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Below is the last Joburg Buzz newsletter. We are publishing it in it’s entirety as it gives at least some insight into the two biggest orgs in Africa (Joburg Day & FDN).

The key point we wish to highlight is the following sentence: “In fact, our purpose is to make Joburg Org into a Saint Hill Size OT Org!!”

What does this sentence even mean? Joburg was pronounced Saint Hill size in March 2005. The Universe Corps (the reward for this achievement) arrived in May 2005. Joburg, statistically, ceased being a Saint Hill size org by the end of 2005. So does the sentence above acknowledge this fact and admit that this org needs to get back to that size? Or does the addition of “OT Org” suggest that it is Saint Hill size but is now shooting for “OT Org” status. What defines an OT Org?

Featured in this newsletter are 39 public. Between two orgs and all it’s delivery areas.

Frankie, the orgs mascot – the wooden warthog – was introduced in 2004. It was a bit of fun and the concept of what this mascot represented became a feature of the success of the org leading up to Saint Hill size. The ritual of carrying him into graduation was loads of fun although it often scared the crap out of new people thinking we were indeed an idol-worshiping cult. Since 2005/6 there have been sporadic attempts to get the spirit of that time back. When this is attempted, Frankie is wheeled out. This is such a time, clearly.

In Albert’s opening address, he talks about those “wanting to go OT really fast should join staff” and get OT levels when the universe corps returns. Not one staff member made it to OT the last time the Universe Corps was here. Some made it to Clear only to be given non-clear R-Factors later. Oops.

Interesting to note is that not one of the “recent Clears” listed in this newsletter a South African. It seems foreigners are making it to Clear in Joburg faster than the org’s own local public. All is not lost though, we did manage to sell at least one new e-meter to a South African.

Last but not least, they really ought to update the picture of Albert, Bob and all the staff – there are at least 6 people in that picture who have now left staff.

From: Joburg Org <>Sent: To: Reply To: joburg@scientology.netSubject: JOBURG BUZZ NEWSLETTER


TheJOBURG BUZZ     YOU ARE HERE UNTIL YOU ARE CLEARNEWSLETTER28 April 2014Dear Scientologist,These are very exciting times and with the Golden Age of Tech Phase II now in full swing, there is nothing in our way to expand beyond anything ever seen in our history. In fact, our purpose is to make Joburg Org into a Saint Hill Size OT Org!! That is a purpose for all of us and the most theta thing we can do now which totally aligns with getting everybody up the Bridge to Clear and OT. It also means that STAFF will continue to move up The Bridge to Clear and OT, and this too will be accelerated with the Universe Corps returning to African soil.So get on course, go in session, bring your friends, your family and we will get them up The Bridge too. And for those who want to go OT really fast, join staff and help us make JBG Org the Size of Old Saint Hill and you will get your OT levels right here.Good deal hey! Lets go!!Love,Albert de Beer


Bob Petrie



jb002 jb001 jb003 jb004 jb005 jb006 jb007 jb008 


Joburg Org’s recently produced Clears!!!




Success Story

“On the 23rd of March 2014, I attested to the State of Clear at ANZO! The first thing I did at ANZO was finish my SRD. Then once that was to full EP and I had all my attention and awareness units in PT, I went onto my CCRD with a Class IX auditor. That by itself was life changing. I have never had so many floating needles and persistent F/N’s in my life. They just kept on coming. It was the smoothest and best auditing I have ever had. Doing the CCRD made me 100% certain and stable as a being.

Going Clear has been one of the most adventurous journeys I have taken. On NED I learned so much about life and myself. Session by session, I could see that I was actually regaining myself. Quite powerful. I have handled more on NED than I could dream about handling. All my aberrations are gone.

Clear really is the closest thing to an absolute one can get in this universe. Just amazing.

I want to thank my parents, my wife, Joburg Org for all their support in making it possible to go Clear, my auditor Judit who took me up through NED, to Shane who helped me more than I can explain and Stacey for all her care and support.

I want everyone to go Clear as soon as possible”

– Corvin Van Stone- Exec Esto JGBD




jb012And a few more on the horizon, soon to be announced! You too can reach the state of Clear.

There is the training route to Clear where you can co-audit your way up The Bridge and the processing side.

