The bottom of the bridge & the start of our troubles


By Frik Blaauw

The Bridge Chart found displayed in the Orgs has a smallish section at the bottom – invariably produced horizontally – which attracts very little attention from EDs and D of Ps and others talking to newbies.

LRH Grade chart

When Ron introduced the Grade Chart, he took some time to discuss that bottom section, in the video.  Various states of Awareness are arranged on a scale from -34 on upwards.

He makes comments like  “rather elastic bottom”,  “some people are more bottom than others”.

And then the crucial one:  “Only at minus 4 can he become a Scientologist, or capable of being one.”

I’ve reproduced this bottom section in another graphic below. Using this scale, let’s examine staff recruitment into Orgs and the Sea Org.

The proportion of staff brought in by family and friendship ties are large – easily the majority source of recruitment.  Given the statement that staff and SO members are the crème de la crème of the population, that particle flow of admiration hooks even the most unsuitable person – even if he very well is at less than -4 on the Awareness Scale. Couple that with the oft unscrupulous/unprofessional staff drives by senior staff . . . .  . and if they themselves are on that lower scale, then “the birds of a feather” syndrome plays out.

AwarenessLet me repeat what Ron says – it’s not what he does or say that determines where he is on the Scale, it’s what he thinks he is aware of.  At most, he will only be aware of the state immediately above where he currently is.

Peer and family pressure does the rest, and we end up with these unsuitable staff members.

There is very little on offer to handle someone at -34 and bring him up the scale, to where he can become a Scientologist at -4.

This is partly why LRH said that less than 10% of the population could ever be a Scientologist.

Having a staff member at -14 for example, will enturbulate that section of work.

(Some bloggers would say that Miscaviage is at -14, and see what that has produced!)

As I have mentioned elsewhere, I have been in general management of large organisations, and consulted in other in various business sectors, and recruitment and training of staff was high on the agendas.

In a lot of cases, I would not have the staff I have seen working in the Orgs, in any organisation I was in charge of.  At the top of the scale of crimes I personally have witnessed in the Orgs are theft, lying, fraud and blackmail.

I have found that when a staff member is too deep in unknown and untrained territory, he will do such crimes  – perhaps in a desperate attempt to leave?   And the staff is also protected by an out-of-context PL.  They know it – so anything goes.

We also see a portion of staff applications where this is the last attempt at some employment – anything!  He has not been able to get a job, and is now desperate. Anything is better than nothing, right?

Notwithstanding what I have said above, there is undoubtedly some superb staff in our Orgs, and I pay homage to people like Graham Holm at Joburg North and Mathilda my favourite auditor at Joburg.

Although this writing has been about staff and SO (and mission holders), it does apply to public too.  Nothing like bad members to ruin an organisation!

I hope that in a future new Org system, the above mistakes will not be repeated in our anxiousness to expand.

A luta continua.



51 thoughts on “The bottom of the bridge & the start of our troubles

  1. Short and sweet Frik, loved it but I wanted more haha!
    True desperation factor is what contributes to the above occuring I believe. Management with straight up and vertical burned through their eye sockets, relentless push for money suck, coupled with the enemy is everywhere mentality creates a “lager” or fotress bubble!
    The maual on how to make a fundametalist is made worse by reverse engineering the tech. Awefull decompression times, bitter taste for anything scientology therafter. We then have the Marty Rathburns, Chris Sheldons etc. Sp’s win! Make no mistake, we need the exposure and the outcry generated by these good fellas but will they ever go up the bridge? Doubtfull! So who really won then? Its just another GPM dramatisation for these chaps. Us vs them ad infinitum, black hats vs the white hats blah blah. I want to move beyond all this. Its tiring for the soul being locked into this nonsense. There are surely bigger better games out there than this – surely and certainly! Lets run defence if needed, attack when opportunity knocks but lets never loose sight of that damn mountain for chrissakes!!

    • i have found some things that work like from fear to power in 5 easy steps LRH first there is fear to get out of fear you must promote then you set goals then you share with friends then you have power ok also at the bottom of the bridge you have all bad characteristics but wait they are all in perfect order who could have figured this out LRH now this the ARC triangle formula for understanding it works affinity your ok with things reality you found someone to agree with and communication you can talk freely that’s understanding or you can say no its not ok I disagree and lets not talk about it go buy a book or get auditing grow up. ok processing from the modern science of mental health / I had poison ivy really bad when I was 5 or so and it never went away but when I went back and thought about it a few time it worked no more blisters / the biggest demonstration of ignorance and laziness ever a lot of people never try to live because they say when they die they are going to heaven that may be true but a bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush you dig it .but I was trying to say in scientology they give you a little niacin they say its a smart pill and it is it works like that and when you have to scratch because it makes you itchy and that helps your mind and it is also good for you skin nerves and circulation/ life is a rat race for rich and poor there is only one way to get life force you have to work for it- life force is liberty and recognition

