The disaffection runs deep

There are many things the church is not confronting. The greatest however is how widespread the disaffection is among the field. Even seemingly on board members are not all happy. They may show up for fundraisers and smile for a pic but they are not happy.

They simply refuse to acknowledge how many people are unhappy and the length of time it has been going on

A case in point is the below email, sent at the end of 2009 – nearly 5 years ago. The author of the email, Jessica Byrnes is a lifetime Scientologist. Her son is in the Sea Org and her daughters have done time in the Sea Org or on org staff. Her son in law is Dan Brown and she is married to Larry Byrnes a poster boy for the standardness and brilliance of David Miscavige. Jessica is as “on board” as one can be these days. Her unhappiness is clear though. We have no doubt that since sending this email she was “handled” and has now learned to still her obvious disquiet while smiling and nodding at the awesomeness of the strategy. To do otherwise would put her at odds with her children and family and all the risks that imposes.

This email discusses the infamous “debit order system” that was implemented in 2010 as an unusual solution to raising funds for Ideal Orgs. The system, facilitated by Mike Frankel, was a way to raise funds by having Scientologists sign up for a monthly debit order. A wealthy Scientologist would then pay the full term of the debit order toward Ideal Orgs (less a fee of course). As a few of our commenters will attest it was a problem from the start. Clearly Jessica was unhappy.


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RE: Monthly Auto Debit: Jessica Wall




Hi Marie,


Thanks for your email. ( I am copying Nikita Howarth on this email in the hopes that she has some way of getting a stop put on this – as I have been emailing Luke and Peach for several months to no avail.)


Can you please reference any LRH policy at all that this is based on?


Any at all???


I did not sign up for 24 months. Where does this figure come from?
Luke and Peach both knew I was leaving South Africa

in September 2009 and have no income in SA.  I was pressured into doing the cycle and I told them that my account would close and I would not be able to continue making payments.


I have been asking both Peach and Luke since October to please cancel the auto payments.


Apart from this being a financial irregularity, the R5000 I have paid has caused and contributed (along with Luke taking out another R3000 for IAS and refusing to put it back in the account) to my account in South Africa to be overdrawn.


Luke insists that these two actions have nothing to do with my account being overdrawn, but they have.

Please CANCEL my monthly debit.  I have no way of handling it from the USA other than finding someone to put cash into my account so that it is no longer overdrawn.


You do not have my willingness to make these monthly payments and since I have asked Luke and Peach to cancel many many times, they ignore my requests and say they can’t do anything and Luke finally gave me your email address.


I am now considering this theft and will obviously report it on standard lines as it is Off-Policy – and you are contributing to it.


I trust that you have understood the above and will email me to the effect that it has been cancelled.  And also attach any single LRH reference to support the auto-debit from public’s accounts. Or even fund-raising for buildings for the Church.  The fact that it is being done all around the world does not make it right…… there is only LRH policy against it that I know of.


Many thanks,




More than anything it highlights just how deep the disaffection runs. At fundraisers those that show up bellow and wear their hats and wigs and they wonder as they look around the room if they’re the only ones that think this is nuts. The good news is that they are not alone. Now if only they had the courage to find each other.


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  1. Wouldnt it be swell to have a new militant group of Scio terrorists that would gate crash these fundraisers and expose the bull shit!? Initially they would hold the sheeple by force, a new DVD would then replace the DM kak show. On that special DVD would begin the deprogramming expose! It would highlight ALL church abuse, lies and propaganda, end off with a few ex celebrity comments on RCS and state VERY clearly that the bridge is available cheaply OUTSIDE! The terrorists would then dissapear like ninjas in the night. No org would be safe..where would they strike next? The sheeple flocks are dwindling, Davey gravy cannot sustain his swindling!! Agg shame.

  2. Larry, Im sure you are reading this. Time to wake up and realise that dissension runs in your family too. And just maybe your vitriol should cease. Funny that you are so overwhelmingly self righteous and judgemental and have cause to name those with disagreements squirrels. Ps….looks like your family may too have dark thoughts….and possibly move over to this side of the fence.
    Instead of spreading your own brand of bad news, clean up your own house…..or maybe you are deflecting what is going on within your own family by spewing out lies about others. ….just saying….

