?

      They probably graciously accept it and throw it in the nearest trash receptacle.

      Also you have the fact that many who commit crimes are for the most part either functionally or totally illiterate so giving them a book to read isn’t going to do any good.

      There is more I could write on how this program would be totally ineffective the way they’ve been doing it.

      But I’ve written enough.

  3. Well done on this analysis! Spot on.
    For years I kept on asking for the full data on such claims – normally seen in the videos at the famous events – “crime dropped by x% in Belize, by y% in Columbia”, and so on. And graphs. Oh, those graphs.
    The terminal I would ask would be the ABLE CO, Cathy Robertson. On one occasion she wanted a huge number of TWTH booklets printed and distributed in Zimbabwe to handle some flap there. She needed five million Rand. I said I could probably get that for her from the SA mining companies operating there – but we would need to do a presentation of what this booklet had done elsewhere in the world. I would do the presentation to the relevant chairmen – but know that they would have people checking the claims presented before they part with any money. But I had done that before and always got what I wanted. Well, needless to say – that’s where Cathy’s project simply went away. She couldn’t produce anything.
    And so it was with many such requests for back-up data on claims – like the one that WISE companies make 100 times more profit than other companies! I had many occasions to disseminate to top executives – but if the backup data wasn’t there, then the permissions needed from WISE wasn’t forthcoming.
    And when I dropped my WISE membership, I was told that WISE CO AF NEEDED the money! Not that I would benefit, or that there would be some exchange, no – Natalia needed my money! Straight to my face. Ugh.
    And it is so sad, as the technology does work when applied correctly. And I have seen what people call miracles happen – so much so that some call it magic. And so it should be with every real Scientologist making magic with the conditions of his and his fellow travelers. (Note I said REAL Scientologist!)
    A luta continua.

  4. You’ll notice of course that nowhere does the IAS directly claim responsibility for the supposed decrease in crime. Like everything else (and like the CIA and FBI) they leave themselves “complete deniability” while leaving it up to gullible readers to join the dots and believe what they want. My research shows reports that crime did in fact fall by 70% during the 2010 SWC – but as an extra 40,000 police were put on the street, and private security firms were equally visible (no doubt, a FIFA prerequisite), that in itself is no surprise. No doubt, the criminals themselves were glued to their TVs watching the games.
    There is plenty evidence that crime is falling anyway as a result of increased visible policing. Ten years ago 70% of motor insurance claims were crime-related, today it is 30%. Those are official insurance figures, not police. It is quite hard for me to even say this because until recently I totally believed such LRH gems as you get more crime if you get more police, and people get more stupid with every year of formal education. Another LRH gem I still believe is people get the religion they deserve!

  5. I was in contact during many years with a lady working in Africa on TWTH actions. She was in the field, recruiting helpers to distribute the booklets, having PR appointments with the officials… She was doing great. And one day out of the blue sky a young sea-org member arrived and tried to monopolise all her work and connections, and reported the stats as if they were his. She had to fight at a high level to continue to be “independant”… and now she is in the sea org if I remember well.
    It was such a treason for her to see her work be picked up. Just another example of how good will and dedication are mis-used…
    Thanks for the real figures, as I have been one of the buyers of these PR lies.

    • This is not work – passing out booklets – this is aiding and abetting to the lies and propaganda $cientology $ells to the clubbed seals. It is a scam and it makes the Church look bat shit crazy when they make such claims.

      Ironically, I never thought about it until I left. (blush) CRINGE!

      Finally, I looked up the various areas Co$ claims that TWTH campaign reduced the crime rate and there was NO MENTION of TWTH but lots of information on the specific programs the govt’s employed to reduce the crime rates.

      That is Scientology though – when ever anything good happens – it is because of Scientology and whenever anything bad happens – it’s THE PSYCHS!


      • “That is Scientology though – when ever anything good happens – it is because of Scientology and whenever anything bad happens – it’s THE PSYCHS!” – Idle Morgue.

        I, too, believed this without question and also blush and CRINGE when I remember it. Problem with a lot of us, I think, is we believe in magic. To me it was magical that Scientology could merely blink in an area and obtain massively, amazing results. It was all down to its OTness, I believed. And then, I’m given new information about the OT levels and that they’re more than likely a joke, and I laugh at myself. Having said that, I can laugh at myself and am doing that quite a bit, these days!