  2. You raise some very good points, Sheeplebane.
    If someone is a real Scientologist, then (1) he/she wants to go up the Bridge and this is usually the most important thing in his/her entire life. Then, (2) he/she wants to help others go up the Bridge, and this is the next most important thing. (My personal view is that (1) is more important than (2) because it makes you more and more able to do (2).)
    One of the things that happens when a person joins staff in the “Miscavige” era, and most pronounced in the Sea Org, is that the person COMPLETELY gives up (1) – going up the Bridge. And also, for some years now, he/she also doesn’t really have anything to do with (2) – helping others get up the Bridge. (These, of course are my opinions – and another one of my opinions is that NO ONE inside the RCS these days is really going up the Bridge. It is ALL delusion. Fortunately, in the Freezone, people ARE going up the Bridge.)
    We now have many, many people – the majority – in the Sea Org and on lower org staff, and former Sea Org and lower org staff, that have no personal reality on what Scientology is or does. Many of these are great people and are our main whistleblowers, comrades and heroes in getting rid of the current suppressive “Church” and the psychopath at the top.
    But this is why people like Jenna Miscavige, Chris Shelton., Jeff Hawkins, Mark Headley, etc. can say things like they are no longer Scientologists, or attack LRH, or ridicule the tech. (I’m not saying that everyone does this, but some do to a greater or lesser degree. Also, I do NOT include Karen, Mike or Marty in this list.). It’s because they don’t have personal reality on what Scientology can do, for them personally. For them it is not necessarily a matter of awareness level. It is mainly being completely deprived of ALL of the benefits of Scientology for all of their years of experience inside the “Church”, no matter how many years they have slaved away for it, and how many hardships they have endured for it. They basically don’t really know what it is. (For others still in the RCS these days, awareness level IS probably a key factor, along with a high degree of PTSness.)
    But you are so right – we who know what Scientology really is should never lose sight of the mountain!

    • I’m curious to hear your thoughts on what you’d call a person who had gone all the way up the Bridge (OT8) and had not attained full, stable exteriorization at will with full perceptions (In 25 years I’ve never met anyone who has, so if you know of anyone please introduce me), which is certainly the biggest carrot that Bridge has to offer.
      When, from speaking with people close to LRH and who worked in RTRC for decades, such an OT 8 learns that LRH didnot leave behind any OT Levels above OT 8, what do you think a normal reaction would be?
      How do you personally reconcile the facts that OT 8′s demonstrably have not achieved all that the Bridge was supposed to offer and that there are no further OT levels to be done?
      This is a serious question.
      For someone who is in this category…if they conclude that they personally kept doing the Bridge because of what the ultimate promise was, and that the ultimate promise doesn’t appear to exist, so maybe they won’t keep pushing others to do the Bridge, but they will continue using Scientology in their life to the degree that it works for them…would you say this person is not a “real” Scientologist?

      • Hi DS,
        I would definitely say that this person is a real Scientologist. But your questions deserve more thorough answers. I will try to answer your points before a new post comes out on this blog.

    • Spot on, Morris!
      Thank you.
      You can be a staff member – Org, SO, Int Mgt, and not be a Scientologist. When LRH personally ran St Hill, about half of the total staff.were not. You need Scientologists in the HGC, Academy, and Qual. Reception, book store, accounts, cleaning, maintenance – normal public would be OK.
      As far as recruitment – Ron mentions that as fast as some came in through the front door at St Hill, so many departed through the back door. Unsuitable.
      I can see that we need a more formal set of specific definitions around people in and around Scientology’s various settings. Merely working in a Scientology organisation but not practising Scientology does not make one a Scientologist. I might become familiar and even expert in Scientology’s various organisational policies – but still not a Scientologist. When I worked for an American bank, servicing American clients, that did not make me an American.

      • You know Frick, this sounds to me to be quite similar to the C of S claiming that it is not possible for somebody to still call themselves the Scientologist while being outside of the church of Scientology. They claim to be the arbiter of who can call them self a Scientologist.

        You on the other hand are claiming that somebody could spend the vast majority of their life working to deliver and expand Scientology, yet if they don’t meet your definition, never were in fact a Scientologist. Chris Shelton was the A/Tech Aide WUS for many, many years. He is a trained auditor. He has received and given tons of auditing. I’ve known him for many many years. But what…since he was never a posted HGC Auditor nor ever made it onto the OT Levels, you feel that you can dictate that he is not by definition a Scientologist?

        Where do you get off? LRH says a Scientologist is one who applies Scientology in their life. He also says a Scientologist is an auditor. He also says a supervisor is senior to an auditor. But you personally feel okay saying, “no no no, the only real Scientologist is someone who’s made it up the bridge and makes going up the Bridge the #1 thing in their life… And all these silly staff members and Sea Org members who are now questioning LRH and some of the tech…their problem is that they were never really Scientologists”.

        Man, that’s really messed up. Maybe take a look at Marty’s blog post today which talks about slapping labels on people to denigrate them. I can’t think of any better way to denigrate someone who spent their life serving the church then to casually say, “Oh, there were never really a Scientologist”

        So messed up dude.