  3. A sobering bit of philosophy.
    “The man who refuses to judge, who neither agrees nor disagrees, who declares that there are no absolutes and believes that he escapes responsibility, is the man responsible for all the blood that is now spilled in the world.
    Reality is an absolute, existence is an absolute, a speck of dust is an absolute and so is a human life. Whether you live or die is an absolute. Whether you have a piece of bread or not, is an absolute. Whether you eat your bread or see it vanish into a looter’s stomach, is an absolute.
    There are two sides to every issue: one side is right and the other is wrong, but the middle is always evil.
    The man who is wrong still retains some respect for truth, if only by accepting the responsibility of choice.
    But the man in the middle is the knave who blanks out the truth in order to pretend that no choice or values exist, who is willing to sit out the course of any battle, willing to cash in on the blood of the innocent or to crawl on his belly to the guilty, who dispenses justice by condemning both the robber and the robbed to jail, who solves conflicts by ordering the thinker and the fool to meet each other halfway.
    In any compromise between food and poison, it is only death that can win. In any compromise between good and evil, it is only evil that can profit. In that transfusion of blood which drains the good to feed the evil, the compromise is the transmitting rubber tube.”
    ― Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged

    • When I started reading this, I knew it and have used it. And so was pleasantly surprised to see one of my favourite authors quoted.
      It’s just a pity that Ms Rand didn’t discover the 7th and 8th dynamic. For many years, before meeting LRH, she was an anchor point for me.
      Nice to see a kindred spirit, Jane.

      • Nice to meet you too kindred spirit Frik! I believe that spirituality is a relationship with all kindred spirits as divine – and that religion is crowd control 😉

    • My previous comment was meant to throw a stone into the bush to see what gets flushed out. I know my comment meant sacrilege to quote Ayn Rand here amongst commentators – who might have been indoctrinated to believe that ‘absolutes are unobtainable’.
      I do not necessary agree with her that ‘ the middle is always evil’ – but I happen to believe the middle is ALWAYS populated by the masses who wear Grey Hats, and who are somewhat oblivious to their own role in the bigger picture of existence.
      Pertaining to the basic theft of Jessica’s money out of her bank account – I do agree that ‘Whether you eat your bread or see it vanish into a looter’s stomach is an absolute.’
      Logic 6 – Axioms of Dianetics and Scientology dictates that – ‘Absolutes are unobtainable’
      I believe that Logic 6, (by implication logic 7 as well) – is a very clever ‘mind-control-TOOL’ – which makes Grey Hats of people, who are easily manipulated by this and many other such tools of the Trade ™.
      In light of Jessica’s ‘disaffection’ (and that of so many others in the field) – let’s examine this kind of logic in the harsh light of day for what it is.
      Just give Logic 6 some analytical thought… ‘Absolutes are unobtainable’ – Did you spot the ‘outpoint’? Can you see – this is an ‘absolute’ statement.
      This also contradicts Hubbard’s tech on those ‘wearing Black-hats’ and those ‘wearing White-hats’ – and then the rest in the middle – swirling masses in between wearing Grey hats – not even knowing if they are standing or falling for anything. .
      Having done OT II, it is remarkable that on this level – Hubbard contradicts his own logic 6 of ‘Absolutes are unobtainable’. OT II is the world of absolutes. The dichotomies. The use of two valued logic. It is either black or white. It is 1 + 1 = 2 and not the ambivalent ‘infinity valued logic’ of ‘maybe’ and perhaps a place in the middle where 1+1 might be 3. OT II is about absolutes which are obtainable – right vs. wrong’ – where the guys wearing Black hats know it and the guys wearing White hats also know it. Where ‘yes’ means ‘yes and ‘no’ means ‘no.’
      Logic 7 – ‘Gradient scales are necessary to the evaluation of problems and their solutions.’ I believe that this gradient scale valued logic is the area of – ‘Grey Hat operations’.
      By deduction – if absolutes are unobtainable – then there is no such thing as an SP – ever and into infinity.
      Jessica said: I did not sign up for 24 months. She said ‘no’ to 24 months – indicating that she had an absolute ‘no’ to this cycle, that she wanted obtainable. What happened?
      Luke and Peach – working on the gradient scales of infinite logic – says screw her – no such thing, and persisted full knowing that she was leaving SA and had no income for them – to collect the absolute unobtainable from her bank account. Even, when she asked them repeatedly to stop this – they simply ignored her on ‘the gradient scale’ carry on collecting as Jessica’s ‘unobtainable’ funds – and even had the audacity to tell her – that it is not their doing that her account is overdrawn.
      Even stating -‘You do not have my willingness to make these monthly payments’ – gets the Logic 7 grey ‘gradient scale’ treatment. Ignore it.
      Perhaps the only thing that drew their attention off the gradient scale treatment – was her telling them – ‘I am now considering this theft’ – which it is -in a world where ‘absolutes are obtainable.’ All one needs to do is lay a charge of theft at the local police department – for Peach and Luke to snap out of the gradient scale of theft.
      But in the world to the mind controlled – Jennifer could not take this simple step, after repeated and with great patience telling them to stop thieving her money. No mind-control Policy requires otherwise – jumping through hoops and over rivers up the road to a non-existent ‘International Justice Chief’ to get permission to lay criminal charges…. (Big joke that – as this would absolutely not be obtainable).
      And thus done so – Jessica learned that her ‘absolutes are unobtainable’ – and if the mind control tool of ‘You have pulled it in’ – ‘write up your overts’ and ‘what are your crimes’ did not bite hard enough to make her wrong for the entire episode, and unless she no longer cared to play the gradient scale game – she would have found herself declared a suppressive person, and banished into the light of day where absolutes are obtainable. .
      Yes – I do believe absolutes are obtainable. And I believe that once absolute power is obtained – that such absolute power corrupts absolutely. You want proof? Look no further than the absolute power and absolute corruption of David Miscavige – and his ‘gradient scale’ Grey-hatted minions allowing him to get away with it – and propping up this evil Empire.