To find out more information or if you want to reach the state of Clear contact:

Cleo Van Stone

083 290 3275  


Over the last few months we have seen a change… starting with the Purification Rundown. This Rundown is producing results like we have never experienced before. Those doing the purif over these recent months will tell you, even for those who have done a purif before, they have never seen or experienced anything like this.

Street drugs, medical drugs, toxins and chemicals are running out from the first day, with all the aspects of the biochemical personality dislodging and running out with it.

Those doing the new purif are experiencing a whole new life afterwards.

jb013 jb014 jb015

     Mark Berman                     Irina Shakgiametova               Mandla Khumalo


Success Story

“I just completed Student Hat and it is just awesome! When COB said all arbitraries have been removed, that’s exactly what I discovered! I did the previous Student Hat and had amazing wins which are still quite valid. But this GAT II Student Hat  is so easy to get through. The data  is straight forward and the Student Hat dictionary cuts the time spent on the course in half. It’s way faster doing it now than doing it before. This has revitalized my purpose to help others learn how to learn! I am forever grateful to Ron”.



Joburg Saint Hill Size,

OT Org!

jb016 jb017 jb018Graduates:


Back row: Sharika Grinstad, Tandi Dell, Goven & Ebenezer. Front row: Dave Atkinson, Shaun Ngwane, Alain Lotz.

jb020Back row: Ebenezer, Jenny White, Marco Newman, Carol Dell & Melissa Berman.

Front row: Ereck, Mark Berman & Mark Diamond.

Birthday Game Players:

jb021Ebenezer, Ciaran Ryan, Rene Habib, Ereck, Marie Frankel, Mike Frankel, Mark Berman, Dave Atkinson, Jenny White.

Commendations for those who are the future …



“It gives Man his first keen look into the heads and hearts of his fellows.”

– L. Ron Hubbard

 jb023 jb024




RENE ANN  RHODA: 0790593099 (BSO JBGD)

MORGAN HABIB: 00837816396 (BSO JBGF) 

Best Regards,

Bob Petrie and Albert de Beer…


Org Reception: 087 150 6514

Albert: 082 959 0548

Bob: 083 659 3290 



 Join the Winning TeamShaping the destiny of AfricaContact: Corvin Van Stone 084 520 9479


52 thoughts on “Joburg’s Buzz

  1. This looks like the last desperate throws of a dying beast.
    I did not resonate with the mascot and dark glasses – and at the last graduation I attended there and the first time I witnessed this crap, I and quite a few public walked out, never to return.
    ” . . . a feature of the success of the org leading up to Saint Hill size. The ritual of carrying him into graduation was loads of fun although it often scared the crap out of new people thinking we were indeed an idol-worshiping cult.” And so you did – yet continued in your cocoon, and watched as the Org crashed from there down. Where’s the PL on stuff like this? Where’s your research that it would be OK with your public?
    This Org and JHB North was run as a private club. And I mean private club. And that’s why neither have grown. You did what you wanted to do with no regard to the public – which you were supposed to serve!
    When the JHB Org was in Polly Street, it has about THREE times as many active public. Ever wonder why the decline?
    How do you think the public would respond to a large public corporation’s chief officers carrying out this ritual at, say, their board meetings? And making the photos public . . . and the justification was “we’re having fun”.

    • Hey Frik. You were not part of the Joburg North private club? What you say is right. They had this clique mentality. Whisper to each other about that guy or that public, not on sides or suspect ethics or, or. Sucks.
      I attended an OT Committee meeting and it was decided someone was not going to be invited to share a win they had, because they were not on course………I should have seen the writing on the wall then…….

  2. A sad state indeed. The one photograph lists a Marco Newman when in fact the editor should have noted Marco Ryan the same feller who wasted his hard earned cash on a “new” meter that had been sitting in a warehouse for many years prior to its release last year. This is a terribly humiliating newsletter. The handful of people in attendance is dismal.

  3. Looks like 40 staff? My goodness… what do they do all day? Send dispatches, chits, reports, stats to each other? You know the letters that come in “Please remove me from your mailing list”, “Please send me a statement of my account”, “Please send me my money back” and then the “Pull the folder for the out-tech”, “B of I on the auditor (minimum), Dispatch DSA for possible disaffection research, “Call him in for a free ARC-X session” all between late chits for missing muster, KRs for making a joke, KR for taking time off, KR for a CSW for a vacation …. so happy to be out of the zoo.