      • Hi Frik – I have to correct you here on one point. The non-SCN staff that worked at Saint Hill were non-tech or delivery staff or those that formed part of his “estate staff” such as groundsmen, his personal butler, kitchen staff, maids & nannies and the like. He did also have a secretary who was a non-SCN. In the 50′s & early 60′s you could not even apply for a post in a SCN organisation unless you were HPA or above – this even applied in Joburg and other orgs around the planet. The Quals for SO were even higher. Training of staff was mandatory, and virtually every person on staff was an auditor. At a later stage this seemed to change, and “anyone willing to sign up was taken in”.
        There are also a number of policies governing who may and may not be employed by the Church – such as those with low IQ’s, or OCA graphs where any characteristic is below the dotted line. One such policy specifically relates to Div6 (I think the PL is called something like “Hiring of PE & Registration personnel) where LRH clearly forbids the recruitment of people described above. Also, until such time as the person is minimally through SS1 and has spent some time as an HCO expeditor, they should not be assigned to a post until they have proven that they can handle such. Hence the policy of HCO supposedly having a “pool of people” from which staff are sourced.
        Sadly, this policy is utterly ignored and these days the orgs are so desperate that ANYONE is allowed to join (including people with criminal records or those who are utterly illiterate and never having read a SCN book, done a course or even heard the word SCN let alone what it means). It even became common practice for staff to troll taxi-ranks recruiting such people. These folk were slapped into a R10,000 uniform (despite policy forbidding this as one is only entitled to a uniform after having achieved SSII) and assigned a post immediately in positions they could not handle let alone understand – often resulting in them blowing within weeks WITH their uniform which they probably sold to get money, as the weekly pay didn’t even cover their taxi fares to and from the org.
        I have many such stories to tell about what was (and is still) happening with regard to the hiring and placement of staff – particularly at Joburg Org.

  3. I would argue that DM’s conduct is further than delusion (-14). If one is reading the descriptions from people who were around DM, of how he is treating his fellow man, one can see clearly his incline to sadism (- 23).
    For example Mike Rinder told this story: “The dolls were even flown to the UK for the IAS event where Heber endured endless cruel bullbaiting at the hands of Miscavige. I only saw Heber snap once, when after hours of Miscavige brand taunting and belittling ™, Miscavige squirted Heber’s face and glasses with contact lense fluid and then blew powdered coffee creamer into his face. This is the level of behavior of the so called “leader” of Scientology. “ …
    This from from BfG (Marc Headley): Musical Chairs – Int Base Style “It was another day in hell. We had been “restricted” to the CMO Int/WDC conference room for 2 months now. …”
    And David Miscavige has the temerity to talk about ‘HUMANITARIAN’ in his boasting events!
    All the ‘humanitarian” statuses (*) to fleece the flock of their hard earned money to enable Chairman Miscavige his parasitic and extravagant lifestyle and to allow him to defend with an army of lawyers his inhumane and criminal ‘ecclesiastical’ doings (and instigations) in court and to buy PI’s to stalk and harass everyone who is not submissive and keeping quiet about it.

    • It’s too bad that it’s forbidden, on this blog, to fully examine the topics presented, otherwise there could be some beneficial discussions.

      There *are* Scientologists who wonder, “How is it that David Miscavige, so low on the Awareness Characteristics and Tone Scale, has been able to rule Scientology for the last 30 years?”

      Ya’ know, When Miscavige appeared, I and many others left organized Scientology. That was the early 1980s. (We didn’t know at the time that he was following LRH’s orders, and that LRH was on a major money-getting cycle.)

      Most of you guys and gals were there for the 1990s and 2000s.

      Don’t you ever ask, “How could I have not noticed?” “Why didn’t I do anything about it?”

      Is there something about Scientology that predisposed you not to see? and not to act?

      Oh well, these are apparently forbidden questions, so never mind.

      • Hi B. Partz. We did not allow your previous two comments through. We have previously allowed your comments despite them coming close to our moderation policy. We are generally loath to moderate and we tend to err toward the broad, but the intent of your posts appears to be to drive home the negative of both LRH & Scientology and we feel that this is probably not the right forum for you. Please have a look at the moderation policy as well as the article “Why this Blog? – Part Two“. Please do let us know if we are in error.

      • Thank you for responding.
        I like the positives too, but what is the point of denying reality?
        Has it occurred to you that the same mind-set that allowed people to remain in Miscavige’s Scientology for years, some for decades, is now inhibiting them from freely examining issues relevant to Scientologists?
        IMO, loosening up the moderation policy would be a good idea.
        Thanks for your time.

      • Thanks. The truth when it comes to this topic tends to be varied and deeply shaded. Our primary purpose remains being a safe place for Scientologists to come. All the information is out there and when people wish to reach for it they can easily find it. But being negative tends to repel the people we wish to reach while attracting the choir to which it is pointless preaching.

      • B Partz,
        Oh yeah.
        We’ve been told over and over about these so called “orders” yet I haven’t seen a single one posted so far.
        So far it has been nothing but *hearsay* with no actual documentary evidence whatsoever other then the “Riverside Declaration” saying Miscavige was a “trusted friend”.
        Sure I agree there are hundreds of issues that the average Scientologist within the Church is never going to see because they are “Secret” ,”Confidential” or “Limited Distribution” but so far I know of no issue that assigns Miscavige any leadership role within the Church of Scientology Hierarchy.
        As I wrote on another blog I’m sure that if such an order or directive existed that they’d be posting it over at the Scientology website and so far they haven’t.
        So far all that has ever been issued concerning any transition of power has been The Sea Org and the Future assigning Pat and Annie Broeker as Loyal Officers which according to Miscavige was a fake.
        Other than that nada.
        Thus the only thing confirming him as a “leader of a different kind” or whatever is him, various staff, public and the media saying that he is and nothing else.
        So the point I am making here is that you can either apply the Verbal Tech Checklist or continue to agree with the implant that Miscavige is the Grand Poobah of Scientology.
        Me I’ve already made my choice.
        ‘Nuff said.