  4. I’m sure Jessica is “handled” like many “disaffects” read dissenters are handled by being accused of spreading “black PR” for daring to write a report on their off-policy and out-tech actions then they are Roll Backed and ordered onto the “Truth” Rundown or a sec check of some kind.
    Since anyone who “natters” which has been redefined like “black PR” has to mean anything said about management that isn’t gushingly complimentary means they must have overts and evil purposes.
    The orgs these days are so concerned about making themselves right and anyone who disagrees with them wrong that it is hard for them to evaluate their own actions as the cause of the upset.

  5. Great article ScnAfrica.
    Re. the debit order system that was in full swing in SA at that time (not sure if it still is??) it’s worth noting that the Frankels were personally making a profit by administering the system, in the form of a percentage of the funds they processed. It always struck me as odd that the rest of the staff and public were expected to contribute their time and energy to the group for free… Yet the Frankels were given special treatment and allowed to turn the Ideal Org strategy into a personal business opportunity… Of course this was completely condoned by CO CMO AF at the time, Alex Faust.

  6. The Frankels were earning a fee for administering the debit order system (R50,00 per month per debit order I was told). Then the whole system was sold to investors who gave the Church cash for 80% of the value of the debit orders. I was told that getting immediate cash was worth losing a potential 20%. Of course – the public at large probably did not know this.
    The other problem with selling it off to investors was that if someone defaulted – who was going to enforce it – The Church or the investors? Hmmm a little tricky. I am guessing that is why Peach and Luke could not do anything about it per the above email. No wonder the Church had to take it back from the Frankels – they (the Church) are the only ones who could push the public to honour the debit orders. I know there were some who made big pledges and then defaulted – no doubt a flap for which the Church had to answer to the investors.
    Then at the end of 24 months when (long story) I asked that the one debit order I had on the go be terminated because the 24 months was up – there was a comm lag from the Church and it went over. I pointed out to them that there must be a bunch of people whose 24 months was up and why were those debit orders still running – and I got an answer from Ian Hammond that the Church had taken legal advice (???? huh???) and they were covered to continue because it said on the forms that we signed (in the dark at the end of the fundraiser) that the donor had to terminate in writing one month before the end otherwise they could continue debiting. I made a fuss and they relented (they said) and went and asked each donor individually whether they would be prepared to continue. No doubt they had to make up to the investors for people defaulting and they wanted a never ending stream of income.
    When they first were getting money from the debit orders they were being paid into a company that was tax exempt itself – but it meant that for donors it was not a tax exempt donation. That f/u also had to be sorted out because some people were quite annoyed about that too.
    Mike Frankel told me that the debit order system brought in R12 million for the church in SA – so I guess he has ethics protection.
    I urge anyone on the inside who may read this to at least stop their debit orders or not renew them – ever again.

    • IM,
      It is not “criminal group think” created by Scientology. It is “criminal group think” created by *criminals*.
      According to Scientology policy this is known as a *Financial Irregularity*.
      Now IM if you can find an actually policy which supports the above.
      Not just a classic one liner which is quoted totally out of context like “make money” but an actually policy that says to “make money” in such a manner or one that supports any other similar method of making money like say gun running or drug dealing or bank robbery or Ponzi Schemes or extorting the public for “Donations” whatever other than urging Orgs to deliver actual services and selling books and meters to “make money” then I’ll withdraw what I have just written.

      • RV you rock!! You are tireless in presenting a sane thorough perspective. Makes a nice change! I tire of the majority think equation which goes something like this LRH=DM=RCS=CORRUPT=EVIL! Sure expose the hell out of unjust activities, talk about the failings of the church, LRH etc. But for crying out loud for those that have left pls obnose that which is good and use that too! For those ex churchies who have done the OT levels on the inside, try doing em on the outside, maybe a big surprise awaits?

      • Spot on SB. All this righteous indignation at “the other side” is nothing more than ser facing. It gives me the shits!

      • I agree Sean.

        It’s what we commonly call a “wrong target” with a lot of “altered importances” ,”contrary facts” “omitted data”, and out right “falsehoods” thrown into the mix.