    • Funny one Cece. What do they do all day? Good question. Your description is apt. May I add…….
      Also, while the Flag Rep discusses his compliance reports with the LRH communicator, the FBO for MORE rushes down clutching an urgent order but gets KRd for cross-ordering the IAS reg who is waiting for the regular FBO to release his Purchase Order for toilet paper due to the upcoming event, but the Senior HCO stops this due to a lacking signature and KRs the IAS reg who dashes off to the HCO Exec Sec for help who can’t come out now because she is stranded in the loo, but the Deputy ED for Service and Exchange has seen all this and has a private stash and runs in to the rescue, all the while reviewing the Network Coordination Committee minutes that have agreed with the Commanding Officer of OSA that external influences are crashing the income and the ideal org fundraising must be resuscitated, but first, Landlord International is running the Exec Council for a few weeks and the Ideal Org Plans Approval sub-committee has not yet said which carpet has been surveyed, and, in walks an unsuspecting new person, and, suddenly, it all goes quiet, and a hush descends upon the frantic org……..OSA is immediately suspicious and initiates an investigation and Senior HAS and the MAA internal and the Ethics Officer and the Commanding Office of the Continental Liaison Office for the whole of Africa, external, go into a huddle, glancing nervously, and pondering this new occurrence. “Isn’t that person related to Ernest, or a friend of Ryan’s, or the brother of the sister of that friend of that guy we declared last month?”
      Oh my God.

      • Just too funny you guys 🙂
        I respectfully relinquish my post as Court Jester to you and CeCe.
        Ironically what you’ve written pretty much applies to being on staff in any Org which is why I used to practically barricade myself in my auditing room.

      • Ille second that! Laughter with very sharp knives and a big grimmace! Goes to show put a psychotic nihilist in charge the whole group goes nuts tech or no tech! Being on staff became just like this describes. I too hid in my auditing room quietly doing my job during the motar fire. They found me eventually of course
        Want to ruin certain people? Put them in charge and give them lotsa money, make a loon in no time. Low havingness, fuckall responsibility! Hes ruined scientology, the tech and its reputation! You couldnt have done a better job if you banned scientology world wide! Well done little Toadie, the devil salutes you! Its not all your fault you know, we too played along. Enjoy it while it lasts, the end draws ever closer..

      • They eventual do.
        Don’t they SB?
        Either walking your PC to exam or trying to avoid the Cram Off or hunting down a ref.
        There are times when even us auditors were fully exposed 😉
        I think the only post that was relatively safe was Senior C/S.
        I remember Sandy at AO having this oversized poster of the “Ivory Tower Rule” posted on her door to ward off those evil admin gremlins.

      • Thanks RV. I feel for the guys on staff.
        That runaround of all these managers and in-charges and executives, is amazing.
        And the unsung heros are the auditors. Last I saw an org I could not find any auditors. Now you have enlightened me, they are all hiding away from all that managers, networks, orders, compliance, BS.
        Are you still auditing?

      • St.
        Still auditing and applying *Standard Scientology* and basic Scientology ( as opposed to the “Basics”) as well. You know like ARC, the Tone Scale, the Auditors Code (except on my occasional comments 😉 ) Code of Honor , Code of a Scientology and the Creed.
        You all those things that are now “old”, “no longer used” “background” etc in the Church of Whatever these days.

  4. Seeing all these pics stirs up some interesting emotions haha! Initial nostalgia sublimates into anger then mere pity. Pity for the the same faces and souls armed with the same bag of tricks and promises doing it over and over again.. It never gets tiring for these folks. I dont get it, a carousel that spins round and round in the same way, same speed and direction surely gets boring? Not so apparently for Albert, Gaby, Ciaron and Warren Ille be here 24/7 man! I will give em this. They remind me of my lil doggie Nippa, he was one tenacious Jack Russel. Nothing would take him away from his favourited brick! He protected it, licked it, buried it and played with it all day. These poor folks will do anything to keep putting yet another brick in their ideal org wall!

    Its these fundementalists who keep the door open for Davie boy to work his mischief! In their misguided rightness they support a regeime that has become a dank rot in the annals of scientology. If they really saw the real DM and his works it would burn something fierce indeed!

    The once mighty beneath their open picture smiles betrays the suffering and dismay that lies deep within. How long can this continue, this agony? I wish release by destruction ie. RCS obliteration. Sell all the property, use the money to recompense those harmed by this tragedy. Make auditors, clean up the field if you desire. But whatever you do dont allow this monster to grow again.. ever!