      • I would also add that, IIRC, Miscavge was the head of the CMO.
        The CMO implemented LRH’s secret inductions.
        From this basis, DM’s ascension to power as dictator of Scientology was no surprise.

      • BV Orts,
        True Miscavige was a Commodore Messenger but you also remember that most of his instructions were also through Broeker who was a personal aide.
        That and the fact that Ron was pretty much incommunicado after he left La Quinta and moved to Creston.
        So how do we know if the orders where even issued personally by him or Broeker or possibly even forged by Miscavige himself?
        Seems he had a knack for forging the Ol’man’s signature when he was head of ASI.

      • Hi Remote viewed,
        It’s been pretty well established that LRH was aware of the key points, certainly up to 1984.
        There was nothing stopping LRH was communicating to anyone, except his own decision that it wasn’t important enough to do so.
        This has been recognized by many former top Scientologists for decades and, more recently, by Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder.

    • B. Partz, I think that every blog “on the fringes of the Internet” has its own quality – and that is good so.
      I really appreciate this blog and its host providing this (South African) place “to get back in comm” from the very beginning, and I think regarding the moderation policy, that he gives enough leeway for comments and links. I never got my comments and links censored (some of the links could have been censored per the moderation policy). As a European, I feel as a guest here who respects the host and this community.
      Also every person has her own experience with the subject of Scientology and the ‘Church’, her time to connect the dots, and there is really enough info on the Internet and on many different blogs (and cross links of theses) to make up one’s mind. Me thinks, that respect, tolerance and understanding is more beneficial than criticizing the host.

      • Actually, I have a high regard for the host.
        I’m aware that there are those, offering advice to the host, who want a policy of strict censorship, and I let my voice – and nudge – be heard in the other direction.
        IMO, the host is doing an excellent job of walking the middle path.

  4. I believe all the alligations against that Toad! He has no ethics protection, his stats speak large and succinctly towards who he really is! The terror campaign hes launched on us has all the makings of a true Suppressive psychotic! It never ceases to amaze me how long he has lasted, he must have some friends in high places indeed!
    The day he is “taken care of” will be a grand day indeed! I personally will celebrate and so too will many others. I feel it is near. Him, Robert Mugabe, Genghis Kan, Napoleon and Hitler can swap notes somewhere isolated like. A black hole sounds good!

  5. Few thoughts on this…
    I would just point out that LRH wrote the policies that say you cannot put a stop on recruitment by allowing for recruiters to decide who is qualified. LRH might have said that staff and SO are the ” creme de la creme”, but what he meant was not that only the “creme de la creme” are ACCEPTED, but that by virtue of having taken the responsibility to join staff, one was by nature the “CDLC”
    It was an ego boost for the staff.
    I guess what rubs me the wrong way about your post is that you seem to be saying that SCN is really an exclusive club, and that organizational problems have partly come from not having it be exclusive enough.
    You point out how just anyone is let on staff. But if people weren’t hounded to join staff, there would not BE any staff. If someone is at “Demand for change” or above, should they need to be recruited? And what if they tell the recruiter no? Should the recruiter be prohibited from “forcing” the prospect up the Awareness Scale?
    These are the kind of questions that stem from the point you’re making.
    LRH said that the “where are all the good people to recruit from?” Idea is a myth. There is no pool of “good people” you make them. And he didn’t mean to make them as public and then recruit them once they are “good enough”. He meant you make them on staff.
    And what about Scientology public in general? LRH saying that someone needs to be at minus 4 or above did not mean that the org doesn’t ACCEPT anyone below that level. It was a commentary that no one below that level would have any interest in Scientology and would either 1) never come in or 2) never stick around.
    Again, this was another sort of ego boost. “You were high-scale enough to recognize the value and participate…those who didn’t simply weren’t high-scale enough”.
    It was LRH himself who said “accept everyone”.
    By virtue of being in the org and on services one is presumed to be at or above negative 4.
    LRH never set any policies and procedures in place to determine a persons level on the awareness scale beyond 1) saying that only a person at or above that level would ever become a scientolgist (so that was the test) and 2) tying the awareness characteristics to the Grade Chart levels.
    You are clinging to an LRH statement that “it’s not what people say or do that determine their awareness characteristic” but LRH says that what people do (measured by stats) is certainly the only thing you can ever judge someone by as a staff member.
    It’s certainly easy enough to get rid of bad staff members. So why is the problem “letting bad people on”?
    I repeat, by virtue of having come into the org and stared services one is deemed to be at or above minus 4.
    You think there should be another test?

    • Valid point Georgie Boy.
      In this case I see you and Frik as both right.
      Unlike businesses we have or had in the case of the current Church. The skills to make people more able by auditing and training and hatting them.
      Unfortunately this is no longer done in the Church these days so most staff don’t have a frickin’ clue.
      Also many are at the level of Robotism or worse and thus follow orders from any moron who calls themselves a “leader” or is their “Senior” without question or inspection.
      I mean back in the day I used to query more orders than I complied with and did my job per policy thus not needing any special orders.