      • Sorry I missed acking your kind words SB but for some reason they did not show in my wordpress notifications section.
        Anyway I’m glad you find these data useful.
        Personally and IMHO I think many of these critics have formed a cult of their own and their own unique belief system associated to it where like many who are still “in” they refuse to be confused by actual facts or anything which contradicts their *opinion* that Scientology should be obliterated because it is some kind of heinous “evil” and that Ron was some kind “fraud” because somehow he wasn’t their ideal of perfection and thus free of sin and hung out with that terrible nasty Jack Parsons and is associated to that “evil” ,”wicked”, “beast” Aleister Crowley.
        In other words many of them are nothing but a bunch of puritanical and judgmental prudes.
        Then there are those who are really not much different from those who attack religion in general in order to forward their religion of orthodox “science” (which is actually a belief system masquerading as a “science”) and “reason” (which means to reject anything that doesn’t fit into their narrow parameter of “reality”).
        The irony is that many of the founders of the Enlightenment believed in Magic and the Occult and belonged to the Invisible College:

      • Cheers guys, glad to know there are some amoung us “outies” who still feel LRH didnt morph from saint to demon after we left the church. Yes LRH messed up, yes I dont agree with fair gaming, overboarding and any other extreme justice activities. What I do agree with is case gain, increased awareness and a bigger game through tech application. This I am experiencing daily. It irks me something chronic went I see church zealots turn into LRH haters! Both extremes are unhealthy. Cummon people LRH was never that holy or that despicable, he was just a genius who tried his best to so something for us as best he could. He failed some and won some. I think thats a very brave thing to do, especially doing it all under FBI, CIA and public scrutiny. Damned if I would put myself out there like he did, no way!
        So next time you naysayers, critics and scoffers have something to say about him remember this. You read his books, got some auditing, joined staff, donated money because you thought it was a very worthwhile subject. Guess what it still is! Wanna bet?

      • What about the fact that Scientology hasn’t made any of the people abusing policy and people and conducting criminal financial irregularities any ethical? The Frankels know the tech, they’re both on OT 7 having regulary sec checks; and Peach and Luke are not greenies.
        What is justified is if it’s ‘for the greatest good’, it’s OK do it. I know Sheeplebane, remoteview and others are for protecting LRH and Scientology and that’s fine. However, it should be known that LRH did not practise what he preached about obeying the laws of the land. He dodged paying taxes in both England and the USA. He was in hiding from the law in both these countries for several decades, for not paying his taxes but for other things, too. In addition, he smuggles suitcases of money out of these countries illegally.
        DM and the church had, still have, this example.

      • RV, I very much enjoy your posts. Where is your field practice located?

  7. Poor Jessica. She has to behave handled because of all her family in the church. Her husband wrote a scathing comment about the Corbetts on the KSWLions blog. The Bynes used to be friends with the Corbetts and both of them worked for the Corbetts.
    I wonder if Jessica ever got a reference from Marie Frankel either on the debit-order-financial-irregularity or on the fundraising for buildings. Wish we knew.

    • Yes it is easy to write scathing comments about the Corbett’s or anyone else who is well intended, because mostly such well intended people do not want to get into the entheta of it and so fail to defend themselves .Larry, however from what I hear, might find himself in a bit of PR bother if someone in the know makes some factual revelations on this blog about his time in South Africa. As with his son -in-law ,one has some doubt as to how honest and upright these “holier than thou” but extremely carpingly critical individuals are.,,,this is my opinion!!
      I believe that individuals with clean hands themselves, spend their energies,when required, correcting things that are “wrong” , they do not vilify former friends in a public forum. I know they won’t, but I would love to see the Corbett’s publish the amount of help they gave Larry and Jessica.It would also be interesting to hear what Dan Brown did in the sea Org that resulted in him leaving said group.
      If you read this Larry you should not forget that we have not forgotten your many opinions and other statement made during your time in SA. Keep up the destructive comment and you may well find it was not worth the “rightness” you experienced delivering your shit.

  8. I concur with both Truthseeker and Wendy M above on what was going down with this insane debit order system. People were pushed, cajoled, demanded from and literally harassed until they totally over-extended themselves with debit orders they couldn’t possibly hope to sustain. I know of a few people that were up to R20,000 per month at one point. I guarantee that most of them (if not all) bombed out.
    I remember being at a fundraiser and suddenly the Frankels were up on the stage receiving a commendation for reaching some status or another when I had never seen them publicly make one pledge – (in fact they hardly ever even attended any fundraisers – it was “beneath them” to be seen with us mere mortals). After further digging, I found out the truth of what was actually going on with the debit order scheme (as Wendy describes).

  9. When I was in RTC in the 80′s, stuff would hit out lines maybe a couple of times a month at most. This was pre-DM taking over, under Vicki Aznaran and Jesse Prince. The handling always was acknowledge it was wrong, make it right, either by crediting it to something that had value to the person or returning the money … make it right by them and with them. Another one was postulate checks, which honestly I did not understand until I arrived in the real world and got real jobs and bank accounts. Even those were handled the same way if a person gave a check to a reg, and it was deposited without approval.
    This auto debit situation in the current brutal ethics and reprimand climate is insidious. They have your account information. You report it to the bank and you are guilty of a suppressive act. You bounce checks, you trash your own financial standing. You stop payments, you are suppressive for not honoring some verbal promise that someone remembers or something of the sort. Disgusting.