    • Hey SB, sorry to disagree with you (though I imagine we actually are in agreement). These guys you mention all KNOW it’s BS. They have, firstly, too many financial overts to risk going out into the real world without the safety net of Scn, and secondly they are just too committed to Scn through other family members (2Ds, kids, etc). There comes a point when you’re so locked in you just cannot afford to LOOK, I imagine.

      • Too true! Its like leaving the mob or NSA or a sex cult! Once you are in they make you sin like the rest until your own overts stack up like cement to keep you beholden like electric slave batteries that power the whole control system!

    • Yes, Sheeplebane, my emotions were stirred up too but the strongest reaction was a physical one – nausea. Then a flutter of exhileration because I’m so out of all that bs! It’s embarrasing to see.

  5. Albert is saying we gonna make Joburg Saint Hill size? Really? And then the Universe Corps will come back to Joburg to audit staff?
    Does this strange organization not have an institutional memory? Just the other day……….in 2005……. I am sure I heard this before……..
    It reminds me of a friend of mine who had an accident and was in hospital getting some rest and to let the swelling go down. It had affected his short-term memory for a short while. Although not nice for him and his family it was quite funny.
    He would look up and ask, puzzled, where am I? You’re in hospital. What happened? You had a bit of an accident, but you’re fine. Oh.
    Not much later, where am I? You’re in hospital. What happened? You had a bit of an accident, but you’re fine. Oh.
    This is like Albert and his brigade. We’re going SH size. Oh? When? March 13. Really? Yes. Then the universe corps gonna come. A few years go by. We’re going SH size. Oh? When? March 13. Really? Yes. Then the universe gonna come.
    So, this organization is a hospital case. On life support probably.
    The drip feed contains the dreams of those still left behind waving the tattered flag hoping and hoping. Sad situation man. Some are working on pulling the plug.

  6. Two things leap out at me (three actually). Firstly, these people are just running on automatic. Reading these words – there’s no sincerity. It really reads like, “OK now we’re supposed to say this and these words hang together real good.”.
    Secondly, Robert Wright – check his photo (the white-haired guy near the top). I know him well and he’s a real cheerful, pleasant guy all the time. Here he looks like he’s just shat a brick. Why? Is it maybe he’s tired of playing this BS illusion?
    Lastly these guys are ageing fast. I know they say the same about us – but I know these people well and they didn’t look like this just two years ago. You can almost read the failed purposes in their faces.

    • Sean, I don’t know Robert Wright, but I was also struck by the look on his face. I then looked a bit closer at all the faces and nobody looks genuinely happy. I also noticed that the staff are looking very moth eaten! It is just a sad picture all round.

    • Now that you mention it Sean they all look haggard indeed!! Wow! I last saw them all 4 yrs ago, time has carved a worry worn effect in a frightening way, poor devils! Hitlers home guard consisting of old men and boys making its last stand.. Wounded, haggard and hopeless. Can someone insert match sticks in their eyes and make em see the truth?

  7. “When COB said all arbitraries have been removed, that’s exactly what I discovered! ” – wasn’t this said in 1999 or thereabouts? It’s amazing how often “ALL” arbitraries can be removed!
    The whole scene is just pathetic. Trying to act all enthusiastic about re-doing the purif and objectives. Have Bob and Albert re-done theirs yet? Gaby? Got to be ready for the Universe Corps you know! 🙂 Bu the way – does anyone one know what happened with Albert and Sandra’s comm ev? Or will it just be swept under the carpet?

    • Oh and one more thing – why do the black people have no surnames in the photo captions? Touch of the old apartheid days?

      • Racism/Apartheid is totally alive and well in the Corbett operations! Much more covert of course. Want some actual well documented examples? Or don’t have the guts to print them? I don’t blame you actually – as one of your contributors said – what goes around comes around. But what sort of motivator does one set up who’s “inalienable right to free speech” blog censors anything that points out the truth of their own constant racist statements and actions, attacks LRH and recommends the disgusting BBC propaganda organization for data on LRH and Scientology. Did you review this data before recommending the BBC? You guys need to REPORT BACK to your Bankster cult/Intel handlers for a failed mission. They are never kind to failures and those that serve them are the first ones to go to prison or otherwise be sacrificed when they collapse – which is happening right now. It has been so throughout history – no exceptions! How much worse will it be for beings like you now that you are attacking LRH publicly?