    • If one walks in off the street, with no other interference from anyone, and starts – you’re above minus 4 no doubt. BUT how many are guided in by family and friends – pushed in, and being PTS to that group (the middle class), goes along with it?
      Another test? For staff, yes. Full house tests. For public? Yes – kindness, empathy, real guidance and caring about the person, executed by professional trained staff.
      I think I know about what the right staff can do in an organisation. I injected 12 specialist into a 27,000 employee business that hadn’t made any profit for 9 years! And we made profit in just 93 days from “Start!” Ron’s Chart of Human Evaluation is exceedingly accurate! (I made thousands of copies here . . . . )
      Oh, and a side effect in the above case – some bad people left of their own accord from that business. They couldn’t stand this new professionally run organisation. And so I didn’t have to fire them.
      Bottom line is, that I have found a solution to any problem I face, in Ron’s work. And it only works if applied correctly.

  6. Great article Frik. IMO I think putting DM as high as -14 is a delusion in itself. Anyone who is still in and can’t, won’t or don’t LOOK is deluding themselves. Its very interesting to me how DM and those left in the bubble are pushing people (or being pushed) DOWN the scale.
    -21 Secrecy – even the media are now referring to DM as the “reclusive” leader. Years ago we used to INVITE the press to attend our events – not anymore. They are now treated with disgusting disdain. Instead of applying PR tech to the situation, the Church instead blindly and maliciously attacks ALL media. If we have nothing to hide, why the secrecy? The problem is, they have PLENTY to hide – and they know it.
    -22 Hallucination – anyone still in the bubble and not being able to REALLY see what’s there must be hallucinating – perfect example of The Emperor’s new clothes. Deluded public are hallucinating when they see full orgs, wonderful expansion and all the other BS being fed to them. If anyone was to LOOK at what’s there, they would stop the hallucination in it’s tracks. “Straight up and vertical” and other such claims – hallucinatory remarks at best.
    -23 Sadism – this speaks for itself. Treating staff like low-life scum, the hole, the beatings (not only applicable to DM, as it has happened in our own org too), and actually enjoying the misery of others is sadistic. Sandra de Beer would be a perfect example of sadism – she REALLY enjoyed taking out the Hogarths, myself and a number of other people. I used to watch her face when she had reduced a staff member to a blubbering idiot – she was actually enjoying it. When I was on staff, there was always a “hit list” of public that “needed to be handled” – and the person doing the handling? You guessed it – Sandra De Beer – and if not her personally, being driven by her from above. I have personal experience with this, and many stories still to tell.
    -24 Masochism – The staff who put up with the sadistic treatment had better enjoy the things being done to them or else. If the RPF is not masochism then I don’t know what is.
    -26 Glee – just have a close look at the public’s faces at fundraisers and other events – in their costumes, running around the room in a chain locomotion style, being “knighted” and the “whoop whoop” whenever someone pledges money = pure glee. Tired, stressed, overworked and underpaid staff are often demanded at musters to “wax enthusiastic” – and the only way they can do this is by going into a state of glee.
    -27 Fixidty – an ongoing compulsion to fundraise, fundraise and fundraise some more. The compulsion to put more and more Idle Morgues on the map despite ample evidence that this campaign is an utter failure – fixidly carrying on an unworkable solution.
    -25 – Erosion. Well, guess what’s happening to our orgs and Scientology – eroding by the day as more people wake up and walk out the door. Statistically, there are less Scientologists today than there were 20 years ago. Our own org (JBG) is a shining example of this.
    -29 – Dispersal. Observe what is happening in the orgs – staff are totally dispersed, waiting for the next verbal order to be barked at them, running around like chickens with their heads cut off this way and that just hoping to God they can stay out of trouble. Following the pattern of the Org Board is a long-gone practice. The one minute you’re working on such-and-such a cycle, then told to drop that and do call-in, then drop that and handle some or other flap – the Joburg Org is so dispersed it’s insane – all being pushed down on them by the SO Management – the guys that are REALLY running the org.
    -30 – Disassociation – The Church, instead of fighting it’s REAL enemies, now think they have to fight the “enemy within”, thus disassociating themselves from their own public. The “superior us vs them” attitude of Management right on down the org board through to the public is plainly evident. The Church hasn’t got a clue of how ARC broken their field really is – witness this blog and many others – people still “in” but UTR – this is a classic example of disassociation.
    -31 – Criminality. Speaks for itself. Taking money from people for no exchange (IAS). Regging someone to death knowing you don’t have any auditors to deliver, stock-piling IAS monies and not using the funds for the purposes stated, tax evasion, libel, slander, spreading malicious rumours into the field that harms Scientologists and their business relationships. Not paying utility bills and constantly being under legal threat for unpaid accounts etc. Blatant discrimination is rampant in the Church – criminal behaviour abounds.
    -32 – Uncausing. Besides declares, alienating public and staff and running orgs into the ground, what is the Church actually causing in terms of auditors and well and happy PC’s? They are not causing anything – instead they are busy destroying and making a mockery of LRH and his Tech. They apply the tech sadistically or so badly that not only does it not work, but it creates overt products like OT’s who get sick, commit suicide or murder, or at best turn into unthinking zombies.
    -33 – Disconnection. Witness the ongoing purge of ANYONE who dares speak up, asks too many question and points out the glaring outpoints – They are summarily “disconnected” from the Church and all the “deluded” public will, like robotic puppets, gaily disconnect from someone who just yesterday was their best friend. The Church actively enforces Scientologists to disconnect from each other, ripping families, associates, friends and dynamics of good people to shreds.
    -34 Unexistence. I reckon this is not too far off. The Church is engaged in so many court cases (with many more to come), has made themselves the laughing stock of the media, and has caused so much PR damage to itself, I doubt the tide can be turned. The only result of this will be RCS, in its current form and state will dwindle into in unexistence.
    And there you have the life cycle of RCS – reversing itself down, down, down the awareness characteristics until there will be nothing left to salvage.