  10. I will brag too!
    Never got into the debit order system!
    I also underwent Bankruptcy from being bullied and
    threatened, invalidated – made wrong into donating for the Greatest Good -OH
    thank goodness those Gestapo days are over!
    Larry should be ashamed of himself and that includes Dan Brown for
    all the assistance the Corbetts gave them – I hope they both come up to
    having guilt ridden sleepless nights – believe me what goes around – comes
    around -to attack those that have helped them so much is disgusting!

  11. Canspeakatlast I too have read Barefaced Messiah and Messiah or madman respectively. I found the data shocking, disturbing yet compelling. The ring of truth to some of what was stated I cannot deny! I also read your story and appreciate your blood given to the “cause”. But let me clear something up, I dont intend to protect LRH’s persona or legacy. It stands up by itself. Positive or negative it is what it is.
    That I support, use and apply the tech to sometimes incredible results is my own personal experience. I had a brilliant teacher who taught me like no other.
    If I come across as a LRH and scientology supporter then yes. Think of it this way. If scientology was a computer game then I sure as hell admire its developer and playing it! Why not? Not only does this computer game teach me about other games it helps me play my own game better. Because I perhaps used the software incorrectly or others messed around with it does it mean I have to blame all my woes on the creator? We are all here co-creators in this universe. LRH is not,will not be responsible for all the ills of scientology while us supporters threw the dice too! Its time we all matured up a bit here I feel. There is much good left in this world and the tech. Why not focus on the real enemy, corporate scientology and those that pull its strings? In the meantime search the wild land of indiedom and find a good auditor who offers the bridge. Its still an adventure afterall, besides there must be more about yourself you may want to know about right? 🙂

  12. The ONLY real help I got from Corbett’s was to once again revisit the fraudulent nature of suppression – talks apparent theta but intent vicious.

    The Corbetts asked me for help putting in LRH Admin Tech, pretended for a while to be interested, then REFUSED to put in standard Admin Tech. The last straw for me was Gaye [ad hominem removed – MOD]

    When we were helping the very suppressed black labor force with objective processing to get to work early mornings in the Joburg winters, we were told by one of the Corbetts [ad hominem removed – MOD]

    I once witnessed Ernest Corbett [ad hominem removed – MOD]

    There is MUCH more that I could say but I promised Ernest that I would take it easy on him so I will leave it at that for now.

    Naturally I do not expect to see this post to be put on your blog – my response to your attack on my wife which was sent yesterday was not posted.

    It appears that your byline of inalienable rights applies to only those who are willing to attack LRH and Scientology non-stop.

    In case you want to reconsider, I pointed out that Jessica’s email was directly sent to Church terminals asking that LRH policy be applied and, of course, the Policy was then applied and the outrness corrected on this cycle. Despite any temporary arbitraries, Scientology is self-correcting. I contrasted Jessica’s correct action with the Corbett’s who not only refused to write Knowledge Reports on one of the reg cycles they are now whining about but also tried unsuccessfully to prevent me from writing one that was in their favor.

    But the main point you will see evolve here imminently is that their crimes [ad hominem removed – MOD]

    And, yes, I sleep very well – no doubt far better that one who puts curses on their help and [ad hominem removed – MOD]

    Of course I am not perfect and yes what goes around does come around. But you guys cast the first stone and stupidly did so without ensuring you were without sin. You won’t believe the next installment – even while it happening!

    Bring it on – let’s dance “Goldie”!

    • Sheesh Larry, Ive read your comments on KSW lions. I can only shake my head or hold it in shame for you since you cannot at this time do it for yourself. Waking up is a tough process, takes time, confront and effort. I sense even you have disagreements with your church you dare not voice openly. Why Larry why? Because that voice in your head knows that the bullshit you spew is just that – bullshit! Cloke it any way you want but ultimately you owe a great many people an apology. Start with the Corbetts then finally end off with the ole man himself. I wonder what he would say to you Larry? I wonder..
      If you ever do want to make a change start with a thorough doubt formula. A real one. Examine the stats not the crap false nonsense you see at events. The cogs are as good as any FPRD session, maybe better. Try it and start living free again. Its truly amazing!