      • Larry, I hate to be the one to break the news but you’ve lost it. I’ve read many of your comments and it’s as though you cut and paste. They’re every one about Banksters and child-molesting BBC. You fail to duplicate that if you’re going to blame an organisation for the crimes of each individual that is part of it, its synonymous with equating Scn with the contents of every public’s PC folder. That would make an interesting synopsis of what Scn stands for, including your own little cartel.
        We’re not enemies of Scn (most of us), but we are enemies of stupidity. Contrary to what you say, this blog and others like it are ALL about free speech. There is no censorship – what the hell, they even let you crap on our parade!

      • Sean: “if you’re going to blame an organization for the crimes of each individual that is part of it, it’s synonymous with equating Scn with the contents of every public’s PC folder.“
        It doesn’t look to be a good analogy, because Co$’s publics are more like BBC’s costumers.
        A better analogy would be BBC’s owners and employees compared to Co$’s COB, SO members, staff members, etc.
        (Re: Data of comparable magnitude).

      • I have never until now considered my involvement with Scn (a relationship to which I devoted years of my life and offered up for sacrifice my eldest born) as well as teetered on the edge of bankruptcy for, to be on the same order of magnitude as me parking off on my coach with a glass of chardonnay watching BBC’s Weakest Link. I am always grateful when someone can educate me further.

      • Dear Sean,
        I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings, it wasn’t my intention.
        My point is that Larry’s faulty analysis should be countered with sound analysis.
        Comparing “a relationship to which I [you] devoted years of my [your] life and offered up for sacrifice my [your] eldest born) as well as teetered on the edge of bankruptcy for” with “parking off on my coach with a glass of chardonnay watching BBC’s Weakest Link.” looks like sound analysis provided you were only public (not staff or SO member, etc.), because it’s comparing the effects of Co$ (Scn’s dark side) on its customers versus the effects of BBC on its customers.
        Please somebody correct me if I’m mistaken. My understanding is that “data of comparable magnitude” is a Scn idiom.
        “finding a datum of comparable magnitude to the subject.
        A single datum or subject has to have a datum or subject with which to compare it before it can be fully understood.”
        (HCOPL 12-May-70, Data Series 3).
        Even though there is a big difference in magnitude between millimeters and terameters, a lot of aspects of systems measuring millimeters and systems measuring terameters are data of comparable magnitude because they are governed by the same gravitational laws. However systems measuring millimeters and systems measuring femtometers are governed by different gravitational laws.

      • Larry and Lars, open up the comments section on your blog! You have way too much censorship and crazy woo! Communicate without any restrictions about Scientology, David Miscavige (do you think he might have mesothelioma from blue asbestos exposure aboard the Freewinds?), L. Ron Hubbard, Dianetics and Scientology!!! Oh, you cannot do that? You are not free to do that, but you can post here? LMFAO@U Also, Bankster cult/Intel handlers? Conspiracy theory tin foil hat powers ACTIVATE! Form of a brainwashed cult member! Shape of Larry Byrnes! What about the PSYCHS and GERMANY and THE MEDIA, and SMERSH?!?! ermergerd!!! DERP. The Marcabian Fleet!!! Report back to David Miscavige that smoking MORE runs out cancer…

      • I wondered the same thing. It is just plain disgusting that the author of the newsletter couldn’t be bothered to find out their surnames before publishing this thing. If that were me, I would feel degraded and most certainly NOT a part of the group. That kind of thing really gets my goat. Grrrr.

      • Yes, I felt shamed for these people. the whole thing is such a farce but disrespect like this is unforgiveable.
        It may be that after they’d completed whatever their certificates were for, they saw the light and ran. However, what names did they print on the certificates?

      • I think it’s because the field has become so small there is no need for surnames. Everyone know everyone else so it’s fine!!!

  8. I recently chatted to one of these graduates – just completed the Purif and was on the Survival RD. That person’s comment: “The Purif was OK – nothing much really was run out. I’m busy studying the materials for the SRD but don’t have a twin. There’s not many people on course.” Compare that to the rave wins.