  7. Thanks Frik for pointing out the severe situation of staff members and Sea Org members having no reality on Scientology.
    From my view there are many contributing factors and the end result is we end up with unhatted, untrained, unaudited individuals, who are then dramatizing group bank by following, enforcing and introducing arbitraries, out-tech and off-policy in the organization:
    1. The Div 6 lines of orgs have been butchered. Where are the missions and field groups, the book auditors, the study groups, etc.? They have been suppressed out of existence with arbitraries, cross orders and illegal orders. The most recently announced “ideal” org in Sydney gained a number of staff by recruiting up the only field auditor, mission holder and others in the field and putting them on staff.
    2. DM’s plan to replace people in Div 6 with audio visual systems with push button efficiency has made orgs cold, unpersonal places where there is no comm cycle, no ARC and no support. Who on earth would want to go there? In 2010 I went into the new Ideal org in London. Having never been there before, I played the part of someone new to Scientology and they ushered me into their Div 6 space and left me to walk around the room pushing video buttons. The videos were slick sales jobs about the wonders of Scientology. They were off-putting. There was no Div 6 person to talk to me about what Scientology actually is — or more to the point — no one there to ask me what I was wanting to handle and what was ruining me. I walked out 15 minutes later and they did not even bother to get my contact details. Ick!
    3. Staff who are recruited into orgs (and I have heard horror stories of the lies and blackmail that is used to force people — particularly young people — onto staff) are not gotten hatted and then onto the Bridge. This is a long term situation. In 2005 I was on the RPF with another staff member who had been serving at Gold for more than 20 years and was now on the RPF. He was TRs and Objectives case level, and had never done any auditor training. I met another classic example this last Christmas, a staff member from an Australian org who had been on staff for 15 years and despite his dedication and hard work, he is still Objectives case level and has never done any auditor training. The vast majority of staff members and Sea Org members are in this category. In fact, I am a perfect example of this. I joined the SO in 1989 as a Clear and I left 17 years later and had not moved on the Bridge one iota. No matter how much I (yet since 2011 to present time I have actually progressed up The Bridge, and that is with a young family, a business, two part time jobs and a farm to keep on top of (see In my view the group itself, despite being there ONLY to get people onto and up The Bridge, actually frowns on staff or Sea Org members who are making a fuss about not themselves receiving auditing or training and runs a line that such is 1D oriented, or off-purpose/self-centered. And this is contrary to exact LRH policy about the importance staff and Sea Org members moving up The Bridge.
    4. Having personally worked with DM at the Int base, I would say that he is actually at the bottom of that list, at Criminality. That is where he lives, and that is what he embodies. He dramatizes everything above that — but is not aware of it. He lives like a king (I have written articles detailing this some years back) and treats staff (and public) like shit (unless he has something to gain by keeping them happy).
    5. Lastly, there is exact policy on having an Open Door policy on recruitment — but there is also supposed to be an efficient back door, which the corrupt church does not use or only uses for the wrong reasons. At the Int base I watched as DM offloaded literally hundreds of good, well intentioned, hard working staff, and kept only those who were be his enforcers and henchmen — or people who would blindly comply to any of his orders in fear. So many good people lost, and most were long term veterans of the Sea Org, who actually knew of the subject. A large percentage of staff and Sea Org members were not around when LRH was around and have no reality on what a real LRH org looked and felt like. They have no ideal scene and no reality on what Scientology is, when correctly applied. This is obvious as they are taking these current cold and empty ideal orgs as the purpose and goal of Scientology, when this is so far from the truth. My place, which is filled regularly with all manner of visitors, is a better example of an actual Scientology org. Friendly, warm, helpful and a place to go to get standard Scientology and to have a great laugh.
    The Div 6 lines and recruitment lines are where things have started to go awry, but there are so many other factors that contribute the current situation.
    I have said this before, and I will repeat it again — the vast majority of staff members and Sea Org members are well intentioned, good people, but they are so misguided and blind to the situation they are contributing to. They are doing the best with the information they have, and what they know. To resolve that, we have to work out how to increase their own confront and their own understanding of the subject (when correctly applied) so that they can see, for themselves, the vast sea of outpoints that they are contributing to, and not dealing with.

  8. The Co$ is known as a “revolving door” recruiter. Staff retention is abysmal. Stress is high. Morale is low. Pay is nonexistent. It no longer attracts top talent so quality of new hires invariably suffers. The constant upheaval caused by this revolving door simply expedites further departures and eventually those remaining are akin to a scraped barrel.
    So it is no surprise there are a lot of bad people manning DM’s orgs. Getting rid of them will have little to no effect on the culture as a whole, however. That is created and maintained by those at the top.
    So while it’s obviously important to attract the best people to work for you (hence why banks pay such huge salaries/bonuses) unless you have the culture needed to retain them you’re just pissing in the wind.