      • I’m new around here – Who are you Sheeplebane? If you are truly the bane of sheeple how come you are hiding your identity? Have you even bothered to read the attacks on LRH on this site. Hidden, of course, by masked identities. And the site(s) you frequently contribute to blatantly recommend the BBC and Tony Ortega for data on LRH and Scientology. Both non stop LRH and Scientology attackers and famous mainly for their child sex trafficking scandals. Both firmly under control of the Rothschild/Rockefeller bankster cult? Have you researched this data at all?
        And who is it again that needs to make apologies to LRH? Great company you keep what? The fact that your “free speech” site recommends the BBC and Ortega for data and yet censors my comm to avoid exposing their non-stop vicious racism and suppression of their black help says a lot.
        But there are other avenues for the truth aren’t there. ANYONE who attacks LRH is going down – I suggest you have a look at the consequences of YOUR actions.

    • My last comment I wrote didn’t “pass” your
      Qual… seemed wired at the time as it was very very pro KSW and LRH ( as I am a true old timer veteran scientologist born and raised ). I wrote that the sea org is not warring its hat, and that there should be a Mutiny ( like on the bounty ) against the real enemy ( we set out to make men free but now all auditors certs are cancelled and real estate funds have replaced auditing hours if that is not a suppressive act I don’t know what is )
      but I will get back to that later. I did not understand why my comment was not published.

      Then I had a cognition, I previously wrote that Tony Ortega was a wolf in sheep’s clothing and that I do believe in freedom of speech but beware that the true SP’s like the Ortega’s and the Bunkers…. Their goal is to DESTROY spiritual freedom and scientology in the name of “free speech” but in actual fact use the internet with black propaganda on LRH and his tech
      So this is a representation of the 2 % SP’s….

      Where is the half you ask????
      I believe in every single fiber of my being that if Ron could come to PT and see the mess and out tech that is going on, he personally would hang DM by the ba**s I have no doubt about that whatsoever… DM is in my option based on his actions is a SP
      His actions are turning the felid and HGC into virtually non existence by canceling the most important beings on the plant “the auditors” and give me a brake about his pathetic excuses…………………if it isn’t broken don’t fix it MF
      If this is his way to get the stats up by forcing people to re do re do re do then it proves even more what a greedy evil man he is. Not even talking about the invalidation…

      It seems there is no true comm line for us unhappy scientologists and so we tern to anyone willing to listen, and among us are real SP’s like bunker and Ortega’s that feed on the vulnerability of disillusioned members in a 1.1 way and lure us to their wasps nest and get people completely off scientology. In this regard Larry is correct 100%

      As we get older we discover that things are not always black or white there are many shades of gray or rightness and wrongness. Its infantile to think in terms or absolutes

      In my option the problem is that scientologists in the church have no way to see the gray zones and they are being fed horror stories form anyone that doesn’t think 100%

      In that sense they cannot be free as truth is freedom and freedom is truth as isness
      and the only way out is not blind obedience and lies.

      in every organization there are “internal affairs” every group should be able to communicate directly like the SO1 line… RTC doesn’t even respond to any comms
      the organization has become a totalitarian regime. When did DM become caser?
      Isn’t the intention of the org to service? To help? To make free beings? When did it become a real estate agency that mooches off its public? Why is it now leeching off instead of having a good exchange become a criminal exchange? Why is to not OK to ask and seek the truth? What is the point to continue to sleep? Don’t attack the truth and justice seekers.

      We all want to go free, we all want back our group, we want to study, to get auditing, to be happy once more… but we cannot do that in the face of a suppressive leader that is ruining the scientology dream and utopia and turning it into a soulless money machine.

  13. Perfectly consistent double standard expected of the 1.1 band. Allow vicious comments on LRH, David Miscavige, Albert, Larry, Jessica, etc., by name yet omit the disgusting racist comments made and who made them about those beings on whose labor you depend and some small part of what you DID to them to prompt your racist comments. Understandable terror and back off in including that data I guess given “Goldie’s” comment on “what goes around comes around”. At least Rathbun and Rinder printed my comments go before they ran out of ideas and words and threw me off their site forever a few years ago. Bye Bye for now.

  14. Good man we are now in comm Larry, this blogs namesakes. Do I agree with everything thats said here? Hell no! But I too will defend everyone elses right to say what they feel is right (besides blatant attacks on the tech or LRH for that matter, I still respect those).
    You see Larry if DM and his merry band of henchmen released their suppressive hold over thee and family, looking may become easier. Its rather hard to notice the termites eating your floorboards when you hear bullets thumping into the flesh of your once friends who dared to have a critical thought or two.
    I think you may be smart enough to obnose enough to see that something is rotting in the world of corporate scientology – its dying Larry, dying. The SP’s out there do exist, the psyches are active and the banksters have dark agendas. But nothing Larry compares to the evil that resides within, nothing! The fish rots from the head downwards they say! I tell you this my man when you have that cog it will shake the foundations of your universe like a Nagasaki nuke! I remember the day I realised who the real SP was with real fondness. It was there right infront of me all the time. It is the same with thee. Just look. The ties that bind, bind only with your agreement. Disagree, bare all consequences and walk as a freeman would. There is truth, honour out in the open more than you realise. People inside the bubble are indocked to believe in the us vs them mentality. There is much support in wogdom and amoungst the independants. We care and want the best for all. DM would have you believe there are squirrels and SPs EVERYWHERE! Its a delight seeing how wrong he is!
    Hope to see you out very soon, bruised and battered yet honour intact, welcome back Ille say then.