  6. Accurate report and of course the crimes increased as they themselves (the beggars for money, rather the robbers of others’ funds) were and kept at stealing money from the parishioners under false claims.

    To the crime list we can add “fraud” and include the CofS members that perpetrated it and continue to do so.

    The red card should be also placed in each one’s folders as an indicator of “no case gain”

    • Spot on Silvia! Yes, put the red card in each folder as “no case gain.” I remember when I was KA drinking and believed the WTH lies. Rick Alexander talked me into unmocking my OT VIII by taking money off my ship account for VIII and giving it to him for Columbia WTH. Not only is that just plain old robbery and criminal (because crime didn’t go down in Columbia because of the WTH distributed, if they even were distributed), but it was also robbery of my AP payments toward OT VIII. that is another way that they stop progress on the Bridge. They unmock your Bridge accounts and flow the money to made up “good causes” which have zero effect whatsoever.

      • You were not alone on that one. That is SOP in Scientology. Buy your bridge to secure it and then GIVE IT ALL AWAY to Miscavige so he can have his lavish lifestyle and hire his attorney’s to sue and harass you if you blow the whistle on the scam!

  7. This is just a note of appreciation to those who continue to run this very important Blog.

    Silence is the virtue of fools. Being shuddered into silenced by whichever means = cowardice. Whomever you are, a simple ‘thank you’ from me don’t suffice to convey the deep appreciation of your efforts to expose the lies, and to maintain communication. THANK YOU so very much.

    One can ask the question: ‘when will Emperor Captain David and his Priestly class Sea Arrg minions running the church of $cientology – ever STOP deceiving and spreading lies into the environment?

    This sentiment as expressed by Denis Diderot springs to mind:

    ~ ‘Man will never be free – until the last King is strangled with the entrails of the last Priest’

  8. Good Article!
    Another rip off is the WISE membership for what!
    Being allowed to use data available from my own OEC volumes –
    Now being charged to look at my own bought references!
    I paid dutifully for years then decided it is just a con!

    • Yes – I paid $50 a week for e-mails giving me advice like – PAY YOUR TELEPHONE bill first! It was so helpful I would have gone under had it not been for the green vols.

      BTW – the Org board duplicates the govt. hierarchy of failure – too many people and nothing gets done!

    • Goldie, I’m glad you have brought this up. Someone asked me the other day what I thought about having to pay Applied Scholastics in order to use the study tech to help others. Does this not fall into the same category as WISE charging you to use the data out of your own OEC vols that you’ve paid for. You may also have done SSII which you paid for and even be an OEC course grad, which you paid to become.

      I’d like to know other opinions on this subject.

      • This is probably a good topic for an article. Have always thought it’s like paying for university and then having to pay monthly for the privilege of using what you paid to learn.

  9. “… I totally believed such LRH gems as you get more crime if you get more police…” I believed it to and many other such gems. I realise now that many of these claims by LRH were not substantiated but I believed everything he said just because it was him who said it! Oh, dear!

    • Parts of ‘TWTH’ appear to have been plagiarized from earlier sources, but the purely LRH parts can be sort of strange.

      My favorite strange line is located under the Precept, ‘Don’t Be Promiscuous,” where LRH advises that:

      “A ‘feeling of guilt’ is nowhere near as sharp as a knife in the back or ground glass in the soup.”

      And, as a result of ‘TWTH’ booklet distribution, soup consumption has dropped drastically!

    • So did I… as if my rebel side had been asleeped by some pertinent and true (for me) assertions, granting total credit to LRH and his representatives. But it lasted a while… some “spirit” and inspiration had changed… It was the clue. Haha !!!!

    • LRH does have a lot of gems. But like all gems, they each have to be evaluated and understood in context.
      To assume that they are magic bullets to use blindly, is the real problem.

      • ’84

        These people who say “I believed” or whatever in my opinion have confused Scientology with a “faith based’ religion.

        I mean right there in Personal Integrity and the DAB on Studying Dianetics it says you don’t have to accept anything that Ron says on faith.