    • I’m proud to say I left staff after seven months only. I was the highest admin trained person on staff, worked very hard, long, long hours, had hardly any sleep, had no other life at all. I have a high OCA graph. I definitely qualled for staff, in other ways, too, including having the correct awareness level. I took my post seriously, sincerely gave the forth condition of exchange, took the bullying ‘like a man’. In a small, struggling org, I knew to apply one policy at a time, even small amounts of that policy until things became a bit more stable, morale improved, staff became higher toned, productive and havingness ontheir posts increased. Then to apply the next step of that policy and so on, until the next policy could be applied. I’ve got the reference in my OEC volume but am not getting it out for this comment. However, my seniors, CLO AF SO, bombarded me with many programmes similtaneously to get done and thirty telexes a day telling me what to do and expecting Dones that same day. I quoted them policy on my strategy and persisted. I was slandered, screamed at, told I was defiant, knew best – you know the scene. The madness was loud and intense. Missions arrived unannounced in my org, I was ridiculed in front of my staff, screamed at in front of my public. My stats were not yet high but going that way, the highest that org had experienced in a decade (afterwards, a new CO CLO AF, showed me all the graphs that CLO had on my org for that period) but I was ordered to do a sec check. I was dazed. I woke up one morning to remember that such an order was off policy. It was eventually agreed and I completed the sec check as an HGC action and not a HCO action. However, you can be sure HCO CLO was looking at it with a beady eye.
      One week, I woke up again, had an exterior look at what I was up against and realised I would never realise ‘my dream’ of making a difference by being on staff even as a senior executive. Under the circumstances it would have been impossible, too much hectic, very strong and ‘violent’ opposition. Instead of finding myself in a team, all of us on the same page with the same goals and purposes, I found anything but! I found a war against me with lots of smaller, multiple battles going on daily. Not one a day – many daily. All those fighting me were SO from CLO. I left but stayed on as a public. And here I am now, exterior to the mess and nearly bored by the church”s shenanigans. A good sign, I think.
      I know Frik is trying to find answers and he is right to do so. However, I had no chance of succeeding under those conditions and had to get out to save my sanity and integrity. Even though I did get away from staff quickly, I was mentally, emotionally and spiritually not in a good place after I left. As a being, I had to be rehabilitated. It took some months, even years, before I regained my full confidence in myself and got back my mojo.
      I don’t think it matters whether or not you qualify. As a staff member, you ain’t gonna make it, not constructively!

      • Oh, yes – I was Clear, had had two FPRDs, PRO TRs, Upper Indoc, KTL/LOC, BSM grad, Student Hat, M1 Co- audit, Exec SS 1, Elementary Data Series Eval course grad and more….
        I qualified and I would have been an amazing success if the church was not intent of destroying all good, well intentioned, on purpose, on policy people. I had a burning desire to do the job.

      • Happiechappie
        I have to say – again – that it never ceases to amaze me how destructive the church/SO is to themselves and others…….. I cannot help but think sometimes, there is a deliberate strategy to implode and take as many people down with them as possible. Good that you spotted the outpoints and got out. Good that you are getting bored with their shenanigans. Me too. I think that is a natural consequence of becoming more exterior to the situation.

  9. Great Post, I love this blog. I’ve been lurking for a while.And have to come out and say from Australia that it’s is a great thing you folk are doing. This site is a great source of of learning and viewpoints, and a really a valuable addition to the internet. One of the few Scn sites i take the time to check daily.
    One thing that grabbed me in this post and that i have to ask about is the notion that ” less than 10% of the population could ever be a Scientologist.” I hadn’t heard that before. But i could see how it could be true and speculate my own reasons freely. But it does seem a pretty low number.
    So can anyone elaborate on Ron’s reasoning behind this claim? As it’s clear theirs alot of knowledgeable people here. and i would like to know more about this data regarding what kinds of people, Scientology is for, and isn’t. And the reasons delineated for such a natural gap between those who can easily find value in Scientology and the 90% who are occluded.

  10. Greetings deep six! Your questions are most valid. I can only say what I know and have experienced. Here goes. While in the church I can safely say I met only 3 partial OT’s. These 3 demonstrated to me higher causality, sanity and ability above the normal scientologist. However it wasnt until I left the church that met a REAL OT! Yes as per all the defintions he had most of them. We became firm friends and was gracious enough to let me put him to the test! What I discovered was simply dangerous! I knew that the powers that be would not let real OT’s like this to be made!! It all made sense why the church had been infiltrated, corrupted etc. OT levels in the church had become a joke! It was explained to me the hows and whys, most of it anyways! Exilleration, surprise and dare I say it – hope! It can be done! LRH had not lied, he had infact pulled it off! He was forced to take out the full tech of how to make real OT’s and send it underground. It exists in full out here, not in the church! I dont care who believes this. Its up to the individual to find it or not I guess.
    Happy hunting, godspeed to all!

    • Thanks, brother. Yep – full OT is there. As per LRH – and in the free zones now.
      I’m going to try and explain the scale of OT ability in this wise: At -40 on the Tone Scale, we’re all equal. Dead.
      But at +40 on the Tone Scale, we are not all equal – not equal in reach, communication, abilities. The Scale is very much an individual’s own awareness and abilities – and I don’t see it as an absolute, universal Scale.
      When someone does something in the physical universe, and society cannot explain it, it quickly becomes buried. (Five hundred years ago – they buried you!) Remember Uri Geller – artist, illusionist? Most of the stuff he does other illusionists explain away. But how about this: sit in front of your TV, have him in the TV studio a thousand miles away, and have him make your mechanical watch run backwards! And you’ve no connection to him whatsoever – just someone watching TV at that point in time.
      Pointing out sought objects to people looking for them, scared them, so one stops doing that in public. Knowing there’s a traffic speed trap up ahead, scares your fellow passengers. Knowing a woman just met is pregnant and she doesn’t know that can cause a stir especially if you congratulate her.
      Ask some OTs to show the briefing video of David Mayo moving the glass of water.
      And I don’t move objects on my desk around anymore – scares the cat.