  15. Hey Sheeplebane – I did not ask what you are, I asked WHO you are.
    I already know what you are – an enemy propaganda agent who has become an enemy of mankind. You are obsessing on attacking one individual Scientologist whose accomplishments include leading the evolution of materials translated and distributed around the world and being delivered in facilities that we could only dream of in the 70s. And the BEST you propaganda agents can come up with is that there are not enough public in these facilities? Or “boo- fucking-hoo COB (or come other Scientologist in good standing) was mean to me??”
    As a direct result of the pro survival actions of David Miscavige, the Sea Org, OSA, dedicated Scientology staff and pubic, there are more ACTUAL Scientologists being made daily around the world than there are infiltrating propaganda agents and squirrels on Scientology’s entire track. Hell, there are more uptone public in comm at any course break in the new Flag Building than there have been disaffected “critical” squirrels on Scientology’s track.
    But the evil you speak about is what is preventing you from confronting and as-ising its actual source. Which is why you need to find out WHO you are – per the enemy formula. Then maybe you and your team of squirrels can talk about something other than to obsessively criticize EVERY communication your former friends in Scientology issue.
    Who don’t you talk about the wins that your squirrel group is having? Is this not the same tech team that had “senior” oversight of all the cases in South Africa for many years and who are now on your blog complaining about the horrible service they received from this Tech team and what “they” did to them.
    Once you tell me WHO you are and present me with your conditions formulas up through liability, I will be happy to get in comm with you and steer you to the proper Church post so you can complete your justice procedures to remedy your suppressive acts – mostly attacking LRH and Scientology publicly – clearly in service to the enemy. But – I don’t except that to happen until WAY WAY up the track – it will however happen eventually – given the immortality of a thetan
    The LEAST of your worries is the imminently expected physical reciprocal that you can expect from belonging to and supporting a racist group who exploits the majority population in South Africa in service to self. The SPIRITUAL suicide that you are committing by attacking LRH and Scientology is FAR more grim.
    You squirrels seem to love Mike Rinder. You need to also look at WHO he is and the evil he fronts for.
    Below is a bit of hatting on the enemy to get you started on your route out of the organization that is the enemy to all mankind. There is MUCH more and I will be delighted to provide it to whoever sincerely wants education on the REAL source of evil on this planet. That is if your squirrel group masters and financers will publish it?
    Have you read the analysis of Rinder’s use of CIA/MI6 propaganda terms on KSW Lions?
    This “Rinder on Kool Aid” thread is right on the money!
    The thread mentions the BBC’s John Sweeney as perhaps the person who is Mike Rinder’s handler.
    The BBC is, of course, the British Intel MI6 Bureau’s propaganda arm.
    MI6 used to be pretty good and British propaganda was quite effective in defeating Hitler’s propaganda machine during WW II.
    Where they fell down was compromising on following the money line – WHO financed Hitler?
    Had they exposed what is now proven fact – that Hitler was financed by the Rothschild/Rockefeller bankster cult – humanity would have been much better off today.
    No doubt MI6 knew and currently knows this fact. But since the bankster cult finances and controls both sides of every modern war, MI6 is quite open to the allegation that it is working for and covering up for genocidal sociopaths – along with the CIA and other Intel agencies.
    Also, there is the point that the BBC now has its own MAJOR scandal to deal with.
    Would it be much of a stretch to opine that the BBC now has their agents cranking up their propaganda attacks on LRH and Scientology as some sort of distraction? LRH anss Scientology – the source of the one technology capable of freeing the spirit and changing conditions for the better?
    Common Intel strategy is to manufacture a controversy to redirect group reactivity onto the target.
    Could this current distraction fronted by the never-were-in-comm space cadets particularly apply to Africa which is currently being recolonized by the Northern Hemispherians to get a better grip on the mineral wealth? An OLD, OLD game.
    Scientology is the one movement capable of handing the OLD race-versus-race-to-distract-from-plundering-mineral-wealth-game in Africa and on the planet. Which is why LRH and Scientology are the main target for the “elite” slavemaster hidden conflict promoters.
    But what should be of much more concern to Rinder and the leaders of the never-were-in-comm squirrel brigade is another common Intel technique. When the agent fails or is exposed he is usually whacked or otherwise neutralized by those controlling him/her – so he can’t blow the whistle.
    If either Rinder or Corbett (or whoever is leading the never-were-in-comm space cadets) care to research this Intel stable datum, perhaps they will have enough sense and/or integrity left to debrief to OSA on WHO exactly is giving them their orders? While they still can do so? It’s their ONLY hope of spiritual life at this point – regardless of the physical life risks.
    Of course, there is always the probable point that these squirrels and their leaders have so predisposed themselves to implants that they do not even recognize their current controllers. And that would entail a 7D awareness that may be well beyond their capability at present – unless they at least balance the enemy lines with daily study of LRH Tech of course?
    Perhaps it is now time for them to get their ethics in as a personal and family and “friends” survival point. Their alternative would seem to be that they should REPORT BACK to their handlers/implanters as their mission has failed. Proven by the current boom Scientology is experiencing.
    And all they can do in the face of our expansion is whine as spectators that Scientology is not enough to meet their standards!
    Standards which are what? Where are the Tech wins from the squirrel group? Or are they currently fielding the same “Tech” team largely responsible for the past delivery that the never-were-in-comm blog contributors are now saying was so bad?
    But the main point of the KSW Lions “on-the-money” Rinder on Kool Aid thread is to follow the enemy propaganda lines – which all lead back to Intel/Propaganda agencies of the police state and the financing by their bankster cult.
    Following the money line will no doubt give ALL the answers.
    WHO is financing Rinder?
    WHO financed the Squirrel group leaders allowing them to falsely claim “upstat” in a now obviously failed attempt to back off the inevitable sane ethics/justice tech application?
    There is a comm lag to all human drama – but the truth ALWAYS prevails.
    Thank you KSW Lions for your ARC and KRC for Africa and having the integrity and bravery to nail the SPs for what they are!

