Rena Weinberg – the untold story

This article was submitted by one our ex-SA patriot Scientologists. We thank him/her for shining the light on this important story.


Every now and then a South African becomes a star in Scientology’s firmament.

There was the illustrious John McMaster announced by LRH to be the first real Clear.  Seen and heard all over the world.  John turned out to be a great and moving ambassador for the movement.  Unfortunately he came to an untimely end by being declared a suppressive person and thus disappeared from view.

John McMaster was a product if you can call it that of the Sea Organisation launched in the sixties and run by Hubbard himself.

It ‘ran aground’ so to speak in the seventies when it returned to the United States and set up a land base that became known as Flag.

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Things that shouldn’t be……….


Homer Duh

With the current amount of hype about “circular bridges” and everyone being re-routed onto the Purification Rundown, we did some digging and came across this interesting tidbit:

Someone from Pretoria Org recently had the bright idea to create a Facebook page called “The Purification Program”. The page was created on the 4th April and a number of posts were made up to the 12th April where it seemingly stopped being monitored.

Two glaring outpoints immediately jumped out at us:

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AOSH Africa. But when?

And Advanced Org on African soil has been the great Scientological carrot since the 1980s. There have always been long and seemingly unreal lists of targets to obtain to get it. And so far, zilch.

There was much excitement at the purchase of the Castle in 2008. The hype at the March 13 Event of that year was huge. 6 years later it’s a massive white elephant, falling to ruin. There was a massive recruitment drive for the AO headed by Robert Bokelmann. What happened to all those people? Anyone who was recruited for the AO back in 2008 (assuming they are still in the Sea Org) is still 3-4 years or more away from ever taking a post in the org for which they were recruited. Never mind the number of these recruits who have left.

The whole business with the Castle and the alleged AO should be acting as one of the greatest wake up calls. The evidence of the failure of ideal orgs and the GATs (I & II) is right there in that massive, empty building. Just like the dreams of so many.


Losing religion & gaining perspective



One of the many observations one makes when leaving the church of Scientology is just how similar the church has become to every other organised religious organisation.

Scientologists within the church often pride themselves on “being different” in that the church is not somehow subject to the same human failings of every other organisation in the world. Just about every religion has gone through a “reformation” or splintering when factions within rebel against the system. There is politics, deception and more.

The following article came across our desk. While it is specifically about a Christian it is a fantastic description of the mindset we all live with in the church and which we have to leave behind.

The article originally appeared in Role Robot and was republished in the Huffington Post. The original article can be found here. With regard to the future of Scientology I believe the final paragraph is particularly relevant when it speaks about moderate voices.

Why I Had to Lose My Religion Before I Could Support Gender Equality

By Samantha Eyler

At 17, I lost my religion. Today, at 27, I want my faith back, but I can’t find it again.

And how I wish I could.

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Walking Away


By Joe van Staden

How often, when a love affair comes to an end, have we been told that the quickest way to get over it is to get involved with another.  As impossible as this may seem at the time for all sorts of reasons, in most cases it turns out to be sound advice.

To many who have had a committed “love affair” with Scientology the idea of really “letting go” and moving on remains difficult. Many feel they need to remain “connected” even if just by a thread. Of course there is nothing wrong with remaining in touch with an “ex-lover” – unless it becomes an obstacle to finding someone new.

In the case of a special lover, what makes this person so special is that through them we experienced falling in love. Through the relationship our heart opened up making it possible to experience “the magic”.  And here is the thing; it was the EXPERIENCE of being in love that we essentially sought – the experience of being connected and in touch with “something” exceptional. Naturally the person with whom we shared that magical time, more often than not, takes up a valued place in our heart. Yet, though we sometimes come to believe that we can’t live without him or her it is the experience of being in love we really cherish.

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Come home John

JM02Some of us have heard something of the strange tale of South African super hero and arch villain, the very first real Clear, John McMaster. We’re sure many more have no idea who he is.

John was hailed by LRH, who C/S’d his auditing, as the First Clear; accorded many accolades, went on a world tour,  addressed thousands of rapt listeners and then, by God, he was declared a suppressive person.

Why did he die in a rundown ‘flop house’ in England alone, ill and impoverished?

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That didn’t take long

next big thingJust six months after the launch of the greatest thing for Scientology, GAT II, comes not surprisingly, something huge.

Official Scientology has become the church of what’s next. We took the below email from Mike Rinder’s article yesterday. It jumped out.

Date: Sat, 17 May 2014
From: Joel Morris <>
Subject: [OTC-Mail] FW: from Sara- Save the Date

Dear OTCers,

Join us on Friday, May 30th for “The Biggest Global Impact Ever Event”!

Now that we have the Golden Age of Tech, Phase Two, Super Power, Cause Resurgence, Div 6 Intro Routes and Ideal Orgs

Management will brief you on what is coming next, and it is HUGE!!!!

You will be briefed on major upcoming dissemination strategies that are about to roll out:

* Data about the new TV & Radio Broadcast Studio that you have never heard

* Recent statistics & successes from our internet marketing campaigns

* Upcoming campaigns that are designed to flood public into the orgs in a way never before imagined

The event starts at 7pm!

Let me know that you will be there!



“Management will brief you on what’s coming next and it’s HUGE!!!!”

It is just astounding that they can keep doing this. It is talked about so often on the outside that we should not be surprised but how can we not? With the predictable result of GAT II, this is now legerdemain at it’s tackiest. Wave, wave, swish, swish, look over there ladies and gentlemen! There comes a big thing!

With desperate orgs and haunted public all they can cling to is the hope that the next thing will, indeed, finally be it. If not then a big possibility that the one after that will be.