  9. Totally agree sean on, Larry is on an hamster wheel, says the same thing over and over again.

  10. Larry Byrnes is an OSA troll. He has a direct comm line to Miscavige. Why is he being permitted to spread his lies and do an OSA number on this site?

  11. Hijinks aside, good old Larry should be gaffawed to the sideline where he belongs. If he really is an OSA troll or has DM’s forked toungue wrapped around his myopic vision, victory is reassured I tell ya! All the brave, bright mustve left by now. Whats left is the DM sycophants, drunk kool aiders and cowed staff. He can have em all. Cant help but think poor Larry is trying to make up the damage for thinking an original thought DM could not have..

  12. Larry
    1.Thanks for joining the conversation. While I disagree with you, it is at least a communication.
    2. No-one I know is under orders from a “Bankster cult/Intel handlers”. Seriously, I don’t know anyone who is involved in a scheme with “Big Pharma”/ “The Psychs” or anyone else, to take down the Church.
    3. Many people who left the Church did so initially because of disagreements with MANAGEMENT,
    4. Many of those people who left then started researching the truth and found that the image of LRH that the Church puts out is not the same as who he really was. Its not even what LRH himself said! Many feel betrayed by this.
    5. In the Bible it is written that King David had an affair with Bathsheba and sent her husband Uriah into battle so he would get killed and he would get the wife. Thousands of years later we can still read about it and no-one makes a big deal of it. In biblical times they were not afraid of the truth – why is the Church of Scientology?
    6. The person who subtly trashes LRH the most is Miscavige – “the blind leading the blind” on the pre Basics versions of the books. GATI and GATII are re-writes of LRH. Cancelling certs of people who were trained by LRH himself. Telling hundreds of Clears that they are not Clear – no reason given. Do you know Miscavige is a blown OTVII?
    Are you sure you are on the right side of this debate?
    8. If you are wrong (you might be / I might be) then your Karmic debts for being on the side that harms more than helps will be adding up. Somewhere down your track you might find you pull in a condition. It doesn’t need “Big Pharma”/ “The psychs”, it will be your own responsibility. Same goes for all of us. I am prepared to LOOK though, are you?

    • Yup Wendy. Being ‘prepared to LOOK’, implies one is ‘unafraid’ to do so.
      This simply cannot occur, within the ‘mind-control’ presence of FEAR, within the ‘church’ of DMM (Da Macho Man)

  13. When’s the last time anybody saw a Universe Corps? They could reach 5x St. Hill size and never see a Universe Corps member because it no longer exists. There probably aren’t enough auditors around anymore to cobble a new one together even if DM wanted to.

  14. I had a hard time keeping a straight face and listening to the hype even forty years ago in JHB.
    I remember going to an event in 1976 at which Owen Starkey got up on stage and said with solemn conviction that “Jo’burg would have an AO within a year”
    I think he thought he was postulating or something (a common blight in Scn) but the whole audience seemed to swallow this wishful nonsense and gave him sustained applause as I remember it.
    My skepticism didn’t go down too well. When I said that they didn’t even have an O never mind an AO I got the usual “nattering”, “counter-intention” labels. “You must be the only person that’s not pleased that we’re getting an AO”
    it was of course nothing to do with being pleased or not pleased. Starkey’s statement bore no relation to reality and yet we were supposed to clap as if Stalin was giving the speech.
    But while it was lame and ham and theetie-weetie in those days it now seems to be nasty and delusional. If I were still an attendee and said DM’s speech was a load of unrealistic fiction I’d get more than a label.
    By the way — I knew Robert Wright back in the 70s — he looks awful. I would never have recognized him. Do some people NEVER cognite?

  15. I remember the days of Frankie and people buzzing around the Org in droves after the Grand Opening. Things seemed to be going pretty well on the outside with a lot of hype and body traffic in and out the org. Then along came this Ideal Org campaign and it was just a pile-drive for money, week after week after week, debit orders, pledges, promises and everything else. If you didn’t pledge or donate you got semi-shunned (I speak from experience here…)
    Has there been any fruits of all this labour? All the “Hail Frankie!” events don’t seem to have made anything better really. In fact, like it was mentioned earlier, it created such a farce it just irritated people and drive them away.
    BTW, did ANYONE in fact go OT when the Universe Corps came around or was that just a “show” as well?

      • So what was the point? Just some propaganda campaign to get us all to march in and sign up, hoping to swell the ranks, and we get dangled a “free ticket” to OT?

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