    • Larry, thank you for your input but it will have to end there. As indicated to you already you have your own mouthpiece where you can publish this sort of thing. You are not moving this conversation forward. Good luck.

      • Well at least Larry is an avid reader of our blog. If we wamt to read this “verbal diarrhoea” we can all go on the KSW Lions blog. We dont even get the opportunity to comment on that blog as comments dont get posted. Larry I would suggest that you review your own families skeletons before manufacturing lies about the upstat Corbett family.

    • Larry, your screed actually saddened me. There’s so much failed logic and conspiracy thinking crammed in and mixed up with magical thinking about the expansion of Scientology that it boggles the mind. When I see people waking up, looking around and examining the reality around them and then read something like this, I’m reminded of how deep seated the problem is for those still actively engaged with the church.
      What really struck me was this comment you made: “The LEAST of your worries is the IMMINENTLY EXPECTED PHYSICAL RECIPROCAL that you CAN EXPECT (my caps) from belonging to and supporting a racist group who exploits the majority population in South Africa in service to self.” While you’re railing against people not using their given names you are providing evidence of one of the reasons why people don’t want to, the threat of physical violence that many still-in Scientologists believe is perfectly justified against anybody who dares speak out about Scientology or LRH.

  16. I see frothing and spittle flying but no judgement! Does OSA have this okes balls in a vice or what?? Every time he tries to whistle they squeeze even harder!! Poor chap will sound like a castrati by the time its all done.
    My bad for trying to reason with the unreasonble or desperate! PTS type 3 anyone? Give the man a light saber, tell him where all the evil SP’s and squirrels are. Dont tell him he’s swinging his light saber around extremely flammable goods and watch the explosions. Nuts! I wonder if Larry knows what planet he shares with us. Time to change channels Larry, the church is bleeding more people than you care to admit. This boom at Flag is a laugh. There is a condition worse than blindness..seeing something that isnt there.

  17. I know this comm is late on the chain but It needs to be said.
    Ok Larry the Hamster is going round and round.
    Larry you have failed to DUPLICATE
    99 percent of the people on this blog have WOKEN UP1
    We will not be brained washed we are not sheep.
    We support LRH 100 per cent!
    We are rebels and are anti Church Management.
    We are protesting Out Tech and the mishandling of
    the Church and the deceit and bullying individual field members
    who have received unjust hand lings.
    You fail to observe the Corbetts very rarely make a comment on
    this blog it is a large group of us and is actually worldwide.
    If I wanted to read entheta I could click on to your blog
    the fact you have so few followers speaks volumes!
    So surprised ScnAfrica let you voice your verbal attacks on this blog.
    When I said what goes around comes around I was speaking about
    those who support the Church and continually commit crimes in the
    name of the greatest Good.
    No longer will the Lions of Africa keep quite.
    No longer will we tolerate the abuse of LRH legacy.
    No longer will we be controlled.
    No longer will we accept out exchange.
    No longer will we tolerate invalidation, deceit, lies.
    bullying , fraud, forced disconnection.
    The truth is you have been reading the blog and the sad thing
    is you have truly not WOKEN UP.
    The Lions of Africa now have a voice – self-determinism and

  18. Good evening. My name is Savanna and I’m a recovering koolaider unlike Larry who isn’t even aware he’s main lining it in copious amounts. I am now able to see the positive and negative of LRH and the organisation I faithfully supported. Truth revealed is sobering.

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