        Regarding more police more crime.

        Just look at all the State and Federal legal statues that have been created. So many that the average American may be committing some criminal act without even knowing it.

        So I can see how this statement can be true.

        On the other hand just because the Ol’man said it doesn’t mean it’s always true.

        For instance he recommended in the early days to continue to audit the PC once they exteriorized until ’65 or that all upsets are due to missed withholds in ’62 until he came up with the data on By Passed Charge in ’63.

        Which means you have to be able to think with the data and not just “believe”.

  10. Unbefuckinievable… Great research work, Scientology Africa.
    What I don’t understand though, is how can they make money with these booklets when they only cost $9.- for twelve books. That is pretty cheap, is it not? Would there be margin for any profit there?

    • I don’t have any figures but I could read some on various sites.
      But I remember the quality of the paper, the printing… of the first booklets issued in France, and compared to what was “in circulation” those last years… for sure they make profit… Ha! the crooks!!!

  11. For the Church of Scientology to make such bogus and down right bullshit claims that a little pamphlet does anything but fill garbage cans and litter streets- here is an article to disprove their lies – Vancouver Canada had a decrease in crime rates because of programs the police and municipalities implemented.

    They lied about Columbia too. An active Scientologist told me Columbia police were blown away that this booklet reduced crime rates. As we were speaking – I googled Columbia and read to him “the reason crime went down is because MORE POLICE OFFICER’S WERE HIRED!

    He hung up on me…there ya go … shattering suppression by cutting comm when the truth is exposed!

    It is time to let the active members know the truth about TWTH – it does nothing but make money while increasing landfills.

    • Oh yeah I agree IM.

      Turning an area into a vitiable police state like say Nazi Germany or more recently Chile does effectively reduce crimes committed by the populace while the crimes of the state have in effectively increased.

      You minor stuff like 4th & 5th amendment rights and habeas corpus.

      But who needs in a crime free society where if you complain about anything you are either imprisoned or shot.

      Actually the best way to reduce *crime* is by repealing victimless crimes such as “sedition” (unless it urges individuals to violently overthrow the state) , drug possession, not wearing a seat belt or motorcycle helmet, one’s sexual preference between consenting adults etc, which BTW is basically the course Ron recommends in the WTH booklet.

      Fact is violent crime has been falling off for years as the world wide population ages past an “ill spent youth” of lawlessness and has nothing to do with cops or WTH booklets but the fact that the general population has gotten older and in many cases wiser.

      • I don’t recall LRH recommending repealing victimless crimes in the WTH.

        The quote (excerpt) I have handy states:

        “In a cloudy – and often crime ridden society – one has to consult an attorney or be specially trained to know them all… It is an action, which if done, can result in punishment by the courts and state; being pilloried by the state propaganda machine… See that children and people become informed of what is ‘legal’ and what is ‘illegal’…”

        This was written soon after LRH had been listed as an unindicted co-conspirator in the federal criminal case in which his wife – who had taken the rap for her husband – had just been found guilty of felonies, and would, after some delays, be headed for federal prison.

        As noted earlier, the WTH was mainly, originally, a PR handling, and, at all times, was and is subordinate to Scientology’s system of Ethics.

        I would like to see that LRH recommendation for the repealing of victimless crimes, if you can find it without too much inconvenience.


        Also my view on wikipedia.

        Define the word “recent” macbu which could include anything prior to disinfopedia and according what I define as modern history after World War II which would include the Pinochet regime.

        Please read about it in other sources than Wikipedia and if you ever scrape that site as a reference for me ever again. I’ll bring out my trusty flame thrower and torch your screen.

        And no Partz he doesn’t specifically say anything about victimless crimes.

        I did.

        So you are creating a straw man “argument” here.

        But he does say something about making laws less complicated and easier to understand.

        Would you like me to cite we he says that specifically using the Chicago method?

      • Remoteviewed,

        You wrote:

        “Actually the best way to reduce *crime* is by repealing victimless crimes… which BTW is basically the course Ron recommends in the WTH booklet.”