      • Hehehe Frik my cat tells me if my wife was nasty to him during the day. Not joking! The telekineses thing I have not attempted. Seeing others pictures, premonitions and ESP are the norm though! Par for the course. Granted non scientologists have this too to a greater or lesser extent. Personally these abilities have gotten stronger and stronger after each solo session. Lastly I count being able to go in session myself and handle stuff in my universe and others is rather quietly incredible! In addition having the tools to not only spot inteteference into ones own space theta wise and handle it is priceless!

  11. Hey Comrade Sheeplebane,
    I know what your saying is right on. But really it just affirms my viewpoint at this point. which is nice. Though it did not take me very long to figure this out. And i think a number of people who look deeper, are finding this out and know these facts already.
    When You say. “It was explained to me the hows and whys, most of it anyways!”
    I would ask if you could please, elaborate on along these lines. As any contribution on this topic would be very interesting and vital knowledge to myself and i’m sure many other researchers.
    PS: My email is if by chance you feel its more comfortabe/wise to discuss such things along a less public channel, or to not derail the comments too much..

  12. Very well said Frik. Second generation scientologists mostly have’t’ gone through the door. They are scientologists like some are Christians, by birth. To be a scientologists one has to come through “need of change”. Most people in the seventies went through this awarness level, because at this time scientology was scientology and you could realize you have a case and have the hope to handle it. You would speak and someone would listen. And you would also learn to listen. Basic “in sessioness” was in.
    But Miscavige is a “second generation”, never went through “need of change”. He wanted power, so he learned to play the game with this intention. Some certainly know the HCOB where LRH state that one can come to an org for helping and being helped or for personnal power (I think it is “Use of Orgs”).
    I know a lot of second generation scientologists, some are not self determined, they just follow the codes in which they were raised. They are actually middle class PTS.
    Scientology has fall on the hands of a bunch a crooks and lawyer, with a fascist dictator. Nothing new really on this world. But please don’t say it’s the fault of LRH, he did all he could that it doesn’t happen. Please read in volume 1 “An essay on management”, that is his viewpoint.
    Incriminating LRH is a sure way to make the subject of scientology vanish. He was certainly with a lot of flaw, maybe died miserably… and so what? Look at what he wrote. Is the theory of ARC a fake? No… Most of what LRH wrote is of good intent. Even when he wrote ethics policies he wanted to protect scientology from people like Miscavige. It was used by the very SP it was meant to detect. And it’s so true that if one doesn’t go through – 4 on the scale, he cannot be really a scientologist. Many are not, they have other intentions than being helped.

  13. And I have known and know OTs, 5 – 8 and they are not doing well. To the contrary. One of them was mugged and murdered – on OT 7. Antother has a failing business and is ill. Two OT 8s I know are certainly no ‘Cause Over Life’ As a Clear, I’m in better case shape than a friend of mine who is OT 5. It will be explained away that it’s her OT 7 case sitting on top of her. Oh, yeah! What about my OT 3 case sitting on top of me, then?
    I can give many other examples that I’ve personally witnessed first hand. Each to his own observation.

    • I have also seen what you mention.
      A couple of things: the altered auditing by the Co$ will have a lot to do with it. The continuous sec checking on VII introverts many. The current OTVIII level is only part of three sections – and you’re currently getting the last short section. Talk to Class XIIs outside the church. I hear ‘amazing’ stories of VIIIs being re-treaded out-side the church and being given the full monty.
      Lastly, my point above that not all are the same OT power in magnitude. Maybe some can run an ant – and another something larger.
      Lastly – I remember being on the Freewinds when the first 3 New VIIIs testified – and the blondie walked over to a bowl of white roses in the HGC, who might have been thinking of wilting the next day – she extended her hand towards the bowl and the roses straightened up in front of us! And hadn’t wilted when I left a week later.
      I’m going to do a little write-up on the altered Basic books – and the impact I see, is huge! If the thetan has the incorrect or incomplete data, no amount of auditing is going to get him up where he belongs. He still has a held-down 5. But thinks he doesn’t. OT VIII or not.

      • Hear hear Frik I have similar stories but I dont see the point in mentioning it as what difference will it make ultimately? Its the guy opposite you that you care about, can he have the real stuff? Is he reaching, does he want out or does he want to carry on playing the MEST game? Its all nice to knock hats off at 50 metres, pinch that girls bum without getting caught etc. But what use is all that if you are forced to play the same game over an over again?
        To the cynic beyrayed by the church I say only this. Give it one more try and see perhaps. Alternatively please keep running distraction for the rest of us who are trying to make this lifetime the last!! Who needs groundhog day everyday? Joking, this game does have its fun moments ;). Also there is much to be done yet still, I hope many more ex-churchies after suitable decompression time
        feel like lending a hand! Promise no heavy reging, blood letting or self abnegation required! 🙂 :):)

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