        At the time of the writing of the WTH, the story being presented by the Church was that Ron “didn’t know” about the illegal actions of the Guardians Office. Later, evidence showed this story to be untrue, and that Ron did know.

        While most people would naturally want laws that were less complicated and easier to understand, It’s not surprising that, in an atmosphere (of 1980) where “Ron didn’t know,” and “Ron and Mary Sue are being mistreated by the law,” etc., that the assertion would be made that laws were to complicated and are difficult to understand.

        It fits in nicely with the PR line of “Ron didn’t know.”

        Part of the reason that the WTH is a flawed document is that its origins are sordid.


    • Right R Partz,

      The reason we have become a nation of lawyers.

      Fact is there are more lawyers here in Century City than there is in Japan.

      So I’ll go with calling for the laws to be less complex for whatever reason specious or not.

      Also it seems you know more that the Justice Department about the case.

      I’m sure if they could find any linkage between him and GO 1361 they would have indicted him but they couldn’t.

      So either you are basing your accusation on supposition or hearsay and not actual testimony before the Grand Jury convened prior to indictment of the “Scientology Eleven”.

      Or maybe *facts* are confusing.

  12. The cost of booklet production is dependent on the quality paper used and the quantity printed. The cheaper/normal booklet with only a cover in colour, newspaper pages inside can be done for about half that price quoted above in Taiwan. Quantity – more than 50,000. And that includes delivery costs anywhere.

  13. Some concerns with have been raised about too little profit being made. Who says they’re going to actually print and distribute them with the money collected? This is a scam Remember!

    • You make a good point Connie. Frik said above that there was a push to raise R5 million for distribution of TWTH books in Zimbabwe. At (roughly) R8,00 a book ( based on US$ 81,00 for 108 books) R5 mill could buy 625 000 books. (The population of the whole country is about 14 million – and much of the population is rural). Who was going to distribute 625 000 TWTH books? In Zim? Not a likely story.

  14. Brilliant work Scn Africa. This takes time and effort and it is highly appreciated.

    If you actually filled a few rooms with people who did the whole course, and went out and used it, that would be something.

    To hand it out? Nice idea. It’s a sub-product to someone actually reading it, cover to cover, and then actually applying it.

    To believe the act of distribution reduces crime is what makes 25% of USA voters believe Barak Obama is a Muslim.

    Or that our president didn’t know about his expensive home improvements.

    Maybe the data on the pages somehow sneaks off into society and pervades the environment and thetas the entheta, and then the bad guys with criminal minds, just catch a good feeling and start being social beings, just like that.

    That is what is being sold here. Magic.

    • St – I loved your comment – “Maybe the data on the pages somehow sneaks off into society and pervades the environment and thetas the entheta, and then the bad guys with criminal minds, just catch a good feeling and start being social beings, just like that”.

      Like the reverse of contagion of aberration? If someone gets a WTH booklet, he and others around him automatically get the contagion of good behaviour & being a model citizen. Ja right.

      • I agree with you completely St.

        You know if they had someone……hmmm…..maybe actually all the Churchies actually apply the data in WTH especially those covered in the virtues actually *apply* it to themselves. They might actually be getting somewhere.

        This reminds me of many Christians who want everyone else to read the bible but haven’t bothered to read the “Good Book” themselves.

  15. Scientology latches on to every event and issue in the world and takes responsibility for all the good. Psychiatry and SP’s are responsible for all the bad and there is no better organization to make you happy.

    Just the opposite of reality. No better organization to ruin your finances, break apart your family and set you off kilter for life in general.

  16. It is remarkable how much this puffery sounds like the type of statement found in articles pre-Internet. Before the Internet, citing false statistics was rampant. In order to confirm or deny a fact/statistic a researcher would have to spend days or weeks at police stations, city halls, libraries, etc. Even then, there was no guarantee that the police or other authority had put the whole picture together. We do not, however, live in 1964. While the Church of Scientology pumps out fake stories and statistics, the rest of the world lives in 2014, and with a few key strokes is able to expose the fraud. Five year olds are able to do it. It would be humorous if so many people were not being injured. The church is virtually transparent because it is so clueless and law enforcement agencies have no legitimate excuse for not investigating the church for financial fraud.

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